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Michael Jackson Trial: Is His Body Trying to Tell Us Something?

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As the jury returns today for its first full day of deliberations in the Michael Jackson trial, contrary to what his spokesperson Raymone Bain said on the matter, the King of Pop clearly IS “falling apart.”

Jackson visited the emergency room of the small Santa Ynez Valley Cottage Hospital near his Neverland ranch yesterday for five hours for treatment of the back problem that has plagued him throughout much of the trial, and precipitated the infamous “jammies” appearance back in March.

Saturday a van carrying cardio care equipment was seen arriving at Neverland. The company specializes in Enhanced External Counterpulsation (EECP) machines, which are used to help angina patients reduce shortness of breath, chest pains or stabilize blood pressure.

Comedian and Jackson pal Dick Gregory said Jackson also went to Cottage Hospital last Thursday to obtain IV fluids to alleviate his dehydration. Gregory said, “When you are under stress for 12 months, for 18 months, no one can understand but the person going through it. He was so dehydrated I thought he was developing kidney stones. You can’t drink enough water while you are standing in court.”

All of that coupled with Jackson’s extremely wan, gaunt and frail appearance of late would seem to indicate that he is not responding well to the stress of the situation.

This rather alarming set of affairs leads me to speculate: Would Jackson simply fade away if he is found guilty and required to do prison time, or would he rally and strengthen just to “show them? Recall that Jackson is responsible for three children of his own.

Does an innocent man cave under pressure such as this, or does inner certainty of innocence buoy the falsely accused? In other words, is Jackson’s collapse an indication of guilt of some kind? Is his body telling a truth his mind can’t or won’t?

I don’t have the answers, just the questions.

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  • Iskander

    Of course you are giving the answer and it is a stupid one.
    Try to bear a 4 month trial where your freedom is at stake. At first you will stand up and fight but at the end the body cruches because of the STRESS, not teh CULPABILITY

  • Eric Olsen

    and you know this how?

  • james mclaffery

    Hi eric:-),i’ve got to say i’d of probably had a serious nervous breakdown if i was accused whether rightly or wrongly of what mj has mate.Can you imagine if you were innocent and you’d been pulled through all of this.We’ll know once and for all this week.Really as i’ve said in other posts,you should hope he is innocent for the sake of another kid being hurt.And the mother shouldn’t get away scot free either she should be lucky not to lose them,whether he’s found guilty or not.Either way she would be guilty of neglect and also lying under oath about jc penney.

  • jarboy

    hey jim, i know i would be a basket case if i had to go through soemthing like this, even if i knew i was stone innocent.
    i don’t agree that “we’ll know once and for all this week.” all we’ll know is if the prosecution proved their case to this jury. the jury may think mj is guilty as hell, but cannot convict him if they don’t believe the case was adequately proven. does the name o.j. simpson ring a bell?

  • james mclaffery

    Hi jarboy how you doing?,that is true,and OJ was so GUILTY it’s a wonder he didn’t have guilty tattooed on his forehead.Iv’e got relatives in nyc i’ll have to find out who they are cause i’d love to see the big apple.I’ve got a landscape portrait of the manhatten skyline with the twin towers centre stage it’s breathtaking.

  • Obviously, standing trial is traumatic for anyone, innocent or guilty. Some defendants have the werewithall to endure the stress; some do not. MJ does not appear to have that endurance.

  • jarboy

    come on over, jim. i’ll show you around. i live 2 blocks from times square.

  • Eric Olsen

    James and Jarboy, I agree with everything you guys just said – the stress would be great either way, but would it be worse if you know you are guilty?

  • james mclaffery

    Jarboy,Your’e a lucky person then,new york seems to have a certain magic about it don’t you think?.

  • jarboy

    yep. hit me offline: dph10036@yahoo.com

  • james mclaffery

    Hi eric,yes is there is that ,but could the other side of the coin be that if you knew you were guilty but saw nothing wrong with it would you be nervous at all?.

  • Eric Olsen

    that’s a good point too – it’s very complicated

  • james mclaffery

    Hi,jarboy as soon as i find out where my relatives live i’ll see if they are anywhere near you, got your e-mail address mate.The email i’m using is my sisters so i’ll have to wait until i get my own pc again but if your’e a decent enough bloke if ever i get the chance to come to america it would be useful to have a contact there.I don’t know if youv’e been but london is quite impressive as well if you avoid the slums(like any big city i suppose).

  • Think of the stony demeanor of Scott Peterson in court. Think of OJ’s seeming to still exist as the beloved celebrity, in much the same way that Jacko still waves to his fans outside the courthouse, regardless of his stress.

    I don’t think you can draw any conclusions about guilt or innocence from the way people behave in court, or the way their bodies misbehave under the trauma. That would be like concluding that hanging is a sexual experience for the executed man, because an erection occurs.

  • james mclaffery

    Hi dr pat:-),i don’t know how oj can live with himself,to me it was proven beyond a doubt that he killed the poor women and yet because of who he is and the fact the glove didn’t fit everbody seems to of forgotten it,this is why even though i strongly believe mj is innocent if there was half the amount of proven evidence that was against oj,then my belief would be that he’s guilty but,forgive me when i say i can’t honestly see that mj is guilty.One thing i do know though i wouldn’t be a good thief/murderer because they’d know straight away i was guilty by looking at my face.

  • I think the stress and the toll might depend on your personality/constitution more than anything else. Think about the stone cold killers who stare at you with black holes in their eyes and they’re told they’ll someday be visiting Old Sparky.

    That said, MJ: His Life & Times gives the appearance of smoke. Lots and lots and lots of smoke.

    Is there fire? The jury is going to give their ruling on the matter soon enough.

  • Nancy

    I think it depends on your personality. I’m the type that feels guilty even when I haven’t done anything. I think standing trial would kill me, just the shame of having been accused even if it weren’t true, and the stress – because lawyers can twist things, and innocent people are convicted all the time based on lies and false arguments. Of course, this applies more to people who have no money and can’t afford the best defense money can buy, like OJ and those like him fortunate enough to be able to buy the best defense and spinmeisters to ensure they at least get a fair trial, if not weasel out of charges altogether. Part of Jackson’s problem is his reputation for “weirdness”, which I’m sure hasn’t helped any, even if he is innocent. I’m just glad I’m not on this jury.

  • It’s not just a reputation, Nancy. He’s really really weird, even if he’s 1,000% innocent of any charge.

    How many people show up to court in their pjs? Hang infants out of hotel windows?

    There are 3,000 of these anecdotes. We all know them.

  • jarboy

    i don’t know, eric. no way i could be guilty and go thru a charade like this w/o cracking.

  • Nancy

    Yeah, he’s done some abysmally stupid (dangling the baby off the balconey) and weird (too many to name) things; but I also am totally repelled by the accusers: what a total pack of – I can’t even think of a word for them. Carney sharks? Grifters? Con jobs? Vultures? They’re horrible, and they’ve made it patently clear both by their actions and their own previous behavior that they have no place to throw stones, either! Someone shouldn’t be convicted just because they’re strange. Like I said, I’m SO glad I’m not on this jury! I couldn’t do it, either as a juror, or as a defendant.

  • Eric Olsen

    and then there is the issue of his economic future: he has huge expenses and doesn’t have anythin like the income he needs to support them

  • mel

    I have been following this case since day one, and I seriously do not believe mj is guilty. Thomas messereau has been out of this world as a lawyer, and I cannot fault him. He has proved the Arvizo clan are liars and actors. He has made them look stupid even, especially the basketcase of a mother. I do feel nervous for him right now cos the jury could decide either way, but looking at the whole court case, like t messereau said, to bring back a verdict of not guilty on all accounts is the only right verdict, and that is so true. They have lied time and time again. I personally fell mj can make a comeback and bring out a record relating to the case that would just be such a big hit as he has made lots of music about the media, and that sneddon guy. For him to just give up music and dancing would be a waste of great talent. He has a mass of fans worldwide, and I believe that more people are for him than against him.

  • Eric Olsen

    whether he is actually innocent and whther the prosecution proved any of the charges beyond a reasonable doubt are two different matters, of course.

    He is certainly more popular elsewhere tha nhe is here and if he is found innocent, he would be smart to tour Europe, Japan, to make some money and to stay the hell out of the U.S. for a while

  • I read somewhere that he would “likely” sell Neverland and live abroad if he makes it out of this case a free man.

    That would seem to be his best option, I would think — and then tour outside the US to bolster his finances and reputation over a period of years.

    Assuming his back heals.

    I also read that MJ still expects to be offered the largest recording contract in history at some point.

  • james mclaffery

    We shall wait with baited(sp?) breath.

  • Eric Olsen

    his bizarre ego and sense of entitlement are not his friends, shall we say

  • jarboy

    he won’t be found innocent, eric — that isn’t even an option. guilty or not guilty. but either way, chances are he will have to go through a civil trial, cuz the arviso’s aren’t going through this without going for a payday.

  • Perhaps Dylan had it a bit wrong:

    Everybody must get paid…

  • james mclafferty

    Anybody noticed iv’e been missing the t of mclafferty(doh!)

  • Eric Olsen

    Americans change their names a lot so we don’t notice stuff like that

  • james mclafferty

    Eric,any chance of adding the t to the leaderboard please(sorry if i’m a pain)lol!

  • Eric Olsen

    it’s all automatic – I dont’ think it can be changed by hand

  • james mclafferty

    Allright mate cheers just off out to take the dog no doubt she’ll find some damp muddy patch somewhere.As long as i know who ia m hey;-P

  • Antfreeze

    MJ’s wearing a fetching shade of lipstick today I must say. You’d think an Earthling would realize that dressing like a freak might add to the jury’s feelings about your general freakatude but…the man’s a basket case. Eric, where are the links to buy t-shirts, mugs, etc.

  • mel

    I think that if this was not michael jackson, and all of the non-evidence which the prosecutors have, and if Sneddon was not hell-bent on convicting mj, and if the Arvizos clan were not money-hungry scumbags, under normal circumstances, thsi case would never have even gotten past a court door, cos there is just no forensic evidence,and all they have is the word of 2 boys and a leading mother. When u really think about it, the prosecution had up to 100 witness, and in that 100 they have not even been able to prove their case. The defence had 50 something and wrapped up in 3 weeks, and have proved their case. I just hope the jury recognises all of this.

  • mel

    He is just being himself. Mj is not a freak. He may not be your average run of the mill guy, but he is not a freak!

  • Eric Olsen

    then what is a “freak” if he is not?

  • jarboy

    right, eric. if mj is not a freak, there is no such thing as a freak.

  • Yes, I’d love to hear the definition of freak and then determine whether or not MJ suits that category.

    I think MJ ventured past the normal characterization of eccentric sometime in mid-July 1984.

  • Eric Olsen

    especially the voluntary aspect – he wasn’t born that way

  • jarboy

    jim, i’d like to see london, lots of point of interest, historically and culturally. tho i have a friend from ireland who tells me that new york is like what he always imagined london would be like when he was growing up, but was sorely disappointed when he finally went to london. but then again, he’s a bit of a wanker.

  • jarboy

    drpat. dr of what? phd’s who insist on calling themselves dr, or worse yet, insist on others calling them dr, are terribly insecure. even the chronicle of higher ed and the ny times only use the title dr for md’s. prof, yes; dr, no. no more than you would address someone with a masters as master, or a bachelors as bachelor. the tile should reflect one’s occupation, not one’s degree.

  • Don’t forget that we’re talking about one of the top dancers in the world – so as frail as he may appear at times – his body is thousands of times fitter than most normal people.

    Having said that – I am a former dancer and all-around extreme everything – very fit and healthy – but once when I was under an extremely trying work situation in the business world – I was so freaked out over the situation that my lower back completely gave out on me. And that was just a couple of days. That is the center of our nervous system after all – and when a dancer’s weak spots appear they appear in a BIG way.

    Five years ago I was heavily into all the new age stuff – my teacher said something that is relevant here – we get hints and messages all the time about our situations – sometimes we ignore them and sometimes they’re deep in our subconcious – whatever the case – there are a numer of layers the messages need to get through – I can’t remember the order exactly (mental, emotional etc.) but the physical layer is the final frontier – whatever didn’t manage to get through to us on all the other levels is impossible to ignore when it hits the physical level.

    You don’t get where MJ has in life without being extremely strong and of the survivor species. I think his body is definitely issuing a cry for help in a way that he can’t voice.

    I’m sure this whole experience is causing him to dig deep down inside himself right to the root of his being -and that’s always a good thing. It’s also a lot more difficult to endure than any punishment or jail sentence – especially if it’s forced upon you instead of us choosing to do it willingly.

  • Maybe I’m in the minority here but I’m growing weary of the whole “MJ is frail” garbage. It doesn’t seem genuine to me at all. Yeah, sure, he can get some doctor to say he’s got a bad back or some other ailment but the sickness he faces, IMO, isn’t something medical.

    Whatever the outcome of this trial, he’s done musically — at least in the states. Maybe overseas he can go on tour someday. But then if he’s so frail sitting in a courtroom, how is he going to handle the pressure and strain of touring?

    I have a sneaking suspicion that if he is found guilty of the molestation that he’ll never see a day in jail. He’ll either take his life first or have some bizarre disappearance that will have us talking about Jacko well past the Thriller’s time on earth.

  • jarboy

    josia wrote: I was so freaked out over the situation that my lower back completely gave out on me. And that was just a couple of days. That is the center of our nervous system after all
    the lower back is the center of our nervous system? are you a homo sapien?

  • No – I’m Israeli (ha ha!!)

    Get informed: http://idid.essortment.com/anatomynervous_rmej.htm

  • Mickey

    The announcement of the verdict will be shown live on TV , right ?

  • Shark

    Jackson has lost so much weight that his plastic cheek implants are starting to look like fenders on a 1959 Cadillac.

    BTW: Did he try on the glove yet?

    Oh wait, wrong trial!



    PS: If he’s acquitted like O.J. Simpson, that will make TWO famous WHITE GUYS who got off scot-free!

  • Eric Olsen

    he’s clearly a nervous wreck – maybe he will be better off after a verdict, no matter what the verdict is

  • Shark

    If he’s found guilty and goes to prison, look for that *’Cadillac’ to get rear-ended BIG TIME.



    *sorry for takin’ a metaphorical image to the extreme; I’m on break — what can I say…

  • Eric Olsen

    won’t he be in seclusion for “his own protection”?

  • Vicky

    CLEARLY if you are falsely accused and facing 20+ years in prison if convicted for something you didn’t do, you’d break down.

    Especially in Mr. Jackson’s unqiue situation. One where all the odds are against you and everyone is watching with a magnifying glass to watch you fry.

    Look at Scott Peterson, during his trial he seemed unmoved the whole time. Sure he cleaned up and lost some weight, but none of this. Had I been accused of killing a spouce I loved dearly…at the same time knowing I could be executed for it. I’d crumble.

    Stupid blog.

  • Vicky

    TDavid, what are you on about?

    Even if Michael Jackson broke his finger and went to the hospital in a very discreet manner, someone would tip off the press, they’d all make their way over there and we’d have all sort of speculation as to why he did it.

    That is what happened this past week. There has NEVER been a time throughout his career when he was able to visit the hospital without someone questioning his motives.

    I don’t know if anyone else has noticed, but despite his eccentricites, he is a HUMAN BEING that is bound to fall ill, get injured, or need a medical check up at some point.

    Most of us can go to the hospital whenever we want and no one will question you as to why, but he can’t go without people doubting that he really needs medical attention.

    It’s apparent that Mr. Jackson is really in physical pain. Had he been going to the hospital when there is nothing wrong with him, no doctor would treat him for a problem he doesn’t have.

    In this case, he does have a doctor.

    It’s not garbage, if you don’t like it fine. But the only people that make it the be bigger than what it is are media critics like the fool that wrote this article.

    I’m sure he’d love to walk into a hospital and not have anyone know about it.

  • Eric Olsen

    Vicky, fortunately for you, you know all there is to know, and you know it with a certainty that defies time and space.

    How interesting it must to have been to have actually been there when Jacko was or was not plying minors with alcohol, was or was not molesting Gavin Arviso, wa or was not conspiring against the Arvisos.

    Because how else could you know what you know?

  • MG

    During the dark ages, people used fire ordeals and other gruesome methods with the stupid idea that the innocent will bravely encounter the ordeals. See, even lie detector tests, which look at objective conditions, are not allowed by courts. Raising the very question seems to indicate a certain regress towards the dark ages. It also shows blatant disregard of civility: the guy is innocent until proven guilty, and the issue before the jury is whether there is proof of his guilt. Reasonable doubt means that the jury may decide that the guilt has not been proven without room for doubt. It has nothing to the do with the state of the mind of the accused. It depends on what proof there is.

  • Edith

    If the family got a settlement from JC.Penny. and it is now prov-en that they lied
    Is there or could there be any repercussions for the family

  • dee

    I don’t know if this guy is guilty or not. I know I am glad I am not on the jury cause I have not seen any ‘smoking gun’ in this trial. I do think he is weird and I think his life is screwed up no matter what he does as there will always be those who think he did what he is accused of no matter what the jury says. Can he stand life in prison…I don’t know but if he did what they say he did, he will find out what his victims felt like once the prsioners get hold of him.

  • I find it amazing how the media thinks this trial has more precedence over more important stories like the ongoing war in Iraq or the upcoming NBA Finals. As heinous child abuse cases are, this trial and its coverage have mocked both the judicial system and the seriousness of the crime.

  • Tan — That’s been the way of our infotainment media for years now. People complain about bias… the real issue should be that the real issues are barely covered!

  • Hi Vicky –

    I believe in innocent until proven guilty, but in the court of public opinion, just like OJ, most people think MJ is guilty no matter how this trial plays out.

    If these charges were so bogus why did he pay off people 10+ years ago? I’d say the fact that the jury didn’t return an early verdict today like they did with OJ does not bode well for Jackson. They probably are hung in there right now on the molestation stuff. The underage drinking charge seems like a slam dunk. Forget the other charge about false imprisonment, they’ll throw that out.

    Jackson should have fought those earlier cases when he was stronger instead of paying them off.

    Jackson is sort of like Mike Tyson in that he could have gone down as the greatest of all time, but now he’ll just go down as a tragedy — however this trial plays out.

    Sorry MJ fans, this Thriller is nearling its end.

  • Infotainment – that’s clever… but as the media further decides what is really news, then we’ll probably just get hours of extended coverage that shows like Extra and Access Hollywood provide now.

  • But with all of the outrage that people have for the way news coverage has been changing to infotainment, I don’t see how things could ever change back. There must be people still intrigued by Britney Spears’ hairstyles or JLo’s massages.

  • Vicky

    Eric Olsen, I didn’t say anything pertaining to what you shot back at me with now did I?

    How about we respond and stick with what my original point was?

    Okay, Thanx. =)

  • Vicky

    ‘MG’ is right on. I wish I could have said all that in a short paragraph.

  • Vicky

    TDavid. Come on.

    The jury has had exactly 1 day and about 2 hours to deliberate. There are 10 charges in this case.

    Let’s just for instance they spend one hour deliberating about each charge. They still wouldn’t have had enough time, and one hour is not very long.

    I’m not sure how many 4 month trials with so many witnesses and things to go over have juries that return verdicts in 1 day.

    Look at Robert Blake his jury took days, and the verdict was not guilty.

    Give me a damn break.

    Why did he settle? I don’t know. But what I do know is that he had more reasons to settle than the family had to take the money.

    If you can ask the question ‘Why did he settle’, I can ask you the question ‘Why did the family take the money?’.

    Remember, back then it was up to the parents to accept his money. The alleged victim at the time was still a child. So what would possess a PARENT to accept money from the man to so cruelly sexually abused their child, over and over? Why did they seek a civil case and not a criminal one?

    Hmmm. Yeah.

    I could tell you all the possible reasons Michael Jackson settled, but I’m sure you don’t want to read them all. If you do, just tell me and I’ll let you know what I think.

    The whole ‘most people think MJ is guilty’ is not a valid reason to presume his guilt. Talk about being a sheep.

    You said you believe in innocent until proven guilty. Obviously not.

    There was a time when everyone thought the world was flat, if you thought otherwise they’d punish you. Even back then, they had their little ‘evidences’ that proved the world was flat.

    Now we know otherwise.

  • Nancy

    Hopefully, Penney’s – or better yet, the DA in the district where the Penneys case occurred – will file a criminal fraud complaint against the Arvisos. I’d like to see every single one of them – including the kid – go to jail for about a decade; preferably put to hard labor doing something altruistic, like building houses for the poor or something. Especially the mother. I am somewhat surprised that Jackson’s attorneys never got him to file countercharges, but maybe that will come if the accusers file a civil suit.

  • Eric Olsen

    the state of the media today is a collaboration between the media and the public: if people did not respond, the media would not do what it does. And “the media” as some kind of monolith is a false construction anyway: is Fox News PBS? People can find pretty much anything they want in some corner of the media, so I’m not sure what all the complaining is about

  • jarboy

    a person as rich as mj doesn’t ahve to go to the emergency room for back pain or dehydration. a doctor can come to his home to treat him. unless of course he wants to media to focus on how frail he is, rahter than what the jury is deliberating about.

  • Eric Olsen

    exactly – why doesn’t he simply have a doctor on retainer? Even Jacko apologist Roger Friedman asked this question

  • jarboy

    curse, eric — now you’ve put me in the same boat with roger friedman. don’t make em call you a matt drudge clone:-)

  • Eric Olsen

    will strive mightily against it

  • td

    I have a question,

    If MJ is such a nice person, then why does he keep hiring such seedy employee’s?

    Every ex-employee is ready to accuse him of being a child molester for a little money, or 5 min in the spotlight.

    My theory, is that MJ hires lowlifes because they are more likely to turn a blind eye to his activities. And he figures that if they ever show up in court against him, their seedy pasts will undermine their testimony.

    Seriously, why else did he hire these people year after year?

  • Eric Olsen

    good question

  • Shark

    “…MJ hires lowlifes… why else did he hire these people year after year?”

    It’s not intentional: it’s a numbers game: 95% of bipedal domesticated primates in America are lowlifes.


    MG: “…the guy is innocent until proven guilty…”

    Dear ‘MG’

    Beat it.

    …And please don’t ruin the fun by quoting some archaic ideal from America’s past. We love to hate Jackson; he’s been on everyone’s shit list ever since he paid Bubbles to stay mum over the “jesus banana” incident.


    Vicky: “‘MG’ is right on. I wish I could have said all that in a short paragraph.”

    So do we, Vicky, so do we.

    And don’t worry about your little teen pop idol; if he’s dies in jail, you can be sure he’ll rise on the third day.


    Next Subject:

    “Nancy Grace: Will she take her own life after the MJ trial ends?”


  • Barb

    Yeah! I’d completely fall apart.
    The stress over just a speeding ticket makes me insane. Yeah this is his whole life embarrasement nationally broadcase wow.! Think he has held up quite well innocent or guilty!

  • sc341

    The trial is what killed MJ….