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Michael Jackson: What Price Wealth?

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Compare the case of Michael Jackson, just acquitted on charges of child molesting with the many Catholic priests who molested children in their charge.

I have paid as little attention to this case as is possible in a world where every available news source has been lasering in on it for months. My admiration for Michael Jackson as a musical genius and a positively magnetic performer knows no bounds–his on-stage performances simply mesmerized me. And because of my passion for psychology and for children, I am fascinated with the story of his childhood and his upbringing–have enjoyed the film about the dramatic story of the Jackson Family several times.

But today I have only sorrow in my heart. I was raised Catholic. I know about the power that priests and nuns hold over little children (and many adults). When I think about how the furtive abuse of that power took place over many years with so many children, how many of the perpetrators were never even pointed out–let alone being subjected to lurid public scandal and the horrors of a courtroom (if you’ve never had to play a role in one, you don’t know how horrible the experience can be), it makes me wonder about the price that so often comes with great wealth.

Let he or she who is without sin cast the first stone.

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  • Mark Harrington

    Michael Jackson may not be without sin, but he is innocent of these charges. The way I see it is that, if MJ has a propensity for child abuse then he shall be accused again and he will be tried again, and found guilty.
    Take comfort in that, and let MJ be the innocent man that he has been found to be.

  • Barbara J Payne

    Thank you for that loving comment.

  • Fredrick

    Michael jackson is innocent..2day..and always… HE rocks..

  • jarrod

    Michael jackson is an amazing man and he is so misunderstood. This man has single handedly saved millions of children from poverty and death in 3rd world countries for decades he is truly an example of wat a miracle is in a human being!