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Michael Savage: The Battle Between Taquiya and Talk Radio

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You will have to forgive me, but I have a difficult time taking the war against Moslem extremists seriously. No, I haven’t become the latest in a line of anti-American quislings who say the war is “all about oil” or that Islamism is not a threat. It’s just that I have trouble mustering enthusiasm for overseas ventures when we allow the enemy’s fifth column to operate virtually unopposed on our shores.

I’m talking about the odious Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a group that could be the legal arm of al-Qaeda. Although CAIR’s machinations usually go unmentioned by the mainstream media, for quite some time now it has been training its sights on anyone who would tackle the Islamic threat with manly strength. It has carried out campaigns against National Review magazine, radio personality Paul Harvey, the producers of the television program 24, and many others who dare say the sultan has no clothes. And now it is targeting award-winning radio talk show host Michael Savage.

CAIR has been pressuring Savage’s advertisers to pull their spots from his show, and I’m dismayed to learn that some businesses have capitulated to their demands. Among these cowardly companies are AutoZone, TrustedID, OfficeMax, Citrix Systems Inc., and JCPenney. I will have them know that as long as they dance with the Devil and boycott Savage’s show, I will boycott them and encourage others to follow suit. And I have a very long memory.

It’s not surprising that business would kneel at the altar of political correctness, as it worships mammon. And, in truth, many people – the good, the bad and the ugly – use their economic clout to try to effect social change; why, some on my side in the culture war are boycotting Ford because it supports the homosexual lobby. But I really have to wonder if these companies know to whom they’re kowtowing. Let’s take a closer look at CAIR.

If you think that only those on the right take issue with CAIR, think again. In point of fact, the organization is so obviously in the pocket of terrorists that even some of our most left-wing politicians have condemned them. Just consider the following quotations, the first three of which are by liberal Democrats:

“[CAIR is] unusual in its extreme rhetoric and its associations with groups that are suspect.” – Senator Richard Durbin

“We know [CAIR] has ties to terrorism . . . intimate links with Hamas.” – Senator Chuck Schumer

“To praise [CAIR] because they haven’t been indicted is like somebody saying, ‘I’m not a crook.’” – Senator Barbara Boxer

“Time and again [CAIR] has shown itself to be nothing more than an apologist for groups bent on the destruction of Israel and Islamic domination over the West.” – Congressman Bill Shuster

What would inspire Boxer, Schumer and Durbin – who many characterize as soft on Islamism themselves (some on the right call Durbin “Turban Durbin”) – to condemn CAIR so unabashedly? Well, just read what some officers of CAIR and their associates have said.

Omar Ahmad, the co-founder of CAIR, has made no bones about his desire for Islamic hegemony. He once stated,

“Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith but to become dominant. The Koran, the Muslim book of scripture, should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth.”

Then, Ahmad attended a secret meeting at a Philadelphia hotel where Moslem leaders allegedly plotted to disguise money given to the terrorist group Hamas as charitable donations (these proceedings were surreptitiously recorded by the FBI as part an investigation). One of the other attendees, Shukri Abu-Baker, who was recently tried in a federal terror-funding case, said,

“I swear by Allah that war is deception . . . We are fighting our enemy with a kind heart . . .Deceive, camouflage, pretend that you’re leaving while you’re walking that way. Deceive your enemy.”

Ahmad then chimed in, likening the ruse needed to deceive infidels to a head fake in basketball:

“He makes a player believe that he is doing this while he does something else. I agree with you. . . Politics is a completion of war.”

Moreover, reports the website Anti-CAIR,

“Omar Ahmad was captured on FBI surveillance tapes at Hamas meetings in the United States during 1993 explaining that the IAP [Islamic Association for Palestine] could not, for political reasons, admit its support for Hamas, and then discussing how the Hamas agenda could be cloaked and advanced.”

Another CAIR official, Executive Director Nihad Awad, has been more forthcoming. He once said plainly,

“I am in support of the Hamas movement.”

And the above is just a sampling of the damning truth about these jihadists who masquerade as civil rights activists.

To truly grasp the insidiousness of these closet jihadists, one must understand taquiya, a principle that gives Islamists the moral authority to deceive infidels. Taquiya refers to dissimulation, the process of disguising one’s true intentions by erecting a facade pleasing to his victims. Writing at Jihad Watch, Gregory M. Davis explains it like this:

In times when the greater strength of dar al-harb [the House of War – places dominated by infidels] necessitates that the jihad take an indirect approach, the natural attitude of a Muslim to the infidel world must be one of deception and omission. Revealing frankly the ultimate goal of dar al-Islam to conquer and plunder dar al-harb when the latter holds the military trump cards would be strategic idiocy.

Unfortunately, the ones guilty of idiocy here are Westerners, as we blithely ignore how these Islamic interlopers are using our own system to destroy us. CAIR and its fellow travelers have been using intimidation and the courts to silence infidels, great and small, who oppose the jihad. For instance, CAIR sued the organization I cited earlier, Anti-CAIR, for $1.35 million for “libelous defamation.” This is, I suppose, what they call it when you tell the truth about them.

Then there is the case of former terrorist and current critic of Moslem extremism Zachariah Anani. For his sin of exercising his free speech rights, CAIR and other Islamic groups actually pressured the Canadian government to arrest him under the nation’s hate speech laws and deport him.

It should be noted, however, that CAIR’s definition of hate speech may be a little different from yours, as in 1998 it co-hosted an event at Brooklyn College during which radical Moslems characterized Jews as “pigs and monkeys” (this is also applied to Christians). I haven’t yet heard CAIR condemn those speakers, though. But why would they? That idea is found in the Koran itself and is a common teaching in the Islamic world.

Then, do you remember the case of the six flying imams who were detained before boarding US Airways Flight 300? CAIR even went so far as to sue the passengers who reported their suspicious behavior. The lawsuit has since been dropped, but it illustrates well the lengths to which CAIR will go to intimidate Americans into silence.

And don’t think it doesn’t work. The Moslem fifth column in our midst is dropping an iron burqa over commentary that accurately frames the Islamic threat. Even if our media didn’t don their politically correct corsets, the fear of career destruction, legal action and physical harm would be more than enough to still even fairly tenacious tongues. (As for the last danger, I recently wrote about artists who will not address Islam through their work because they fear for their lives.) And while there is no evidence that CAIR perpetrates violent action, it visits legal and financial beheadings on its victims that terrify all but the most intrepid souls.

This brings us back to Michael Savage. There is no one else of his stature who so bravely exposes the Islamist threat. If CAIR destroys him, they will have felled the World Trade Center of critics. Who, then, would be willing to contend with the sword of Islam? Only the small fish would be left to swim against the current from Mecca, and they would be next as CAIR and its minions worked their way down the food chain.

You don’t have to be on Savage’s side of the aisle to be in his corner. All good Americans should be outraged that these fifth-column warriors, these barbarians inside the gates, these vile interlopers, are targeting our countrymen for destruction. If you want free and open debate about one of the most important issues of our time, Islamic Jihad, you should care about CAIR. It is a terrorist-enabling organization that has no place in “dar al-harb.”

So it shouldn’t be hard to figure out who to support in this battle between taquiya and talk radio, not even for us pigs and monkeys.

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About Selwyn Duke

  • don

    Dear editor:

    The first time I heard Michael Savage was quite by accident when searching for something to listen to while driving. As I classify myself as a Christian and a conservative, the first few topics covered by Michael sounded reasonable. But then he exploded into a tirade about something that had just happened that he branded as anti-Semitic, which as he continued talking, was simply someon invoking their right of free speech to say something critical about how the Israelis treat the Palestinians.

    The program continued along simimlar lines, but on occasion Savage grew very shrill and very insulting, again about some comment made by someone with respect to Isreal.

    The more I listened, I also became convinced that Savage is simply not a very nice person but rather a somewhat vicious bully to those who seem to believe differently from him on almost any subject.

    Since then I have accidentally tuned into his program, and quickly exited when he bagan one of his rants or one of his soapbox Israel speeches.

    As a Californian, as well as an American, I confess that I am embarrassed to have Boxer as one of my Senators. She is also a shrill, polarizing person, different from Savage in that in general, Boxer sits at the looney left fringe while Savage tends more to be on the extreme right on many subjects, in addition to being a charter member of the Israel Lobby.

    That Selwyn Duke praises Savage, he starts on my watch list. Then as I read he criticisms of CAIR, I chuckle an tell myself that Mr. Duke criticizes CAIR for all the transgressions that I normally attribute to AIPAC.

    I will now add Mr. Duke to the many in the media that tend to write the same warmed over chicken soup over and over again, using the tactics of Senator Joe McCarthy, but in this instance, instead of a communist under every bed, Mr. Duke, and Mr. Savage, and Mrs. Boxer seem to find an anti-Semite under every bed.

    Israeli lobbyists, the American electorate is slowly being enlightened through the Iraq Study Group Report, the Carter book about Israaeli Apartheir, and the recent excellent book by Professors Mearsheimer and Walt.

    Hopefully one day while I am still alive, I will see a Palestinian state in the pre-1967 borders, before Israel attacked all its neighbors as part of its expansionist policies, and at the same time, viciously attacked the USS Liberty claiming it was an accident. With friends like Isreal, who needs enemies.



  • I don’t think Selwyn is actually praising Savage in this article, he’s just pointing out that Savage is being singled out for a certain amount of persecution by CAIR. He really only mentions Savage at the very beginning and end of the article. The article is essentially all about CAIR and their unsavory connections and behavior.

    Yes, Savage is over the top. He’s a bit of a nut on certain issues, has religious axes to grind, and can be very abrasive. I certainly wouldn’t listen to him by choice. But he’s hardly the only talk radio personality to be targeted by CAIR. They’ve gone after Glen Beck and also the very reasonable Neal Boortz. Let’s be very clear. The issue here isn’t Savage, it’s CAIR.

    And as you say, CAIR and AIPAC are flipsides of the same coin, the main difference being that AIPAC’s agenda doesn’t involve the eventual domination and subjugation of the entire world, which makes them at least marginally better.


  • Eric Adams

    Michael Savage is an intelligent, educated nutritionist who applies his intelligence in ways that would make Hitler & Osama bin Laden both proud. Incite and spew as much virulent hatred about Muslims and Islam…I believe that is exactly what his bretheren Osama bin Laden wants people like him to do. Why play into the hands of Osama? America should defend itself from enemies….both foreign and domestic….I would but Savage and OBL into that category.

  • wdufkin

    Don’s obviously not a Bible believing Christian, and they do exist, they are legion. Jimmy Carter comes to mind.

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem

    It’s truly a sad day when one has to defend Michael Savage, a self-hating Jew, against CAIR. But, if Americans haven’t the balls to throw the bastards in jail or deport them, they deserve every terrorist attack and undermining action against them that they get.

    The Israeli government, led by cowards of an even lower quality than the cowards and bought off traitors in the States, also fights terror with only half an effort. So, yes, we deserve the terror against that we suffer, and will suffer.

    CAIR is a creature of the Wahhabi death machine, which, properly speaking, has hijacked Islam. Imagine if the papacy was held by some Norddeutsche follower of Martin Luther or a follower of Calvin Knox or Jan Huss, or better yet, a Mormon (considered by many Christians not to be Christians). That is what the Wahhabi pigs who control Mecca and Medina are – fake Moslems.

  • Ruvy, it sounds like you and King Abdullah need to have a talk about putting Mecca back in the right hands.

    As for Savage, is he actually a Jew? From the couple of times I listened to the show I got the impression that he was Christian. Is he a convert or somesuch?


  • Laura

    “Hopefully one day while I am still alive, I will see a Palestinian state in the pre-1967 borders, before Israel attacked all its neighbors as part of its expansionist policies, and at the same time, viciously attacked the USS Liberty claiming it was an accident. With friends like Isreal, who needs enemies.”
    Israel WAS THE ONE ATTACKED and and fought a war of self-defense. Anyway what does this have to do with the subject of this article? It is quite ironic how you criticize Boxer and others for “seeing antisemites under every bed”, yet here you are reinforcing such suspicions with your remarks. You don’t fool me. Why even make any comment about Israel in response to an article having nothing whatsoever to do with Israel? It is because you are singularly obsessed with hatred of Jews. This sort of obsession is certainly a character trait of antisemites. What’s also ironic is that while you accuse Jews of seeing antisemites under every bed, you yourself see Israel lobbyists under every bed. You claim yourself to be a Christian conservative, but I’m guessing you’re actually either a muslim or leftist.

  • John

    How could anyone who speaks the truth be labelled as polarizing. I’m sick of all these people who feel insulted when some speaks the truth that they for some reason do not want to hear.

  • Dawn

    Savage has his good and weak points. I agree with him on some issues, and disagree about others. However, I was listening the night he went on the attack against Moslems in the US – which prompted CAIR’s email campaign to his advertizers. He really lived up to him name that night. The part of the tirade that is most likely causing him his current problems was when he asked all hunters in American to get rid of the Moslems in the US. Then he followed that up with a detailed senario in which the Mafia is enlisted by the FBI to assassinate them. There was a lot of the word “kill” in his rant that night. Not to mention him repeatedly chanting “Bomb Iran” (sorry, but the chant was really stupid and irresponsible). Advertizers aren’t bowing to the protests of Moslems – they’re bowing to their legal departments which tell them they can’t afford to be a party to a lawsuit in the event that someone is motivated to start shooting after listening to Savage tell them to do so. If he had used the word “Black” in place of Moslem (or “throwback” as he calls them) he would already be off the air (ala Don Imus). He dug a hole for himself when he praised vigilanty killings on the air.

  • “The article is essentially all about CAIR and their unsavory connections and behavior.”

    Actually the article is all about Duke being upset about CAIR affecting the sponsors of a show he contributes to. I am guessing he whistled a different tune when “cowardly companies” removed their advertising from NYPD Blue, Ellen, and Politically Incorrect, et al. If there are articles that state the contrary I would love to see them and will stand corrected.

    Someone allegedly in the media should have a better sense of how the business actually works.

  • I was driving home tonight and my usual station was bitching about the NFL cable network, so I put Savage on and there was Selwyn talking about this article. Or more to the point he was essentially reading snippets from the article. The presentation was a bit stiff, I have to say. It was interesting, but I hope that all his appearances don’t consist of reading from articles.


  • As someone else already noted, it is absolutely ridiculous, not to mention dishonest, for conservatives to phrase this in terms of a “freedom of speech” issue, when plenty of culturally conservative advocacy groups and pundits have long used such tactics to try to advance their own agendas and in order to pressure corporations or corporate sponsors of materials they find objectionable (see, for instance, the ongoing “War on Christmas” lunacy). How is the Catholic League’s attempt to boycott the Golden Compass any different from what CAIR is doing? Where’s the principled conservative defense of freedom of speech there?

    The real question should be whether using economic influence to get try to support (or punish) someone because you don’t like what they’re doing is a legitimate political activity, while acknowledging that doing this entails restricting their ability to do or say whatever they feel like.

    If it is, then the right then has to admit that the only reason they don’t like this case is because it’s their ox being gored. If it isn’t, then they’ve got to start speaking up when so-called Culture Warriors try to bully, control or censor corporations or individuals because they don’t like their message or policies. You can’t have it both ways.

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem


    If you dig far enough, you will see Savage’s Jewish name and roots. I forget was his name is/was, but Savage is a nom de plume/guerre.

    You mean in all the articles you’ve seen me write, articles that you yourself published, not to mention all the comments you’ve seen me write, you haven’t seen this argument about the Wahhabi?

  • According to Wikipedia, so take it with a grain of salt, but it is sourced twice, “Michael Savage was born Michael Alan Weiner to a Jewish family with Russian origins living in the Bronx.”

  • Of course I’ve seen the Wahhabi argument before, Ruvy, and I tend to agree. My point about King Abdullah is that he’s the rightful ruler of Mecca and something ought to be done to put him back in charge.


  • Ruvy in Jerusalem

    My point about King Abdullah is that he’s the rightful ruler of Mecca and something ought to be done to put him back in charge.

    Apparently we strongly agree on this Dave. Any peace proposals that I have made include this. Any ideas on how to accomplish this?

  • Now there you’ve got me, Ruvy. Any scenario I can come up with for that comes out sounding like a pretty far fetched fantasy involving engineering a virus genetically coded to kill every member of the Saud family or something along those lines.


  • Ruvy in Jerusalem

    Well, I thought I might have you in a corner with that one. The American government will not do the job for Abdallah II and he does not appear to have the stomach for a struggle against the Wahhabi himself, even though they threaten the throne he sits on.

    So this will require the kind of intervention that goes beyond your radar – a religious intervention. I’ve been doing some interesting reading in the last day or so, and it indicates that the events in the next year or two may get very, shall we say, interesting, to put it mildly. If the prick king survives the next two years, there may be a possibility of him getting his throne back in Mecca and Medina.

    As for Don’s hopes of seeing a “Palestinian” state in what used to three provinces of Jordan and the Strip [comment #1] – well, forget it. That will not happen. I’ll stake my life on that statement. There may be a short foreign occupation – I may be driven out of my home or even killed fighting to keep it – but no sovereign Arab state will ever arise in the Land of Israel.

  • troll

    …the US could start by reducing the business it does in arms with the Family

  • …the US could start by reducing the business it does in arms with the Family

    I’m an idealist too, troll. But the Saudis have the Americans over an oil barrel. If the Americans refuse to sell arms to the Saudis, they’ll take their dollars and go elsewhere, and possibly start dumping the dollar debt they are sitting on right now as well. This does not take even into account the special relationship the Bush family has with the thugdom they helped found eighty years ago, or the influence that Saudi money buys in corporate America…

  • troll

    here’s an image: Abdullah with a firm grip on Uncle Sam’s balls while the latter beats Ahmadinejad over the head with his hat

    imo the US had its chance to get ahead of the oil issue but chose to invest its treasure in war instead

    moonraven is correct the ‘we the people’ deserve all that’s coming

  • Heiba AbdALlah

    Michael Savage: The Battle Between Taquiya and Talk Radio

    Let him say what he want. We are not going to give the chance to be from zero to hero.

    Anonymous said…
    “Did you think that We had created you in play, and that you would not be returned unto Us?” The noble Qur’an, Al-Muminoon(23):115.

    What Does “Islam” Mean?
    The word “Islam” itself means “Submission to Allah.” The religion of Islam is not named after a person as in the case of “Christianity” which was named after Jesus Christ, “Buddhism” after Gutama Buddha , “Marxism” after Karl Marx, and “Confucianism” after Confucius.

    Similarly, Islam is not named after a tribe like “Judaism” after the tribe of Judah and “Hinduism” after the Hindus. The Arabic word “Islam” means the submission or surrender of one’s will to the will of the only true god worthy of worship, “Allah” (known as God “the Father” in Christianity).

    Anyone who does indeed submit to the will of Allah as required by Islam is termed a “Muslim,” which means one who has submitted to the will of Allah. Many people in the West have developed the sad misinformed trend of calling Islam “Muhammadenism” and it’s followers “Muhammadins.” This is a totally foreign word to Muslims and unrecognized by them. No Muslim has ever called his religion “Muhammadenism” or called himself a “Muhammadin.”

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    Each person will be solely and completely responsible for their own final reward. We are also told that God has designed these laws to make this life a better, safer, and more tolerable one for us. If we elect to conform to them then we will see the result in this life even before moving on to the next.

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    “Righteousness is good conduct, and sin is that which weaves inside your chest and you hate for it to be revealed to mankind.”

    No ‘Religious’ Hierarchy
    In Islam, there is no hierarchy of religious leadership such as the people of some other religions may have come to expect. There are no priests, bishops, monks, Popes, …etc. Muslims define a scholar of Islam as an ‘Imam’ (not to be confused with the “Imams” of Iran who claim to have boundless supernatural powers and divine attributes). In any given neighborhood, the Imam is the person that a Muslim seeks for religious rulings.

    For example, if a Muslim dies and his sons want to distribute his inheritance, they go to the Imam and he presents them with the verses of the Qur’an and the Sunnah which describe the required procedure. This man will also usually give religious lectures to teach the Qur’an and the Sunnah.

    The Muslim Imams and scholars have no special divine powers. They cannot forgive sins. They do not receive divine “inspirations.” They cannot issue passes to heaven. They do not have knowledge of the unseen. The can not change the law. They are just regular Muslims who have distinguished themselves with their study and their knowledge.

    No Monasticism (monkhood)
    Islam commands Muslims to obey Allah and follow his command. It specifies acts of worship which are acceptable. It encourages Muslims to work and be industrious. It forbids ‘monkhood ‘ and excessive ‘spritualization’ or ‘Zen’ and other such practices. A Muslim is commanded not to forbid upon himself that which was made lawful by Allah, nor to introduce new and innovative acts of worship into the religion.

    This means that a Muslim should not decide that even though Islam allows marriage, he will forbid it upon himself and remain celibate (he may choose not to marry, but he can not forbid it upon himself). If he wishes to perform extra worship, there are many avenues open to him, such as nightly prayer, charity, abstinence from sin….etc.

    Muhammad (pbuh) once gave the example of two men. One was practicing monasticism and excessive worship, totally detaching himself from this worldly life. The other was working for a living and paying for the food and drink that the “monk” was consuming each day. Muhammad (pbuh) told his followers that the man who was making an honest living and supporting the ‘monk’ was greater in reward in the eyes of Allah.

    The Law
    Islam, like Judaism, is a structured set of laws and commandments. The basis of Islam is the five pillars mentioned previously. Anyone who dies observing the five pillars will enter heaven. Anyone who does not may enter Hell (there are exceptions). However, there are many subtle levels both above and below these. These levels are governed by the law.

    Islam teaches us that Muslims will be rewarded in proportion to their good deeds, their restraint from evil deeds, and their faith. In this manner we will have people who will enter different levels of heaven, as well as different levels of hell, in direct proportion to their faith and deeds.

    We learn about the laws of Islam from the Qur’an and the Sunnah. The Qur’an is the Holy book of Islam which contains the words of Allah Almighty and the broad guidelines of Islam. The Sunnah, is the traditions of the prophet Muhammad (pbuh) which included both his words and his actions.

    The Sunnah usually provides the details for those laws which are drawn out in broad outlines in the Qur’an. Each one of these two sources has a dedicated and very complex science associated with it.

    “And We have sent down unto you (O Muhammad) the Reminder (one of the names of the Qur’an), that you may clarify to mankind that which was sent down to them” The noble Qur’an, Al-Nahil(16):44

    Al-Bukhari narrated upon the authority of Abu Hurairah, that he said: Allah’s Messenger (peace be upon him) said:

    “Allah said: ‘I will declare war against him who shows hostility to a pious worshipper of Mine. And the most beloved things with which My slave draws nearer to Me is that which I have ordained upon him. My slave continues to draw closer to Me through performing ‘Nawafil’ (supplementary worship) till I love him.

    So I become the sense of hearing with which he hears, and the sense of sight with which he sees, and the hand with which he grips, and the leg with which he walks. And if he asks Me, I will give him, and if he asks my protection, I will protect him'”

    The Way of Life
    Islam is not the same as some other religions from the point of view that it is not confined to a certain place of worship or a certain act, or acts, of worship. Islam teaches it’s followers that every single aspect of their life, from eating, to drinking, to sleeping, and everything in-between can be done in one of two ways: Either a way that pleases God, or one that displeases Him.

    Islam is also a social, economic, and political way of life. Every single aspect of human existence is governed by the law of Islam. A Muslim is commanded to respect his elders and to show humility and respect to his parents. He is also commanded to show kindness and mercy to those who are younger or weaker than himself as well as all of God’s beasts.

    A Muslim is commanded to have nothing whatsoever to do with usury, gambling, or alcohol. A Muslim, however, is not passive and weak. He is commanded that if he sees the laws of God being violated or an injustice being committed, he must stand up for the truth and fight to establish the law of God, defend the oppressed, and establish justice and peace.

    A Just But Merciful Law
    Islam, as mentioned above, involves a structured set of laws and acts of worship. Some are more strict and rigid than others. For instance, there can be no excuse whatsoever for worshipping any entity other than Allah alone. Here there is no room for compromise. On the other hand, Islam is designed to also be flexible and lenient.

    For instance, if a Muslim is sick and can not fast during the month of Ramadhan without incurring bodily harm to himself, then even though this is one of the five pillars of Islam , he is not mandated to fast. In fact he is encouraged not to fast. The law allows for leniency in this, and most other cases.

    Muslims are taught that each good deed is multiplied by Allah Almighty till it becomes the equivalent of anywhere from ten up to seven hundred similar good deeds (sometimes more). An evil deed, however, is either counted as a single evil deed or is forgiven by Allah.

    A Muslim is further taught that as long as there is life there is hope. So long as death has not yet overcome him, he can still repent from his evil deeds and, if his intentions are sincere, Allah is willing to forgive all of his past evil deeds no matter if they exceed the drops of water in the ocean.

    Islam teaches Muslims that God holds them responsible for their INTENTIONS and not necessarily for their DEEDS. This is revealed by the prophet Muhammad (pbuh) in the following saying which was narrated by Umar ibn al-Khattab in Sahih Al-Bukhari:

    “The Prophet (pbuh) said, “O people! The reward of deeds depends upon the intentions, and every person will get the reward according to what he has intended. So, whoever emigrated for Allah and His Messenger, then his emigration was for Allah and His Messenger, and whoever emigrated to achieve a worldly benefit or for a woman to marry, then his emigration was for that which he emigrated for”.

    “The good deed and the evil deed are not alike. Repel the evil deed with one which is better” The noble Qur’an, Fussilat(41):34

    “Verily! Allah does not forgive that a partner should be ascribed unto Him. He forgives (all) save that to whom He will. Whoso ascribes partners to Allah, he has indeed invented a tremendous sin.” The noble Qur’an, Al-Nissa(4):48.

    “Whatever of misfortune strikes you, it is what your right hands have earned. And He forgives much.” The noble Qur’an, Al-Shurah(42):30

    “And those who, when they do an evil thing or wrong themselves, remember Allah and implore forgiveness for their sins. Who forgives sins save Allah only? and they do not knowingly repeat (the wrong) they did. The reward of such will be forgiveness from their Lord, and Gardens underneath which rivers flow, wherein they will abide for ever, a bountiful reward for workers!” The noble Qur’an, A’al-Umran(3):135-136.

    “He knows the treachery of the eyes, and that which the chests do hide.” The noble Qur’an, Ghafir(40):19.

    “He is the One that accepts repentance from His Servants and forgives sins: and He knows all that you do.” The noble Qur’an, Al-Shurah(42):25.

    “The likeness of those who spend their wealth in Allah’s way is as the likeness of a grain which grows seven ears, in every ear a hundred grains. Allah gives manifold increase to whom He will. Allah is All Embracing, All Knowing.” The noble Qur’an, al-Bakarah(2):261

    “Say: My slaves who have been prodigal to their own hurt! Despair not of the mercy of Allah, Who forgives all sins. Lo! He is the Forgiving, the Merciful. Turn unto Him repentant, and surrender unto Him, before there comes unto you the doom, when you cannot be helped. And follow the better (guidance) of that which is revealed unto you from your Lord, before the doom comes on you suddenly when you know not, Lest any soul should say Alas, my grief that I was unmindful of Allah, and I was indeed among the scoffers! Or should say: if Allah had but guided me I should have been among the dutiful! Or should say, when it sees the doom: Oh, that I had but a second chance that I might be among the righteous! (But now the answer will be): Nay, for My revelations came unto you, but you denied them and were scornful and were among the disbelievers.” The noble Qur’an, Al-Zumar(39):53-59.

    Abu Hurairah narrated that Allah’s messenger (pbuh) said

    “When Allah completed the creation, He wrote in His Book which is with Him on His throne: Verily, ‘My Mercy has overcome my Anger’.” Narrated in Sahih Al-Bukhari.

    Abu Hurairah furhter narrated : I heard Allah’s messenger (pbuh) saying:

    “Allah has divided His Mercy into one hundred parts, and He kept ninety nine parts with Him and sent down one part on the earth, and because of that one single part, His creatures are merciful to each other, so that even the mare lifts up it’s hoof away from it’s baby animal, lest it should trample it.” Narrated in Sahih al-Bukhari.

    Names of God
    The people of Christianity have been taught to refer to their deity as “God.” If you were to ask one of them: “What is your god’s name?,” they would respond “God!” (there are some exceptions). They object to Muslims worshipping “Allah,” and usually picture “Allah” as some pagan god. Some of them will even go so far as to curse “Allah,” not realizing that they are cursing “God.”

    Now the question becomes: where did the name “God” come from? Did Jesus (pbuh) ever say “God”? Did Moses (pbuh) ever say “God”? No! The Jews and Arabs are both Semitic tribes which descended from one father, Abraham (pbuh). Their languages are quite similar.

    The Old Testament tells us that Moses (pbuh) referred to God as “El” or “Elohiym.” Jesus (pbuh) too, referred to God using a similar construct. Jesus (pbuh) spoke Aramaic, however, the ancient copies of the Gospel available to us today are mostly written in Greek.

    Very little of Jesus’ actual words have been preserved to this day. However, we do know from Mark 15:34 that Jesus (pbuh) referred to God as “Eloi.” “Eloi” is an Aramaic word which means “My God.” It is pronounced as {el-o-ee’}. The Arabs would say the same word as “Elahi,” pronounced {el-ah-ee’}. So Muslims refer to God with virtually the exact same word Jesus (pbuh) used.

    Muslims are taught that Allah Almighty has more than one hundred names, the most well known among them being “Allah.” These names are to be found in many places throughout the Qur’an. They embody the major characteristics of Allah Almighty such as “The Gracious,” “The Merciful,” “The Majestic,” “The Supreme”…etc.. These names are usually considered adjectives, unless they are applied to Allah Himself, in which case they are treated as proper nouns. For instance:

    “Allah’s are the fairest names. Invoke Him by them. And leave the company of those who blaspheme His names. They will be requited what they do.” The noble Qur’an, Al-Aaraf(7):180.

    “Say (unto mankind): Supplicate unto Allah, or supplicate unto the ‘Rahman’ (Compassionate/Merciful/Gracious), unto whichever you supplicate (it is the same). His are the most beautiful names.” The noble Qur’an, al-Isra(17):110.

    “Allah! There is no god save Him. His are the most beautiful names.” The noble Qur’an, Taha(20):8.

    “Not equal are the Companions of the Fire and the Companions of the Garden: The companions of the Garden, they are the triumphant. Had We sent down this Qur’an on a mountain verily you would have seen it humble, rent asunder for fear of Allah. Such are the similitudes which We propound to humanity that they may reflect. He is Allah, other than whom there is no other god, He is the ‘Knower’ of (all things) both the unseen and the seen; He is the ‘Gracious’ the ‘Merciful’. He is Allah, other than whom there is no god, the ‘Sovereign’ the ‘Holy One’ the (source of) ‘Peace,’ the ‘Guardian of Faith’ the ‘Overseer,’ the ‘Majestic,’ the ‘Irresistible,’ the ‘Supreme’: Glory be to Allah! (highly exalted is He) above the partners they attribute to Him. He is Allah the ‘Creator,’ the ‘Innovator,’ the ‘Fashioner’. His are the Most Beautiful Names: Whatever is in the heavens and on earth do glorify Him: and He is the ‘Mighty’ the ‘Wise’.” The noble Qur’an, al-Hashir (59):20-24.

  • Joshua Goodman


    Thats is the best explaination of Islam I have ever read….this helps me understand your religion much better. Thanks!

  • That was the only explanation of Islam I have read.
    It does not sound that much different than what I have heard at various churchs and denominations.

    All religion seems to be filled with generalities and contradictions and can be and is interpretted differently from one person to another.

    I do believe that there is a higher power simply because I have no other explanation for my existence and I believe that whether I decide to call that higher power god, or allah, or bob, it is meant to simply recognize something greater than myself.

    I choose to believe that whatever reason we exist it is not to take control of anyone elses beliefs.

    I will have to choose the golden rule of treating others the way I want to be treated rather than mocking, mistreating, chastising, or killing those that dont share my beliefs.

    I also believe that in America if we continue to let extremists of all types to set up shop within our midsts there will be a heavy price to pay soon.

    The decline and fall of the roman empire was caused by the politicians going to sleep at the wheel and granting access to all comers and then having those people destroy them from the inside out.

    I agree that we should not allow organizations to use corporate blackmail against anyone because they voice a certain opinion and I also agree that the cowardly companies and sponsors that go along with these nuts ought to be boycoted by everyone, cant they see that it’s economic terrorisim?

    Michael Savage is only voicing himself with the same red faced swollen vains in the forehead, buldging eyed, spitting, rage that most Americans feel, or should feel but are either to afraid or to complacent to voice themselves.

    I want to know what it’s going to take to wake our nation up?

    If we saw an armada of ships or planes or even an advancing army on land wouldnt we immediately destroy it?

    There are those in the world now that are attacking us and their telling us every day that they are attacking us and that they are already here with more on the way, so why are we allowing this to happen.

    Are we going to wait until our children are blown up while attending class or shopping at the mall before we take any action.

    It’s all going to be such a waste of innocent life because in the end America will rise and fight back with a vengence never seen before in history.

    We will win because we want to survive regardless whether other nations or religions hate us.

    So what, what can they actually do to stop us when it comes right down to it.

  • Dawn

    “I want to know what it’s going to take to wake our nation up?”

    To do what?

    Michael Savage is the voice of one type of extremism in this country.
    Corporations do not HAVE to support anyone’s cause. If Savage can get supporters, he can continue his show. If he cannot get supporters, he is out of the marketplace. I do not know of a case where a public person has been able to establish a property right to their show.

    Michael Savage does not have a RIGHT to corporate money.

    I agree that extremists are a real problem – for any society. But are Islamic extremists the only problem in the US? These neocons have ushered in a new “mccarthyism”. Instead of seeing a communist behind every door, they see 1) Islamic radicals, 2) gay activists, or 3) Latino conquistadors behind every door. Savage is one of those extremists – his views are most definitely not centrist. And, he makes it very clear on his show, that his goal is to influence the behavior of his listeners to “save this country.” He constantly screams into the airwaves that America is doomed if there is not an uprising against the three groups named above (and you can add “liberals” and “feminists” to the list of people who are no good in his view).

    A telling show was the one he aired during the James Watson scandal about Africans being less intelligent than Caucasians. He would not overtly come out and disagree with Watson. The closest he came was saying something like – maybe there are different kinds of intelligence. A real copout. Of course, his callers were calling non-stop to agree with Watson. In general, the majority of callers make statements to the effect “Yeah, you rock Michael, we also oppose _______.” His solutions to the “problems” (read presence) of Moslems, gays, Latinos, liberals, and feminists almost invariably center on getting rid of them. Is it a self-evident truth that this country should be dominated by heterosexual Judeo-Christian white males?

    If there is a trend (and I say trend, not threat) in this country, it is that it will Latinize. Neocons, if they whip up enough paranoia can crush gays, Moslems (but not the African-American ones, in my opinion), women, and perhaps even beat back liberals for a time – but Latinos have overwhelming numbers. Exactly how is the US going to prevent the Latinization of the country? You can’t even run a business in the US these days without Spanish translators.

  • “Is it a self-evident truth that this country should be dominated by heterosexual Judeo-Christian white males?”

    This goes to my point of waking up.

    I do not want any race or creed to dominate my country, I just want a government ran by a mixture of all races and creeds that will keep those that want to kill us from setting up house keeping in my backyard.

    Michael Savage and the neocons dont cause me to be afraid, it’s the people that are killing us that cause me to be afraid.

    If you are an American and you are not afraid and if you believe that we are not headed for the fight of our lives if we continue on our present course then all I can do is pray that you stay safe and hope that when the day comes you will realize that there is a difference between bravery and stupidity.

  • Heiba AbdALlah

    Does not differ two from neutral in the west provided that the Islam is big wakefulness in Europe and the states forms united, so ratio in continuous increase excellence from any debt embraces last and western cloak different middles of the society leads corroded decaying of the fame and the stardom in different field lengthened, and research centres arriving made the number to 4371 distributed in 109 state in the scientist matters be interested in Muslim and studious their situations, from the 124 centres academic in the United States united, in addition to 100 centre independent and blames harbors the development raved far about sights observed and research in the west, so there more than 30 centres academic in British unifies its situations of the Islam awaited and Muslim and reports from gravity of increase warned the Islam who way of the example expands
    on stars from them

  • Heiba AbdALlah

    Your churches seeks to confuse securities in Islamic societies and make enormous sums of money for the Evangelization of exploiting people’s poverty and need physical, You are aware that not only Islam leaves the weak and ignorant religion then using them for confusing issues in their countries and the international intervention. And always find churches in the forefront or behind the occupation as is the situation now in Iraq, Afghanistan and Africa, and whenever weakness and lack of security and economic deterioration accelerated churches for the advantage of the situation to preach but to kidnap children also become known on the issue of the children of Darfur and Chad and the churches are fighting Islamic charity organizations in particular and Arab Africa .

    The west working to destroy and undermine stability in our countries and this certificate surrender and priests who testified to that.

    Your churches JAM believers of Jesus peace be upon him. What the hill your churches invite people to and how we believe this churches of its honesty in their intentions while leaving behind peoples of the West Lost, people who don’t have anything left in their religion except eating Turkey and drinking alcohol in Christmas which is not even in Christianity at all

    The religion values and Jesus invitation are dead in the west and changed with things destroy all humanity. It has become priests married to men as well as they welcome it

    You have gone so far from the teachings of Jesus, peace be upon him and instead of changing all your efforts and putting all your millions to protect generation you warn of the Islamization of Europe instead of fear from the collapse of moral and scattered in Muslim countries mingling prophets faith in us all and clinging our values and virtues that prophets came, and using weak and ignorant of us to confuse us, and that this fragmentation of our work does not accept Jesus peace be upon him.