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Michael Jackson Trial: Jesse Jackson Mind-Melds With MJ

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Now that all the boring stuff of the trial is over and a verdict and vast media attention is within smelling distance, the Rev. Jesse Jackson could not restrain himself from winging to Santa Maria to lend Michael Jackson his inimitable aid and comfort at close range.

After meeting with MJ last night for several hours, the Rev. Jackson (no relation) couldn’t help but discuss the matter with AP today, joining various family members, Raymone Bain, and Dick Gregory in the growing ranks of “Jackson spokespersons.”

“He is convinced that he’ll be acquitted if the jury uses reasonable doubt,” said Rev. Jackson. “He declares his innocence in the most private sessions.”

I wouldn’t be surprised to hear MJ declares his innocence daily into the mirror. I guess we can dispense with that “jury thing” now since he’s told Jesse he’s innocent.

According to Jesse, MJ feels betrayed by “people he trusted, people he employed, people he sought to be generous toward. I think in some sense he feels betrayed by those he trusted the most, who now seek to destroy him.”

The pop star is not bitter toward his accuser or the Arviso family, the Rev. Jackson claims. “He’s not embittered by it … he does not speak toward them in embittered tones. He speaks of the unfairness of the sheriff’s” department and prosecutor’s office, who have a “kind of 10 year obsession” with him, Jackson said.

Based on the extremely wide reach of the charges against Jackson, especially the kidnapping and conspiracy charges, this is not an unreasonable assumption. But it appears to be based on area law enforcement’s frustration with the Jordy Chandler case a decade earlier, where an eminently prosecutable case fell apart when young Chandler refused to testify after being paid more than $20 million-plus by Jackson to, in essence, shut up and go away.

Rev. Jackson also referred to the Nov. 18, 2003 search of Neverland as “a Waco-style invasion.” “They came into his house with 75 armed deputies and the media. They kicked over furniture and artwork. They ransacked the house,” he said.

“There have been two trials simultaneously,” Jackson said. “The courtroom and the newsroom.”

However on the latter count, I have found the media in general to be, if anything, bending over backwards to be fair to Jackson, as I discussed here.

I am certain we will hear from Jesse again … soon.

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  • For me all this Michael Jackson stuff sort of melts into the background. There’s always a high profile trial, and if there’s not one that’s an obvious draw, some opportunistic reporter will get the nation interested in one that’s not really very significant. (Like the Peterson trial)

  • Eric Olsen

    is it the media driving it or the media responding to what the public wants?

  • Mario G. Nitrini 111

    Eric, Most of the Media People Twist, Lie, Deceive, and go with the Flow and More when it comes to these Celebrity Trials. I should Know, I was Personally Involved in The OJ Simpson Case. I had SO Much Contact with Media People it’s Un-real. The Only thing about Me, is that I would Not Sell-out to them. It’s not My nature. Most of the Media do not like Me at.

    I belong to a Discussion Group called “Smartfellows Press” (IAGO). We have uncovered New Evidence and Facts regarding the OJ Case and More. Writer and Author Jasper Garrison Oversees the Website.

    There have been some Weird and Astonishing Legal Happenings Lately with Certain People connected to the Case. Jack Walraven was Instructed by Court Reporter Christine M. Olson to Remove the OJ Simpson Criminal Trial Transcripts from His Website. The Transcripts have been on Walraven’s Website for about 10 YEARS. They have been a Standard in the Case. What Gives????

    Bill Wasz, a Major Player in The OJ Simpson Case, was found Dead in His Apartment in Mid=March of this year, 2005. I, and Several Others, believe that he was Murdered for what information He Knew about The OJ Simpson Case and More. Bill had a Book already Printed and ready For Distribution. There has Been ABSOLUTELY NO Mainstream Media Coverage about His Death. I Wonder WHY??????

    There are more New Legal happenings in the Case. If You would Like, I can Elaborate. THE Media are trying to cover them up for “Reasons.”

    Thanks Eric,


    Mario G. Nitrini 111

  • Eric Olsen

    what new facts have come to light, and what is the media trying to cover up?

  • Mario G. Nitrini 111

    Eric, there is so Much of it, but I will give you a few.

    Check this out for Yourself, don’t take My word for it. There is a HUGE Conspriracy Involving The Limousine Company, Town and Country Limousine Service in The OJ Simpson Case. Rocky Bateman, who worked for Town and Country Limousine Service, and who was an In-Law of Mine, was OJ Simpson’s “Regular” Limo Driver from Approximately August of 1993 to June of 1994, and yet on CNN in Mid-June of 1995, Rocky says He was OJ Simpson’s Regular Limo Dirver for 3 Years. CNN Knows this is a LIE and are Covering up for WHO?????? Dale St. John, the owner of Town and Country Limousine Service, testified in the Civil Trial, about driving OJ Simpson over 3 and one half Years, And MANY Media People have said that Dale St. John was OJ Simpson’s Regular Limo Driver. Most Media People KNOW that this is a LIE, and Keep coveing it Up. WHY?????? Rocky Bateman and Dale ST. John CANNOT be OJ Simpson’s Regular Limo Driver “At The Same Time.”

    The Death (Murder) of Bill Wasz IS being covered-up by the Media Big Time for Big Time Reasons. Ask Me some Questions and I’ll Explain.

    Just to let You Know, I had an Article Written about Me, about some of My involvement in the Case, in The L.A. Times by Bill Boyarsky on June 23rd, 1995, and was on David Bresnahan’s National Radio Show in Mid-March of 2001 Discussing some Items about the Case.

    Mark Fuhrman Testified that He was Pumping Gas in Pomona at 10:40PM on June 12th, 1994, and yet His Wife called into a TV Interview Show approximately a few Years later and said He (Fuhrman) was in bed with Her at 10:30PM on June 12th, 1994. How can that be???? IT CAN’T. Most Media People who covered The OJ Simpson Case Know this, Why won’t they Report it????? People Lie for a Reason or Reasons.

    We can just start Dicussing these Three Items. You got Questions, Ask away. The Limo Company and it’s People Connections was/and still IS My Main Focus in The OJ Simpson Case. NOBODY in the WORLD has Information on The Limo company like I do, NOBODY

    Thanks Eric,

    Mario G. Nitrini 111

  • Eric Olsen

    what is the net result of this info, ie, who did it?

  • Mario G. Nitrini 111

    I’m 50/50 on OJ Simpson’s Innocence/Guilt for MANY Reasons. In The OJ Simpson Case, there are LIARS on both Sides, the Defense and The Prosecution. People LIE for a Reason or Reasons.

    Eric, You’ll just have to Keep an Eye Out for More Legal Proceedings in The OJ Simpson Case.

    Mario G. Nitrini 111

  • Eric Olsen

    I shall, and though there clearly were liars on both sides, it would take some monumentally explosive evidence — the Big Bang of evidence — to lead me to believe someone other than OJ did it

  • Mario G. Nitrini 111

    Eric, keep Alert for these names and other People Connections to The OJ Simpson Case and Legal Happenings.

    Bill Pavelic was an OJ Simpson Investigator. He approached a Book Author and wanted to discuss doing a Tell-All-OJ-did-it-Book. [Personal attack deleted by Comments Editor]

    Anthony Pellicano, has been in Federal Prison for a While Now. It has been VERY, VERY Quiet in the Media Concerning Pellicano, TOO QUIET.

    Andrew Luster, “The Max Factor Kid.” Bill Wasz in a Phone conversation with Jasper Garrison, claimed to be Luster’s Bodygaurd in a California Prison.

    Tupac, Notorious B. I. G, Larry Longo, and Suge Knight. There IS an OJ Simpson Case Connection there.

    There’s More, but this is a start.

    Mario G. Nitrini 111

  • td

    “Tupac, Notorious B. I. G, Larry Longo, and Suge Knight. There IS an OJ Simpson Case Connection there.”

    Ok. Your credibility just went off in the spaceship with Elvis and the Aliens.

    I think you can question anything too much. Was his limo driver this guy or that guy…..Who cares. Maybe he had two different limo drivers.

    Things you mention carry very little importance when compared to the DNA evidence and his actions immediately following the crime. So if the media cut corners, good for them. At least they aren’t chopping people up.

  • Mario G. Nitrini 111


    If You would like to check My Credibility, I will Post a “Toll Free” LAPD Phone number for You. If you decide to call the number, ask for Detective Ronald Y. Ito in RHD. Detective Ito was the Lead Detective in The Robert Blake Case. He LIES on the Witness Stand and in other Legal Situations. Ito was involved in The OJ Simpson Case in the Capacity of a “Lead Chaser” for the LAPD and the Prosecution in The OJ Simpson Case. I gave Detective Ronald Y. Ito Lots of Information, that Potentially could/and still can, Incriminate OJ Simpson for Double Murder, or, Exonerate OJ Simpson of Double Murder. Detective Ronald Y. Ito Criminally and Illegally Suppressed the information that I gave for Reasons, and I CAN PROVE, NO PROBLEM.

    In the event that You decide to try and contact Detective Ronald Y. Ito of the LAPD, and You do get to talk with Him, tell Him NOT to LIE about me. It’s in His best Legal Interest

    I mention situations for a Reason and Reasons. If You would like, I can go into some of them. The things that I mention, are of GREAT IMPORTANCE.

    Also, I am glad You Posted. People have been ATTACKING My Credibility in The OJ Simpson Case for a Long Time. Want to Know Why?????????

    td: If You would like, I will Discuss with You here on Blog Critics about “The Limousine Company Conspiracy” in The OJ Simpson Case. It’s Your call.

    As far as The Tupac, Notoriuous B.I.G, Suge Knight, Larry Longo and Other People connected to these 4 People, and People Connections in The OJ Simpson Case, I Will Discuss them with You on this thread. Just ASK?????

    I met Face-to-Face with an F.B.I. Special Agent in there office at the Federal Building in Westwood, California, regarding The OJ Simpson Case and other matters in 1997. I also spoke with this Agent several times on the telephone, and I also met Face-to-Face with an Assisstant U.S. District Attorney in Downtown L.A. regarding The OJ Simpson Case, just to let You Know.

    If You would like, I will discuss some of My Contact with certain Media people, and there are a lot that I have talked with.

    td, Thanks for posting and I hope You will ask Me Questions, and, I will PROVE to You ABOUT My Credibility. No ONE can Legally deal with me in The OJ Simpson Case. NO ONE.

    Mario G. Nitrini 111

  • Mark Harrington


    Is it just me, or does this Mario guy seem a bit obsessive? Why does he keep inviting questions about OJ?
    Everybody knows that the media print what they want to print. Thats how they sell their papers.
    I really doubt it is a conspiracy though, just the way of the world I guess.

  • Eric Olsen

    Mark, you sound very sensible about the media, less so about Michael Jackson

  • Mario G. Nitrini 111

    Mr. Mark Harrington:

    I like to use the word INTENSE. With what’s happened to Me because of My Involvement in The OJ Simpson Case, a “Bit” Intense??????—I’M EXTREMELY LEGALLY INTENSE.

    When someone asks Me, “who have I talked that’s Connected in The OJ Simpson Case,” the question should be, “Who haven’t I talked to that’s Connected to The OJ Simpson Case”

    Mark, you wouldn’t believe How Many Media People I spoke with about the Case. When I go back in my mind, and in My Notes about How Many I talked with, it’s like it’s Not Real. Let Me tell you a few FACTS about a Media Person from First Hand experience, (MINE). MOST, but not ALL, are Cowardly, Deceptive, and I’ll just say, “People.” Several of them tipped off the Defense about “Things” in The OJ Simpson Case, and Several of them Tipped off the Prosecution about “Things” in The OJ Simpson Case, and in some Instances, some participated in Criminal and Illegal acts, and Laws were broken. and I can Prove it ALL.

    Mark, Eric Olson has the “COURAGE to leave My Posts up here on Blog Critics, and I thank Him for that. I am HATED in this case by MANY PEOPLE for REASONS.

    Mark, I do not fear anything, but I am not Stupid, and I can Legally defend Myself Very, Very Well. I live right here in Reseda, California, and many, many people Connected to OJ Simpson Case and beyond have My address and Telephone Number. I’m NOT hard to find. I’m NOT hiding from Anyone.

    Mark, I invite ANYONE in the World to ask me questions about The OJ Simpson Case for MANY REASONS, one is, it helps me get out what I and others have Uncovered on IAGO, “Smartfellows Press,” another is that it helps me in My Pursuit for Legal Justice for Myself. There are many others.

    Thanks for Posting to Me,

    Mario G. Nitrini 111

  • rovaan

    If you question all the connections that Mario is talking about, go here

    Then click on High Points. Find the link to the “Flow Chart’. Someone else posted they would have a hard time thinking there was a coverup in the OJ case because of DNA in the blood. What if you learned that someone was helping a “Nicole look alike” get OJ’s blood prior to the murder? Then check out the number of connections between the MJ case and the OJ case.

  • George Curious

    I’ve just heard from Brent Bateman’s people about the Michael Jackson trial and he’s been right-on about the whole incident way back about seven years ago.

    This little gay man from the Midwest has been preaching Michael’s innocence for over seven years, and no one…..all except GERALDO RIVERA, ever…and I mean (this guy faxed, wrote, and e-mailed nearly every program on FOX, CNBC, MSNBC, and CNN, his research about Tom Sneddon and his racist and crimonal behavior, but no one listened.

    It’s kinda of funny. In a world full of yellow journalists, no one listened to this little queer from the cornfields who has had the story completely straight from the get go.

    I guess Hollywood would rather ruin the amazing things Jackson has done for the human spirit than listen to Bateman, who I have heard lives on a boat in the marina, and sings Jackson songs that he claims lift him to the higher level in his own personal life.

    GO FIGURE. This Bateman character will turn out to be history in the making, all the while making him a new form of entertainment…..TRUTH and HONESTY.

    I can’t wait to see what this cute man does next.

    To set me free….I pray Brent Bateman takes Tinsel Town by storm.

    Carrie Steel
    Culver City, CA

  • l love you very much
    l want to marrind you
    you will be in my heart

  • Mario G. Nitrini 111

    Helloooooooooo Eric Olsen.

    Long Time No Talk To.

    I sent you some E-mails a While back. I wans’t sure if You received them since I never got a Reply from You.

    On this Blog, I mention The Media and Anthony Pellicano. The Media has Picked up A LOT about Pellicano.

    Do you have any Thinking about The Pellicano Federal Indictment and connections to OJ Simpson Case Participants????

    Could there be here in the future an OJ Simpson Case Connection to The Notorious B.I.G. Federal Civil Case???? There already is.

    At least Eric, you and your People here on Blogcritics haven’t Deleted my Posts like some website’s have.


    Mario G. Nitrini 111

  • Mario G. Nitrini 111

    I’ve been Doing some reading: Los Angeles Times Reporter Accuses Biggie Smalls Of Tupac*s Murder Journalist Chuck Philips has been investigating the case for over a year and is now.

    Let’s See, Bill Wasz—–Connected to Suge Knight in a Prison Fight– Something I’ve heard. Bill Wasz—–Connected to Anthony Pellicano


    Bill Wasz – Official Website
    Forum Topics Posts Last Post Bill – Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow Bill Wasz – The Modern Legend All That You Wanted To Know About Bill, But…

    Chuck Philips Writing about The Murders of Tupac and Biggie Smalls. Hmmmmm??????

    Chuck Philips, when writing about Suge Knight, seems to me to be Writing REAL EASY ABOUT SUGE KNIGHT.

    Let me see,

    Chuck Philips?????? Anthony Pellicano????? Suge Knight????? Bill Wasz?????? [unsupported allegation deleted by Comments Editor]

    Is their a MAJOR Connection TYING these People Together?????

    Mario G. Nitrini 111

    The OJ Simpson Case