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Microsoft, Adobe, and Apple – The BugBlog Report 4/18/07

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Code that attacks an unpatched hole in Microsoft Windows DNS (Domain Name System) is now being circulated over the Internet. This code means that you won't need to be particularly skilled to exploit the bug, which may allow attackers to completely take over your system. Read more at ZD Net. Microsoft's official response is "We're working on it" but they do have some temporary fixes here that include turning off some services and firewall tweaks.

Adobe says that the Zone Labs ZoneAlarm security program may interfere with the installation of Adobe Photoshop CS3 for Windows. That's because the installation needs to modify the Registry, and ZoneAlarm prevents that. There are two possible workarounds from Adobe (three if you count checking with ZoneAlarm for help.) Either disable ZoneAlarm while you install the product, or turn on ZoneAlarm's Control Program Access. See Adobe for details.

Remote attackers may be able to gain access to users of an Apple AirPort Extreme Base Station with 802.11n. According to Apple, this is because the Base Station default configuration allows incoming IPv6 connections. Apple has changed this configuration in the Firmware Update 7.1. Only local network traffic will be allowed to use IPv6. Get the update details here.

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