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Michael Johns is Signing a Deal With Whom?

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There is so much speculation amongst the fans these days, myself included, as to whether or not Michael Johns will soon announce that he's signed a record deal. Here are my thoughts on the matter. Michael Johns was good enough to sign before he ever considered trying out for American Idol, and was in fact signed by major labels more than once.

It wasn't he, but the labels with which he signed who failed. Since his appearance on American Idol has exalted him to instant stardom, there are now three of his previous works released for sale to the buying public. They say hindsight is 20-20. I’ll clue you in, so you can claim a 20-20 precognition instead. The following is a list of his “pre-idol” music when he was lead singer in the bands The Rising, and film.

The Rising – Future Unknown, is a full length CD garnering rave reviews by all who have heard his astounding talent. I have heard lots of music before, and there is none better than this!  Reviews of the CD are five stars and can be viewed at Amazon.com.

The RisingLive At The Apple Store, is an EP release, which includes live versions of five of the songs from Future Unknown. These are masterfully done in acoustic and showcase the quality of Michael’s voice, as well as the talent of the musicians that surround him.

filmrolling, was his first EP release while lead singer with the band. Again, the ratings are five star, and the songs are a must hear to believe!

After The American Idol Tour 2008 has run its full course for the summer, how much more so will Michael Johns be considered the hot ticket item? Just because he hasn't announced that he's signing a deal with any specific label yet, doesn't necessarily mean that he won't.  It just means he can't say anything at the moment, and has repeatedly told us so.

Again, all of this is just speculation, as I don’t claim to know anything at all about the recording industry or the music business. I do, however, know a thing or two about marketing and why businesses do things in the way that they do. It's my opinion that the label must surely be focused right now on this year's American Idol winner (David Cook), and teen scene heartthrob (David Archuleta). In any business, that much should be expected. What business doesn’t first market their primary brand name?

By the end of The American Idol Tour 2008, when the roll of their newly named thunder dies down, might be the best time for announcing a deal with Michael Johns. Perhaps they're holding him as their ace in the hole, as we all know he is a whole handful of aces. Please excuse the description, but I had to make reference just once to his “card dealing lessons”.

For those of you who don’t know, that was the excuse he jokingly gave to CNN’s Larry King for being in Las Vegas rather than joining the rest of the American Idol Top 10 in the studio for a live interview. He claimed he was taking lessons in card dealing, in case the music thing doesn’t work out. Perhaps he should consider becoming a comedian instead, with his constant joking around. Those of you who have heard his music already know… there’s no way he will fail in the music field.

It turns out he was actually in Vegas at the request of David Foster to participate in the show David Foster & Friends, which will air on PBS later this year.  David Foster is one of the most respected names in the music industry, whose career has spanned 35 years and earned him 14 Grammy awards.  As originally reported by Access Hollywood.com, Michael Johns is one of David Foster's new favorites!  What an honor from someone who is held is such high esteem!  

We fans most certainly do have American Idol to thank for introducing Michael Johns and his talent to the world. The world gives thanks you for that much, but as soon as the tour is done, he will belong to us, his adoring fans.  We will have him and his talent with or without your kind assistance. My hope is that it is with it.

American Idol is a giant in the field and it is run like a well-oiled machine. They more than know what they're doing. They have consistently pulled the lion’s share of television, boasting millions of viewers now for a number of years.  Perhaps by putting off an announcement that they have signed this particular talent, they are ensuring Michael Johns CD will fly off the shelves just as soon as we can buy it. A talent like his will not go unsigned with all the friends he's made in the business. They must surely know that.

Michael is not one to burn bridges behind him, nor should any of we fans just yet. With an album full of songs ready to burn by the end of the tour, or at least by the end of the year, what business savvy record label could refuse to sign what the world now demands they will hear? I think we fans should settle down just a bit, since his future success is assured. Patience is a difficult thing to endure when you want so much more of whatever you crave, and you wanted word of it yesterday.  They say patience is a virtue… unfortunately, it's never been one of mine. Who am I to say?

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  • I didn’t know the reason that Michael was in Las Vegas. He wouldn’t say and Larry isn’t as good of a journalist as he used to be. Perhaps a younger man would be a better choice.

    Anyway, I’m going to wait patiently for Michael’s new CD. I have no idea who he will sign with. He just may want to stay away from 19 Entertainment.

    If you’ve seen any of the tour photos, you can see how they are making David Archuleta dress and David is not happy at all. So, Michael may fare better with a company not associated with Idol.

    Thanks for the blog. 🙂


  • Marci

    Well written and well said. Michael is a star and whoever he signs with has gold on their hands!

  • Vernae

    Good read!

  • Laura

    Michael deserves this SOOOOOOOOOOO much. He has a brilliantvoice,style, personality and is unashamedly HOT!!! Stacey is a lucky lady and a wonderful support to him. I loved Michaels voice from the moment I heard him and will be in line to put out any cd he puts out. GO MICHAEL!!!

  • ivee

    yay!!! im so happy…I adore that man.

  • Bee

    Thank you for the write up. That was very nicely written. Been following the American Idol tour and I am not surprised Michael is getting all kinds of rave reviews from fans and non fans who’s been to the Tour and the music industry people surely cannot ignore that. I have every faith in him that he has what it takes to become a huge success and I hope whoever signs him, his management and record company will give him all the support and promotion he needs to ensure that in this tough business

  • I just wanted to thank all of you who have left comments about the article! Your opinions are welcome, and matter ultimately to me too.

  • aleli

    Great article! It sums up every thought that I have about MJ and his future in the music business. Thank you!!! I’m patiently waiting for his CD!

  • JR

    Boo… Haha Just kidding. This is a very well written peace if you ask me. Even though I’m not a big fan of Micheal Johns I do believe that I can agree with this statement. Wonderful piece and you will be hearing from my people on a job offer.

  • Sandy

    I love Michael Johns and think he is a very talented singer. He is gorgeous, yet humble and I know he loves his wife which is always a great thing! I have been trying to find out….with no luck I might add……if Michael is going to go on tour in 2009? I want so much to see him in concert again. I saw him with the top ten idols but I want to hear much more of him! Please come to Cleveland, Ohio or vicinity sometime Michael! Your fans here would greatly appreciate “YOU”.



  • Oh my! So much has happened since this article was first published, it’s just about time for a new feature article about Michael Johns.

    Michael has finished his debut album now, but we still don’t have a release date or album title just yet. A snippet to his new single “Heart on My Sleeve” was just posted today at USA Today.

    He’s put out a soundtrack called “Don’t Look Down” with his friends and fellow co-writer’s Rye Randa and Jeff Foxworth. The soundtrack was nominated for an X-Dance award and features the Michael Johns/Brooke White duet called “Life Is Okay”. The entire album is stunning in quality and the duet has the potential to be a country cross-over hit in my opinion!

    Michael Johns and Carly Smithson will also be performing a duet on American Idol’s Wednesday, February 18th show. We hope to learn more about his single release then!

    For up to the minute news on Michael Johns, please join us at Michael Johns Fan Site.

    Thanks so much for your comments! I’ll be more than happy to let you know as just as soon as I get tour date information!