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Michael Jackson: Still and Always a Freak

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As most of you have probably already heard, Michael Jackson was acquitted of all charges today, much to the surprise of pundits and prosecutors. Apparently the accuser’s mother was just too opportunistic and unconvincing for jurors to accept, and the rest of the case just fell down like dominos. If she wasn’t credible then the conspiracy claims fall apart, and her sons testimony looks suspect as well, and the rest of the case was mostly rumor and innuendo.

Of course, one of the great strengths of our legal system is that Jackson was protected by the principle of ‘reasonable doubt’. He might well not be innocent, but the prosecution didn’t present a strong enough case to prove it to the satisfaction of a jury, so he gets the benefit of the doubt. And it has to have been some major doubt, because everything about Jackson cries out for punishment in the eyes of most normal, rational Americans who might find their way onto a jury. We should all be thankful for this, because it means that no matter what we do, there’s always a chance that fate and a jury of our peers will give us the benefit of the doubt too.

Free though he may be in the eyes of the law, Jackson still faces the merciless judgement of the court of public opinion. In the eyes of most people he still remains the freak which he has chosen to make himself through his pursuit of self-gratification through an alternative lifestyle which few of us can begin to comprehend. He faces financial problems, public suspicion, and a career which is likely to have been destroyed by the combination of his negative reputation and his apparent loss of whatever muse made his early work palatable. He still has considerable assets and will likely be selling some of them off in the near future to pay his lawyers.

The future for Michael Jackson problably won’t be as grim as some people would like it to be, but it won’t be a tale of glorious redemption and an amazing comeback either. He may have some fanatical supporters, but the public is mostly just tired of him. It will take a lot more than a favorable verdict to reverse the general impression of Jackson as an out of control freak whose behavior is so bizarre it makes almost any charge brought against him believable to a good portion of the population. In his rise to the title of ‘King of Pop’ he manufactured an image of excess which benefited him when publicity was his friend, but which has turned around to bite him in the ass now that he’s on the way down.

Jackson may be free under the law, but he’s never really going to be free. He’s going to be a prisoner of the press and of legal and public suspicion, trapped on Neverland Ranch, with nowhere to go and nothing much to do except ride his rides and play with his monkey until his life reaches some sad and ironic conclusion in a few years. Pity the freak, because we’re the public which fed his lust for notoriety and encouraged his craving for self-indulgence. We told him it was okay to be a freak for our amusement and now we profit from his example that sometimes the price of fame is just too high to pay.


(Note, some changes were made to this article after posting the initial draft)

All Contents of this article copyright 2005, Dave Nalle

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Dave Nalle is Executive Director of the Texas Liberty Foundation, Chairman of the Center for Foreign and Defense Policy, South Central Regional Director for the Republican Liberty Caucus and an advisory board member at the Coalition to Reduce Spending. He was Texas State Director for the Gary Johnson Presidential campaign, an adviser to the Ted Cruz senatorial campaign, Communications Director for the Travis County Republican Party and National Chairman of the Republican Liberty Caucus. He has also consulted on many political campaigns, specializing in messaging. Before focusing on political activism, he owned or was a partner in several businesses in the publishing industry and taught college-level history for 20 years.
  • Nice summation of Jackson’s future.

  • Bennett

    Yeah, that pretty well sums it up. Nice job Dave.

  • Dave, you may or may not know, but i think you’re a swell fella regardless of political differences or whatever we may share. I say this so as you don’t take this the wrong way, as some sort of personal slur or something – i found that fairly unpleasant an really rather nasty. it’s pretty easy for us folks to sit back and fling words like “freak” in the direction of folks we don’t know a damn thing about, other than what we’ve been told. In fact, even if we do know them, surely we’ve moved beyond yelling “freak” at folks who look different which, really, is what this boils down to.

    but regardless, you’re entitled to say what you want, and don’t see this as some sort of personal attack or somethin.

  • Hmmm. Not really the impression I intended to leave, Duke. I’ll go over it and see where I went wrong. I meant to emphasize how screwed he is by the lifestyle he’s chosen and the personna he’s created.

    Personally I have a warm affection for freaks, but it’s no way to go through life if you have a choice.


  • ach, Dave, it was probably a knee-jerk reaction on my behalf. Pay no mind.

    However far-fetched it may seem, i would love to see some sort of happiness of some kind surrounding the fella, but that “sad, ironic” incident you hint at, perhaps thats as much as we’ll get. or HE’LL get.

  • Eric Olsen

    Dave, I was actually rather surprised how empathetic you were – maybe it’s just the title.

  • Duke – I tend to agree with you a lot in what you are saying in theory. I will quibble just a bit on one tiny point. While the word “freak” might seem a bit harsh, we do sort of have more to go on than simply media reports when it comes to evaluating the relative ‘normalcy’ or ‘sanity’ of Michael Jackson. We have the man’s own words.

    I understand there might have been some fancy editing in the documentary that started this brouhaha, but he has made some statements and defended some statements that put him out of step with the ‘norm.’ His belief in the beauty of sharing one’s bed with children and his unwillingness to acknowledge the rest of the world’s revulsion at such behavior would be one example.

    He has been acquitted and has the right to lead a lifestyle of his choosing (within the bounds of the law, and again he has been acquitted). This calls into the question the whole celebrity-as-a-doubled-edged sword scenario. His celebrity has helped him sell metric buttloads of records and it has also caused him innumerable problems. Like most people, he wants it both ways. He wants the perks without the consequences.

    Maybe it is a bit rude to call Jackson a freak. And not everyone has to come to the same conclusion. I do think there is ample ‘evidence’ for someone to draw the conclusion Dave has drawn. This is simply my opinion. I do think you make a good point about namecalling and labelling those who are different. I think Jackson and Dave’s post just aren’t the best places to advocate such. Just an opinion.

    And I can’t wait to read your Oasis review (I am still working on mine!).

  • DJ, and again to Dave, i fully admit here and now that my reaction was of the knee-jerk variety. apologies, and i actually agree with EO. there’s a lot of empathy on display here.

    An DJ, again, you’re right here. This maybe ain’t the best situation for to be bringin up those sorts of arguments.

    And at the end of the day, my own assumption that Jackson was innocent of the charges is taken from the self-same information, more or less, that led Dave to his own conclusions. so saying that he shouldn’t base assumptions on that information is fairly contradictory, since i did the same thing.

    I think it is just a personal dislike for that sorta name-calling, which i’ll readily admit is totally hypocritical given the abundance of “c**ts” and “motherf***ers” i’ve flung about in my time. heh. ah well.

  • >>And at the end of the day, my own assumption that Jackson was innocent of the charges is taken from the self-same information, more or less, that led Dave to his own conclusions. so saying that he shouldn’t base assumptions on that information is fairly contradictory, since i did the same thing.<< I'm actually not positive Jackson wasn't innocent, but at the same time, he's certainly guilty of monumentally bad judgement and a level of self-absorption which ought to be a crime in and of itself. As for the namecalling, it's harsh, but I think it's accurate. Jackson made himself a freak because an outlandish image benefitted him, and this trial and its aftermath are the price you pay for taking that route. Dave

  • No apologies needed – and personally, I love the flinging of C*nts and Motherf***ers!

    And your argument is worth making. Just wait until Dave goes hardcharging at some other poor bastard (or motherf****ing c*nt, if you prefer) and then make it (I’m kidding, Dave. I just wanted to get into the namecalling action myself).

  • i gotta say, im glad i taped the Bashir documentary that night. whats the chances of THAT being repeated.

  • Mickey

    For the Good Lord’s sake , please leave that poor man alone. All of you. He is just a harmless retard.

  • sandra smallson

    Nonsense, Dave. Absolute Nonsense!

    I am posting the same responses on any of these topics because that’s what I have got to say about the verdict, save a few differences.

    I think Prince is a freak. I think Mariah carey is a freak. I think Joan Rivers is a freak. There are many freaks out there. Mj was not charged for being a freak and once the lot of you open your minds you might make more sense. It doesn’t matter you think he has flown over the cuckoos nest.

    The issue at hand is “do we believe he molested Gavin Arvizo”? The reasonable objective viewer cant possibly believe such a thing. Gavin is a liar like his mother and brother and sister. That was about the only thing this case PROVED. We all knew Mj was weird so that was nothing new but he has been found NOT GUILTY which means GUILTLESS which in turn means INNOCENT(whether you like it or not) of sexually molesting this boy and unless you were in the room while he pawed Gavin or Jordan then you have no basis to say he is a child molester other than that he is so weird you think he might as well be a pedophile, which I must add says more about YOU than it does about MJ.

    I am extremely satisfied. America did everything to put MJ in jail. The jury was not sequestered in such a high profile case where even going in it was almost impossible to believe that any of the jurors had no pre-conceived belief about MJ as a person. The jury was all white and conservative white to boot. The Judge as I stated numerous times was biased. He allowed in all sorts of things and I hear was visibly disappointed when he said to MJ, you are free, your bail is exonerated..apparently he said it as he was standing to leave. THAT is not common practice. The Judge often looks at the defendant to pass on the instructions. He never spared MJ even one glance. We had a Prosecution team who refused to look at the case before them but chose to use their own beliefs about weirdness of MJ to prosecute a case that no discerning Prosecutr would have brought to Trial. Not with the witnesses they had and especially not with THOSE wiotnesses when you have no physical evidence.

    I was certain from the start and the mind boggled that others seemed to think otherwise. MJ had this boy to himself for a while and did nothing. When was he supposed to do something? After he had sent them away and only called them back for the documentary because they had told him that he was a big part of Gavin’s cancer being in remission. MJ being as naïve as possible brought them back cos he thought it would be good publicity and show how he truly loved children. Little did he know that by this time, the family were bitter at having been discarded and plotted their revenge.

    It has come to nothing now. The media trued, the prosecution tried, the judge tried, BUT the TRUTH prevailed in the end. NOT GUILTY. GUILTLESS which means he is innocent. TYou can all argue about this does not mean he is innocent but if that is the case then nobody since the beginning of the criminal justice system who has ever been fopund not guilty is innocent. We can not make the difference in the verdict only for MJ. The opposite of guilt is innocence so if you are not guilty, then on the basis of the facts before 12 jurors, he has been found innocent. He is not a child molester, or kidnapper or whatever else. The Jurors have impressed me immensely. I worried if they would LISTEN and apply the facts of THIS case, but the y showed me that they can.

    Jordan chandler’s case was never brought to trial. It would have been pretty daft to convict him of a case that never stood up to cross examination. Expect gavin to quarrel with his mother now just like Jordan hasn’t spoken to his mother for 11 years. MJ is weird, strange and does inappropriate things BUT he is not a pedophile and unless you can prove otherwise, let the man be. The one case that has come to court, MJ has won. Jordan clearly didn’t feel that violated to bring his own case to Court. I can not imagine if I was raped or indecently assaulted that there is any amount of money in this world that can prevent me from wanting to see the rapist punished. NO AMOUNT OF MONEY ONEARTH. Perhaps after the rapist is in jail, I might go for the civil case if I am destitute but tio say I would take money as a settlement? NEVER! Which is why I have doubts about chandler as well. Especially about his mother too. Taking money from the man who has molested your young son. She could have got that money after a criminal trial too but they took the money and ran. MJ paid them off because he could..the so called victims have no excuse for taking the money.

    I am ecstatic with this verdict and I know it will not change the narrow minds of those of you who feel weird equals pedophile but make no mistake about it, Justice has been served.

  • nick

    Told me that you’re doin’ wrong
    Word out shockin’ all alone
    Cryin’ wolf ain’t like a man
    Throwin’ rocks to hide your hands
    You ain’t done enough for me
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    You are disgustin’ me
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    Just want your cut from me
    But too bad, too bad
    Look who just walked in the place
    Dead and stuffy in the face
    Look who’s standing if you please
    Though you tried to bring me to my knees
    Too bad too bad about it
    Why don’t you scream and shout it
    Too bad too bad about it
    Why don’t you just scream and shout it
    Too bad too bad about it
    Why don’t you scream and shout it
    Too bad too bad about it
    Why don’t you just scream and shout it

  • Nancy

    What I found interesting was that, according to the jurors, they did think MJ was guilty of and had in the past molested boys – just not this particular one, at least not without his mother’s full and knowing consent. They also felt the wrong party had been charged, and that the one(s) who should have been on trial were the parents, who used their kid to troll for suckers for their set-ups, i.e. engaged in pimping using the boy for bait. I gotta concur with those conclusions. Pity the state doesn’t step in and take the kid(s), but since he’s 15, it’s too late for him, now, I suppose. He’s already ‘in the mold’ of his parents’ criminal lifestyle.

  • nick

    I’d be curious to know how you managed to jump to this kind of conclusion Nancy (Grace ?). Especially the part where you say they think he is guilty of molesting boys in the past. Wishful thinking here ??

  • Eric Olsen

    MJ was found “not guilty,” which in our system means there was not enough evidence to convict him beyond reasonable doubt – since we presume innocence, that’s all it means.

  • Nancy

    No, not Nancy Grace, just ‘Nancy’ – different person altogether, no one of importance (me).

    I didn’t come to any conclusion: it’s what the jurors themselves said in various post-verdict interviews.

  • nick

    1 juror said so not “The jurors”. That is 1 out of 12 people. In percentage that is 8.3%
    The prosecutors with their million dollars case managed to let one juror think that MJ may have molested kids in the past ! What a terrific blow to Sneddon !

  • >>Nonsense, Dave. Absolute Nonsense!

    I am posting the same responses on any of these topics because that’s what I have got to say about the verdict, save a few differences.<< By posting the same response you look like an utter idiot, because my post had nothing to do with his actual guilt or innocence. Perhaps you should READ the posts and then respond to the actual posts. They're not all the same. Dave

  • Nancy

    I’m just telling you where I heard it, since you did ask. My radio station played TWO different jurors stating very much the same; I heard their voices, altho their names were not annouced. Don’t start sniping at me for answering your question.

  • nick

    oh wow calm down darling ! My mistake I apologise, I was not aware of the latest news !

  • Nancy

    Thank you. I’m not upset, despite the way it reads. Just a bit nettled. I won’t be able to listen to the radio til about 5 when I get off, perhaps by then they’ll have names for attribution.

  • nick

    Ok Nancy I am glad we can put that behind us ! What do you mean when you speak about names for attribution ?

  • Nancy

    I mean, perhaps they’ll play the jurors talking again, but this time mention their names, who they are that are talking, etc. I heard two different people, who were mentioned by the radio person only as “jurors (plural”) but no I.D.s, then the Talking Heads came on and started analyzing the jurors’ reactions to the mother, evidence, etc.

  • Dawn

    Dave – I found this to be fair, judicious and quite well written as well as, very insightful into the essence of this entire fiasco.

    Clearly, any parent who would let their child near this man should be committed into the closest insane asylum.

    Conviction or not, he is a menace to himself and children alike.

  • nick

    can’t wait for the next world tour for my part !

  • Eric Olsen

    apparently three jurors favored conviction going into deliberations, but were talked out of it by their peers

  • nick

    Good job they ended up seeing the light

  • james mclafferty

    Nick: INNOCENT Yayyyyyyyyy!!!!! 🙂 And ERIC mate (my oh so wrong dude) 🙂 From the coverage i saw of the interviews with the jurors they said they had no problem finding him innocent beyond reasonable doubt and said it was the mother’s unhingedness that persuaded them, and also they said the time line that was presented by the prosecution was naff : He’ll be back mate roll on the victory tour, Tom sneddon is a cold man!, Tom sneddon is a cold.

  • nick

    yayyyyyyy you are right dude. Although we will still find people to spin the truth. It is worse that number 10 here ! I reckon Blair could hire Eric to replace Alastair Campbell !

  • i suppose we’ll never really know. In Jackson’s favour, it could be argued that a genuine abuser would have hidden his tracks a lot better than he did. And some of the most vicious child rapists and beaters ever were ultra-normal appearing Catholic priests in Ireland and in the US .

  • “Personally I have a warm affection for freaks, but it’s no way to go through life if you have a choice.”

    Why not? Why conform if it’s only for the sake of conforming or bowing and scraping to the rank and file? What is the good in being “normal,” whatever the frig that is? Why can’t people just be themselves without having to be ridiculed by the masses, who ought to have learned to get over their childhood cruelties toward nonconformists but clearly have not? I simply don’t get it. Then again, I wave my freak flag wide and high.

  • ND and I apparently have different definitions of ‘freak’.


  • sandra smallson

    Eric, in your system, I think one is presumed innocent till proven guilty. MJ was not proven guilty(whatever the evidence or lack of) Therefore, the presumption of innocence remains. Therefore he is innocent. What part of that are you finding difficult to understand?

    How can you in one breath say a person is presumed innocent until proven guilty and then say, when you say “not guilty” in your system it means not enough evidence. Well, eric, it seems that has been confusing you for years. Let me explain it.

    When there is not enough evidence to prove guilt, it means that, the presumption of innocence can not be discarded so, MJ is innocent of the 10 charges brought against him.

    Now, if you or Juror number 1 think he molested Chandler so he is not “innocent”, I suggest you go find Jordy and get him to Court, till then, please, hold your peace.

    Jeez! It’s like accusing Joe Bloggs of theft today, where there is no evidence that he stole…then Tom, Dick and Harry come out and say, “it’s true, he is a thief because he stole from me in 97 and 98 but I didn’t take him to court because he gave me money..”

    Oh well! Tough Shite! Perhaps you should have taken him to court. Right now, that information of prior theft is not conclusive of anything other than Tom, Dick and Harry prefer money to justice and/or protecting other potential victims.

  • sandra smallson

    Dave, while I may look like an utter idiot to you,(which believe me, coming from a person who wrote that nonsense above, I will take as a compliment) I do think my response can and does apply to your drivel saturated post.

    Now, you seem not to think so. That doesn’t surprise me.

  • Eric Olsen

    in legal terms, yes, in reality terms it’s all fair game for discussion

  • JR

    Natelie Davis: Why can’t people just be themselves without having to be ridiculed by the masses, who ought to have learned to get over their childhood cruelties toward nonconformists but clearly have not? I simply don’t get it. Then again, I wave my freak flag wide and high.

    Yeah, but you haven’t spent the last twenty years badgering me for attention. If a guy is going to go around the world screaming “Look at me!”, and then engage in behavior that most people find a bit disturbing, he’s pretty much asking for it.

  • sandra smallson

    Fair enough, Eric. Everything on earth is fair game for discussion, ofcourse.

  • Sandra, it’s still bad etiquette to post the same tirade to a bunch of different threads without any real reference to the content of the specific threads – smacks a bit of self-centeredness.

    And btw, weird doesn’t equal pedophile, weird equals putting a target on your back. If you do that you need to be prepared to deal with the results in a mature and intelligent way, and Jackson certainly isn’t.

    There are plenty of weird people who know where to draw the line. Marilyn Manson is a perfect example. He puts on a good show of weirdness, but when push comes to shove he can do a pretty convincing normal guy impersonation. Jackson can’t.


  • Eric Olsen

    nice analogy Dave

  • sandra smallson

    Dave, I think I made reference to your particular post and the points running through them. I don’t know what you have imagined you posted about but I am sure I gave my point of view in part, on the points running through what you CLEARLY posted about.

    Again, I am not surprised that you claim not to see it. Surely, after comment 36, you should know by now that what you consider etiquette or idiocy means nothing to me. Any insult or derogatory statement from you, I take as an award winning compliment. That’s the standard I have put you in.

  • Angel Elf

    Despite the acquittal, at least three jurors said afterward they suspected the pop star has molested some boys, but not the one who accused him in court.

  • nick

    3 out of 12 had SUSPICIONS after a 4 months trial and a million dollars investigation that took 70 officers to the ranch and a decade long of press propaganda anti-Jackson. What an achievement !

  • nick

    I am glad however that it enables you people, who hate the idea of justice, still have something to hold on to to carry on with your foolish hate campaign.

  • >>Dave, I think I made reference to your particular post and the points running through them. I don’t know what you have imagined you posted about but I am sure I gave my point of view in part, on the points running through what you CLEARLY posted about.< < Good job of demonstrating that you STILL haven't successfully read my post. I didn't post about Jackson's guilt or innocence, except to point out in the first paragraph that he'd been found innocent. My post was about how his behavior has caused him to be judged by the public and the untennable position that living as a freak in the public eye puts him in. Your response had absolutely nothing to do with that. >>Again, I am not surprised that you claim not to see it. Surely, after comment 36, you should know by now that what you consider etiquette or idiocy means nothing to me. Any insult or derogatory statement from you, I take as an award winning compliment. That’s the standard I have put you in.<< Well of course, because you're a Jackson fanatic, who's here only to crow his victory and are not at all interested in what other people have to say. Dave

  • BTW Sandra, the only reference in your comment to the original article is the use of the word freak, which you clearly got from the title, since you apparently read no farther. The rest of the comment is a clone of your other comments which are about nothing except the fact that Jackson was found innocent and is as pure as the driven snow – which this post had nothing to do with.


  • sandra smallson

    Yes, everyone who thinks MJ is innocent is a Jackson fanatic in your eyes?

    Now, your post is about the after effect of the verdict and how some in the public will still consider him guilty of molesting little boys. What part of my post do you think can not be seen as a response to that drivel you wrote?

    Surely, my pointing out that he has been found innocent and regardless of what some in the public think, that is simply the fact of the matter, can be seen as a response to your drivel about public opinion?

    You must be under an illusion that there is something different in your posts as opposed to all the other post-verdict posts. You are deluded. There is nothing different.

    You are all saying the same thing. Not guilty does not mean innocent and it’s all his fault we think he is a freak. THAT is what you are saying contrary to whatever else is running through your little head. If all of you are saying the same thing, then forgive me for giving you the impression that I have all the time in the world to post the same responses at each given time.

    Copy and paste is all you deserve and if you wanted a totally different response then you should have made an ORIGINAL point. YOU DID NOT.

  • Nancy

    Jackson is for all intents & purposes dead as far as the US is concerned, save for the small minority of his die-hard fans, for various reasons not all having to do with this trial. All of us, including Mr. J., need to move on. In his case, preferably to Europe or Japan to recoup his financial standing & health. For the rest of us, to resume our lives or to actually get a life until the media go baying after the next object of their attention.

  • nick

    The media have been saying for a decade that MJ is a dead man. However I can see a man who is still standing. He is certainly frail but I do think he will recover.

  • Nancy

    My bad; apologies all around, including MJ. I should have stipulated, ‘professionally’. For his own sake, physically & mentally, I should think he would be better off going somewhere where he doesn’t get hit w/all this constant hostility, and the media/public are still enthusiastic over him and not his ‘scandals’; but he certainly doesn’t have to do what I think, or anybody else, either. Having gone thru what he has just gone thru, guilty of molestation w/other kids or not, to stay here where the media jackals (and most of the public) are just waiting for Round 3 would seem to be inviting additional stress and problems.

  • nick

    Agreed. It sounds like the US are full of vulptures to me…

  • Mihos

    I hope that every single person that bothered to follow this trial will take the time to reflect on the value of human life and dignity. There were no victors in the case. Everyone ended up losing their dignity in the scramble for Jackson’s cash and humanity. And let us be honest about it. People have exposed their tireless prejudice in this instance. People we would never think could have a bigoted bone in their body turn around and suprise you with the sheer dimensions of their racist delusions. Black people are no more likely than anyone else to rape a child. But the idea presented had wings because it seemed entirely likely that this dimension challenged icon enjoyed the company of young people more than he aught to and his influence over young people seemed too large to contain.
    Dragging him around by his feet and in the press didnt seem to work so finally some smart persecution minded people kicked in the blothced danger zone and that almost worked. It had all of the world transfixed for months on end. Half a million people were murdered in IRaq during the trial and at least a million in Sudan and yet the whole world preferred to turn and stare at the trainwreck of the world’s last esoteric poet. Like Gibrain, Krisnamurti and Rumi, Jackson is larger than his time.
    Human yes but underappreciated for all the wrong reasons.
    Personally I think he is a bit clueless on many counts.
    But his wisdom is brimming over with a boundless charisma our era is in dire need of.
    Some one asked rhetorically- this man slept in the same Room with an unrelated boy not older than twelve for an entire year- and we are expected to believe nothing sexual ever happened?-
    THe question is could you share a room with an unrelated child for an entire year and never behave inappropriately – in a sexual manner?
    I can answer that question without a single pause.
    Yes I certainly could. Couldn’t you? It may be mind boggling to some Americans but most of the rest of the world finds itself sharing sleeping spaces. Yes that is right, people share tables in cafes and they dont even know one another. They often share beds and blankets with people they dont even know. Welcome to reality people.
    Children are interesting and fun to hang out with because they are not sexual beings. It is disgusting to believe that anyone could molest a child and it is infuriating to me that this case has obscured real child abuse victims. Anyone who has been so blessed as to share a nap with a child ..

  • Nancy

    I’m glad you added that “…in a sexual manner.” Depending on the age of the kid in question, I might behave inappropriately if I’m trying to get some sleep and they’re up giggling and wiggling and I’ve told them for the umpteenth time to SHUT UP AND GO TO SLEEP! Other than that, no problem.

  • JD

    I read all the pro’s and con’s and you can say he’s eccentric (but this isn’t Britain) – me, I have to agree, he’s a freak (the facts rather speak for themselves …)

  • lady harpington

    i think any1 who h8s MJ infact i no any1 who h8s mj u aint got no coman sence u just believe anythin. Hes dun nout rong just cos hes a bit diffrent from all da rest of us dunt mean to say hes a bad person so get ur heads 2gether den ur c hes da best eva xxxxxxxxxxxx so **** all u ppl who dont av a brain n make der own minds up luv ya 12 yr old fan lady harpington

  • Michael Jackson is a major Freak. He should be put on display in a zoo. He is a major perv and has a few good songs but not many. my friend Azland says that he is really sexy but he looks like a hippy with a pig nose that was dipped in clorox.



  • Phalio

    Michael Jackson is not a freak, he is simply different.

    And there are people who sadly, cannot accept that.

  • Bob

    The dude is a wanna be white boy. He turns his back on his black family and friends now god is punishing him. He is a sadistic freak. He should try to get a job in a circus side show.

  • Adant Vant

    “He’s going to be a prisoner of the press and of legal and public suspicion, trapped on Neverland Ranch, with nowhere to go and nothing much to do except ride his rides and play with his monkey until his life reaches some sad and ironic conclusion in a few years.”

    Nice call.

  • Ace

    Face dancing indidviduals like you Nalle are governed by the illegitamacy of ignorance.

  • amanda martin

    you know what michael was a totally misunderstood BEAUTIFUL man. he did everything he could to help people…entire nations all over the world and you people are degrading his memory. i was molested as a child and my abuser was let off so i know firsthand what the legal system lacks there but michael didnt abuse those children, they abused his heart and took for granted what most of his fans would have given their right arm for, a part of the incrediable person he was, and tried to get more than they ever deserved…thank God all they got was money. He on the other hand was given yet another huge dose of people like you and the terrible despair he’d been delt his whole life. you people are terrible and i hope you get back what you give out!!! misery

  • Louis


  • Louis Gonzales

    He was a person, not a freak!

  • jm

    Even though MJ’s passed away in ’09, the tributes to this man keep going on and will forever. We will never forget him, as his talent was phenomenal.

  • jm


  • I feel affection for every human on earth.
    I am very sad you judge people on what the tabloids print. I believe along with many others micheal jackson was the best entertainer to ever live. When he died his words were slurred but clear.
    “i wanna make a children hospital,i will take all the money from my concerts and make a big childrens hospital,they need love,i just wanna be loved..” That answers questions of the child molestation allegations,and also shows he would never harm a child in fact all he ever wanted was children and love. we killed a great man.

    miss truth x