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Michelle Malkin: When Pundits Attack

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Wacky Michelle, my pet name for her, calls the liberals ‘unhinged’ and even wrote a eponymous book about it. Anyone left of right suffers from either PEST (Post Election Selection Trauma) or BDS (Bush Derangement Syndrome) – you gotta love these cute acronyms.

But let’s take a look at Myriam-Webster’s definition of unhinged:

Main Entry: un•hinge
Pronunciation: -’hinj
Function: transitive verb
1 : to remove (as a door) from the hinges
2 : to make unstable : UNSETTLE, DISRUPT [unhinge the balance of world peace] [pressure that would unhinge a less experienced person]

Unsettle, disrupt, unhinge the balance of world peace. I’m wondering if publishing the names, numbers and other identifying information of SAW (Students Against War) on her blog qualifies as unhinged? And I use the word blog loosely. Not long ago I made a little calculation using MS Word Statistics. Once I had removed all the copy/pasted material, the hat-tips and link-lists, there was barely one fifth of “original content”.

She defends her actions by stating that it was already posted on another site. Which may be truthful but she should know that people who read her “blog” tend to be on the extreme side of the right, like herself. She thinks she’s done nothing wrong. “She refused to remove the information, even after she was politely asked and the safety concerns were brought to her attention.” (Taken from SAW’s Website)

Crooks and Liars reports that Keith Olberman in his usual cantankerous manner, awarded her the “World’s Worst,” today “for her posting private phone numbers from the UC Santa Criz students.”

Is it just me or this going too far? Sure we can disagree, but do we need to take measures to endanger the lives of others? Was this just another big publicity stunt to sell more books, get more hits on her site and get more TV time on FOX? Over at The Daily Kos they call her “the dark-haired, lashy, Ann Coulter understudy”, calling for better ethics in journalism in an accolade called “Minimize Harm”, which clearly states the obvious, that journalists should “recognize that private people have a greater right to control information about themselves than do public officials and others who seek power, influence or attention.” But as the article continues, it states that the obvious again: Malkin has no moral code and should be stripped of the title journalist.

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  • RogerMDillon

    “To me that suggests that she’s got strong principles and sticks by them…And she stuck by her guns and to some degree I think that’s admirable.”

    So “strong principles” and being “admirable” isn’t praise? You have quite the odd dictionary.

    I’m not trying to spin you into being unreasonable. I don’t have to. You do that well enough on your own as many people on this site can attest to.

    I have more than once said the extremists ON BOTH SIDES crossed a line. Unlike you, I hold both to the same standard. Your perception of what I have said in the comments is wrong as your perceptions usually are. My issue with Malkin was her lack of care for the threats her actions caused. I am fine with her posting their info, but once she heard about the threats, she could have removed the info, but she had no problem with the students being intimidated.

    Dan, if making a person accountable for rumor-mongering sends them to hell, then sign me up (even though there’s no such place). You also should stop throwing the word “rape” around because you have no idea what it means and it’s an insult to those who have been.

  • Joey

    I’ve been out for a bit…. thanks for reeling the Gonz back in (I think). I tried to insult him back to life, but he’s too salty for that. Anyway… to Gonzo et al, Hope to see you soon dude. We share a lot more history than you may think.


  • Dave Nalle

    I’ve signed petitions with my name and address, as required for voter verification, but I didn’t do it to attract hate mail. Is it maintained that giving my name and address was an invitation?

    I believe it wasn’t petition signers she outed, but the organizers of the rally who had provided their contact info so people could get hold of them for more information or to join their group. Not at all the same thing.

    So “strong principles” and being “admirable” isn’t praise? You have quite the odd dictionary.

    Roger, that’s praise, but I didn’t say the other side didn’t also have strong principles which were admirable. Everyone here is acting on their principles and has to be admired for following them through to the bitter end. But some of them are still idiots and psychos.


  • Dan

    My last comment here has gone missing. Why is that?

  • MCH

    “Nalle you did praise one side, by using the adjectives you did. Please stop thinking you are smarter than the rest of us because in the end it makes you look foolish.”

    At least he’s moved past his original tactics, JELIEL3, of calling anyone who disagreed with him a “moron” or a “dumbass”…but only after BC promoted him to an editor…

  • Dan

    “Everyone here is acting on their principles and has to be admired”

    SAW is to principles, as turd is to punch-bowl.

    Roger, if you think what Matthews did to Malkin was “making a person accountable for rumor-mongering” You’re just ignorant, and there’s probably not much can be done for you.

    I also understand what “rape” means. Same with “hyperbole”. Although, if you were to listen to the audio transcript with your eyes closed, it wouldn’t be difficult to imagine “mad-dog” Mathews on top of her, veins bulging, one hand on her throat, the other ripping her clothes.

    The word “rape” as a hyperbolic tool is harsh, but it, and other similar excesses aren’t all that uncommon around here. If you were to take your sensitiviy lecture series patrolling BC archives, you would have your work cut out for you.

    Of course, I could be made to feel pretty bad, and have a quick apology, for any actual rape victims who actually were offended.

  • RogerMDillon

    Dan, if Michelle is such a frail flower that she can’t stand up to people who make her accountable for the lies she attempts to spread, then she should stay on Fox. “Boo hoo. I tried spreading a malicious rumor and couldn’t back it up.”

    I saw the incident when it happened, so I wouldn’t have the rape fantasy you describe while listening to it although I can imagine you pleasuring yourself to the graphic detail. You obviously have other issues and really need to see a therapist soon before you act on them.

    Will you also have a quick apology for those offended by your stupidity?

  • Dave Nalle

    “Everyone here is acting on their principles and has to be admired”

    SAW is to principles, as turd is to punch-bowl.

    Like I said, some of them are idiots and psychos and are acting with great and admirable honesty on the principles of their fanaticism.


  • Dan

    “Will you also have a quick apology for those offended by your stupidity?”

    I don’t extend my sensitivity to the moronic.

    Michelle isn’t a frail flower, that’s why she gets under your skin. Her so called “malicious rumor” of J. Kerry’s mysterious butt wound, was documented by credible sources at the scene. It was somewhat substantiated by Kerry’s avoidance of the issue. “Mad dog’s” failure to distiguish “self inflicted” from “shot himself on purpose” only underscores his stupidity. It’s not holding her “accountable” for anything.

    I’m also thinking that if a description of a rape causes you to think of someone “pleasuring” themselves, perhaps psychiatric council would be in order for you as well.


    But despite all these arguments, can someone point me to the videos of the Matthews vs Malkin smackdown? I couldn’t find any the other day…