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Michael Phelps Makes Us Proud

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Not surprisingly, Michael Phelps has been awarded his first gold medal, in the 400m individual medley–and he set a new world record in the process:

The 19-year-old Phelps, who holds the world record in the 400m IM along with two other events, led the whole race and spent the final 350m below world-record pace.

American Erik Vendt took the silver, chasing down Hungary’s Laszlo Cseh in the final 50m to finish in 4:11.81.

“I’m perfectly happy right now,” Phelps said after stepping up to an Olympic podium for the first time. “I said I wanted one.

I have my one now. Now I just have to stay focused and go out and swim my races.”

There’s a very real, intangible sense of pride that I felt when Phelps hit the wall and realized that he’d not only won his first medal, but also broken another world record. At the rate he’s going, the rest of this week in Athens is undoubtedly going to be amazing.

The next question: Will the gold that Phelps will undoubtedly continue to accrue this week impact his attitude at all? His Australian counterpart, Ian Thorpe, has a very strange cocky attitude about him–probably having something to do with his “idol” status in that country. My sense is that, regardless of how famous Phelps becomes, he probably won’t seem quite as arrogant as Thorpe (even if Thorpe–the “Thorpedo”–has earned his own bragging rights after all this time).

This may be, in part, due to the fact that Phelps has had the same swim coach since age 11. His mother, as well, seems to be a very strong presence in his life, considering that he had to plead with her to let him buy a “tricked out” Cadillac Escalade (including those silly spinning rims). Since he’s only 19 and still lives at home, chances are good that he’ll remain headed in a positive direction.

There’s also an undeniable cultural difference between Australia and the United States that also helps explain the differences between Thorpe and Phelps. Here in the US, while it’s true that athletes can have their moment in the spotlight, it’s sports like basketball and football that remain dominant. This is unfortunate, as it almost entirely overshadows star athletes in other sports.

Whatever the final medal count from this Olympiad, this is only Phelps’ second visit (his first was when he was 15)–future games will almost certainly prove to be just as exciting. The biggest tragedy that I can foresee in Phelps’ future? At some point, he’s not going to be able to break his own records anymore!

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  • michael phelps is amazing.

    i am willing to pay up to $25.00 to have him come and swim in my pool.

    can someone get this offer to him?

    jack e. jett

  • Priyanka

    Michael Phelps is an amazing swimmer. he is such a dedicated and driven person. I admire him alot. I am willing to pay $50-$100 to have him swim in my pool. Michael, email me!! LOL

  • Johanna D’Elia

    O my Lordy!!Michael Phelps is Sooo hott!!

    All I have to say is he is my Olympic Hottie!!I stayed up all nite juss to see him swim and win another gold!!!

    ~Luv ya michael!~


  • I will trump both offers! I’ll pay $100 for Michael to come swim–but I don’t even have a pool, so it’ll have to be in the tub.

  • kristy

    Oh my gosh Michael Phelps is like the hottest swimmer ever. I love him soo much and i hope he does really well in everything!And he is one of the reasons why i watch the olympics and i can’t wait until they show him.

  • janarra


  • Renee

    OH MY GOD!!MICHAEL IS SOOOO HOTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!! HE IS THE HOTTEST GUY I HAVE EVER SEEN!!!! I would LOVE to meet him!! He is soo awesome and I hope he does well in everything! GO FOR THE GOLD!!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!! much LOVE!!!Muah!

  • Eric Olsen

    he is so hot, you skewed the page

  • felps_hatur

    Michael Felps is SOOO retarded!! If he were to swim in your pool he would be a liability….Seriously, he looks like he has down syndrome. He’s a cross between Rainman and the Hulk. I’ll pay you $25 to stop posting such ridiculous requests. He is not going to come to your backyard and swim in your pool…

  • boomcrashbaby

    I wonder how much it would cost to have him clean the pool.

  • Michael phelps is one of the sexiest guys in the world!!!!!! I’ve never seen a nicer body than his. Anyone know how too contact him??? please email it to me!!! THANKS!!!!
    I love u michael phelps!! <3!!
    love always....~*helene*~

  • sAM


  • Angel

    Michael Phelps is my Hero and he is sooooooooooooooooooooooo HOTTTTTTTTT !!!!!!!!!! HE IS SOOOOOO FINE HE MAKES MY MOUTH DROP AND HE IS ALL MINE !!!!!!!!!!

  • Angel

    Michael if you see this e-mail me becuz I AM UR ULTIMATE #1 FAN OF ALL TIME and I would pay you all I had for you to come over and swim with me in my pool


  • Leah

    Wow that is funny I think half the population of the world is in love with michael phelps. You would think you people are busy with school and reality. I am sure Michael has better things to do then swim in your pool! He is an amazing and very busy swimmer!

  • elni

    OMG I LOVE PHELPS!!!! ahhhh his body is so perfect and he looks SO HOT in his low-rise bathingsuit!!! HE IS MY HERO and i watch all of his races!!! HOW CAN I MEET HIM? does he have a girlfriend?

  • Jenny879

    Oh my goodness! I met Michael and he is the nicest guy ever! Not only is he really hot but what i love most about him is that he will try his best to fulfill everyones wishes! He’s so sweet and compassionate! I’m also extreamly proud of all the gold he’s won so far in the olympics! I love you michael and i wish you the best of luck in all you do!
    much love,

  • Eric Olsen

    he seems extremely good-natured and level-headed – I’m am so glad to see him do this well after his (relatively) slow start and all the stupid questions about disappointment

  • Janna

    MICHAEL YOU ARE SOO HOTT! I really want his email address or something so if anyone knows it, email me!! Especially if anyone has met him! He is such a great swimmer too and makes me want to go jump in a pool and swim some laps! I want to meet him too! Anyone know how? EMAIL ME!
    ~Luv Ya~ Janna

  • Chau

    Michael Phelps is very good looking and I read somewhere that he doesn’t have a girlfriend! But does anyone know whether he actually reads this or not?

  • Chances are that he hasn’t seen this, considering he’s been somewhat busy with the Olympics this week. πŸ˜‰

    *** SPOILER ALERT ***

    However, I am happy to report that Michael won his 5th gold medal today–making 7 total so far (5 gold & 2 bronze). Congrats to him!

  • Does Micheal know this web site even exsists? Plus i think it would cost a lot more than $25 dollars to sw3im in your pool. I’m from Dana Vollmers hometown and she has a chrush on him too. I have a chrush on Paul Hamm. Why i’m putting this all down i don’t know.

  • Eric Olsen

    michael not only knows this site exists: he knows us all by name

  • Olivia

    Michael Phelps is hot!! I can’t believe he doesn’t have a gilfriend!

  • Margarida

    Oh please they smell a guy with money and imidiately he becomes this sex god! Get real girls, the guy is fugly and self conceited like most of North Americans! Great swimming body for such a retarded mind.

  • Olivia

    He’s hot because he has a hobby that you can tell he is passionate about. That is so hot!

  • Holli

    Michael Phelps is not only hot but talented!!! If anyone knows how to contact him, email me [personal contact info deleted]. All the haters out there….shut up he is a talented swimmer no matter what you say!!!

    Love you Michael


  • hey kids..I went to this web site to see what’s up with everything and life..and all i see are these amazing thing writtin about me. If you didn’t know all these wonderful letters have motivated me in my races…I will not let my country down..if any of you free fell to e-mail me ..that would be great!! talk to you later

  • Samantha

    I LUV MICHAEL PHELPS!! lol he is my idol!! i have pictures of him all over my wall his face and thinking about everything his does jus to get to the Olympics is my motivation everyday!! i REALLY REALLY REALLY want to meet him! not only is he talented but hes hott too!! lol i get so excited when i see him race and when ever i see any of his commercials like the AT&T wireless one and the one for VISA i think it is and whenever i see him win any medal i cry becuz he does so much and it all payed off well i just want to say I LUV U MICHAEL PHELPS!!! U WILL ALWAYS BE MY IDOL AND OLYMPIC HOTTIE!!! LOL

    ~*~Samantha- Michael Phelps’ #1 FAN!~*~

  • Nikki Bittner

    Michael Phelps rocks! And he is sooo hott. And trust me Sam is the biggest fan! By the way What is his e-mail? Does anyone know?!?!?!

  • Patty

    I really don’t know know what to say about him..because I don’t want to be another girl to say: Michael Phelps is hot!!! I’m from Brasil, and even I be mad every time I see him win the brasilians guys..I admit that I admire him. And I hope to see him in the Pan Olympics in Rio in 2 years.

  • Veronica

    hey girls after i’ve read all your comments i’m sorry to say, but, i am michael phelps’ girlfriend. you can find me with him in some pictures on fansites. so will you please stop obsessing over him and stop asking if he has a girlfriend?

  • gwen

    Michael is fairly good looking. i live in michigan and he is moving in right in my area, he’s coming here because he has a new coach that works at western michigan university. I hope to meet him and chances are i will, i visite WMU often. He’s truly amazing! He’s beautiful in every aspect of life, and a great role modle. i look up to him because he’s wounderful and strong,(and tall). *WE LOVE YOU MICHAEL*

  • Nunya

    Hey. The “Michael Phelps” on this site, is obviously not Michael Phelps…so I think that person needs their head examined..as well as his “girlfriend” on this site. I also live in Michigan..I think Michael will love it here…I mean…he’s a swimmer, and we have AMAZING lakes. Anyway, I think Michael has the “boy next door” look. What a cutie. I e-mailed him and asked if he was single, and if he needed a tour guide. LOL…but I think he is sorta busy right now…something to do with Olympic races or something. πŸ˜› Anyway…girls, you have a much better chance getting with someone who ISNT in the limelight. Go outside…get some air..go hang out with friends. He isnt revolving his life around YOU, so you probably shouldnt center your life around HIS. And fellas, just because we think he is cute and we wouldnt mind getting to know him, doesnt mean were after his money. We like that he is humble..and that he isnt a lazy bum who drinks beer all day and has no goals. He is making the most out of his life, setting goals and achieving them. He is out there making a name for himself.. and his humble and welcoming personality is, what I think, attracts us all to him. So maybe if all you boys got up off your butts and did something with yourselves, we wouldnt mind getting to know YOU either. *steps off soap box* Ok, later.

  • Emily

    Girls, even is he doesn’t have a girlfriend he wouldn’t date one of you anyway, he wants a down to earth girl not one that is completely obsessed with him. Yea he does things with the boys and girls club in Maryland and everything but he doesn’t talking about his relationship status at all so really only people who know him know if he is single or not. Yea I love him and think hes an awesome swimmer but I’m not going to obsess over someone I will probably never meet

  • Katherine

    Adding on to his “girlfriends” you rarely even see a girl in his galleries, and even when you do you can tell its not his grilfriend because they way he is standing so I think you need to stop obsessing and grow up. Leave to poor guy alone

  • Michelle

    Micheal Phelps is hot but not in your conventional way. In fact his face is really geeky, but he does have the most beautiful body (and i shouldnt be saying this coz im an aussie) but I’m SOO glad he won his medals, coz Ian thorpe is SUCH a gay loser. I hope Michael can teach Ian a few tricks or 2 on how to be humble.

  • Michelle

    Omg i cant believe I just put down an Australian swimmer. This Micheal Mania is really getting to me. I take it back..IAN THORPE rocks ( he doesnt really…i cant lie….michael really is much better) damn it, why cant any of the australian swimmers be hot.

  • Samantha

    Does anyone on here know what Michael Phelps’ e-mail address is? if u do could u plz e-mail me [personal contact info deleted] i m one of his biggest fans thanks

    ~*~Samantha- Michael Phelps #1 Fan~*~

  • Katherine

    Im sorry everyone but he is not going to give out his e-mail address, as it is he probably has tons of little girl fans obsessing over him. He is a nice guy and all but he wants his privicy too, so could you all please quit asking for his email cause your not going to get it

  • Megan

    WOW! michael phelps is such a great swimmer and i hope i he will continue his career in swimming. i have been swimming for 8 years now and i took a break but decided to go back. and i hope i turn out like him. A great swimmer.

  • aless

    Micheal Phelps is Gorgeus!!!! He is an AMAZING swimmer and americans should be proud to have someone like him represent them!! i am not American But anyone can see that Phelps is AWESOME…I would love to have him represent my country but just watching him swim is amazing!!!
    LUV U PHELPS *Ur #1 FAN*

  • Jacqui

    you ppl r so stupid i’m positive that mike has better things 2 do than swim in your pools i mean come on he has training and all that.

  • elizabeth

    hey ya’ll, i agree with everyone when you say that michael phelps is hott, but there is alot more to him than his looks. he is obviously an awsome swimmer and he is one of the main reasons that i watched the olympics because i want to see him suceed, but when you think about it, don’t you think he would appreciate being treated and talked about like a real person and not and idol once in a while? just a thought. but in conclusion, go for the gold, michael and good luck with everything!!!

  • Eric Olsen

    I hear Michael Phelps will have a role in Pirates of the Caribbean 3

    BTW, Ian Thorpe has really big feet.

  • Sonja

    Michael Phelps is the hottest guy in the whole world!!When i saw him swimming at the Olympics i was so amased…He is ma biggest Role Model…I want to be just like him!!!!I am his biggest fan and I always will be!!!!Michael phelps #1!!Just one thing I need to know is if he has a girlfriend?MICHAEL PHELPS GOOD LUCK IN FUTURE & I HOPE I GET TO MEET YOU ONE DAY!!
    lots of luv *Sonja*

  • Duane

    With all this attention on Michael Phelps, I’m pretty sure that Johnny Depp has lowered his asking price to come over and swim in my pool. I think he’ll do it for $49.95. Phelps is still asking for $75.00.

  • ungaro

    After this olympics, Michael will enrol in the University of Michigan…anyone from this Uni???

  • Eric Olsen

    they swim fast up there because they’ve got wolverines in the pool

  • Faith

    Mike is sooo awesome!!such an amazing swimmer and such a rolemodel! and hot!!!! MIKE RULES 4E!! im ur #1 fan!!!!


  • Allyson

    all you guys who talk smack about Michael Phelps are just jealous. i can tell he has morals – just by the way he talks. i’ve been looking for pictures of his cell commercial. anyone seen any? he is my hero and is also very good looking. o my goodness he is so good looking. Man o man i wish i could meet him some day!

  • adamlevinelover

    “Away from the Olympics I’ve got a pretty quiet life. It’s kinda boring. I haven’t got a girlfriend and I can’t do the kind of things all my friends are doing as college students. I swim, listen to hip hop and work on my car. But, in my opinion, that’s still a pretty good life. I don’t know whether I’d want to trade it for anything” mike said that…so he doesnt have a girlfriend…but for everyone else…my cousin used to/does swim at the same pool with him and i met him when he was like 13 apparently and didnt think too much of it…he wasnt too hot then though because…he hadn’t grown into his ears…i might try to meet him when he comes back

  • Why God why..

    ALL of you are PSYCHOTIC. STOP.

  • marybeth

    Michael Phelps is such a great swimmer and he is a role model for me. i am going to be a freshman in high school and have been swimming since kindergarten. he showed me that i can do whatever i want and my dream to someday become an olympian is not impossible thank you Michael Phelps for your spirit and your passion for swimming!!!!!

  • Becky

    I think Michael Phelps is one of the hottest guys I have ever seen swim. And all of the people who are calling him a retarded swimmer. I think that you should look in the mirror and see who is the real retarted person is. Michael is so athletic and so hot!!! I love him and I would let him swim in my backyard any day of the year.

  • Katie

    Michael Phelps is so passionate about what he does it isn’t even funny!!!!! And he is so hot. He loves swimming and is showing the world more than one step at a time who is the bosss and champ of the water. Thank you Michael Phelps for being so good at what you do.

  • Lauren

    Michael is a sweet guy and I just want to congratulate him on all of his Olympic sucess. Good luck in your coming years and at the 2008 Olympics in Bejing!

  • Michael Phelps

    Hey swimming fans! Yes I do have a girlfriend and her name is Becky Paulsen we are planned to get married in January and i hope that you guys all achieve your goals and desires. Thank you for all of the letters. They keep me really confedant about my swimming.

    Michael Phelps

  • R4nd0mDud3

    one of my friends from maryland told me this and i don’t kno if this is true, but i hear that michael phelp’s email address in AceSwimmer85@yahoo.com (one that he actually checks and uses)

  • Swimmer Fan

    OMG!!! Who ever said Michael Phelps is retarted is out of their mind. Your just jelious because you can’t swim or even look like he does. I seriously have ever magazine he has ever been in. Michael, if your reading this I LOVE YOU!!!! You are amazing. And if anyone has a problem with that they can email me [personal contact info deleted]. See ya!!

  • Tara Taylor

    Michael is AWESOME!!! I swam USS for a really long time but lost the love for the sport when I had some difficulties with a coach. Watching Michael swim has encouraged to put me fast skin back on and hop in the pool! Michael if you’re reading this, thank you so much! And who knows…maybe I’ll see you in 2008! Lots of Love!

  • Michael

    Hey Everyone! i really appericate everyones praise and glory for my medals in the 2004 olympics. I just want to say hi to Swimmer Fan because I have met her before. But I ask you “swimmer Fan” please don’t give anyone my real email address. Ok? Thanks to everyone. Bye!

  • Lauren

    I just have a question for Michael. You said you have a girlfriend named Becky Paulsen and that you’re getting married in January, and that’s cool, congrats. My question is, if that’s true, then, why get married at 19 and not wait until you’re a little older to make such a huge commitement as marriage?

  • elen

    … why oh why does he have to be 6’4″?… *sobbing*

  • nindalf

    for post # 58: I hope to God that the real Michael Phelps can spell confident, otherwise my status as fan number one has just dropped to fan number 308.

  • Lindsey

    I love micheal Phepls he is so so so so million times so Hot i am so pround of him i don;t no how he does it, he is amazimg i live him



  • Music_gurlie06

    People you all need to chill it. Michael Phelps is a great swimmer and a great person, but you can’t love him until you meet him and get to know him. And yes I do like Michael Phelps and I did watch the Olympics because of him, but there is a fine line between liking someone and obsession. And I hate to say it, but you all are obsessed. Like someone said earlier, get back down to earth!!


  • Eric Olsen

    I can hear those pirates coming, I believe by way of the Caribbean

  • Lacie

    Michael, all i have to say is i think you are amazing and congratulations on you acomplishments. You’ve represented the U.S. perfectly. It also helps to be gorgeous athlete (which you are).lol! Your a role model in my book.



    You people really need to :#1 learn how to spell(or at least how to use spellcheck), #2 get a life, #3 stop being so gullible, and #4 leave the guy alone.

    He does look a little off. He almost speaks with a lisp.

  • Bri

    OMG! Michael Phelps is the hottest man on the earth!! He COULD come and swim in my pool…if I had a pool. I love it when he smiles…its soo cute. and his ears are adorable. have you ever noticed that??!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  • Eric Olsen

    “I be done seen ’bout everything, when I see an …”

  • Melissa

    Despite his good looks and ‘hottness,’ I’m sure there is more to Michael Phelps than just the obvious. I wish more people would be intrested in who he is rather than how he looks.

  • Kis

    I would not pay a guy I like to swim with me, I like Michael ,and girls, have some attiude!I mean, be yourself and Michael might just love the way you are.

  • Meredith

    I just wanna say “congrats Michael on all your medals, you did such a great job! everyone in NJ is rootin for you!! hope to see you on TV and stuff, it would be awesome if you were in a movie or something! ok well good luck in the next olympics, I’ll always keep you in my heart! love ya..xoxo”

  • Duane

    Melissa says, “I’m sure there is more to Michael Phelps than just the obvious.”

    That’s right Melissa. He’s a lot more than just water in the ears, and flailing arms and legs. A whole lot more. For example, his favorite food is corn dogs, his favorite color is blue, his sign is Pisces (figures!!!), his favorite musician is Usher, he has maintained a solid 2.3 GPA in high school, he likes underwater breath-holding contests, he has two big toes on his left foot, he works part-time in an appliance repair shop, his dream date is a moonlight stroll along the beach (how bout that, girls?!!!), he’s still waiting for the right girl to share that special first kiss, he is against violence (very sensitive!!), and his ultimate wish is for world peace. His favorite snack is a bag of pork rinds dipped in mayonnaise. His favorite actor is Scott Baio. His pet peeves are: parking tickets, not getting extra mayo on his hot dogs at Der Weinerschnitzel when he asks for it, lifeguards who holler at him when he pretends to drown at the beach, the color yellow, torture, reruns of Laverne and Shirley, meanness, and numbers. All I can say is, “What a guy!”

  • Jackie

    Michael Phelps is Gorgoeuous . I really like him. But it is not only his looks tht grabbed my attention. I gotta say his personality is mostly the thing tht grabbed my attention. he seems to be a loving, caring person. That is what i look in for a guy. I would love to meet you one day, Michael. Hey Michael, If you are reading this, good luck on the next olympic. I know you’ll will do great!

  • Marina

    Hey you all!
    Listen to me.Like some people alredy said you are being obssesed. I agree with you all I do think michael is hot and he has the best personality and he is the one you’ve been dreaming all your live.Im not tring to be like ou all and say “Oh Im the #1 fan and I want to meet you and blah blah blah blah” Yes I do wonna meet him and talk to him and be friends with him,but being all like this I mean being obssesed with him is not gonna get you anywhere and I dont think Michael likes girls that are like that(not tring to be mean or anything)Im not gonna tell you to stop being obssesed and write all that rediculus stuff.BUt I just want you to remember that its not gonna get you anywhere.Patient and being yourself is the best you could do right now. So people pleaze keep tat in mind.
    Michael if you really reading this, I mean I know you are exrimly busy and you have your own life to live, than please email me back if you have time of course and if you wonna, I wont get mad if you dont, but it would make me so happy if you did, my email is marinchik15@hotmail.com
    I live on the other side of the U.S.A. and I probably wont ever get to meet you and as much faith that I have i dont think thats possible so it would really mean a lot to me if you emailed me, I know Im asking a lot but you dont have to do it if you dont want to, like I said before.
    I wish you all the luck you can have and you are an amazing person and everything about you is just wonderful.

    Love Always Marina L.

  • ungaro

    I love Michael because he looks ordinary and simple, i wouldn’t want him to become another Ian thorpe who attends tom cruise or any superstars invitation to show off his social status, hope he remains simple, no Armani suits, no Omega watches…that is so un-Michael Phelps…i hope he will forever keep his feet on ground, or water. And yes…i agree to some of u who commented he had cute ears..indeed, those ears makes him so cartoonish and likeable, but i was mesmerized by his eyes especially when he keeps staring at the scoreboard for results anxiously, those eyes revealed some innocence which i suppose will be gone when he grows older…wish i can kiss those eyes:-))

  • Rochelle

    Hey…seriously girls…i think that you all need to chill a bit. im from aus. n well i admit michael is hot n all but like america is sooo big rite? and australia aint realli that big…and like if america is huge n australia is small and no one i know has ever met any “famous” australian swimmer like wat are the chances of you meeting Mr. Phelps? i dont want that to sound mean, but seriously be rational…its possible yet impossible at the same time…all im saying is dont get your hopes up TOO high about someone you dont know, and if you think you’re the only one fanatasizing over him well by the looks of this msg board you are VERY wrong. anyways take care…and be happy

    Love Rochelle xoxo

  • ashley stewart

    hi my name is ashley stewart and at school we are doing research on the olympics and i am doing it on michael phelps. when i saw him in all these pictures and read about him in the papers i was so amazed!! he is really hot and a very very good swimmer! michael i just want to tell you that you are AWSOME and i luv ya!! !Β‘!GOOD LUCK!Β‘!

  • Brittany G.

    Hello My name is Brittany Geppert. My sister ,cousin ,and I are a little obsessed wit michael phelps.we are planing on going to beijing to watch michael phelps swim. Good Luck baby go for the gold

  • Angela

    I must admit.. i do find Michael Phelps to sooooo HOT!! But he’s not only that.. i mean he is soooo freaking talented…. And like they say.. it’s like he’s born to do this…u know by his body structure… and seems really down to earth.. not cocky liek that Damn Ian Thrope or that American guy that won the 50 m sprint thingy.. he gets on my nerves.. but back to phelps….. He’s hot, kind, and humble… could he be any more perfect
    P.S. I am soo freaking happy that I’m from B-more.. cuz i live in the same city as him.. at least until he moves to Michigan *tear tear*

  • Molly

    Hey michael phelps!you are the best swimmer ever i am your number one fan i am so obbsessed with you that today i downloaded 50 pictures of you and printed them and know they are on my wall!! you need to come here and go swimming in my OLYMPIC size pool email me back!!


    ps-YOU ARE MAD HOTT!!!!

  • amy

    well, to clear up some of the confusion, yes he does have a girlfriend. we have been dating for about 6 1/2 months. It has been so hard with him being away. but hes coming home soon.thank goodness!!have a wonderful day fans of the most wonderful man i know! toodles

  • Gwen

    Yeah, right.

  • Sierra

    I’m sure any girl whom Phelps would date would have more class than to come online and express their undying love for the “most wonderful man” she knows. Obviously, if he’s such a ‘wonderful man’ he woulden’t be caught dead with a girl who flaunts their relationship around…especially on the internet. I’m sure he has more class than that…which was obvious when he stepped down from what could have been another gold for him last week.

  • Trisha

    You go, Sierra! Amen, girl!

  • Eric Olsen

    I agree with your sentiments Sierra, but he actually did get a gold medal for the relay he stepped down from, which I’m sure made it easier. He was part of the relay team in the qualifying heat.

  • Lauren

    All I have to say to some of you girls’ comments is: WOW, and, grow up.

  • brittany

    omg i love michael phelps sooo much!!!!! i would do ne thing to meet him!!!! he is such a great role modle to everyone!!!he is the HOTTEST GUY I HAVE EVER SEEN omg i luv him so much!!! i read that he DOESN’T have a girlfriend :-D!!!!! i watched all his compatishions and he is all over my bedroom walls!!! omg he is soo amazing!!! hes only 19 and he is already sooo sucsessfull!!! he will be my idol forever!!!!! ((n people jus to let ya kno i saw him on tv talkin to this one guy and michael said when he’s on his *free time* he would rather do ANYTHING but swim!!! n i dont blame him!!! he hs the cutest body ever omg it is soo hot!!! i can like never fall asleep at night because i’m always thinkin about him!!!! i just can’t wait untill 2008 because thats the next time the olympics will be held n i can see him *in action* again!!! OMG MICHAEL I LOVE YOU SOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!! N I WOULD DO *ANYTHING* JUST TO MEET YOU FOR ONE MINUTE!!!!! I AM TOTALY YOUR NUMBER ONE FAN!!!! I AM *******SOOOOOOO******* UBSESSED WITH YOU!!!!

  • Kiara

    Michael Phelps is awesome…and hot! I can’t wait to see what he does next. He’s doing so awesome in the Olympics. He’s My fave athlete…I’m a HUGE fan!

  • Michelle

    For the people who are trying to act as if they are “Michael Phelps,” you might want to check your spelling before you post something.

  • Erin

    All those people who pretend to be Michael Phelpos really need to get a life. Stop pretending to be someone your not!!

  • Mary

    To Brittney, Comment #93, I honestly hope you have a life besides “loving” Michael Phelps. Yes, I agree he his really hot, and a great swimmer, but you and all the other girls need a hobby. You have a 1 million to one chance of meeting hinm. So pelase spare all of us and GET A HOBBY!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mary

    p.s. next time dont post the same letter twice!

    Nice One!!

  • Meghan

    Hell yah Michael Phelps is wicked hott! But its not like anyone here would ever have a chance and he’d be way to busy to come swim in your pool so just get used to seeing him on t.v cuz chances are you are never gonna meet him.

  • stephanie

    i think that micheal phelps is the hottest guy ever and not only that but he has a kick ass body, and i think that he is awesome in swimming, ilove u micheal phelps and i wonder if he has a girlfriend!!!!!

  • amy

    sorry…i really have no idea if he has a girlfriend, we were just kidding about the post earlier. (all fun and games, dont hate me) but i for real agree with you ladies that he is soooo hot! anyway i hope that you have a wonderful night! who knows one day we might get to actually talk to him?!?!

  • Karol

    Hey Ya’ll…..wanna shout out to the world that Phelps is AWESOME!!!! hes a great swimmer and he really is making something good out of his life!!! I wanna wish him all my luck…..and may god bless him.Let’s all hope that he suceeds even more in his career and life. I loooove you Phelps!!


  • Karol

    Hey Ya’ll…..wanna shout out to the world that Phelps is AWESOME!!!! hes a great swimmer and he really is making something good out of his life!!! I wanna wish him all my luck…..and may god bless him.Let’s all hope that he suceeds even more in his career and life. I loooove you Phelps!!


  • Michael Phelps is the best..he’s such a nice guy and i want to meet him..i think he’s hott too..! He’s an awesome swimmer all that because of all his hard work. Congrats on the 2004 olympics! and good luck for 2008! even though you don’t need luck..haha πŸ˜‰



  • Emily

    Everyone trying to be “michael” and his “girlfriend” I hope you know taht anyone can check the IP address, like swimmer fan and marybeth, and katie, all the same people, He’s cute in his own way but hes not the greatest looking guy in the world which is good I guess but he does talk with a lisp because he has an underbite. SO yea in his own way he is a good looking guy but I’m not obsessed with him because of his looks

  • Lauren

    I just want to say that although Michael is incredibly hot, he is more than just his looks. So to the ladies only concentraiting on a guys looks to make her happy: look at more than a person’s looks or you’ll get nowhere in life. And Michael, good luck in life and God Bless!

  • Where do these people come from?

  • Danielle

    How Could Micheal Phelps be getting married he’s like 19? Michael why?

  • Ungaro

    i have a few hot pics Michael…i like it, cos’ its so different from wat i usually saw…oooHhh

  • Ungaro

    Do any of u have Michael’s childhood pic? I’d like to have a look…..;)

  • Alison

    hey! ok i would do anything just to get an email from michael phelps! i am such a big fan of him!! and hes wickd hot!!!! lol..uh ok so if michael phelps sees this then please email me anything!!!!!!!!!

  • maria

    i love michael !!!!!! HE IS SOOOOOOOO HOTTTTT he is so nice and such a good swimmer
    luv maria

  • Eric Olsen

    I believe we have had the good fortune of being linked by a fan board – you can tell by the prevalence of the word “hotttttt”

  • Bernard

    Some people I know have told me Micheal is not just hot, but really streamlined as well. Makes him go faster, they say.

    walking a strange and wonderous world…

  • Emily

    OK everyone that keeps saying hes soo hott and everything get a life, its not always about looks and if thats all you go for then you girls are all really shallow. Grow up and try going after someone you can get because im guessing half of you are like 13-15 range and hes 19, I’m positive he wants someone near his own age

  • maria s




  • Bernard

    That they capslock, I will accept, but do they have to stutter while doing so?

  • 18

    For the love of God, please learn how to spell and punctuate before posting anything.

  • Hey, let people say what they wanna say. And if u get annoyed by people saying that Michael Phelps is hott then dont read it. And just bcuz grlz say he’s hott doesnt mean their shallow. And to girls who are wondering, “No he does not have a girlfriend, but he likes Lindsay Lohan”. He said so on NBC when he was interviewed of who he liked. I am a fan of Michael Phelps bcuz he is a great athlete and not just bcuz of his looks. And to those people who say that their michael’s girlfriend, stop lying cuz he doesnt have one. And if u want 2 get his e-mail then I guess u’ll just have to meet him to get it or ask sum1 who has met him and has his e-mail otherwise there’s no other way of getting it for he doesnt post it in public.

  • renee

    OMG. michael is soo hott. i watch everyone of his meets just to see him win a gold. and boy did he do that.
    I <3 u michael!!!

  • Daydreamer

    Michael Phelps is HOT!!!!!!!!!!!……..I really concentrate on the AT&T Wireless commercials………the way he goes out the pool and then takes off his cap and then smiles and says “hEY DUDE DON’T HURT YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!!”


  • So Eric, at what point do I win the award for writing the entry that resulted in the most comments? Not bad for a first post!

  • Kendall

    I just wanna say if Michael Phelps ever does look at this that his work ethic and his humbleness have really impressed me and makes me realize what I need to do to become the best of my ability. I play basketball~which I’ve read is “forbidden” by his coach-That would suck!!~ and hope to make Div I scholorship status, maybe I’ll have the privilege of meeting him someday(if I’m lucky)!! Well anywayz if you do have a girlfriend she’s very lucky and I’m not gonna bash cuz I’m not into that but if not don’t go all celebrity and go out with someone who just wants your money, and you’re hot body:)!! Doubt ya would but yeah if you ever have the time (which ya prolly don’t ) email me at kterio@hotmail.com it’d mean a lot. THANX!!

  • grace

    That was really sweet of you!!! I’m glad your not like all the other psychos who are madly in “love” with him!

  • Lauren

    Yes that was very sweet of you Kendall. Michael is a nice guy and there is much more to him than his looks. He’s an all-American boy, intelligent, and a really great guy. I just want to thank him for being a role model to younger kids these days. I myself, am 19, and try to be a role model to the kids I teach and to my younger brother, cousins, and nieces. I’m glad that an Olympian like Michael Phelps also trys to accomplish the same thing and I congratulate him on all of his sucess. Not only as an athlete, but also as a person. Way to go Michael and keep it up! If you ever want to chat you can e-mail me at angeleyesroses4@aol.com. Good luck in your future endevors and may God continue to bless you and your family.

  • Bangkok

    Congratulation to Michael, Ian, Grant , Peter and all sportmen who get the medals. I’m not Michael’s real big fan, I know not much thing about him but I like him as he is the one of greatest swimmers in this world and I do like the way he try. All swimmers,They are hard working so they deserve to get that prizes. If they would love to have girlfriends and can swim faster, I support them. All you can love them as the big’s fans but you are not the owner of them lives, so please leave they do what they want and don’t try to interfere in their personal lives. I’m sure they would be glad to have real fans like you, who do understand them πŸ™‚

    Miss Bangkok

  • P.S I live in Bangkok, Thailand (The name of a country). If anybody here would like to know more about my country, please drop me lines [persona contact info deleted]. There are many greatest beaches here and no sharks πŸ˜›

    Miss Bangkok
    [personal contact info deleted]

  • Eric Olsen

    Ryan buddy, you’re off to a good start, but you aren’t even top 10 yet

  • laurie

    micheal Phelps is so hot you guys are so head over heels LoL

  • elizabeth

    Micheal Phelps is my cousin I’m seen him reading this before he loves you alll to

    I’m telling the truth,

  • Miyuki Miyazaki

    I think you are all crazy and obsessed ^-^'(no offense) Honestly ladies, this board is flooded with “I LOVE YOU MICHAEL, YOU’RE SO HOT!!” I can’t help but laugh at some of these comments… I mean considering the fact that most of you are high-school kiddies, it’s cute how you’re all like “I LOVE YOU MICHAEL!!! WHOOOT” and that whole “swim in my backyard pool thing” is probably the weirdest thing I’ve ever heard! lol! I for one, am just a fan (but I cheer for my aussie comrades) who has taken the first step out of high-school and onto the Uni-life which is fabulous since I’m only 18 this year! Good luck to all you ‘OBSESSED FANS’ and take it easy aye!! I think I speak for all when I say ‘WE HOPE YOU BREAK SPITZ’S RECORD PHELPS! and good luck in the future’

  • Danielle

    I havent heard that much about Micheal Phelps and I haven’t seen a picture, but from what I hear he is an amazing athlete.Ladies, really, if all your after is looks, then I would really think about how your spending you time oogling after someone in the public eye. Theres more to life than hott guys, I mean I think its much more important if they are intellectually stimulated and have an IQ higher than a 5. This kid is probably normal in every aspect, besides the olympic swimming. If a guy isn’t caring, smart, articulate, and passionate about life, whats the point. Remember, looks don’t stay forever, but a strong mind and good heart do.

  • Eric Olsen

    I believe he has received the reaction he has here and elsewhere due to the fact that he seems very likeable, sincere and unpretentious despite his extraordinary success.

  • Lauren

    Eric Olsen, I couldn’t agree with you more. He definitely seems like and extraordinary person in every aspect of his life. That’s what makes him so adorable and likable.

  • Rachele

    Is it true that Michael Phelps email address is AceSwimmer85@yahoo.com? Can anyone verify this???

  • Daydreamer

    Michael Phelps has been on the cover of like every sports magazine……but i sometimes wonder……will we still like him…….if he’s out of the spotlight!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jessica

    hey hey just to let ya’ll know — he does have a girlfriend. i go to the school he went to and we have mutual friends. sorry girls!

  • kerry

    yeah he does. it says so in an article in The Baltimore Sun. Check it out if you don’t believe me.

  • Annie

    I’m sure almost every girl in the United States LOVES Michael Phelps. or so they say. . .Well yeah Michael is really good looking and his personality during interviews is totally cool. But if i were him and looking at this page i’d be quite frightened by all the girls who think they’re going to fall in love. But i guess you all can do what you want cuz remember, ‘The more you dream the more you achieve.’ Michael should know we all supported him during his success and he’s extremely talented. Thanks for being an amazing role model too, Michael!!<3

  • amanda
  • Lauren

    I would hope that people aren’t as shallow to only like someone because he’s in the spotlight. But wait, that’s kind of how America’s society works most of the time. So sad. But Michael, you’ll definitely still be a role model to me even if you fall out of the lime light just ’cause you’re a great guy.

    [personal contact info deleted]

  • ungaro

    it seems fans are quite concerned over this issue,’has he a girlfriend?’ πŸ™‚

    quoted by Phelps,

    ‘Away from the Olympics I’ve got a pretty quiet life. It’s kinda boring. I haven’t got a girlfriend and I can’t do the kind of things all my friends are doing as college students. I swim, listen to hip hop and work on my car. But, in my opinion, that’s still a pretty good life. I don’t know whether I’d want to trade it for anything’


    Its at the last 2nd paragraph, nice article.

  • Ellie

    Michael Phelps is an AMAZING swimmer, i have the HUGEST crush on him!!! he is really hot, but i dont care about that! I think it was wonderful that he gave up his spot on the relay team, to his teammate, he is a very level headed person and is an amazing swimmer, he is my role model, i hope to be swimming in the Olympics, if i can, but chances of that are slim, but i would do anything to meet him. I think he has a girlfriend though- cuz on Google, there are a couple of pictures with him with his arm around a girl. they look like they are the same age, i think they are going out, but HE IS MY TOTAL ROLE MODEL AND OLYMPIC CUTIE!!!!!

    i wish Michael would come to this website but, probably no such luck. I hope Michael Phelps continues to swim and i hope he continues to GO FOR THE GOLD!!!!!



  • Eric Olsen

    Although I like the commercial where he butterlies across the ocean, I think it’s kind of unrealistic: I think he would do it freestyle

  • Samantha


  • yea

    o brother

  • Lauren

    If some of you girls would pay attention to comments that are made before you post yours, you’d find the answer to most of your questions.

  • Emily

    I find it interesting that he tells people he doesn’t have a grilfriend and yet papers say he does, maybe he does have a girlfriend but doesn’t want one?

  • My friend has a hug crush on you and she wonders alot if you have a girlfriend and she wants to know if she would be able to meet you soon?

    angel from Seattle Washington

  • Lucy

    Some of you guys(or should I say girls) are a little to obessed.I LOVE Michael too! And he is really hot but get a hold of yourselves. I just have to say that Michael if you read this that I think you are a very mature teen for what you did at the Olympics when you gave your spot on the relay team to your team mate. I look up to you for that. Many guys your age are not that mature. Also you would so be the perfect guy for me(hopefully you don’t have a girlfriend, lol)! Your tall and thin and that’s the kind of guys I like
    (since I’m 5’11 and thin also). Though I doubt well ever meet good luck in the future and everything you do and don’t ever change.
    Love ya-

  • hey michael this is angels friend she told me what web sight to go to so I came here because I really wanted to email you well she said I could use her email adderes s I did and I just wanted to tell you that have pushed me to achive my dream hopefully angel well be able to make it on the 2008 gymnastics team and will be able to meet you and it an autograph for me hope to hear from you

    dana from Seattle Washington

  • Megan

    ok….so every sing girl in America knows that Michael Phelps is hott…..and he DEFINATELY is! haha…and I could say yea how can I find this guy…and Mike I live 45 mins. away from you…I’ll meet you at the ESPN Zone @ Inner Harbor haha But honestly I admire the guy for the hard work and dedication he has put into this sport. He is the amazing athlete I’ve EVER seen and especially being only 19…he’s by far the best swimmer in the world…and he has shown us that by his amazing accomplishments at Athens….staying up till 12AM and watching him swim and receive..ANOTHER gold medal…was so well worth it! I want to say congrats Mike…you made this country proud and I think you are the sweetest guy for giving your spot to Ian Crocker in the last relay….I was touched..and you instantly had me hooked! hehe Enjoy your time at home..relax..and I wish you the best of luck in your future years of becoming the best swimmer to ever live! <333 Megs

  • sara

    Michael Phelps is such a babe!! My binder has him ALL OVER IT!! Michael is my hero!! I LOVE U MICHAEL!!! πŸ™‚

    ~SARA~ and ashlin luvz him too

  • Lizzy

    I think michael phelps is an absolutely amazing swimmer. He deserves everysingle one of the gold medals he got. And congradulations on the wedding! Oh and to all those people who are saying stupid and ridiculas stuff about him if u dont like him then y are u even on this website??

  • Brittney

    All i have to say, is Oh My God, Michael Phelps is the hottest guy in the Olympics. I have printed off so many pictures of him, and there all over my bedroom, and my locker at my school!!!! And he is THE BEST all around swimmer too! Also i look up to him for giving up his spot, all i had to say after that was y couldnt we have guys like u around where i live!! u are the greatest!!!

    *Love, your biggest fan ever!*

  • Lauren


    In the water you can feel weightless,
    Even think that anything’s possible.
    At home in your smooth skin,
    As you sleekly glide across the pool.
    Effortless as if you were nothing,
    Yet you accomplish everything.
    In the water you can feel weightless,
    And you know that anything is possible.

    Copyright Lauren A. Polak 2004

    Michael, good luck in life and give me a shout if you’d like to chat [personal contact info deleted]


  • Eric Olsen

    very nice Lauren, thanks!

  • Lauren

    You are very welcome Eric! And thank you very much!

  • Sara

    Michael, I just want to say that you are an awesome swimmer! It must be hard, but it is worth it!!! Michael Phelps is hott 2!!!

    Keep up the terrfic work, and keep on swimming!!

    love yaz Sara (again lol)

  • jessica Linh

    you guys are such freaks, get real. SERIOUSLY. i mean admire him for him talents and god given features .. but save the ‘ OMYGOSH i WANNA DO YOU ‘ to a minimum please.

  • jessica Linh

    and do you HONESTLY think that he would put that about him and this becky girl? how do you guys know that it`s really him, what if it`s just a lame obsessed isane girl that just wants to claim him? you guys are so guliable. chill out.

  • Please, people lets keep it real. First of all someone posted that his zodiac sign was pisces was totally wrong! I am pisces and I am born in February. I really don’t think he has a girlfriend because if you look in recent articles about him you see that he claims he does not have a girlfriend. Why doesn’t he confirm if he has a girlfriend or not in a press conference or an interview. Besides that fact just because you live in the same town as he does doesn’t mean that you will actually know him and meet him! I go to Towson quite often and I have never met him. I’m sorry or being rude to all the people who also sign this “guestbook” but I have to say is that I have a huge crush on him, too, but I know that I am way too young for him(since I am a mere 13) and that I am not a swimmer I am a dancer and I have not and never will not meet him in my lifetime even though I wish I could. But people shouldn’t have a crush on Michael just for his good looks but people should get to know him better. I am sorry if I have offended anybody.

  • Kendall Theriault

    I totally agree w/you on all your comments. Nice poem by the way!!! and uh, girls who obviously losing sleep over the whole does he have a girlfriend thing…u guys, lets say you are lucky enough to meet him do ya really think he’s gonna just be lovestruck and go out w/u on the spot! I don’t mean 2 B harsh (cuz I like him too!) but go outside away from the computers for a sec then talk to ppl in the tri-state area, live a little…THEN if ya want to still marry him why don’t you send an application to Michigan State and may the obsession continue. Who knows by then he may have broken up with his girlfriend and things may work out perfectly for you.He’s definetely hot, and seems like a really great guy so if he does have a gf she must be pretty kewl to get a guy like him.
    Anyone on this site who wants to e mail me you can [personal contact info deleted] btw: ~> a/s/l

  • Amber Bain

    michael..if you even read this..i am probably not your #1 fan, or even #500, but i really, truly admire you. all these people saying that you don’t want these crazy psycho girls are right, you just need a down to earth girl..i am not saying that it should be me, but trust me, it sure would be nice. i live in a little suburb of st. louis, and i am the girl next door. i play basketball, run cross country, and track. i extremely suck at swimming, but i used to be a diver – so that’s gotta count for something, eh? ha..well anyway..i am graduating this year from high school, and my dream is to meet you. my friend also truly admires you. she plays volleyball and she is amazing. she says she will be at the olympics in bejing playing vball, and she’s going to meet you and go out with you, so i have to make my move now. ha just kidding, but i guess it would be sweet enough if you and her hooked up..at least id get to say..hey my friend is michael’s girlfriend! ha..so you better watch out for a new girl comin up in volleyball, she’ll take you by surprise. if there is any possible way you even read this, would you contact me? i think i would be extremely happy. i don’t even know why i just said i ‘think’..i KNOW i would be extremely happy. ~amber

  • Sarah

    Watching Michael Phelps at the Olympics this year amazed me. To see someone completely thrash the competition as he did in some of his races was incredible. I have incredible respect for someone, excuse me… ANYONE, who puts as much time and effort into their lives as he does.


  • Lauren

    Thanks a lot Kendall, I really appreciate it!
    Everyone else, good luck in life, may you find happiness in love, and may you dream big (but realistically) for yourself. Someone once told me, “Reach for the stars ’cause the moons to close.” Thanks Karen for that one!
    To Michael, continue on your quest for greatness, although you’re already pretty great just as yourself.

    btw ~ my asl is 19/f/IL if anyone wants to IM or e-mail me at [personal contact info deleted].


  • vonnie

    hey mike
    i,m a big fan and i wanted to wish you good luck in the future. you kicked butt in all your races. email me if you read this [personal contact info deleted]. from you #2 fan.
    best wishes
    – vonnie

  • Stephanie Rodrigues

    Michael Phelps has been an inspiration to me in more than one way. He inspired me to go swimming again and be more interested in the sport of swimming and sports. His ambitious nature, in that he sets olympic and world records, is very charming and something I would like to have more of in my life. Meaning ambition and drive.
    If you ever read this Michael Phelps thank you so much for inspiring me. Not forgetting that you have a pair of the most gorgeous eyes and smile and a body to match. You’ve definitely made a fan out of me. Wish you all the best in all you do! Keep on smiling. =)


  • Jennifer

    I don’t think that Michael Phelps would go for girls that are too obsessed with something they can never have. GET A FREAKIN’ GRIP ON YOURSELVES GIRLS! of course you think he’s hot, but so do 30 million other girls in the U.S. and even some in other countries!Chances are, he’s gonna find someone that likes him for who he WAS, when nobody even knew his name outside the state of Maryland and not who he has become, so please stop writing love letters to him or trying to find where he lives, because if you really, really, really LOVE him, you will let him go and be happy for him in whatever he chooses to do with his life……..Even though i’m only 13, I would know the difference between LIKING someone and actually LOVING someone……..

  • jennifer

    if you want to comment on the comment that was posted before this one, e-mail [personal contact info deleted]

    ******* thanx alot******

  • I would like to thank michael for inspireing me to do what I want to do and he proved that if you but you heart and soul into something you love you can do anything that you want. so thank you michael phelps for inspiering me.

    from kacie from Seattle Washington.

  • Corinne

    Michael Phelps is amazing if anyone knows his address please please send it to [personal contact info deleted]! MIchael Phelps is the greatest athlete of all times!!

  • Kendall

    Hey Amber don’t worry I suck at swimming…bad. Oh and I never have been in diving either!!!I learned a lot more about swimming after I started watching Michael Phelps race. Anywayz good luck to your friend in volleyball, and good luck to you in track. I’m in track too so I know bout the hard practices!!! Yeah well I definetely can relate I live in a town of 2,000 people!! It’s really small, and REALLY into sports! The only sports we have are volleyball, basketball, and track for girls. We’ve been state champions in at least one of those for the past 6 years. Last year we won bball and track. 5 years in a row we won track state! I’m a junior and point guard for my team. I’m 5′ 6″ blonde hair blue eyes.I know this has nothin’ to do w/Mike Phelps I just wanted to tell ya bout me!! So email me if ya want [personal contact info deleted]

  • ungaro

    What i’m abt to say might break some of your heart.The newspaper i’m holding now has a coverage of the Olympics closing ceremony.All athletes were gathered at the field. so theres this picture of Phelps hugging an Aussie girl, his lips pressed on her( i know she’s an aussie for she was wearing the Australian athletes t-shirt). i can’t make out who this Aussie was because Phelps face was on hers.But she is tall, very compatible with phelps.Its such a lovely picture, because they were surrounded by so many people, but its as though they have only each other in their eyes.And phelps hugged her with both arms around her so tightly, just like lovers who can’t bear to part each other at the airport! So…romantic.So, perhaps Phelps and this Aussie fell in love with each other during this Olympics(very sweet meeting)..but anyway, i feel glad for him if he really found someone he love.Best wishes For Phelps!

  • Lauren

    At the Olympics everyone makes friends and has a touching moment before they leave. ‘Cause they won’t see these people again for another four years many embrace their new friends. It’s not uncommon. But if they are dating, good luck to Michael Phelps and this Aussie girl.


  • ungaro

    ok..i’ll just guess for fun, that Aussie Phelps was embracing might be…Libby Lenton, she’s really sweet looking!

  • Becca

    I know that I sound like a crazy obsessed fan….but that’s because I am! You are SO hott Michael! I have pictures and posters of you all over my walls! And you’re a great athlete! You are so dedicated and you seem so real and down-to-earth, especially for someone who’s only nineteen. Way to go!

  • mariela

    If you do read this micheal i’m a fan off yours and i know all the the talk about breaking mark spitz record must have been hard but you handle it well.And if you and your girlfriend are planning to get married i’am happy for you guys, and i hope people don’t take you the wrong way because i imagen you have more than your looks that people should been think about. And one question you think lohan is pretty hot but would you say she is to young for marriage? i hope you answere my question soon, well i hope to see you at the next olympics if i make the olympic team. And if i do make the olympics watch for a young girl(16 years old) with a maple leaf on her cap that will be me. i hope i meet you at the next olympics. see ya
    luv: mariela, Ps: the next jenny tompson

  • Brandi

    Michael Phelps is soooo HOTT but even better than that hes an awesome olympic swimmer. i watched him all day long and i stayed awake every night until the olympics went off jus to make sure i didnt miss anything dealing with him! i have his posters on my wall cause im a swimmer and he inspires me! I have a icon on AIM that says Michael Phelps is sexy and I have all his newspaper articles from my city and a city in Kentucky. I even know wat music he was listening to on some of his races! i have his commercials recorded on VHS and im trying to get tapes of his awesome Olympic races! I anything and everything that i see of his! i have songs that i dedicate to him like “lala” from Ashlee Simpson and i know that probaly freaks him out cuz ive never even met him! My friends say im obsessive! oh and my AIM profile says ” 6 Gold
    0 Silver
    2 Bronze
    HELL YEAH!!!!!!!


    You make me wana lala in the kitchen on the floor
    ill be a frenchmaid when i meet you at the door
    im like an alley cat
    drink the milk up i want more
    you make me wana
    you make me wana scream

    this profile is for the very talented Michael Phelps”

    see i love him. if i ever met him i would… i would…..i would freak! well this is long enough but if u read this michael phelps “I LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH”

  • Brandi

    MICHAEL if u read this I” I will do nething u want to meet u! i’ll help u train or do anything u want! this is my offer! and wen i say anything i mean anything! i dont care whatever the cost is! thats how much youre worth to me!”

    so if youre interested email me at
    [personal contact info deleted]

    oh and i wrote another really long one of these but i forgot to sign my name! sorry!

    ~Brandi~ yore awesome michael!

  • Lauren

    Ladies, ladies, can we please keep the “I want you so bad,” “You’re SOOOOO HOOOOTTTTTT,” and “I’ll do anything, I mean anything, for you” ‘s down to a minimum. You’re setting yourselves up for major disappointment by obsessing over someone you don’t know.
    Yes I agree Michael Phelps is hot, yes he is very talented, but I also think that he will probably not date you ’cause you’re only like 13 years old, and it’s kind of ILLEGAL. Be more down to earth, be yourself, and live your life, don’t surround it by obsession over a 19 year old male swimmer who has accomplished many great things, and will continue to do so in future years. I’m not putting down Michael Phelps, I’m just saying, cool your jets to you ladies who don’t seem to want to have another life outside of loving Michael Phelps.

    If anyone wants to comment e-mail me [personal contact info deleted].
    BTW~ my ASL is 19/female/IL


  • you are so fine and you are my role model and I want to meet you but it will never happen because nothing good ever happen to me. thanks luv lots

    Rose of Seattle Washington

  • lauren… i agree with most of what u said… yes it would apear childish to idolis some one so much.. no matter how cute and talented he is… but every one need some one to beleave in and dream about…i do it… in math or spanish when i dont know how much more i can take i picture michaels face and it makes me smile, and thinking about what he did (i.e. gold medils) motivates me to do better… oh and just for your info not everyone posting is “like 13” i’m 17 and i know my friends have posted so your little maby michael wil read this and e-mail me is LAME!

    everyone keep dreaming..mabye u wont meet him but i’m sure he appreciates your thoughts. good lucj to ya all

  • yo its emily again…um i just posted and i would like point out that th only other post before this one that this emily has posted it rith above it so all that other shit is not me
    michael phelps is u read this… fat chance…lol…u are amazing and deserve everything u have earned(i.e. medals and money and fans and pride and i dont think u have one but if u do u sure as hell are one of the few poeple who earned the right to have a big head…lol)
    see ya

  • Daydreamer


  • kenall theriault

    Wheaties you mean?? Michael Phelps is so fine…that’s all. I’ve already wrote like a hundered things on how nice and sweet he is (which is why he’s so kewl!)! Oh and uh, I’m not 13 either, 16 actually!

  • Kendall Theriault

    Hey uh, Tiffany did you put Kenall Theriault for your name??? πŸ™‚ That’s mine thanxx!!! and it’s kenDall altho I know u like to use “kenall”. Yeah hey whats up? I didn’t know you were on right now! πŸ™‚
    -the real Kendall Theriault who didn’t make the Wheats comment but the one after…and, uh this one!!!!

  • Lauren

    Emily, I understand what you’re saying. I know not everyone here professing their undying love for Michael Phelps is “13.” I just said that because if you look at the major of the comments, that’s what most of the girls are who say they love him, etc, etc. So, sorry to offend anyone if you’re not “13” and in love with Michael Phelps.
    And I do agree with you that it’s nice to have someone or something positive to daydream about at boring times (I do it all the time in college when I’m sick of listening to my professors talk about nothing important or relevant to the subject matter), but obsessing over someone is a bit extreme and a bit over the top. Some of these girls are strictly obsessed (they’ve said it, not only me) and that can scare people. So what I’m getting at is learn to be yourself outside of your daydreams. That’s who the boy (whomever he may be) will fall for.
    And I don’t care if Michael e-mails me, I said if ANYONE (meaning anyone who reads this) can e-mail me if they want. So next time you accuse someone of saying something, please be sure to read everything in front of you. Thank you.

    If ANYONE would like to comment e-mail me [personal contact info deleted].

  • Sharon

    ungaro, exactly what newspaper are you looking at? can u possibly send me a copy of that pic? can i get ahold of that paper?

    reply soon

  • Sharon

    So as of now, does he officially have a girlfriend or not? I am so confused..


  • ungaro

    Hi Sharon,

    I’ll try to get the picture for you, my friend had just took it away from me:-)

    [personal contact info deleted]

  • Ling

    what college does Michael Phelps attend?


  • lauren… thank u for clearing that upand i am sorry i offended u with at that and i was wrong apologies all around.
    love alaround
    oh and ps michael phelps is the sweetes guy EVER… he does all this charity and stuff…

  • who ever is saying that she is michael phelps gf is just some bitch that is trying to trick u… he doesnt have a gf and yes i know that for a fact! so back of… and he would never date a girl who posted something like that

  • Dear God, what have I done?!

  • Why do people keep adding personal ads in here! That just low and stupid and also very desperate! And why do people sign this guestbook daily! Thats just so stupid and so are a lot of these people. And also maybe the people who sign who are 13 aren’t saying for themselves maybe they have older sisters like myself. So why don’t you think before you speak because it sounds like most of you people don’t and you just make yourselves look stupid!

  • Lauren

    No problem Emily, and you didn’t offend me so it’s all good. No apology necessary but thanks for it anyways. I understand how you felt (trust me). Love all around.
    And you’re right, Michael DOES NOT have a girlfriend, and he is a very sweet and intelligent person.
    And to Kasey, be gentle to people and calm down, no one is trying to imply anything towards you or your sister so chill please.

    If you’d like to comment e-mail me [personal contact info deleted].

  • Sharon

    So, as of now, he is single?

  • Sharon

    THANKS, ungaro! k.i.t!

  • Rachel

    OMG!!!! Michael is soooooooo hot! i luv him soooooooooooooooo much! he is my role modle!
    ~luv always,

  • So Lauren hw do you know so much about Michael?

  • yo lauren u sound pretty coolwe should talk im me at…darlavanda…
    michael u are so sweet… keep it up hun
    love ya all

  • lauren knows so much about michael phelps because she reads articals on him (i think0 i know just about as much and thats how i know just go to aolsearch and type in michael phelps and u will get LOADS of sites πŸ™‚

  • amanda

    Hey ok michael phelps does not hav a gf to newun who didnt noe that and he’s really hot and im so proud of him for wat hes dun in the olympics so all haterz can go screw yourselves lol

  • MPFan1345

    Dude.. Me and My Best Friend are.. sooo depressed! Lol.. how could you be getting married! πŸ™ Lol.. Well goodluck in your marriage! you are a true inspiration to me and my friend..we LOVE to swim! thanks!

  • Sharon

    So he doesn’t have a girlfriend? I’ve just been so confused lately because I’ve heard both sides back and forth…that’s good then! Thanks!

  • Sharon

    Anyone here going to see Michael and the others on the Disney “Swim with the Stars tour?

    They’re coming to Baltimore the 10th thru 12th! I am so excited.

  • Lauren

    A) Keeping up with all kinds of news is how I know a lot about Michael Phelps. And it’s true, just aolsearch, or google search for Michael Phelps and you’ll get tons of articles about him.
    B) Emily, that’s cool with me. You sound pretty cool also. My IM is [personal contact info deleted] if you ever want to talk.
    C) Michael is really a sweet person and I wish him the best in all of his endeavours.

    If anyone would like to comment e-mail me or IM me [personal contact info deleted].

  • Lauren

    Oh and I forgot one more thing, THANKS EMILY!!!!!!

  • Rochelle

    Heya to all the people out there and to lauren…i think ur really mature. Also to emily, i think it was real sweet how you two are on the same page rite now. you two sound like cool chicks, anyways…back to the point i agree with lauren when she said that michael is a real sweet person and i also would like to wish him all the best. Also i hope that everyone who reads this will realise that they should never get their hopes up toooooo high and i hope all your dreams and wishes come true…because dreams do come true…and by that i mean dreams that are possible.
    Love you all always

    Rochelle xoxo

  • Becky

    Hi Everyone, Just been reading through all of this! Just want to thank those of you that have supported M and I recently. Its been a bit crazy, hopefully can get back to those wedding plans now!

    God bless


  • Lauren

    Thanks Rochelle! And you’re right dreams do come true. When you make things happen in your life and you have real inspiration and positive people in your life, anything can be possible. Just aim for what you can accomplish and things can go your way.

    If anyone would like to comment e-mail or IM me [personal contact info deleted].

  • “becs” what is up why are you pretending to be michaels gf? i know for a FACT that he doesnt have one so back off. ya u can wish u are his gf hell i do but i think u are talking it a little too far
    love all
    oh ps laure thanks for that shout out…lol
    michael good luck in everything …love ya

  • How can people like Lauren and Emily and Rochelle say that Michael’s a nice person when you don’t even know him?

  • Daydreamer

    Hey Sharon………..you know the’ swim with the stars tour’………..does that include Canada

  • Daydreamer

    Michael Phelps will be attending University of Michicigan (I don’t know how to spell it)!!!!!!!

  • Lauren

    To LaurenHater: BECAUSE WE CAN!!!!!!
    And how do you know that we don’t know him?


  • lauren u are soooooo right… and even if we didnt know him personaly i have read enough articals and watched enough intervews to get a jist of his personality… and how do u know hes not nice or sweet.
    see ya

    and i truly beleave that michael phelps is a VERY nice and kind AND sweet person so if u think differently talk to me about it… love to all

  • Sharon

    I don’t think it includes canada. does anyone know how to get tickets to any one of those “swim with the stars” shows? plz help!

    P.S. yeah even though we don’t know Michael personally, I personally think that we know everything short of that, so we have an idea of what he’s like on and off swimming… (that’s just me)

  • Kala

    I am in Love w/ Michael!!!I would give anything to go on a date w/ him, and he probably would to when he saw me!!=) If anyone can send me ANY info, #, em, anything, I’d be really greatful!
    LOVE U Michael!<3

  • Becky

    Dear Emily
    I’m sorry I think my message must have been a bit confusing.I wanted to put a general shout out to my friends….nothing really to do with Michael Phelps….the ‘m’ is ‘mark’…. and I’d never claim to by Phelp’s girlfriend!!!!!
    Sorry for the confusion…

  • sorry becky… i really am… but there have been people pretending to be his gf so i was mistaken. again really sorry i dont want to offend anyone… and good luck!
    love anyone supportin michael phelps!

  • kala… its good to be confident and think u look hot ro cute or whatever but you gettin a little cocky… πŸ™‚ i am not instlting u or anything but tone it down a little…
    and i am sure that any one would be luck to go on a date with
    love ya

  • Sharon

    Does anyone know when Michael will make his next TV/magazine/media appearance?

    P.S. Ungaro, was the pic u were talking about taken at the Olympics?

  • sharon i wish i knew the answer i am dieing to find out were his next intervew is so if anybody has any info on that i would really like to know thank

  • I think you all are just crazy I like him to but why care when he is going to be on tv does it matter? Why do you people want to know so much about him you might not even ever meet the guy so just get over him already please it is pathetic pick a guy your own age and stop thinking about dating a guy that is either 5 or 6 years older then you.

  • alright first of all he is ym age well i’m almost 18 so thats like a year and 3 months thats not that much of a difference… furthermore so what if i dont get to meet him does that mean ishould saport him by thinking about him and praying for him… maybe i am the only one here who is that religious but ya i prayed and still do pray for him… every night before i went to bed the week of the O’s i prayed that he would do his best and ya i belive that it does help…like when paul hamm fell i prayed that he would do his best even though he prabably wasnt going to win and look what happend… i know that like he really didnt win but he came back really hrd and everything ya i think that bevcause of mine and others prayers god help him and helped michael phelps do him best that week i think that thats where he got his strangth, for god, wheather or not he is that religouse.

  • [edited]

  • Lauren

    Emily, this is the real Lauren, and I didn’t type that. [edited] If anyone would like to respond IM or e-mail me [personal contact info deleted].

  • Ungaro

    Yes Sharon, it was a shot taken at the Olympics closing ceremony, at the stadium.

  • ungaro

    Heard Baltimore County will be hosting a parade and “Phelpstival” on sept11, the parade will begin at Towson High.:-)He will be given the key to the county, a first in history.

  • Sharon

    Key to the county? fancy schmancy…lol. that’s so cute. “phelpstival”. where does the parade end?

  • Sharon

    i hope i get to see the picture soon…thanks again, ungaro!

  • Angel07

    I just wanna know how you can change a person’s message, considering my friend Lauren didn’t type the [edited] up there, or the other comment underneath it. Someone used her name to type a mean comment to one of her friends (where the [edited] now is), and she typed the second message to rebut it. So how do you do it?
    And by the way, Michael Phelps is a wonderful, intelligent, and caring person (don’t ask how I know, I just do).

  • [edited]

    And all of you don’t know Michael Phelps! You don’t know how he is. Everyone tries to get the best side of him for magazines and so for him being on TV they havent even hardly interviewed him only for the Olympics! For all you guys know he could just be some pot smoken teenager! And I hope he does have a girlfriend because none of you deserve him!

  • lauren… what is up why are u bitchin on people. what if itold u i had dyslexia and thats why i ant spell? and why are u callin lauren a jerk especially if u have never had a convo with her?
    secondly how many pot snokin teenagers do u know that have the fastest swimming times in the world? if he smoked pot i dont think that he would be a 6 time olympic medalist. Michael Phelps IS a really nice and caring person. dont u think that if he was some out of control guy that newpapers and mags would be try to use that agaesed him and stuff…i do…
    nd y did u come to this sit just to rag on poeple who are just tryin to be nice and stuff

  • Eric Olsen

    Regarding edited comments: please read the comment policy – personal insults and attacks are not allowed and will be edited out

  • Lauren

    Okay, now this isn’t funny. I’m seriously NOT making those comments that are being edited out! I have no clue what’s going on or why some person, who thinks it’s fun to mess with other people think it’s funny to do this to me, but it’s not me! I swear! And furthermore, some things are left out of my comments that are always there. And why, when I’ve been saying that Michael’s a sweet, intelligent, caring guy and I wish him the best of luck, would I call him a “pot smoking teenager”! Makes no since to me! So, however it is, cut it out ’cause it’s really annoying!

    If anyone would like to comment IM or e-mail me [personal contact info deleted].
    ~Lauren Polak, the one and only

  • The other Lauren…

    My name is Lauren too so why don’t you just stop it! I don’t want to be like you. I just got stuck with the same name as you! SO why don’t you just stop!

  • First of all who gives a fuck how old you are I just said you guys are pathetic because you basically email him every day just saying how hot he is and saying how nice and sweet the guy is seriosley you don’t know if he is a pot smoking teenager you can’t really tell and so what if he has recoreds doesn’t mean he can’t smoke sorry until you now him personaly I think you shouldn’t say he is nice and sweet because they can be jackass I’m just saying.

  • I forgot one other thing I think you all need to get a life because he will never get with you so just get over him ok bye

  • hun u are startin to piss me off…u hold an almost valid point…if i were u i would go read any artical about him they ALL say that he is nice and sweet and that is from a person that does know him. gosh is it so horibal to have faith in people? and any way why are u at this site if u have nothing to say that is nice

  • I can be on this site because it is a free country and I did have something nice to say a while ago and I said he was hot then I finally opened my eyes and new I would never have a shoot with him so bye

  • Lauren

    At least that’s all cleared up. And Kacie, how sure are you that some of us don’t know for sure how sweet, intelligent, caring, nice, charitable, etc that Michael Phelps is?

    If anyone would like to comment IM or e-mail me [personal contact info deleted].

  • Lauren

    wow. i thought my slight obsession with phelps was bad… you guys have absolutely no lives. do you really believe that one day you will be the one in 3 billion girls that he picks to marry? chances are you wont. so get over it. dont get me wrong, i love him and think hes an awesome swimmer too and i had/have an obsession with him, but theres a thing called going overboard. why do you need to proclaim youre love to him on the internet? is he really going to see it? probably not. and if he does he’ll probably just laugh. keep that in mind. peace

    Congrats to ALL of the US olympians who recieved medals in athens! =)

  • Ungaro

    click on the IP for each message and you will realise who is who.

  • Lauren

    How can someone be so cynically mean about someone they “love”? And if saying you love someone isn’t proclaiming your love for them, then what is?

    If anyone would like to comment IM or e-mail me [personal contact info deleted].

  • ungaro

    Sharon, the parade starts at 10am, from York road and cross campus drive and continue onto Pennsylvania and Washington avenues.Baltimore County Executive Jim Smith will present Phelps with the key to the county at Court House Plaza at 11:30 a.m.

  • what i would give to be at that parade πŸ™‚
    lauren… i didnt say that u could be on this site i just thought that with your negative comments but any way i am sorry i didnt see or forgot about your nice comments and i am sorry u just gave the impretion that u didnt like Michael Phelps at all
    love all




    E-MAIL ME!!!

  • Eric Olsen

    commenters: I am curious where all of you are coming from – how did you find this story?

  • Lauren G.

    Eric Olsen_ I found this website while searching google for Michael Phelps!

  • I got a whole load of comments by semi-literate 12 year olds WHO WRIT IN BLADLY SPELLED ALL CPAS for my review of The Darkness’ album, all telling me how much they hate the band. Turns out that review is #1 in Google for the phrase “The Darkness Suck”, which appears in an early comment….

  • Lauren

    Eric, I don’t know. It just kinda happened. Is that okay with you?

    If anyone would like to comment, IM or e-mail me [personal contact info deleted].

  • Sharon

    Ungaro, so that is the one in Baltimore? and then the show itself is at 7pm, i know that….so the actual parade starts in baltimore at 10 am?


    also, is there any way i can get advanced tickets on ticketmaster or something?


  • Lauren G.

    Which Lauren did you mean on you last response. And I am sorry that I was mean to you and said that you couldn’t spell. Are you really dyslexic?
    Lauren Polak…
    I am sorry I caused so much confusion. Plus I am very sorry that I was pretty mean to you that my friend and I made ( K.C. and Kasey )
    Kacie… Don’t be so mean to Michael! Geez and for everyone around you! It is very nice to say that sort of stuff and I learned my lesson.
    And also that other Lauren who made the comment about how you guys were losers wasn’t me! I really do like Michael and I don’t mean to be “cynically mean”! I just try to tell the truth. And just becuase I said Michael could just be some pot smoken teenager I was just trying to say that in the world today you just can’t trust mostly anyone for who they are with out meeting them or talking to them one on one.
    ALSO… I am very excited… I am going to the Phelpstival! Yea! I amso happy. And I don’t even live in Maryland! I actually live in Massachusetts! But I am visting my cousins! I found out today that my cousin actually dated one of Michael Phelps’ sisters. So I gotta go but I hope all of you forgive me.

    Lauren G.

  • yo lauren…i am sooooo cunfused ok my last comment was to the “other” lauren and i think thats u (the one who just posted)ya i really do have dyslexia… its kewl though i know i SUCK at spelling.
    as of now i think both Laurens are kewl both of u im me at Darlavanda…:)
    oh and which ever one of u is going to Phelpstival, SUCKS monkey and i hate…jk jk jk i love ya both…lol i have been beging my dad to take me but i have a comitment already…ahhhhhhh football sucks!!!!!!!!! but isnt it weird that they are haveing it one 9/11, thats the date right… please say no
    love ya all

  • Lauren 4 the last time- now known as Kate

    Having football and a parade on 9/11 is kinda weird! Its also weird that the terror attacks happened on 9-11 which is also like 9-1-1 like the emergency number. Emily… ok there are two Laurens and I will sign my name Kate because my middle name is Lauren and I didn’t realize how much of a problem it would cause if i used my nickname so you can call me Kate or Kathryn whichever you prefer. ok i gotta go [personal contact info deleted]

  • Kate

    i didnt mean the parade on 9-11 i messed up the dates sorry!

  • Sharon

    I think the Phelpstival is going to be so exciting! it starts at 10am right? that is so cool. plus its the day after the swim with the stars tour. Do u know if i can get tickets like a day in advance? because i dont live in college park…

  • Lauren

    Lauren G . . .
    It’s okay, no problem. I’m a forgiving person, I was just a bit confused is all. And I understand you’re not trying to be mean, I’m sorry, you just came off that way. Thank you for apologizing though. Hopefully everything’s cool now.

    If anyone’d like to comment IM or e-mail me [personal contact info deleted].

  • Samantha

    YAY! I get to go to the Phelpstival!!!! lol and it works out cuz it will be ma bday present to meet him! cuz ma bday is on monday sept. 6th YAY!ill b 14 well if anyone wants to talk about mike or sumthin jus e-mail me [personal contact info deleted] THANKS!

    ~*~ Samantha- Michael Phelps #1 FAN!! ~*~

  • OMG was the Phelpstival thing TODAY!!!!!
    OMG i could have gone…grrrrrrrrr. could someone like im me with when it really is at darlavanda thanx

  • OMG Michael Phelps is the SINGAL swetest guy EVER. he goes to this middel school and talks to the kids and is like “any thing i say to them will help them read more and like to read is awsome.” ahhhhhhhh he is sooo sweet and perfect… i mean really is there anything wrong with him?

  • Sharon

    As a human, he prolly has flaws, but i bet even those are cute. lol

  • Lauren

    Nobody’s perfect. Everyone has a “flaw,” or what I like to call, “a perfect trait for the unique mind and body.” Everyone has them. It’s what makes us each our own individuals.

    If anyone’d like to comment IM or e-mail me [personal contact info deleted].

  • ok guys i know that no one is perfect… for me if a guy is perfect its a turn off. like i love Michael Phelps’s smile and i love how his ears stick out a little…lol and sharon i totaly agree with u
    love ya all

  • Sharon

    Yeah we do! lol. I love his ears tho…and his tattoo. WOW..

  • Kate

    I didn’t know he had a tatoo! Sharon, where is it and what is it of?

  • I wasn’t really being mean to michael I like him to and hope to see him at swim with the stars on sept 27 so sorry if you got the wrong side if me laurn g

  • ok spell were is tatto and what does he have. he is so boom

  • Sharon

    Oh my gosh. u guys don’t know? ok well…

    should i tell you?


    all right all right. its on his lower right hip, and its a tattoo of the olympics rings.

    its AWESOME.

  • NO WAY he doent have a tatto…holy shit i dont beleave u…not in an isuting way but… WOW and OMG

  • Sharon

    I don’t know if its permanent or temporary…i just know he has one from pictures I’ve seen. I never expected Michael with a tattoo…but I don’t hate it! lol.

  • katy

    I’m so amzed by Michael, he’s so nice, like when he gave up his spot in that one race. And he is so gorgeous!! What I wouldn’t give to meet him. Does anybody know if he actually reads this? I hope so…MICHAEL IS YOU SEE THIS…I LOVE YOU

  • Sharon

    I don’t know if he actually reads it but he will appreciate ur enthusiasm if he does, im sure. =D yeah so im thinking at least he doesnt have a piercing…lol. i dont know how i would feel about that…

    have u guys seen the pic of him with the aussie girl? any ideas on who she is???

  • Lauren

    So Sharon, why don’t you think you’d like it if he had a piercing? I’m just curious is all.

    If anyone’d like to comment, IM or e-mail me [personal contact info deleted]

  • MyLisa

    i thought i saw his tattoo this one time when he got out of the pool and i was so excited because i am planning on going to the 2008 olympics for gymnastics and i have the olympic rings in the same spot so i hope he reads this and we can talk about our EXACT same tattoo….(i swear its real) but if your reading this Michael, do you REALLY have that tattoo?

  • ungaro

    Sharon, something extra today, check it out! abt that pic, its unfortunately been removed by the webmistress….but theres something spicier..


  • Ole

    hey michael sexy boy

  • Lauren

    You never know whether or not someone has a tattoo for real until you ask them to show you it. πŸ˜‰

    If anyone’d like to comment IM or e-mail me [personal contact info deleted]

  • OMG who know that Michael Phelps was going to be on regis and Kelly this morning… i didnt… i was just fliping and wam there he is i only saw the last 2 min but it was good…he is such a cutie:)
    well i think that we should all post stuff like if we know he is going to be on a show or something…ok, ok just kidding guys

  • Sharon

    WHO is that girl in that beach pic?! Ungaro, thanks for the heads up. Are you SURE he doesn’t have a girlfriend? Seroiously speaking here. Someone PLEASE clear this up for me once and for all. I beg u. Because these pictures are making me mad….


  • Sharon


    I dunno why. Piercings are nice, but like, it wouldn’t suit him i guess.

  • Lauren

    Ah I see. That’s cool I guess, but I think he’d look fine with a pierced ear, ya know? Anyways, thanks for your response. I appreciate it.

    If anyone’d like to comment IM or e-mail me [personal contact info deleted]

  • Sharon

    No probs!

    BTW, did any of u guys catch Mike’s appearance on Access Hollywood tonight?

    He looks SO adorable…hehe.

  • hey MICHAEL PHELPS!! USA LOVES U, just try ur best n thats all it counts! dun put pressure on urself, just get out dere n have FUN!! feel the rush BABY!! usa is still gonna be VERY pride of ya whether u win or NOT!! just try ur best out dere WOohOo!!

  • I think it was a swimmer in the pic celebrating her 31st b-day with him

  • Lauren

    So what does everyone else think? What do you think of Michael having a piercing on his body? Or would you say, no it wouldn’t look good on him? Post what you think.

    If anyone’d like to comment IM or e-mail me [personal contact info deleted]

  • MyLisa

    omg if i was Lindsay Lohan i would so break up with Wilmer for Michael…..

  • Sharon

    I’m not too worried about that pic now. Thanks, rose. A load off my chest…lol. Lindsay Lohan is nice. I like her because she acts well. I mean, Mike’s only human. he’s allowed to have celeb crushes [like we all do, excluding him because to me, he’s not a celeb, just a regular, VERY talented and not to mention HOT guy]. I don’t worry.

  • no prom and what do you mean he has a crush on lindsay lohan well have to go bye

  • Sharon

    I mean like, you know, he likes her. He thinks she’s “cute” or whatever. You know. Celebrity crushes. Don’t u have any??

  • s.g.

    Hey I read at the tvtome website that Michael has a gilfriend in California is that true? They said she’s a swimmer. Please if somebody knows something post it.

  • OLe

    hey michael i am gay i love plzz write [personal contact info deleted]

    kisses from OLE

  • ok Michael does not have a gf in California, think logicly, he lives in MD, he swims ALL the time, i dont know if he would even have time for a gf at home let alone one that lives across the country!i mean i could be wrong but… i dont think i am.

  • Sharon

    I don’t think u are, either. I mean, its very highly (100% type highly) unlikely. I agree with u.

  • Natalie

    Ok, I’ve been reading what you guys have written, and yeah, I’d hafta agree with Emily, cuz MP barely had time to SLEEP when he was in Athens and stuff, just think… why would he want a g/f all the way across the country??

  • Kellee

    Dear Michael,
    I’m 10 yrs. old and I think you are really hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I hope I can meet you someday and marry you if you read these please e-mail me back.
    Kellee Judy
    p.s.remember your only 9 yrs. older than me.

  • Kellee

    Dear Michael,
    It’s Kellee again.I just wanted to tell you that I’m really popular in school and that I’m not fat and that I have light brown and brown eyes and I’m pretty.

  • Eric Olsen

    All of which is important, but on the other hand you’re 10.

  • I’m with eric on that one because you are only 10 and the chance of you meeting him a like one and a millon sorry if I brought you down you just have to look at the facts.

  • Lauren

    WOW Kellee Judy WOW. It may be possible to meet him, but uh you’re 10. And it would be highly ILLEGAL for Michael to even look you’re way until you’re 18 years old. By then he’ll be 28 years old and probably married with kids. So please don’t get your hopes up. I don’t mean to be mean or anything, I’m just thinking realistically for your sake.

    If anyone’d like to comment please IM or e-mail me [personal contact info deleted]

  • Megan

    HAHA this honest to god makes me laugh more in my entire life then anything! I had posted a comment…congratulating Michael for his accomplishments from Athens…a while ago..like a month ago…and I come back to the site to see how much people have commented and holy shit its like 20 million girls…probably like 10-16 years old sayin I love u..and marry me and FIGHTING over a guy they will probably never have..or even meet! I mean I’m sorry girls…but honest to god..like the past few people have said..I doubt he has time for a gf…he loves swimming…that’s wut he does and even if he does or gets a gf in the future…be happy for him because he is happy…let him live his life…I mean common…u really gotta move on…haha I know he’s just ur #1 crush haha and yes…he is hott….but guys…lets get real! I’m sorry for crushing all of ur little hearts…but it is true πŸ™
    <3 megs

  • Kitty

    OK, I promised myself I wouldn’t rave on and on about how TOTALLY awesome Michael Phelps is…BUT I CAN’T HELP IT! He is THE most AWESOME swimmer in the UNIVERSE! If he reads this, I just want to say that I SWEAR that I WILL be swimming in the Beijing Olympics, and I WILL say hi!


  • Sharon

    If anyone is yet to attend the Swim with the Stars tour thingie, it is awesome, and u guys are in for a real treat! hehe. I went and had a TON of fun, and i met the god himself. He seems so nervous infront of all the cameras, and i think it makes him so much more…human. u know? its adorable. anyway, i felt after meeting him like i could become his best friend. He’s that type of approachable guy to me…anyway, the show rocked, and I got a ton of pics. If anyone wants to see any, email me.

  • s.g.

    okay kellee your 10 years old He’s 19. I’m sorry but it just won’t work out. I have a better chance with him I’m 17 just a two year age difference. But yeah then agian I have to be real like I would ever be with him. (lol) But a girl can dream!

  • ungaro

    Hi Kitty, i really hope to see you swim in the Beijing Olympics, i may be there too, but at the spectators stand.Best of luck to ya!

  • Samantha

    i just got back from da phelpstival! YAY! it was so fun i got tons of GREAT pictures cuz ma dad was rite next to da cake they had for him and him and his mom posed for a picture and they were doin it all for me dad! YAY! and michael took off his shirt and was pointin to me to get the shirt cuz he was on top of a hummer and was throwin shirts but he threw his own and the girl next to me stole it GRRRRR!!!!! and i yelled i love u when he was talkin on the podeium after everyone was done clapin and he said i luv u too back OMG YAY!! lol and he also said to me im sry u didnt get ma shirt when he was goin into this tent so he could have lunch i think lol but anyway it was fun if anyone wants to talk about it or they were also there [personal contact info deleted] BYES

    ~*~Samantha- MICHAEL PHELPS’ #1 FAN!!!~*~

  • yeah I get to go to swim with the stars thing well hope to haer from yall soon bye

  • MyLisa

    im goin to the swim with the stars this friday in dallas, its gonna be so awesome I’m so excited!!!!!

  • MyLisa

    o yeah btw any one who went to the swim with the stars thing wanna tell me about it [personal contact info deleted]

  • Sharon

    The Swim with the Stars show rocked! it was sooo awesome. MyLisa, i’ll try to email u. I wanted to go to the Phelpstival thing, but I didn’t have a chance. I hear it was good tho. Very lucky, Samantha. It sounds great! hehe. Try to catch Swim with the Stars if it comes to a city near u, OK? Its just as awesome, and Michael takes his shirt off a lot there 2. Plus I got some surprise peeks…..lol.

  • Lauren

    I’m glad you ladies are having fun at the Swim with the Stars show. It sounds like it’d be a blast to go to. Oh the joys of being in college now :/. Just kidding! Although Michael’s a great swimmer, grades are important too! (Especially if you want to keep your scholarship!) But I’m glad you girls are having fun!

    If anyone’d like to comment, IM or e-mail me [personal contact info deleted]

  • Samantha

    I know i was very lucky lol but it was great

    ~*~Samantha- MICHAEL PHELPS #1 Fan~*~

  • yo Samantha do u wana send me some of those pics… please [personal contact info deleted].
    oh and Michael Phelps’s fave book is To Kill A Mocking Bird…wich is my fave book …lol

  • Sharon

    Yeah, send me some too! lol. [personal contact info deleted]

  • nyeisa

    every body michael phelps has a girlfriend already and it is me i met him and i got his e-mail address and i have his phone number

  • Alright if your Michael Phelps gf whats his sn… and tell me something about him that no one would know…
    ps you can send me those answers at darlavanda@aol.com
    os lauren keep workin hard…lol πŸ™‚

  • Lauren

    LOL! Thanks Emily! I’ll try my best, although there are a lot of distractions in college . . .
    Everyone, keep up the good work, and work hard in school, it pays off!

    If anyone’d like to comment IM or e-mail me [personal contact info deleted]

  • Sharon

    Lauren, good job on the scholarship! and ur rite. u gotta keep at it to be a kajillionaire later…lol. I really wanted to go to Phelpstival, (and though I’m still bummed), I had to go take an SAT diagnostic for a prep class. So whatever. I got to see pics, which is the next best thing anyway….so i totally understand.

    Emily, I tried to email u to talk and stuff, but it didn’t go thru…hmm….

  • Lauren

    Sharon, thanks! Although I don’t think I’ll be a kajillionaire later in life (I’m an Elementary Education; English Major and already a great teacher), unless of course I marry one ;). Good luck with the SAT’s they’re killer!

    If anyone’d like to comment IM or e-mail me [personal contact info deleted].

  • WoOoOow many many Phelps fans here ^_^

    welcome to my forum! let’s discuss this cute guy!! http://definitelymaybe.shyper.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=40

  • sharon… whats your e-addy i can put it on my list and then it will let u send then to me… thanks SOOOOOOOO much
    love ya

  • Girls, I know that Michael Phelps is really hot, but what are the odds of him coming and swimming in your pool? But, he is great and sounds like a really nice guy. I hope he doesnt have a girlfriend. He is probably too busy for one, but if he wasn’t so busy, than I bet he would have one, or two. He sounds like the perfect guy! Too bad he’s six years older than me. (2004)

  • mariah

    If you see this e-mail me! But I’m not counting on it, you sound like you are REALLY BUSY! [personal contact info deleted]

  • Mariah

    Michael Phelps does not have down syndrome! He would not be able to be so great at swimming if he had a disability!!!

  • Sharon

    Hey Emily ~

    [personal contact info deleted]. Thanks a ton!

    Mariah, who said Michael has down syndrome??????

  • Amanda

    People, I just want to say that I’m sick of you all automatically thinking you know everything about swimming now just because of Michael Phelps…I bet half of you can’t tell me what IM stands for. Yes, Michael Phelps is hot, gorgeous, sexy, cute, built…okay, let me get a hold of myself, lol. But not a lot of you are seeing the fact that he’s a phenomenal swimmer. I’ve been swimming since I was 3, but I was always scared to join the swim team…but this year, Michael Phelps inspired me to sign up. So people see beyond the sexy chiseled abs and huge biceps and broad shoulders (there I go again) and actually see that swimming is a great sport. I know the chances of Phelps seeing this are slim…but I just wanted to say the Michael Phelps you’re amazing, and thank you for giving me the courage to take my swimming to the next level. YOU ROCK MICHAEL PHELPS!!!

    Peace and Love,
    Amanda “Fishbone” Reynolds

  • Eric Olsen

    someday Michael will find this thread and smile, or hide

  • Sharon

    I agree that Michael also inspires in addition to making us all drool. lol. I mean, I used to swim (take lessons and be on a team and everything), but I stopped because I had too much other stuff to do. Swimming IS a really fun sport though, and u shouldn’t do it JUST so u’ll have something in common with mike. u should do it because u want to. he wants to up the attention on a recently neglected sport (up until the olympics) and he wants to keep the focus of the people on swimming. So i totally understand and admire and support him for doing that.

  • rose

    if anyone has pics of him will you send them to me [personal contact info deleted]

  • MyLisa

    it stands for individual medley for those of you who didnt know that

  • MyLisa

    im i mean

  • Sharon

    He was beyond brilliant in the IMs (speaking of which..) lol

  • IM stands for Individual Medley… and even if people didnt know that so what, they can still think he is cute… and thats half of what he wants his popularity to do, inform people that is, about swimming, think about it no one ever cared about swimming untill him.
    Eric… i hope he smiles…lol i know he’ll smile… then hide…lol πŸ˜›

    oh and thanks sharon tomorrow you can send the pix to me… thank u thank u thank u.

    love all

  • Sharon

    Emily, ur welcome! no probs.

    So I heard that there’s a competition in December in Austin and Mike’s gonna be in it….has anyone heard anything about that?

  • MyLisa

    austin tx? cuz if he is competing down here i am so there!!!! let me know wehen u find ne thing out about that ok sharon?? thanx much

  • Sharon

    will do….hehe. i wouldnt miss it for the world. it’ll be my christmas present…lol. i actually read it on another website, so i was just wondering. if u guys hear anything as well, please let me know! Thanks a ton!

    OH, and yesterday i found out that since mike’s gonna be in the 2004 FINA championships, it will be broadcasted on ESPN from oct 7-11. That actually only gives him like a day of break/training before he jets off to Indiana…poor guy. but good luck to him, i say. so be sure to check local listings and watch!

  • Brittany

    Dear Michael,
    Great work with the gold medal. UR SO HHHOOOTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!! Ur the best swimmer ever!!!!

  • Yo everyone… OMG i am sooo glad his races are going to be on tv i cant wait…
    my us history teacher asked us to write an essay about some person that we admier and i wrote mine on Michael Phelps it was like 5 pages well more like 3 but all the others were like 1 and a half… we had to persent them and everyone was like OMG how do u know so much about him and 3 girls in my class are now in love with him too…lol

    love ya all

    ps sharon if u try to send me the pix now that would be great and if its still not working u can send them to, Arciszewski1@aol.com

  • Sharon

    Yeah, every time one of my Michael-admiring friends and I talk about him, or just me and any of my friends, I’ll always say stuff like “oh, that’s his favourite food too…” or “he drives blabla with blabla and it has x-box sets and touchscreen tvs and silver rims…” and they all go, “Good god! HOW do you know so much about him!?” lol. Its great, in a way. We people, Emily, are just goldmines of info on mike (one of MY favourite subjects…)hahaha.

    Emily, I’m trying to send u pix right now. Hope u get em all right. If u don’t, let me know!

  • MyLisa

    haha i know how that feeling goes when it comes to knowing “everything” about mike. my friends call me “Mrs. Phelps” its so funny but hey im not complaining. i cant wait to meet him, since unfortunetly i cant go to the swim with the stars tour this weekend, but my mom says i will get over it, thats what she thinks, lol. i hope that i make it to the world championships next summer so i can maybe meet him there!!! what do u think? good plan?


  • Sharon

    lol so I take it you got the pictures, Emily? You’re welcome! Do u want any more or…? anyway, the rest i have are of lenny and ian, but theres a couple more mike pics i think…i mostly TAPED the mike portion of the show, but i can send u the other pics…

    so did anyone catch mike on the Ryder Cup thingy today? i mean, i heard he was supposed to be there, so i watched the thing on USA but it was nothing to do with anything except golf and the players. good grief…

  • Lauren

    Sharon, the Ryder Cup is a golf tournament, so that’s why it was all about golf. They probably thought he might be there to watch, but I don’t think they’d be talking about swimming at a golf tournament. Just a thought, anyways though.

    If anyone’d like to aomment, IM or e-mail me [personal contact info deleted]

  • dear michael:

    it is jack e. jett again. if you ever decide to swing my way and want to swim in my pool, just give me a call. we have a diving board and some really cool floaties.

    i will grill some hamburgers and jumbo hot dogs. speaking of which, i saw you on the cover of a magazine and was amazed at the size of your…….knee caps.



  • Sharon


    No, I know that the Ryder Cup is all about golf. My dad and his bro and obsessed with golf (well, his bro is anyway) so I hear stuff about golf all the time. I was just wondering why Mike might be there because that’s out of the path of his tour….whatever. Anywho, jack, are u serious about wanting Michael to swim in your pool? Like, you’d be willing to pay or whatever??

  • Lauren

    Sharon, Ah I see. That’s cool. I like golf a little, but i find it boring. I was just happy for my bro when he got to see Tiger Woods play at the US Open last year, ’cause it was in my home town. But anyways, enough of my little blurb. Yay for swimming! (And the weekend!)

    If anyone’d like to somment e-mail or IM me [personal contact info deleted]

  • Sharon

    I agree. Fridays rock! It means i have time to surf the net and find yummy mike stuff. lol. yeah i find golf boring as well but to each their own. so when is mike next appaearing on tv?

    o btw, michaelphelpsonline.com has a screencap of mike at the ryder cup. it was on NBC!! ugh. stupid stupid…. (me i mean…)

  • fronz*emz

    hey hey lovely people!:)i somehow stummbled onto this website and never regrettd it! Its awesome to read other peoples opinions, and let me tell ya i am proud to say that i have read all 352 of these comments! Also i must say Lauren, Emily, and Sharon you all seem like such sweethearts! its too cute! Sharon sweetie i was wonderin if ya could please send me some of them pictures of the mr. phelps i would just love to see them! good luck michael and xoxo to everyone! ~ fronz*emz;0 ps this is my dads email adress im usin!

  • Sharon

    Hey, fronz*emz, sure I can send u pictures! just give me the full email addy or email ME [personal contact info deleted]
    . i’d love to talk to you!

    i’ve read most of these comments too, and it never fails to entertain me! hehe.

  • hey ya’ll…lol…OMG sharon if you could send me those other pix i will love u for ever!!!!!!! (in a nongay way…lol)
    yo fronz*emz thanx we love to have new people on this site… feel free to put in your two cents any time πŸ™‚ im me [personal contact info deleted] if u want
    see ya football game tonight go mo-town!!!!!…non of u care…lol

  • Sharon

    Emily, I thought u already did love me forever! lol. j/k. anywho, sure ill send em along. so who ACTUALLY watched mike at the ryder cup? im bummed i missed it…ive GOT to search things more thoroughly!

  • Lauren

    Fronz*emz, thanks a lot! We are sweet girls! If you ever want to talk just IM me!

    If anyone’d like to comment Im or e-mail me [personal contact info deleted]

  • anna (fronz*emz)

    Hey ladies thank ya very much! i diffently will! just tell let ya all know i was listenin to Elliot in the mornin and take a wild guess who was on!Michael!:)he said he wanted to meet miss. Laura Busch and get her number hmmm…hehe celeb. crushes they are too cute! He should be havin doin that! love ya all and enjoy life! (fronz*emz is my friend’s nick name for me to anyone who was curious!!!)

  • Sharon

    I agree. When he said he had a crush on lindsay lohan or whatever, i was expecting to be jealous but i really wasnt because we all have those crushes, and hes just a normal guy and hes also human, so its normal. It IS cute. i think.

    Hey, is it true that Amanda Beard broke up with her boyfriend? Just wondering, because she’s been “cozy” with mike in a couple of pictures….hmm….

  • sharon u notesed that too…lol… i think shes kinda a slut but thats just me.

  • Sharon

    lol we have keen eyes when it comes to these kinda things, Emily… lol. I don’t think she is one, per se, but she really did break up with her other boyfriend? i mean, they made a cute couple…

  • shraon thoughs pix didnt get to me i got your letter thing but not the pix

  • Sharon

    I’ll try to resend them. sorry!

  • Lauren

    I agree that it’s sad that Amanda Beard broke up with her boyfriend (if it’s true), ’cause they’re a cute couple. But I don’t agree that she’s a slut. She seems like a really nice person, but that’s just my opinion.

    If anyone’d like to comment, IM or e-mail me [personal contact info deleted]

  • ya guys i dont expoect you to agree with me on everything so what every you guys think is kewl…
    oh and notes how the only people on this site are girls…lol
    i cant wait for the oct 7th… more swimming!!!!
    love ya

  • Sharon

    lol. I noticed too. There used to be guys but i think they got too weirded out and left or something…anyway, im not gonna be here oct. 10! ugh. so im gonna record it. actually, i think il lrecord all 4 days….does anyone know the entire schedule TV schedule?

  • omg where is it and can u still get tickets and take lots of pix and send them to me…u know i love u… that is sooooooo awsome i wish i could go omg i hate u, not really
    love everyone

  • Eric Olsen

    you guys are slacking – you’re going to have to pick up the pace if you want to catch up with this post

  • Sharon

    I can’t see that post…it shows up a blank page…

  • MyLisa

    haha thats really funny but i dont think we are going to get beat by those pirate ppl lol mike is a WAY better deal although i would have to say that i LOVED that movie……hey guys i do gymnastics so do u think if i asked mike to sponsor me, would he do it? plus im not sure he has THAT much money to just “give” away…what do u guys think?

  • Eric Olsen

    the page may take a while to load because of the 1700 comments, but it’s definitely there – you guys are only 1400 behind!

  • Sharon

    u can’t ask MIKE to sponsor u, but u can ask speedo or someone who sponsors HIM to sponsor u…but i dont think he can sponsor anyone (yet, at least…)

  • Lauren

    I don’t think he can personally sponser you, but companies, like Adidas, can sponser you. He would have to be extremely, extrememly rich in order to sponser a person (I believe), and I don’t think he’s got that kind of money quite yet (sorry). But keep looking and keep trying!

    If anyone’d lke to comment e-mail or IM me [personal contact info deleted].

  • Sharon

    exactly. but u can try asking him in a WHILE. Im sure he’ll be ten times as rich from his career by then. hehehe. πŸ˜€

  • Champ

    Ian thorp cocky lol. I think there has been proof that is the americans that are cocky let me explain.
    1. The Australians won the world championships, The americans came out and said even though they were beaten they were still the best team in the world.
    2. Sydney olympics. Gary Hall Jnr Told how they were going to smash the australians like guitars in the relays. It was amusing to see the aussies get out of the pool and play there air guitars after beating the USA team

    But saying that let me congradulate phelps he is a great talent and seems to have a very mature head on those shoulders

  • MyLisa

    i dont really mean sponsor me but just kind of like make a donation towards my gymnstics u kno what i mean? im not at a level yet where i need a sponsor sponsor but im pretty close but yeah so its more of a donation so do u thik he will do it????

  • …and at comment #378, this is quickly becoming the thread that would not die…

  • Sharon

    i honestly do not know if he’ll make a donation…probably not…. i mean, its highly unlikely (and i dont mean to discourage you or anything, trust me! :D). im just saying its highly unlikely but its always worth asking! asking’s not gonna do anything bad. so u can try asking him…and good luck! u have my support! πŸ˜€

  • michael phelps is going to be on the weaties box soon go to yahoo news and type in michael phelps… and u will get an awsome pix
    thanx sharon for the other pix
    oh and everyone go by spliash mag because it has phelps in it
    love emily

  • Sharon

    ur much welcome! πŸ˜€ Is the Splash mag on newsstands now?

    Also, does ANYONE know where I can get a copy of the Vanity Fair with Mike in it? PLZ help!

  • splash is on newstands now… is vanity fair on newstands????

  • MyLisa

    hey fellow mike lovers, wish me luck for today i am getting knee surgery. hopefully everything works out ok and my knee feels alot better. well gotta o, bout to leave for the hospital thanx for listening!!!!!!
    your future 2008 olympic gymnast

  • Sharon

    Good luck! I’m sure everything will go fine with ur surgery and u’ll be great in no time!

    hey emily, who is on the cover of Splash and where can i get it? (Target? giant? lol)

  • Lauren

    MyLisa, Good luck with your knee surgery and may you have a speedy recovery!
    Sharon, I would go to a Borders or Barnes & Nobles for Splash. That’s probably where you’ll most likely find it!

    If anyone’d like to comment e-mail or IM me [personal contact info deleted]

  • Sharon

    Thanks a ton!

    Also, does anyone know how i can grab hold of the september vanity fair with him in it?

  • Lauren

    Sharon, same place as where you can grab Splash, at a Borders or Barnes & Nobles.


  • Sharon

    Thanks a ton!

    Oct 7 is almost here! i just need to figure out how to record something on my VCR…

  • Michael P and the rest of the us relay team that beat the aszies are on the cover of splash. it like my fave olympic picture… its the one when he is yelling with his hands in the air and everyone eals is just really happy.
    i have no idea where u can get it cause i still havent figured that out its just that my friend subscribes.
    love ya all

  • Sharon

    im going to try to get it asap. i have a smaller version of that pic in a TIME mag, and he is still so cute, no matter how small…lol.

  • Molly

    alrighty. i’ve been reading the comments. and I am in love with Michael (or Phelpsy as my friends and I so adoringly have nick-named him) however, i do believe you people need to get a life. I mean, paying him to come swim in your “Olympic sized pool”? I would be glad to just to have him recognize how much I care about what he’s done. He’s accomplished so many things, and I sort of feel badly for him because, although it may be flattering to hear how hot he is every two seconds, I would rather have people tell him what a great person they think he is. He seems so compassionate, and dedicated. I’m not trying to out do anyone for the #1 fan spot, but I did a sermon about him in church (not that I’m a priest) after he gave up swimming the relay to Ian Crocker. Don’t take this the wrong way either, but I don’t think he’s “the hottest guy to ever walk the Earth”. Yeah, he’s extremely hot, but to me it’s more than that. It’s about what he’s done.

    By the way, I’m 15 years old. Not too far out of Michael’s league, but I’m not getting my hopes up.

    Thanks for reading.

  • why do people come here to critsize use… its like we can say anything we want here. ya i am a little over the edge about him but i dont go around school singing his prases or anything ok this is like me i heart michael thing. and personaly ( u all are going to hit me for this) but i dont think he is the best thing to ever walk the earth… ya i admier him and everything but i havent started praying to him…yet…jk.
    any one who knoes where you can get the splash mag tell me please

  • kacie

    If any body has pics of swim with the stars event will you please email them to me [personal contact info deleted] and if you just want to talk with me my aim is [personal contact info deleted] luv ta all see you michael fans later bye.
    thanks to who ever has pics and sends them to me. kacie

  • Sharon

    I dont think he’s the greatest thing to ever walk the earth either. i agree with them. when it comes down past the celebrity-dom and the money and the swimming and the hotness, he’s just a regular [hot] guy. i mean, the kind you see everyday walking down a street or in school, only more hyped up and definitely a lot hotter (in my opinion). im not going to talk about him every waking moment, or compliment him every chance i get, or make references to him 24/7 or anything. i mean, ill definitely treat him like a regular guy if i meet him (knock on wood).

    but thats not to say he’s not hot or a sweetheart. i am definitely in luv with the man. no doubt.

  • Molly


    I e-mailed you about possibly sending me some pics. the subject is Please Read. Yeah…that’s me…:). and I agree with every single thing you said. me and you are on the same page.


  • MyLisa

    i agree with everyone on that whole im in luv with mike thing. i personnally like mike b/c of not what he has done but what he did to get there. and hes my idol for that and yeah he is perdy cute but im not gettin my hopes up either(atleast not ne more lol)

  • Sharon

    Molly, i havent gotten ur email yet, but if u give me ur email addy or something i can email u the pics definitely. no probs! =D

    MyLisa, i get what ur saying about not getting ur hopes up. but i belive that ANYTHING can happen at ANY time, so im still keeping a wide open mind. hehe.

  • Molly


    [personal contact info deleted]

    thank you much!!!

  • Omg you all rock…lol…its like the man behind the maddness… minus the maddness…hahaha…i really am nuts…but you get my drift
    love emily

  • kacie

    ok if anyone has pictures of him at swim with the stars please email me [personal contact info deleted] I went to it and forgot my camra because my dad was yelling at me to get in the car and if I don’t do what he says he hits me hard and ended up in the hospital because he broke my arm because I didn’t listen so please send pictures soon luv ya all bye.

  • s.g.

    Hey Kacie you should go to http://www.mrphelps.com they have a lot of pictures of Michael. It’s a fan site. You could go to that site. And copy & paste.

  • Sharon

    Molly and Kacie ~

    I am at school right now (bummer!) but when i get home, ill email the pix to you. no problem.

  • maria

    i love michael he is the hottest guy on earth .. he looks soo hot in a swim suit especially !

    luv ya maria

  • Sharon

    Amen! lol. But i bet he looks even better in nothing….hehe

  • omg you guys are crazy but so am I so it doesn’t matter just wanted to say hi to all the michael fans my coach today called him ugly I don’t understand why but ok got to go bye

  • Sharon

    well to each their own.

    So i stayed up until 12:35 am watching Mike on Leno. he didnt come until like the last 15 minutes and he was only on for like 10 but he looked adorable. he was wearing his “im going to disneyland” shirt in a blue…he looked very cute. his hair, too. lol.

    so did anyone else catch him?

  • Molly

    i taped it because i have school, so i can’t stay up that late. I’m going to watch it later on tonight during the vice presidential debate (boring). i’m excited!!!

  • DAMN I messed it oh well maybe they will have re runs of it well have to go bye

  • Nicole

    This was probably cleared up a long time ago… but in case there’s someone out there still wondering — that pic where Michael is hugging that girl and it looks all cute and stuff, he spoke about that (I can’t remember when or where or on what show), and he said something like he was just giving his friend a hug and all these cameras just started flashing… So it’s not his girlfriend.

    Anyway, I was extremely bored and found this site… and it’s definitely crazy. I saw Phelps last month and he really is an amazing guy, he seemed so tired though, I felt bad for him. I also found it so cute how everytime the audience screamed, he stuck his head into the water as if to hide a smile (but I have a feeling it had to do with the goggles)…

    I don’t really have anything else to say, except that I think Phelps is incredible, along with all of the other swimmers, basically because he’s giving me what I gave up a long time ago… I can’t swim at a competitive level anymore (due to a serious injury) and those Olympians just give to me what I won’t ever get… I feel like I’m there.

    Oh yeah, and did anyone else notice how beautiful swimming really is at Disney’s Swim With the Stars? I mean, I dunno if I’m just stupid or what, but I swam for ten years and I don’t think I ever truely realized the beauty of a person swimming so effortlessly in the water.

  • Sharon

    Yeah I noticed. I mean i did swimming for a while, and i noticed how all that hard work he does (7 days a week, 365 days a year) more than pays off. Lenny and Ian, too. They look amazing and their performances are so good! I’m very proud. lol.

    Not to mention, he looks hot, but we ALL know that.

  • lol everyone…hahaha i am in a wierd mood…any who…Michael Phelps was AMAZING on monday night. i taped it and gave it to my friend and now everyone wants it…lol…he is just so populer…and you all know that he has AWSOME abs but you have to go to this sight and see just how awsome… http://www.mrphelps.com/gallery/displayimage.php?album=6&pos=59... tell me if it doesnt work…and well the guy on the left is usher and the guy on the right is… u guessed it… Michael Phelps
    LOVE you all,

  • Sharon

    I cant wait for tonight! I mean, go aaron and everyone else, but mike is who im gonna be mainly rooting for. =D

  • MyLisa

    wats time is it comin on on espn?

  • the fina’s are on at 10pm to day, 1am tomorrow, 10pm on sat, 9:30 on sun and 8 on mon
    GO MICHAEL!!!! yayayayayayaya

  • Dee J.

    Hello Mr. Phelps,Your mission should you
    chose to accept is… Whooooooooooooops!
    Got the wrong Phelps.Thought this was a
    link to the Mission Impossible website.
    Never mind.

  • HE WON THE 200 FREE!!!!!!!!! and ryan Lochte came in 3rd!! yayayaya Michael Phelps and the us swim team ps if u go to: http://livetiming.omegatiming.com/swimming/java/swimc_v4A.html… it gives you live coverage

    love ya all…but mosly michael Phelps

  • MyLisa

    (cheering) Go Michael! Go Michael! Go Michael! Go Michael! i love him so much and i cant wait to to watch him again this weekend Go Michael fans. p.s. i would like to congradulate Kaitlin Sandeno b/c she had alot of hard work in one day so good job kaitlin on her part

  • Okay. I read every post! I would have to say that Michael is very handsome. But I think his humbleness, sweetness, gernerosity and playing as a team means more to me than looks. Don’t get me wrong he is very cute though!!!! Um.. does that email address really work??

  • MyLisa

    haha i wondered that too……mayb u should try it…it cant hurt can it?

  • Sharon

    What email address? I’m lost! Help! hehe.

    I CAN’T BELIEVE HE WON! Well, actually, I CAN, but u know what i mean. the first event of the night, and he carries it off. he was leading by like 5 seconds ahead of all the others…im so proud! lol.

    Its so sad about his back injury…poor guy. i feel bad for him. its terrible that he withdrew. he was so sad at the press conference. aww. but he needs to rest.

  • OMG i cant beleave he is hurt….poor boy… awwwwww…i feel so bad for him i wonder if he will swim any more at FINA????…let hope he gets better… we all love you Michael get well soon


  • Sharon

    He’s not swimming any more this time around. it IS sad but i guess better safe than sorry.

  • MyLisa

    im not too upset that michael is not swimming because NO MATTER WHAT…..i will always be proud of what he does and i know that sounds kind of corny especially since i dont even know the guy personally but its true i will ALWAYS be so proud of what he has done and what is going to do in the future….

  • Sharon

    I agree with u as well. But it can be a bummer.

    I only watched it Thursday night, and along with Mike, Ian and Aaron also won (not in the same race, of course…) but yeah. They were good too.

    I hope he gets better soon!

  • Emiline

    I think Michael Phelps is one of the SEXSIEST men alive!!!! There are no words for his SEXYNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I haven’t got any pictures from anyone if someone would be so kind I and to send me some of him when he was on tour or something I would really be thankful.

  • Sharon

    I can try kacie, but what’s ur email addy?

  • miana

    I didn’t want to try it b/c I didn’t know if that it was legitament or not. I didn’t want any spam!!!

  • kacie

    no it isn’t spam I’m 17 and I just wonder if anyone had pics of him my adderess is [personal contact info deleted] ok so if any of you have pics please send them to me thanks love all mp fans talk to ya all later bye.

  • maria s.

    I LOVE U MICHAEL, UR SOOOO HOTTTTTTT i hope i can meet u in person some day

    Maria S.

  • Sharon

    kacie i will try to send u pix asap!

  • thanks sharon. if anyone wants to talk just im me [personal contact info deleted]. well have to go gymnastics pratice bye.

  • MyLisa

    whoa kacie you do gymnastics? high five me too, omg i have so many question to ask you now. im me sumtime at surfbetty77 or send me an email [personal contact info deleted]
    anyone eles is welcome to send me an email also(and if by any chace you see this michael, u should send me an email too) lol but yeah ttyl

  • miana

    Has anybody tried the email address? If it works let me know. Oh, if anybody has any pics. can you send them to me??
    miana~ [personal contact info deleted]

  • kacie

    MyLisa if you want to ask me q you can just email me [personal contact info deleted]
    ok hope to hear from you soon bye and feel free anyone to do the same luv ya all michaelfans bye.

  • Kim

    Hey Michael Phelps, you are an awesome swimmer!! I hope you are feeling better soon!! I watched you get your medals on TV, congrats. You are a really inspirational person, you helped me get my 7 minute and 18 second mile, so thanks!! Good luck in Michigan!
    College work awaits…**Kim
    If you ever want to talk that would be cool, but your really busy so probably not, but either way me email is [personal contact info deleted]

  • Kim

    You’d think I could spell the word my* by now!!!! LOL I’m really going to do my homework now…**Kim

  • Sharon

    ill try to send pix as soon as i can. sorry if its not immediately, i have a lot of work im swamped with! but i promise ill send u them asap.

  • miana

    Thanks!! I understand. I am homeschooled and I am behind. But I had a good excuse!!!!

  • Ana

    Oy is he nicely packed! A huge career ahead of him . . . he has the handsome/homely looks that all Americans adore.

  • Sharon

    I know, aint it great? hehe. =D

  • Lauren

    And I forgot one more thing, what about what he’s done for all those schools and clubs? He’s a true inspiration to many people and deserves tons of credit and props for being an all-around great guy. Great job Mike and keep it up!

    If anyone’d like to comment IM or e-mail me [personal contact info deleted]

  • Ana

    What makes/keeps him interesting is the dichotomy of his looks — part doofus, part stud. All in all, very quirky but appealing. I find it fascinating that the combination of his hard work, natural talents and sex appeal came together at exactly the right time for him, his sponsors, and all the lusting massses who were praying that his Jack Speedos would fall off during one of his races. We were primed for a hero. Be kind to your flavor of the month, Mikey! xoxo

  • Ana

    P.S. to Lauren: Yes, he is great but IT is also great. He wouldn’t be in your living room if it wasn’t. I hope corporate America doesn’t have you totally hypnotized! lol

  • Lauren

    Ana, no corporate America doesn’t have me hypnotized. I’ve watched swimming for a long time so I’ve known about Phelps for a while. So no worries. That’s why I think it’s great that he works with kids in his spare time besides swimming as a professional. Have a good one!

    If anyone’d like to comment e-mail or IM me [personal contact info deleted]

  • Ana

    Michael, Michael, Michael . . . what were you thinking? You’re not Gary Hall. Anyway, I hope you don’t have to kiss your wholesome sponsors goodbye. Better invest what money you have. Poor schmuck . . . .

    [personal contact info deleted]

  • kacie

    ok now I’m really mad because I looked up to m ichael phelps as a role model then he goes out under age and drinks then gets caught driving drunk that is really not cool please he had two women with him what is his problem.

  • wouldnt u like 2 know

    I agree w/ u kacie… he was an idiot and I personally do not feel bad 4 him… he knew he shouldnt have done that… well he should have known… well I think he got what he deservers. And I am no longer a huge fan of him. Remeber this is only what I think and u can have ur own opinions (sp).

  • kacie

    I think he did now what he was doing and he was really stuiped for thinking he could get away with it and wasn’t he at a ravens game that night if so he is a didcrace to them as will as himself I mean I use to be a big fan guess what I think he is really retraed he made a big mistake that could have killed him and the 2 other people in the car.

  • Lauren

    Hey guys. I’ve been reading everyone’s angry messages about Phelps and what he did, so here’s my piece on it. He’s a kid. Like any other 19 year old in college, he naturally wants to experiment with other things. He drank a little, so what. I’m 19 and I’ve drank before. Now, I’ve never gotten behind the wheel of a car after that, but you have to kind of look at it from his point of view. He’s a kid who wants to have some fun. How would you feel if after 19 years of living in your parents’ house, and under their rules and supervision, you finally got a break and had the chance to have a little fun? Would you sit and go to the movies or the park, or would you maybe try something different and go to a party, maybe have a little something to drink? I’m NOT promoting underage drinking here, I’m just saying, give the guy a break for going a little too far whilst having a little bit of fun. You have to remember, even though he’s a huge star now and an Olympic swimmer, we all make mistakes and he’s still just a kid.

    If you’d like to comment e-mail or IM me [personal contact info deleted]

  • kacie

    ok I understand where lauren is coming from I’m 13 and I have gotten drunk but my brother was killed by a drunk and it was a mistake on his part for getting behind a wheel but he is just a teenager so I guess I can see were he is coming from.

  • britt

    Ok. I was really upset when I found out about michael phelps. I am a huge fan and will still look up to him, but what he did was definetly wrong. I feel sorry for him, because his mistakes are not only known by him, they are also known to the world. i would hate if everyone in the world knew my mistakes. Anyways, i’m kinda glad he got caught though. It’s way better than him hitting somebody and getting in even more trouble than he is alreay in.

  • Lauren

    Kacie, thanks for at least seeing what I’m saying. Sorry about your brother. My friend was in an accident when he was drunk and he’s living, but he’ll probably be parrallized for the rest of his life. At least Michael got the chance to learn from his mistake before anything tragic happened.

    If anyone’d like to comment e-mail or IM me [personal contact info deleted]

  • kacie

    hey lauren how old is your brother my bro was 19 when he died he was the best brother in the world he was so young and had so much to live for he was going to get married to his girlfriend but now that he is died I don’t know what I’m going to do with out him. the other part is I have one other brother but he is in Iraq and he won’t be back for awhile he was in a car bombing a couple of days age so it really sucks because the brother that died always listened to what I had to say same with my brother in Iraq. well have to go so talk to you all later. bye

  • kacie

    srry I mean how old is your friend my mistake.

  • Lauren

    Kacie, my friend was either 17 or 18, I can’t quite remember. It was the summer after his Senior year he crashed his car. Sorry about your brothers. I hope everything’s alright for you and your family. If you need anything let me know.

    If anyone’d like to comment e-mail or IM me [personal contact info deleted]

  • kacie

    hey thanks maybe I will email you sometime. well my sister is the one that is really having a hard time with her husband in Iraq he is my brother in law but he is still really cool.well thanks for your support. talk to you all later bye.

  • Lauren

    Kacie, no problem. Anytime!

    Have a great holiday everyone!

  • kacie

    hey it is fun talking to you lauren good luck in collage. thanks for talking to me about drinling and driving I have had a big thing on it ever since my bro died so thanks for talking to me about it. well talk to you all later.

  • Gina

    hey guys, im the founder and admin of The Michael Phelps Message Boards and im inviting you guys to join! You can tlka to other fans and read some great fan fiction and get the latest news on michael! thanks and tell your friends that like michael as well!

  • Manda

    hey my name is Manda and I practice at the University of Michigan’s pool and I MET HIM TODAY!!!! NO JOKE! his coach is named bob bowman and i know him too and i agree with all of you that he is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hott! lol well just though i would brag because thats what i have been doing all day today. but i have his autograph now and i had a minature convo with him….i am SOOOOOOO LUCKY!! and for all you girls just SHUT UP because your never going to meet him and he hates you all!!!

  • Wondering

    I have heard that Michael is dating a girl in nebraska, is this true?

  • Lauren

    Kacie, No problem what so ever. I totally understand how you feel. Thanks, hopefully my last two weeks of school will go smoothly.

    Manda, Congrats on meeting Michael, but you don’t have to be so mean about to other people by saying, and I quote/copy and paste, “and for all you girls just SHUT UP because your never going to meet him and he hates you all!!!” Take it easy on people and just be thankful you got to meet such a nice person.

    Hope everyone had a good holiday, and will have a good holiday season to come! And Michael is hot, but that’s not all he has going for him. Just remember that.

    If anyone’d like to comment, e-mail or IM me [personal contact info deleted]

  • Drew

    Okay, yall that are impersonating Michael Phelps are NOT true fans and you are all talk. If you had done your research you would see he swims AROUND THE CLOCK. Hes got better things to do than get on the internet & think “Oh let me do a search on MYSELF and post retarded comments on a forum! hardee har har har!!” Uh NO i think not. So basically what im trying to say is you just incriminated yourself…stupid.. And also yall that are impersonating him are soooo weird and obviously have some mental issues because no normal person would go and say they are a celebrity just to mess with peoples minds…idiots…Okay im done i have said what i need to say and if anyone has problems with it you email me [personal contact info deleted]
    Oh kay kay kay.

  • um manda…thats a really bitchy thing to say, that he hate all of us, i am not saying that that u are one i just think that u should keep those kind of opinions to your self and yes i am very jelouse that u got to meet him. good luck in the season

  • Ok. Anyone who is saying that they are Michael Phelps is just kinda creepy if you ask me. I mean think about it. If you take all your time dreaming about being Michael and pretending to be Michael, you need help. Yes , I know some people are just completly obsessed with M.P. {myself included}, but please keep the opsession down to a minimal. So if anyone wants to chat about Michael or just say hi, email me [personal contact info deleted]

  • Marc

    I just say a pic of this Erin grl online and she is really hott! Shit, guys check this bitch out! She is bangin’. Oh anr Michael Phelps sucks!!!!

  • Erin

    Ok, to all the perverts out there, there is on picture of me and the web. Plus I dont even know who this Marc guy is. Crazy bastard!

  • MM








  • Eric Olsen

    I can’t remember, can you guys help me? Is Michael the only American swimmer?

  • Lauren

    Eric Olsen, no Michael Phelps is not the only American swimmer. There’s also Aaron Piersol, Gary Hall, Lenny Krazelberg (I think that’s how you spell it) and many, many more. Just thought I’d let you know!

    If anyone’d like to comment IM or e-mail me [personal contact info deleted]

  • Can i lie to michael and say im 18? PLZzz
    Im not a Bitch! LOL sorry just feel like saying that, but i like michael phelps. he is a very cute, charming, hot abs, and loveable man!oOo GOD i need to get a piece of him! LOL!!

  • Hi me again, did i tell u i so LOVE michael, he is BURNING HOT!! dun everyone just love him, he is SEXY!

  • Hi Me again, lol! am i being annoying, sorry! but did i tell you michael phelps Is such a beautiful white chocolate man?

    (lol got that from the movie “whitch chick”)

    lol do you think he likes chinese gurls. i mean i dun look like a FOB at ALL!! i cool!

  • HEY lindsay GET OFF MR INDIAN OVER DERE n START DATING MICHAEL PHELPS!! if michael phelps liked me ill be Attaching him all night!! I mean michael Phelps is TOO gOOd for linsay! You should be happy He admitt he likes you. He never admitt he likes me. i mean JUST SAY IT MICHAEL PHELPS!! YOU LOVE ME!!

    LOL jk…im SOo funny!

  • ive been too this web along time ago but just wanna go bac here n express how i feel about michael!


  • sara

    OMG!! Micheal Phelps is so HOTT!! and hes the the best swimmer ever!!

  • Erin

    Ok! sara, i don’t know when you started looking at this website site but I laughed at you when I saw what you posted. All these people talking about the kind of person they think Michael Phelps is and what as honor it is to have him represent their country and then your like” oh my god, like Micahel phelps is like, the hottest guy in like the whole world….. like. Ok barbie when you grow a brain write a big girl message. k hun! And if you have a problem email me at… wait what am I doing, I would never give a a dumb blond my email address. they can never figure out how to type it!
    p.s. to all the girls out there that are blond i am not insulting you. Sara is just the kind of girl that makes all the good and smart blondes look well…. dumb! Sorry. See ya!

  • Drew i couldn’t agree with you more! but michael phelps is hot…and whoever said they were Michael Phelps on here that was mean!I love michael phelps but i highly doubt he has ne time to go on the internet and b like omg im gonna go look up myself!But just incase u do read this Michael i Love u sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much and i’m ur #1 Fan Lots of love…oh ya drew write back to me!

  • Manda and Erin u guys are being Bitchy!i’m sorry but Manda or whatever the hell your name isand like who the hell cares if you saw michael phelps! and likehow the hell would you know if he hates us! and omg Erin like where the hell to you get off talking about sara!like u never even met her. and sara is right michael phelps is like sooooooo hott!

  • um her how its gonna be in this site…i know i didnt start it or anything and some of u think i might be a bitch but…no insulting each other, we are here to talk about micheal phelps, and suport him so lets keep it civil.
    heart ya’ll

  • jassy

    you are the best swimmer and im coming to the next olypics

  • OMG LOVE LOVE LOVE SO LOVE michael phelp!! i ALSo SOO love eminem, they BOTH r HOtties! same to Jude Law!!! just wanna KISs his abs!!

  • heidi u make me laugh. and yes micheal phelps is a hottie, and yes so is jude law!

  • LOl LUDE LAW IS SOo HOT, Finally SOMEONE agree with me!!!! BUT MICHAEL PHELPS, NO DOUBT!!!!!! HE Is fuckin SEXy SExy SEXy!!! JUst wanna KIss HIm ALl OVa!! He is goin to michigan university for college, IM gonna Spy ONm him!! ooO ill sleep in the pool if i HAVe TOO!!!!

  • AHhHHHhH love him, he IS SOO cute wen he Is drunk DRivin!! just to show u ppl dat he aint all dat nice!!! hE is gonna go in the naughty LIst….N im GOnna GO with HIm!!

  • I seriously dun no how to swim, but i would drown For him!!!!

  • Do u think he likes thongs or boxers for christmas? maybe just stick with the trunks that he is wearin. I saw his BUtt CRack!! ITs SOo HOT!!

  • do you think his butt is realy that small, or isnt just his tight trunks?

  • michael do have bubble butt! he soo cute, love those pictures wen he went to disney. n he was givin out micky mouse gold medals to those kids!!

    crocker neva look like he likes michael phelps, he neva smile to michael. do he? is SOo weird!

  • Sorry am i annoyin, sorry i just want to say all these so u guys can answer my questions in full parap BUT say My name wen ur message is To me!!!

    (sorta like wat emily did)

  • One more message ok ppl, I lOVE U MICHAEL PHELPS!!! ull be seein me IN MICHIGAN!!HaHaHaHA!!

  • Im like reading ppl’s comment. its really funny. dun get me wrong here I SOO love michael phelps. but michael phekps dont really have the best personality! i saw his interviews n he is DULL!! n the guy who try to be michael phelps, he is FUNNY! his latest interview said dat he doesnt have gf…He is PLANNIN TO GET MARRY WEN HE IS 19!!!! r u for REAL!! will he really encourage ppl to email him, he probable got a THOUSAND emails to read!! LOL but its just for fun!! dun worry im not ANGRY!! HaHaHJahA!!


  • ndahious

    How do you change yourelf so often Bobby? Boo boo…

  • ndahious

    You have more incarnations than a two headed cat!

  • ~Lisa G.~

    Michael, I LOOOOOOVE YOU!!:) PLEASE MARRY ME!!! I LOVE YOU! yOU R gOrEgOuS & SOOOOOOOOOO hott!! I wish i could b as good as a swimmer as you. Bye the way Ur mY boyfriend!! i love michael! Write back i’ll give you a $10000000000000000000000000000000000000 if you do!!!! I LOOOOOOVE YOU MICHAEL!! PLEASE WRITE BACK!! love ya ~Lisa~

  • Michael Phelps

    Lisa, Go away. Come back when you’re old
    enough to buy beers and to stretch your
    ankles behind your ears.

  • Erin

    Ok, Lisa your an insane physco bitch. Get a lige and stop runing Michael PHelp’s. And to the loser pretening to be Michael Phelps you either need to find some friends or get laiud because your pissing me off!

    Holla 69

  • Drew

    Brittany yeah ur rite he is hot! and i love him just as much as the next girl, but yall has anyone read the interview he gave on the Rolling Stone? The interviewer person asked him if he had talked to any of the girls that threw their numbers at him. He says (and i quote)”None. You cant go off with these random chicks who just walk up and give you their number!” So there put that in your pocket all you girls that think Michael is gonna look on here, see that you want to marry him and say “OHMYGOSH I NEED TO GET IN CONTACT WITH THAT GIRL!!!” Ahem ahem…LISA… go get a clue on your way to maturity.

  • Drew

    Okay, Heidi, we understand you love Mike but the past 16 out of 30 posts have been yours….chill it out a little.

  • PROBATION!!!!!!!!!!
    but he did look hot in that suit…lol

  • Erin

    Ok, to all the insane sicko bithches out there, I just want to say I am sick of hearing people say, Oh I love love Micahel Phelps, come clean my pool and people pretending to be Micahel Phelps and his “girlfriend”. So all of you losers out there find another thing to be insane about becasue your really starting to piss me off!

  • Erin, you could try, I don’t know, not reading?

  • Heyy everyone this is Michael Phelps and i wanted to say that i love your messages…thank you…i will return soon…have to swim….love you all!!bye

  • Goddess, did I run into TigerBeat.com by mistake?

  • hey i post alot but im not way too obsess with michael like lisa G!! i just message cause i like him! im just message alot dats all, lol!

  • Jamie

    Hey, Does anyone know michael mailing address or e-mail?….If so please let me know…..I’m trying to get a sponsor for swimming and i need his help.. Thanks,
    Jamie #1 Swimmer***

  • Courtney

    Omg I love Micheal Phelps sooo much!!!!also i swim Fly and im on 3 swim teams so i swim all year so i can be almost as good as Micheal one day hes my #1 idol i have pictures of him all over my room, posters and not to mention his times on what he swims im going to be going to all of his swim meets @michigan cause i live in Adrian.. I think hes the hottttttes guy anyone who goes against htat needs a life. I would die just to be able to talk to him!!!!!
    Im Micheals #1 fan but i cant talk anymore cause i have to go practice at the y on my fly..
    p.s. if anyone as info on micheal e-mail me please!!

  • Erin

    To Phillip Winn: the post under ur last post is a perfect example to what I am saying. Like Micahel has time to come check fan websites. He is to busy swimming, studying and chilling with his friends. I know some of us really like him but keep it on a normal level. Pretending to be Michael is a little to creepy if u ask me. Just a little creepy. Some stuff that in your pipe and smoke it Philip Winn.

  • please stop making our post so long

  • Drew

    yeah please stop. its annoyin to have to scroll a mile to see the next post. And Erin no ones gonna call you.

  • Not michael or his girlfriend

    What freak pretends to be mike or his girlfriend?! He DOES have one so stop obcessing and if you want proof it was written in the most recent edition of SI On Campus. “But the ladies are out of luck: Though he may be the biggest man on (michigan’s) campus of 39,000, Phelps reports that he is off the market.” Now go cry yourself to sleep!

  • Brian

    Hey guys, my name is brian and I am michael phelps boyfriend…i know i know..your probably saying im some horny little fag man who wants to screw that hunk of mear. well i have many times…michael loves anul and oral. none of you can take that away from him and me. and to the kid that says he looks like he has down syndrom your a freakin liar you look like you have down syndrome and your dad likes it up the ass too..just ask him u didrty fuck. toodaloo

  • Lauren

    Brian one question, if you and Michael are “in a relationship” and you’re gay, then why do you happen to hate John Kerry so much when he’s FOR gay rights? Just a question…..


  • Erin

    Brian! Do you need some ice for that burn?!?!

    Good One Lauren


  • Sara

    Michael Phelps I pretty hot isn’t he? I love him so much, and his hottness has nothing to do with it. I just finished reading an excerpt from his book and ahhh omg i love it. It is definately a must-read book. He is such an awesome athlete! i love it! he’s so dedicated and works so hard and loves what he does and ahhh he’s so great. He is the first person who could beat Gosh Groban on my list of men, and Michael beat him by a mile. He’s just such an awesome person. Kings to him Fernand. All hail Michael phelps.

  • Hey guys…sorry I haven’t wrote in awhile…been busy with school and cheerleading. Anyway, I’m kinda over Michael Phelps!I know shocking isn’t it? I like Ben Roethlisberger now…I mean Ben Roethlisberger is like much sweeter than Michael Phelps. Bye guyz Luv ya’ll

  • Funky Kay

    Sexy!!!!!! I luv you Michael Phelps! I love to swim, and Michael has inspired me to do so. When I start to give up, he keeps me motivated to do better in whatever I a doing.
    Luv ya!!!

  • Erin

    I think its funny that Bria hasn’t made a post in a while. Oh, and by the way Big Ben sucks

  • n

    Um i dont like Michael Phelps all you people who worship him need help

  • ~* Brittany*~

    Ok Erin…Ben Roethlisberger doesn’t suck…he is like so hot and really sweet…just cause you’re not a steelers fan don’t take it out on Ben!

  • Erin

    Good point Brittney. Oh, by the way Im an eagles girl! Sry!!

    Super Bowl

  • jack

    Okay, you people are seriously making me sick to my stomach.

    Firstly, Ryan Eanes, do you actually know anything about Ian Thorpe? Obviously not, if you would say he’s cocky and arrogant. Or maybe you’ve just been buying all your own media’s bullshit on this topic. Well, I suppose you can’t really be blamed for that, but you shouldn’t belive everything you read.

    Ian Thorpe has been breaking world records and winning gold medals since he was 15 years old. He has been a national icon in his country since he was 15. He has grown up in veritable gold fish bowl, constantly having to watch what he says or does.

    You think he’s arrogant because he said Phelps wouldn’t win 8 gold medals, correct? Well, Phelps DIDN’T, did he? Thorpe KNOWS what he’s talking about ( he ought to by now).

    And I saw that interview where Thorpe made those comments, it was on Australian TV, and do you know what his exact words were?

    “Michael should be careful not to encourage the media to build up to much hype around him winning 8 gold, or they’re going to label him a failure if he wins anything under that number, which is just ludicrous.”

    The American media latched onto that, and went to town on it.

    And, final thought, they DID label him a failure when he didn’t manage 8 gold. Only what the little prick deserved.

  • Uh, OK, Jack, not sure what you’re so bitter or angry about, but I don’t have anything against Ian Thorpe. I merely made an observation.

    And besides, this post was written over 8 months ago. I’m not sure why the crap you’ve latched on to this NOW, but it’s just kind of sad. Let it go.

  • Eric Olsen

    do not post phone numbers, this is not a fan site, you are free to make comments but please keep them reasonably not retarded – thanks

  • richy


  • ~* Brittany*~

    Hey Erin!
    Sorry I kinda got mad about that Ben Roethlisberger thing…lol.Write Back!
    Much Love!

  • ~* Brittany*~

    Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday dear Ben Roethlisberger,
    Happy Birthday to You!
    Its Ben Roethlisberger’s birthday!The big 23!…Love you all….Byez~Britt

  • Erin

    Hey Brit, yea the whole football thing was stupid! Want to email me and talk football? [personal contact info deleted]

  • *Brittany*

    Hey Erin, i was grounded from aim for like a month… mi parents deleated it, but now i’m ungrounded,so i’ll write back n’ tell u what my e-mail address is when I set it up…Byez

  • David Lo

    Michael Phelps is the best athlete on the planet and he’s so young that is so amazing. I would give anything to meet Michael.

  • Luke Kamp

    Michael Phelps sucks

  • blondey

    I dont see y the heck u guys are wasting ur times over some swimmer i am a swimmer to and i dont see people flinging themselves all over me no do i!!!

  • justvisiting

    I go to the University of Michigan and just so happen to be in one of Michael’s classes. He and I have become friends throughout this semester, and we have hung out a ton outside of class. Why am I telling you all of this? Because it gives credibility to what I am about to say.

    Michael is one of the nicest and surprisingly most down to earth people I know. He works so hard to balance all the different parts of his life, and he somehow manages to get it done.

    I also know that he really does care about every single one of his fans and he appreciates you guys so much. You are what drives him to keep going and wake up every morning in time to be in the pool training at 5:15AM. So don’t let the few people who have left posts that bash Michael here deter you, keep on supporting him. I can’t say if he has or has not seen this web-site or even if he knows it exists. But I can tell you that tommorow morning, when I see him during our class, I am going to tell him about this web-site and if I know him at all, he will visit here.

    Keep on supporting him, he works hard for everything he gets, and you guys are the reasons why he does it.

  • Erin

    Ok to Luke Kamp

    You obviously like something about Michael Phelps because you obviously googled a Michael Phelps fan website. So you were purposely looking for a fan site. So, u need to harness your inner obsession {JK} and fine something better to do or just let the Michael Phelpsness come over you! Ok Bye!!!

  • HockeyFan101

    Hey did you guys see him on Vh1’s 100 Most wanted Bodies. Theres another one on today at 5:00

  • Erin

    Hey guys! Just checking in to say my birthdays on Tuesday!!1 Happy BDay to me! Plus I really had a harde time emailing you Brittany, can you email me [personal contact info deleted]?

  • ~* Brittany*~

    Hey Erin, Happy Birthday!I think you had a hard time e-mailing me cause I have aim…and you have hot mail…maybe. I’ll try and write you though Happy Birthday!

  • swimfastfishy

    Michael phelps just to tell u that u r the HOOOTEST guy on this planet! I swim also and i swim the butterfly and the im’s and my more events!! I would luv to me u again!! and can u upgrade the questions on your website?

    Luv Swimfastfishy will always be your #1 fan forever!!!!

  • candy_rocks


  • lizzie

    hi im not dising michael when i say this but can that michelle (comment 37 and 38) what the f*** you going on about him being better then ian yer maybe in looks but never in swimming cause if you watch the olympics 2004 i think u might have relised that ian thorpe beat michael phleps.
    and im not being horible but there’s only like 2 people who are swimmers here you guys are like oh i no so much abat him and his swimming when like u cant even probably swim

  • candy_rocks


  • ~* Brittany*~

    Hey lizzie. how about you stay on websites for ian thrope and not michael phelps…ok, sweetie and dont be dissin us american girls

  • Kirsten

    First of all, Michael Phelps does not live in Baltimore anymore. He lives in a new house he bought off of the U of M campus, where he goes to school, and where I go to school as well. I wanted to check his times on his butterfly and i came across this website on accident, and I thought i’d let you all know how crazy you sound. Of course he is hot, i’ve seen him in person to confirm that. But some of you…mainly “michael phelps’ girlfriend VERONICA” (who doesn’t exist, btw) are a little overboard with your crap. I love Phelps as much as the next girl, but honestly, he’s just a guy, nothing to pose as his girlfriend over!

  • ilaria

    michael’s the hottes man in the world!! i really want to meet him soon.. but i think it would never happens..i’m sad.. luv u michael

  • Colleen

    I agree with Brittany on #482. You guys were being bitches!! But that was a long time ago. No hard feelings?


  • dorothy和叶

    I’m a girl from China
    I like Phelps so much

    I dont know if you can see my message
    but i still leave a sentence 4u
    everything goes well
    and i love you forever


  • 安宇

    oh no our chinese is not allowed??????

  • uao

    Maybe because this is an English-language site?

  • megan



  • jan

    i luv micheal he is sexy
    we would have hot babies

  • Christina

    I agree, Michae Phelps is hott! Did you know that he is the 3rd most downloaded male on the internet? So a lot of people (hopefully girls) agree with us.

  • I think I must say Michael is perfect ,he makes me amazing ! He is my favourit spoter! And yes your title is good I’m proud of him though I’m a Chinese~ Your blog is wonderful , I can know a lot of Michael~and hope you can come to mey blog to tell me something about him~~

  • stephanie

    OMG so many crazy girls here. of course i’m one of u. he shocks my world.

  • omg michael phelps is so hot omg my dream is 2 go 2 the olympics n have him as my coach he is so hot n so good at swimming n he is my hero!!!

  • Have him as your coach !? I hope it’s not a day dream ,bless you , but I think Michael is really too hot not only in US but also in other countries such as our China ,too many people are proud of him and we hope we can see him in 2008 in Beijing ,I think it must be come true !

  • omgggg i love michael phelps sooo muchhhhhh i m his numba onee fannnnn actually i m his wifee yeaa we are married dont be jelaous litlle haterzzzzzzz
    mary nnd michael forveerrrrrrrrrr<333

  • love2swim2011

    I SAW MICHAEL PHELPS ON TV TODAY!!! πŸ™‚ and i love him so much! <3 anyways, he is the GREATEST swimmer in the world and he is wayyyy cool! MICHAEL PHELPS I LOVE YOU! <3 =]

  • I think

    Michael I love you, you truly very well, you will be the superhuman, ha ~~ hope next year you in China in Beijing, will realize your dream, in China, some crowds extremely rigid will support you, hoped you might know, certain people will also like you, forever will support you

  • emma

    i love you

  • Luo Wei

    I’m very happy,My classmate loves Michael Phelps .哈哈

  • Megan

    U may not be able to believe this, but 2 years ago, Micheal Phelps was on my swim team. We were a NBAC, and I watched his practice ALL THE TIME. But he went to college, and I left with the up-rising Katie Hoff to watch with one of my coaches/friends, Paul Yetter.

  • hey you guys, check out Swim Room… they have a bunch of cool michael phelps stuff – blogs, podcasts, videos… seeya there…

  • GMS

    OMG!!! I am a very big fan. I have many posters of you, because you are my hero. This is my 5th time on getting 1st place in state for swimming. The butterfly is my swim. “of course that’s nothing compared to winning gold medals in the olympics.” But, I’m sure that I’m just a few more steps away. I hope that I get to hear your comments soon. Love, SwimFan

  • gabby

    OMG!!! im on the sharks swim team in Florida and i just wanted 2 say that Michael Phelps is the best swimmer in the world i <3 u!!!!! o and im a swimmer and i hope i can b a great olympic swimmer like him!!! I do a really good time in 400 im but im not as nealy as good as u,. I have junior olympics coming up and im soooooo excited.....<3 u!!!


  • h2o lover’95

    I love you michael! i print out most of the pictures of you and put in the clear cover in front and back of my binder. Then, my classmates at school laugh at me saying that i am a big michael phelps fan. even though i am “persicuted” i still love you as a swimmer. i also swim too.
    alison c.

  • h2o lover’95

    mike is sure good lookin’ hes one hot sexy guy

  • lexi

    Michael phelps is my hero. he’s so amazing. i would be willing to pay thousands of dollars just to meet him, or swim in my pool. that would mean the world to me.

  • EMI-Jacquelline

    !!Michael Phelps is the best swimmer in the world. when the american flag is raising,his eyes is shining!his face juss like an angel~~~
    i luv him 4 ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • STM

    Ryan, seriously, how on Earth do you get Ian Thorpe being arrogant? He’s pretty unassuming. Maybe we’ve been watching different people.

    As for arrogance and cockiness, well the feeling among other nations is that the US swim team always has it in spades. Maybe it’s just the American character. The feeling in Australia is always, “Oh, it’s just the Americans … they can’t help themselves”.

    A classic example: one member of the American swim team, on arriving in Sydney for the 2000 games, declared the US would smash Australia “like guitars” in the 4x100m men’s freestyle relay.

    History shows the US touched second and went home with the silver, while the Aussies grabbed the gold, and hilariously stood together playing air guitar immediately afterwards.

    “Smashed like guitars” has, of course, entered the Australian sporting lexicon, and we have one cocky American – Gary Hall Jr – to thank for what is now a treasured phrase in this country πŸ™‚

    On a personal note, I think Michael Phelps deserves 8 gold medals at these games and I hope he gets them. He’s a genius, and probably one of the best sportsmen ever – but I was stoked to see Eamon Sullivan lead him all the way in the first leg of the 100m relay (not Phelps’ pet event) at the weekend.

  • STM

    Great, I’ve just realised this is a post from the 2004 Athens Games. I’ve just given myself an uppercut. Always pays to look at dates, eh?

  • none

    role model?

    caught driving under influence while being underage.
    Good swimmer: yes
    Good Person: don’t take things at face value. I have friends who went to college with Michael. Not a lot of good words….

  • STM

    None writes: “role model?? … caught driving under influence while being underage”

    Let’s not get too holier than thou, shall we none?? … the clue there might be in the last word of the sentence. Seriously, he wouldn’t be the only young guy/girl to do something stupid, and he certainly won’t be the last.

    I see it this way: most young people do stupid stuff, most don’t get caught.

    That’s generally a matter of good luck rather than good management.

    Most DO go on to become productive and responsibile members of the community (geez, I hate that term)

    But there aren’t too many goody-two-shoes running around in the 15-21 age bracket.

    I’d say unequivocally that in his current role as an Olympic swimmer, he’s most certainly a role model.

  • Julia

    oh,Phelps.I know,that you have a girlfriend,but I so love you,I need you!!!!!!!!!!

  • ivana

    you are very, very hot and sexy. I am fall in love with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Caroline

    Hes a great swimmer but as far as saying hes hot or the best looking guy youve ever seen? You need to get out more. He looks like a monkey. He has an underbite, crooked teeth and he talks like he has a mouth full of marbles.

  • Jenny

    I an very proud and happy for Michael…… i bet he has his own struggles but somehow he found one thing he loved and is magnificent at it. For that i admire him and his life outside of the pool.

    If he was living next door to me…. i’d totally play around with him…. like when hes offguard. i’d pull his pants down….. haaa haa

    He seems like a humble guy that just like to chill and listen to rap…… When i saw him with his IPOD i just knew he was listenin to rap and i bet his fav artist is Kanye West.

    I salute you Michael… you are truly. an amazing person. I will meet you soon enough… i hope i don’t cry….. If you ever feeling like a caribbean vacation….. come to St. Maarten……


  • vrishali

    Aweesomw FELPS!!!!!!
    U r really a magisian.

  • Nick Carrillo

    I am an artist who uses oils on canvas. It would be a honor to send Michael a print of one of my paintings of him in the pool doing the
    butterfly. It is a 2’X4′ painting. The photo I used as a reference was taken during the last Olympics. It is a colorful and realistic painting. [Personal contact info deleted]

    Yours truly
    N.F. Carrillo


    Hi,I’m your chinese fans.I am just pass the exam for the university.I love you very much.
    Especially when you in swim pool.That is very cool.
    I know you in the 29 olympic games. I don’t konw whethere you will see this words.But I stil very happy.
    GO,GO!I will support you!

  • Kangli

    I love you ,Phelps.
    You are the best.
    Nothing can stop you!Keep trying!!We all support you forever!

  • shanice

    olordy michael and i are in love with each other and i no that one day he will propose to me and we can make this offical and we can have children.i know his old address and his currant one

    i love u baby phelps and congradulations to all of your winnings

    hi hilary whitney and debbie phelps

  • Sean

    wow you ppl are so blind.. and buy into media hype like no others. Altho he is obviously a good swimmer his attitude about it is shit. hes so smug and so arrogant that he thinks he CANT be beaten. Lets not forget that in two of those races he had 3 other ppl helping him achieve his goals.. and are they mentioned? are they “American heroes”? no.. they are nothing compared to “Golden boy Phelps” Lets also not forget that mark Spitz did it first, with out special suits, with out special pools and with out a 1 million dollar incentive he did it. I think its sick that you idolize someone whos only goal was to be famous and rich. you think he gives a shit about any of you? no he gives a shit about his bank account and “status” and you guys sure gave it to him.Which isn’t surprising. you guys do it on a daily basis.

  • ilovemichael

    michael phelps is the greatest swimmer of ALL time. you people that are calling him retarded are just jealous. he’s worked so hard to get to where he is today. and he deserves everything he’s gotten for all his hard work! not to mention the man is DROP DEAD GROGEOUS!… :] michael phelps is THE most gorgeous man alive. <33

  • Grace

    Big fan.

    U rock!

  • Jennnn.

    To sean, i think part of what you’re saying is true, but theres a difference between say swimmers and people who are famous in the entertainment industry.
    If Micheal Phelps just wanted fame and money, he couldve done something else,
    he has to train on and off and race in races,
    so im sure its because he likes swimming and is good at it. And about the fame and fortune, i dont really think you could claim that that he asked for it. You’re right: people did give it to him. Sure Mark Spitz did it without special pools and swimsuits and money, but how could he change that? Micheals not going to go up to the Olympics commitee in China and ask them to build a really standard basic pool. For the suits? Time has changed, and there have been new inventions. Micheal Phelps deserves what he got, because he is not the ONLY swimmer in the whole olympics who uses the new suits. So i guess it is everyones opinion.

  • lili

    hi michael phelps i am lili from china ,i like you so much ,you are the best hero ,you are good at studying in chinese ,i hope make friend with you !

  • LXY


  • yangnan

    You don’t have to be famouse to be a star,you just have to be the frist Micheal phelps!
    I think you are a hero

  • poot

    He looks like a total retard. good god he is ugly!!!

  • Michael Phelps

    They are right. I HAVE BEEN DIAGNOSED WITH SOME SORT OF DOWN SYNDROME. but I have money and i have nice clothes and i am single.

  • ≧﹏≦

    Michael Phelps!you are
    eally a wonder of the world.
    YOU are unbelievable~~>0<

  • Michael Phelps

    Hey Guys I will be at the Inner Harbor In Baltimore Maryland this weekend My address is on my website I live in Oleny MD Thanks for thinking I am sooooo hot
    Love Ya guys Michael



  • pang feiran

    No matter what you did,just remember one thing:
    We love you,support you!

  • wangyu

    Michael Phelps,please pay attention to this information!I’ve invented the fifth swimming pattern of the Olympiad.I wish you to use this new swimming pattern—-β€œ?”Backstroke.Just double arms raise and stroke together,legs do as the usual. β€œ?”means feathers of the eagle or the wings.It must have you break the record of the world of the backstroke.To use this new kind of swimming pattern.To spread it over the world.You ,the swimming champion use the new swimming pattern will make people of the world to pay attention to it and use it.

  • youdan

    Micheal,you are the best.I try to e-mail you but,it doesn`t work,can you e-mail me ?

  • youdan

    [Personal contact info deleted] Hi,Micheal I am a chinese girl.I love you very much,I always pay attention to you.First,I am sorry for my poor English, please don`t care of it. I always watch your matches,I think you are very cool.

    I know you are so tired recently,I think you should have a good sleep,listen to the music, have a vacation…

    You should always know you are the best,I know too much pressure is not good so you should help yourself.Just to do, you are the best.

    your friend

  • youdan

    sooooooo happyyyyyyyyy!!! I can talk to you ,Micheal.You can prove yourself in front of us,I will see you in shanghai swimming match, must you come? I will wait for you ? G0?GO,GO!!!Don`t give up,i will support you forevery.