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Michigan Grapes Finally Freed

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By David Roberts
In no other era has it been quite so easy to obtain things. Let’s say you find yourself in sudden need of full set of arctic outerwear and mountaineering gear. All you need is an Internet connection, a major credit card, and five minutes of time. A couple of clicks and a few keystrokes later, a complete compliment of everything you need for your polar explorations is on the way to your front door.

Perhaps the arctic gear is a bit far fetched, but the point is that technology brings the most exotic and outlandish items within easy reach of computer-wielding shoppers, so why not wine? If you looked hard enough, you could probably find a place that offers next-day shipping on endangered species to your door–but if you’re Oklahoma yearning for a California wine, you’d better find your keys and drive to the store.

You probably already know that most states, much to the consternation of many wineries, ban the direct shipping of wine to consumers. As of Thursday, Michigan is no longer on that list. December 15th saw Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm signing a bill that allows direct wine shipments to consumers in the state. While this is welcome news to Michigan wine-lovers, legal experts caution not to celebrate just yet. The new law, they say, might not hold up in court. For the time being, however, it represents another step forward in the nation-wide struggle to free the grapes. Bravo, Michigan!

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