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Michael Jackson’s accuser horribly sick

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I thought I’d express my deepest feelings for cancer-sick Gavin Arvizo once again. It’s really sad to be so sick. Especially as sick as Gavin. Cancer is really very horrible, it seems. Just look at the pictures published by the Mirror, UK:

[pics removed]

In the first picture Gavin jumped over an 8 feet high fence, just lately. When do people finally donate a kidney for him, I can’t see him suffering like that any longer? He must suffer a lot. Not even I can jump 8ft high, I mean, I’ve got a damaged hip anyway. But dude, I think I’ve never jumped that high in my whole life. Cancer is really evil.

But the second picture is great, too. I think Gavin and his mother have a lot in common. That running around with weapons in one hand must run in the family. I’d just like to remind you of Janet Arvizo, mother of Gavin, who can be seen with a knife in her hand in this picture, posing for the media.

What else can you say?

I’d just like to mention – from day one when the discussion about Gavin began and everyone thought he was still sick I said I have doubts about him still being sick and I have doubts about him ever having been sick, too. When I expressed that I got dissed on a German forum and they said I was heartless and shouldn’t say such nasty things about a person that suffers from cancer.

But hello? I just always smell shit from far away. I’m really gonna apologize badly if I’m wrong on this one, but I doubt I will be all that wrong. There is a slight chance Gavin was really sick before he met Michael Jackson. But I believe crap. I think they used this disease to get money from people and to get closer to Michael, who has a big heart for especially sick children, a way too big heart sometimes, and then to sue him, because they knew Michael is a great target, because he’d been accused of child abuse already before. If you keep telling the same lie, some start to believe it.

If that is sick, honestly, then I want to be as sick as Gavin. I wish I could be so sick and jump up 8 feet.

Originally posted at Vacuity, long-term fan of Michael Jackson since 1988.

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  • I am hoping the kid doesn’t die. If he does, somehow people will confuse that death, caused by cancer and what would have happened regardlessly, with the alleged molestation. It will be like like The Trial. Of course the criminal case will not go forward if the alleged victim dies, but it could be a boon for his survivors. Think huge damages award in a civil suit because jurors think Jackson killed the kid as well as molested him.

  • sorry, but to me this boy looks like life in person. he’s not gonna die.

  • Michelle, you seem to be confusing the question. The issue is not how sick this boy is, but whether Jackson has feloniously molested him.

    If he really is sicker than he looks here, that still wouldn’t mean that Jackson is guilty. If the boy has recovered fully from his illness and is healthy as a horse, that doesn’t mean Jackson was innocent.

  • Jonathan

    I hope he dies just to see what you’ll say then.

  • Marrrn, you are smart. Thanx for reminding me.
    Though these people are claiming that child is SICK and therefore probably can’t take the stand. Which means, there can’t b e a fair trial if the accuser doesn’t even show up in court to tell what’s going on.

    But if the boy is NOT sick, they are just lying! What tells you that? Afraid of the boy slipping his tongue about another lie maybe?

  • Jonathan, naughty-:). I think we have to consider that the child might die as a contingency with the trial a year away. In a way that would be good for Jackson. No criminal trial. But, like I said above, a jury will sock it to him in a civil suit. I need to read up on the kind of cancer the kid has. It seems he has been in and out of remission an awful lot.

    Michelle, if necessary the boy will be taped in a hospital room even. The case can’t go forward without evidence and his testimony seems to be all there is. Maybe they will do cross in a hospital or hospice, too. Turns on how determined the prosecutor is.

  • Jamie Masada, who claimed to be an Arvizo-family friend, said several times the child was seriously sick.

    Then lately he was questioned on a TV-show about it and was caught in a lie and admitted the child was doing fine.

    Have you read the news lately? The father of Gavin tried to get to meet the child saying he was worried about his child being seriously sick. But a judge decided the father was not allowed to see his son, because there was no reason, because the child was healthy.

    Now who’s telling the lie?
    Sick or not sick? And if he’s not sick, why claim he is sick?

  • This is too convoluted, Michele. Why would the child being well be grounds for the father not being allowed to see him?

  • Well, Mac, you should ask the judge. I didn’t make that decision.
    The mother doesn’t want the father to see his children. She claims he abused her, too.

    Though I think if the child was sick, a father should be allowed to see his child nevertheless. The father even asked for someone from the child welfare department to guide him in case he visits the child. If he’s guided by someone like that, I don’t seriously see the problem.

  • Sounds reasonable. I gather the father will put up his own legal battle to get at least supervised visits.

  • sean/ uk

    hi my name is sean and i have got to say that i feel realy sorry for gavin
    and his cancer scare and i hope somone will help first let me introduce myself my name and my mate ben
    were both 15 and from the uk and were
    campange to help for gavin to have a kidney donnor we what to know about gavin more and how micheal treated him is not right micheal is not hard and one thing to gavin dont worry about he
    has not got a right to buy his self
    out of prison or the american police should check over again he canrnt get you into trobble your the one thats asked for a trial if that dont work
    go to the high court the european court of human rights dont let get you with his money he will get you again and again and other people hes already raped four kids i liked the music for a bit but untill i heard what i heard i gave up on this music so we are make a web for you heres our contact email seanmstone4@hotmail.com and zorro0kyle@hotmail.co.uk

  • ~You know;I’m not here to attack
    what people believe,I’m not that
    person to judge anybody;but judger’s
    themselves get judge by god;for one
    michael is a human being and he doesn’t
    need to be teated so bad from any media
    that lie’s or anybody calling him names;
    what I don’t get is why people listen to
    the media;if u listen to the media’s lie’s
    then u are stupid.~

    ~How can anybody destroy a icon of the
    united states like everybody has done,if
    the media said something about Lil Jon that
    was a lie u would believe that too.If we
    keep believe the media then all our icon’s
    would be no more.~

    ~The help he gived~
    He has saved kids lives that was sick;who
    could have died,he has gived poor family’s
    money;and what do we do we don’t show him
    any credict we burn him to the dust;we need
    rolemodels not bush;what good has bush done
    bush has increase taxes,wait so long to send
    troops to help out with clearing the innocent
    from Lebaeon,and wanted to stop black people
    from voteing;If we had a person like michael
    as president,someone who cares for our country
    things whould be better.~

    ~Think About it michael is not guilty,
    it’s the people that make him look guilty
    that is guilty;yes that boy is still sick
    from cancer and if michael was there helping
    there would be a chance for him liveing;it’s
    time for the stupidness to end,it’s time all
    new and old fan’s that have betrayed him need
    to look up the fact that he’s was founded innocent
    and once again take sides with him;we can’t
    afford to lose more icon because of the media and
    there lieing.~

    ~Thank’s Bye:~

  • Shweta

    Gavin deserves cancer for what he did to Michael

  • kate

    Gavin should be ashamed for what he did to Michael. He lied and exploited Michael. He doesn’t deserve to live a healthy life…he took that away from Michael.