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Michael Moore: Sicko. But In A Good Way.

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Now that Fahrenheit 9/11 has made a cool hundred million smackers, (bet Disney’s still kicking themselves over that one) Michael Moore’s planning his new flick, Sicko. Now I know there are certain people out there who don’t dig Michael Moore (gasp!) and despise every movie he makes.

Even though I’m a Moore fan myself, I can still respect that there’s oodles of people who would like to bash him with a large rock in the same fashion that Nolte attempted to smush De Niro’s noggin in Cape Fear. Heck, his last two movies were about guns, Columbine, 9/11, Iraq, and the Bush administration and any filmmaker would have pissed off at least one half of the country no matter which side of the issue he/she took.

But this upcoming movie, Sicko, is going to be a critique of HMOs. Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t HMO’s universally loathed no matter which side of the political fence you’re on? I’ve always considered it to be sort of like airplane food or waiting in line at the DMV, or movies that aren’t Almost Famous starring Kate Hudson; there can’t actually be people who like these things, can there? I mean, personally, I don’t know anybody who’s like “Rah-Rah! HMO! They do the best they can, you know!” or “HMOs! HMOs! They’re your man! If they can’t do it, I’m sure they have a perfectly plausible explanation, er…Stan!”

Okay, so you can see why I never did make head cheerleader.

My idealistic point is, to all of you non-Michael Moore people out there…why not give this upcoming flick a shot? We can agree to disagree on the various partisan issues of the day, but perhaps we all hold hands and rejoice at a movie that skewers health-maintenance organizations. And if we can get to that point, can we additionally agree in unison to boycott any movies that aren’t Almost Famous starring Kate Hudson? Can I get an amen?

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  • Vic

    I agree that HMO’s are loathed pretty much universally… by both patients AND doctors. However….

    A Michael Moore film on ANYTHING will be questionable in it’s presentation of the truth IMHO.

    Even something as maligned as HMOs.


  • Damn.

    Maybe he won’t use his “questionable” tactics this time around, crazier things have happened…

  • Eric Olsen

    more importantly, he’ll still be smelly-looking and have that fucking Michigan accent

  • Hey, I know from personal experience that Michael Moore is bliss on the olfactory receptors, no matter how it may appear onscreen.

  • Eric Olsen

    I’m glad to hear that, but image counts

  • Honestly…does it really? Would Moorewatch give Michael Moore any extra leeway if he slimmed down, got a dialect coach and was more presentable? If Bill O’Reilly looked more like Kevin Smith would I be more open to his philosophies?

  • I think we need to expose the underground cooking thats going on with some of the hottest cooks in the country I am speachless with this hidden video http://imageevent.com/jcdtlnt/juliaandemril?n=0

    John concerned member of the usa Rep Party jcdtlnt@aol.com

  • Mong

    I guess the only people who might rise to the defense of HMOs are economists and anyone who benefits from lower prices for helathcare (e.g., poor people). We have a healthcare crisis in this country with prices spiraling out of control and making healthcare unffordable for many people. While HMOs have decreased the quality and choice of healthcare considerably, they’ve had a much bigger impact in reining in the price of health insurance. They’re like the Walmart (another controversial company) of their industry by bringing affordability to the masses, although through questionable techniques.

  • Kudzuisedible

    As the inevitable Michael Moore travesty is picked apart by people a lot smarter and saner than he is (about everyone), I expect to find a lot more to like about HMO’s just because the refuting of MM’s lies will bring out some important truths. But I’m a lot more concerned about fatboy’s prescription for change. I just know Michael will also try to sell us an alternative to HMO’s – can anyone say “HillaryCare?”