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Michael Jackson: Most Overrated Musical Act Ever

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The title could easily go to Bono who, along with U2, has recently produced “critically acclaimed” music that I, as well as others, believe most other bands would be kicked off of their labels for making. Then there are the Rolling Stones, a group many say should have quit a long time ago (they're wrong!). Bruce Springsteen is another candidate to some, while Tom Petty is easily overrated to others. There are some who even think the Beatles are overrated.

As much as some may dislike one or all of these acts, they do something that the self proclaimed “King of Pop” has never done: play an instrument live in concert! I would also bet that if these acts were left alone in the studio with no outside help, they would come up with something. What they come up with may not be impressive, but they certainly wouldn’t be lost like Michael Jackson, the act who is falsely described by many critics and fans as a “musical genius.”

Don’t get me wrong. Michael Jackson was (and stress the word) a very talented guy (or is it girl these days?): he hit convincing high notes; his dancing skills were quite impressive; and he had (and stress that word) a career that very few can ever dream of. But he is far from being a musical genius and to call him one insults true musical geniuses such as Prince, John Lennon, Bob Dylan, or Kurt Cobain.

You may argue that the fact Thriller is the biggest selling album of all time certainly puts Michael Jackson into the genius category. Tell that to Quincy Jones, the actual main producer of the album. Michael Jackson did take part in writing and co-producing many of the songs (He wrote the cheesy “The Girl is Mine” all by himself), but anybody who is familiar with other works by Quincy Jones can sense that he, not Michael, is the true genius behind this album.

Michael certainly gets credit for his contributions and great singing. Thriller, as well as Michael Jackson's previous efforts, definitely make him a groundbreaking artist who paved the way for other African American performers, especially on MTV. Still, it does not make him a musical genius.

Michael teamed up with Quincy Jones in 1987 for the album Bad, which pretty much describes most of the music on this highly overrated piece. My opinion aside, this album still did amazingly well worldwide, although it didn't live up to the success of Thriller. Around this time, Michael was still a hot pop commodity, but he started becoming a parody of himself: his songs sounded like clichés of older hits; his dancing became repetitive; he started grabbing his crotch constantly and he looked like a white female in the making. Still, his Bad tour proved that he was still an excellent entertainer. Michael Jackson danced up a storm, brought audiences to their feet, and sold out show after show. Still, this wasn’t the work of a “musical genius.” If one wanted to see one, they should have checked out Prince’s Lovesexy tour around the same time.

By the time Dangerous was released, Michael Jackson had become a musical joke, but not enough of one to put a huge red stamp on a long lasting career, which his child molestation allegations eventually did. A musical genius does not need to title himself “King of Pop,” a title Michael told radio stations and MTV they must use in order to have access to his work. A musical genius also does not write and produce sappy songs such as “Heal The World,” a song a first grader could have written. 

The HIStory album came out after Michael paid his way out of child molestation allegations. Despite a nazi-like promotional campaign that put the most shameful musical acts to shame, the album didn't live up to expectations in the United States, selling 2.5 million copies to date (but somehow over-shipped by a million and certified 7X platinum) and was considered a major disappointment due to the incredible pre-hype buzz. The album has done much better outside of the USA.

In 2001, Michael Jackson unleashed one of the poorest received albums of all time, Invincible. It has been certified double platinum in the United States, although the exact number sold wasn't available as of this article submission. Considering the album cost 30 million to make, those numbers were considered a huge disappointment. To kick off the album, Michael created a concert dedication to himself by relying on other artists, such as Eminem, Whitney Houston, and Marc Anthony to help create sparks.

The television special did create high ratings but created joke material for critics in months to come. One would think that a true “musical genius” could create sparks himself rather than rely on other talents. Even more questionable to Michael Jackson’s “musical genius” status was the fact that the Invincible album mostly relied on other talents such as Carlos Santana, Brandy, Rodney Jerkins, Teddy Riley, and many others to create sparks, which ended up actually being water droplets on this poorly received mess. Michael desperately pulled the race card to denounce the head of Sony for not marketing the album correctly. 

When I see Michael Jackson play a musical instrument live in concert, I may be more prone to believe he is a musical genius. When Michael Jackson writes and produces an album alone, he would be even more convincing. When Michael Jackson can release a hit album that relies on artistic merit rather than one that relies on ridiculous hype, I'll never question Michael’s musical abilities again. But I’ll give Michael Jackson credit: he was once the best entertainer of our generation.

Still, he never was, or will likely never be, a “musical genius.”

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  • Anonymous Soul

    This musical genius crap is overrated, old and irrelevant. Just because you didn’t see him play an instrument doesn’t mean he didn’t know how to do something. More than one person has said he played piano, particularly he could some Beatles songs. He probably didn’t play professionally. He acknowledged that he played a bit. In terms of his song writing abilities, he didn’t write complicated songs, but then you don’t need to write complicated songs to be a genius. To be honest, the lack of instrumental ability didn’t mean he wasn’t a musical genius. Musical genius doesn’t require instrumentation ability. Usually people refer to his compositional abilities when they say musical genius, while not a virtuoso, he could compose songs beyond his instrumental ability. People tend to give Quincy Jones too much credit for Thriller, especially since Michael wrote some of the hits. Heal the world, was a simple yet beautiful song. Will you be there, gorgeous song. Not all songs he wrote did I like. Is It Scary, is a beast of track, underrated. Thriller gets so much respect, Is it Scary is better song. It’s not so commercial, and it shows off his lyrical story telling ability which I get lost in when I listen it. Some would find it sappy, I didn’t find it to be that at all. So as to his song writing, he wasn’t the most consistent but he was a great song writer. Overrated? Please,name one artists whom isn’t overrated. Every artists who is a legend is overrated, it’s called marketing. Overrated is also subjective. People who don’t care for his work very much or are not big on it will feel he is overrated. Those who love wharves does, will feel he was deserving of his success. I am one who enjoyed much of his music, to me, based on the common practices of the music industry, he was deserving of his success from that perspective.

    As to this musical genius stuff, that too is subjective. People say that Stevie Wonder is a musical genius, to me he is a phenomenal musician, fantastic songwriter, not a musical genius. I feel he’s overrated. A number of his songs were not my taste. So why argue over this useless word. Does it matter who is a musical genius or not? No. There’s no way to measure such a thing. For this reason, I veer away from it. Opinions are not facts. So musical genius doesn’t really have any factual ground. People say Mozart was a musical genius, I’ve heard some people other wise. Overrated, doesn’t have any factual ground. They are merely opinions. I’d rather respect them, and move on. Why waste time trying prove something that cannot be proven factually?

  • Yates

    Here’s a belter. He says his dance moves became repetitive around the Bad album. Clearly watching from afar. Jackson was at his peak dance wise in the 90’s.

  • Yates

    I’d just like to point out that there was 3 key reasons as to why Thriller really blew up.

    1. Billie Jean
    2. Beat It
    3. Thriller Music Video

    And guess what all 3 have in common? Michael Jackson was the driving force behind them all. He wrote and composed both Billie Jean and Beat It ( listen to the demos, he created everything essential to their success ). He also had the vision for making music videos which was what lead to Thriller and the final boom for Thriller and it even catapulted MTV. So don’t go putting Jackson down in favour of Quincy because of some sort of prejudice on Jackson.

    Now whether Jackson is a musical genius or not is up for debate but he was unique in his approach in creating music and yes he did create music through beatboxing and outlaying his ideas to instrumentalists. Yep that’s right, playing an instrument doesn’t make you a musician. I actually find it down right hilarious you insinuate that. Honestly go listen to the Beat It demo and tell me Jackson needed to play instruments. He can and has created music by himself unlike Joey Jabroni who can play guitar and it is automatically a “musician” because of it.

  • Demarquis Boudreaux

    This is bullshit. You sound like a hater like all the rest of the nimwits you have commenting under your biased garbage article.

  • Rochelle

    yesssss!!! this is something i always say, and people attack me for it. Micheal Jackson is way over rated. yea his songs are good, but he had way too much personal issues and he didnt seen like someone who had any self confidence or self worth. So much other musician are brilliant and go unnoticed. I think if he did not decide to go from Black to white, he would not receive as much recognition as he did.

    • Andy

      Michael was a musical genius. You don’t need to play instruments to be one. None of thos guys you mentioned could do half the stuff he was doing as a performer. They could not even match him vocally. MJ was an artist in the truest sense even in his videos. I mean for god sakes he wrote Billie Jean. When people try to discredit him they always bring up His personal life like that has anything to do with his art.

  • H1BisTreason

    Please NO MORE ‘BritSHIT Brainwashing Crapola’ (BBC) or AnglophileShit!
    Every one knows that the Repulsive Racist ‘Britshits’ and Anglophiles can’t stand that everyone around the planet LOVES REAL Musical Genius likes of Michael Jackson, Jackon Five, Steve Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Curtis Mayfield and many more, any Motown sound is magic to the Soul!

  • RE

    This guy hit the nail right on the head. Michael Jackson was in no way a musical genius.

  • D’Angel Correa

    you obviously hate mj and have no taste in music you must be a virgin

  • Salvador Silva

    Michael can play piano…. Which is one of the most important to learn. He had melody and he had the sound to every song in his head. Just look at THIS IS IT. He explains the sound to the guy on keyboards… by feeling. MJs music wouldn’t sound write with his lyrics had he didn’t have a hand in creating the sound.
    If you were to look at most master recordings you would notice how the original differs from the actual track that’s released on the album. They don’t sound the same and not mixed. Most of the magic in a hit song is the how well the remix improves the original version and the final mixdown itself?
    Michael Jackson is a showman and a visualist. He’s dancing, acting, he is a perfectionist. Nobody comes near this man. He broke barriers on mtv when no one would play black music. You can’t argue with it. I have not seen anyone better not prince, Lennon nor cobain. This guy is the baddest. Period!

  • DarkZzzz

    I just read the title & the last line….(facepalm)… I write this as I listen to “Who is it”(Masterpiece) which according to this writer is a “musical joke”. Many can dance, sing, write lyrics….But very few can actually put out good musical tones…And among those few, MJ “is” the best. It sounds simple initially, but if you ever play any of his songs, it has a lot of depth and it’s just perfection. It is clear this writer has no musical background(BIG ZERO)….just brought in a truckload of words from the english dictionary and dumped them along with his ignorance and blind hatred. To the writer : you may have the right to say whatever you want, but you just aren’t blessed enough to appreciate good music, let alone play or compose any.

  • clair

    i always wonder , if these people who insist on denying that michael was unique, if they have already done something relevant in their own lives, one little thing only

  • Moron

    Some pathetic Beatles, Elvis or Prince fan must have written this. I didn’t even bother reading other than the title. Cause i have seen shit like this before. I will just say this. Michael Jackson was a genius composer. And he did instruments to a certain extent. Playing instruments fluently is not a big deal and is not necessary to be able to make great music. Even those who come on american idol, they can sing and play instrument at the same time. I am fully aware MJ didn’t write ‘Man in the Mirror’, ‘You are not Alone’ and “Human Nature’. There are a lot of masterpieces that MJ wrote(both lyrics and music composition) alone by himself. Bullshit articles like this only come from ignorant fanboys. I can even quote the instrumentalists who have worked with him. He has been called a genius by many in the industry. He used compose entire compositions by himself.

    • Salvador Silva

      Lennon can’t dance and needed the Beatles to launch from. Elvis stole his style from the ghetto. Prince a good musician was limited in dancing and after diamonds & pearls was a mental case that made garbage. CoBain didn’t last long enough to even make the cut.

      • Joseph Muldoon

        The Beatles didn’t make dance music; why the hell would you think Lennon would have danced?

        The Beatles’ music was far more substantive than the shallow dance pop MJ produced.

        • Andy

          Ask a 5 year old today if he would listen to the beetles or Michael and he’ll tell you MJ. That’s the impact that MJ had.

          • Joseph Muldoon

            I don’t think a 5 year old would be interested in either, but the opinion of a 5 year old is irrelevant anyway.

          • Andy

            No but play there music in front of one and see how they react. Heck he will probably like Cobain more then the Beatles too.

          • Joseph Muldoon

            I doubt they would like Cobain either. But again, the opinion of 5 year olds is irrelevant.

            If anything I think it might be more a strike against rather than a strike for your music if a 5 year old preferred it.

    • RE

      The Beatles wrote better songs, Elvis sang better and Prince was a much better “musician”. All three were better than MJ.

      • Andy

        The beatles are four people so they don’t count. Elvis sounded like he should have been singing Christmas carrols all his life and prince could not match Michael as vocalist his voice lacked soulfulness.

        • RE

          MJ sang more like Mickey Mouse. I have never seen one legitimate list of top vocalist that has MJ ahead of Elvis. There is a reason why Elvis is the only singer in all the major Music Hall of Fames.

  • Brian

    If you can listen to his interpretations/ vocals on songs like Billie Jean, Human Nature, You Are Not Alone, You Rock My World, Rock With You, Stranger in Moscow and many more and not feel (not see, but feel) TRUE GENIUS, you need to do some soul searching. All of the greats, including vocal superstars like Whitney Houston and Celine Dion, were in awe of Michael (you can listen to their interviews) and his ability to emote through music on a level never before achieved and likely never again to be matched. Simply his vocal interpretations, phrasing, intonation, execution would be enough to qualify him as a genius. This is to say nothing of his movement, which is once again UNMATCHED. For his millions upon millions of adoring fans, he was the king of pop. Certainly not “self-proclaimed,” a rather daft thing to say (I’m not even British and that word came to mind). He rapidly accumulated a vast worldwide following because of his ability to emote and connect deeply with a core human essence connecting all of us at the most basic level. Sheryl Crowe said that Michael could change the molecules in a room. The combination of his vocals and his movement seemed to channel the divine. There are different types of genius, but the feelings he could create with his voice speak to essence of what music is all about. There was a nuance to his vocals and movements that transcend technical prowess. It was magic. The man is transcendent. His life work was a true gift to this wold. Listen (and watch) some more, you’ll get it.

    • SUPRA luca

      When I listen to his voice, I see how talented he was (the same goes for his dancing). A lot of emotion and truth can be felt. But I wouldn’t call it “genius”. Mozart and Beethoven were musical geniuses.
      That you think his vocal ability was “on a level never before achieved and likely never again to be matched” is your opinion. I respect that, but it’s nothing more than just an opinion. The same goes for his dancing skills – many dancers before and after him are, at least, just as amazing.

      Michael Jackson was gifted (and a hard worker). He had great vocals, a great ability to dance, acting skills and was a passionate performer. He also had hundreds of artists and other people behind him, helping him out with his music, songwritting, choreographies, production, videos, visibility, new ideas, etc.
      That is indeed very difficult to achieve, and all of that combined indeed sounded and felt like magic. He is indeed an icon and one of the greatest mainstream pop artists ever.
      But let’s look at it objectively.

      • D’Angel Correa

        hes still a genius that wrote produced he wrote the majority of his hits including billie jean

        • Marla

          Rod Temperton wrote the majority of the classics though.

          • D’Angel Correa

            um no he didnt he wrote alot of songs but thriller is good but not classic compared to don’t stop till you get enough or billie jean

      • Matheus Bezerra de Lima

        There are the geniuses of popular and classical music music. There are huge quality works both in popular music as the classical. It’s just matter of taste preference. Michael Jakcso was genius, although the greatest geniuses of popular music in the case of singers were Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley, especially Frank Sinatra, which was a spectacular voice, spectacular albums, one feeling and unique style.

      • Andy

        There are geniuses in every genre you dummy.

  • Russ Cline

    P.S. I would have liked to see Townshend smash his guitar over Mikey’s head………Wham!!! no more mike.

  • Russ Cline

    The guy is right Mikey was an entertainer who sang and danced. You want a musical genius? McCartney there’s one….the single most successful musician of all time.

    • Are you kidding? McCartney hasn’t done anything interesting since the 70s…

    • Marla

      Paul McCartney isn’t a genius by any stretch of the imagination. In fact he hasn’t written a good song since he was 27!!

    • Andy

      He did not do ebough as a solo artist tho.

  • Bobo

    Kurt Cobain a musical genius? Don’t make me fucking laugh.

  • Joseph Muldoon

    The Jackson 5 were a great bubblegum pop band, and in those days Michael seemed to be a true prodigy – as a performer. He had the poise and grace and chops of an adult when he was a little kid.

    But his solo albums, including the oft lauded “Thriller”, were just shallow dance pop.

    He was a performer, not a creator. He didn’t really write his songs for the most part.

    I do think however that people who claim to love Thriller but hate his later work are being phony either about loving the former or hating the latter; they’re really very similar in aesthetic and if anything his later albums are better produced and more sophisticated.

    • Patrick Woods

      “He didn’t really write his songs for the most part.”

      Totally UNFACTUAL

      • Joseph Muldoon
      • Mara Linson

        Oh really? Rod Temperton wrote ‘Thriller’, ‘Rock with you’, ‘Off The Wall’, ‘Lady In My Life’, ‘Baby Be Mine’, Burn This Disco Out!!

        • Yates

          Some good songs in there but still not the best on the albums, MJ wrote those. Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough, Working Day and Night, Billie Jean, Beat It and Wanna Be Starting Something.

      • Mara Linson

        Plus loads of other composers contributed to his albums.

    • D’Angel Correa

      just stop it he is a creator

  • simran

    Are you ok? Just because he don’t play instruments he is not a musical genius? He had a great vocal range (go listen victory or bad tour) , he has written or co written many of his songs. And how he compose them? he do beatboxing. Many demos are on internet where he beatbox or just listen to “who is it” the ending is where he is beatboxing. And yes he had produced many of his own songs too! He was a choreographer,dancer,singer,songwriter,producer,actor. Period! He was a legend.
    You can say whatever you want to about his personal life but please don’t involve it while talking about his music.

    • Mara Linson

      He does play instruments. He played keyboards.

  • BentleyRB

    Hey Daryl, you sound like a Chihuahua yapping about a Blue Whale here. And you know it, bro: only reason you got 73 comments on here is cuz you used Michael Jackson’s name in your title–an old trick to get eyeballs to drivel.

  • Justin

    Jesus. I hope you’re joking. Kurt Cobain was more talented than Michael Jackson? Bob Dylan? John Lennon? Please eat dicks. Nirvana was special, and Kurt was certainly talented. Smells Like Teen Spirit blew my mind when I was 12 years old and heard it on the radio. I can even remember where I was and what I was doing when I heard that song for the first time. But to say Cobain was was more gifted than MJ? To quote The Jesus from Big Lebowski: “Laughable man! HAH!”

    Michael Jackson could play instruments (piano and percussion, especially). He just didn’t focus on them or play them on stage because, you know, he was DANCING LIKE A MOTHERFUCKER.

    And Bob Dylan? John Lennon? You could argue they were better songwriters, but what else did they do better than Jackson? Jack shit, that’s what.

    The only person you compared to Jackson that didn’t make me roll my eyes so hard they almost fell out of my head was Prince. Prince is a good vocalist, proficient on multiple instruments, wrote catchy songs, and has great showmanship & charisma. But Michael beats Prince in every conceivable category except for the instrumental proficiency. Michael changed music, dance, and culture like no other performance artist since Elvis Fucking Presley. He broke down racial barriers. He brought the world together. Deal with it.

    And don’t shit on “Heal The World”, either. Other greats had some songs that were a little cheesy. At least Michael was trying to affect social change and bring people together.

    • jay

      Elvis was overrated too. Mike has absolutely nothing on John, bob or prince, my God

      • Fala

        Prince is questionable too. Event high he is play different instruments, he want what he was hyped to be either. At least in Jackson’s case he gave credit to people who helped him. Some other artist just took it.

      • Andy

        Bob Dylan was a great songwrite but his vocal randge was minimal

        • jay

          Very true but his influence on music is much greater than Mike’s

    • Joseph Muldoon

      If you like shallow dance pop, then I guess it makes sense to like Michael Jackson.

      Michael could barely play any musical instruments at all. The Beatles weren’t great musicians but they were all competent on their respective instruments. I’ll take playing an instrument over ‘dancing like a motherfucker’ any day. If the Beatles had danced their music would have sucked. Dance music lacks depth. It’s music made to dance to and appeal to the broadcast market possible, which is why it generally sucks.

      The Beatles were a great band but ultimately probably a bit overrated. Popular music was generally pretty shallow prior to the mid to late 60s; part of why The Beatles were great is because they were the first – or one of the first – to make quality popular music with some lyrical depth and interesting studio trickery. Honestly the real secret to the Beatles’ spectacular success artistically was probably producer George Martin more than any off the boys, or perhaps it was a synergy of the band the producer and the time period. None of them did much memorable after The Beatles.

      But hey if you like dancing you like dancing to each his own. You probably like boy bands too.

      MJ’s music didn’t have real depth to it, and his actual role in the writing process is a but hazy. Precisely because he wasn’t really competent on any instrument, he apparently would sort of sing instrument parts and record them and then present them to studio musicians who would turn his recorded mouthed emulations of instruments into actual music.

      It was a collaborative effort to say the least.

      He did generally write his own lyrics though.

      • Fala

        Actually this is false, people expressed Jackson was able to play Beatles songs among other songs on piano. So I disagree that he wasn’t competent with an instrument. I also disagree that he was shallow. He definitely had depth to him in his song writing, however if Jackson become a proficient pianist I believe he would had more depth.

        I also don’t feel that him not producing his record alone is a fair criticism seeing as even other artist called, “musical geniuses” didn’t produce their own albums alone.

        Now as to his involvement in song writing, people seem to be hung up on belittling his beatboxing as if it’s a minor contribution. I disagree, if it what he’s hearing and dictating it to the musicians then technically he wrote it, they are just producing it on their instruments something Jackson could have done on electronic machines but chose to use actually musicians. So his contribution to the songwriting was not hazy, but it was collaborative.

        As far as I see he was a great song writer, but this whole musical genius stuff is overrated even in comparison to Stevie Wonder, I question it.

        I think Jackson was deserving of the respect seeing as he wasn’t just seen for songwriting but the totality of what he contributed as far as music, film, dance, and performance. Now if it was just dance I would agree, that it was just hype. But with all those things together, he earned it. I don’t care if someone just dances or plays an instrument. Both are an art form and I respect them. And I’m a musician.

      • Mara Linson

        He wrote a lot of the music himself too. Check the writing credits, as he’s the only one on them.

      • Andy

        Michael used his body as an Instrument.

      • Yates

        “He apparently would sort of sing instrument parts and record them and then present them to studio musicians who would turn his recorded mouthed emulations of instruments into actual music”. Aka creating music. Whether you like it or not, Jackson created many of his own melodies, hooks and baselines. There’s even people he’s worked with who have said he’s directed musicians note for note on what hr wanted.

  • Loki

    the only instrument Michael Jackson could play was prepubescent dick.

  • Abdullah Qureshi

    Ok, let me start by saying that some of your facts are totally wrong. For example, HIStory sold 40 million units (20 million albums – and is cited as the best selling double cd album of all time) and was certified 7x platinum because it sold around 3.5 million records (7 million units) in the US. Second, Michael Jackson was never ‘the self proclaimed king of pop’, Elizabeth Taylor (another legend) coined that title (the king of pop) in 1986. Third, he had nothing to do with Eminem before 2004-2005, so that is nothing but an assumption that Michael relied on him to create ‘sparks’.

    To say that MJ never released any artistic songs is purely stupid. I assume you’ve never heard “Billie Jean”, “Thriller”, “Little Susie”, or “Smooth Criminal” – because if you had, you’d know that almost every ‘artist’ today, from Lady Gaga to Justin Timberlake to Adam Lambert, was inspired from the artistry of those songs. I bet you didn’t know that Michael beat boxed many of his beats (Billie Jean, Who is it, Strange in Moscow). He had a vocal range of 4 octaves, and ‘credible’ music critics said he had ‘blindingly gifted vocals’. Btw, an artist doesn’t have to hold a guitar on stage all the time, not when he’s dancing AND singing at the same time.

    Anyway, as this article was in 2007, I don’t blame you at all for thinking Michael Jackson was not relevant since you were too busy bashing rather than actually listening to his music. But, anyway, just to debunk that theory, the This Is It concerts were sold out within hours of the opening of ticket sale, 1 million tickets sold in less than half a day; which made the record of the fastest ticket sale in history. If he had performed, it would’ve broken many more records, something Michael loves to do, even after his death!

    • Mara Linson

      ‘Best selling double album of all time’? No it isn’t idiot. Saturday Night Fever is the best sellign double album of all time and it sold over 46 million copies. Stop quoting from crsap sites like wikipedia. And FYI History sold 16 million copies, not 40!!!

    • Joseph Muldoon

      “To say that MJ never released any artistic songs is purely stupid. I assume you’ve never heard “Billie Jean”, “Thriller”, “Little Susie”, or “Smooth Criminal” – because if you had, you’d know that almost every ‘artist’ today, from Lady Gaga to Justin Timberlake to Adam Lambert, was inspired from the artistry of those songs. ”

      That’s not artistry, that’s shallow dance pop.

      • Yates

        Aye Little Susie is totally dance pop, for fuck sake. At least listen to the music you shit on.

        • Joseph Muldoon

          We’ve been back and forth on this thread before; perhaps you forgot.

          We ended up parting on good terms, since I took your advice and watched a YouTube video about how Michael Jackson composed Beat It, and it changed my opinion about him; I had formerly been convinced he didn’t have much to do with writing his songs but you convinced me that he did.

          Now, I don’t like dance pop – particularly 80s dance pop – and hence don’t like most of MJ’s stuff (though as I have pointed out before, I do like a lot of the stuff he made as a kid, and I also think he seems to have been a very nice person, despite all the scandalous charges made against him).

          But my comment here was in reference to Justin Timberlake, Adam Lambert, and Lady Gaga.

          As far as I’m concerned the first two are completely forgettable shallow dance pop. Most Lady Gaga is as well, though she does seem to have a but more depth and integrity as an artist than the other two.

          My point was that the idea that without MJ there would be no Justin Timberlake, Adam Lambert, or Lady Gaga doesn’t speak well of MJ since those are all shallow dance pop acts.

          I wasn’t talking about “Little Susie”. I’ve never heard the song but I googled it and it certainly had very deep subject matter. I’ll listen to it and let you know what I think.

          • Yates

            I literally remembered right after I’d replied and apologies, I thought you were referring to the songs by jackson as shallow dance pop as well as the other artists and felt it was baseless but I interpreted it all wrong. Sorry man.

            Little Susie isn’t anything groundbreaking but it is a harrowing, creepy song with impressive emotive vocals.

  • Amused Guest

    This is by far the funniest thing I’ve ever read! I gather it was meant as a joke.

    I knew I was in for some comedy when you opened with he was the “self-proclaimed King Of Pop” since that was a title bestowed on him by millions of adoring fans. He didn’t call himself that. I mean, you presented hearsay as fact and didn’t appear to have done much research into the songs Michael actually wrote. Allow me to list a few wrongs he wrote by himself, just in case you seriously weren’t aware: Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough, Wanna Be Starting Something, The Girl Is Mine, Beat It, Billie Jean, Bad, The Way You Make Me Feel, Smooth Criminal, Black or White, Heal The World, Will You Be There, They Don’t Really Care About Us and these are just the ones that became hits. He had the notes for the instruments as well and recorded demos to entire song using just his voice to be the instruments. The producer, normally Quincy Jones, came in and took those notes and had instrumentalists play them instead. I don’t know but to put together entire songs like that kinda makes you a musical genius especially since these are actually great songs. Nickelback wrote all of their, rubbish, songs…but since they do it all themselves they’re automatically geniuses right? P.S. I actually like Nickelback, i just know that a lot of people don’t. They serve my reference better than Tom Petty.

    As an artist myself, might I point out to you that the voice is also a musical instrument and MJ played that instrument really well.

    Do we all consider Steve Jobs a genius in regards to computers and programming. I’ll tell you something, Steve Jobs couldn’t code. Does that take away from his genius? Does the fact that Michael Jackson composed all these songs but couldn’t play them WELL on instruments take away from his artistry? I’m asking genuinely because perhaps it is only me who doesn’t see the light. Funny thing is, Michael could play some instruments but not particularly well and since he was focused on singing and dancing when he was on stage, he didn’t need to give the audience substandard instrumentation as well. He had people better than him do that. Beethoven didn’t play pianos, violins and cellos every time his song was being played on stage but that didn’t mean he couldn’t play them nor did it mean that he didn’t compose every single note that was being played by whoever was in fact playing them.

    Anyway, thanks for the laugh. I left the rest of that here in case anyone thought you were being serious.

    • Joseph Muldoon

      “I’ll tell you something, Steve Jobs couldn’t code. Does that take away from his genius? ”


      Only idiots think Steve Jobs was a genius anyway. He was just a good businessman

  • I love Michael Jackson.. He is the Legend in the Dancing.. Awesome Thanks..

    Palm Jaggery Online

  • Elina

    Alright! First of all he wrote most , maybe 80% , of his songs ! Look at the interviews with Quincy Jones and MJ and other people that woked on his albums! From off the wall till Invincible! Invincible was not the best album because as an artist U don’t choose what to put on your album, the producer does ! Take at least 10 of his most famous songs and look it up! You will see that he wrote them and he put the music into it , because he was not writing down lyrics , he was recovering them into a tape and beatbox the musical line ! That’s how the songs were born! Allegations and all , who knows, I don’t belive it but again, who knows ! He sang piano, he had a great voice and he could sing live! He danced like no other and he was an obsessive person when it came to his work! I like to interviews with Quincy and a lot of people that worked with him from producers to dancers and they all change their perspective about music industry and entertainment once they worked with him. It’s interesting how many people think she was overrated but it’s been 40 years and there hasn’t been any other artist that was able to talk to him or even come close to him .Beatles was a band, it was not just one person , solo, that made it . Elvis was Elvis , Michael Jackson was Michael Jackson same as Madonna is Madonna . no one would ever ever top them! They changed music and that’s it ! So no , he wasn’t overrated as an entertainer , he was overrated as a person! Because people expected him to be a god and he definitely had serious issues about himself and much more! So I agree that he was overrated as an individual, not as an entertainer tho ‘ ,

  • This is totally spot on for me. If anything Michael Jackson should be pitied and mourned for how used and ultimately reduced he was by the commercial music scene. I enjoyed reading it very much, almost as much as I enjoyed reading a lot of the comments. The people defending Michael Jackson are only furthering your points, suggesting that you buy and listen to the albums to change your mind.

    However, in denouncing MJ from ‘musical genius’-hood, I feel supports the idea of musical genius as a status or bench mark; a ranking as tangible as Sergeant or CEO. Music, and the notion of musical genius, is subjective. People can make their own minds up as to what constitutes musical genius, and if one wants somebody to respect one’s opinion then one had best respect the opinions of others.

    And here’s mine: As for Michael Jackson, good riddance! It seems he did some fairly prat-ish things at times and didn’t write the masterpieces that can sometimes excuse this behaviour. But he was afflicted by commercial culture from a young age, a product of his environment. The saddest thing about the his story is the knowledge that many people with no associated musical talent profited and credited from his career. I don’t believe he is in anyway a musical genius, but he would have had to have some talent to have been used as such a whore. But talent is by no means rare, everyone can find prowess in some area or another, and with enthusiasm and patience one can quiet easily surpass the fairly meagre talents of the late unfortunate Mr. MJ.

  • levi

    Wow i respect you opinion however i dont agree

  • Holly Keef

    Hello :). I know that this post is old but I had to say something.

    I respect you’re opinion I really do however, first off calling him pedophile there is no proof in that just like there isn’t any proof that he is one(trust me I’ve done my research on BOTH sides of the fence)

    I might be able to agree that though yes, MJ might not have been a “genius” but he WAS a man with MANY talents. Not only that he contributed both time and millions to charity. Most of his charitable work was done WITHOUT people knowing that he did it and it simply went unseen because the media didn’t want to cover the good stuff but focus on negative because let’s face it bad news sells better(google Michael Jackson’s charity work and you’ll be VERY surprised).

    Second thing here is I DO NOT know too many musician, or artist who truly work “alone” okay. Metallica, did THEY work alone? Of course not to form a band you need guitar players(at least two to make it sound half decent), a drummer, a singer, recording studios ect…..No artist truly works alone.

    Another thing to point out is most artist/musician use inspiration to write their songs(that’s why it’s called art). In fact I did not know of a single one who hasn’t used someone else to inspire their work. I believe that most artist do.

    3rd is my daughter who is 7 has been around all types of music. From heavy metal to country. I’ve taught her a love of music. Her favorite IS Michael Jackson. She says,”Mommy when I grow up I want to be just like him” She IS a fan. She asks me questions about him ALL of the time. My answres are not biased in anyway. I always give 2 sides of the story. It’s more than just opinion. I do keep her mind open to MANY different types of music and still she’d take Michael Jackson over anyone else anyday. And if that’s not a powerful statement than I don’t know what is.

    • BentleyRB

      No, he absolutely was a genius on a par with Mozart according to Yo-Yo Ma. Not to mention what Baryshnikov and Nuryev, Fred Astaire, Anna Kisselfgoff, Frank Sinatra, and pretty much countless others have opined about his extraordinary gifts.

      • Joseph Muldoon

        Calling Michael Jackson a genius is just stupid. He was just a pop star.

        • RexJenkins

          Not being able to acknowledge artistic genius, widely lauded to boot, is what’s stupid.

          • Joseph Muldoon

            I have no problem acknowledging artistic genius. I’m just not so shallow as to think a producer of cheesy dance pop music is a genius.

          • RexJenkins

            Your judgement is shallow though.

          • Joseph Muldoon

            No, calling a performer of top 40 80s dance pop is shallow.In fact it’s ridiculous.

          • RexJenkins

            Oh dear me, if you’re using the criterion of popularity to gauge greatness, you’re stupid as well as shallow. Next!

          • Joseph Muldoon

            I made no reference to popularity.

            Are you really so dense as to not understand the difference between the concepts of dance pop music and popularity?

            Apparently so.

          • RexJenkins

            “Top 40” = popularity. That’s why it’s called TOP 40.
            It’s clear we don’t agree. Let’s just say that hot-air blogs like this one and hot-air comments like yours deserve to be challenged for lacking factual substance. They merely attack subjects about which they seem to enjoy remaining completely ignorant. That’s what makes them irrelevant.

          • Joseph Muldoon

            You’re apparently intent on making it clear just how intellectually bereft you are. What you are offering here is what is known as a straw man argument; you’re attempting to rebuke a claim I haven’t made. I never once argued that something that’s popular can’t be great.

            The question here has always been the matter of “artistic genius”, and the absurdity of seeing it in dance pop music. It’s like thinking Count Chocula ia a great work of art.

            You’re an extremely shallow person.

          • RexJenkins

            Newflash for you, Joseph: you’re not deep. You enjoy being ignorant and harping about ‘dance pop music’ as though it’s the only thought in your head here. Goodbye, Joseph.

          • Joseph Muldoon

            Another strange comment. We’re talking about Michael Jackson for crisakes; not exactly heavy material.

            Why would you feel the need to say “you’re not deep” unless for some reason you obviously think I am?

            Get over me, Rex.

          • RexJenkins

            You’re not deep corresponds to your need to tell me I’m extremely shallow. How about you try to get over responding to quips you can’t even interpret? Goodbye, Joseph.

          • Joseph Muldoon

            Rex, you seriously need to get over me. You are way too interested in me, it’s weird.

          • RexJenkins

            Well you seem to enjoy it! mwah!

            (Admit it, you’re the one who can’t say goodbye… lol)

          • Joseph Muldoon

            To be honest, you seem to be a decent person who just happens to be a huge MJ fan.

            That’s cool. It’s good to be passionate about something you like.

            I just don’t share your opinion that he’s a musical genius. I love the Motown era stuff of his from the early 70s to be honest.

            I apologize for saying you’re shallow. That was uncalled for. Plus the other less than nice remarks.

            We can agree to disagree on whether he was a musical genius I guess.

            No hard feelings here; be well.

          • RexJenkins

            I know a good bit about MJ, which is why I admire him. I think you have to admit you really don’t know a whole lot about him and may have bought into the longtime media-driven caricature. There’s no “shallow” about the real artist. It’s sad how much thoughtless regurgitation is out there, in general.

            You must not be too bad yourself given your graciousness at the end, Joseph. Cheers.

          • Andy

            How is Smooth Criminal cheesy.

          • Joseph Muldoon

            Obviously it’s just my personal opinion that his music is cheesy.

            If you like it – great!

            Enjoy it.

            Don’t expect everyone to like it.

            I like some of Michael Jackson’s stuff. His old stuff (that he did as a kid).

            He seems to have been a very nice person.

            But I don’t like dance pop.

        • Andy

          But he was the greatest Pop star of all-time. He could even make Rock songs i mean have you heard Dirty Diana.

          • Joseph Muldoon

            If you like MJ, fine. Enjoy his music.

            The only stuff of his I like is the stuff he did as a kid. That had more of a Motown flavor to it. The ballad “Ben” was a good song, I think.

            But MJ solo material is generally dance pop (and dated dance pop at that); it doesn’t do anything for me.

          • Joseph Muldoon

            I don’t think being a great pop star is impressive; pop music tends to be very shallow.

            I’ve heard Dirty Diana. Probably one of his better songs but still not really my thing.

            It’s more rock like than most MJ stuff but not really rock. It’s not like Led Zepellin fans could be reasonably expected to like it.

            I think it’s great that you are so passionate for MJ. His music brings you pleasure. Cool! Enjoy it, bro. Don’t waste your time trying to change my tastes.

            I wouldn’t waste my time trying to convince you that you might like The Beatles or Zepellin etc.

            To each their own.

  • Ian Robinson

    There was actually nothing original or groundbreaking about him MUSICALLY. His music was nothing but typical pop, funk and disco type stuff, .. . shit that had been done by a million other people in pop music before him and was even pretty old hat and conventional by the time he did it during the mid 80’s ( post punk & new wave era ) and sounds miserably dated and cheesy TODAY. There were much more inventive and original musical acts during the 1980’s ( like Talking Heads, Sonic Youth, Concrete Blonde, Kate Bush, Split Enz, The Smiths among others ) who I think would give that decade a much better name musicwise but get effectually overshadowed and obscured by “The King of Pop’s” over-inflated reputation and celebrity. He also didn’t pioneer conceptual music videos like allot of idiots falsely say ( re; that famous ‘Thriller video which is also now terribly dated and corny as shit ). Many other musical artists had already been making them ( notably The Buggles, David Bowie, Frank Zappa, Devo among numerous others ). The thing he actually did BEST was DANCE , I will give him THAT though. Just about EVERYBODY, including many who weren’t impressed with his music 9 like my self ), were pretty wowed over by his dance moves.

    • Omar

      What do you think about Madonna?

    • Nina

      That video, to quote you, “now terribly dated and corny as shit” is the FIRST, and to date, ONLY music video that has been inducted into the Library of Congress’ National Film Registry. In order to give it tribute and preserve it and in fact, it is one of only 25 films that have been inducted…btw, all of his short films were actually recorded on film unlike most. He initially wowed the world with his singing so you cannot subordinate that to his dancing which was also incredible.
      As far as anything else you have to say, all I can say is Michael Jackson DID rule the ’80’s and deservedly so and the rest? Opinions are like…well…and everyone has got one.

      • Guest

        Again – nothing about that is musically revolutionary. Do you understand that there are people who like to hear music but don’t know anything about it? You do understand that right? And that many of these people are in charge of marketing music, giving away music awards, and inducting things into halls of fame. Just to clarify, you DO understand that these ‘honors’ don’t mean anything and I do mean ANYTHING about the quality of the MUSIC. I wonder what Herbie Hancock, Duke Ellington, Chick Corea, Louis Armstrong, etc.. would say if someone claimed Michael Jackson wrote better music than them. Its just – know your place. You are wrong about MJ. He can dance well but his music was not groundbreaking. Its just that most people only have a very ‘on the surface’ understanding of music, and prefer to stick to things that are easy for them to understand. There is nothing more simple than pop music (produced and written by Quincy Jones, a true musical genius) and infectious dance moves. Its almost like mind control. You know when you hear a shitty song on the radio a million times and at a million and one times you start singing along? Its the same thing. They convinced you to think his music is special when it is no different than any other manufactured pop star. Fuck outta here!!

        • BentleyRB

          You’re entitled to your opinion, as we all are, even if it’s pompous. But do you really have to be rude about it? Don’t know any other way to express yourself, or what?

          • D’Angel Correa


        • D’Angel Correa

          actually his music was groundbreaking its facts you idiot

        • D’Angel Correa

          your still an idiot those music acts you mentioned sucks

        • Fala

          Hmm…as a musician I strongly disagree. People liked his work not because of how it was marketed but because they actually liked it. Jackson work was definitely different from other pop work when you dissect it and really listen, his style was unique to himself. He didn’t sound like everyone else.

          Those artist you listed are great artist but in ways overrated like everyone else. There is always someone better. Quincy Jones in my opinion is not a musical genius but is highly talented.

          MJ may not have been musically revolutionary but as an entertainer and dancer he was, even in his approach to film. That doesn’t diminish him as a great song writer. So I say, so what? I also don’t see Nadine giving him props as saying he was better than those people listed. That’s an exaggeration on your part. Even amongst those people, it can be debated if they were as revolutionary as they are marketed to be.

        • Joseph Muldoon

          Very pretentious answer.

          You don’t need to study music theory to realize Michael Jackson was nothing special. Thinking Michael Jackson was a great artiste is like thinking a Big Mac is great cuisine. It was just dance pop for crisakes.

    • Guest

      People really don’t understand that point. Its the most infuriating thing for a musician to hear people praising artists that are based on image or dancing. Great – they look good and dance well – but there is nothing musically genius about any of his works. There just isn’t. Sorry – its like saying Justin Timberlake is amazing. Well, at least he can play an instrument.

    • D’Angel Correa

      hey idiot

    • Fala

      Wow this interesting, considering that to argue that he didn’t pioneer film because people did it before him is to question every artist. This brings to mind the saying “there is nothing new under the sun”. All artist use things done before, it’s how it’s approached that’s what makes it important.

      Jackson may not have played an instrument proficiently but did play an instrument, and as a musician myself don’t find it insulting that he gets credits.

      Now the people or groups you quote as being better I’ve heard and disagree with that list. Jackson wasn’t the most amazing musically compared to Stevie Wonder but was a great song writer in his own right despite his limitations. And was a creative visionary who did earn the respect he was given but he was also like others, all artist rely on reputation to sell albums. That’s how it goes.

      • Joseph Muldoon

        “All artist use things done before,”

        Nonsense. If that were true there would have been link rock and disco music in ancient Egypt.

        Music changes, and it changes because some artists actually do things nobody has done before.

        Michael Jackson just made shallow dance pop songs.

        • D’Angel Correa

          why do you keep making post dude joseph just because you like shitty music that is on you

          • Joseph Muldoon

            You’re responding to a post written 6 months ago.

    • Joseph Muldoon

      “sounds miserably dated and cheesy TODAY”

      It sounded miserably cheesy in the 80s as well.

      • RexJenkins

        You’re in a small minority of whiners. But you seem awfully anxious to share your low opinion of Michael Jackson to the extent that you read, log on, and comment about him multiple times. If he’s your obsession then go ahead have at it, or… maybe try a less defeatist attitude by sharing what you love about a different artist.

        • Joseph Muldoon

          I fin this response rather strange. It took me approximately 5 minutes to write my posts; hardly a significant investment of time. Hardly amounts to an obsession.

          Isn’t the subject at hand the question of whether MJ is overrated? Nothing pathological about having strong opinions that he is overrated and wanting to discuss it in a forum like this.

          I actually like the early, bubble gum pop songs he did as a child. In fact,I always liked Michael Jackson as a person; he seemed like a genuinely nice person.

          I simply think he is radically overeatd as a performer post Jackson 5, and I find the suggestion that his dance pop tunes represented “artistic genius” to be ridiculous.

          It’s cheesy 80a dance music.

          Even The Beatles, who I LOVE, weren’t “artistic geniuses”; they were just a great band.

          You seriously need to chill.

          • RexJenkins

            Fine, you want to participate in forums about artists you consider to be overrated (putting the truth to Teddy Roosevelt’s quote about the man in the ring.) But rather than offer an intelligent argument, you repeat “cheesy 80s dance music” ad nauseam. I doubt it took 5 minutes as your comments are quite numerous and a couple are belabored…which is why they come across as shallow and hostile. There is simply too much evidence to the contrary that you choose not to acknowledge, engage, or refute–probably because you can’t.

            These are some of the reasons your opinions on the matter add nothing to the discussion.

          • Joseph Muldoon

            Wow, you must be really stupid if you think it requires more than 5 minutes to write posts to a thread. I can sort of picture you slowly poking one letter at a time.

            This is entirely a matter of opinion; “proof” and “evidence” have no bearing whatsoever.

            The objective facts however are that Michael Jackson produced dance pop targeted at a broad audience. A shallow dimwitted person could presumably discern “genius” in that context, which is sort of like discerning artistic genius in cereal box cartoons.

            You are WAY more interested in me than I am in Michael Jackson. It’s weird. Why are you so concerned with my opinions? Obviously my words have made a very deep impact on you. I’m almost flattered in a creepy sort of way.

          • RexJenkins

            Before you wet your pants with creepy pleasure Joseph, I must repeat that parroting opinions not backed up by facts or insight is irrelevant and just plain boring. I point that out, you don’t like it, and the pattern repeats itself. But if that gets you off, have at it hehe! Goodbye, Joseph!

  • GaryE

    I could not agree with you more. It is very very rare that I meet or read anything about Michael Jackson with which I agree completely.

    The example I always like to give is one that you also gave in this very post. How can you call someone like Kurt Cobain, who wrote about 95% of the music he performed by himself, and played it by himself a musical genius and paint Michael Jackson with that same brush? It is ludicrous.

    First and foremost a musician plays an instrument. A musical genius plays an instrument in front of the audience — more or less every song more or less every gig.

    Jackson maybe actually wrote 10% of the material he performed (and I am being very generous here). I am not talking about he got the credit for writing the material but he actually sat down in front of a musical instrument and composed the music. That is what writing music means. There are a lot of very financially successful musical “acts” who did the same thing. Quite frankly there is nothing wrong with that. There is only something wrong with that when you start calling them musicians.

    Are the backstreet boys musicians?

    How about just about any “boy band” formed after about 1985 or so?

    Whitney Houston?

    Of course they are not musicians they are singers and or performers.

    That is not to say that the human voice is not an instrument. It is. When Pavarotti sings that is a musical instrument. But guess what . . . no one is calling Pavarotti a musical genius!!!! Nor are more or less any opera singers considered musicians. It is only in rock and roll where the public wants to call a singer a musician.

    When someone like M. Jackson sings . . . that is not a musical instrument.

    Did he have good control of his voice? Yes!

    Could he sing without autotune? Yes! That fact alone does put him in front of a large number of current pop starts in my estimation.

    Was he in good enough physical shape that he could sing and dance? Yes! But I would say here that Madonna is not only a better dancer but she sung and danced at the same time . . . she did not just dance a few steps in between the lyrics of a song like Jackson did. I would also add that Madonnas dancing was much more intense than what Jackson did. In my estimation I would put Madonna in front of Jackson as a performer every time. But I would still not consider either a musician.

    Was Jackson a great performer . . . of course he was. But there is more to being a musician than dancing and singing and selling a lot of albums.

    Is Mel Brooks a musician?

    He got credit for writing the producers. But it is well known that all he did was hum part of the tune he had in his head for a real musician who then wrote the actual music. That is exactly the same kind or musical writing that Jackson did. Mel Brooks is not a musician and neither is Michael Jackson. Not now, not then, not ever.

    • Heath

      Alll I can say is lmao your delusional and completely ignorant you don’t know nothing about MJ He is a musical genius and theres tons of evidence to back it up. Please reframe from spreading ignorance and talking on things you know nothing about. It must eat you up inside that globally he considered one of the greatest entertainers/musician to ever live and you on the other hand is like a paramecia trying to shout at a mountain.

      • Guest

        You just made this guys point. People (like you) who don’t know anything about music, but are attached to superficial garbage like Michael Jackson. You are the definition of ignorant. Not only can you not write a decent sentence or make a coherent point to save your life, but you are an example of the type of intelligence that gets brainwashed into thinking someone with no musical talent but can dance around well is a ‘musical genius’. Its absolutely hilarious, but also sad.

        • D’Angel Correa

          your an idiot you know nothing about music your taste in music is horrible

      • Guest

        It is also obvious that you are defensive about the fact that you don’t play music or know anything about it. If you did, you wouldn’t even need to read this guy’s post to know he is correct. Everyone today thinks they can be an expert on whatever they want. Sorry – you gotta put in work. You gotta be able to play music, understand its history, understand chords, understand who writes what. Understand the difference between composing and performing. Your comprehension of this subject barely even scrapes 1% of the above guy’s comment and that is just an informal post on a blog. You are the reason that katy perry and arian grande and igloy azalea are on the radio. fuck off child!

        • BentleyRB

          Yep, you don’t know how to opine without being rude. Got it. Next!

    • Yates

      Mate. You didn’t just say Madonna was a better dancer? You do know Jackson is in the Dancers Hall Of Fame? Only popular music artist to be in there.

  • michaelfan

    no I have to disagree, i study music myself and i can tell you that the chord progressions and lyrics he used were absolute genius. he was also a perfectionist which you can see in ‘This Is It’ and his obsession with perfection is apparant in his music. he is also an amazing dancer and to be able to do a move live the moonwalk and then sing after is amazing. as a performer i can tell you that this is HARD to do, just my opinion 🙂

  • Diana

    He did not give himself the title “king of pop” Elizabeth Taylor has been calling him that way before he was given the title. He may never had played an instrument in his concerts but he played the piano very well and I believe he laid a track for a couple of his songs. He also play many other instruments in the song Scream. He indeed was a musical genius and it’s sad to know people didn’t notice it.
    Whether you like it or not he made a huge difference in the world by bring down barriers of different races. He did many great things in the world and was a very good humanitarian.
    His instrument is his voice and it was very good because he could do all different types of pitches. Michael was full of talent.
    Michael was a very secretive man because he was a shy man. He wrote many songs for his albums. Maybe even up to 100 different song sand the would narrow it down to about 20. But he was always shy to show it to his producers but when he did they thought it was genius!
    Before you make further more comment I advise you to read his book “Moonwalk” and watch the Bad 25 documentary and then we can talk.

  • Bd.70

    It’s not that complicated I think.
    MJ was an average singer, a mediocre songwriter and musician, with a legacy of songs and albums that doesn’t compete with the true greats. To me, that makes him far from what you would call a musical genius.
    His talents lay in the areas peripheral to music-making,.. Dance, choreography, video clips, and performance. So it would be truer to say he was a great, and highly successful, entertainer.

    • D’Angel Correa


  • danny

    self proclaimed king of pop but at least he backed it up

  • Victor Lana

    There are different kinds of “genius” types – I’d say Michael’s was the ability to take a song and make it better. This reference to the Beatles is deliberate, since I believe Thriller had an impact similar to Sgt. Pepper in terms of redefining, inventing, and impacting a generation.

    There is not one bad song on the album (I know the author belittles “The Girl Is Mine”), but you can put that into the “When I’m 64” category. There is a continutiy, a freshness, and certainly a jolt af creativity that would never have been there without Michael himself.

    We can all quibble about Quincy Jones just as other critics contend George Martin “made” the Beatles; however, that is hogwash in both instances. The producer (and all other studio types) get to refine and a perfect an album, but without the artist – that is like having paint and brushes next to a blank canvas and letting Picasso stay home – all you have is that blank canvas!

    Jackson was briliant as a performer and that, if not genius in your book, sure looks pretty damn smart to me.

  • Johno

    Definition of genius – exceptional intellectual or creative power or other natural ability. an exceptionally intelligent person or one with exceptional skill in a particular area of activity. I’m not a massive MJ fan but I can appreciate that as an musical entertainer by the above definition he was a genius. If he wasn’t would he have influenced so many other artists?

    • Guest

      Entertainer – sure. Musical? Nah bro.

      • BentleyRB

        Yah bro. Musical.

  • Jason

    People here use the term “genius” too loosely… MJ’s music was of the three chord variety w/o any usage or knowledge of modes (i.e. Aeolian,Phrygian,Mixolydian)… he’s not even close to a genius.
    The guitar riff and solo to Beat It were written by Steve Lukather and Eddie Van Halen (genius).
    He didn’t play an instrument live,never wrote a musically complicated piece,and let’s face it… he was no Pavarotti either.

    • Guest

      Thaaaaank you. Like really, we are throwing the term genius around as if actual technical knowledge of music theory is no relevant. Its pretty evident that the people who resent any criticism of MJ have some sentimental attachment to him that is based in his musical ability. You can like MJ A LOT without having to claim he is a musical genius, which he was not. Sorry.

      • BentleyRB

        You care, though. You really care about MJ ALOT and there’s no need to be sorry. You’re more obsessed than any fan, so if it’s not “sentimental attachment,” something else clearly drives you to comment (and so rudely too!) ad infinitum.

        • silverspirit

          You seem a little too old to be using the non words such as “cuz” and “alot”. What a clown.

          • RexJenkins

            Boo. You’re obviously a scary clown CUZ you got zero sense of humor and seem to insult people ALOT. ; P

    • Fala

      The thing about the term genius is that he could be considered based on degrees of it. He did show a level ability despite his limited instrumentation ability, nor does a genius have to music theory. That’s a lie itself. However, I question anyones assertion of anyone being a musical genius. However, Jackson was very much an intelligent individual who understood music in a way that you would expect a proficient player to understand it. But his understanding was from a feeling perspective not technical which I believe is the best way. To me I don’t care to use the musical genius at all for anyone people can call Stevie Wonder and Quincy Jones genius but neither was as great as Mozart. So wouldn’t to question whether they are a genius or argue that there are degrees of it.

  • Lyka

    Do you think someone who is not a genius can do the things that he did?
    If your answer is “yes” then MJ wouldn’t be as famous as he is now.

    He became so famous because he change the music. If not because of him then we will still be listening to those same old new songs that you probably don’t pay much attention to.

    Now, you might say that some other people can do that.. but before Michael nobody has done that they all just follow after he did.

    The concerts now are more entertaining, know why? because gone are the days where the singers just have to stand and play a guitar and sing. He changed it.

    There are lots of great singers and great dancers but they don’t achieve the same popularity that Michael got. Because Michael is special there are things that he can do that most entertainers can’t.

    He wrote almost all songs on his albums and only few are not written by him. Do you think people will like him and almost worship him just because he is self proclaimed “king of pop?” Lots of people have title like that but not all of them gets the same attention that MJ got.

    At the age of 10 he was already a superstar. You said if he produce his own album lol. Do you even know what a producer does?

    You label those people “geniuses” but not MJ? Even though MJ did more than those people.

    You are very funny.

    • jesse holcomb

      mj stands for micheal jordan who was actually very talented at what he did and is known as a sucess unlike micheal jackson who had a few hits during the worst generation of music he then molested children, got insane surgeries, and lost a few noses. after 20 years of being forgotten he paid a doctor to give him unnecessarily powerful sleep medicine (which he injected) that eventually killed him. his death was the only thing he did that made people think of him in 25 years was dying. not long after his death people used him as a cash cow in a movie that portrays him as an innocent pop artist with a heart of gold pshh he was a joke at most

      • BentleyRB

        You sound like a Chihuahua yapping about a Blue Whale here.

  • gautam

    i would like to bring to notice of all the people who are challenging Micheal’s musical abilities that he was not only a rock, soul, R&B, Adult Contemporary artist, but also a classical artist too. He was planning to release a classical album or may be two. he had written these brilliant but childlike classical compositions during the time of his first album Off The Wall. After that he wrote Childhood for his 1995 double disc album History and was planning to release a full fledged classical album after the This Is It concert shows. The album would have contained 10 to 15 minute long tracks and almost each of them would have been written and composed by Michael. He was seeking help from a renowned German composer named David Michael Frank for the orchestration of the tracks and all sorts of production related arrangements, but unfortunately nothing seem to have worked out and later we lost him. There are more songs than Wikipedia is mentioning on their page. He had done ghost writing and producing for so many artists. It is certain that the guy was not able to achieve the level of artistic ‘output’ than you say that of Stevie Wonder, James Brown or Prince, but there were reasons behind him not putting out his art the way he wanted. He had multiple diseases, media was on him always which made him much more conscious of himself and his art, he was struggling with his personal relationships including his family, and eventually even the record company played off on him. He was about to become a film producer, director and actor after he had released Invincible. Even much earlier than that he was about to star in Steven Spielberg’s movie Hook as the lead character. He was about to co-produce the soundtrack for the Batman movie (1989) with Prince but could not because of his Bad tour dates. So, it would not be relevant to pass on a quick judgement because there are so many things which we would never know about these celebrities. All i would say is it becomes hard for a already hit artist to live up to the expectations of his/her fans. some get trapped into that and some rise above that and Prince is one of them.

    • Nom Drivel

      There’s a reason nobody mentions his classical works of genius: he never composed any. Good luck convincing people otherwise.

      • Nina

        So I guess the article that German composer David Michael Frank wrote about his meeting him and listening to his work is just a complete lie?! Michael Jackson wrote and composed beautiful songs like “Earth Song”, “Little Susie”, “Childhood”, to name a few, that if you just listen to the instrumental, are beautiful pieces of music that symphonies have recorded. Btw, Michael Jackson DID play some instruments, however he never chose to make that his focus as he did dancing.

        Doesn’t matter that the engineers & people who worked with him considered him a genius and respected his talents or what other musicians had to say about his abilities, does it?
        It always has struck me as strange how many other musicians, even in other genres, respect him and applaud him as a musician while too many critics like this one, just rake him over the coals with their personal bias, which is obviously not founded on any type of research into what really happened or true knowledge of music, especially Jacksons.
        Gearslutz is a site to check out to see how much those who worked with him respected his abilities as a musician and as a human being while working on Dangerous and beyond, if you care about facts.

        Fine if you don’t like him or his music but it doesn’t make your opinions fact. Music is a lot like beauty, it is subjective. However subjective it is, there are millions who love this mans music.

        People like you are part of the problem with lies and misinformation being perpetuated, you didn’t even bother to check on the validity of what the person above posted about classical music and just posted your opinion as fact. Bravo.

        • Lyka

          Exactly! There are so many musicians/singers who composed their own music and play instruments while also singing. There are so many entertainers who get too much exposure and good marketing. But then how come not all of them get the same fame as MJ? How come they did not get the same treatment as him?

          It’s because MJ did something different. He started something different that those singers/musicians did.

  • David

    haha oops, I said Tchaikovsky was a great American musician my bad misprint

  • David

    To say MJ didn’t play an instrument is ignorant, A singer’s instrument is his voice and to say otherwise is to say that a singer does not qualify as a musician. It requires an even greater control than your average musician. Go listen to Al Jarreau’s Take Five and say singers are not musicians. MJ composed by singing what he heard in his head. You can instantly recognize a song written by MJ because it contains his classic signature sound. MJ wrote 10 out of his 18 songs that were number one hits. Prince IS a musical genius, but John Lennon, Bob Dylan and Kurt Cobain were not. They were overrated white musicians, loved for their lyrics. MJ wrote MUSIC. Bass lines, guitar parts, harmonies. The author is obviously knows nothing about black music, since this article is under R&B, despite MJs music being soul, jazz, funk, disco, and rock. Its no coincidence the only black guy listed as a musical genius had the most crossover appeal to a white audience, since Prince played a lot of progressive rock. I majored in music in college, and if you brought up Bob Dylan, John Lennon, and Kurt Cobain as musical geniuses in class you would have been laughed out of the room so hard, the entire floor would be covered in piss. But what names did I hear my teacher (an incredible jazz composer who could play circles around Dylan and the rest,) mention over and over again as the great American musicians? Tchaikovsky, Miles Davis, Prince, and Michael Jackson. This author is a fucking fool.

    • GaryE

      I will agree with you that Prince is a true musician he ranked significantly higher on the list than Cobain http://www.rollingstone.com/music/lists/100-greatest-guitarists-20111123/prince-20111122

      I would even go so far as to call Prince a virtuoso on his instrument. Maybe that makes him a musical genius . . . maybe it does not. I have personally not spent a lot of time thinking about that because I personally do not care much for Prince’s music but I will concede that the argument certainly can be made that Prince is a musical genius.

      However much of the rest of your arguments are extremely flawed.

      If Kurt Cobain was only known for his abilities as a song writer then
      why does rolling stone consider Kurt to be one of the 100 best
      guitarists of all time?

      I have seen other lists where Cobain was even in the top 25 or so (a little to high in my estimation). But the point remains that Cobain simply by appearing on that list of the 100 best guitarists of all times but what is considered to be the most authoritative rock and roll periodical makes your argument about Cobain’s ability moot.

      Yes there have been a lot of great black artists no this author did not mention them. But that is no reason to even bring race into this. I do not think Jackson is over rated as a musician because he is black . . . I think he is over rated because there is little to no actual proof that he actually composed more than about 3 or 5 of the songs he performed.

      There are a lot of people who would like to believe that Jackson had great musical talent and contributed greatly to the songs he performed. But I for one have seen little to no evidence of that. I have seen a lot of people claim differently . . . I have never ever seen anything I would personally consider proof.

      Hey if you could point me to a first hand interview of some studio musician who performed on Jackson’s albums who said that Jackson actively participated in the writing of the music of more than 5% or 10% of his songs I *might* start believing it. But again I have seen nothing like that and I have actually looked for it.

      • GaryE, what a joke you are.

        Did you seriously quote a rolling stone article?? If you think that pos magazine is creditable in any way you’re seriously wrong. Cobain is on that list not because of talent but because of popularity. Cobain could hardly play the guitar and learnt/ copied King Buzzo from the Melvins. I think you’re the one who’s misinformed, buddy.

        Though I’m not sure if he’s a genius (obviously not Mozart, I wouldn’t call prince one because his music is boring, I could care less how well he can play), his music is what pop music is meant to be; catchy. It doesn’t matter if it was a ridiculously simple song, it’s about how it sounds. Michael Jackson did write most of his songs, why not look at the track lists of his albums? Also just because he may have not written the song himself who says he wasn’t the one you came up with the idea behind it or for certain aspects? He was an entertainer before a musician, when you went to his concerts he gave you more than just the music, he gave you a show. So I would call him a genius pop entertainer and musician. If you can’t see this you have no understanding of music whatsoever.

        I’m not really even a fan of MJ and I don’t listen to pop (alternative rock- heavy metal fan) but his music is exactly what pop music should be, catchy and groovy, it makes you want to dance and feel happy. Pop music today is soooooo boring, it doesn’t make you want to dance or feel happy, it makes me want to hammer nails into my ears. What’s the point of pop if it’s not catchy? His albums off the wall, thriller and bad are ridiculously good.

        You don’t need to know how to play every instrument to write music, have you ever even played an instrument yourself? It’s not even that hard, especially piano and guitar, guitar is one of the easiest instruments to learn. I played violin for 9 years and can read music for cello, piano, viola etc..I can write music but it’s how your write it/play.. that draws attention…. it’s the idea, how it sounds, how it flows and the emotions expressed through the music.

        The author of this is just as retarded as you, the fact they claimed Kurt Cobain was a musical genius (I’m laughing, even if you claimed of the 90’s it’s a big no to that too, maybe most popular but Nirvana made boring, basic- in the bad sense, angst music) and brought up things about MJ being a kiddie fiddler, which is false, look into extortion and don’t live off what the media tells you- those cretins wanted money and used their children to get it while ruining his career, people live off that ( the man was weird though).

        Your whole argument is flawed. Also to the person above, Tchaikovsky was Russian not American. Why you think you’re being smart is beyond me, I still can’t believe you linked to Rolling Stone, that is not a magazine, it’s fucking bullshit.

      • Nina

        He’s right, the poster below me. How you can think the Rolling Stones mag is a credible source only means you are out of touch. Maybe they used to be at one time, but no, they are incredibly biased to their favorites. At the height of Michael Jackson’s success with Off The Wall, they wanted an interview with him but refused to put him on the cover. They only featured him 6 times over the course of his career and twice after he died, making it a total of 8 times and he was a huge superstar.
        Look at Stevie Wonder, Prince, as well as other great artists that have been featured less than well…much lesser artists. That tells a story in itself.
        Just look at the order in which they list their idea of the 100 best singers, meaning vocally. It’s a complete joke, you can see who their favorites are and it isn’t necessarily on merit.

      • dnnhall

        What is the proof that you want to believe that he was writing his own songs? This is ridiculous. See the credits of the albums, he wrote his own songs and produced. Teddy Riley worked with Michael on Dangerous and said that Michael changed his way of making music.

    • Run I

      Is bet my two big balls that you are a black person. It shows all throughout your writing. You studies music? Then you are quite ignorant if you consider a singer as a musician. I studies music too and although the voice is considered an instrument, it’s not done so the same as an actual instrument. My five year old can sing on key. Compare that to an individual who can multi task, play and instrument with two separate hands, read music, play by ear, and sing at the same time, not to mention the coordination and dexterity. Prince is a fucking musician and artist. MJ is an artist and a damn good one. But who wrote MJ’s music for him? He sure as hell didn’t. He may have hummed or sang out a melody, but putting music to that melody is where the true talent comes from. Even more would be able to sing or hum out a melody as you put your own music to it like Kurt Cobain and John Lennon did. Your stupid to say that Lennon wasn’t a musical genius. His ability to play multiple instruments and sing was beyond all the rest. His songs were complex along with his chord arrangements, etc. And, his wrote hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of songs. How many songs did MJ hum out?

      • Nina

        Well I guess you would lose your exaggerated big balls then. David is white, not that it matters but apparently it does to you. FYI, Michael Jackson did write and compose his own music. He is in the Songwriters Hall of Fame. Everyone who collaborated with him as engineers and musicians has stated as much and his album liners state the same on the songs written by him or even some co-written.
        Michael was able to beat box every melody with all the different instruments AND the string sections, with his voice and there are examples of this on youtube…articles have been written about it. Furthermore, he could play some instruments and there are people who have spoken of him playing the piano and guitar, however it was never his focus, dancing was.
        Stop pulling information out of your butt.
        Btw, Prince has called Michael Jackson a genius himself…in an interview he was asked to do like a word association. Person said, “Michael Jackson” Prince said, “Genius”. Then he said, “Janet Jackson” and he said, “Genius’ sister”.

  • JT

    This maybe late but I think, somehow, we can never really grasp his “genius” because he was because he’s such a secretive guy whenever it came to music. He is a songwriter himself and wrote numerous songs all throughout his career which unfortunately cannot be heard because he felt they are not good enough. I think the thing that make people think he is less talented is because what he wants to make is a “hit’. As a business-minded person that would be the goal but as a musician it’s not. I think that’s why he had other songwriters give songs that he likes better than what her writes. He does play instruments especially the piano but for him it is unnecessary to play those live to prove he is a musician, because he is a musician. And most people who collaborated with him or worked with him doesn’t really think he is a joke.

    On the Thriller album, I think what made it very iconic was the video and I think that’s the selling point. However, the one that cemented his international star label was “Billie Jean”, written by himself.

    I see that you hated the “King of Pop” title. I understand, because I don’t really like it either. But the real title where it was coined was from a sentence that Elizabeth Taylor stated in an awards show, “The King of Pop, Rock and Soul”. Getting the King of Pop title as a label to promote himself was a genius, not musically, but marketing-wise. I don’t really think he is limited to Pop. For me, I see him more as an RnB/Soul artist, but the thing is, he never wants to settle with one genre and went to pop, rock, new jack swing and etc. He still made hits and the title King of Pop would really be too limiting.

    But hey, one of the musical geniuses that you mentioned, Prince, had a different opinion. When asked what he thinks of Michael, he answered just one word: Genius. And I think that Prince would be more credible in this judgement, since he is a musician himself who lived side-by-side with Michael in the 80’s. Prince had a very strong mutual respect for Michael. Now, that’s something.

    However I agree. The title “MUSICAL GENIUS” would be not fitting for him. He was an excellent singer, dancer and businessman who handles his creative direction very well. “Musical Genius” would be too limiting. Overrated? Yeah perhaps he is,, but one cannot deny how much talent he had and to say that he is a joke is somewhat ridiculous.

    • Nom Drivel

      Well, if he felt his unreleased songs weren’t good enough — I doubt many other than raving delusional fans would disagree. He didn’t compose melodies or hooks. He was a song and dance man, stop trying to pretend along with a few others that he was a brilliant, innovative musical force. He didn’t do anything Sammy Davis Jr. didn’t do twice as good first.

      • Nina

        It is more than obvious you know nothing about Michael Jackson and his abilities as a musician or even as an innovator in dance and performance. He DID compose melodies and hooks but it ‘s a waste of breath to go any further. IF you were really interested in the truth and facts, you would do some research before running your mouth.
        Btw, he has another album with unreleased songs out right now, that is doing very well.

      • Yates

        So you say people overrate Jackson whilst simultaneously under rating him by saying Sammy Davis Jr was twice as good….. You do know that Jackson moved Sammy to tears during a performance dedicated to Sammy?

  • coffee mann

    Jackson was certainly better than Kurt Cobain, but at least Cobain meant to kill himself

    • Cobain

      WHAT?! Jackson better than Cobain?! you do know Jackson didn’t write MOST of his big hits right? Thriller, Blame It On The Boogie, Human Nature etc were written by three old white folk ha.

      • David

        Uhhh Jackson did write MOST of his biggest hits. You’re forgetting Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough, Dirty Diana, Beat It, Bad, Workin Day and Night, Wanna Be Startin Somethin, Billie Jean, Billie Jean, The Way You Make Me Feel, I Just Can’t Stop Loving You, Smooth Criminal, Black Or White, and They Don’t Care About Us. Cobain was a grunge rock artist. At the very least Michael was a soul, funk, r&b, disco, rock and dance artist, sooooooo……… you’re straight up WRONG dude. White people have terrible taste in music, makes me ashamed to be one. Cobain? OVERRATED. Honestly if you think Cobain is better than Michael Jackson, you automatically disqualify yourself from having a valid opinion worthy of consideration. You probably don’t even notice that Kurt Cobain sings flat constantly, has horrible vocal technique, and his songs are devoid of any actual orchestration. just power chords, guitar riffs and too much distortion. Oh then there’s the part where most songs sound the same. listen to they don’t care about us, then don’t stop til you get enough, then beat it, then wanna be startin something, then black or white, then I just can’t stop loving you. all worlds apart

        • David

          Oh I should correct myself, Kurt Cobain used arpeggios too. You’re right, he IS a musical genius, to use such advanced techniques!!!

          • David

            Seriously bro, listen to the intro to Smells Like Teen Spirit then Rape Me, and tell me they’re not extremely similar and you’ll see how boring Cobain was

          • gerardmanvussat

            “Rape me” is the worst song of Nirvana’s best studio album. And it could be argued that this similarity with SLTS was intentional, as if KC wanted to tear down and degrade himself the fateful tune which made him a very reluctant rock star, as if he wanted to say to the media and music industry “you are the ones who are going to rape me again, and again, until the cash cow is dry, no matter how hard I try I’ll be nothing but your puppet”. “In Utero” starts with one of rock’n’roll’s most striking and chilling lines ever : “Teenage angst has paid off well / Now I’m bored and old”. (The only one I can think of that’s on the same level is Patti Smith “Horses” which starts with : “Jesus died for somebody’s sins but not mine…”)

  • coffee mann

    Did you list Cobain with the likes of Prince, Lennon, and Dylan? C’mon! The guy made three albums before blowing his brains out. Three albums filled with songs that are of that short ‘grunge’ era. They won’t stand the test of time like the other aforementioned artists work

  • Scrambler

    Hah, Hah I love how any discussion of Michaels’ talent or lack thereof INSTANTLY brings the “your a hater” folks literally screaming into the room, simply pathetic.
    To intelligently/critically debate his resume is forbidden now, only rabid MJ fans are allowed to comment on his..uh humm,..musical genius.
    Oh no! there I go, I am so full of hate that I dared to criticize Michael, how could I do such a thing?
    McDonalds has out sold every other restaurant 10 to 1, does that make their “food” good? Hell no!, sales numbers are NOT a reflection of quality, never has been, never will.

    • Yates

      The article is filled with jibes and claims without context. There is clear prejudice. I’m sure you’ve been called a hater for giving an opinion before but this article doesn’t look like it comes from an unbiased place.

  • TWaller

    Oh thanks for clearing that up. And here I was thinking that I actually love MJ’s music! I will now burn all my MJ albums. Now, tell me what I should listen to, Daryl? Because you are god and you know best when it comes to music. Teach me!

  • sean

    All these people that critique and critize these awesome artists such as Michael Jackson have absolutely no musical talent of their own, most likely. Probably don’t know how to play an instrument, compose a song, etc… etc.. Who is this dumbass that wrote this article. Who is this insignificant person that wrote this article,compared to someone like Michael Jackson who actually contributed something beautiful to this world that will stand the test of time. Shut up and be grateful for this music and all music that comes from this world.

  • JulieM

    This article is misinformation galore, at its best. Not only Thriller sold more than 100 million copies worldwide, but Michael Jackson actually wrote the most important songs in the album: “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’ “, “Billie Jean”, “Beat It”, and yes, the ‘cheesy’, “The Girl Is Mine” written “all by himself”. He wrote every song on his “Bad” album, apart from “Man In The Mirror” and “Just Good Friends”. Quincy Jones stated that Jackson had written up to 30 songs for “Bad”, but used only 9 of them; now THAT would’ve made Prince CANCEL his “Lovesex” Tour…
    Now, take a deep breath and realize that MJ wrote by himself his greatest and unforgettable hits on his albums – surprised? You shouldn’t be. He at least co-wrote and co-produced every song on his later albums, as well. What everyone needs to understand is that he hit the top so fast with “Thriller”, and everyone was expecting him to somehow “re-create” the album. That is why people like you deem “Bad” as ‘not living up to Thriller’s success’, when it wasn’t supposed to! The era had actually the best tour of his career – and other singers’ careers.
    Michael Jackson played no instruments – he only needed his voice, and beatboxing. He made actual music with his voice, just look it up. So, comparing him to Prince makes no sense to me. MJ couldn’t play instruments, but could Prince sing or dance as well as MJ? Michael Joseph Jackson was one of the most talented and hardworking people that have ever walked this earth. 45 years in the music industry have left an eternal and undeniable mark on this world, and young artists will ALWAYS be bound to mimicking him, because of his influence on the pop culture.
    Whether you like it or not, Michael Jackson is a TRUE legend. Taste is taste – you may not like his music, but you can’t deny his achievements, NOT EVER.

    • Cobain

      Wrote the most important songs? he didn’t write Thriller…surely that would be a pretty important song considering it was the biggest on there?

      • Nina

        The song became popular more b/c of the video than the song itself. I think Rod Temperton is great but that song itself isn’t. It was Michael Jackson singing it and his video concept that sold the song. Jackson DID write and compose most of his greatest hits, Billie Jean being one of them.
        You don’t know what you are talking about, the man has been inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame.

        • Joseph Muldoon

          I recall seeing an interview of MJ talking about the creation of Billie Jean in which he said things which suggested he didn’t actually write it all.

          He talked about how he knew he wanted a song with a strong bass line and how he received feedback from his ‘collaborators’ in response to that.

          It sounds to me not so much as “writing a song” as giving strong direction to people who actually wrote it.

          It seems to me his role was more of “creative director” than composer.

          Sounds a lot more like “Can you make something like this?” than actually writing songs.

          • Yates

            You have actually just wrote a power of sheer nonsense right the way through this thread. Either back up your claims or move on already. There are multiple home demo’s on YouTube that show MJ working on his own songs before anyone got involved creatively. There is also ample videos of him beatboxing the songs themselves. There is even a deposition where he had to prove he created some of his own songs over claims of plagiarism and guess what? He was cleared of all claims. You don’t seem to be someone actually interested in a constructive debate but on the off chance you actually are, go listen to “Beat It Demo” on YouTubr, it is simply Michael Jackson and his voice interpreting the music and it being layered over.

          • Joseph Muldoon

            I actually took your advice and watched the Beat It demo.

            I was honestly quite impressed. It seems he did essentially write the song.

            Not really a fan of the song but his voice recording is more or less the same as the one we all know.

          • Yates

            Fair enough man, I stand corrected and you have shown course for debate. I’ve always liked Jackson’s music but until I heard his unique style of creating music, I had not appreciated his true talent.

          • dnnhall

            I do not believe what I just read. He wrote his own songs, the “feedback” was from God. Michael himself spoke a thousand times how difficult it was for him to put his name as composer because he “listened to the full song in his head”. And he even says that in the interview. The journalist asks where the beats at the beginning of Billie Jean came from and he says “from God”.

          • Joseph Muldoon

            You might want to read threads in their entirety before responding (especially when they are short like this one).

            If you did you would see that I changed my mind about Michael Jackson’s songwriting after checking out some information suggested by another poster.

            I became convinced Jackson did write the songs credited to him.

  • Jason

    In my opinion michael Jackson is the most talent music artist of all time, and considering the fact I googled “most talented entertainer of all time” and this was the only website I found that didn’t list him as number 1, I think most people would agree

    • Jon

      Nope, most overrated artist of all time, ever, in any capacity. Definitely, hands down it’s MJ, 100% no debate for me. I can’t see from his tepid music how he can justify selling so many albums – not that quantity means quality – but I think his music (his i.e written by other people) does it. It’s just hype, isn’t it? Is he in the same league as Muddy Waters, Lennon/McCartney; Miles Davis; Jimmy Page – these are undeniable musical geniuses ahead of their time, culturally had some impact – he just isn’t.

      • coffee mann

        I doubt you’d have Justin Timberlake, Chris Brown or even stupid Beiber, if not for Michael Jackson. Tons of people emulate him and more importantly, his music made people feel good

    • dgparent

      LOL entertainer – not musician or songwriter I noticed, Lennon/McCartney were the best songwriters of all time, Jackson was a 70/80’s version of Elvis talented yes but not song writers.

      • Nina

        He is in the Songwriters Hall of Fame. Elvis never wrote anything whereas Michael Jackson wrote & composed the majority of his songs and his hits. He also was producer/co-producer on all of his records not to mention creating his own choreography for the most part, he ran the show in every aspect of his career whether his videos, staging and lighting of his concerts or anything else.
        I can’t believe how many people just decide their opinion is fact and just pull stuff out of their butt.

  • fyou

    you are stupid. you know that right?

  • Bang Ding Ow

    I love these critics who hate on MJ, are any of THEM musicians or singers?

    • Nom Drivel

      Well, at least they won’t remember me as a creepy pedophile with a melted nose.

  • Bang Ding Ow

    His VOICE is his instrument.




  • This article is straight haterade. Michael Jackson is a child prodigy turned musical genius with talent this world has never seen. He was a musical superhero. Haters gonna hate I guess. The Greatest recording artist of All time

  • Ty

    This article is trash. Michael is a musical genius. You say he isn’t because he never picked up an instrument? False. Michael played the piano very well actually. His beatboxing skills are his instruments. He came up with his own beats for his songs from himself. He writes his own music, he produces, he sings wonderfully and he is one dancing machine! Old article I know, but what more could he do? He’s one of the best artists of all time, top selling artist of all time, countless awards. Michael busted his behind to get where he was. King of Pop? Yes. Musical genius? I think yes.

  • shibba

    Bob Dylan?! Are you actually taking the piss? Even his most most ardent fans couldn’t say that with a straight face; he’s about the lyrics.

    • gerardmanvussat

      Some of Bob Dylan’s songs have a wonderful melody and are awesomely crafted musically (even if he might have had a little help from his backing musicians to craft them), beyond the quality of their lyrics. Like : “Queen Jane Approximately”, “Visions of Johanna” (at least three versions of that one with distinct melodies), “Just like Tom Thumb’s blues”, “One of us must know”, “Desolation row”, “Sad-eyed lady of the lowlands”… of course “Like a rolling stone”… and “All along the watchtower” (BD’s own version is pretty bare-bone but listen to what Jimi Hendrix made with it)… and “Subterrenean homesick blues” introduced a way of singing which might have influenced what became rap (as well as being one of the first songs for which an actual music video was created, as part of “Don’t look back” which is one of the first and most influential rock documentaries). So, no, I can say with a straight face : he’s not just “about the lyrics” (well, he wasn’t at least… nowadays I reckon that you’re lucky if you recognize a song he plays in concert before the next one begins!).

  • kittylove

    MJ is so overrated, no doubt! ppl are just so stupid for acting like he was a music genius or sth right after the death. great entertainer, i can see with that one, bcuz, he was doing lip-sync all the time, he is good at edit his dvd with fans crying faces which is from all different performances lol

    • Truth

      Is that really what you’re basing your opinion on, a 4-decades long career, best-selling album of all time, most awarded artist of all time – but you think he’s overrated because of crowd shot DVD edits. Michael Jackson is, and always will be, celebrated for all time – the King of Pop. Truth.

      • nikki

        lol 4- decade long career? only came with 4 albums? wow, how huge was that.. you can make it best selling with heavy promotion, with cheap price etc, best selling doesn’t mean it’s the best album, there are tons of albums are better than triller, deal with it!

        • D’Angel Correa

          your an idiot deal with it nikki

        • D’Angel Correa

          like what cunt

        • dnnhall

          Thriller is the best-selling album in history and is also highly acclaimed. And to this day is considered one of the best albums ever made. Michael had success but also had acclamation. Not all artists can say that. He is a genius.

  • john louer

    You can say a lot about Jackson, but musical genious is not on the table. More knowledgable critics than those below who love him have examined his works and found his musical ability average at best, but he was great at telling and showing others like Johes what he wanted. Hi personal strenght was of course his presentation and dance, but as the most excentric entertainer since Liberace, who was a musical genius, that has mared his legacy. His unbelievable statments regarding young boys and childern unfortunately will continue to cloud over his talent.

    • Most awarded artist – MJ.

      Learn how to spell and work on your “presentation” before speaking on this, surely. Thanks.

    • dnnhall

      But if he “was great at telling and like others like Johes what he wanted” it means that he was actually coming up with the ideas and innovations of all his songs, right? So he’s a musical genius. Maybe Quincy did not do much. And Michael also produced the songs together with him, just look at the credits of the albums.

  • He was genius

    This is pissin me off so I comment anyway, though the article is so old.
    I don’t bother to read it entirely because you made two things clear: you think Michael was child molester and you like Prince= so you’re MJ hater. I cannot believe that you SERIOUSLY just called Prince genius and Michael overrated. You must be blind and deaf. Have you ever seen Michael performig as a kid? I don’t think so.

    And did you know that Michael made the song Billie Jean all by himself and Quincy Jones HATED the song! He said it’s not good enough for Thriller album, but Michael still wanted it to be there. Then Billie Jean became Michael’s biggest hit ever. As we can see Quincy really is the genius behind this album! Just that little thing that Michael knew better than him! Quincy didn’t like Smooth criminal neither but it also became one of Michael’s biggest hits. And don’t forget Michael made most of his songs by himself. For example, for album thriller he made also Wanna be startin somethin and Beat it. Both were huge hits and you can hear those song’s in the radio still every day. Michael also produced some of his songs himself.

    You can’t deny michael’s dancing skills. And dancing is also music. It’s impressing music trough your body. on top of all that michael had great voice, even performing live and dancing at the same time (watch Another part of me live from Bad tour). And you didn’t propably knew he were able to beatbox so well that he could have replace all the instruments with his voice. Can Prince do that? Michael could also play a lot of instruments, like bongos, drums, piano and guitar. Just take a look at the album covers of his cd’s, there you can see that he played some instruments to tracks himself.

    If you still think michael wasn’t musical genius after reading this, then there has never been one and never will be. I recommend you to find out more about him and his music before you come here to declare your opinions.

  • MJForever

    Must be the dumbest article ever written, clearly by someone who has a bias against Michael Jackson and at the same time, little knowledge of music. Michael composed and produced 100’s of songs in his career, but as a good buisness man he chose to collaborate with the best producers and musicians. It is false he did not play instruments. He chose not to focus on that in his live shows, because his live shows are spectacular events where the solo performer playing instruments would not fit the format. Just shows how little you know about how live shows are constructed. How many songs in Prince shows did he do large dance numbers with 10-15 dancers on stage? Never. That was not his format. Michael is described as a musical genius by his peers, not just by his fans.

  • L.

    This article was wrote in 2007 but…is still relevant. For me, Michael
    Jackson was one of the best entertainers of all time (this is a fact), but
    he never was a musical genius. Congratulations Daryl, excellent

    • Jason

      Not trying to get into an argument just honestly wondering, what then, in your opinion, makes someone a musical genius? Michael wrote 100s of his owns songs, choreographed nearly all his own dances, won countless individual awards, has the best selling album of all time and the highest selling concert tour in history, and he has inspired millions, if not billions, of people. Yet bc he chose to collaborate, as any smart and talented musician does, with the best producers and didn’t play an instrument in concert means he’s not a musical genius? I don’t understand….

      • L.

        I’m not trying to get an argument too but my opinion is: Michael was a
        great dancer and entertainer like I said before. But, I would say even
        more: He was the ‘King of Marketing’. He really knew how to promote
        himself. However, I don’t think he was that creative like his fans say.
        He did not risk that much in music. Preferred to stay in his ‘comfort
        zone’. But, the most important is: His music does not impress me at all,
        do not touch my heart. I think that’s the main reason. But I respect
        those who see him as a genius.

  • MJRocks

    Are u fucking out of your mind… u btter give credite to MJ, because he is, he will be the King Of POP… no one can ever ever take that from him…
    RIP MJ.. Iluv u

    Luv from India

  • mfranz

    I smell a li’l something… Jealousy.

  • Gelgamark

    Kurt Cobain? That whoosh you hear is your credibility flying out the window. Only a true moron would cite that 2 chord howler as a “genius”. Disgraceful.

  • Don Sarmiento


  • Frederik

    What a fancy thing to call oneself!

    I almost laughed so hard I had to lie down when i read your 2007 “article”:

    “Michael Jackson: The Most Overrated Musical Act Ever”

    I don’t understand how you can call yourself freelance writer. I could be that if i wanted. I would just have to sit down and write a load of crap about a musician. Have you ever researched something before you write? Well you haven’t with the article I am referring to.

    I am sure many have told you since that Michael was credited with playing multiple instruments on his songs. He made the Billie Jean demo all by himself in his studio. Michael Jacksons concerts where never supposed to be him singing and playing instruments. It was too simple for him.

    Michael Jackson was a musical genius in every sense of the word. And you can’t change it. Nobody can.

    Michael Jackson has changed music forever. He had a true talent for performing, music, magic and love.

    You must have a very bad taste in your mouth. I don’t believe that anyone could be as stupid as you seem right now… I feel bad for you.

    Envy is a bad thing. Michael was and is and will remain the greatest musical artist the world has ever seen. He will outlive you by ages.

    His legacy will be the greatest most talented music the world has ever seen and yours will be shitty articles spredding hate and stupidity.

    With hopes of you being well afterall,
    Frederik, Denmark
    [Personal contact info deleted]

  • Jeff

    The most overrated artist to ever “Moonwalk” the face of the Earth. The only thing worse than his music are his fans.

  • Andre

    I feel like Michael was one of those .. “oh my friends like him so i must like him too” artists. Many times music groups and people who have succeeded in music bussines started out well and after that the work was done for them .. after that all thats left of the actual artist is the face, image and the name he/she has created for themselves. Michael became famous because he was different .. but his music wasnt that great .. good but not amazing. But the main quiestion seems to be was Michael and only Michael behind his succes .. OF COURSE NOT .. HE GOT MORE HELP FROM WRITERS AND OTHER PROFESSIONALS than any talented artist could ever hope for.

  • Doog

    Chad, you brought up a good point about how album sales don’t equal “musical genius.” if that were true, then Britney Spears or the Backstreet Boys could be considered musical geniuses. they sold millions of albums too! I just think it’s interesting because the first thing defenders will bring up is “but Thriller has sold over 100 million copies! that means he’s a genius!” but putting out albums with catchy pop songs doesn’t equal “musical genius.”

  • Dr Dreadful

    He was still a paedo. How come these Jacko fans can never bring themselves to accept this about him? Oh, because they’re biased.

    Or because he was acquitted.

  • Nattypoos

    He was still a paedo. How come these Jacko fans can never bring themselves to accept this about him? Oh, because they’re biased. If he made music that they like, then who cares about the children he abused? And Earth Song is pure musical excrement, performed by someone who had become so deranged he thought he was the Messiah, rather than just a squalid kiddy-diddler.

  • Chad

    Also, Dancing has nothing to do with your ability as a musician, since you aren’t making music as you dance. Otherwise, strippers would be musicians. Michael Jackson’s power came from other people, mostly his producers.

  • Chad

    Sales don’t measure musical talent. It’s easy to write pop songs, especially when you only write some of them. Mozart was a musical genius. It takes true talent to play an instrument and work out the chords yourself. Michael Jackson didn’t do that, and yet thousands of underrated musicians do. Anyone can sing, and anyone can dance to a cheesy,poorly written song, that someone else wrote for you. SO yeah, Michael Jackson is horrifically overrated. That’s the person people consider to be the best Musician to ever exist.

  • Doog

    for those who are angrily attacking me like i insulted their mother, keep in mind that i do not hate Michael Jackson. he could sing and dance well, and he put out a bunch of great pop songs. there’s a reason why Thriller and Bad had seven top 20 singles each. i just think that the term “musical genius” should be reserved for artists who are constantly putting out creative album after creative album, and not taking big long breaks. it seemed like Michael ran out of good ideas after the Dangerous album. even though hardcore fans will claim that HIStory and Invincible were amazing, still, he only put out two non-greatest-hits albums during the 18-year period between Dangerous (not counting that one) and his death in 2009. if he was such a musical genius, why didn’t he put out more albums and singles in that time period?

  • joe

    I totally agree with the article. Jackson is extremely overrated. His music is generic R&B. Plus he is a sex pervert.


    One question, my friend. ARE YOU DRUNK? how can you even think that prince could be (even if he’s not even = to) better than michael jackson? kurt cobain? i expect that the next to be better than mj (of coure, in your sick imagination) is justin bieber (dont name him JB….JB is JAMES BROWN, another true genius)…so…how about you commit suicide and let this world know who is The True Emperor Of Music, and this is MICHAEL JACKSON

  • wtf

    MJ was and will be the real artist.
    When he died,he took pop music with him.
    What the hell is wrong with some of you?

  • Sophie

    Blanket he had Vitiligo a skin disease it was even confirmed in his autopsy. If you bothered to listen to some of the albums that came after Thriller like Bad, Dangerous and Invincible you will find that they are better than Thriller.

  • Jessica Omar

    I am reply to a comment on here that MJ was ‘The King of Peodophile’. If you look into the allegations you will find that in the first case MJ’s insurance was forced to pay out because the scheming father put in a negligence claim. Of course when this came out it was barely reported in the media.
    In the 2nd ‘case’ the family had a history of similar blackmail attempts.
    Michael Jackson WAS a genius, and was only innocent of being eccentric and naive.

  • Layla Gallo

    Re: Doog. Invincible is an amazing, underrated album.

  • Jack Owen

    David – Man in The Mirror is the ONLY song MJ didn’t write on Bad. He has written 100’s of Amazing songs.

  • Lucy Jones

    Michael Jackson is actually underrated. A lot of people are not aware of a lot of his best songs on later albums.
    He wrote music, including classical, and can even tap dance. He was a performer, Composer,songwriter,producer, beat boxer, chereographer, dancer, innovator, unparrelled singer.He could write and perform so many styles of music -Rock, Pop, soul, Easy Listening, Disco. “The only singer I have heard who is better than me – that is Michael Jackson.’ Frank Sinatra

  • iamgodthelord

    look at all of the stupid belieber-i mean michael jackscoon fans!

  • David

    I just saw Bad 25 and its clear for all to see, Jackson was a puppet, in the scene about the making of Man In The Mirror, its stated that Glen Ballard wrote the music and one of his collaboraters at the time wrote the lyrics, it was GIVEN to Jackson for the Bad album. Go and see for yourself. Musical genius my ass.

  • Paul

    LOL @ all you whiny Jacko fans!

  • Paul

    I agree with everything you have said, the guy was a joke, without Quincy Jones he would have been lost in that studio and no records would have been released. I dont think he was a pervert though, he was a childlike man that got taken advantage of. But still, compared to Prince, he was just a fairly good dancer that needed to be taken by the hand when it came to making music.

  • The haters are just afraid to admit it

    Uh, I thought “Personal attacks are NOT allowed” and y’all are here dumping your hateful comments on the author. Why, I’ll just say it out, loud and clear, that MICHAEL JACKSON IS OVERRATED, NOT ACTUALLY THAT TALENTED, DEFINITELY NOT A GENIUS, AND IS ONLY A LEGEND TO THOSE WHO ARE DUMB ENOUGH TO HEAR “GOOD MUSIC” OUT OF MEH.


    top 50 songs written and composed by MJ –

    Another Part of Me, Bad, Beat It, Billie Jean, Black or White, Blood on the Dance Floor, Can You Feel It, childhood, Dangerous, Dirty Diana, Don’t Stop ’til You Get Enough, Don’t Walk Away, Earth Song, Get on the Floor, The Girl Is Mine, Give In to Me, Ghosts, Heal the World, Heaven Can Wait, HIStory, I Just Can’t Stop Loving You , (I Like) The Way You Love Me, In the Closet, Is It Scary, Jam, Leave Me Alone, Liberian Girl, Lovely One, Morphine, Remember the Time, Scream, Shake Your Body (Down to the Ground), Smooth Criminal, Speechless, Speed Demon, State of Shock, Stranger in Moscow, Tabloid Junkie, They Don’t Care About Us, This Place Hotel, This Time Around, Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’, The Way You Make Me Feel, We Are the World, What More Can I Give, Whatever Happens, Who Is It, Will You Be There, Workin’ Day and Night, You Rock My World

    Try to find another similar artist who has wrote as many good songs as these!!! not many is there Daryl? you complete tool.

  • who u kidding

    Michael v Elvis

    song writing and composing – Michael wins
    vocals – Michael wins
    dancing – Michael wins
    music videos – Michael wins
    movies – Elvis wins
    range of music/genre – Michael wins
    playing instruments – draw

    so if Michael is overrated then elvis must be rubbish!

    but i think both are legends so all im saying is your article is just stupid!!!

  • theone

    this is a very silly article! shows your lack of understanding about recording artists. Very poor attempt Daryl!!

  • Tet Wald

    Michael’s most famous songs, Billie Jean, Beat it, Smooth Criminal, Wanna Be Starting Something were all written and composed by himself. He is in the Songwriters Hall of Fame [personal attack deleted by comments editor]. Quincy Jones wanted to leave Billie Jean and Smooth Criminal off of their respective albums too but Michael insisted that they must be on there. And ironically they became his two biggest hit songs

  • Richard

    Blanket [personal attack deleted by comments editor] No one needs or wants your sorrys. It is evident that you don’t like Michael, so why sugar coat it with a sorry. Also, what does MJ’s appearance have to do with his music? I’ll tell you…it has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with it! And as far as the subject of pedophilia goes, that had no place in MJ’s life, character, or music, because HE WASN’T A PEDOPHILE! Court documents, investigations, and countless people who actually knew and worked with MJ can VOUCH FOR HIS INNOCENCE! Oh and quick question; how was he or anybody else supposed to top Thriller? The album is the greatest of all time and he helped create it. I think if you made your greatest piece of work and reached the highest achievement of your career, everything after that point should not be held in comparison. Because that will only disappoint the idiots who feel that MJ should’ve kept producing material of that magnitude. He was AWESOME but nobody is that good. So let’s recap: MJ IS…A musical genius, not a pedophile, not crazy, not a freak, and certainly not a letdown.

  • Blanket

    I’m sorry, but everything after Thriller was a total letdown. The man turned into a crazy, drug-addicted pedophile. How could you look at that freaky, bleached face and think this guy was right?

  • Brad Washington

    Article blows

  • Chastity Salas

    FIRST OF ALL… Whoever had the audacity to write such a foolish FALSE blog post… seriously has no life. Obviously you must be living UNDER A ROCK. Michael Jackson, is a world known entertainer… something in which you won’t ever become. His talent, his voice, those iconic moves, are NOT overrated, whatsoever. He broke sound barriers, he unified people. What in the world are you doing to help better our humanity, to help those unfortunate children out there….? It is SO MUCH easier to just CRITICIZE, someone who is A LEGEND…rather than appreciate their talent. It is stupid people, stupid journalists that profit off of these TABLOID stories. You guys… and yes, I am talking to THE MEDIA, you all… felt attacked because HE pointed out the TRUTH. He turned the tables on you. Since when had you heard of a legendary person telling his fans, NOT to believe the stories they see printed on newspapers OR television news broadcasts, he did it to warn us. The press is a POTPOURRI OF FICTITIOUS LIES…
    So before you undermine his talent as an artist, as an humanitarian, realize that you are wrong.
    Michael… I love you and I am terribly sorry you had to face these press morons. MICHAEL I LOVE you!

  • nils

    He’s a genius paedophile.

  • Kate

    Donna, I read that article you suggested and ‘enlightening’ doesn’t even begin to describe its content. I thought I knew everything about Mj’s music, but the people in that discussion have really opened my eyes. I love the way each critic phrased his or her analysis. They’ve given explanation to how MJ created music, as well as given defense to his strategy; which, in my opinion, leaves little room for anyone to argue their logical review. I was so into that article that I kept going to a few other articles about Mj’s musical career. I was eager to read what the writers, Willa and Joie, had written. The way they analyze his music and short films is so beautiful and intricately detailed that listening to and watching mj is a new experience for me. They’ve given meaning and truth; understanding and compassion; a brain and heart (LIFE!) to the work that Michael has put his soul into. They have given profound definition to his art. Something I believe those who think mj is overrated have yet to discover. But the journey to discovering begins here.

  • Donna

    If you are one who partakes in this ongoing “discussion” about the integrity of Michael’s music/career, you would want to take the time to read this roundtable discussion about what makes a songwriter, etc… It is very enlightening and relevant to the topic of being a musical genius.

  • Damien

    BTW- U2, Bruce Springsteen, and Tom Petty are rated exactly how they should be– as musical legends.

  • kenneth

    In consolation to the author of this article artist like Michael Jackson became famous not only b’cos he thought in isolation that he was better than others but in collaboration with other Musical geniuses like Prince and U2. Michael, like u, thought of U2 as a Musical Genius. In my opinion respecting another artists work even how small or insignificant makes u better person at the end of the day.

  • Camille

    Really Kriss, really. It’s obvious that you don’t like Michael Jackson, so why are you even wasting your time looking at an article about him. That is so stupid. Your comments are stupid. When there’s no proof of guilt, then the person is innocent by default. Michael was a great artist/entertainer as well as a great person.

  • Kriss

    He is a pedophile genius.

  • Enigma

    He is a musical genius !

  • Enigma

    Have u even listen all of MJ’s songs!?
    Go do some research about music and its aspects !
    Somebody told me you don’t need to be able to play instrument to compose music(I don’t know if its true or not).
    I have the thriller 25th anniversery CD. It has lot of information. I didn’t read
    Somewhere,as i recall, i read in that, that MJ did play an instrument !

  • Esmee

    For the person who’s comment is 688-Kriss, that kind of comment is so inappropriate on so many levels I don’t know where to begin. First of all, this article expresses the writer’s concern as to why people call MJ a musical genuis. There is nothing about children, sex, or anything like that. It’s only about the music. Now, if you have the strong urge to lie and say that MJ was a pedophile, then you need to go to some other website for that bull. Or better yet, just don’t say or write anything like that ever. Because it is the most unecessary thing to say.

  • Kriss

    Michael Jackson the king of pedophile.

  • Jesse

    I’ve seen a lot of blogs and opinions on Michael Jackson over the years. Here are the facts that can and will never be disputed!!! Two-Time Rock N Roll Hall of Famer, Dancers Hall Of Fame, Song Writer Hall Of Fame, Genuiess Book Of World Records Biggest Album Sold (which the writer probably bought at one time in his life, lol). Thriller is now in the Libaray of Congress Of The United States Of America, 8 Grammy’s In One Night! 24-27 Life time Billboard Awards. MTV names the Video Vangaurd After Him, Because He Put MTV on the Map, Not Christopher Cross who was the big time Grammy Award Winner with 6 in 1980. Tower Records and other Record stores were going out of business until Thriller Hit the record stores. He sold the most records for an entire Decade 1980-1990 For Epic/CBS/SONY Records. The Only Pop Artist In History To Have More Television Commercials produced From when he was a child all the way to the Pepsi Years, Before there was OJ Simpson Hertz and Michael Jordan And so on, but they represented sports not music! The Only Pop Artist to have Two succesful video games named after him “Moonwalker” for sega & Michael Jackson The Experiance. He holds the record for most music downloads in 1 week according to Apple/Amazon. Oh and he also caused most of major search engines to crash, from google to yahoo to bing at the time of his death and He gave a little money here and there to various charity’s. I guess we’re all at fault of making him over rated. Hmm, Your Thoughts please???

  • Esmee

    ‘WHY OH WHY’ do people feel that it is necessary to say such mean, unintelligible, and untrue things? It’s a mystery to me. I guess it’s all they can do to make themselves feel happy or give themselves some significance. Yeah, that’s probably the reason.

  • waberoya

    crap at it best

  • rrrtr

    Was Irving Berlin a musical genius? I think so. But I don’t think he was known for his piano skills, mainly his songwriting. How about Cole Porter?

  • joel

    there is too much stupidity to try and correct it all

  • nic

    yeah, he was good. but uh. his stuff seemed to get stale at the end of the 80’s. kinda lame.

  • Damien

    Overall, I agree that Michael was little overrated (at least musically), though I don’t think he was as overrated as you seem to think he was. Let me say from the outset that there is no doubt in my mind that he was one of the most electric entertainers who ever lived. No matter how you slice it, he was a great singer/performer, and did write some good tunes (he basically wrote the ‘Bad’ album all by himself and it is a pretty good album).
    However, I recoil when people insist that he was a ‘musical genius.’ I think it diminishes the true musical geniuses of history, like Johann Sebastian Bach, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig Von Beethoven, George Gershwin, Duke Ellington, Bob Dylan, John Lennon, and Jimi Hendrix. Most ‘Greatest Artists’ lists I see on the interweb have Michael in the Top10, which I think is way too high. For me, he’s more like Top50. But if you want to talk about artists who are truly and obviously overrated, let’s talk about KISS, Justin Timberlake, The Sex Pistols, Lady Gaga, Journey, Lil Wayne, Black Sabbath, Jay-Z, Guns ‘n Roses, John Mayer, Nickelback, Black Eyed Peas, Dave Matthews Band, The Stone Roses, Alicia Keyes, Oasis, Phish– I could go on for a while…
    My point is: yeah, Michael’s a little overrated, but not overwhelmingly so.

  • Francesca

    And Nothing But The Truth…WTF!!! Your comment is just really crazy. It’s all over the place. Mj did not want to be white. He’s actually said that in a few interviews if you care to take a little time and do a little searching. I’m sure it would help your comments look like they make sense. I’m so sick and tired of people talking about his appearance. They act like it’s something new that just happened. It was a process that started like over 30 yrs ago. GET OVER IT! I’m not a crazy hardcore fan but to speak of him in a disrespectful way is just unecessary. He is a human as you have mentioned nothing more nothing less. So show this man some respect. The obvious and hidden insults in your comment are not doing the job.
    P.S. Wonderful entertainer+brilliant artist+interesting person=Michael Jackson A.K.A. King of Pop!

  • Hallie

    You must really have some grudge against Michael…I stumbled across this article and I’m laughing so hard right now! Your argument is so weak, you’re taking whatever speculative crap YOU believe about his personal life and trying to convince us that it has anything remotely to do with his musical genius! You should get your facts straight about the Bad tour…easily the most amazing tour I’ve ever heard of. Nobody in history has had to do what he had to do on stage. That entire thing was live and he sang and danced like no other. Prince could have taken a few pointers. Michael could, in fact, play instruments. The problem is, with people like you hopelessly trying to attribute his declining success to some sort of a “no more ideas” scenario. I don’t think you realize the magnitude of how those allegations affected him. Those families ruined him financially and emotionally. He was forever scarred with this for the rest of his short life. Do you really think YOU would have the same success you used to have with over half the world and most of the critics basically dedicating their lives to believing these lies and basically hating him and refusing to listen to the new stuff? His stuff in the 90s and 00s was actually what characterized him as the only artist who truly dedicated his life to helping others. His “decline” had nothing to do with him. It was because of a world that just didn’t know what to think of his overwhelming sensitivity. It’s evident in ” this is it” that he still had it all even at 50! Also, if you really think he’s overrated, go tell it to Berry Gordy, founder of Motown records. Who would know better than him? He’s seen everyone you’re saying is better than MJ. He even called him the “greatest entertainer that ever lived”. That he was. I rest my case.

  • Doog

    Iyer, i don’t know if i’d say that Michael Jackson “transcended boundaries for black people to get into the mainstream.” in the 1960s there were plenty of black Motown singers and groups who were VERY popular in mainstream music, and in the 1970s and early 80s there were several very popular black disco and R&B singers and groups. black singers and groups were very much in the “White America mainstream” before the almighty Thriller came out. it wasn’t like only black people listened to those artists before Thriller came out. and MTV played few black artists before Michael just because it was originally a rock channel, not because it was a racist music video channel that hated black performers. they even played Prince before Michael because he was one of the few black artists who fit into the “rock” category. and if we’re talking about all mainstream entertainment, there were plenty of black actors and comedians that were popular in the 60s and 70s. regarding Michael Jackson, i agree that he was a genius dancer and great singer, but the fact that he put out just two terrible albums in a 15-year period is what makes me question the “musical genius” title. only hardcore fans will say that the songs found on HIStory Disc 2 and Invincible are the work of a “musical genius.” to me, they sounded like the work of a man who had run out of ideas and didn’t have many left. some of you may be too young to know this, but the public even quit caring about Michael as a musician during the mid and late 90s and early 2000s, and i think that was due to his poor newer material and low number of albums. sure, Michael could still sing and dance well during his last 15 years, but i think consistency, songwriting, song-crafting, and album output should go into consideration when calling someone a “musical genius.” i’d say Michael Jackson was a musical genius up until 1991 or ’92 (Dangerous was actually a pretty solid album), but everything after that made me question what he still had left in him. i’m also curious about how many of these commenters loved and cared about him and his music from the point of his first child molestation accusation in ’93, to the point of his death in ’09. it seems like he gained millions of hardcore fans (who previously thought he was a deranged weirdo way past his musical peak) after he died. but i guess that happens with every troubled and somewhat forgotten musician right after they pass away (Johnny Cash is another example). i just wonder about how many of these commenters are people who used to think Michael was a weirdo who was past his peak before he died, or teenagers who started to get into his music after and because he died.

  • Iyer

    What a bunch of shit this article is.
    Who are you to decide how much effort it takes to write a song.Michael jackson was a genius dancer,a great singer and a sell out artist.Just because he didn’t play an instrument on stage for your convenience,he is over rated?..Certainly not.
    And you seem to me like the bunch of jokers who think Classic rock is the only way one could become great artists.
    I love classic rock but if you are a pop fan then in no way could you say MJ was over rated…He transcended boundaries for black people to get mainstream and his dancing skills were the best ever.

  • Matt


  • MJ FAN

    Dude, that is so unecessary! How about doing some research before you start lying cause what you just said is and always will be a lie!!This article is about MJ not being a musical genius. Your comment is supposed to be about whether or not you feel he is a musical genius. Your comment is not supposed to be about whether or not you feel he was a peodophile. Go to some other website for that crap or better yet keep that kind of comment to yourself. Yeah, I think that would be best, just shut up! THANX! And just for the record, I think MJ was a musical genius.

  • kriss

    Michael Jackson the king of pedophile.

  • George Strickland

    Hey bitch, S Club 7 is the most overrated act ever, so back off or else

  • James

    Michael is overrated? hold on…hahahahaha

  • visa

    All I say is Don’t be fuckin jealous.While u were crying and fooling around at the age of 5 ,MJ already started to sing like midget 42 year old guy..just shut up and dont be jealous…

  • the truth spoken

    He is not the most overrated pop star there has ever been! He definitely isn’t average! He is the most exceptional singer, songwriter, entertainer, artist, and man that ever lived on God’s Green Earth. And you need to recognize that this vocal musician has done what he was put on this Earth to do and that was to make the world a better place. And he did that with his ground breaking artistry and respected musicianship which is emulated and ever present in many artists from Mj’s time as well as today. This article was stupid when the writer was thinking about it, when they wrote it and especially when I read it. Doesn’t make any sense!

  • gettyman

    This article was 100% spot on in 2007 and is still 100% spot on. Michael Jackson is the most overrated pop star there has ever been. An average singer at best, an average songwriter too. Not a musician by any means despite album credits.

  • JustBeingReal

    you come off as a major Michael Jackson basher and Prince fan boy in this piece.

    Is the voice not a musical instrument?

    And well, Michael Jackson, from the time he was 5 years old until the time of his death- possessed what is EASILY one of the greatest voices in this history of recorded music.

    Jackson was truly a genius vocalist, he does not get nearly enough respect for being such.

    While he doesn’t play any physical instrument, the man composed most of his biggest hits by beat-boxing sounds into a tape recorder and he wrote most of the lyrics to his songs himself.

    Speaking of Quincy Jones, Michael would bring demos to Quincy that were mostly completed songs.

    You are just way off base on this one. Sorry.


    what the fuck have u been smoking?! MJ is the greatest singer in the history of music.. even the aboriginal ppl of irian jaya know him… and what is this shit abt Prince?! some gay fuck!

  • Léa line

    THANKS for that article.I believe the same way.To me Michael was a very talented artist (the way he performed and also his danse)but NOT a MUSICAL Genius .

  • Guy

    Dude just wanted attention and got it unfortunately

  • Jav

    This article is an Epic Fail..”Most successful artist of all time Michael Jackson

  • Professor

    If your not at least 35 years of age, you cannot truly assess how great Michael Jackson was. If you did not grow up in the 80’s, you could not possibly know. For example, some young adults and teens think that Micheal Jordan wasn’t the greatest basketball player of all times. As a coach, I could clearly see his influence in modern basketball. If you are young, you need to ask the older generation to tell you what it was like going to school, and having White, Black and Asian students playing together and listening to Michael Jackson. They can also tell you how almost every teen dressed up in the latest Micheal Jackson fashions. Not to mention, the first real music video with a storyline was created by Micheal. Old school music videos sucked before him. I bet you that some of the critics don’t even know some of Michael’s greatest songs lick P.Y.T. Even if they did, they probably have no appreciation for music anyway. I happen to like all of the artists that were mentioned above, because I am a true music lover, I am not partial to just one genre. I think the artist mentioned above are some of the greatest. For Example, Kurt Cobain is the king of grunge. One thing you have failed to realize, is that many of the artist mentioned above, believe that Michael was a musical genius.

  • Zngzing

    When you ask jazz fans, Ellington is considered one of the best composers ever. Now, jazz fans are an aging group, and ellington’s big band, hyper-composed stuff is far from the more shronky, free stuff I enjoy, but he’s still a major figure. And jazz is relatively popular in continental Europe, at least in the north.

    I can’t imagine not knowing of him, if you pay attention to music at all. Listening to him is another thing. Can’t remember the last time I actively did that.

  • I doubt few these days have ever heard of him.

    Which is sad, considering that he’s one of the most important and influential 20th century composers/musicians.

    How many modern artists are channelling Ellington without knowing it?

  • Doc, true enough that Ellington’s appeal extended beyond the USA, but extended is appropriately past tense. I doubt few these days have ever heard of him.

  • Duke Ellington was one of my Dad’s favourite jazz artists, and I assure you, Chris, that his popularity extended far beyond his native shores.

    I’m also guessing the commenter didn’t mean Ray Ellington, the Goons’ bandleader!

    As far as Michael Jackson is concerned, I think he did have the spark of genius, although like many talented artists his personal struggles and illnesses may have prevented him from reaching his full potential.

  • Poorly written bullshit v Actual Fact

    Bullshit – comment 657

    Guessing the commenter meant Louis Armstrong rather than, say, Billie Joe Armstrong, the former was born in 1901 and didn’t come to prominence until the 1920s.

    Elgar’s work although talented is arguably too populist to be “genius”, whilst Ellington is largely popular mostly just in the USA.

    As Michael Jackson was only born in 1958 it is a meaningless exercise in stupidity to attempt to place his work in any kind of historical context.

    Describing him as having “some limited talent for pop music” or comparing him to Liberace clearly says more about the petty prejudices of the commenter than contributes any meaningful or interesting musical commentary.

  • Fad v Genius

    Genuine musical genius
    1. Lasting about 100 years to date:
    2. Lasting 200+ years to date

    Genius: a term best kept for the very best of the best, transcending time, passing fashion, circumstance and blistering stupidity.

    Jackson: a well-marketed entertainer of passing popular appeal and some limited talent for pop music “spectacle”, roughly equivalent to Liberace.

    Not in the genius class, at all. Alive, dead, black or white. A passing fad. Check back in 100 years.

  • ChriSeaman

    I agree with ConcernedMJFan. I got annoyed by people saying MJ molested children, but at the same time, I wasn’t 100% sure about it. So, rather then spread a lie, I decided to actually do the research and form an opinion. You can read some of the court transcripts online now. I came to the conclusion that even though it may have been a mistake to do what MJ did, it didn’t make him a paedophile or a child molester. The trouble is people read things in the media and take them as a truth rather than something that isn’t necessarily factual.

  • Mr. F

    Clearly, the writer was just trying to get a cheap publicity with this article…

  • Concerned MJ Fan

    Dominik, Dominik, Where is all this hostility coming from? Is all that neccessary? If so, then let me give you my opinion using your words. Dude, you’re SO FUCKING wrong. Michael Jackson is not the most overrated piece of shit ever. He was the shit as in he was the best thing to ever happen to this world. And if you and the writer think exactly the same and have the same opinion of MJ, then you both must be THE STUPIDEST PEOPLE ON EARTH. MJ is and always will be one of the most talented people on Earth EVER. He DID NOT deserve to DIE and he was not a fucking child molester. Please get some psychological help like anger management or something cause you sound really mean!

  • Dominik

    dude, you’re SO FUCKING right.
    He’s the most overrated piece of shit ever.
    And you exactly said anything i always thought about him.
    He’s an untalented poser and he deserved to die, fucking child molester.

  • mayc13

    one of greatest songs in history, his demo to quincy jones sounds pretty much the same as the final cut.

    also how is playing an instrument more valuable than dance? they are both a form of entertainment. mj chose dance.
    mj had perfect pitch, could tell what note when a key is played on a piano too. he knew too much about music.

  • Professor

    Why is it that everyone thinks it is perfectly fine for people to call Elvis the king a rock, when he stole songs from Black entertainers, like “You ain’t Nothing But a Hound Dog” which was written by a female, and does not make sense for a male singer to sing. Elvis also song and danced like a black entertainer which was a threat to the white middle-class communities of his time. What happened to the real rock greats like Muddy Water, and Chuck Berry who influenced such groups as The Rolling Stones and ACDC? Why is it that we couldn’t have a so-called king of Rock’n Roll until white entertainers started to sing Rock music?

  • Professor

    I am curious as to what nationality Michael Jackson “haters” are? Why can’t we accept the fact that a Black entertainer is the greatest pop star of all times?

  • Kiran

    This is stupid and idiotic, will never be coming back to this site ever again. Before you judge him try hard to love him, your just jealous he’s got all the money your whole fkin generation x10 has got 😉

  • That dude

    It is very true that MJ is overrated- BUT your article is fundamentally flawed. Your logic was sound until you mentioned Prince, John Lennon, Bob Dylan and Kurt Cobain in the same sentence as the phrase “musical genious”. Every one of them could barely play or sing for that matter. If you define a musical genious as someone who can write simple, catchy tunes then every man and his dog is, by your own definition, a musical genious. Popularity and status do not indicate talent. Their are boatloads of infinitely better musicians out there than those you mentioned. In fact, I would say that MJ is better musically than ay least one of those you listed- Kurt Cobain- as that idiot barely knew what a guitar was and certainly couldn’t compose his way out of a wet paper bag.

    All in all, a promising article- as I was looking for something that diverts from the mainstream view of “he’s dead therefore he’s good” but sorely misinformed.

  • mheggs

    To the writer of this article i think you’re not living on earth since you didn’t know MICHAEL JACKSON’s achievements are remarkable.

  • Blah

    You have NO right to attack Michael. He IS a musical genius.

    What the hell where you on when you wrote this sad excuse of a review?

  • Concerned MJ Fan

    ChriSeaman, wonderful job breaking down the truth and refuting the writer’s “truth”. You really did YOUR RESEARCH.

  • ChriSeaman

    Mate, everyone’s entitled to their opinion, but do your research before you write something like this.
    1. You say MJ has never played an instrument live. He started off doing this in his early years before he sang. He can play drums, guitar, piano, synthesisers, he can beat box…he doesn’t need to play an instrument live on stage when he’s got his voice and dance moves.
    2. MJ would be lost in a studio with no one else? Listen to demo tapes of the Thriller album and Off the Wall. It’s MJ alone, beat boxing, arranging the instrumentals, creating an entire song USING ONLY HIS VOICE. The Girl is Mine, Don’t Stop til You get Enough, We are the World show this.
    3. Just because he had an appearance you find strange, calling him a girl doesn’t make him less of a musical genius. It’s actually just having a go at the man.
    4.He co-wrote The Girl is Mine with Paul McCartney, along with another collaboration titled Say Say Say. If it’s not to your taste, it doesn’t make it sappy.
    5. Billie Jean, Wanna be Startin Somethin, Beat It, are all arranged and written by MJ. Billie Jean especially shows his musical talent, as he beatboxes the back rhythm. His live performances of it were unparelled. The Motown 25 performance alone set him up as an unparalled performer. Whilst on the subject, he is currently the ONLY entertainer in the Dance Hall of Fame. That makes him a pioneer.
    6. He was not a parody of himself by the Bad album. His style of music changed from funk and disco, moving more into gritty pop and jack swing, which became much clearer on the Dangerous album. He only began crotch grabbing by the release of Bad in the late 80’s, as he felt it fitted in more with his gritty image.
    7. The Bad tour was a sell out tour, with electric performances vocally and physically. BUT the Victory and Triumph tours were arranged pretty much entirely by MJ, from lighting to costume to stage design to choreography. Not something your average performer could pull off.
    8. Musical joke? Critics agree MJ’s peak was around the time Dangerous was released. His tour was a huge improvement on Bad, and provided a bar by which most future tours are judged. Singles such as Black or White, Jam and Remember the Time proved he still had his vocals, and the accompanying videos re-affirmed his dancing abilities.
    9. MJ didn’t title himself the King of Pop, Elizabeth Taylor did. Research mate.
    10.A first grader, write Heal the World? Reread this statement. I would challenge you to do something as good as that song, if it’s apparently that easy. I agree musical geniuses don’t produce sappy songs, and MJ doesn’t. He tried to bring a sense of awakening to people about the problems the world had. He gave millions to charity and environmental trusts. Again, you’re focusing on finding fault with a song because the lyrics are “sappy”
    11. The HIStory album didn’t do as well, and certainly many fans felt that the tour was more of a rehash than a new original concert, but as a vocalist, he still had the ability to portray raw emotion in his voice, and the ability to inspire. Earth Song is testamont to this.
    12. Invincible is not one of the poorest recieved albums of all time. Ok, 10 million copies by MJ’s standards isn’t brilliant. Compare that to any other artist, and 10 million sales in a matter of weeks is a stupendous achievement.
    13. You call it relying on other talent. We call it artist collaboration. Eg: Thriller album, Paul McCartney. Bad, Stevie Wonder. Dangerous, Notorious BIG. I could go on. Just because an artist collaborates, it doesn’t mean they’re relying on others.
    14. “When Michael Jackson can release a hit album that relies on artistic merit rather than one that relies on ridiculous hype…” Off the Wall and Thriller did this with barely any hype. Again, research.
    15. He has set landmarks for all artists. Usher, Chris Brown, Beyonce, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga…all imspired by him. His dancing style and his music will live on. Thriller was specially recorded by the American government, as they see it as being “…fundemental to musical culture for future generations…”
    In conclusion, I’ve gone through every single point of your article, and taken it down. You’ve written something with no research, and use your personal opinion to make up for it. You say because he looks like a girl, he’s not the King of Pop. Quite simply, that’s bullying when you come down to it. But I can still go on. He made black entertainers able to get onto daytime TV, he revolutionised the music video into an art form, he enabled more research into the AIDS disease due to a presidential performance. Thriller is the most popular dance in the world according to sources, and Billie Jean is the 22nd greatest song of all time according to a poll by Rolling Stones magazine. Not a musical genius? Do your research and you’ll see how much of a genius he was.

  • Connor

    Do you even know how he makes music he uses a taperecorder and beatboxes it’s all in his head he’s a genius

  • Stan Skaggs

    I see everyone is hating on you for your opinions here. I really think that you are correct, and I feel sorry for the talented artists who wrote his music and got no credit as with Janet Jackson writing crew for her. This process is very very common with these people and groups such as backstreet boys, insynch, janet jackson, etc. being the face for the music in this manner. It is a shame that in today’s world, most of the music is processed like factories and put out with the “artist”s name… kinda like putting NIKE on shoes to make them a “name brand”. It is just sickening, but that is how it is now.
    Real talent is hard to find, and is usually hard to manage when it does appear, and that is probably why the producers do this as a form of “farming” the music and artists seperately.

  • Pattycakes

    I can’t list 5 songs by name for PRINCE, COBAIN, ETC….but I CAN list “pages” of Michael Jackson slngs off the top of my head and sing them as I a, writing. MICHAEL JACKSON; MUSIC HALL OF FAME X 2, DANCE HALL OF FAME X 1……..MUSICAL GENIUS ….HANDS DOWN! IT’S A NOBRAINER PEOPLE!….LMAO

  • Ryan

    Michael Jackson was one of the best performers, but musical genius? Yes, lol anyone who makes the most popular song to ever hit the planet is. Yes I’m talking about Billy Jean, and he wrote it, in a short car ride and the funny thing is, Quincy Jones who you give all the credit to for Thriller wanted Billy Jean not on the record. Check your facts next time, thanks.

  • brian

    I have never read such a pile of steaming horse shit in all my life. and I am not going to give you time out of my life by writing a huge paragraph in response to the article, but what I will say is that you clearly have no idea about music or what it is to be multi talented. What made Mj a genius was the sheer level which he took all of the art forms that he was such a master of. Pick a talentless person out of the crowd, give them any 1 of the attributes MJ had and to the level that he was capable of performing each one, and it would make them a star overnight. Who else can sing to that level ?? Who else can dance to that level ?? Who can write Music and lyrics to that level ?? Who can come up with beats in their mind and bring them to life with beatboxing to a level that I have only seen professional beatboxers perform at?? He has taken all of these art forms and reached and exceeded the levels that professionals who practice only one of, can ever dream about reaching!! To call this man anything BUT a genius is completely crazy !! And you my friend are either completely crazy or else you are trying to be confrontational in the hope that it will stir up some publicity for you.. I have my suspicions ! but as you can clearly see from the responses, you dont have anybody who agrees with you. which I am happy about. Adios !!

  • Cecilia

    If you have every listened to any of Michael’s demos (like on the special edition of Off The Wall), you would have learned that indeed Michael played something. He at least played piano, which is more that most people have done. He composed “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough”, “Workin’ Day and Night”, “Get On The Floor”, “Billie Jean”, etc. All of those required musical instruments, dumbo. Good music doesn’t just fall out of the sky. He said in an interview that “when he wrote “Billie Jean”, he wanted it to have a good bass line.” How would he know to compose that bass line if he didn’t play an instrument? Did you do your research, sir or ma’am? If not, I suggest you do so before you write a nonfactual article like this one ever again.

  • L. Adams

    Michael was the most Awarded Artist in the History of Music, wrote his own songs – I knew him 3 decades. I think jealousy is what wrote the aforementioned article. He also sold 750 million records and counting and he was a genius. Sorry.

  • Xiao

    yo doogie, would you please come up with another aritist that fits the title KING OF POP? if you cant, leave it alone. i dont believe anyone dare to take that title either. this guy is a pure musical genius, period. I only started listening to his stuff since 90’s, in CHINA, and please imagine how many people here in China love his music, many of them dont even have a legal copy of his record, shame though.

  • Xiao

    I’m from China and dont speak english well, the only word I can think of is BULLSHIT.

  • lss

    In my opinion, Michael Jackson was simply the most talented, gifted, versatile, charismatic and complete artist to ever walk on earth. I also like Prince, and many others mentioned here, but I can’t even compare them to Michael. He was, what I consider, a true genius. From a child prodigy to the greatest performer in the world, Michael Jackson will always be the king of music and stage.

  • doogie

    isabelle, what you said makes a lot of sense. i guess i just always looked at the King of Pop title too literally. and i never second-guessed Elvis being called the King of Rock N’ Roll because it seemed like he was always recording music, acting in movies, or performing live. y’know, just really showcasing his talent. even after his greatest period of success, which was in the 50s, he was working hard at putting out albums and more than 30 movies (although most of them sucked) in the 60s, and he was playing shows in Las Vegas non-stop during the 70s. i think he was even playing Vegas well up unto his death in 1977. but it seemed like there was a long period of time when Michael Jackson wasn’t really doing anything music or performance related. i don’t recall him ever performing or recording new music for the last eight years of his life, and he didn’t do much for most of the late 90s either. i just thought he should have been doing more performing, recording and album releasing, at least during the last eight years of his life, to really hang onto his King of Pop title. the man had serious talent, and he should have been showing it off more during the last several years of his life.

  • Mirela

    Ok, i’ll say this, and that says it all. Michael Jackson is the KING OF TALENT. Period. Question answered.

  • Isabelle

    People still call Elvis Presley “The King” and he’s been dead for over 30 years. Why is he still called the king: bc of the fame, success, and bc of what he meant to people back then and now. The world gave Elvis this title at the height of his success. The same happened when Michael was living. No mj didn’t produce a plethora of albums, but having a lot of albums doesn’t make you a musical genius. Many people have released a bunch of albums and didn’t win any awards, & had no hits. The writer of this article and the many commenters try to rationalize that Michael isn’t a musical genius. Don’t start saying that he isn’t the king of pop. You don’t hear people saying that Elvis isn’t “the king”. Michael was given the title by Elizabeth Taylor at an awards show and then the fans kept it going & made it stick until the whole world was calling him “The King Of Pop.” It is a sort of nickname that was given to him. He was, IS, & WILL ALWAYS BE called that bc he dominated the pop charts and pop music with great success & with those hits he dominated the stage. Numerous people feel that he is important to the world of music, therefore keeping the nickname intact is necessary. His title is a testament & reminder of the ultimate peak he once conceived in his career. Just bc, in your opinion, he didn’t produce enough hits to keep the nickname, doesn’t mean that the title should be changed or taken from him. He’s dead and can’t make any more hits and albums to “reclaim his title” so to speak.

  • doogie

    i think a more appropriate title for Michael Jackson would be “King of 80s Pop” or “King of Pop in the 80s.” he would definitely qualify. even though he only put out two albums in the 80s, he had seven top 20 hits from each one, or 14 total. plus, four singles from ’79’s Off the Wall were top 20 hits in 1980. even Dangerous, from ’91, had six top 20 hits from ’91 to ’93. but once HIStory came out in ’95, it seemed like his run as the man who could guarantee several pop hits was officially over. You are not Alone and You rock my World were the only two top 20 pop hits he had from ’95 up until his death in ’09. why was he still called the “King of Pop” after that? and people would say “he IS the King of Pop,” not “he WAS the King of Pop,” which would have made more sense. i don’t understand. and to rebutt a previous comment about how MJ didn’t put out enough albums (only six during his 30-year adult solo career) to be called a musical genius, sure, several big solo artists have put out many more albums (like Bob Dylan, Prince, Stevie Wonder, David Bowie, Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young, Elton John, etc.), i read somewhere that MJ was a musical perfectionist. he probably recorded a ton of songs, but he didn’t think all of them were “perfect enough” to all be put on albums. there is probably a ton of unreleased material from Jackson, recorded from over the past 30 or so years, sitting somewhere in a vault. still, i wouldn’t say he was a “musical genius.” more like an “entertainment genius.”

  • Ronnie

    “Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough” of what? Plastic surgery. Money. Fame. Pathos. Loneliness.

  • Don’t confuse amount of albums sold with talent. Christina Aguilera is clearly more talented than Britney Spears, yet spears has sold way more albums.
    Michael Jackson IS overrated.
    Without the costumes, smoke, a dancing, he is NOTHING!
    His a cappella is horrible and sounds like a dying monkey.
    Michael is a mere cartoon, meant to entertain.
    He isn’t an artist, he is a performer.
    He shouldn’t be considered “the greatest” at anything but maybe performing.
    Not singing, not dancing, nothing.
    He isn’t the best at those.
    Michael isn’t a genius.
    The people who worked with are.
    He just had an early start, a story to tell, and scandals like no tomorrow, and people fell in love with him.
    While this article makes some absurd statements, I agree that Michael Jackson is OVERRATED.

  • Doogie

    these insane defenders need to realize that Daryl D DID NOT say that he hated Michael Jackson and his music and wished he was dead (this blog was written before he died). he even said at the end that MJ was the greatest entertainer of our generation. Daryl D’s just simply saying that it’s strange how people call him a musical genius. i also think it’s strange how people still called MJ a musical genius and the “King of Pop” up until he died, even though he hadn’t had a slew of big, memorable pop hits since the early 90s. i think the King of Pop (or Queen of Pop) title should go to an artist who has had a hit in almost every year or every decade (MJ never even had a big hit in the 2000s, and You rock my World doesn’t really count) that they’ve been around. i don’t know, maybe Madonna would qualify. i just think MJ needed to have more “staying power” for people to still be calling him the King of Pop in the 2000s, or even the late 90s. You are not Alone and You rock my World were the only pop hits (and they were only minor ones) that he had between 1995 and 2009. only two pop hits in 14 years from a “King of Pop” doesn’t make sense to me.

  • Apple lee Cinnamon

    You Jackass, he couldn’t play any instruments on stage because he was too busy dancing! Just because he didn’t play any instruments on stage doesn’t mean you can’t call him a musical genius. There isnt no body like mike who chose dancing instead of instruments. Shut yo mouth fool.
    And why the hell do you think you have the right to post meaningless shit anyway? You hardly know a thing about this man. Do some research. Let me repeat that, re-searCH!

  • Red

    How could you say this!? What, should we not have gave him the awards for greatest selling album of all time even know he passed others sales? Should we not have voted for him to win the most grammys anyone has one in one night, even know the votes were all his? Should we not have given him the title King Of Pop, even know he worked his ass off for it?
    Sir, i suggest you do extra research on this man before you go jumping to conclusions. Michael definitely played instruments. Piano was his main instrument and he was amazing at it.
    Must I remind you, that Michael, yes Michael, was the only man who wanted the zombie effect. Michael wanted to be the wolf, and Michael made the script.
    The song Thriller was written by a famous song writer.
    Quinzy Jones didn’t do nothing but help Michael.
    The album Thriller is based mainly on the songs “Billie Jean” “Beat It” “Wanna Be Starting Something” and the rest and lastly, Thriller. The whole album was mostly written and composed by the one and only, Michael Joseph Jackson.
    Michael cannot even be compared to John Lennon, or Bob Dylan. For one reason why is because John may have wrote some beautiful songs but they were lame. They needed touch. They were plain. Bob Dylan is not the greatest. Hes ok. Not the best. But you cannot compare Michael to these lame burn offs. Michael let the music flow. He let it guide him into a world of wonderous melodies. That my friend is why he is so incredible. No other artist has the gift he had.

    Michael is indeed, a musical genius, face it or walk away.

  • Holy S***??!!

    Really???!!! The guy that wrote this article is a genius!!!!!!!!!! He’s got all of you in a race war!!!!! And he’s probably Japanese or something???!!! MJ is/was incredible!!!!! Elvis was incredible, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Cobain and so on were incredible!!!!! The writer is talking about MJ being a “musical genius”…..well, show me the definition what a musical genius is, and then I’ll tell you if he is or not???!!! The man was awesome!!!!

  • doogie

    well said, Charleszette. what you said makes a lot of sense, and i’m glad that i didn’t get an angry tirade fired back at me. after reading some of these “I hope you burn in Hell for saying Michael Jackson wasn’t a genius” type comments, you’d swear that all these defenders knew Michael Jackson personally or something, or even worshipped him like he was a god. and i do agree that there are more overrated artists out there (like Kurt Cobain, Bono, Bob Marley, Madonna, David Bowie, etc.). i also think there aren’t too many artists that you could call literal “musical geniuses.” i can’t think of any from the 20th Century that you could really call literal geniuses. maybe some of the classical composers from the 1700s, you could. i also thought that “Dangerous” was MJ’s last great album.

  • Fudge YOU!

    Michael Jackson is a musical genius get a life you hater!!!

  • Jimmy Nicol

    Absolutely fantastic article, summed it up better than ever. He may have been decent at one point, but after the quite literall ‘BAD’ it was all down hill. He cannot be merited with ‘Musical genius’ as his consistency was zero.

    I must admit though, ‘Off the wall’ was an excellent album. But not so much after that…’Ivincible’? ‘HIStory’? Laughable.

  • Charleszette

    Well, Doggie, I’m not saying that your 100% wrong or right in your judgment in Michael Jackson and his career. And I’m not saying that I’m 100% wrong or right in my judgment of him. But with so many people out there who just hate Michael Jackson with such a deep passion, that it’s hard to differentiate b/w those who are trying to speak intelligently about mj, and those who just lie and want to belittle Michael as if he wasn’t a special artist. I think that people call him a musical genius bc it’s too specific to say a performing or entertainment genius. It’s just easier to say musical genius, & when someone says he’s not a musical genius, it’s kind of offensive, & it makes it seem that you’re saying that he isn’t important or good at all. And mj supporters feel that it is our “duty”, so to speak, to defend him and his legacy. I mean it is a little harsh to say that he is the ‘MOST OVERRATED musical act EVER’. I mean ‘EVER’, there are too many artists of yesterday and today who got/get weeks upon weeks of airplay and video play with some really stupid songs. Michael is my favorite male singer of all time and I have been a fan since before I could walk. I love the way he sings, and I love like 95% of his songs. I am not a crazed fan who thinks that mj was perfect and an angel or a God, but I do feel that all his music had better quality than what a child can produce. That’s just mean. I think that his attempt to try and do different things with his music was a misfire with some people. Maybe the songs about him as a victim just didn’t sit well w/ some pple & the influence of terrible speculation can overpower one’s thoughts and ability for objective criticism. That can explain patially for low sales, low ratings on charts, etc. No it wasn’t by chance that his domination on the pop charts died in the mid-90’s, but maybe it was a little, just a little bit more than the music itself.

  • doogie

    you’re right, music listener. Michael Jackson was more like a “performing genius” or “entertainment genius,” not a musical genius. if there was a list of the “100 greatest ENTERTAINERS of all time,” Michael could be number #1. i would say the same thing about Elvis Presley. “musical genius” should be reserved for artists like the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, etc. and Charleszetter, i actually know a lot about Michael Jackson, much more than you think. i just think that his songs on HIStory Disc 2 were pretty poor in quality, and that that was the time when he seemed to run out of good ideas for songs. there’s a reason why You Are Not Alone was the only song on that album to reach the Top 10, or maybe even the Top 20, of the pop charts. and i thought Invincible was filled with too many sappy, lovey-dovey ballads with overly-simple lyrics that a kid could write. the second half of that album was filled with way too many of them. there’s a reason why You Rock my World was the only hit (and it wasn’t even a real big one) off of that album. and Blood on the Dance Floor was all just remixes of previously released songs. i just think it’s weird how people still called him a musical genius after noticing how his musical quality declined from the mid-90s onward. it wasn’t just by chance that his domination on the pop charts died in the mid-90s. his newer songs just weren’t that catchy or fun to listen to.

  • Charleszette

    The reason michael sang about the lies that those people told on him,was bc it was bothering him. It made him mad and sad & he needed to Express how he felt. Isn’t that what all GREAT artists do with their music, EXPRESS their feelings. True music comes from the heart and soul. People need to find ways to tell exactly what’s on & in their spirit. All songs don’t have to be love songs or party songs ya know. And speak for yourself if u think that his albums after or even before the dangerous album weren’t good. Bc i think that those songs were awesome. To be more specific, I love Tracks #1 through #15 on the History album & I love tracks #1 through #16 on the Invincible album. Now i don’t really love the entire Blood on the dance floor album, but i love the song with the same name as the album and “Ghost” “Is It Scary” & the scream remix. I, also, love all the songs that were previously unrealesed & all the rare songs he made that are barely played. So, whoever said that those albums/songs weren’t good, are alone and doesn’t speak or think for me. And not all his songs were about the accusations. So many more of them were beautiful love songs, or about people who need help & helping the earth, or they told a great, elaborate story. None of those songs had a thing to do with the accusations. I just think that certain people need to do a little research & a lot of thinking before they try to comment on something they know nothing about. And they need to stop trying to say that they know what mj fans are thinking or feeling about mj’s music, when the only one who knows what is felt are the mj fans themselves.

  • Music listener

    It’s needless to say he was not a musical genius, since he was not a musician at all. But what could possibly know about music people who listen to Jackson…
    And that’s a rhetorical question of course.

  • Ann

    You obviously didn’t read the credits for the History album (disc 2).
    Michael played/produced/arranged several instruments on that.
    The main one being vocal articulations.

  • Daniel Mcgreevy

    The beatles

  • MJ

    Plain and simple….the one who wrote this trash article is retarded and stupid,you have no idea what the hell you;re talking about!He was underrated…he deserve so much more!

  • The Gloved-Girl

    What were you drinking in 2007? he’s not overrated,Pal. scroll down the entire list of performers and watch their videos…do you see any artist who does what he does? I had to show my mom this. i was chuckling.

  • doogie

    and just to clear things up, MJ was not the first black artist to get played on MTV. Prince, Tina Turner, Donna Summer, Lionel Richie, Eddy Grant, and Musical Youth (the band that sang “Pass the Dutchie”) were all played on MTV before MJ. people may think that because MJ was just the first black artist to get played A LOT on MTV, even after a video of his wasn’t new anymore. he was also the first black artist to become HUGE from his MTV success.

  • TK

    U ROCK

  • debater

    i can see how one could call Jackson a musical genius for the fact because he had been performing as a professional singer and dancer since he was 11 years old. and he was pretty damn good at it, he wasn’t just some gimmick child performer meant for laughs. of course, the songs and videos from Thriller could also make someone call him a musical genius (or maybe a video genius is a more appropriate title, since the videos helped make the songs more memorable), and Bad and Dangerous were also pretty solid albums with fresh ideas. therefore, i would say that he was a musical genius up until the early 90s. people who aren’t hardcore fans will agree that HIStory (not counting the greatest hits disc) and Invincible were not good albums, and they sounded like they came from a man who had run out of ideas. for example, the majority of the new songs on HIStory revolved around his false child molestation accusations and the media and tabloids not leaving him alone. couldn’t he write better songs about anything else? fans will claim that his albums went downhill because he was dealing with child molestation charges, but he wasn’t dealing with many of them, or for the entire last 15 or so years of his life. he had enough time to make better quality albums, and a lot more of them too. i just don’t see how someone, after looking at what he put out from the mid-90s and afterward, could still call him a musical genius in the late 2000s. the Dangerous era was probably the last time someone could still call him a musical genius. it seemed like he ran out of great ideas after the early 90s.

  • doggonelover

    stupid article…I see someone has lost his mind.

  • S10410959




  • Ri

    Thanks for that useless article of utter word vomit. All I have to say that if anyone takes this seriously then they have even more issues than the person who wrote it. I can’t even fathom how you came to this conclusion that Michael Jackson is overrated – just because he doesn’t play a musical instrument on stage? Wow, call the authorities. He was one of the greatest musical geniuses to ever walk this earth and there will never be anyone like him ever again. Don’t quit your day job buddy.

  • friend

    Michael Jackson was a music genius.

    Most just don’t get it.

    The love for MJ was not because of his music but because we loved him.

  • jane

    You are clearly the most ridiculous person alive. Have you any idea how Michael Jackson composed? In his head. He didn’t have to tinker on piano or guitar because he had perfect pitch; every note was solid in his head and he could compose based on memory of sound alone. He wrote jingles and tunes for products/artists/whatever that you’d be surprised to realize you remember or have heard all your life. The Simpsons? Sonic the Hedgehog? Bee Gees?

    Furthermore, Michael Jackson was said to be an amazing drummer, and he could also play guitar and piano. He could beatbox like no one’s business; entire songs are layered by his vocals. Next time, try to pick up whether its his voice or a guitar making those sounds on a particular song.

    But I guess it won’t really matter if you don’t learn anything from this post. Michael Jackson was Michael Jackson; entire courses at universities center around what he did. What are people going to know of YOU in 50 years?

  • Blue pen

    You need to scratch Prince from your list in that case. He stopped making decent work after 1990.

  • Blue pen

    Do some research before blurting out drivel like this.

    Jackson was a musician and a rather good one. He played piano, guitar and drums, and is credited as a musician on several of albums. In Ireland, Jackson played drums during jam sessions At the Grouse Lodge.

    We’d love to have experienced MJs musical ability live… Producer Teddy Riley spoke of attempting to convince Jackson to share his musicianship with concert goers. For whatever reason it never happened.

    On a final note: Go listen to Jackson’s homemade demos and you’ll quickly realise those songs were finished classics long before producers became involved.

  • Michelle

    Before anyone could write such piece of CRAP about someone, do some research no matter how little. First and foremost, Michael Jackson composed majority of his songs and he co-produced ALL of the songs he sang. He doesnt only write words, he also makes the melody by beatboxing the chords he has in his head perfectly–he can make the exact sound of a snare drum, a guitar, a keyboard etc only by his mouth. He has super advanced beatboxing skills that the musicians easily copy what he is beatboxing to translate it into music sheet for the song. 2nd of all, Billie Jean is Michael’s OWN song. Whoever said its a Smokey Robinson song pulled that comment out of his ass because its not true. If you are a hater of someone, quit blogging about them–whats the point when everyone could smell overly BIASED hatred in what you write.

  • Jennifer

    I think part of Michael’s genius IS THE FACT that he doesnt play external instruments and YET– HE ALWAYS SINGS AND HEARS TONES PERFECTLY and HE COMPOSES MUSIC with complicated chords only by his mouth by beatboxing, he writes not just words but the music of the song by his mouth. His instrument is his MOUTH. Who the heck could tell that 1 single note or 1 chord is missing just by plain EAR? Michael has done that a lot of times and many of those are recorded and documented. Honey there are MILLIONS who can play instruments– go worldwide and see how many plays multiple instruments. And yet HOW MANY Michael Jacksons do you know that the world knows? ONLY 1

  • Cliff

    I am not a fan of Michael Jackson. This article is not completely correct. Heal the world is definitely a good song and I cant imagine a 1st grade student writing that song… Writing a song doesnt mean the lyrics alone… It includes everything in the music..
    Definitely wrong in that.. He did hav talent.. But yes he is over rated…

  • Isabelle

    For those who say that Quincy Jones was the only one responsible for the successful hits MJ had, well guess what, he’s the same one responsible for the stuff y’all claim to be cheesy. You can’t give praise to one person and put “blame” on another. Talk about being biased and unfair. Also, Doggie, Dane, and whoever else thinks the way they do, Beat It, Billie Jean, and Thriller are not the only songs that have aged well. You say that those are the only songs played nowadays but many times I hear Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough, Shake Your Body Down To The Ground, Rock With You,and lots other songs being played on the radio or at parties or wherever. A lot of his songs are still relevant no matter what era they came from. Also, many artists and bands from the 60’s and 70’s have more corny, cheesy, outdated, stale songs than Mj could have ever made if he lived to be 110 years old. And why is it that when talking about Mj’s career, everybody only thinks about the Thriller era. Mj sang from when he was a little child to a 50 year old. In that time he has made numerous songs. No, not all of them may have his name on them alone, or at all, but he has contributed very well to his music and to the music industry far beyond the Thriller album. And I think all of his songs are great. Also when you talk about relevance in a song, that relevance could refer to the song’s mood relating your mood, the love or heartache that song possess you might feel it when listening to it, the same goes for the fun or party-like atmosphere the song exudes making you think it to be a great song to play at a party or whatever. The lasting impression and feeling any song gives you never really dies. It’s always fresh in your mind and heart, in spite of the changes in era, music, and pop culture. In my opinion, Mj had lots of songs that one could relate to no matter what. However, all this depends on how an individual feels and what he or she thinks about, when hearing the songs. They may feel something or they may feel nothing, it is all a matter of opinion. So stop trying to persistently find unecessary things to insult Mj with, ’cause people like me will find necessary things to compliment Mj and fight the haters with.

  • doogie

    Dane, you’re right about only three of MJ’s songs aging well. those songs are Billie Jean, Beat It and Thriller. when i think about it, those are the only songs of his that are still played on retro-pop commercial radio stations, or the only songs of his i hear at a club, dance or wedding reception, or blasting out of a person’s car or house. pretty much the rest of his stuff, although it may be good, sounds cheesy today and like a pure product of the time period and musical era it came out in. and it’s not the kind of stuff that would stand the test of time, or be able to be played over and over again, like those three mentioned songs which do stand the test of time. the whole Thriller album from 1982 is a good example to use. people still praise it as being such an amazing album, but if you listen to it now in 2011, the only songs that have aged well are indeed Billie Jean, Beat It and Thriller, and the rest sound like pure early-80s cheese. i think all the work of a real musical genius would sound fresh and undated forever and not make people go, “wow, that sounds so (enter decade here).” not saying they’re musical geniuses, but you can listen to pretty much all the work of those 60s and 70s bands you mentioned and say, “wow, this stuff still sounds fresh and like it could have come out today.”

  • Dane

    I completely agree with this article. Especially on the assesment that his true talent came from Quincy Jones. And I particullary agree with the comment about him being an entertainer and not a musical genius. Since when did dancing have anything to do with musical credibility anyway?
    Besides, it’s only pop music. A music genre more associated with image and sales techniques as opposed to raw musical talent, how do you think britney, christina, JT, akon, neo etc.. sell albums, it sure isn’t musical talent.
    From what I can gather MJ was like Mcdonalds, It wasn’t that his product was good, it was his marketing techniques that were ahead of it’s time, and the pop stars of today are just emulating that.
    He’s not talentless, he has a good voice…but in the end, there are only about 3 or so songs that I would consider to have aged well. Compare that to someone like Hendrix, Bob Marley, Rolling stones, Dylan, Beatles, Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, the Doors…Shit even lesser known bands from the 60’s like Canned Heat…these artists have entire albums that are still relevant.
    He’s far from being a musical genius.

  • doogie

    MJ was more like a “brilliant entertainer,” not a musical genius. a musical genius is someone who can sing, dance and play multiple instruments well and live, as well as write lyrics and melodies to amazing songs. MJ could only sing and dance live, and the songs he wrote himself were not that great lyrically or melodically (people forget that the stuff he wrote all by himself was crap like “The Girl is Mine” and “Heal the World.”) and who knows if he only wrote the lyrics to some of his songs, instead of both the lyrics and melodies. so yeah, i think “brilliant entertainer” or “brilliant showman” is more fitting for a performer like MJ. the man could really sing and dance, but i wouldn’t give him the “genius” title.

  • Michael Harrison

    Agreed. Whoever is better is subjective, nobody can really be certain. I, for instance, prefer McCartneys solo career far better than both of these, and he certainly is ‘better’.

    And besides, all of these artists (and many more) do well to positivley whoop the arses of Led ‘overrated’ Zeppelin,

  • the truth spoken

    Ok when did this article become the basis for a debate as to who was more of a musical genius -Michael Jackson or The Beatles? In the world, there is always someone who can do something better than the other person. It is believed even more so, when it comes to famous people or someone you love. Everyone has their own opinion, but you just can’t belittle and demean Michael’s career and the great things that he did. You can’t try to make his success seem like it was all just a fluke. There had to be something great about him, that made people gravitate towards him. Something that made millions love him. Something that made him win awards, break records,sell albums to an extent that may not be as great as his previous work, but greater than some artists that were around at that particular time. No, he didn’t write every song, but what artist has written EVERY SINGLE SONG they’ve ever been associated with?!?! That fact doesn’t make Michael, or any other artist, any less of an artist. Also, just bc some people didn’t feel what Michael was trying to say or do with the songs he did write, doesn’t mean that other people didn’t feel it. I, in particular, love so many of his songs from every era of his life. I feel what he iss trying to say with “black or white”, “will you be there”, “heal the world”, “we are the world”, “i just can’t stop loving you”, “liberian girl”, “earth song”, “speechless”…and the list goes on and on. And even with the songs he didn’t write, there are many that I love just the same. Everybody’s not gonna like everything one person makes. For example,those who mentioned the beatles. Now don’t get me wrong, I respect them and think they are really cool and awesome artists, but I certainly don’t love everything they’ve done. That doesn’t make them any less of an artist. For both Michael Jackson and The Beatles and many other LEGENDS, there is documented evidence that tells the world that they have made great achievements and are admirable artists. Being a musical genius takes talent far beyond having the ability to write songs and play an instrument. It takes knowing what to do with your music, and knowing about music to aid you in your career. Michael knew that. For a long time he was wonderfully creating music with different people helping him. But they were not doing the work for him, they were simply making his talent shine bc at the end of the day it takes talent to have substance and durability in ones career. Also, those people were teaching him to be a great producer, writer, and engineer for when he felt like doing his music alone or when he was working with other artists. Now you can see that I am a Fan of Michael but that doesn’t mean that I don’t understand what all those people who disagree with me are saying. I understand that everyone’s got opinions and to try to make them change it would be a battle that is lost from the start. But you gotta respect Michael bc you can’t deny that there was/is something exceptional about Michael Jackson that will always last. Whether you think he was a musical genius or not. [I THINK HE IS A GENIUS!!!]

  • Andrew lennon

    When I meant ‘person above’, I of course meant ‘fede4real’!

    MJ was also the most famous example of ‘manufacturing’, and his greatest influence is the crap that’s thrown out by the industry. Thanks for Bieber, wacko.

    And one more criticism was his consistancy. the hype started with Thriller and never ended. Bad was average as most and the rest? Rubbish. Spilled out by the record compamies in order to increase sales and make a bit more cash for themselves.

    The Beatles, released each album with about an average of 8 months apart. each one crtiically aclaimed, groundbreaking and listed by many as the greatest of all time. After ‘Please Please Me’, ‘With the Beatles’, ‘Beatles for Sale’ and ‘Help’, each album consisted of originals written and played by the band. And the ground breaking, music changing production techniques were overrlooked and pioneered by them as well.

    And now one can express emotion through their vocals as well as John and Paul.

    Michael, as said before was exceptional. But he was far behind the B’s. Even the Kinks were better.

  • Andrew lennon

    To the person above (who cannot spell):

    Michael was a great entertainer but that is all. An above average voice does not decalare anyone a genius.

    And ‘Ghost songwriters’, it appears to me that an MJ fans greatest talent is to create and pull nonense right out of their own minds. 50 years of music rests soley on the shoulders of the Fab-Four.

    Two ballads that’re better? Here’s five: “Here, There and EveryWhere”, “The Long and winding Road”, “Let it Be”, “Michelle” and “Something”. Five of the greatest songs in history.

  • Pearson

    Michael Jackson. Brilliant performer? Yes
    Musical genius? Not.
    Sappy music doth not a genius make.
    Most of you posters start off by insulting the writer of the article and then telling us that you liked his music. Hey even I liked one or two.
    Mozart was a genius. MJ was talented.
    Some of the songs that the posters mention could have been written by a child in first grade, not a genius. Sappy crap!

  • Fede4real

    Even better,go write 2 ballads musically or lirycally better than “I just cant stop loving you” and “Liberian girl”.We are waiting 😉

  • Fede4real

    ok I cant believe this debate goes on.
    To put it simple.The Beatles didnt wrote every song they used ghost songwriters and you may be the only one who dont know this.
    2 of them were good songwriters and it was the first heavy marketing aproach to music. Yeah everybody learned the formula,but does it make them genius? tHEY WERE NOT isnturment virtuosos,not even decent players.They were not great vocalists dancers or performers compared to lil Richar dor any other act.
    Some of you denying MJ talent are close minded.Art is creative,you dont need to play classical music to be considered a genius. You dont even need to write music every single day of your life til you die to be considered genius.
    Put it simple,if you got 2 eyes and 2 ears you know Michael Jakcson IS a musical genius a prodigy. He could outsing and outdance any music legend at 11 years old. He had impecable ear and pitch.
    Im a musician and I often find so called musicians stating you are not a musician if you cant read music,or play an instrument like a virtuoso.
    For your information MJ used to sing every note in complex cords and tape it. Then the musicians used to replicate it on keyboards and say well this is B minor 9th. What you dont know is music comes first,music is sound is not a paper and its not anything you call it. So Mj was genius enough to udnerstand this at 10 eyars old and you still havent understand it. Some musicians study composition for years while he wrote immortal anthems in minutes.He could play insturments i ahve researched this matter and trust me one day you will see a vid of Mj playing piano ina studio and eat your words. He was talented beyond words.
    Yes he created synth music,but every song he produced stands in time,soudns fresh 30 eyars later.He had impecable ear and was a consumate producer.He knew every gear mic preamp and studio in the whoel US.C´mon he signed his very first record deal at 9 years old.what are you talking about.You are talking as if MJ was a great dancer with lot of publicity. He was the Ultimate artist what any musician dreams to be.He could pull out a rock joint an R&B hit or a jazz standard.
    Dont get it twisted,just because he had spectacualr videos and coreos dont underrate the music. Trust me that if the music woulda been the best of the best we would not be watching the Thriller video today.The truth is his vocals and sound on that track is untouchable.So to me MJ,the singer song writer producer musician is clearly underrated. everybody talks about the videos,not about the heavenly music.how perfectionist talented and hard working he was.
    You got everybody from quincy jones to paul anka burt bakarah,david foster,every urban producer,every engineer confirming this,every songwriter. He was the ultimate artist,nobody has had such a long and strong influence in the music business and affected such different areas infleunce and changed the game.Compare any beatle to Michael jackson is a joke in any way.And even comparing the whole group to MJ is a joke.If you count all the J5 Jacksons and solo sales elvis beatles and rolling ahve nothing to do.And Im talking about music exclusively,if we go on to music videos,pioneering world tours,charitable music,coreography…man just visit wikipedia and learn about who is Michael Jackson,it seems you guys ahve been sleeping for 40 years!
    Also try to play of the so called SIMPLE MJ songs.You will find yourself trying to figure out a chord for 10 min.His music sounds simple at ear but theres lotof work and layers in rpoduction that gives it the character,that unique MJ standard.Every drum section,every string has work on it.Take Black or white,take remember the time,You rock my world,liberian girl,heal the world…yeah sounds quite simple,but go and play it and try to make it sound like the record.Then come back here and tell me if it was that easy lol

  • Janice Dickason
  • Frank McCartney

    Totally agree on this one. Michael is so overrated. For all you people who say is his better than The Beatles, let’s make things clear, whitout The Beatles, there is no Michael Jackson. Period. They changed music in a way no band or individual did or will ever do. They did all that in only 8 years, writing music and lyrics. They did not only change music forever, they inspired the people and had a cultural impact worldwide. Micheal is maybe a legend, but not a genius. The Beatles were geniuses and became legends. THEY made themselves history’s most acclaimed musical act. Micheal maybe have some great numbers, but never should he be placed in the same category. Micheal will be forgotten, but The Beatles will not.

  • Andrew lennon

    To say the Beatles are overrated is beyond stupid…

    The Band gave us:

    -Heavy metal
    -psychedellic rock
    -prog rock
    -punk rock
    -engineered rock
    -the music video
    -the backwards vocal
    -dance/trance music
    -the concept album…

    -27 number ones in 8 years.
    -1.3 Billion records.
    -Revolver, rubber soul, SGT peppers, white album and abbey road – 5 masterpiece, generally considered the greatest and most inportant albums in music history.
    -John and Paul are two of the greatest songwriters of the century.
    -Listed the greatest music act of all time by Rolling Stones magazine.


    Michaels popularity got where it was after he bit the dust, and most of his fans are dirty hypocrites who would happily have anyone who disagrees ‘Die’.

    I like Michael – but he simply is not that good…

  • Andrew lennon

    Brilliant article. Of course he is overrarted, I find the fact that he didn’t write most of his ‘best’ material really tops it off.

    Not to mention the sheer amount of rubbish that came along after it. ‘bad’, ‘Dangerous’, ‘HIStory’ And ‘invincible’ …the four phrases that sum up below average pop music.

    The Beatles were the tru kinks of pop…

  • Concerned MJ Fan

    What r u talking about? The writer is not articulating the “obvious truth,” the writer is articulating their opinion and obvious dislike for Michael Jackson. In truth, they don’t know what they’re talking about. Being a musical genius means being smart about your music and how to make it successful. That is what Michael did. What the writer meant, when mentioning that Michael didn’t write his own songs or good songs and didn’t play instruments live, was that he didn’t think Michael was an artistic genius in music. There is a difference. Writing beautiful songs and playing beautiful music reveals a persons artistic side hence being labeled an artistic genius. Now, that’s not to say that Michael didn’t play any instruments and didn’t write any good songs, cause in my opinion he did & it is documented that he did. Maybe he didn’t play instruments on stage, but that doesn’t make him any less of an artist or any less smarter in music. He probably just felt that dancing on stage was more of a better medium for him than strumming a guitar and beating some drums. A medium that he exceled in. However, knowing what you want in a song & album, knowing how to market your music to the best of your abilities & making it work, having people around you who know what they are doing, people who encourage you and bring the most from your talent, and of course having an infinite amount of talent is a musical genius. That is everything that Michael Jackson embodied and did in his career. Like charleszette wrote “maybe the writer needs to find some other outlet to express his utter and complete dislike about Michael ’cause he ain’t really making that much sense writing articles about.” Let this be charleszette & I articulating the obvious truth!!!!

  • Gurtel James

    GREAT article. Its about time someone articulated the obvious truth!


    It’s a shame how the world takes so much pleasure in building someone up to be so great & then take even more pleasure bringing them down and criticizing every aspect of that person’s life. IT’S SO UNFAIR! Everything has a season & that includes a person’s life. No artist has the same amount of popularity their entire careers. They may have a time where #1 albums are being produced, awards given to them, 24/7 radio play, and constant hype over them. But eventually that all ends and there is a new artist who gets to live that way and the old artist is put on the back burner. If, in your opinion, mj hasn’t made a good album since the 80’s, then s.h.i.t, his nostalgic success is very powerful. I feel that a musical genius is someone who has talent, dedication, something special in their work, communicates a message they’re trying to say or create in their songs, & posses longevity. And they have to be able to carry that over into their work ethic during the time that they’re producing music. MJ possesses those qualities and has done all of that his whole life. DON’T EVER SAY THAT MJ IS A “WAS” AS IN HE IS A “HAS BEEN” CAUSE HE’S NOT!! HE IS AN “ALWAYS” BC HE WILL ALWAYS BE A SPECIAL PART IN MUSIC AND ENTERTAINMENT WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT!!!! And has it ever occurred to you that mj learned from his motown era that having others help you make a record can also help you succeed the way you want to. It obviously worked, he has been very famous/successful from the time he started until FOREVER!!! Another reason why he is a muscial genius is bc he has influenced so many artists/groups. They want to be like him and succeed like him. Uh, maybe you need to find some other outlet to express how you feel about mj ’cause you’re really kinda not making that much sense writing articles about it. (JUST MY OPINION!)


    Just wait one d.a.m.n minute!!! You may not like mj but don’t try to belittle his success & talent! It has been said by many people, who have worked with mj, that he has written/produced/ or had a lot of control over numerous songs, and has had many songs to choose from for each album that he’s released. It just so happen that he chose songs written by other people sometimes. It doesn’t mean his songs weren’t good, or that his opinion was the only one given to each choice. Also, mj was about giving others a chance to be a part of his work and learning from them. That is why he tried so many different themes and genres to sing about. And if this writer and you other negative commentators would do some reseach, y’all would know that mj had success with everything he did. It may not be the same success, or the expected success but nevertheless SUCCESS. And mj did not proclaim himself KING OF POP others did like the fans and other celebrities. Michael never asked to be called the king of pop, I don’t know where the writer got that from. And mj is much more famous than being the 1st black on MTV. He has made incredible noted contributions and accomplishments. And no person’s popularity lasts. Just like in high school: you may be the most popular boy or girl at school but at some point you have to graduate and move on to new things and new experiences. The same goes with being an artist: mj had to change and experience new things and some people don’t like the changes he made. CHANGE IS INEVITABLE!! Also, if he didn’t have a great album based on your opinion or the media’s, it doesn’t matter. I’m pretty sure that the artists the writer mentioned in the article, have had a busted, failed album at some point in their lives. Everybody’s not perfect!!! And I find the songs that mj did write and released very good/beautiful/fun/& interesting. So if you don’t feel the same, then that is your opinion but d.a.m.n it’s a harsh one especially the writer’s!!! P.S. He wasn’t being repetitive or becoming a parody of himself what r u talking about. Also stop talking about mj’s appearance bc it’s a sad thing to see somebody so hung up on a process (mj’s surgeries/changing of appearance) that started so long ago and ended so long ago:STOP LIVING IN THE PAST LET IT GO!
    & Being a muscician/artist is more than knowing how to play an instrument on stage and writing songs. Sometimes it goes much deeper and that is where mj A.K.A. “THE MUSICAL GENIUS” lived!!!

  • Me


  • The Realest

    I see it like this. Even as a child I wasn’t a huge fan of micheal jackson. and i was born in 1990, but I knew the songs they were fun to dance to. it made my friends and family happy. I went to other ppl’s house and they liked micheal jackson. sure his songs were simple and to the point, but you gotta look at his hustle and what he was able to do with that simple catchy music… were talking about a guy who made like what 2 albums the are worth mentioning seriously and yet he’s all over the tv, radio, and internet now.. now for you music heads that want to get all booty tickled because he was able to SALE that “garbage” need to take a hard look at yourself and wonder why you can’t get people to even sit down and half listen to your music. and this is coming from a person who love and adores music.. but i’m not a hater. whatever you resist persist. and if you keep deny the greatness of micheal jackson. shiit he’ll always be great.

  • doogie

    well said, Dano. to add to that, my definition of a musical genius is someone who is consistently putting out brilliant work. Michael hadn’t put out a good album in almost 20 years. and in the last 15 years, he only put out two albums (both of which really sucked). for most of the 90s and 2000s, he mostly known as a famous freaky weirdo, and people forgot about him as a singer, performer and entertainer. he also didn’t create any kind of great new sound either. other artists had been doing the same kind of music found on Thriller before it came out. people just think he changed music because his music videos from the Thriller era were so innovative and different from others being played at the time. therefore, he may have changed the face of music videos, but not the face of music itself.

  • Dano

    I agree with the author of this blog, but even he and the rest of you don’t understand the word musical genius. Michael Jackson was a good dancer and entertainer, but that is about the only props you can give him. Regardless of whether or not you like his music you cannot claim him to be a musical genius in any shape or form and I’m going to tell you why. first of all his music was not progressive, which he didn’t make any of it to begin with. Quincy Jones and other backing musicians made his music. And by the way Billy Jean is a Smokey Robinson song that he covered. I’ll admit the bass line in the song is catchy, but other than that there isn’t anything memorable musically from that freak. To call someone a genius means they have to invent something in music in terms of technical ability. He didn’t play one god damn instrument. Even Prince, John Lennon, Bob Dylan or any rock star for that matter cannot be considered genius’. They wrote some great songs, but that is about it. The only musicians that can be considered genius’ are several classical composers and jazz musicians. One of the only people that made rock music that you could call a genius would be Frank Zappa who made over 60 albums in his career. Michael Jackson made electronic synthesizer music which requires no genius at all. Not to mention that there has been many others who have done it better than him because I may remind you once again that he didn’t even write or produce most of his music. The only reason why he is so popular is because of the constant airplay on radio as well as being plugged on MTV in the 80s when it was starting to get going. He wasn’t even a good songwriter. There is certainly no poetry in his songs at all. Most of it is centered around sex. But I guess since the majority of people have no taste in anything and are simple minded you are easily amused by someone who is an insult to art and doesn’t deserve the props people give him. What he does represent is the commercial, captialist, consumer-based, narcisstic, trashy, unclassy culture of the 80s that i so much despise. As I said before he was a good dancer and entertainer, but that’s it. Don’t try to make him into something he wasn’t. Maybe you people need to pull out some old records and listen to composers who really made beautiful music, not some guy in flashy clothes who had no substance in his material or about his person whatsoever.

  • Speakeasy

    Micheal’s good but he’s not as good as his cult, oops fans, say he is.

  • BigBen

    How many of us normal people would even think of Michael Jackson as anything more than a “good performer from the past” if it were not for his crazy fans and the tabloids touting him as a legend?

  • Liberty

    Michael Jackson was a talented dancer, and that’s about it. The singing, and music everyone knows and loves is mostly thanks to other people. So he’s credited with playing this or that on an album, but he would never perform an entire concert set playing said instrument while singing. It’s because he wasn’t talented enough to do it. On top of that he lip synced a lot of the time…because he was too busy dancing!
    HE IS FAR FAR MORE FAMOUS THAN HE IS TALENTED. He hasn’t been relevant since the early 90’s but thanks to his insane fans his albums will sell over and over and the crazies will worship him as a musical genius.

  • QueensAndAces

    It’s so true, MJ is not a talented musician, but he was a good performer (mainly a great dancer). He could compose some good tunes, and with the help of a lot of talented producers, made the tune a good song. His voice was not great…sure he could belt out a song when he was a boy but after his voice changed he did not sound as great as his fans claim.
    He never played an instrument on stage, and voice lacked power when singing acapella- His hiccups and breathy sounds were attempts to cover his extremely girly voice (his “deep” voice singing is only deep compared to his normal high pitch). And he frequently lip synced throughout his adult career. But his crazy die hard fans would rather throw themselves on a grenade than face the fact that he is overrated.

  • GodcanjudgeMe

    U Jack Ass.. U got a nerve…
    Invincible has been voted the best album of the decade 2000 -2010…
    No prince .. No Elton .. No Madonna.. No Lady Gaga.. No britney could stop it.. They just can’t… And Invincible did better sales than any other album dat was released.. in the time.. only in US it did not do well.. bt who cares.. american critics are truckload of crap…

  • MJLover

    The stories about Michael’s new album “Michael” is a scandal to stop people buieng it.But, we won’t stop buieng it.Go and buy it immediatley on the 12 December 2010 or later.Just BUY.Trust Michael.
    Atleast this album shall be ratted enough.

  • Larry

    His fast songs sound all the same, and his ballads sound all the same. They are painfully over produced. Stay away if you are diabetic..so sugary you may fall into a coma.

    Great entertainer though.

  • James

    Michael Jackson? NOT a genius?! How, HOW did you get to that conclusion?! Michael Jackson wrote Billie Jean, his best selling single, along with 9 others of his 13 number-1 singles! And also Michael Jackson wrote the melody and the lyrics for the first version of the song to become “Thriller”, just he called it “moonlight star”. Black or white, Beat it, Bad, Earth Song… These are songs written entirely by one genius, and that genius was Michael Jackson, the best singer, best songwriter, most succesfull brand and biggest superstar the world has ever known and ever will.

  • Jenny

    [Edited] Michael Jackson fans are like cult members. It is quite sick. Even worse is making up storie saying Jordan Chandler recanted his story–absolutely false.

  • Debbie Newton

    oh and in response to “Ran” your frickin spot on! woo

  • Debbie Newton

    in response to post 559 – 200012345

    considering they are under rated why do u know about them, why do millions of people know about them, fair enough they are no comparison to his biggest hits but if everyone of his songs were a number one hits it wouldnt be right would it.. those songs are amazing just didnt take off the same or were given as much publicity as his other hits.

  • ran

    Ok, I’m gonna be absolutely real here. MJ didn’t play instruments but in his case, that did’t take anything away from his musical credibility. Look, I play guitar, piano, keyboards and drums but can I honestly say that i’m a better musician that MJ? Ofcourse not, could one say that Tito or Randy were the talented ones in the jackson 5 because they played instruments? Of course not. My guess is you’re a rock fan who can’t accept that someone who had a soft, child-like, almost disney image has had a much greater influence than any of your idols. You feel that he’s not justified to be listed amongst the greats because he didn’t know some power chords. Bullshit, my music teacher once said that it’s about the end product. That’s why people form bands, because they want to bring together different talents to make the perfect song. I know I can’t convince you on this, but elvis, john lennon, Paul Mcartney, Prince…they were creative genius’ who had to invest time in learning instruments to express their talents. MJ was one of those extremely rare kids who could sing, pitch perfect by the time he was 9. He latr became a perfectionist who knew that there was no point in playing guitar on his own track when he could use a kick ass guitarist to contribute to his song. That’s the difference between playing instruments because you can and being humble enough to take a step back and allow others to contribute to your track. At the end of the day anyone can learn the guitar, piano, drums, so on. Only a few people can sing amazingly by the time their 9. There’s a reason why he’s the youngest performer ever to be inducted in to the ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME. If you want to focus on the negative aspects of his life, go ahead, but it doesn’t take anything away from his creative genius.

  • Abby

    He didn’t call himself “The King of Pop”, Elizabeth Taylor did, at one of the many awards shows he went to. Go look it up. The media and his fans started calling him that afterwords.
    And just look at all the other comments here; I don’t have to explain how he IS a musical genius.

  • Heehee

    Are you serious????? He is a musical genius he didn’t need instruments he had a gift. The sounds were in his head and he betboxed the instruments and sang when recording. the biggest hits on thriller except the thriller song were written by him. Dangerous didn’t even have Q and it was more successful than bad. You née to do your research. His dancing skills exceed any other artist, his vocal range is amazing. How can you say he is not a genius just because he doesnt play instruments? 99 percent of people would prefer a Michael dancing with electryfying moves and singing than one who plays a guitar! Hes been in the business since the age of 5! He is credited for writing and COMPOSING most of his number one hits. Also he had 100s of unreleased songs for the people who say he didn’t release that many albums.

  • Stephanie

    i love how NO ONE agrees with ur article 😀 u should take it down to spare urself MORE public humiliation u moron…

  • Battosai

    The writer of this article obviously wants some attention, didn’t get enough love as a child so here they are. Everyone say “hello” to the loser of this blog. That ought to make them feel better about themselves in some way. MJ will always be the greatest entertainer to ever live and one of the most amazing musicians to ever pick up a microphone.

    In all honesty, you really need to stop hating. So you can’t sing or dance and no one likes you, there’s no need to put down the sheer greatness and wonder that is MJ. Bask in it. LOL!

  • 200012345

    Michael Jackson is the most under-rated artist ever,if the truth was said.
    He has the most number of under-rated songs.
    You are my life
    Liberian girl
    For all time
    Remember the time
    Heaven can wait
    She’s out of my life
    Off the wall
    Can you feel it
    they all are just a few.


    Michael Jackson is a Musical genius. Did not proclaim himself King of POP, His friend Elizabeth Taylor did and the title stuck, rightfully so. Put MJ anywhere and he could write a song. MJ was inducted into the songwriter’s hall of fame in 2002..Prince hasn’t till this date. Previous commentors stated Michael’s accomplishments iwon’t repeat them. I’m so happpy that MJ used different producers because it varied his style. I hope you cringe when you see the millions paying honor to the true KING OF POP!

  • JB

    Michael Jackson was barely talented. He is no “musical genius.” He is just a performer. His voice is all squeaky. He is just like Britney Spears. Let’s not forget how many children he victimized.

  • mausland

    my problem is that you call kurt cobain a music genius nirvana is the most overrated band ever its not that there bad there were munch better bands in the 90s nirvana is just ok and so is kurt cobain



  • Rob

    Michael Jackson, the absolute best, his music just does not get old.

  • Jane Doe

    He was not overrated. He was more talented at 10 years old than 90% of most adults. Since he watched his dad marketing them from a very early age, he knew how to market himself and one of the greatest examples of this is when he stole the show at the MTV awards (I think it was) in 84. He really took advantage of MTV and threw out allot of videos. He made allot of things his own signature like the 1. glitter socks, 2. hat with hair in the face 3. sunglasses all of the time 4. one glove 5. moon walk etc. He had no family and probably very little sex life to distract him.

  • Rohan

    I read over on gearsluts the first hand account of one guy who played guitar for some songs on Dangerous.

    Michael would have an entire symphony oshestra in his head. He would vocally voice the melody into the mic and have it recorded. He would do this for every instrument.
    He would also say okay this is the first chord – first note: humm
    second note: humm
    third note: humm
    2nd chord first note: humm
    you get the idea. He was a musical genius.
    When he makes music and listens to it, he hears everything that isn’t there, that should be there.

    Does the writer of this know of many who can and do DO this for their songs without ever touching a musical instrument ?
    btw. michael could play drums and piano – as awesome as it would have been to see him perform on instruments – his act was dancing and singing – an entertainer – a superstar. He was a singer/songwriter/producer/dancer/actor.

    He was a genius of a human being not only in music but in all art forms – and then some!

  • GHIF

    Well, Billie Jean,Beat it,You’re not alone,Beat it,Bad,Off the wall thay are all amazing hits.But,there’s an amazing song & a music video witch people don’t pay enough attention.And it’s……………..
    Liberian Girl

  • H Mehou-Loko

    The Album Jackson got involved with the most, in terms of intrumentation, is HIStory. He, on this album is credited for playing different instruments: Guitar, Keyboards, percussions and drums.
    On prior albums he was often listed as a percussionist. As the perfectionnist he has been described to be, it is probable he would intrust high skilled musicians to play on his albums more then himself. In a interview he has also acknowledged playing his favorite instrument to relax: The Violon.
    Difficult to assert his musical skills, in terms of reading a music sheet but he was a prolophic arranger of his songs and others.

  • Debbie

    Just to add salt to your wounds .. Billie Jean was Officially Voted the Best song in the World in 2000… over rated?.. LAUGHABLE!

  • dougrad

    good point earlier. however, if i were Michael i would have used that time during the 90s and 2000s, y’know, when he was being overly massacred in the media (over his alleged child molestation cases, plastic surgery, nose problems, skin lightening, obsession with children, “Peter Pan syndrome,” baby dangling, having kids sleep in his bed, etc.), as an opportunity to create more music, release more albums, and perform more concerts. y’know, to escape from the world and remind people what a great entertainer and composer of good music he was. i think the fact that he was not releasing a lot of albums or performing concerts made people only focus on the negative press about him. he was just kind of “there,” if you know what i mean. if he was busier putting out albums and performing live, more people would have forgotten about his personal life and focused on his musical creativity. i think he could have then recovered quicker and come back out on top in the 90s, and remained cool on into the 2000’s. it’s too bad that his last album came out nine years ago.

  • Debbie Newton

    in response to Glenn Contrarian … WTF!!! michael didnt project raw emotion in his voice to the level of aretha!!?? are u having a laugh!! when he was 9 and he first ever sang for Berry gordy for motown the first thing he said was they couldnt get over how much raw emotion a child of that age could sing with especially when he was too young to understand the emotion behind the lyrics, and if you listen to his ballads, and songs such as give into me and who is it..AND stranger in moscow ETC there is so much emotion in his voice it gives me goosbumps its unbelievable, listen to give into me when he sings ” dont try to understand me” the guy practically sounds like he is crying, im afraid your only hearing what you want to hear, maybe you just only tune into female emotion i dont know, but you are so wrong.. you will be saying te sky is frickin pink next.

  • Glenn Contrarian

    I disagree. I do hold MJ to be one of the best performers ever, and he may well have a claim to be the very best ever…

    …but he’s not the only one who reached that plateau where only the first name is required. My vote for best ever would go to Aretha. After her, Michael, and then possibly Elton. Then maybe Frank, Satchmo, and Bing (and I remember them). And Elvis.

    But my vote goes for Aretha. For all MJ’s unmatched artistic talent, he was not able to project raw emotion in his voice to the level that Aretha did. Tina Turner could, maybe – but not MJ.

  • Debbie Newton

    Right ok, this article couldnt be more wrong,or frustrating, granted your entitled to your opinion but only if your opinion makes some kind of sense, firstly the other artists you names who should be known as musical geniuses?? are people who themselves use producer/writers etc to make their music.. as MJ did, But did they have the natural god given talent and unbelievable ability to literally speak the language of music.. no, not even close MJ lived through music,he was an instrument in his own right, he would think like an orchestra of instruments, he could literally beatbox his drums, bass, rhythm, synths, strings, and everything else then instruct his musicians to play what he was hearing in his head over that just to produce his idea and Then build on that, then add vocals over vocals, there are snippets of little details in his music u dont even notice until u sit and listen closely but without these fine delicate details his music wouldn’t sounds the same, not only could he produce amazing music of ALL genre’s pop, rock, soul, RnB,Disco etc but his vocals could cover every genre, from having a delicate yet soulful,emotional voice for his ballads, to his gritty Powerful, almost heartbreakingly emotional vocals for his rockier tracks, and to top that off his lyrics were so original, no one could think to tell a story in a song the way he did, he was born a poet and story teller, and he was so intelligent, Now put all that together and you get this amazing man who produced the most incredible music known to man.. not only was he given this unbelievable talent to sing and write and produce, he became his own style, his own way of being, his own brand as such, no one could think of moving the way he did on stage, or owning a stage and crowd of hundreds of thousands, he would take you somewhere else with his passion for performance.. i for one have never been in awe watching anyone the way i have watching him and i’d happily bet everything i have that no-one will EVER come near to being nearly as genius like as him.. not a chance, its only through lack of understanding what real music and talent is that you could possibly think MJ is over rated or maybe u just feel the need to go against the grane, but let me tell you, you are losing the battle because there is not 1 human being on this earth who hasnt heard the name MICHAEL JACKSON and every single person on this earth knows that,that man was here for a very special reason, to show us his talents and he did..and he was so missunderstood.. i find it appaling that you could question it. Everyone wants to be him, everyone wants to be like him, everyone wants what he had.. NO-ONE will ever come close… case closed!

  • hom

    And Michael has become the most downloaded artist in history.He’s the most popular solo artist ever, according to global sales records from Nokia’s Ovi Music Store.If he’s average and overrated as all of you haters say ,how come he is the most downloaded artist in history? All of you MJ haters, please think about it before posting vile remarks and articles about him on the web .

  • hom

    Beatles and U2 are music bands with several members in each of them and Michael Jackson was a solo artist. So he created all of the songs by himself and sang those all by himelf as well. Still Michael’s music is more memorable to people all over the world than beatles’ or U2’s music.

    Michael Jackson is famous throughout the world more than any other artist that ever lived. He couldn’t solely focus on his music due to those unfounded allegations that came his way.The trials really took a toll on him although he was acquitted completely of all charges that were against him.He was a very innocent man that was taken advantage of. If those greedy people had let him live freely without those false allegations and do his thing peacefully god knows what type of music he would have come up with. I’m sure his music would have been much more remarkable and most importantly he would still be alive today if people had let him do his thing i.e. making music without any distractions. His album “Invincible” was a great album that included many great songs which were carefully engineered.

    All of his albums are superb albums that included a lot of great songs and are considered as timeless masterpieces. “U2” and even “Beatles “are wayyy… overrated! Their music is very boring to listen to. Elvis was a lot better than Beatles in his heydays and still continues to be.

    anyways all of you MJ haters leave him alone and no matter however much you say, people who know real music and who can admit to a real talent accept Michael Jackson as a great artist and a musical genuis .None of you haters can take that away from him. He will be remembered for years to come as a great humanitarian and a true artist .

  • TylerFn

    You, are an idiot. You lost me at John Lennon and Kurt Cobain being geniuses. What? You have to be a dead Beatle to be a genius? McCartney’s style and structure FAR surpassed his co-writer John. Cobain..lol… he’s just plain DEAD. Please, dont give any credit to any surviving members of his band who co-wrote the bands’ tunes. BTW, your list of geniuses is a clear indicator of your limited taste in music. TIP: Either keep your writing within your obviously narrow understanding of music, or take up bowling.



  • me

    No one cares about playing instruments idiot.

  • ghtytfdh

    @Realityman, WHAT??? His song in the 80s are dated?What’s wrong with you? This is a one reason to love him.His music is FOR ALL TIME.His songs will NEVER get old.Compare Off the wall to the music nowdays.Still they are like newly released songs.Like him or not his music Will NEVER get OLD/Dated.They are FOREVER MODERN.

  • @ sanata

    shut up your worse for believing such lies so please shut up

  • Jessie

    Michael Jackson is a musical genius and to say he isnt is an insult

  • n

    no use talking to jealous ppl here and haters.MJ fans,leave and ignore this page.

  • santana

    An overrated pedophile. But his fans are worse for supporting him.

  • SoCalGal

    Why is anyone even paying attention to this never-been’s opinion? A new book is coming out that will do justice to Michael Jackson. Watch for it.

  • 1050

    All the people who hate MJ,just type “Chandler suicide highlights media bias against Michael Jackson by Charles Thomson” in your search box just to know the truth.Get a life.

  • dougrad

    finishing my previous comment, i guess i just feel like MJ should have been releasing more albums, in order to be considered a genius for his singing, music and songwriting. it seems like he didn’t really “do enough” in terms of writing/composing songs and recording during his adult career. from Off the Wall to Invincible, he had only six albums in 22 years. i have to wonder if lack of musical ideas was a reason. but yes, i still say MJ could be considered a genius for the fact that he had been singing, dancing and performing professionally since he was a child. i also think it’s funny how this author said MJ wasn’t a musical genius, but that Kurt Cobain was. Cobain only knew a few power chords on his guitar, and his lyrics and music weren’t all that great or different. Nirvana would just be thought of as another one of those popular alternative rock bands from the 90s that was big for only a few short years, if Cobain hadn’t shot himself. it’s funny how death can cause a mediocre artist to be praised forever.

  • dougrad

    I could see calling MJ a musical genius for the fact that he had been singing and performing in the professional music industry since he was 11 or 12. Your average kid that age could not do what he did on stage and on albums with his brothers, and then be able to start performing solo and cutting solo albums at an also young 14 years old. And surprisingly, he was able to become hugely successful as a grown adult. Think about it, most 14-year-old pop stars that have come about throughout music history (like Donny Osmond, for example) were never able to become hugely successful singers and performers in the mainstream American pop-music spotlight as grown adults. Most just became thought of as has-beens. MJ and Stevie Wonder are the only two former child pop stars I can really think of who also became hugely successful and relevant as adults. So yeah, I’ll give MJ genius credit for being such a talented kid, as well as being popular in the music industry for 40 years. I can’t even think of another pop star who started as young as he did, which was around 11 or 12 years old (I think that’s right, since the year 1970 was when the Jackson 5 really hit it big). And of course, you could call him a genius for his dancing. However, I don’t understand how people can call MJ a musical genius for his music or singing. He didn’t create any type of innovative new music or anything like that, and his singing voice wasn’t anything super-miraculous or unheard of. There were plenty of artists creating the same type of R&B-influenced pop music MJ was doing in the 70s, 80s and 90s, and there were ones doing it before he did. And artists like Prince, who practically released an album every year during the 80s, did it better, in my opinion. People also have to remember that MJ’s quality of music started going way downhill in the early 90s, and he only made three mediocre albums in the period from the early 90s up until his death. When people call MJ’s music “genius,” they’re usually only referring to the two albums he put out in the 80s (yes, there were only two), which were Thriller and Bad. Therefore, there are only about 15 or 20 songs that fans really call “genius” of his. Other artists, like the Beatles and U2 for example, put out many more albums than MJ did in his adult career, and their music never declined in quality. Therefore, they have many more songs that could be called “genius” than MJ does. If he had put out more albums, and more albums with consistent pop music quality, I could possibly consider some of MJ’s music to be “genius.” I think the number of albums an artist releases can show a true undeniable talent for creating good music and never running out of ideas.

  • Moose

    I would say the This Is It 90 minute bonus scenes dropped an atomic bomb on this article (As would watching any of his concerts would)

  • Patty

    Yeah right, he’s going to be moonwalking, Doing The lean, doing some james brown moves, doing the thriller/Beat it/jam etc choreography, & doing all this moves with a guitar or with some other instruments. Michael could beatbox,dance,sing,compose etc. Thriller Is Still the biggest selling album of all time & his career lasted more than 3 decades,He broke racial boundaries on MTV With Billie Jean, & He changed music videos with Thriller, & He Made His Fans (Even straight guys) faint & Cry, & his concerts were ALL sold out in less than an hour & your telling me that he’s no music genius? Are you on drugs or something….. Seriously WAKE UP! Michael Was Crowned the KING OF POP For a reason. Tell Me,, Who danced like Michael when they were 5 years old? who Sings like Michael When He was 5 years old? WHO? NO ONE! Michael IS A MUSICAL GENIUS! & HE WILL FOREVER BE THE KING OF POP! Stop taking drugs because you’re saying stupid things. Michael’s legacy will live FOREVER!

  • Anna

    all these haters here are pathetic . what do you know ? especially “reality man” WTH ? get your facts right.not enough evidence? HOW ABOUT NO EVIDENCE AT ALL??!>!??!?!?!! all a bunch of lies. oh and to the writer of this article YOU ALSO GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT . thriller WAS A TEAM EFFORT ! sure some people wrote the sonsg .but look at the videos that made THEM FAMOUS. he ALSO wrote BILLIE JEAN, BEAT IT , WANNA BE STARTIN` SOMETHING AND MANY OTHER SONGS ! show a bit of respect. you not perfect either. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE ? HAVE YOU MADE AN ALBUM ? OR EVEN MADE HISTORY? NONE . SO WHAT CAN YOU SAY ? [personal attack deleted]

  • realityman

    Fantastic article. The reason there are so many fanatical MJ fans responding to this is they are the only ones who care enough to respond. And yes, they are fanatics. MJ had one of the most over-produced careers in history…beginning with Quincy Jones at the helm…and the exposure Thriller album had on MTV was like nothing in history. The video was literally a “commercial” that was 5:57 minutes long and ran 24 times a day!! Yes once an hour. No artist in history has had that level of advertising. Furthermore, the songs he did write…Songs like I’m Bad, and Beat It, are actually rather lame and toxic…catchy pop songs yes, but not truly “”great” works of art that will be revered in the future. Listen to his anger in I’m Bad…that voice…that face. I know that no one would want to be locked in a room with that playing for more than a couple of hours or it would seriously require a straightjacket. The great songs he is known for, he did not write… Man in the Mirror, We are The World (which was co-written with a truly amazing songwriter-Lionel Richie..and it sounds just like a Lionel Richie song). He used every trick in the book throughout his career…doing duets with Paul McCartney etc., I mean come on. In later years the songs he wrote were self-obsessed, self-absorbed “junk”…”I’m so misunderstood..the world is bad…poor me….” really quite sickening stuff. In 2006 he tried desperately to hookup with producer will.i.am to create an album with him…then in 2007 with producer Akon. The man would do anything to create a hit album….yes leaching off other’s talent. I personally don’t like any of his music now…I’m so tired of those 80s songs..they’re so dated and again definitely not classic music like the Beatles or 100s of other artists I can name. Just look at the titles, “I’m Bad”, “Beat It”. And again, if you want to see anger just listen to his voice and see his face while he sings I’m Bad. Some say he did what he did to his face because he hated his Dad and didn’t want to see a face like his Dad’s??? Whatever it was..he hated/was angry at something and I can hear it in “I’m Bad”. And his egomaniacal video (with soldiers, statue of liberty) sealed his apparent lunacy for so many people. The man was not well. And his music is only enjoyed by die hard MJ fans, period. That is not a legend. That is a man with an over-produced career. He was a spectacular dancer. That is true. Oh and MJ fans love to spout MJs innocence in molestation charge…My God..not being convicted does not make you innocent for god sake. Many guilty people get off for crimes due to lack of evidence. There were too many accusers and too many people who saw things….just not enough evidence to convict, except in the one he settled for 20 mil…I read there was enough evidence to convict in that one…which is why Cochran (the man so skilled he even got OJ off for murder!) threw in the towel. The whole conspiracy thing is ridiculous!! I don’t know of anyone else in Hollywood every accused of molesting kids, and had so many “bad” “evil” people after them…maids, security guards and at least 5+ accusers. And don’t forget…the so-called victim MJ…had a choice to give up his “sleepovers” with boys after 1994 when paid a 2.4 mil settlement for allegedly molesting a 7 year old and later paying a 20 mil settlement for 13 year old. A sane man would have given up the sleepovers with boys after that. But he chose not to. Things that make you go hmmm. Hey the man had talent…but lots and lots of hype surrounded his career, and being a pop “star” definitely does not make you a genius. Not even close. I don’t see genius work at all. I see an over inflated pop star. He definitely produced a passionate “following”–they are like the SOLDIERS in the video–who would fight for him. I strongly believe he passed the torch of his egomania down to them. Now they must fight for his #1 spot. They obsessively trash all other artists. And “freak” when you don’t agree he was #1. It’s very unhealthy, bizarre…and actually is what happened in the dysfunction of the jury when he was acquitted. Several of the jurors harassed the 3 jurors that wanted to give a guilty verdict…and they say the harassment was like nothing they’ve every experienced…literally horrible. And remember Chandler’s dad said he feared for his life every day due to death threats…he claimed he changed his appearance to hide his identity from crazed MJ fans. MJs legacy is far from good…and many people are noticing.

  • Shannon

    ermm..what the hell is this junk..for one thing michael did play instruments,but didn’t play them on stage what do think he is…if he played onstage he would have to sing,dance,play instruments all at the same time (wtf are your expectations…are you a robot or something).And another Quincy HELPED with the album , Michael wrote most of the hit song ‘beat it’,’wanna be startin something’and ‘billie jean’ which quincy recommended NOT to be put on the album (pfft why the hell).Thriller wasn’t written by michael , but he did show how much of a ‘GENIUS’ he was by coming up with the idea for thriler (ohh look another reason)
    and tell me how could a six year old write ‘heal the world’ have you even heard it (a six year old woulden’t understand what half of the words meant).Just because YOU like other artists (and thats another thing michael was a great at art)doesen’t mean he is overrated that is the only reason your thinking that.so go get a life and don’t ruin his even more than it already is!!!

  • chacon

    ya 200 years from now im guaranteed people will still be listening to his music there gonna try to remake his songs as there own but they cant because theres nothing you can do to make them better he is and will always be a musical genius and why you callin him a girl man who are you to judge him

  • hugo

    you obviously dont know anything about Music.

  • Marcia Neil

    The MJs perform/ed ‘fresh-water’ music, all innately appealing even to youthful audiences.

  • dead is the alive

    Michael Jackson is not a MUSICAL genius, nor or any of the people mentioned in this article. Musical geniuses are people like Beethoven and Mozart, people who play instruments and write mind blowing music from a ridiculously young age, someone with the ability to write symphonies and and chamber music and jazz music and operas and conduct an orchestra, someone who can simply formulate a piece of music in their mind simply by staring out the window. That is why classical music and other genres have such a universal appeal, because its written by geniuses for the most part. Will people still be humming along to Michael Jackson’s songs 200 years from now?

  • Francesca

    First of all: Michael Jackson was CLEARLY A GENIOUS OF MUSIC AND DANCE: EVEN THOSE ONE WHO CRITICIZE HIM AS A PERSON (wthout knowing him as a person) ADMIT THAT…. IT’S UNBELIEVEBLE…….

  • jesse

    rip peace mj i cant believe this guy is still judging michael jackson he was the greatest artist of our generation prince love sexy tour wasnt as good as the bad tour i went to that concert it wasnt what i expected

  • rocko

    first of all no one is over rated not the beatles or mj he has sold more albums than any other artist he popularized dance fashion and others HE IS A MUSICAL GENIUS he wrote alot of his hits billie jean and others his albums are great and when his next album comes out which it will i no he died you will see he is the king of pop prince just keeps writing till he gets something good no offense bad had 5 number 1 hits and has more 1 hits than prince he is the greatest entertainer of all time

  • misery loves company

    Oh yeah 513 record sales mean nothing. If you market something correctly people will buy into anything. True art and musical genius exists in the obscure.

  • misery loves company

    Why do you people who call him a musical genius think that he is one, give your claims some evidence. And the answer must discount record sales, videos, tours, dance moves, acclaim, record sales,etc… just concentrate on the music ………purely the music………..

  • the merchant of venice

    Michael Jackson WAS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MEDIOCRE!!!!!!!! Want a musical genius? LOOK TO KATE BUSH!!!!!!!!!!

  • factsanyway

    Michael Jackson conceived, composed, arranged & wrote the lyrics to Billie Jean. This is generally viewed by fans and non-fans as one of the best pop singles ever written. He also wrote ‘Wanna Be Startin’ Something’ – which is arguably the second best song on ‘Thriller’ after Billie Jean. It still sounds unique and as fresh now as it did when it was released.

    Michael also wrote ‘Beat It’ from the album. The only single release from ‘Thriller’ he did not write was indeed ‘Human Nature’ & the lead single; which of course we know he envisioned the video for. ‘Thriller’ – the music video – is still among the greatest of all time. It was a work of genius years ahead of anything else. ‘Billie Jean’ – the song and video – were also works of genius. Michael is largely responsible for both and the ensuing legacy they left on MTV and generations of artists.

    However, Michael Jackson’s talent was evident when he was a child, aged 8 years old. Smokey Robinson agreed Michael, as a child, sang ‘Who’s Lovin’ You’ better than he did – and he wrote the song.

    When the Jackson 5 left Motown for CBS/Epic they assumed creative control with Michael taking the lead. During this time MJ produced some of the best disco music ever written with the Jackson 5. This was raw & credible disco music that still sounds amazing today. ‘Shake Your Body Down To The Ground’ had a full 8 minute disco re-edit, one of the first of it’s kind. Quincy Jones wasn’t involved then. Listen to the record – it’s raw emotional black music to rival the funk of James Brown or the disco of Nile Rodgers.

    Of course, Michael had already established himself as a wonderful singer. He done that before he hit puberty. But when he did pair up with Quincy Jones, for 1979’s Off The Wall, he hit levels with his singing and music that most will never reach. Some say it’s the greatest disco album of all time. The general music critic population all agree it is one of the greatest albums of all time. Jackson wrote several of the songs himself, including the Platinum-certified lead single, ‘Don’t Stop ’til You Get Enough’. He also co-produced it.

    I won’t go on any further, but it’s worth noting that you didn’t even mention ‘Off The Wall’. This was a record that sold 20 million copies and the majority of the music world felt he couldn’t ever top. What he achieved next may never, ever be matched by anyone else in any other time. For that reason alone, it’s hard to call him over-rated.

  • Marcia Neil

    Truth-in-advertising law is real; musicians, performers and promoters should and can comply easily to give performance keywords (‘rendition’ or ‘lip-synch’) printed with each show-notice, but instead they are NOT free to do so (factory-domain misuse of ‘freedom of the press’ ethic), some instead dead.

  • speechless

    at Bram ” trick the world to believe you were the best artist ever? – do you think the world is that gullible then? Such a stupid statement. Sales figures of records speak for themselves.

  • Petric77

    Michael Jackson is the best musician, entertainer, dancer, humanitarien, loving person in the whole world. there will never be someone that could take his place. He wrote his own song, maked his own dance moves, he co-produced his own video’s. Michael Jackson couldn’t make better song’s and video than he had in the 80’s cause he was an perfectionist and he made the top. But all his song’s are GREAT and i love them all. L.O.V.E.

  • Marcia Neil

    ‘Michael Jackson’ is a music-album theme — if one is a genius then they all must be, even the one charged as a sex offender in post-hurricanes south FL.

  • yolyleung

    The writer is totally out of his mind. The playing of musical instrument is simply for a ruler to judge Michael or any other singer.
    Michael is the King of Pop and forever will be the King for all the contributions he had made to inspire and change the music industry and singers down the stream.
    He is also the greatest entertainer of all time. No one can close the eye when millions of fans went to his concerts just to watch his performance. Who on earth has so much charm in the entertainment industry? The writer can be blind if he wants to be but we, the readers, are definately not.
    I would recommend to trash this article of hate and jealousy.

  • Missy

    I can only say that someday when you meet your maker you will have to explain your thoughts, words and deeds. Michael Jackson was a visionary of our time.
    One question though: Did you need a paycheck this week?
    God forgive me for this comment.
    (Must have, your mouth just cashed one that your a$$ can’t cover !!!)

  • dan

    Let me tell you, ignorant, that the degree of genious is not granted by anybody, let alone by idiot reporters like you. A person acquires the rank of genious by himself when his work thrills the world. And that is precisely the case of Michael Jackson: HE THRILLED THE WORLD!!! Do you live here on earth or on the moon? Because if you live here on earth and you can’t get that Michael Jackson is a genious is because you are mentally ill. MICHAEL JACKSON IS LARGER THAN LIFE!!!
    On the other hand, are you so stupid to think that the world needs your opinion to get to know if Michael is a genious or not? IT’S ALMOST 50 YEARS THE WORLD KNOWS THAT MICHAEL JACKSON IS A GENIOUS!!! Or are you so mad to think that you are right and the whole world is wrong? Let me give you a piece of advice: please, do give up journalism, you are pityful, for sure you are not a genious. YOU ARE A HUGE FAILURE!!!

  • And, #506, you shall be in good company.

  • angel

    Michael Jackson is dead and in Hell.

  • only love for mj

    I beg to differ, you cannot imagine the depth of Michael Jackson,s musical genius, as a composer and singer and instrumentalist, yes i said it, and a song writer and video maker and most of all a dancer, The world see and recognises this and the numbers do not lie despite what you say. The point you are trying to make sounds like some backwoods off the wall, definately in denial kind of statement and shows a great amount of jealousy and resentment towards Mr Jackson, who is still making more money even after his death than any one out there.For you to shoot down his artistry only confirms that there is more behind this blog of yours and you are on a mission to hate , not love


    Oh my God…who the fu** wrote this BS??!
    Michael IS a musical genius, he is even more!
    He is the greatest entertainer WHO EVER LIVED. I even believe that the title “King of Pop” is not enough for him. He deserves something much bigger because he influenced all styles of music and created a new dance.
    Michael Joseph Jackson is the greatest entertainer, the best father, the most caring humanitarian, and the most shining star EVER.

  • loretta bosarge

    leave him alone you dirty scumbags

  • Sol

    It is beyond pathetic that more and more people have to use Michael Jackson’s name to draw attention to themselves….really, i promised myself that i will NO longer justify anything negative about my Michael with a comment, however i cannot seem to resist….if Michael Jackson is the most overrated musician then let us see, shall we what the industry of music will do without him. If it were up to me alone another cd would never be sold…Michael Jackson IS the KING of music and entertainment…NOT just pop that is the industeries way of trying to put Michael in a box…Michael Jackson is the gratest EVER deal with it!

  • yuco

    you don’t understand his genius, means you don’t have an eye for genuine.

    You filthy little maggot!

  • Maria Begona

    to all Michael haters: you ain’t nothing!! you will hear about Michael all your life, despite your hate. And I will smile with gladness. Everywhere you go, Michael will be there, and YOU WILL STILL BE NOTHING!! Maria Begona from Spain

  • Maria Begona

    i won’t even take my time to write an essay, just listen: what a bitter soul you have, Mr D. One day you will realize this … meanwhile, continue with your role of cool criticist.. Maria Begona from Spain

  • Marcia Neil

    To his everlasting credit, the MJs and many others never asked to have special music to perform — whereas tons of other schooled musicians and their hangers-on have been demanding ‘their share’ of new compositions (which is why hatred is apropos when the inspirational ones bite the dust).

  • ellie

    I don’t know if you can call MJ a musical genius. To call someone a musical prodigy, he has to meet certain standards and to be honest MJ doesn’t really fit into the traditional standards (Classical Music). If you study music in conservatory, you can only call a child a prodigy if he shows extraordinary musical skills in classical music. There are no standards made for pop musicians yet. So I don’t know. He has amazingly talented and I really think he’s somekind of performance prodigy.

    In my opinion, MJ is not a singing prodigy because there is no such thing as a singing prodigy. Singing involves the use of muscles and that takes years of practice and training to master. Think of singing as weights and a child (no matter how talented he is) can’t sing songs that is too heavy for him. MJ sung with good technique that’s why even when he was still a kid, he sung difficult songs without straining.

    I love MJ! I miss him. 🙁 Ever since he died, pop music sucked! Miley Cyrus and Justin Beiber music sucks.

  • Michelle

    This about the most disrespectful thing I have seen in a while.. MJ was alot of things to alot of ppl but one thing u or anyother hater can’t take away is the fact that he took the world by storm the fact he was able to unite so many ppl.. is just simply Amazing.. what I think u fail to get is that on any given day I can cut one of my many mj cd’s on and play the whole thing and the kids and hear as well.. that in it self is rare… He is an icon and and legend all u are is just a hater… and u know that saying u aint doing noithing if you don’t have haters.. and u dear scream it.. Green is not ur color.. RIP KING…

  • Anthony

    And what exactly makes Kurt Cobain a musical genius?

  • angel

    peter ped and his loonie fans belong in a mental hospital. pedo poppins is burning in Hell for all the children he molested.

  • dr.WIlliams

    Michael played DRUMS, GUITAR & PIANO and some other instruments. He played some guitar on the HIStory album. The reason he never played on stage,cause he wnated to DANCE! And he DID write most of his biggest song by himself!! He even wrote ”Thriller” originally, but it was calles ”Starlight”.

  • Marcia Neil

    Perhaps his genius was staying alive as long as he did while being assigned music to perform; therefore, we’ll never know how his own compositions would sound. ‘Michael Jackson’ is a music-album theme that is inspired by many Michael Jacksons — which means more of the same music might be carried into factories in the future less one melodic strain. Wait, make that two melodic strains — another Michael Jackson also died within the past decade.

  • Tyler

    WTF? how can you say Michael isnt a musical genious but then in the same sentence say Kurt Cobain is ?! Kurt was only in a band that became famous after his death , he would never have made it as a solo artist! MJ did and is remembered today and forever for his amazing lyrics and sound. Most music artists are influenced by MJ, John Lennon or Freddie Mercury. So fuck you. MJ is the 3rd bestselling artist of all time, right below the Beatles and Elvis.

  • angel

    I am only 25, but my dad worked at a radio station that was told they HAD to refer to the pedophile as the “king of pop” in order to have his records played. The pedo had NO talent. if he did he wouldnt need thr gimmicks.

  • da

    “Personal attacks are NOT allowed”

    For the people that wrote all the comments above: this article is the author’s opinion. Just because the author thinks MJ is overrated doesn’t make him an “idiot”.

    Stop being so childish. So when people say that The Beatles are overrated, it’s completely fine? But when someone says MJ is overrated, it’s the end of the world? NO. As Travis said “Michael is only human” – exactly, he isn’t a god, so stop worshiping him as if he is one.

    It’s ok to be MJ’s fan, but don’t go and attack people that don’t find him as talented as you do.

  • n

    yup,invincible is really VERY underrated.

  • mjfan

    u sound like a hating as racist cause it wasnt paul mccartney or some other white artist

  • elle

    Your f*cking crazy
    mike was the most talented guy ever i love him,calling him a women how cruel!he was beautifull till the day…and many women better than you could ever get, believe that.
    He was the best vocalist,dancer,and performer but most of all what i love is him as a person,and to be honest he was UNDERATED crazily in the case of invincible,all i can say is ignorance is bliss,mj is eternal unlike your rubbish idols!

  • gdm

    wat world does this writer come from or maybe he has always been that genre of journalists who tried time and time again to discredit mj. 5 of mj’s albums are among the best selling albums of all time. whats your issue with mj? start talking once your perceived geniuses sell a billion albums and you know that wont happen. shut up if you have nothing nice to say

  • dontbestupid

    Michael Jackson IS a musical genius ok!So what if he did not write thriller it became even popular because of the dance witch he made!Paul McCartney wrote the girl is mine.Man before you start talking crap about someones brain you should let a doctor see yours.MJ is not a girl .your not funny .Get a life.

  • n

    anybody who aint his fan wil feel that MJ is overrated,given his enormous amount of fame and succes.n thats d case wid dis guy.so obviously he hasnt heard much of MJ music,hasnt researchd more on him, n is commenting wid watevr the tabloids say.he had never proclaimed himself as the king of pop,liz taylor gav that name.this he spoke about in the oprah interview,so the author hasnt even researched on this interview.

  • n

    n wat hs musical genius got 2 do wid luks,idiot??jus simply say that u aint a fan n be wid it

  • n

    try writin a song n den coment on heal d world.

  • n

    he nevr did proclaim himslf the king of pop.elizbeth taylor called him dat,fr ur info.n d “article” u hav writtn is BS.

  • Bram

    Totally nailed it dude! Thanks, i still think it isn’t going to help, because when it comes to the this point, everyone is just ignorant:P. Especially now the “king of pop” isn’t there anymore. But hey, he deserved it, he fooled them all! Imagine you could do that, quite awesome, trick the world in believing you were the best artist ever, while only being an above average singer and a meritorious danser. Peace.

  • Marcia Neil

    Michael Jackson was mobbed because his name is associated with military resort in FL — as a nation we are lucky that he was not pulled limb from limb.

  • shanna morris

    Its sad that people spew bullshit without doing any.. ANY research. For one thing he was not the ‘self proclaimed’ king of pop.. he didnt self proclaim himself anything. IF YOU NEW ANYTHING YOU WOULD NO THIS. Elizabeth taylor called him at an award show in 1988-89 ”The true king of pop rock and soul” and the name stuck with all his fans and everyone else for that matter… so to say what you said. Is Lies.
    Just another jealous prince fan. Prince releases ONE ALBUM A YEAR… when was the last time one charted? the guy is ridiculous

  • Random

    Michael Jackson is a true genius and will forever be remembered as such in the pages of history long past the article writer’s uneventful life in obscurity. Sad that so many had tried to seek attention by trying to bring him down.

  • Desh

    The idiot who wrote this article doesnt know shit abt MJ I guess…

    “I would also bet that if these acts were left alone in the studio with no outside help, they would come up with something. What they come up with may not be impressive, but they certainly wouldn’t be lost like Michael Jackson”

    This sums up what little he knew abt MJ. I just wanna ask the idiot Daryl L….How the F do you think he created his songs??? Do you even know how many songs he wrote and composed and also produced???

  • john f

    Michael Jackson raped little boys. His fans are pathetic cult members.

  • Melaney

    get a life. Michael Jackson is the best and always will be. I cant believe i wasted my time reading this garbage. Thriller is still at the top with the most albums sold in history. He is the catalyst of music and the greatest performer in history and beyond

  • ion

    All you MJ haters leave him alone Please! I’m begging you! Do something productive and kind and memorable with your lives without hating an innocent, caring, loving, and MOST OF ALL A DEAD human being.

    what do you gain by hating him? Hate does nothing good, in fact it harms the person who generates it not the person subjected to it. You know he is dead so hating him would not gain you anything and he would not lose anything just because you all hate him.You know hate generates unhappiness and bad health and you lose your peace of mind. Michael is untouchable now and no one can hurt him anymore and I know he is definitely in a very good place contrary to what all you haters say . But I worry about his children and family and I feel so sad when people are still hating him because he was such a great person who deserves love and that’s why I don’t want anyone to hate him anymore and the fact that I think it’s not a good trait to hate a dead person at all , most importantly a person who happened to be a great person when he was alive as well.

    PLEASE! ONCE AGAIN I’M BEGGING ALL HIS HATERS NOT TO HATE HIM FROM HEREAFTER. THIS IS AN HONEST PLEA ! Only love conquers all, not hate. It would mean so much to his family ,and to us fans if you haters stop hating him. It would lessen our sadness at least a little bit knowing that people are not hating him anymore. He deserves lots of love, not hate. May god bless you all!

  • Richard

    I hate MJ. Fucking overrated.
    The Hate for MJ runs in the family.

    The beatles are great!!!!

  • Marcia Neil

    A wide range of popular performers really needed and do need legal HELP as you all dance and drool around them, cued to think volcanoes are prevented with vinyl sales –especially those schooled to perform other people’s music, they just can’t free themselves from mob interest, negative or positive.

  • Cristina_G

    If you believe MJ was overrated,not a genius, it’s your problem. But don’t write an article and state this as a fact, cause THE WORLD does not agree with you. This is just an opinion. And not a popular one, may I add!

  • Bryce Apodaca

    here is Michael Jackson playing piano. sorry to tell you he could play.

  • haha

    couldn’t disagree more.

    the guy wrote timeless pieces that will forever be loved. Not only did he pushed barriers in music, he did the same for dance, video, fashion and live performances.

    The way he sang.. I don’t know anyone else in the world who can sing like him..

    the man gave his talent for the world to enjoy and the world lapped it all up.

    till today, i’ll watch smooth criminal and be amazed.. by the mega talent that michael oozed. watch his mtv performance and you know this man just knew how to entertain. he was rubbish at socializing.. but when he was on stage.. that is when he shines.

    He was a promotion and marketing genius. He knew exactly what he wanted and where and how he wanted things. And it works. He won’t be MICHAEL Jackson the mega star that is so loved across generations, and internationally.. if he was not the genius that he is.

    Talent flows through the pores of this man like nobody’s business.

    He can write music that even a baby can appreciate.. which is just beautiful. And the thing is sooo many of his songs, have that kind of cross generational, cross genre kind of feel.

    Man, do your research. And come on do some thought and reflection before your just trash the man.

  • Leon Gelernter

    The guy who wrote this article has no clue what good music is. Even less does he understand the concept of musical genius. I can play 3 instruments (poorly). Am I also a musical genius?? Moron.
    No human being ever used his whole body as an instrument to make music visible like MJ. The way Michael sang at 8 or 9 years old with so much passion, emotion and heart…That by itself makes him a musical genius.
    I pity the fool who wrote this blog. Shame you can’t enjoy the gift he made to humanity by being here for a while.
    People have different opinions but the reasons you site him not being a musical genius are ridiculous. No truly you are an idiot.
    So long loser.

  • deavdrool

    get a life… best comment here!!
    we know what MJ is period.

  • seyouinhell

    HE COULD SING,DANCE,WRITE SONGS,BEAT BOX,PLAY MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. ?n other words the talent that others had combined.The man was a PHENOMENON, not just a jenius.And all you haters can f…off.YOU CAN NOT HURT HIM ENYMORE.

  • I don’t understand how some people can call THE BEATLES overrated and say Michael Jackson isn’t. Yes, Thriller was one of the most successful albums of all time, but if Michael Jackson has deserved all the fame for that, then surely the Beatles should be allowed all the fame for being the most successful band in history.
    Anyways, I don’t think Michael Jackson is overrated – his death is. VH1 and many others are calling it the biggest tragedy in music history. Please, like he has anything on the day the music died or John Lennon’s death. Unlike Buddy Holly, MJ wasn’t in his prime or at the top of his game when he died. He didn’t get shot or die of anything particularly disturbing. (Drugs. How many fabulous musicians die of OD? What a cliche.) I don’t understand the disgusting amount of publicity behind it. Or the amount of, shall we say, “converted” people. People that went from “I hate that child molester!” to “MJ is the BEST! Don’t laugh at him!”
    So I completely understand why this writer is fed up with Michael Jackson and dubs him overrated. Even if I don’t agree.

  • kapila

    He was not overrated at all. He had true talent in him and he did not need to create any hype to sell his albums because people always recognize true talent. All his albums are best selling albums and thriller is the biggest selling album of all time .It is a well known fact. Michael didn’t proclaim himself to be the king of pop it was given to him by Elizabeth Taylor.His music is very memorable and people all around the world hail him as one of the of the greatest performers that ever lived.You can’t win people’s hearts only through hype ,you got to have talent and dedication for that as people are not naive.They can tell the difference between an average artist and a great artist.Michael was definitely a great artist and as a songwriter he definitely is among the greats.Even some people who do not speak English and do not listen to English songs in various parts of the world are able to recognize Michael Jackson’s songs when they are played.That is because his music is so strong and memorable that when you listen to his music it gets etched in your mind forever.If he was average he definitely would not be able to have that effect on people everywhere. Like I said before, what is the point of criticizing him and his music right now? He is not here anymore.please let him rest in peace

  • JRD

    Of course he was AND is still over rated. He was always fifty percent talent and fifty percent hype. Some decent dance music and huge albums during the eighties. None of which will ever be among the great songs or albums of all time.
    As a youngster he was part of a bubble gum pop group who had all of their songs written for them. Along with MTV’s help, no one hyped himself more or made a bigger production of himself than Jackson. He even proclaimed himself “King of Pop.” There is nothing wrong with millions of fans adoring him, just put it perspective that in the end, the music was average and as a writer he will never be among the greats.

  • kapila

    And to all of you people who talk ill about him and criticize him, I would like to say at least now let him REST IN PEACE because he suffered a lot while he was alive and there is no need to analyze and criticize him or his music ability right now as he is not here anymore.And it is not good to talk bad about the dead at all.you should know where to draw the line.

  • kapila

    Michael Jackson was a genius undoubtedly.He was a perfectionist and was always very committed to his art.He constantly recorded music and tried to give us meaningful songs unlike most other artists.He was always concerned about the messages he would impart to the world through his songs rather than putting out songs without any real meanings whatsoever.
    I would say Michael was underrated.He was never given the respect he deserved while he was alive and a whole lot of untalented artists were respected a lot more than him while he was here and he was very very disappointed about that too as can be seen by the Rabbi Shmuley Boteach tapes.He had said” I’ve been an ambassador of goodwill all over the world, spreading this message, did we do heal the world, treaty of all nations, circling this huge globe? What I don’t understand is just singing about sex and “I want to get in a hot tub with you baby and rub you all over” and, but I get battered in the press as the weirdo. And the press, they wait–wait with knives, really…”this is what you all did to him ,You tore him into pieces and mocked him constantly I cannot believe you referring to him as the ‘Most Overrated Musical Act Ever’.No way he was overrated.You should be thankful to god that you were able to share this planet with him and experience the magic of Michael Jackson as you will never see a genius in music like Michael Jackson ever again. Justin Timberlake said “99.79 Percent Of His Songs Are Perfect”. Frank Sinatra had stated“The only male singer who I’ve seen besides myself and who’s better than me – that is Michael Jackson.” If a musical legend like Frank Sinatra stated Michael was better than him how come he be the most overrated musical act ever? Sorry whatever you write it does not take away the FACT that Michael Jackson was one of the greatest singers that ever graced this earth.

  • Foot In Your Mouth

    LOL I noticed the article was writen in 2007. So the writer thinks MJ is overrated? Well, I browsed through his old blogs just to see if this guy even know what he’s talking about or what exactly is his idea of a musical genius, So what did I found out? 1. He described the song Toxic by Britney Spears as “a shining light in a year that gave us nothing but boring rap songs “, and 2. he thinks the video for that song “was the last great videos played on MTV”. Here’s the link to the whole article and see for yourselves. This guy has no credibility what so ever to write about what real musical geniuses are. http://blogcritics.org/music/article/britney-scores-a-major-hit-with/

  • jlov

    MJ was the best there ever was… Beyond color. He transcended time Take the others you mentioned and all together they would not equal MJ PERIOD…..People PLEASE.. Come on now… The most famous can rest in peace….Ther will never B another and YOU KNOW IT……MM

  • wtf

    You know…stupidity should be a sin…

  • MelodieJ

    By the way, in response to your desperate attempt to squeeze out an insult by saying ‘He never played an instrument live’ I wasn’t aware that playing a guitar on stage as opposed to Moonwalking, singing live, hitting flawless notes, spinning with such perfection, and moving with impeccable precision can make you any less of a musician. In MY opinion, certainly, and in the opinion of 100% of musicians walking the planet to this day, it most certainly made him MORE of a musician.

    PLUS, he DID play live. He played in studios in front of people. Your beloved Rock musicians or whatever may stand there twanging on their guitar strings in front of an average sized audience but please, come back to me when they can produce even an eighth of the magic Michael Jackson produced on stage.

  • MelodieJ

    Where do you live? Under a rock? I know this was written a while ago, and I’m hoping your mindset has altered in the time of reading the comments by people who appreciate true genius, but in case it hasn’t, I’m going to attempt to educate you about Michael Joseph Jackson. There is a STRONG reason why Berry Gordy stated, and I quote ‘Michael Jackson was not an artist who comes along once in a decade, a generation, or a lifetime. He was an artist who comes along once, period. He soared into orbit and never came down.’ BERRY GORDY said these words. Michael Jackson wasn’t just a musician. He EMBODIED music. From tip to toe. He lived, breathed music, his body was created to dance and he was naturally gifted in every artform imaginable: Singing (PERFECTLY, in any genre whether it’s Rock, RnB, Ballads, POP) Dancing (FLAWLESSLY, doing moves no one on this planet can match, and unlike trained dancers, he moved like that from the moment he could stand. Within him existed moves that NO MAN HAD EVER SEEN TO DATE) Playing instruments, including the guitar and the piano, Song writing, Poetry, Production of music, Music Video producing, Acting, DRAWING! He had it ALL. On top of containing all of this talent, and KNOWING he had it from such a young age, he remained so humble, kind, giving, loving. He dedicated MANY songs to welfare for the planet, not for him, but for everyone else. ‘The entire human race’ INCLUDING YOU. His life revolved around making people smile, using what he was given to put joy into our lives. While doing this, he managed to achieve endless Grammys and World Records. There is NO ONE out there, and no one in the future, that can EVER top The King Of Pop. Only HE stood a chance of topping himself, but in the end even HE couldn’t do it, he’d set the standards so high. He’d raise the bar, then break it, then raise it again, more out of sight than any other musician out there right now, more than any musician we’ll ever see. Celebrities would break out in a sweat meeting Michael Jackson, knowing it’s the best thing they’ll ever do. Will.I.Am even said that working with Michael is ‘better than winning a Grammy’. After all, a Grammy’s just a trophy that says, ‘Well done, you have more votes than anyone that was nominated in the category at this time’. Michael Jackson MADE music what it is, he ALTERED the definition of music, music videos, he broke barriers, he paved the way, he set the standards that musicians will continue to strive for but will NEVER come close to, for years to come. Which do you think is better? Michael Jackson’s This Is It Concert, FORTY years after his debut single, sold out in MINUTES, slowing the internet to a crawl. What does that tell you?

    In terms of talent in music, he has set standards higher than anyone has seen, and they will remain unbreakable, sacred to him for eternity. The ONLY way Michael Jackson could’ve impressed us any more is if he started levitating.

  • Rosa

    I am disgusted at how these critics and mediocre individuals continue to try to destroy and vilify Michael Jackson. But as somebody has said before: Jealousy is the tribute mediocrity pays to genius.

  • mn

    ? prince kurt cobain better than mj ???
    i have one question for you : ?Why is michael jackson still remembered today and had bigger impact than prince ? and who made the bigger impact and if prince had TWO CHILDMOESTATION his career would be DEAD michael jackson is still big so he is the boggest of al time even if elvis had TWO MOLESTATION OR THE BEATLES they would’nt be ad big as now and mij is stil big so ……

  • Um, Michael Jackson made quite a few of his own songs, such as “Another Part of Me”, and that was not amateur work.

    Maybe not Beethoven, but much better than most of what we hear.

  • jack

    but yeah on a more serious note, i agree with Bart: MJ wasn’t lost in a studio at all, what the hell are you on about? he could play piano like a demon, as well as having a perfect pitch, which i doubt your “geniuses” such as kurt kobain did. oh come on, cobain was good, but in no sense a musical genius.

  • jack

    i know this is 3 years old but,
    HUGEE LOL at dorothy, who seems to think justin timberlake is black?!

  • Bart

    looooooooool. Michael could (let me stress the past tense there) play a lot of instruments. Just like all the blogwriter ‘s favorite musicians. he would not be lost all alone in a studio. Moreover : put Michael in a studio with just his voice, he’d still come up with a complete song (drums, piano, vocals, etc…). He could not only play real intruments, but he could also use his voice as an instrument. Just find youtube movies of him beatboxing, or listen to the beat it demo. Please do some research before spewing your worthless opinion on da interwebz.

  • Abbey

    his *

  • Abbey

    i think that the author of this article wants this ass kicked.

  • Hannah

    Quincy didn’t think Billie Jean was strong enough. Some producer. Michael could play instuments but chose not to. He could also beat box extremeley well and didn’t need to play instruments because of this talent.
    Get your head out of your ass loser.

  • Michael’s studio vocal range

    Nah, I don’t think he was over rated. Sorry…but you have a right to your opinion of course. Just remember, musical tastes are completely SUBJECTIVE — what is pure Heaven to one person’s ears may be total garbage to the guy down the hall…

  • Turniphead

    This is the most truthful article about Michael Jackson I have seen for a long, long time.
    Seriously, everyone is slagging the writer off but that’s largely because they have a very partial view. I’m not saying that all aspects of the article are totally accurate, but Michael Jackson is severely overrated. If you think I’m crazy, then try actually reading the whole article, because all the reasoning given is much more precise and logical than anything based solely on opinion.
    Michael Jackson: Musical Genius?

  • Marian Haddad

    If you are a blogger who is looking for blog titles that will cause controversy, this could explain your situation. No one in their right mind, who knows music, dance, art in any way, would agree with you, I would bet. You may as well say Beethoven was a fluke. Ridiculous statement. Shows lack of appreciation for artistry. Research the peers, musical geniuses, producers, directors, sound engineers, I would love you to and get back with me or all of us. Do some interviews with reputable musical artists and movie directors. I look forward to your enlightened blog.

  • Lindsey F.

    Grammar Lover. “Jackie” appears to be a fan and does not have grammatical errors as far as I can see, besides lack of capitalization. I’m sure if I looked through more comments, I would come to similar conclusions. To imply that all Michael Jackson fans are uneducated or less intelligent is petty and narrow-minded; if you truly believe you are more intelligent, then you should refrain from making such generalizations.
    Additionally, if someone wants to tell what they think, fine. I’m not one to judge peoples’ opinions, as long as they state true facts and remain respectful. However, the writer of this article really did cross the line, and I don’t blame the Michael Jackson fans who were offended and responded thus.
    I wouldn’t call myself a Michael Jackson fan, but I do like his music. I believe that all his albums have a place in music history, including Invincible. His talent was singular, and to call it anything less is hard for me to believe.
    And finally, to the future commenters, why would you go through these articles to come target Michael Jackson and his fans? If you don’t know the truth about the child molestation allegations against him, then you’re only repeating rumors. If someday we all find out they are false, the entire affair will be one of the greatest tragedies of our time. Please don’t tell me that you know that they are true, because you can’t possibly know. The media will say what it wants to say; that doesn’t mean we should believe every word.

  • Gezza

    I totally agree. He was strange. What I don’t get is the tone of these comments. All of you should be ASHAMED. If someone wants to tell everyone what they think they shouldn’t be castrated for it

  • Me

    [personal attack deleted] If you wanna know who are the most overrated…beyonce and taylor swift…one is a copy cat the other is talentless…

  • Grammar Lover

    So, this response is more an observation of all the replies written. Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed that like 90% of MJ’s fans have poor grammar usage, can’t spell, and a lack of punctuation? Maybe his fans aren’t exactly geniuses, either.
    “Birds of a feather flock together.”

  • peter

    Michael was a pedophile. His fans are cultish sick people.

  • Jackie

    386 – Kumar
    Jul 22, 2009 at 8:40 pm
    What is this garbage writing?! How can someone sing, dance and play an instrument?

    Jackson was a genius. Always was and always will be.

    i had to post another comment because this made me smile.
    want to watch a michael jackson tour? he sings and dances his way through the entire thing.
    and don’t tell me you’re an expert on dance, too, and that he’s a bad dancer with choreographers helping him along everywhere. most dancers do have choreographers, but he collaborated with them. it wasn’t just other people feeding him moves. he created his greatest dances on his own, and all kinds of dancers- fred astaire, hip hop dancers, etc.- respect him as one of the greatest dancers of all time as well.
    michael jackson dances and sings so hard at his concerts that he has collapsed on several occasions. i’ve never seen any of the artists you’ve named give so much effort while playing an instrument.

    okay. basically, to end my rant, everyone’s comments that say he isn’t a musical genius and the article’s writer really are incredibly biased. and i’m not saying that i’m not, but as a fan, i really am more informed about the topic. it’s stupid to say that quincy jones wrote most of his songs because he never wrote a single michael jackson song- he called in songwriters for some of the songs in the beginning, because michael had had little experience writing songs, but even then, the big hits- “don’t stop ’til you get enough,” “billie jean,” “beat it,” “wanna be startin’ somethin’,” etc.- were michael’s.

  • Jackie

    that makes no sense whatsoever to me. how does not playing an instrument in concert make michael jackson any less talented a musician? he wrote billie jean and beat it of thriller, even if he didn’t write the others, and those were the biggest hits of the album. and of course, he wrote most of his songs in all subsequent albums. he is absolutely a musical genius. he can write hit songs of all genres, on such a wide variety of topics to such a diverse audience.

    and about your quincy jones argument- he didn’t want billie jean on the album. michael wrote it, and he said it was going to be a hit, but quincy said it wouldn’t. and he wanted to cut down the beginning of the song to get to the singing faster. so where’s your credibility for that? if you want to see who actually created the music, listen to michael’s home demo for billie jean when he first wrote it. don’t write a critique like this in such ignorance- it looks bad.

    none of the artists you named as “greatest musical acts ever” come even close. they will never reach the level of universal success as michael jackson because they’re simply not as good. sure, they can write songs and play them live. but there’s a reason that michael jackson has die-hard fans across the world- it’s because he can write good songs. well, good is an understatement- his songs are GENIUS. truly.

    “I would also bet that if these acts were left alone in the studio with no outside help, they would come up with something. What they come up with may not be impressive, but they certainly wouldn’t be lost like Michael Jackson, the act who is falsely described by many critics and fans as a ‘musical genius.'”

    this i found particularly offensive. not only is what michael jackson comes up with “impressive,” he comes up with it on his OWN. he wouldn’t need outside help to produce hits, because he’s just that good.

    if you can really find someone who can sing, write music, and dance like michael jackson- or better, as you claim these artists are- then you’re welcome to your opinion. but as half of what you’ve written is false, i certainly won’t keep quiet.

  • Irizzle

    This is the a load of BS, Michael is a great artist, and is a musical prodegy. He has written so many songs and has been an inspiration to so many people. All you have done was piss people off, get a life!

  • Sam

    I agree MJ is overrated. Not to say he wasn’t talented, he obviously was, but he was unable to produce consistently good work – in fact, his music got progressively worse over time. Off The Wall and Thriller are great albums. Bad is fairly good with some good tunes. Dangerous was listenable but by that time the themes in his work were becoming repetitive. HIStory and Blood on the Dance Floor are full of examples of him trying to cling onto past glories, and Invincible was the natural conclusion of his gradual decline. You only have to look at the Ghosts and You Rock My World videos to see that he’s desperately trying to re-live past peaks (namely Thriller and Smooth Criminal) – it’s a real shame.

    Compared to the likes of Stevie Wonder, who has written, produced and performed classic music for decades, playing a variety of instruments, with lyrics with a social conscience and tunes that still stand out as brilliant 40 years on, and he’s still capable of writing, playing instruments and performing. THAT is a musical genius.

  • Delilah AKA KeepTrue56

    [personal attack deleted]

    Michael jackson needed technology to make him succesful?

    Sorry but your opinion is invalid.

    Michael Jackson is a superb song writer thats been inducted into the songwriters hall of fame.

    His vocals were praised by other great singers.

    As well as his dancing.

    Im not going to sit here and write and reply on why your comment was a load of crap.

    Feel free to visit my youtube channel
    whic debunks all the sh1t u typed

  • Delilah AKA KeepTrue56

    The fact that you felt the urg to mention michaels looks at all equals fail to this article.

    Enjoyed your 15minutes of fame?

    First of all Mj did play instruments. But if he didnt it doesnt matter anyway instruments are nothing but man made objects that DONT require god talent, all you need is interest and lessons and BAM u can learn.

    What michae did was act on his god given talent.

    Look at him as a child at just ten years old sing the hell out of “whos loving u”
    can your fav do it?

    His vocals were praised by frank sinatra, little richard smokey robinson berry gordy and more.

    He wrote and composed his biggests hits
    NOT I REPEAT NOT Quincy.
    Michae Jackson accepted the Grammy for producer of the year along with Quincy.

    Quincy did not WRITE michaels biggests hits.
    Nor teach michael to dance.

    Be jelous all u want
    U FAIL

  • Oz

    I completely agree with the author. I don’t know why half the people are arguing off topic here, the author is arguing on MJs stance as a “Musical Genius”. Anyone with common sense would realize that he is obviously not a musical genius. Having hundreds of choreographers, technology officials, media marketers etc. does not make you a musical genius. His entire act was because of the technology provided. Spending more than 30 million dollars on one album is proof of that. Musical geniuses don’t need to do that. The voice may be one of the greatest musical instruments but adding that with other instruments is even greater. All michael jackson did was use his voice that is all and as the author said some repetitive dancing. Since when was music about special effects,videos and amplifying your voice for better effects? That is not the work of true musical geniuses. The Beatles lacking all of the technological advantages of MJ still managed to sell and influence more. That is the work of true musical geniuses.

  • sureitan

    I don’t know if he’s really a musical genius or not,the only thing i know is that i truly love his music.BTW,this article is the most biased thing that i’ve read.the anti-jackson haters keep saying MJ fans are obssessed and blinded,they defend their idol irrationally.but in my opinion MJ haters are obessed with him too and they blacken or attack him agressively and irrationally.

  • Beat It

    I agree with you that Michael Jackson is overrated as hell. His music has gotten progressively more terrible (and popular) since the Jackson 5, and he paved the way for even worse “artists”. I never understood the world’s obsession with his stupid, run of the mill pop fluff. I disagree with you on one point however; Nirvana should be on the top of the overrated list. Honestly, Michael Jackson could play any instrument better than Kurt Cobain, even in a plastic surgery induced drug coma while raping an 8 year old boy. And then theres his lyrics…


    elvis was more overrated

    and mj is underrated as a singer/songwriter and he did not proclaim himself liz taylor did, and prince, bob dylan had like years of training, mj was a natual he was a true arstist who wrote from the heart all the songs hes writen has a deep feel to them

    and he did play a few instruments,

    E.G: drums:dont stop till you get enough


    piano:yo rock my world

  • al

    @Dee, i agree elvis was nothing but a drug addict who had some rythmn and could belt out a tune, however dont play the race card and open your eyes to michael jackson. He was a child star that went off the rails and no doubt was a product of his environment, but then again you could argue so was elvis. Anyway michael jackson ended up a complete weirdo, he dangled his baby out of a 4th story window for chrissake, normal people dont do that, the guy had so much plastic surgeory barbie looked more human like, im not taking away from his talents musically but the guy was a drug addict who eventually died due to a concoction involving propofol, musically talented no doubt, absolute weirdo who lost touch with reality off the stage though

  • I would advice you to by a jackson5 compilation. That 10 year old kid had a perfect control over harmonies and tone singing over very complex compositions.If you ahve ever atempt to sing or work with vocalists…I mean if you were an average musician wich i am,YOu would understand how huge his talent was.He would write teh different cords in his mind then sing it to a keyboard player note by note with the reproducing his composition.Thats how talented he was.and yes h could play instruments.How can someone be in the msuic business for 40 years and not know his way in teh studio?
    Dude MJ was mixing tracks when you didnt even know what mastering meant…Soooo ignorant.when you hear people like Herbie Hancock say Mj wa sa genius you better believe it.But to show you Im not just a crazy Mj fanatic here is the proof you need taken from a studio owner in ireland who has worked with countless major musicians and worked with Mj for 5 months in 2006.

    Paddy Dunning, who owns residential recording studio Grouse Lodge, near Moate, Co Westmeath, was host to Michael Jackson and his three children in October 2006.

    The pop icon caused a sensation when he moved into the Georgian estate at Rosemount, just off the Dublin-Galway road.

    “Michael had originally only intended staying in Westmeath for a month, but ended up living here for five months,” says Dunning who’s abiding memory of the star was how he casually displayed his immense musical genius.

    “Michael was an amazing guitarist, he was incredible on the drums, he stunned everyone when he got behind the piano, but most of all, you can’t overstate his singing voice.”
    Ok no listen to “starnger in moscow” writtena nd produced by MJ. Its teh kind of masterpiece taht every sound engineer in the world dreams to produce one day.

  • romi

    hahahaha…lmao…this is the funniest article i’ve ever read. Tnx Daryl! its refreshing to see some dumb ppl. are left on this earth.

    You wouldnt even say this if you were face to face with Mike. Dont be chiken head….

  • Netta

    Yeah, Michael Jackson can’t write a song…Which is why he was inducted in the SONGWRITING HALL OF FAME.

    I’m tired of the hatred for this dude. Whether people like it or not, MJ was a genius in his own right and he had a global impact that’s perhaps only been seen by one musical act in history, The Beatles, and even then that’s arguable (especially when you factor in race, and that’s a fact).

  • Krysta

    Luckily for you….my last 2 paragraphs of feedback just go erased…but it response to your idiotic notion…First off..look up the definition of genius.. If your only stance is that Michael was somehow undeserving of his title because he doesnt play an instrument..then I suggest you check facts. Michael plays the piano..produces his own music..can write his own songs…and often enough helps write for others. No…Michael isnt Beethoven, nor does he rock a guitar, and beat drums…but onstage Michael can hold a show without accompany. He is an entertainer and a musical phenomina. You might not have thought well of his previously written music…but he still sold COUNTLESS albums produced CHART TOPPING hits…and for a SONG that a 1st Grader could have written?? REALLY? I havent met too many first graders capable of writing something to that effect..and for your information..heal the World was written to be a RELATABLE piece to promote his humanitarian efforts. He wanted anyone who heard the song to understand..thus the CHILDREN UNDERLAY in the back of the song! Even commenting on some of your “Claims” seems pointless because appartently you had too much time on your hands, didnt do enough research, and though that someone cared about your pointless and inaccurate opinion. CLARIFICATION…DAMN near every entertainer to date thinks Michael Jackson is a musical genius..his fan base proves he’s a musical genius..his work..his career..his lifetime..and his capability and achievements prove his a musical genius..and so your opinion is just about as stupid as your submission…
    No one will have back to back perfection in albums…Prince sure as shit didn’t and neither did the OTHER artists you mentioned. Michael could have gotten onstage with a chair and a tambourine and STILL put on a hell of a show..and STILL would have SOLD it OUT! THAT is the mark of a GREAT PERFORMER…Michael made music that changed lives…that was recognized and respected by EVERYONE in the industry. His personal life aside…Michael is and WILL FOREVER be…a musical Genius.

  • No kidding

    Go get a life, man, Michael was exceptionally talented, I dare say, a genius. He’s been falsely accused and hunted down during his whole life, which prevented him from writing more hits and bringing more peace and humanitarian values into this rotten world. He was a very lonely and seriously UNDERrated man. Go suck your socks, you, author!

  • Cassidy

    How? Honestly? Have you ever really listened to his music? Please just do this one thing for me, really listen to one of his songs. There is no doubt that his is truly the KING OF POP. Or for that matter the king of all music! he is truly a very talented man.

  • Cherokeerose

    Michael Jackson is a genius period. In music, dance, and is also an artist. I have a copy of his artwork and it is brilliant. Playing an instrument alone is not the only criteria for genius. I have researched geniuses for years. You can be a genius in music, art, basketball, such as Michael Jordan. There are many types of genius, but genuis also do several things, they change the way the world does something, like Edison and lightbulb, John Nash and the equilibrium theory, which changed economics,Einstein and the Theory of Relativity,etc. Geniuses also pave the way and open doors for others, they are pioneers that make a pathway and geniuses do what has never been done before. As people they are sensitive, eccentric, lack a lot of social skills and can be very reclusive and geniuses are often very misunderstood. Michael Jackson is a true genius in every sense of the word. The media is not always right and I believe they have been wrong about a lot of things regarding the King of Pop, which was not a title he gave himself, but a title Elizabeth Taylor pinned him with during the 1989 Heritage Awards. Give MJ a break. He was the most charitable man ever, but he gets no credit for any of the good works he’s done. How much more can the reputation of one man be trashed? MJ King of Pop Rock and Soul, coined by Elizabeth Taylor 1989 Heritage Awards. MJ not only changed the world, but he also touched people’s hearts with his kindness all over the world. MJ will always be remembered as one of the greats and a true prodigy and genius!

  • Linh

    @Kevin: “Most musicians on the other hand see Michael as a “song and dance” guy”
    –>It’s just because Michael Jackson appeared to be a good dancer and performer doesn’t mean he didn’t write music. Michael Jackson was a phenomenon songwriter. Unlike other songwriters, he didn’t write down the music. He simply wrote the lyrics, then memorise the melody and make a demo tape. Not only Billie Jean (with that bass line), Beat it, but also Dirty Diana, Liberian Girl, The Girl is mine and others. Beside composition, Michael also did vocal arrangements, percussion and sometimes rhythm arrangements for most of his songs. If you see the videos of Michael Jackson beatboxing and making some notes, you’ll see that he’s not only a “sing and dance” guy, but also a musical guy.

    Off the wall, BAD and Thriller were the contribution of both men, Michael and Quincy Jones.

    A rephrase from Quincy Jones’ answer (from an interview in BAD – Special Edition) should make it clear: Speed Demon is awesome. Michael’s imagination is awesome. He’s a very unique man. Michael’s songs were always somehow autobiographical because of the complexity in his life. He’s lucky to be a good songwriter and a good singer, too, to get it out.

    I agree with someone’s comment earlier: if Michael Jackson was overrated, then was Elvis Presley overrated too?

  • I love the comments on here, I think that most of the people who commented didn’t read the article, they would say something like: “you are so wrong, nobody could dance like Michael and nobody has been in the business as long”. When it comes to music you have two types of people, you have listeners who are for the most part retards, and then you have musicians who are usually very smart. I would guess that most of the people who commented that Michael was the greatest, have no concept of the music making creative process and so they see Michael as a genius. Most musicians on the other hand see Michael as a “song and dance guy”, not very musically creative and unable to function without a team of producers, session players, engineers, song writers etc.

  • Winston Jordan

    For someone to say Michael Jackson is overrated but Kurt Cobain isn’t. I stopped reading the article RIGHT THERE because it became quite apparent the author was smoking!

  • Winston Jordan

    Yes but he also wrote Billie JEan Beat It and many of the songs he’s fmaous for. So what if he didn ‘t play an instrument. Elvis didnt write his songs and is still labeled a musical genius

  • Bloggychica


    This article is certainly hilarious and attention grabbing. It’s attention grabbing in the same sense that an article expounding the mediocrity of Whitney Houston’s pre-21st voice would be, or one about the humanitarian character of Adolf Hitler.

    I’m hoping that you actually know better than what you wrote, and you are just someone who wishes to put yourself out there using shock-value tactics.

    Michael Jackson’s music, some of which from before i was even born (i’m 20) sounds to my youthful ear, exponentially more worthwhile than the crap being shoved down my throat from today’s popular contemporary acts. That is what you would call *timeless* music – the majority of which he wrote and composed his own damn self. My 80-something year old grandmother as well as my 3 year old nephew are fans of Michael’s music. His music knows absolutely no generational bounds. The same cannot be said of pretty much any of the other musical acts of the 80s. Everyone has had the opportunity to point out the factual inconsistencies *cough* lies *cough* that you base your opinion on, so i won’t belabor the point.

    However, as i said, this article commendably does get itself noticed lol albeit for all the wrong reasons. It gives me the idea of going on my own blog and writing about The Most Underrated Musical Geniuses of All Time: Rihanna and Britney Spears.

    That should just about garner similar amounts of traffic and responses…


  • Alex

    Bono better than MJ?


  • You don’t need to know.

    and another thing is people fail to realize that negative comments about someone will never hold in eternity. people waste their breath complaining. no one cares 5 seconds after you say it. just because you gained your little known “success” off of someone’s misfortune along with the other people who agree with you, you guys fail to realize that it doesn’t matter what you say. you will die in obscurity, and no one will remember you. michael jackson has been immortalized, whether you like it or not. period. it kind of stings, i know. :/ but you shorten your life when you complain about it. just live your life!

  • You don’t need to know.

    *laughs hysterically at this article*

    dude, two words: YOU FAIL.

    according to merriam-webster, the second definition for genius is, and i quote: “extraordinary intellectual power especially as manifested in creative activity.” now granted, if you wanna compare stars, the musicality of other rockstars may be more TECHNICALLY knowledgeable, but THAT is it. those are all things in due time that possibly can be taught. whereas michael jackson was exposed to music and only music and that’s all he lived. michael jackson was consummately gifted, whether you like it or not. songs and melodies would just APPEAR to him. i have an emotional attachment to music, and as much as i try, the only way that happens for me is if i touch the piano. michael’s ability was not a dime a dozen. additionally, as much as i LOVE prince and believe he is a musical prophet, if you were to ask him to let the music overtake him in the manifestation of movement, not much would come about.but that would happen to michael. and honestly, if U2 were that amazing, they would have had a more influential effect on the world, and honestly, i don’t notice much :/. i notice prince. i notice stevie wonder. i notice MICHAEL JACKSON. i notice the beatles. i notice elvis. from the tone of your prose, your writing sounds nothing more than the rants and ravings of someone jealous and/or someone attempting to take away the only thing michael had left before he died, his music. because the media took everything else away from him. your biased propaganda will not get far. everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, but because some perspectives are so extremely warped, some opinions sound ridiculous. *rolls eyes*

    have a good day sir. god bless ?

  • get it right

    The media/writer’s/tabloids can not stand the fact that this beautifully talented genius of a black man can rise to the peak of fame and leave everyone else behind. Sweetheart Michael has raised the bar so high that no one will ever ever be able to reach it. I don’t care who’s name you throw out there. They won’t compare. Michael might be gone in body, but he is not finished making music. His legend will live on forever. AND It is not nice to speak ill of the dead either. God don’t like ugly.

    Invensible IS under rated. I think that is one of the best CD’s of 00. If you don’t have you need to get it.

  • Sean

    You need your head tested pal, I can only laugh at the way you’ve written this article without so much of a hint of research being done, Everyone has already given multiple reasons why Mj is a genius already but I will say this – To say Cobain is more talented than MJ is a joke, Cobain is a typical two bob artist who died tragically and somehow gets a legacy – Michael spent years earning his, enough said.

  • bloopp

    i agree he’s not a musical genuis, but he’s a great performer/singer

  • Graham.

    All of you claiming to be graduated music students wondering about the musical content and validity of his songs or songwriting ability, should really be slapped on the hand and go and do some more research.

    If you are considering this article as a serious statement, then shouldn’t you seriously question Elvis, The Beatles and so many others?

    Some of the best musical ideas are the most simple, and at the fundamentals of what we perceive as music. As a music student myself, I know that we all study these simple ideas in great detail to help us apply these ideas for ourselves when we compose.

    The point of music is communication. To feel a connection with the music and convey your own emotions, statements and arguments in a way everyone can understand, or in an universal format.

    There’s a reason he made millions and why we are all typing on this blog.

    He made you press repeat on your CD players.

    He made you buy every ticket for his sold out shows.

    He made us all buy almost a quarter of a billion of his records.

    He made you sit there and learn his songs because you found yourself engaged with the music.

    In my opinion, that’s musical genius.

  • david

    ausk, MJ been singing since he was 9, he wrote 46 of his songs, and also wrote hits for other artist.
    How is he music illiterate? Some of his best songs, that never got radio play, were very well written by MJ, man is a legend. Like I said he can play the piano, and drums, you go to a MJ concert its the best the world has ever seen, hundreds faint at his concert, He is the greatest entertainer that has ever lived.

  • david

    Michael jackson overrated? Why do you have the nerve to call him the self prclaimed King of Pop, when he was given that name? He did not give himself that title, why do you use hatred slurs to deteriote his image, making him seem less manly, this lets me know you are very envious of the greatest entertainer of all time, Michael could also play the drums, and the piano, but his fans wanted to see him dance, you don’t come to see Michael jackson on a guitar, or drums, or even the piano.
    His beat it song, was first recorded with MJ on the drums then he had Van Helen to the guitar rift.
    Michael has the best selling album, and has inspired millions, nothing any other artist have done, not even Elvis has as many records as MJ, if you want to talk overrated talk Elvis presley.

  • Alpha Tauri

    hahaha…What? You are probably under the influence of some serious mind altering drugs!
    MJ=Genius,whether you like it or not.Deal with it!

  • Andrew

    You know a lot of people liked Hitler too, and still do till this day.

  • Akaash

    “Personal attacks”, how about u talking crap about MJ buddy? OH THATS NOT PERSONAL IS IT ?

  • Akaash

    this writer hasnt proved anything.. not a single thing …HES JUST A HATER and thats the only thing i conclude.. dude ur confused urself..u dont know whether to take mj’s side or not.. and ur dumb enough to not take his side so end of topic.. well done wasting ur time writing this article. He’s trying to be like martin bushir(guy who did the documentary on mj) n get some popularity..LOL @ “MJ: Most overated” Really man i hate people like you..

  • overreation

    so Tired of hearing this man’s name. he’s dead. move on.

  • JD

    He was a great dancer with innovative videos there’s no shame in that, but in no way was he a “Musical Genius” Especially when most of the Music was created by Quincy Jones/Motown.

  • Andy

    This article is 100% spot on

  • ausk

    MJ was a good entertainer. He was in no way a musical genius. In fact he was musically illiterate. He had no formal training in composition,, harmony,etc. and could not read or write down music. He was master of no instrument and his playing of piano, drums etc. was like so many of our modern “musicians”; rudimentary and by ear. His dancing was impressive and his private life bizarre. When you speak of musical genius, don’t contaminate the likes of Bach, Beethoven, Mozart and thousands of true musicians by including his name. just the truth, no hype.

  • Shay Jackson

    it says personal attacks are not allowed but u called michael a pedophile and even posted j chandler’s side of the allegation. I think the poster V. is daryl aswell. I know the MJ fans who ripped u to shreds made u feel lyk dirt. I would of deleted this pathetic, sad post after the comments I read.

  • Shay Jackson

    U r a pathetic and sad excuse for a writer. U remind me of these tabloids just trying to get attention by writing negative and false acussations. Even these high profile celebrity bloggers such as perezhilton or even tmz get facts before posting a blog. U r basically speaking of the top off ur head instead of doing hard core research. Then u resort to name calling? Wow so 2nd grade. U went totally off topic of the article u wrote up top clearly talking about Michael as an entertainer not his personal life (calling him a pedophile and even posted J. chandler’s side of the allegation)need i say again OFF TOPIC! Hence, this shows ur dislike towards Michael. Michael wrote many songs;( I know they made a list But I am naming the ones I didnt see.) Liberian Girl, smooth criminal, this place hotel, speechless, heal the world, gone too soon, black or white, on the line,dangerous, give into me, they dont really care about us, one more chance, the lost children, you are my life,muscles (for diana ross),and he is the sole writer of these, he also co-wrote many songs such as remember the time, she drives me wild, in the closet, heavon can’t wait, break of dawn, keep the faith, jam, p.y.t, the girl is mine, can u feel it, dance and shout ( to name a few) Michael impacted audience around the world. His this is it tour sold out within 15 mins. He is named chief in many tribes in africa who dont even own t.v sets! I dont need to defend the notion of him playing instruments bc ppl already did. So plz I ask daryl do some research before u rant again. Daryl u are hurtin ppl aswell not bc they are celebrities donot think they dont have feelings. How do u feel that ur writing bad stuff about ppl to make urself feel good.

  • JonnyB

    [personal attack deleted] Just Because His music Is popular sounds good and isnt done by a hippy plus hi does play an instrument his Voice DUH!!! Its considred an instrument

  • Craig

    Please!? How the hell can you call Kurt |Cobain a Musical Genius and say MJ is not? And to say that if Mj was left on his own in a studio he wouldnt be able to write any ything, well clearly you should do your research as MJ wrote, Billy Jean / wanna be startin something / beat it / dont stop til you get enough / speed demon / smooth criminal etc on his own, in fact if you do your reserach I think you’ll find that most of his best music was written and composed by Michael Jackson! And yes I know Rod Temperton wrote Thriller! For me thats not MJ’s best work. He also played guitar and drums on the Track Morphine, also written and composed by MJ, he played piano aswell! Just because he never played an instrument on stage does not discredit his status as Musical genius! U2 are a more over rated musical act!! Lets look at the facts Michael Jackson= Great singing voice, amazing dancer! Brilliant creative mind and to top it off can also play the guitar , drums and piano! I’d like to see you do better! i’d also like to see any of the so called Musical geniuses you listed achieve all that, especially Mr Cobain who based his career around 3 sloppy chords, he was a good song writer NOT a musical genius! Also I personally think that whilst Thriller is a great album, Bad / Dangerous / invicible are all equally as good on different levels. Ok so they didnt sell as much, may I point out that Thriller has been on the record shop shelves a lot longer than the other albums, also that was a landmark album and people will always measure his efforts against that, it changed the music industry forever, it is unfortuante that musicasl output is judged against previous albums instead of on individual merit! MJ is GOD end of!!!!

  • dale

    Say what you want about his music… but you have to admit the “woooos” and “weeees” that he puts in almost every song gets old quick.

  • S.M.

    Well –

    I don’t know what to think. I’ve got mixed feelings on Michael Jackson. As far as his singing and dancing, I don’t exactly think either of those is overrated. Yes, sometimes his voice had an androgynous tone but over the years, his vocals did improve IMHO and I can’t contest the quality of his voice. As far as dancing – you know what, I never have really watched a lot of it, but I can acknowledge if he was a one-of-a-kind dancer.

    The one problem that I see is with MJ’s songwriting. When I say songwriting, I simply mean the shape of the melodies – not even the instrumentation or production, but simply and strictly speaking – the melodies.

    I think Darryl has a point in questioning the musical genius of MJ, because I am too. I have all his major albums, so please, do not try to accuse me of not having his material. I do believe however that MJ has been brilliant at songwriting here and there, and had the capacity to be so. I will conclude that overall, he was a GOOD songwriter, but the best songwriter ever? That’s where I have to stop. Sorry but there are TONS of songwriters better than Michael Jackson. MUCH better. In terms of musical complexity, lyrical complexity, etc.

    I am also not to crazy about the fact that he never bothered to read music. Look – I took orchestra starting in 4th grade, and we learned how to read Three Blind Mice on the musical staff or whatever you call it. We learned what quarter notes and all that jazz (no pun intended) looked like. I’m quite dismayed that MJ never bothered to read what his music ever LOOKED like. If a 10-year-old can learn to read BASIC notes on the musical staff, how come MJ never bothered to try to learn even how to read a quarter note?

    I will admit that many people around the world who are illiterate in all dimensions can play music very well. But people in the first world have the opportunity to learn how to read it, even in grade school. I’m sorry but there’s no excuse for MJ not learning how to read music.

    I would never say though that MJ isn’t phenomenally talented in his OWN right. As far as singing, he is unparalleled, and dancing I might even say that, but by the same token there are so many different types of dancing that I consider talented, that it’s like apples to oranges. I still stand by what I said – MJ is far from being the best songwriter we’ve ever had. He’s excellent in his own right, but there are better.

  • Frank

    I strongly agree. Compared to the real black musical genius of the 19th century: Hendrix, Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf, BB King, Buddy Guy, Junior Wells, etc, etc, etc. MJ was a novelty carnival act. His famed dancing you can see in any 1930’s musical (including the moon walk), and he sang like a girl and had meaningless songs with immature lyrics. As a child he was extremely talented, as an adult he was way,way OVERRATED.

  • Mo-ron

    That ignorant moron must be a 20 year old apprentice.What a joke!
    I have 2 words for you:career change.

  • Lori

    No need to argue. MJ’s record speaks for itself. The lies were just that, lies. Regarding author, only one word: JEALOUS

  • Ken D

    your article is obviously based on a lot of ignorance get help there is hope for you to ignorance tomorrow genious tomorrow.


  • Kumar

    What is this garbage writing?! How can someone sing, dance and play an instrument?

    Jackson was a genius. Always was and always will be.

  • funso

    why entertain a fool? The writer of this article is clearly the biggest fool in the world.
    Micheal Jackson said a long time ago. When he stared breaking records for albums sales.. All the jealousy and speculation started.. He said some people in the business did not like that fact he has out sold Elvis and the beatles, which lead to these record companies exaggerating the success of these past artist….. A lot of people don’t know actually that Micheal Jackson out Elvis and the Beatles long time ago, and the corrupt guys hated this, which they have then changes the record to claim success that the artist never achieve.

    Also, people should believe it… Some people hate the fact MJ is a black guy.. A black that achieve greater succuess and influence that a white guy will always attract people that tried to undermine his achievements….. I hope people see that MJ life was more than music itself, but a lot of musical politics were involve in his life, which i believe he was framed by people that were jealous of him and wanted to destroy his image, but he greatest outshine this and these evil people hated him the more..

  • angel

    nobody knows what happened michael had money and he was a nice person and people and oppurtunists around him felt they should take advantage of him by telling lies and making it turn into something big. there were jelous people also. mad because he was the only artist who ever in this whole entire world to ever sell out more albums than anyone, mad and jeleous because he is the first artist in this world to ever from the age of 5 being the best music performer and artist til his 40’s nobody has ever been a big artist from age of 5 til 40’s if the osmonds were to put out a new record now they won’t get no play.
    When you have sold more records than anyone in showbusiness history then they just have the tendency to try to pull you down.
    He was a very powerful, influential and rich Black Man who
    pissed some Whites off. Hurt The Beetles and Elvis, they didnt like that did they now you get it.
    When District Attorney Tom Sneddon smugly announced that Michael Jackson was to be criminally charged, and that Neverland was being raided, he was so blinded by greed, jealousy and vengeance that he could not see that the degenerate family he had sided with, the Arvizo family, in order to try and take Michael Jackson’s freedom from him, and ruin his reputation, all so that Sneddon could bask in glory, would actually bring Sneddon the ultimate humiliation. Sneddon’s case against Michael Jackson was built on lies, and was created by liars, and Sneddon got exactly what he deserved, failure!!!
    When Michael Jackson was put on trial, accused of having molested Gavin Arvizo — who had learnt from his family how to extort people — the media refused to tell the truth. The media refused to acknowledge, or discuss, what was actually going on in the courtroom that was favorable to Michael Jackson. The testimony that pointed to Michael Jackson’s innocence, the success Michael Jackson’s attorneys had in exposing the prosecution case for what it was, sham, was ignored by the media, the media refused to tell the truth.
    When prosecution witnesses who desired to fill their pockets with Michael Jackson’s money, who hoped to become rich by selling false stories, who falsely accused Michael Jackson, and who made up as many lies as possible, as horrible as possible, to extort as much money as possible from Michael Jackson, were exposed, it was ignored by the media, the media refused to tell the truth.
    When the accuser, Gavin Arvizo, and his family, mother Janet Arvizo, and siblings Star Arvizo and Davellin Arvizo, stumbled over their lies, contradicted themselves continually, became argumentative when presented with facts that proved they were liars and extortionists, it was ignored by the media, the media refused to tell the truth.
    When Michael Jackson’s young cousin testified that the accuser, Gavin Arvizo, and Gavin’s brother Star tried to get him to masturbate in their presence, it was ignored by the media, the media refused to tell the truth.
    When it was revealed that Michael Jackson’s former employees only claimed to have seen inappropriate behavior by Michael Jackson AFTER THEY WERE OFFERED MONEY AND PAID BY TABLOIDS/THE MEDIA, it was ignored by the media, the media refused to tell the truth. (Michael Jackson successfully sued these former employees many years ago, they still owe him money.)
    When Michael Jackson’s current employees testified that the accuser, Gavin Arvizo, and his family slept in guesthouses at Neverland (and not in Michael Jackson’s bedroom), that they caused a great deal of trouble at Neverland, left a huge mess at Neverland, damaged and defaced property at Neverland, attacked the animals at Neverland, pulled knives on Neverland employees, stole from Neverland employees, stole from Michael Jackson, extorted Neverland employees by lying about their financial circumstances, extorted the government by lying about their financial circumstances, extorted other celebrities by lying to them and falsely accusing them, caused trouble wherever they went, and to whoever was unlucky enough to befriend them, overall having been shown to be users, liars, thieves, troublemakers and criminals, it was ignored by the media, the media refused to tell the truth….. until now.
    Aphrodite Jones, a reporter, ashamed of her behavior during Michael Jackson’s trial, having realized that she was wrong, has written this book – “Michael Jackson Conspiracy” – which is pretty much a compact version of Michael Jackson’s trial. It details exactly what happened in the courtroom at Michael Jackson’s trial (using actual trial testimony), the facts that were revealed and exposed, the witnesses and what they stated, how Michael Jackson’s defense team managed to successfully destroy prosecution theories and witnesses on a daily basis, how the media did not want to report anything that was favorable to Michael Jackson or his defense team, how some media reporters had already secured deals to have access to Michael Jackson if he was to be found guilty and imprisoned (which is disgusting, because this behavior implies that these jerks preferred that a child had been molested so that they could profit), and how Michael Jackson was found NOT GUILTY by a jury that saw right through the lies, right through the Arvizo family, right through District Attorney Tom Sneddon and his sham case, and right through the media garbage that has been circulating for years about Michael Jackson.
    So, if you want the truth about Michael Jackson, how he has become a target for liars who want to become instant millionaires, and the victim of a media that promotes and prefers lies, read “Michael Jackson Conspiracy”.

  • vincent osawe

    you said michael jackson is overrated,you got to talk about another michael jackson because the michael the world knows most is michael joseph jackson.michael is the only muisc artist with all talent.he can sing,dance,rap,write songs,play instruments,beatbox,and many more.michael jackson is the king of music.he has the power to come out with music that everybody in the world will like.you should write him a letter saying that he’s overrated and a bet you that when he proves you wrong coming out with another album i promise your ass would buy it.michael is the best period i know it,everybody knows it,and most of all you know it.Think before you embarrass yourself like you already have.

  • Wibbly Wobbly Sausages

    Kurt Cobain haha

  • al

    Well-said ‘Mj sucks’!
    I dont think he had any understanding of building a track from start to finish. Sugary over produced pop music. It has its place though I suppose. Although I doubt there are any “proper” artists that would hold him in high regard (Unless they’ve made money from him in some way).

  • Rossy

    well. In my opinion Michael Jackson was an amazing artist he had great abbilities. it will be really hard to replace him. who could dance with that exact rythm, if you see him in his performances he always have incredible coordination with the rythm of the music. also he sings perfect t the same time he dances and he never makes a mistake with the words of the songs.
    he also tried to send positive messages by his music it’s really important to try to make people think about taking care of our World and he tried to give people the best he can. he gave love I think he had a litle child soul he was a good man, but many people couldn’t see that. he also made mistakes but he tried the best he can to do good to people. also he gave us his music, his talent and it was the most talented artist in his way. what he did was the best he can nd he was incredibly talented, incredible dancer and composer also amazing singeer.

  • MJ Lover

    Micheal Jackson wrote and danced like no other. [personal attack deleted]

  • Mj sucks

    Most of the people responding about Michael’s musical genius, probably have no experience with the music-making process.

  • surprised

    MJ is definitely a musical genius! i guess everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but have u ever heard his songs? such diversity – is a genius, legend, immortal thru his work

  • Cleveland guy

    I totally agree with your take. There are entertainers, and there are “artists.” Being popular is not the same as creating work of quality and deep meaning and doing so consistently. If you want to see ARTIST who have done that look to the Beatles and the albums Revolver, Rubber Soul, Sgt. Peppers, and Abbey Road. Or, take a look at Fleetwood Mac’s Rumors. Prince’s Purple Rain, Bruce Springsteen’s Born to Run, Born in the USA, or Darkness on the Edge of Town albums. There, you will see artist at work. To call MJ a musical genius is like saying the guy who painted poker playing dogs a greater artist than Monet just because you see those dogs everywhere.

  • Joe

    Couldn’t agree with this article more. He’s ABSOLUTELY overrated–and what’s worse is that most of this praise came from himself!

    I feel sorry for the guy and what he ended up doing to himself and others, but let’s get real about his musical abilities–nearly his entire life as a professional ‘musician’ and the guy cant’ be bothered to learn and instrument (or two) or learn music or theory? Lame.

    And let’s get VERY honest and finally give Quincy Jones the credit he’s due; Thriller is more his creation than Michael’s by a long shot.

  • a real michael jackson fan

    with the author of the article.Everything M.J. did after 1985 is derivative or plain crap.

  • a real michael jackson fan

    I totally agree

  • rg

    If he were white no one would care. Talented yes genius yes unreplaceable no!!

  • rg

    very overrated should not be in the top 10 of any musical category




    Whoever wrote this article must be INSANE…nevermind I mean IGNORANT. BONO..please!! You OBVIOUSLY have never worked in the music industry or know ANYTHING about it.

  • mwaters

    The guy always relied on a hugely funded promotion machine. And look what happened. He morphed into the entertaining clown that he really is.

  • yesheisoverrated

    Ross Cunliffe, he’ll be forgotten in a matter of decades… I will remember him, you will, but people who were not around in his lifetime won’t

  • Ross Cunliffe

    Ignore this worthless hate. He will always be remembered as the greatest and no shitty article can have an effect on that WHAT SO EVER!!! So this was a total waste of time.


  • tony


  • Kackle


  • Shaira

    The greatest American composer was Duke Ellington!

  • yesheisoverrated

    Imo he is overrated… a lot of the songs you mention are probably pretty good, but come on.. HOW on earth are they the work of a genius? A genius would be able to write something better than that… a lot of his texts are just “hmm, I have to fill in something even though it’s completely senseless and has no greater meaning to it”.. Like Beat and Billie Jean… don’t get me wrong, I like the songs, but I would never consider them great. The lyrics are just too thin for that. Same as Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough…

    Also, saying that because he has sold a lot of albums he was a genius is just wrong. I mean, take a look at today’s so-called “stars” whose lyrics are stupid, instrumentals are like any other, and who are MERELY entertainers, even though 99% of all new musics sucks ass imo. I would agree that Michael Jackson is good and has some good songs, as I’ve also already mentioned, but when I see that he is the 3rd best selling musician ever I can’t help but wonder what’s wrong with this world.

    Compare him with people who actually had a talent for writing. I’ll pick Tupac, whom you probably all hate (out of ignorance because you think he’s the usual faggot-rapper like Lil’ Wayne, but hey, people tend to talk about shit they know nothing about). The man could spit out songs in an hour or less, and PLEASE do me the favor of comparing some of his lyrics with Michael Jackson’s lyrics. You’ll notice a difference. Take Dear Mama, Keep Ya Head Up, Changes, Ghetto Gospel (make sure to get the original, and not the one with Elton John) and then compare those lyrics tho whichever Michael Jackson song you want. If in any way you are able to compare them without subjectivity and without deciding in advance that Michael Jackson is the better one of the two, then Michael Jackson’s lyrics should seem inferior in comparison.

    I must be expecting too much.

    But yeah, to make things short, Michael Jackson is GOOD, yet (in my opinion) overrated. And PLEASE don’t get started with all this “he sold a lot of albums”-crap because it proves nothing. The truly talented people are rarely the ones who are noticed.

    – Peace

  • Roger Scot

    Michael Jackson’s for KIDS,!!!
    Silly Rabbit

  • Roger Scot


    Ms. Jackson has obeyed the element of QUANTITY

  • dj3d

    It is intriguing to read the comments before Michael passed and then see the comments after he has passed on this page.In this you see exactly how sad our world is becoming when people can not look accross lines and acknowledge the great talents of a human being, becasue we are so hell bent on tearing people down these days.

    Why would anyone want to be a celebrity, or great at anything? Once people start to recognize your talents you have nothing but a crew of haterz who will never be you who just have to tear you down so they feel good about themselves!
    Michael Jackson was an innovator,a geat humanitarian, his music wasnt cheesy as someone stated above…his music was his way of trying to change the world for better. If people could stop tearing each other down long enough maybe we could build some people up.We could appreciate and celebrate the talents and successes of great artists maybe they would be around longer.

  • dannwilly

    Michael Jackson was a multi-talented musical genius. I agree with one of the posters that regardless of the fact that the author of this blog is just misinformed because Michael DID play instruments, BUT the human voice is the greatest musical instrument! I totally agree with that statement and Michael Jackson could perform so many genres of music. I believe that the author is blinded by his dislike of MJ and will not credit MJ as the genius he truly was. Michael was also a songwriter and knew how to craft and deliver a song–that in itself is genius. I believe if MJ was not black–the author of this post would be more likely to give MJ his props. Look at the artists he gave credit to – Mick Jagger, Bono, Bruce Springsteen. Funny, isn’t it? MJ crossed racial lines and people of every race across the world loved him and his music is timeless — it takes a genius to do that. Yes, he was just a pop star, but he inspired people AND his music will live forever. His songs are always current they don’t sound dated. The author just doesn’t know good music and I love U2, by the way, but there’s no comparison—Michael Jackson’s music is far superior to any artist you named and millions of people agree!

  • Gr0undZer0

    Michael Jackson is definitely the most over rated entertainer of all times. There is no one to even compare him to. He was the King of Pop all right…the king of studio produced garbage for the masses. The first clue that he’s overrated is in his popularity. Do not forget that the majority of people have no idea what good music is, what sincere music is. What music is comprised of. Michael Jackson would of been nothing if not for the record industry molding him into what he was. Anyone with a good voice can be marketed to the foolish masses of this world.
    He was most definitely no “musical genius”….are a single one of you fools a musician? Only an fool or someone riding the popular opinion bus would consider him a “musical genius” …makes me laugh. Sure his tunes that were studio produced with the help of countless other people were catchy tunes. But musically genius they were not.
    Even his choreography was mediocre. He developed little of his dance moves on his own. They were ripped off the streets. And there was nothing complex or compelling about his choreography.
    Ok…MJ was a great entertainer. He had a good voice and performed his dance moves well. He could move his body well. But the bottom line is that he was a studio produced entertainer to sell to the masses. There was nothing genius about him. Not even close. People crack me up.
    The whole idea of pop music is that it’s studio produced catchy tunes to draw in money from the masses….the masses do not know what great music is. Just like they don’t know who good politicians are. They don’t know much of anything.
    And all this support from the black community…Oh my God…michael jackson was obviously ashamed of his blackness. He was surgically trying to become white. Is the black populace that screwed up, that they’d worship a man ashamed of his ancestory as their hero. WoW! just Wow!

    To end this rant, I love alot of michael jacksons music. And he was a very talented man. But no musician should get the kind of support or attention that MJ is. Well, maybe there’s a few. But not MJ. There is no question in my mind that he is Over Rated….Over Rated isn’t even a good enough description of what’s going on. People are foolish, period.

    And a side note. The masses worship and praise people that jump around and sing on stage, or in studios. People that often times have very negative impacts on our society. People that get paid millions and millions to jump around and sing. And what of the people devoting their lives to trying to save the world. People devoting their lives to the betterment of human kind. The scientists…human rights activists, etc…etc… People are (#()@) up!!!!! And all of you ranting about what a great person michael jackson was…yall are )(@#*$ up!!!
    Peace out!

    “The minority is sometimes right; the majority always wrong.” – George Bernard Shaw

    “The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources.” -Albert Einstein

  • MusicLover

    I forgot to mention that I also don’t believe that MJ would have become (and stayed) as famous had it not been for his dramatic change in physical appearance.

  • MusicLover

    I agree with you Daryl D.

    I think a lot of MJ’s fans are true fanatics. They feel that he can do no wrong and the God complex they have with Michael is very disturbing at times. If you look back at his career–like you noted–MJ was at his true best musically when he was working with Quincy Jones. People want to claim that Michael had this “natural born” talent, when they conveniently forget the fact that MJ was beaten (yes sadly) into dancing and performing. He wanted to be a normal child, yet he was forced to perform–and thus it was all he knew. That hardly makes it “natural,” however.

    Yes, he was talented, talented at dancing, making videos and using his image to his advantage. He knew the right people, he was a child star and grew up in front of America, which gave him an upper hand in becoming a household name. He was a great child star, but as an adult, he was very average IMO, with the exception of his dancing and innovative videos.

    Concerning image: He was also a very “different” person in the sense that he seemed to be socially challenged and a child that never grew up; the “innocent” factor. He used those things to his advantage as well for image purposes. He knew he was an anomaly to a lot of people, and that kept him relevant for a little while. His music began to suffer as soon as he tried to produce more of his music, because he was just not that talented in that arena. Plus, without his videos his songs would be overlooked.
    He was a true Pop artist. A person who claims fame through others’ background talent and uses sensationalism to their advantage. That’s why King of Pop means nothing grandiose to me, since he wasn’t a great musician. Great dancer? Sure. Good entertainer? Yes. But hardly a musical genuis. His voice even began to decline around 87ish.

    I agree with everything you said. It’s too bad real musicians are so often underrated compared to image whores (like Britney Spears) with little talent, but I digress. I’m not saying MJ is not talented, but he was definitely overrated in the sense that people think that he’s a musical genius or icon. He was a pop star. Period. For that he leaves his legacy, but not as a stellar musician.

  • Michael Jackson Fan

    And stop with your comments stupid hater such as thegaindeli and bearta your names say it all… he was great you are just jealous of the level of fame he achieved! And there is no proff of the child molestation cases therefore do not make accusations! [Edited] 🙂

  • Michael Jackson Fan

    All i have to say is…

    The writers an idiot 🙂

    Michael Jackson – The greatest entertainer, musician and inventor to walk the planet.

  • Bearta

    I agree completely. Michael Jackson’s biggest talent seems to be the ability to sway very limited people to worship him.

  • thegaindeli

    He is quite right… MJ was overrated. He was also a child molester too boot! He should have been put in prison. I say he got off easy…

  • Otumwaa Jumbaunte

    I don’t know how anyone who writes pop music could ever be considered a genius. Stringing together 6-20 notes, adding dumb lyrics, and then spending hundreds of thousands in the studio to make it glisten like wet vinyl doesn’t take a genius. In three hundred years people will still be listening to Mozart, I really doubt anyone will be listening to prince/MJ/etc. No, they will be as forgotten as pulp fiction writers from the 1890’s are today.

    So I think all pop music acts are over-rated.

  • Rod

    Well said!

    He might be a great dancer, but he’s no musical genius

  • Aaron

    Facts? Tell me then, what is a music genius? You have a opinion based on what? You like his music? His popularity? His what?

    Give me a half ass def. of a music genius and we will go from there.

    Can you? If not, your opinion is fallacious.

    Most people just assume he had musical genius. When confronted with an intelligent viewpoint on the matter, they continue to rebuttal with the “you just dont like him,” or “just because he was an alleged Cho. Mo.” or even “the whole world rejoiced in his music” and so on.

    It has nothing to do with liking his music, him, or his style– it has all to do with combing through the real facts and considering ALL factors.

    Could somebody please do this? I can.


  • Bliffle

    I guess that all this palaver over the death of an entertainer is to be expected. This looks like the biggest one since Al Jolson. Who, you might ask? The biggest genius in singing and entertaining. People would thrill to his music for a thousand years. No one would ever surpass him, etc., etc.


  • lisa

    dude….u are so full of it. michael wrote, produced, and performed his own music and for others….get a grip. maybe you didnt care for his music…fine….but dont rip on someone unless you have facts. jeez.

  • Aaron

    I like MJ’s music. I even have at least 30 of his songs on my windows media player; pirated. They didnt have pirated music those days, well it was far less prevalent. This helped maximized his earnings. Music video accentuated his fame and made his songs more appealing. His performances on stage also accentuated his earnings in MUSIC.

    All I want is a set of criteria of what a music genius is. We need to apply objective factors to overcome the subjectivity that comes attached with his purported genius. While I adopt that musical genius is “subjective,” I also need to make clear I question the validity of the criteria. I am simply applying an objective analysis which includes: team (band, producers, etc.,) era, sex appeal (subjective, but apply the sum- aggregated sample size )gender, marketing potential, and the how much the music was truly wrote by the performer.

    You see, other factors aside from singing facilitated his monetary growth.

    Finally, perhaps MJ was speaking to us very loudly by all his diligent attempts to sustain his looks. Nothing wrong with that, but maybe he knew thats what his primary appeal was, and even though his records (CD’s, tapes, etc.) sold well after the Thriller days, he wasnt secure enough to apply his musical genius to compensate for his advancement in… Read More age or as the musical era marched forward.

    That is, if he felt he had one. Humble? Doubt it by the way he demanded MTV and radio stations must address him as the king of pop. Did he know something we didnt know about his true musical abilities? Was the video age primarily responsible for MJ’s true claim to fame? Was his career after Thriller just a residual effect of that monumental LP?

    Dont stop till you get enough–so he preached.

  • Aaron

    The Beatles were able to sustain their dominance AFTER the decade undergone several revolutional changes, musical changes, and political revolt. They entered the scene as a part of the British Invasion, and continued to adjust their style as it changed before their very eyes. They actually were very instrumental (no pun) in evolving music as it changed and every SINGLE year.

    Yet–they produced at least TWO hit albums each year, all the while having to overcome (persevere) through Lennons denouncement of Jesus Christ– the South essentially banished the Fab four (their sales after this still continued to hold steady,) the drug experience, the hippy stage, the anti-war movement, and those cute British singers Americas fell in love with, grew their hair and completely changed their image.

    They still were as good the day they disbanded as the time they entered into the scene.

    How did MJ handle adversity? How did he keep up the styles of music as they evolved from pop to different genres?

    He danced, sang songs (recycled)from the pop era, and had to rely on co-artists to sustain any type of stadium sellouts.


  • Aaron

    Earlier poster mentioned this. You have any evidence to support this? Other than what the popular consensus feels who have no circumspect and are unable to define “music genius?”

    I can easily say the same thing- “Saying MJ is a music genius is like saying the sky isnt blue.”

    See how easy that was.

  • Aaron

    First post- “He is a musical genius because he can outsell a stadium within minutes even to this day.”

    This has nothing to do with being a musical genius, it has more to do with popularity–still not a reliable indicator of genius. He dances at shows, as what was all he had, along with recycled pop music (superannuated, LOL,) but NO new music to sustain this “genius” label.

    BTW– To this day, you mentioned, he could sell out a stadium within no time. By himself? Paul McCartney, Elton John, and even Billy Joel do not need a cast of all stars to sell out a stadium. Those stadiums are occupied by whom? The SAME demographic who was responsible for his success during the Thriller days. You may retort with older folks in their 30-40’s like MJ, of course! He was a part of their childhood, back when they were…..teenyboppers.

  • gedalife

    Couldn’t agree more with your opinion of MJ. Judging by the rabid quality of some of the responses, you certainly hit a raw nerve. Time to move on people, although I gather most of you are under the age of 14. Only an adolescent could misjudge Michael’s talent – sure, a great, great entertainer if you like that sort of thing, but to make a claim of genius is ridiculous. I have always found his music uninteresting and superficial, along with the pop posturing and bloated production values. I don’t like to be negative for its own sake and there is something very sad in his demise. If he genius it lay in his ability as an entertainer, but most definitely not as a musician. Was Marilyn Monroe an actor of genius? No, but her popularity ensures that she will be remembered after actors of genius are forgotten.

  • Aaron

    MJ the genius performance acts. His claim to fame was accentuated by music video. Lets not confuse performance and singing abilities with music genius. After Thriller, his work became progressively reliant on his pop stardom from Thriller, and his talent subsequently got worse as a result. He appealed to a demographic of the 5-21 year olds; pop music junkies. Madonna did this too, why isnt she considered a genius? She is the queen of pop, had her own claim to fame with Like a Virgin, but her following LP’s sustained an equal amount of praise, and for much longer than MJ.
    Since 1993, what has he done? Where was this music genius as times (eras) evolved?
    As pop music was supplanted by new ideas of music, where was MJ?

  • Mike

    none of Bono, petty, rolling stones could ever perform like this. This is a talent… Michael could’ve learned ti play an instrument, everyone can. But to perform like Michael that’s another story

  • Mike

    and when you see that Motown perfrmance of Michael, singing Billy jean, it blows away any perfomance by any of the aforementioned guys. Sure some of these guys were geniuses with instruments but none could do what Michael pulled off in a performance. What makes Jackson a genius was how orginal he was. The others weren’t original. Prince was but Prince was half the performer Jackson was and his music wasn’t as good. Go watch yourtube clips of Jackson at MoTown performing Billy Jean. Tell me that wasn’t the best performer, original music artist in probably the history…

  • Mike

    Jackson was a genius. He was revolutionary, original. He was a kid prodigy with a rare ability to perform and entertain. He moved to the beat in ways that Bono, Springsteen, Petty, Prince could only dream of. None of these guys were as orginal, charismatic as Jackson. None could put up the perfomances Jackson could pull off. He was more unique that all of these guys. Okay he didn’t play instruments on stage. So what? He still did things none of these guys could, in his own ways. He was a rare original, supremly talented guy. As far as the Quincey Jones comments and how he was the mastermind behind Jackson’s thriller album, that’s not entrirley true. Did you guys know Jones wanted Billy Jean out of the album? and Jackson disagreed with him? Jackson wrote the song and ocnvinced Jones to keep it. Guess what, Billy Jean became a huge international hit, all because of Michael. Quincey didn’t even see it as good enough to be released! so, so much for Quincey as the braines behind Michael’s success

  • Pat McHenry

    Micheal Jackson was a very good singer and a great dancer, but musically and lyrically I think he falls a little short. I can’t think of anything he sang that yells “musical genius”. Michael Jackson’s genius was in the way he produced his albums, created his image, and became an ambassador for the races.

  • Mr S.

    All fans of of MJ will even believe he is JC incarnate and may even pray to him! so be it! these people have made up their minds they are the converted , they will not listen to anything negative.So stop wasting your time to criticise.

    PS. My 11 yr old son is thankfully listen to Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath,Rolling Stones, Cream,Santana,Jimmy Hendrix etc.
    No pop (Mac Music!)please!

  • helas

    I know this post and thread are old and MJ’S just died, but dude you were so off on this one. He wrote all those hit songs. Is that proof enough for you of his “genius”?

  • LackoJacko

    haha nice troll

    read the comments lol

  • eulipious

    If Michael Jackson did so much for black people then why did he do so much to appear white through skin bleaching. Here was a product not of genius but of an overhyped, overbullied background who sems to have never felt happy in his own skin or with his own race.

  • Notfooledbythehype

    Well done for exposing the hype. Yes Michael was a good entertainer, for those that can stand pop music, as opposed to R&R or R&B, but not a good musician. All you brainwashed ‘believers’ need to go and look at early Elvis Presley videos/movies & especially the dnacers used in his TV comeback in the late 60’s. Note the lead dancer’s move from one his knees to on his toes (properly) not the watered down MJ version. You also need to look at early Marcel Marceau to see where the moonwalker & others developed from. As for the whole Jackson Five idea & twee pop music please listen to Frankie Lymon & the Teenagers. Now tell me where is the musical genius! MJ with his large support team added the polish & the shine and thanks to Quincy Jones made it musically alright, but please apportion credit appropriately.

  • o101o

    i dont like his music AND he is an asshole.
    he sold so much, yes backstreetboys and “terminator3” too.
    Fact1: he wasnt a music maker he was a pop dancer and singer
    Fact2: he is a bad example; drugadiction, luxury talks about “not being racist” then he doesnt want to be black…

    i am so sad about this, there are so many true artists out there. yes sang in 3 quite popular “feel-good” songs thats all. His money should go to africas children that are probably also good dancers and proud to be black

  • al

    Well, he just died. But today, so did quite a few other people on the ward of the hospital where my wife works. So, is Michael jacksons’ death more of a loss? I’m sure one or two of them could also sing and dance,- and maybe EVEN play an instrument too – and maybe all at the same time!!. Dont start me on the qualities of this manufactured “king of pop”. Always mediocre at his very best.

  • JenY

    what does the fact that you’re thinking he’s pedophile have to do with the question that he is or not a musical genius/overrated? My God, you’re attitude is just childish, please give us a break and get informations about the trial before thinking he is a pedophile or not.

  • nice

    Michael Jackson is overrated. He is a pedophile.

  • bike

    Hardly anyone who is mentioned in this thread could rightfully be considered “overrated” least of all Michael Jackson, Madonna and Elvis Presley.

    On Jackson, as many of the previous posters pointed out, the fact that he does not play an instrument is irrelevant to his artistry. His instrument is his voice and overall musical vision. Also, let’s not get carried away with playing an instrument. Bob Dylan and Kurt Cobain play or played guitar, but no one confuses them with Django Rheinhardt. They play to complement their vision, it’s not an end in itself.

    To say that Quincy Jones was the genius behind “Thriller” shows an unawareness of Jones’ other work. He’s mostly light jazz stuff, nothing spectacular and many of his pop productions are derivative of the works of other producers. The work he did in the early 1960s with Lesley Gore was done in style that directly echoed what Phil Spector was doing at the time.

    That Daryl admits how much Jackson changed the pop scene negates most of his argument.

    As for Madonna, she’s not the greatest singer in the world although she can carry a tune. However, she has had a hand in writing and composing many compelling songs and is the sole creator of one of the most interesting pop personas of all time. That persona is felt in all her music whether or not she had in writing or not. Further, she has been on the cutting edge of virtually every urban/club trend (save rap) for her entire career. She has brought gay culture and club culture into the mainstream. And she’s an incredible visual performer.

    Last but certainly not least, Elvis Presley. It’s true that Presley did not write songs (although he did have a handful of experiments). However, writing songs is not the be all and end all of pop creation. The best pop and rock performers, create through the process of recordings. The power of the recording is generally in the arrangement, the production and the performance. The actual quality of the songwriting is most of the time a secondary concern. A rock classic like “Louie Louie” is hardly even a composition. For that matter, most rock recordings revolve around three or four chords and a handful of lyrical cliches. To say that the mere act of songwriting is comparable to what a Presley, a Sinatra, a Jackson, a Dionne Warwick does with the performance of a song is wrongheaded.

    That is what made Presley such a sensation. The performance of his early records fused the style of rural white country, blues, pop and gospel. It wasn’t the songs, it was the sound and feeling of the records.

    Presley was technically an extraordinary singer. His vocal range was more than two octaves and one third. That is more than twice the range of an average pop singer.

    Beyond that he was a towering interpretive artist. Gordon Stoker who sometimes sang behind Presley said, Elvis through his phrasing could draw more meaning out a of single word than any singer he ever knew. Many times Presley’s reinterpretations like “Hound Dog” or “I Can’t Stop Loving You” or “Milkcow Blues Boogie” were so radical that they may as well have been new songs.

    Presley was also bandleader, producer, arranger and occasionally rhythm guitarist. He was the architect behind his greatest hits.

    The idea that he stole R&B is unfounded in reality. It might surprise many posters here to know that Presley’s first records (1954) came out BEFORE Chuck Berry’s (1955). And his first attempts at something approaching rock n’ roll came out before Little Richard’s (1955).

    Further, Presley’s popularity with black audiences in the 1950s was massive. He was the second most popular artist on the Billboard R&B chart behind Fats Domino during that decade. Author and historian Michael Bertrand documented that this dominance was also reflected in local market surveys around the country. The black press of the day largely depicted Presley in positive terms. And when he made a brief non-singing guest appearance on a black concert review bill in Memphis before almost an exclusively African American crowd, the audience went wild. This is based on Memphis black press accounts of the time and the memories of Rufus and Carla Thomas, future black soul singers who attended the event.

    Julian Bond, current president of the NAACP, remembered that his teenage vocal group included a Presley song in its act. James Brown openly bragged of his friendship with Presley and attended Presley’s funeral. Jackie Wilson, Solomon Burke, Otis Redding and others all included Presley songs in their early acts.

    What made Presley so radical was that he fused the black culture and white culture to the point where no one could tell where either left off. This did not endear him to segregationists of the time, who often used the “N” word in conjunction with Presley’s music. The black newspaper columnist Leonard Pitts called Elvis “One of the most dangerous men in the world at one of the most dangerous times in history.”

    Although, Berry and Richard had some pop success before Presley went national, their access to the pop charts only increased after Presley’s success. They both attribute his breakthrough to helping them reach pop audiences. Their infiltration was so deep that today Berry and Richard have almost exclusively white audiences.

    Finally, there is no doubt that many black artists influenced Presley (an influence he often cited although it won him no friends in segregationist circles), his adaptation of their styles was not theft. That is how musical influence works. One artist or a group lays a groundwork for future artists. The subsequent generation comes along and adds their ideas.

    The same unfair charges leveled against Presley could be made from the other side of the fence against Chuck Berry. What made Berry so radical was his adaptation of country chords to the R&B style, the exact reverse of what Presley did with country. Further, Berry wrote many of his lyrics to reflect the interest of the white teenage audience (“Sweet Little Sixteen”, “School Days” etc.). Yet he is not considered a thief because that’s the way musical influence works and if people were not blinded by their own cultural agenda they would see the same thing with Presley.

  • Marcia Neil

    This past week while making notes from a pile of late-2008 newspapers, there it was — one of the most priceless newspaper articles EVER, describing how MJ was being sued by a Sheik of Araby. A number of issues later, MORE, MJ was just sick about it.









  • lazer goldman

    it is true m.j. is not even close to being a musical genius. like most 1980’s monsters he managed to use publicity, marketing and the appropriation of various others peoples “genius” into the monster that is Michael Jackson.
    Totally over-rated, co-wrote a cpl of hits the rest is down to hype, marketing strategy and quincy jones. Didn’t Quincy finally get some songwriting kudos by cowriting “we Are The World” with MJ – once again it is quincy inviting MJ into the action to make sure of success, rather than any real collaborative song-writing teamsmanship.
    MJ uses the imagery and brain washing of the Jehova witnesses (which he was raised on) to rally his fans in a cult like religion dedicated to supporting his fantasy of talent. Check out any watchtower images and then look at MJ images over the past 20+ years, mix in a lot of double-speak propoganda, lies and cover ups and you have your own cult leader in MJ.

  • Muffy

    MJ has the most diverse fanbase in the history of music! Even the “I’m so poor I have no pot to piss in, or a window to throw out” “Me speak no english, me sleep on dirt floor” love his music! Michael is underrated IMHO. There will never be another Michael Jackson. “Most overrated artists of all time” Elvis, Mandonna, Aaliyah, Britney Spears, Kurt Cobain, Elton John.

  • fred

    i completely agree with the fact that micheal jackson is overrated.id go so far as to say his music is bland and tasteless and will not withstand the test of time.

  • A. Darton

    Talk about his personal life all you want,but don’t you dare try to take away all this man have mean to music. Michael Jackson is one of the greatest entertainer ever. Did you hear me? He is a musical genuis. I don’t know who this fool is who wrote that article, but if I could it would end up where it belong in the trash! I am not trying to be nasty, or attack any one. But someone needed to have told this person not to go there.Don’t try to tear down MJ anymore than you people have. Now you want to go after his music, but I will not remain silent on this. Michael Jackson is a lengend, genuis,the best, and I do believe he can make a comeback. No there won’t be another THRILLER, that is a once in a lifetime thing.

  • Tim

    I wouldn’t go that far to say that Michael Jackson is overrated. He’s far from it but I do think the specific talk of one of his albums is kinda pushing it. First off, Michael was always more than the “Thriller” album, at least in the eyes of blacks who grew up worshiping/adoring The Jackson 5 and during Michael’s child star/Motown period.

    Obviously he came from what was possibly the greatest pop music label of all time in Motown and he sat there and watch greats like Marvin Gaye – who is actually my all-time favorite artist ever – and Stevie Wonder produce an entire album where they took certain social, political, personal, and in Marvin’s case, sexual issues and made their albums into art.

    For Michael, it wasn’t really the concept of serious issues but the concept of making perfect pop albums. That’s why “Off the Wall” and “Thriller” became “revolutionary” in the world of pop music because it took that particular genre farther than it had ever been taken.

    I’ve had heard stories of Michael emulating instruments like the guitar, bass, drums and piano to get out of the musicians who he worked with what he wanted for a record. Maybe he’s never really played an instrument but if you know how to arrange your music, I’d think that takes some skill. Though I feel it was teamwork with Quincy that made those albums special. After “Bad”, I think Mike was trying to figure out a way to stay popular because he had marketing geniuses back in the ’80s in his corner.

    Once he cut some people off, the sad tabloid circus that became his life and career started and while I don’t think Michael is 100% to blame for it, I do think that he has faulted in some areas of his career. He’s a legend and as far as music videos and popularity of black artists go he was an innovator, but I do think the only reason anyone consider him “overrated” is because most of the 50 million (or 100 million now?) who bought “Thriller” only know him as the “moonwalker dude”.

    I don’t even know why Michael would do some of the things he’s been rumored to do like play instruments and compose symphonies (from what I’ve heard), maybe he can break out of that “pop star” shtick.

    Until then, opinions like this will continue.

  • Katerina

    LOL Daryl has lost the plot xD

    If Michael Jackson isn’t a GENIUS in music, then no one is.

  • Fattylicious

    As all I wanted to say has been said,I will add a last dedication to ya, darling:



  • Paul

    Go rot in hell, your an embarrsement to the human race

  • Nathan Sutton

    Christ, I can hardly believe such a lack of musical education in one single article. I’m glad to read some sense in the comments, though.

    Then again it is the trend these days I suppose. Michael Jackson isn’t really popular anymore, so let’s just go and trample on his musical talent and pretend that someone else is responsible for the quality of his music. Let’s just forget that HE wrote/composed his most successful tracks alone (Billie Jean, Beat It, Bad, Black or White are prime examples). Let’s just ignore the fact that HE does at least 70-80% of the producing, arrangements, etc himself. He doesn’t wait for people to submit things to him that he can just pick out at random, he knows exactly what he wants. He KNOWS music, he can describe it, explain it, dissect it, analyze it, interpret it, feel it, breathe it, live it.

    Michael Jackson IS a musician whether you like it or not, young man.

  • Kirsten

    @ above comment – What’s a joke in that statement? Are you out of your mind? It’s pretty evident that no one can even imagine themselves beside Michael Jackson at his peak. To be precise, no one has managed to have the influence he had worldwide on Popular culture.

    About the article, it’s stupid and useless. Michael Jackson is a Musical Genius. If he isn’t one, no one else was/is. He is the true King of Pop, Rock and Soul.

  • Jordan Richardson

    No one, literally, could touch MJ at his prime and again

    So many jokes here, so little time.

  • John

    Had this been an article about the shitty and overrated artists like Elvis ( Who obviously ain’t even worth a hair on MJ’s ass) or The Beatles ( Who don’t even know what they sing), it would have made some sense.

    A man like Michael Jackson is once for all time. He is a genius. Wonders don’t happen always but when they do, you never have to question them.

    No one, literally, could touch MJ at his prime and again, I’m not MJ’s fan. I just knew that he is a phenomenon which many idiot’s can’t understand.

  • Romeo

    Michael Jackson is a musical genius. He is a creative being in whole other reality. As for performing, he kicked out all the artists in the industry at the age of 11, period! He is the youngest vocalist to top the music charts ever at the age of 11. He is the highest selling artist of all times. He changed Music Industry like no other. He is a man apart.

  • jay

    Hah! Right on. Most overrated ever. But, seriously, Cobain and Prince? You couldn’t tie me down and force me to listen to any of these three posers.

  • Correction

    But I’ll say it again. I am a Mike fan but this* guy hit the nail on the head.

  • Jay

    I am a Michael fan, but I have to AGREE with this article. I like the music (even his worst albums and those are some of my favorites) the videos, dance etc. but if you take away Quincy Jones and the teams of songwriters and producers from the equation and had Michael try to make music on his own, where would he be? Be honest. He is a great entertainer/artist but as a MUSICIAN, he’s lacking…Look at Britney Spears. She has accomplished almost everything Michael has to a smaller degree. We would all agree that she isn’t a musical genius and would laugh someone suggested otherwise. But Because Michael’s popularity is worldwide and almost universal back in the Thriller era, we call him a “genius”. Ray Charles was a genius. Prince was a genius. Stevie Wonder was a genius. The Beatles (when combined) were geniuses. Most arguments against this article might be something like “Michael’s the greatest of all time, he sold x million records” or “Only God could say”, “Michael’s so popular” or something else which is either off-topic, baseless, or subjective. If you wanna call him a genius, you gotta have SOMETHING REAL to back that up. Not sales figures, or claims of popularity.

    But I’ll say it again. I am a Mike fan but thisy guy hit the nail on the head.

  • Marcia L. Neil

    OMG — A contest at http://www.netzero.com home page shows a photo together with a question about who the likeness is, to win a free dinner at Chili’s! MJ is listed as one of the possibilties.

  • Eric

    I think I might be the only person to agree with the article. MJ made POP music, catchy music with not a lot of meaning for the most part. His voice was never that great on his so-called genius albums. Yes, he has a great live performance and dance moves, but I am talking about pure talent and song writing. Genius category is reserved for people like Stevie Wonder who make more than just dance songs. MJ is good, but not in the category people put him in.

  • Laughing at YOU

    I was prepared to be outraged by your obvious ignorance and smug assurance that you are right.
    After reading the various reactions to what passes for journalism, my outrage vanished, replaced by embarrassment for you.
    Now I’m just laughing.

  • Bejo


    I’m not a kind of “MJ fanatics” to be honest I prefer to hear “Joe Satriani, Chris Cornell, The Beatles or Sepultura”. but it doesn’t make me questioning that he is a musical genius for real…

    if U wanna proof.. I invites U to come to my home in Indonesia.. and I’ll gladly welcome and show U how many people do respect michael jackson and acknowledge him as a musical genius in a musical terms (we’re talking about music in here do we? I never went into his private life just like I respect Kurt Cobain too in a musical terms b’coz how many people in the world do U think can respect a person who comitted suicide?), even if we never went to MJ’s concert in our life before including myself or I don’t think none of us would ever perform MJ’s song on stage…

    PS: I’m a musician too & own a music studio (I’m a guitarist & vocalist), so I do have a musical environment here… (sorry if my english isn’t so good)
    “PEACE !!!”

  • I am no MJ fan, but I lived through that era when the music industry was going broke-MJ’s Thriller brought people back into the record stores, and thus got people buying other records as well.

    You’re letting personal prejudices color your view of musical history.

  • fred

    man u clearly have no idea about who is mj?
    your lost dude even quincy say that mj writes 90% of the songs on each album. your hopeless u need education lol

  • Piata

    “When you say Michael Jackson, people always think of an entertainer. They don’t think of the fact that I write songs. I’m not trying to brag, but I write them, and I direct a lot of [the videos]. I don’t think [younger artists] are aware of those things, which I think would be inspiring for them.”–Michael Jackson

    Michael grew up around instruments, all his brothers play an instrument..and quite well. I remember Randy on the congos at such a young age. Michael would have picked up a skill in some of those things as well.

    Most veteran musicians are adept in at least one instrument. Probably mostly piano. Michael isn’t classically trained obviously, but a lot of them play by ear. You almost have to know how in some way or another. That way when a melody or tune drops in your head, you can at least roughly transcribe it into something audible.

    Teddy Riley has said in the past that Michael can play instruments pretty well. Michael has been asked by one of his constant project workers, might have been Teddy Riley or someone else (it was ages ago!), when he’s going to play instruments in concert. MJ said he will only do that when he can no longer sing and dance on stage – so that’s a long way off still!

    Boddicker has said in the past, 1994 I think, that Michael can play keyboards brilliantly and played the bars of Stranger In Moscow for him, so he could do it in the studio.

    Added to that people like Paul McCartney have said often enough that MJ can do just about whatever you need him to do in the studios so you don’t have to lift a finger. Paul’s quote effectively means Michael is able to more than hold his own in the studio against Paul’s own years of experience – this included the instrumentation.

    Michael also does play on the DSTYGE demo – he’s tapping out the tune with bottle, for example. He can also tell by listening if anyone is playing correctly – this is usually called a musical ear, but that is a false name because it is actually a musical mind that is needed since you need to account for people who can’t hear well being able to play perfectly. He also plays guitar and percussions on “Morphine”.

    It’s not surprising that Michael can play certain instruments and the facts speak for themselves. His mother plays clarinet, Joseph plays guitar, Tito and Jermaine play guitar and the other brothers can also play if you check Jacksons albums credits. In fact, some of the Jacksons albums says ‘all instruments played by…’ – MJ is listed as having played instruments himself as well.

  • MayC

    “there is no poverty like ignorance, and there is no wealth like knowledge”

    darryl – “famous journalist” my a**!
    to be a journalist dont you need to do some research??
    eminem was at michael jackson “dedication to himself show” ????????????….get ur facts straight!

    darryl – “earns an honest living, feeding off mj’s fame” – i think so!

    you should be thankful to mj for getting you so much attention… you probably didnt get any when you were younger…thts why i sense a bit of jealousy towards mj and his fame
    ….hence this trashful article!

    and here i am giving you some acknowledgment for this unworthy piece…wasting my time writing…but me ..like other mj fans have kind and truthful hearts…thts y we respond.. so we can help you through menapause or wateva ur going through! : ) – i know u write this cr*p to stir pple up…but dont u have a life??

  • PeaceSign

    I’ll add one more point about his supposed “musical genius”.

    You criticize the man for working with other producers–which I do not understand at all. He’s only being smart–collaborating with other musicians is essential in keeping with the times and making good music that a large audience will enjoy. People working together with other musicians to make good music is always a great thing–have you ever seen an orchestra?

    And since when is playing a “musical instrument” a requirement for being a “musical genius”?

    Beside the fact that he has most definitely played guitar and keyboards in the development of a few of his tracks (including those unreleased–though not on stage), what you need to understand is this:

    Michael’s VOICE is his musical instrument.

    I don’t quite understand why people get the impression that a person’s singing voice is not a “musical instrument”, when it produces music just as beautifiul as any constructed instrument made of wood or metal.

    And on Michael’s musical composition skills, some of his best songs are those that he has composed himself (which would be a great majority of them). And the songs that are not composed soley by him, he usually is a co-composer/producer.

    Again, any credit awarded to Michael is well deserved, and well earned.

  • PeaceSign

    …I wanted to add that, in the vain of his ability to “bring people together”, he has always had worldwide appeal–the majority of his music has always been about love, ant-hate, and anti-violence. People of every single race, color, religion, ethnicity, nationality, and creed, love his music, and can relate to his lyrics and his message. People like Michael only come around once in a blue moon–he truly is special. And he really is an embassador for world peace.

  • PeaceSign

    If you ask me, he’s underrated.

    Michael Jackson is the ultimate entertainer.

    Absolutely no one has had the appeal or success that he has–he is, and always will be, unmatched in every way. Women are enchanted by him, men love him and want to be him. He brings people together. He has always had that power. He makes people cry, he makes people laugh, he makes people think, and he makes people dance.

    We are all wowed by his dance moves, and his breathy vibratto singing voice (which is in no way “weak” as someone here has stated–but very powerful, distinct, and unique).

    He is an incredible showman and has inspired so many artists today (some you could even call blatant copy cats) in terms of not only dance moves and singing style, but work ethic and showmanship–large world tours, extravagant stage props, and a drive to rehearse day and night to make sure that the shows are just perfect–never disppointing the fans.

    Not to mention that he has basically laid the groundwork for the modern music video–telling a consistent string or story through out the entire video–he is a story teller. I remember growing up when “MTV” was nick named “Michael TV” Those were good times. He is an innovator in so many ways, and his way of directing his music videos is only one great example of this.

    My goodness, I could go on and on all day about this man’s influence and talent–I don’t think I even have enough space! He deserves every bit of glory he has ever had and will ever get. This man has such staying power–he has been performing and singing and dancing and directing and composing from the 60’s to the 2000’s. Do you people understand how insane this is? How much drive this takes? The industry he is in is a tough industry–no doubt about it. But he has never let that hold him down. He is a great composer, singer, and dancer, and has the charisma to match. He’s the total package.

    The man is unstoppable–unbreakable, you could say.

  • Marcia L. Neil

    ‘Michael jack son’ is an album theme — many young and not-young men have inspired the theme. Only one of them is put on stage to perform.

  • Braden

    lol um im not a die hard Michael Jackson fan but this article is absolute garbage. If anything he is underated, simply because so many of his talents is unnoticed to alot of people.

  • Yeaaaaaa


  • Jos

    Oh, and of course Michael Jackson’s lyrics are perfectly clear. (where is that rolling eye thing when I need it)

    And MJ paid millions out to the other kid so don’t try to slough that off as being not guilty.

  • I can’t even believe that people like Kurt Cobain who mumble all there lyrics before eventually drugging themselves to death would be considered genius. Why do people think it so funny to make fun of someone so kind to the world? I can’t even understand why the molestation jokes are still even being tossed around, does no one realize he was NOT found guilty? I think that means something here. Get over it!

  • Jazzy

    Ur an idiot Michael Jackson is a legend prince is to but Micheal is better. Don’t talk about the man bcause his making more money than u’ll ever see in ya life u piece of crap i wanna see u get on a stage n sing n play some instruments and we’ll see how big of a star u will be

  • Nigel

    Regardless of his personality, Michael Jackson IS the king of pop. I think some people are too stupid to understand, even IF he were a mass murderer his music would STILL BE GREAT! Hate the man but dont try to use it as substantial grounds for “his music being overrated”.
    His music was before its time and the writer of the article is an idiot, whos ridiculously unsubstantiated rant only makes him look more idiotic. “Overrated” doesnt rank highest amongst national world record sales(and thats for any artist). A better argument would have been to suggest he isnt as good as he was. But he is STILL the king of pop. And his music was never “overrated”.

  • Kofi

    The thing is that music has lived inside of Michael Jackson since birth. He is a prodigy. He problably can even explain how he does what he does and know what he knows. He is music in bodily form. I think that’s what some can’t see. When you are something don’t have to be a genius you just express what you are. The the elements that you choos to express it dosen’t matter. Those elements could be other people, musical instruments or anything else. His career is his expression of who he is and what he is made off. His genius is that he has suceeded in expressing that.

  • Cathy W

    Well it’s mighty funny how all the MJ fans and non-fans, who apppear to be, simply, music lovers, can come up with substantial arguments and facts to back up their claims, while the haters can only fling unsubstantiated insults. Things that make you go…hmmmmm!

    Michael Jackson, long live the king! Yes!

  • Why It Took MTV So Long To Play Black Music Videos


    Buzz Brindle, MTV’s early director of music programming who reported to Les Garland (MTV co-founder), defended the network’s early format then and does so now. “The point I always made was that MTV was originally designed to be a rock music channel,” he says. “It was difficult for MTV to find African-American artists whose music fit the channel’s format that leaned toward rock at the outset”.

    When Michael Jackson’s record label submitted his video for Billie Jean in 1983, it changed how the network excluded videos. Garland was the man who made the decision to air Billie Jean, though it didn’t fit the formula.

    “There was never any hesitation. No fret,” says Garland, dispelling the “myth” that Jackson’s record label threatened to pull all of its videos if Billie Jean was not shown. “I called Bob (Pittman, MTV co-founder) to tell him, “I just saw the greatest video I’ve ever seen in my life. It is off the dial it’s so good.” We added it that day. How (the myth) turned into a story literally blew our minds.”

    After Billie Jean, Jackson’s Beat It followed the same year. Next came Thriller, a 14-minute short film, and the first of its kind. “For the first time in the history of MTV, we spotted big time ratings spikes,” says Garland. “We were averaging back in those days like a 24 hour rating of 1.2, but every time we would play Thriller, we’d jump up to an 8 or 10. We learned a lot about programming.”

    Jackson’s videos helped break the color barrier at MTV. More videos by Black artists, most notably Prince, were then aired.

    “Fortunately, Michael Jackson helped us to redefine the musical parameters of MTV, “says Brindle, “and to help its audience become accepting of a more diverse group of artists and genres”.

    Davey D, host of San Francisco’s KPFA 94.1 Hard Knock Radio and hip hop/political columnist for the San Jose Mercury News, says that Jackson saved the entire music industry. “At that time the music industry was suffering,” Davey D says. “He came along and pretty much saved it and took the level of video production to a whole other height and changed the game. So MTV owes a lot to Black artists and the type of attention that they drew to the channel”.

  • Mike

    Funny 🙂
    Check out this music blog that wrote some funny stuff on his new album.
    And there’s also a Chris Rock video where he’s talking down on Jackson.

  • Re: Otis B. Driftwood,
    Obviously the user was referring to African American
    performers FOR HIS GENERATION THEREAFTER. If it weren’t from him, black artists wouldn’t have been played on MTV, for example.

  • What da hell?!?


  • anthony

    This article is a peice of crap. The writer obviously has noo idea what he is talking about, for most of the information was wrong, michael jackson was credited on multiple albums for guitar and bass. And you actually reffered to Kurt Cobain as a musical genious? your nuts. Go see michael live im sure youd change your mind. The writer obviously will never make anything of himself.


    Michael Jackson is the “New King of Rock and Roll and Rhythm and Blues” since 1982 until 2007 !!!Michael sings Hard rock(Examples:”BEAT IT”,”BLACK OR WHITE”,”GIVE IN TO ME”), R&B(soul,funk) and Disco/Dance/Hip hop.

  • KEN

    Ten facts about Michael Jackson

    1 you must lock up your children when jacos coming to town
    2 he has a plastic nose and it falls off at least twice a day
    3 he has no friends/lovers over the age of 12
    4 he is a freak
    5 he stole most his dance routine even the moon walk of a street dancer that was featured on tv before Jackson ever did it
    6 he should be in jail
    7 if you chuck a bucket of water over him he will melt
    8 he lived is a small town called southpark for a wile under the name mr Jefferson
    9 he once went to a rod Stuart party and rod had arranged 2 super models to sleep with him Jackson wept got his coat and went home and told bubbles all about it
    10 hes guilty

  • bobby

    There has been no visual evidence of mj playing a musical instrument I find that odd considering how long he has been in the business and seeing how he is credited for playing so many instruments on his album sleeves it does make me raise an eye brow. Therefore, in theory he gets credit for playing instruments when he clearly cannot. Is this also the case with the songs he has supposedly written? If you take a quick listen to such songs as billi jean the way you make me feel the subject matters are very adult i.e. “the child is not my son“ I doubt these issues have ever been in Jackson’s life im shore those subjects have never entered his mind. If I believe he has ever written a single song id say it’s the song Ben, a odd song about a man-child in a strange relationship with a young boy called Ben. Jackson a musical genius I would not even put him in the category as a musician he is an entertainer a very good entertainer nothing more he is a marketing gimmick gone wrong. Hendrix is a musical genius Dylan is a musical genius Lennon is a musical genius. Jackson is just a freak and fraud king of pop he’s the king of pervs the king of pedos the king of plastic

  • Kim B

    And, ah, but there’s the rub V. Honesty. A real artist is one who is honest with himself first and foremost. With all the personal problems that Michael Jackson has endured in his life (many of them self-imposed) one would think that he would at the very least use his music to honestly delve into them. Unless you include the trite “Man in the Mirror” and equally insipid “Leave Me Alone” where he blames others for his problems, he has yet utilized his music to give us the slightest hint of the pain that he has had to endure at the hands of his fathers and due to the trappings of fame.

    The beginning of the end can be traced back to when he began to demand that people call him “The King of Pop”. An artist doesn’t get to decide whether or not he/she is a star or not, the audience does. There is a new “king of pop” every 5 years or so, such is the fickle nature of popular music. To insist that others ordain you the King of Pop instead of working hard to maintain your status is the height of narcissism. This just goes to prove that for Michael Jackson maintaining the illusion of relevence has always been more important than producing good work.

    Michael Jackson, as Britney et al, could do with a few years out of the limelight where they can reflect on where their lives are and how they got there. Who knows a couple of good songs might come out of it. But I somehow doubt it. Why should they staart making quality music now.

  • V.

    “then just believe what you believe and continue rest of your lifes living untrue to your own selves. But the truth triumphs! And remain as Truth!”

    You should’ve put your narrow-minded perception to sleep before responding to me. I’m not the one forcing my opinion down another individual’s throat. Therefore, I’m already being truthful to myself. 🙂 And, LOL! Isn’t it funny how Jackson’s supporters want to share their knowledge about “honesty”, yet they support a pathological liar? Oh, the irony!

    Anyway, I’m done responding to the comments made by the “fans” on here. Thank you for the laughs, darlings. <3

  • lil T

    Dear V, I think it’s just wise from my part just to stop discussing about this subject. I admire his amaizing (from what i have seen and experienced) talent and his uniq nature. But I’m not a `Die hard FAN` of MJ!!I don’t owe a single album of him, only couple of singles among those are Ben, Heal the world and smooth criminal. I just give him his share of credit of what he is! Just bieng fair to a fellow human bieng who has achieved hell of a lot in life and through that automatically become some one with an extraordinary talent in what he do. If you like, and Daryl too as well as all the others who disagree and discredit his abilities and talent, just read the latest comments (on the 20th sept.2007) what Akon made about MJ!! As i wrote you guys in my other notes, people who witness his talent are those whos work with him and those who analyse things without prejudice just bieng fair.And That’s all i’ve got to say! Just read or hear what Akon says abou MJ! if you think Akon is an idiot, and know nothing, then just believe what you believe and continue rest of your lifes living untrue to your own selves. But the truth triumphs! And remain as Truth! Those openions about MJ are not only my own. not at all!As i have wrote, AMA (American Music Awards, Grammys, Steven Spielberg, Beyoncè, Celin Dion and most recently Akon (to name Few) explains what and Who Michael Jackson is.They just give the credit to a person who deserves it.

  • V.

    “your knowledge on MUSIC in general is poor.”

    In YOUR opinion. 🙂

    “From the way he thinks about music, entertainment ect..,Michael Jackson lives 20years to the future in thinking and dreaming. he has been alway’s like that, even as a 5 year old jackson 5 lead singer. those are just facts.”

    No, those are just YOUR personal opinions.

    “I hope you learn to analyse more responsibly and wise.”


    I repeat:

    **On “Who Is It”, he makes gulping/hiccup-y sounds. On “D.S.” and “Tabloid Junkie”, his “singing” sounds more like “expectorating.” On “Is It Scary”, he tries to sound like a seagull! “Is it scary for you, baby?! *insert seagull imitation here* Am I scary for you, baby? Am I scary for you?!”**

    P.S: “Who Is It”, “D.S.”, & “Is It Scary” are songs that were written and composed by Jackson himself. Shouting “HEE! AOW! SHAMONE!” is NOT a talent. Grabbing your crotch while performing on stage is NOT a talent. Re-re-re-releasing the same songs is NOT a talent. [Number Ones, The Ultimate Collection, Visionary].

    Just like you’re entitled to believe that Jackson is a “musical genius”, I’m entitled to believe that he’s not. 🙂

  • lil T

    Dear V. your knowledge on MUSIC in general is poor.I’m sorry that i have to tell you that. there are uncountable amount of different aknowledgements on Michael Jackson from various organisations, diff. awards to honour musiciens and artists. fro an example, at the age of 34 he recieves the living ledgend award at the American Music Awards which one get a chance of recieveing and achieving only once in life time. And those awards just don`t come on a siver tray brought to ones feets. Certainely not! if it`s vedios or single tracks or an album in general.., its all connected to one & nother. and i really don’t understand what you mean by saing a man whos aim to please masses!!?? and i ask my self.., if he(MJ)’s like that, so whats wrong about it??? and if he was able to get through to that masses he aimes..,then he has accomplished his mission!, and what that all got to do with if MJ a genius or not??? what i believe is.., that he borned by nature as a music genius rater than saying he became one later on in his life.From the way he thinks about music, entertainment ect..,Michael Jackson lives 20years to the future in thinking and dreaming. he has been alway’s like that, even as a 5 year old jackson 5 lead singer.those are just facts.i’ve seen and experienced many great acts and entertainers, musicians, dancers ect.. but this guy MJ is something special something uniqe, extraordinary.On stage and in studio He’s electryfrying and exiting. I hope you learn to analyse more responsibly and wise.

  • V.

    “Most music historians and serious music fans would have no problem saying that Louis Armstrong (ignighted modern jazz’s improvisational genius) Jimi Hendrix (did the same with the guitar); Ray Charles (Created soul music and could perform any genre of music from jazz to country), and Prince (in addition to being able to play more than 10 instruments, writes, produces, sings and performs live onstage like a demon. Hell, he’s past his prime but still can kick 90 percent of his peer’s ass onstage as evident by his string of recent 21 sold out concerts in London; not to mention playing a majority of all the instruments on his records and writing and producing for other acts).

    To me MJ on his albums has not shown improvisation or a groundbreaking nature. He was a man who aimed to please the masses, something that most geniuses do not care about. However, MJ’s genius did show onstage and in his early music videos. This is where you could see his genius as work…his videos were groundbreaking and showed the way…But we are not talking about music videos.

    As it stands, MJ is the greatest entertainer of his era who has shown his genius in other outlets, but not his music.”


  • V.

    “That’s a complete lie, and I’m sure you know that already.”

    …Riiight. Whatever you say. 🙂

    “Most fans won’t be buying it to “support” Jackson, they’ll buy it because they like his music, because Michael Jackson is a quality stamp.”

    …Riiight. Whatever you say. 🙂

    **On “Who Is It”, he makes gulping/hiccup-y sounds. On “D.S.” and “Tabloid Junkie”, his “singing” sounds more like “expectorating.” On “Is It Scary”, he tries to sound like a seagull! “Is it scary for you, baby?! *insert seagull imitation here* Am I scary for you, baby? Am I scary for you?!”**

    “Your claims that you know a lot about his “devotees” and that you are a former fan sound rather dodgy.”

    You’re one of the “devotees”, aren’t you? Then I don’t blame you for believing that my claims sound rather dodgy, even though they’re not.

    “All of your examples are extremely negative and portray Jackson’s fans as being 1000% insane.”

    …Uh, that’s because they are. And I can say that because I used to be one of them. 🙂

    “You’re just looking for excuses to discredit him and anyone who likes him.”

    I don’t need to look for any excuses. The circumstances speak for themselves.

    “If you’re seeking credibily amongst readers here, you might want to start being a little bit objective.”


    “Aw… Running out of valid arguments, are we V? :)”

    Aw… Who’s arguing? I’m not the one attempting to prove other individuals wrong. Jackson’s enthusiasts are, because they refuse to accept the fact that many, many people believe that their idol is a paedophile, and not a “musical genius.” That’s their distinct quality, not mine. 🙂 Their definition of an “accomplishment” is “discrediting the haters.” Those nasty, “cold” men and women such as Tom Sneddon, Diane Dimond, Jordan Chandler, Lisa Marie Presley, Debbie Rowe, and Roger Friedman. Give me a friggin’ break.

  • *M*

    V, his next album won’t tell anything about Jackson’s innocence. That’s just not the point, and I have no idea where you’re getting that idea from. It’s not because some lunatic extremist fan stated on some fanboard that they’d buy a dozen copies of the record, just to supposedly prove that MJ still sells well, therefore must be innocent, that “most of them” will! That’s a complete lie, and I’m sure you know that already.

    And what’s irrational about looking forward to one’s favourite artist’s new album? What’s wrong with intending to buy the CD because it has that artist’s name on it? Most fans won’t be buying it to “support” Jackson, they’ll buy it because they like his music, because Michael Jackson is a quality stamp (no matter what you say) Your claims that you know a lot about his “devotees” and that you are a former fan sound rather dodgy. I’m not saying that’s impossible (anyone can have a change of heart), but all of your examples are extremely negative and portray Jackson’s fans as being 1000% insane. Those things only apply to a minor portion of his fanbase, most of them are normal and balanced. You’re just looking for excuses to discredit him and anyone who likes him. Yet, you are failing. If you’re seeking credibily amongst readers here, you might want to start being a little bit objective.

    “Delusional? YES. Delisional…? Uh, is that even a word?

    Jackson’s supporters can’t spell. Need I say more? No wonder they believe in their idol’s “innocence.””

    Aw… Running out of valid arguments, are we V? 🙂

  • Kyle

    lol i can’t believe this article. Have you been living under a rock the last 25 years!? Michael Jackson is THE artist amongst artists. Whether its the songs, the dancing, the singing, the music videos…Michael Jackson set the standard of all those, at which all artists are compared to. Regardless of what you think of him he is a legend, and he always will be. Might as well just accept it!

  • V.

    I don’t know much about Westlife’s fanbase. However, I know a whole lot about Jackson’s devotees, considering I used to be one of them. Most [if not all of them] will buy his “album” once it’s released, because, in their opinion, it will teach the “cynics” a thing or two about Jackson’s “innocence.” […Huh?] They want to prove to the rest of the world that their “idol” is a misunderstood individual, and that they will support him no matter what. How irrational!

  • Stevie G

    Yeah I agree with the last comment. Its the same with everything though. Brand names become brand names because it has a few million people who buy the product, because of the name. The same applies in music. An good example in my eyes would be westlife, have they ever released a song any different from the rest, yet they get to number one purely because of their fanbase alone. Michael Jackson is no exception, he has a large fanbase, if the album is released it will sell, because of that fanbase. Most but not all will buy it if they like the music or not just because its by Michael Jackson

  • V.

    “If there are 15 million PEOPLE waiting then 9/10 there are 15 million Sales for Michael. thank you for the correction and for admitting that there maybe 15 million people who enjoy MIchaels music.”

    Uh, who said anything about “waiting”? The only individuals who are anticipating his [phantasmagoric] “come back” are the ones who buy his albums simply because he’s Michael Jackson.

    *One does not have to be an aficionado in order to enjoy an entertainer’s music.* 🙂

  • Stevie G

    #264 — September 13, 2007 @ 12:49PM — V.
    Apology accepted! :-).

    lol, great reply. Plus “One does not have to be an aficionado in order to enjoy an entertainer’s music” very true.

  • Brandon J

    Alright, let me rephrase this then. If there are 15 million PEOPLE waiting then 9/10 there are 15 million Sales for Michael. thank you for the correction and for admitting that there maybe 15 million people who enjoy MIchaels music.

  • V.

    You choose to believe in lies that were said by the world.


    Alot of people hate Michael just because of his looks.


    How would you feel if your father told you that you were ugly and that you had a Big Nose.

    I wouldn’t give a sh*t about it. 🙂

    You would want to change that.

    Nope. I wouldn’t want to alter my physical appearance just because an individual decided to make absurd comments about it.

    Besides, Michael only wanted little surgery, but they just went too far.


  • V.

    “Sorry were not all perfect like u.”

    Apology accepted! 🙂

    “And V, if there are 15 million fans, that 15 million albums and more than most are selling today.”

    One does not have to be an aficionado in order to enjoy an entertainer’s music.

  • Brandon J

    The article is not even accurate. For one Eminem was not at the tribute concert. He just wasn’t so for mello to say it is the most accurate is false. History sold 18 million worldwide with Earth Song being his most successful single in the U. K. Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough, Working Day and Night, Billie Jean, Beat it(which Q said we need something like My Cherona, and Michael suggested Beat it a ong he wrote), majority of Bad, alot of Dangerous, Plenty of History.

    If Q and teddy and all these people made Michael how come they have not been able to recreate that success. Michael is still selling 8 to 10 million records. Thriller and his Number one Collection Still sells 2,000 a week. Why is Teddy broke, and Q Qwest records flopped. Because Michael’s voice is an instrument entirely of it own.

    Next all those escapades by RF is funny how 3 of them said nothing happen, one did not even show up. I believe they know their sexual encounters better than you. And V, if there are 15 million fans, that 15 million albums and more than most are selling today. Judging from the fact that last half hour of the jackson concert got 33 million, there are a few more that want to watch.

    He is not better than Prince, Dylan, Beatles, but he is a artist. He wrote more than Madonna, and Elvis who is consider the King. He selling more records than Prince without attaching them to tickets for sales. He selling about the same as Madonna, before american Life. He is a musical genius in the performing, entertaing, and creating which has given him the edge over Prince and is why the youth like Chris Brown, B%, Usher, Ginuwine, and so many more love Michael.

  • Stevie G

    The more I think about this Article and read the comments on here, I can’t help but think about who I would class as my number one musical genius.
    I’m a MJ Fan but he would probably be about 4th on the list. It would have to be David Bowie or Freddie Mercury at number one followed by Damon Albarn.

  • Stevie G

    #256 — September 11, 2007 @ 16:48PM — V.
    “Daryl, bit harsh on naming all jackson fans as delisional”

    Delusional? YES. Delisional…? Uh, is that even a word?

    Jackson’s supporters can’t spell. Need I say more? No wonder they believe in their idol’s “innocence.”

    Ha Ha, V, clever you. English teacher I take it or just a nob. If you check through the rest of the comments you will notice Daryl spelt Delusional as Delisional, the same as I did, he’s not a Jackson supporter. Sorry were not all perfect like u.

  • Vanesa

    We the diehard fans are the most happy people in the world, see, through psychology when you are a fan, you are one because you see in that person things that are your owns, so, i myself feel really comfortable with MJ´s artistic and personal life, i dance very well and of course i´m a perfectionist every MJ fan is. MJ is the greatest entertainer in this planet, and noone no matter how hard you try to bring him down, you will not be able to move not even one hair, beacause MJ and MJ fans are umbreakable, we are powerful and talented and we like thing that are sofisticated like the very MJ mind and art. and of course we like to defend those in pain, and triy to heal this wounded planet, instead of shed insanity like the haters, you haters are sooo stupid that you wont be able to understand not even a word i just said, but to the fans and the ones that are on Michael’s and the creative side i say to you, take care and try as much as you can to help those in pain we can change this planet for the better. Thanks, Vanesa

  • V.

    “Over the world there are maybe 15 million fans who are dieing to see him preform again! and will do a murder to have him on tour again….”

    I rest my case. 🙂

  • V.

    “I lifted 3 people above my head with the aid of other fans, because they had fainted…to me if someone can have that kind of affect on poeple because their act/performance/voice etc etc is so insanely talented, then they surely must be a Musical Genius.”

    They didn’t faint because Jackson was “so insanely talented.” They fainted because they lacked self-control.

  • Rachel Martinez

    You, Daryl are delusional for hating on Michael Jackson. You choose not to study him and look at all the good things about him. You choose to believe in lies that were said by the world. Alot of people hate Michael just because of his looks. How would you feel if your father told you that you were ugly and that you had a Big Nose. You would want to change that. Besides, Michael only wanted little surgery, but they just went too far. If you want to keep on writing, go ahead, but do not write about our lovely Michael Jackson!!!

    My name is Rachel Martinez and I am PROUD to say that I am a Die Hard Michael Jackson Fan! I LOVE YOU, MICHAEL!

  • V.

    “Daryl, bit harsh on naming all jackson fans as delisional”

    Delusional? YES. Delisional…? Uh, is that even a word?

    Jackson’s supporters can’t spell. Need I say more? No wonder they believe in their idol’s “innocence.”

  • Ale

    MICHAEL JACKSON IS AN ABSOLUTE GENIUS, that’s it, there are soooo many people i know that can play every instrument on this earth, but, they are common, you know, that’s the truth, why you get involved in this stupid question, MJ is A genius even if he plays or not all the instruments on earth, wether he plays a pencil or a piece of metal, he IS sooo CREATIVE that he will make you a hole song out of these two things, his voice, his singing ways, his very presence are the ones of a genius, that’s the truth, and there’s nothing noone can do,bye bye everyone and as a last I will like to say this MJ,THE KING OF POP, will live forever.

  • Winston Jordan

    You say Michael Jackson is not a musical genuis but Kurt Cobain is (don’t get me wrong I do like Nirvana)? Jeez get out the Q-tips. Someone needs an ear-cleaning. Many of MIchael’s most famous songs he wrote, arranged and produced himself.

  • chris

    One more thing, it really winds me up when people accuse Michael Jackson of crimes (or anyone else for that matter), despite the fact he was acquitted, without knowing anything about the case they are talking about. The same thing has happened to OJ in the past and it will continue to happen in the future. I don’t pretend to know any details of what really happened in the OJ case (except for what the papers said, which cannot be relied upon as being factual or unbiased), so I would not give an opinion or call him a criminal.

    I regret not being informed properly during the OJ case (I was only 10 tho) so I made a point of keeping myself informed of FACTUAL information from the MJ trial using transcripts and I am 100% able to say that Michael Jackson was not guilty of that particular crime. I would not stand up for someone capable of that type of vile crimes.

  • chris

    I was shocked that Daryl gave the impression of knowing what he was talking about, even though he was clearly uninformed.

    the definition of genius is so ambiguous that people will always apply it to artists that others will not agree with, so I’m not bothered whether or not Darly thinks Michael Jackson is a genius. I will say thought that the most over rated artist in my opinion is Elvis Presley. the man did not write lyrics, produce music, or compose music, choreograph dancing or stageshows yet is widely promoted by the press (and many more people besides) as ‘The King’. People act as tho he is a god, when all he was was a fairly good singer. His talent was far less than many many artists I could mention, yet they are pushed aside. It has become fashionable to regard Elvis as a demi god, yet it is based on little evidence. The due died and that was the best career move he could have made, because without that his career would have been mostly forgotten by now just like Cliff Richards.
    One inaccuracy that nobody else seems to have picked on is that Eminem was not at the 30th anniversary show in New Yorl

  • Sean Mahoney

    Love ’em or hate e’m , daryl I have to give you respect for saying what’s on your mind. I personally think Justin Timberlake is more over rated than MJ but to each his own.

  • Dominique

    Furthermore, it seems pretty lame to try to discredit everyone who disagrees with you by calling them a “fan”. It’s like a Christian trying to make a case for God saying, “You’re just disagreeing with my argument because you’re an atheist!” Of f’ing course they are.

  • Dominique

    Why don’t you go write an article about how Greta Garbo was actually a hideous troll?

    It doesn’t really make sense to call Michael Jackson a fantastic entertainer and dancer, but then criticize him for not playing an instrument on-stage. Why would people pay money to see Michael Jackson display a talent that one in every four angst-filled high school males has rather than a legendary talent that only he has? It’s like paying full-price for Cedar Point, but all the roller coasters are shut down.

    But you know, his singing and dancing abilities aren’t really enough to solidify his status a musical genius, because everyone knows singing and dancing have nothing to do with music.

  • Charles Thomson

    Still amazed by Daryl’s insistence that Jackson is a paedophile.

    All he linked in his response was a copy of Jordan Chandler’s statement. What he failed to include in his post was links to all the evidence which systematically discredits every allegation he makes within that statement.

    If Daryl considers himself a decent writer he should get out of his bedroom and do some research before he makes libelous allegations.

    As I previously said, the only people who believe Michael Jackson is guilty are the people who are not educated enough on the topic to be bleating their opinions as facts. Anybody who actually knows either case knows that there is simply no argument in favour of Jackson’s guilt but insurmountable evidence which shows he is innocent.

    Twelve jurors gave unanimous not guilty verdicts on every charge.

    Daryl, unless you sat through every day of trial the same as they did, you are in no position to be arguing with their decision; it is both arrogant and imbecilic.

  • lil T

    `Michael Jackson the world know is an elusive personality. but for his friends.., for those who really know him and work with him is a warm hearted, very inteligent, childlike and shy person who is very very sensitive for the problems of our world and for the needs and the goodwill of the children of the world. He lives within his own created world of fantasy… He’s like peter Pan… a boy who refuses to grow up and become an adult. But when it comes to business… he’s a shrewd businessmen.He take control of the situation and make the best deal., and as a musician he’s a Genius!’ – ‘ Steven Spielberg on Michael Jackson’ and i think some one like Spielberg knows what he’s talking about! Don’t U think So?

  • kash

    lamarmaddox what planet are you on?
    MJ is a musical genius. Although its not there fault he has done what no other black artist like stevie wonder, james brown, diana ross, smokey robinson, marvin gaye, jimi hendrix etc. could not do. He waltzed into the white market and blasted everyone away. Then when it got too much for the racist music industry especially when he bought the beatles songs and became the first black entertainer to earn $1 billion they have tried to destroy him in the biggest conspiracy within entertainment.

  • Stevie G

    Daryl, bit harsh on naming all jackson fans as delisional. Some have taken it way to personally though, at the end of the day it’s your opinion. I cant really say anything about his social life cos i dont know the man. As a Musician I think hes a legend. He should have stayed the same as he was in the 80s before the onslaught of changes. i like his music but i wouldn’t want him as my best friend. Congrats on creating a great debate.

  • Sabine

    Stop, Daryl – don`t call Michael Jackson “pedophile”, you go far – this is disrespectful and ignorant.

    I love my country and my country believes that everyone is innocent until proven guilty. He was proven innocent by a court of law. All the hate speeches and lynch mob mentality in the media won’t change that. Respect that.

  • LMAO

    Christopher, thanks for the response. Didn’t know that “article authors have no control over the comments space.”

    I used to be a little taken aback by the passion. No more. We’re talking about a man who has his own fan-composed ANTHEM, complete with video, for pete’s sake. LOL. I would post a line from Jackson’s anthem, but that would likely cause Daryl D to lose it again. 🙂

    mwuahahahahaha! indeed. Anyway, you still rock.

  • lil T

    tha FACT is… that Michael Jackson has created, through his musical, artistical ability a new meaning and a new hights to da entertainment & misic industry. He (MJ) is one of da very very FEW artist’s who see Music as an Industry rather than a business and work on that as a one man army or a force to save `Music Industry` bcome a business. He’s the REASON for many great music what exists at present.. creating a sound, a style, a quality wich helped many kids no mater were they blacks or white kids.., to innovate and make great music, using what he (MJ)created and made popular. Hip Hop may have not got to da position and to da popularity what it has today if there weren`t creative, talented, and inspiering musical genious’s such as Michael Jackson.And that’s fact! and da truth! It is sad that some people…, without knowing him (MJ) personaly waht and who he rally is trying to tarnish his image and his talent… it’s truely sad!

  • daryl d

    LOL! All the comments show is that the pedophile, Michael Jackson, has fans that are, well, as crazy as he is. Keep the comments coming and go visit this site when you have a chance. It says a lot about your “idol”

  • Ebony

    Ha ha !!! i have just seen how many people have replied to your disgusting artical..have fun reading those.I have sent you an email and so i am not going to waste anymore time on you other than to say i told you so!!! dont mess with Michael jacksons fans or Michael :):)idiot

  • Sean

    I won’t even argue Michael Jackson’s talents/genius because I would just be repeating what many others (even non-MJ fans) have addressed. What I will say however is that this blogger (Daryl D or whatever his name is) is simply trying to make a name for himself by taking an obviously controversial viewpoint and writing about it. The blog has not credibility and neither does the author.

  • Unfortunately, several people have let their passionate partizanship get the better of them and either made inappropriate comments or, and you may find this more personally relevant, used multiple identities. Naturally, all this trash had to go.

    Article authors have no control over the comments space here, that burden is mine, all mine! mwuahahahahaha!

  • LMAO

    Christopher Rose, you rock! Nice to know someone is keeping an eye on bloggers lacking self-control. 🙂

    Now you see it, now you don’t. There are over 20 posts that have been whitewashed… deleted… erased… whatever. Christopher, is that you? OR is it Daryl D can spew it out but wants to censor responses. LMAO.

  • lamarmaddox

    MJ is Genius said

    “lamarmaddox, you seem to have left out Michael Jackson out of the group of geniuses on the basis of songwriting. But why should you be called a genius because you can write songs over being able to sing, perform, produce etc. One of the objectives of all these skills is to inspire many people isnt it. There are great songwriters who can’t sing and dance to a particular level and there are great singers and dancers who can’t write songs to a particular level. But MJ can do it all, sing, write, perform, produce etc. You can call someone a genius who is very unique, is naturally talented, intelligent etc. To some people none of the mentioned would be called genius, it depends on who you set your standards on. But if you can call people like prince, armstrong, hendrix, ray charles etc. geniuses then Michael Jackson is a Genius. Be fair..”


    Oh, I think I’m being very fair. Like most folks in their mid to late ’30s I grew up with MJ…In the first half of the ’80s the man was literally a God. And as I stated before, I always thought MJ was more of a genius of the stage (His 1981 Triumph tour with his brothers remains one of his strongest, most straight forward shows) , before he began relying heavily on bells and whistle special effects and lipsynching.

    Again, I disagree with the blogger that to be a genius you have to be able to play an instrument .It could be argued that Aretha Franklin’s vocal abilities were genius. It could be argued that jazz vocalist Billie Holiday posessed a genius in her ability to transform the blues into something otherworldly

    But you make little sense saying that MJ can do it all (again, this is coming from someone who is a MJ fan from way back.). Most music historians and serious music fans would have no problem saying that Louis Armstrong (ignighted modern jazz’s improvisational genius) Jimi Hendrix (did the same with the guitar); Ray Charles (Created soul music and could perform any genre of music from jazz to country), and Prince (in addition to being able to play more than 10 instruments, writes, produces, sings and performs live onstage like a demon. Hell, he’s past his prime but still can kick 90 percent of his peer’s ass onstage as evident by his string of recent 21 sold out concerts in London; not to mention playing a majority of all the instruments on his records and writing and producing for other acts).

    To me MJ on his albums has not shown improvisation or a groundbreaking nature. He was a man who aimed to please the masses, something that most geniuses do not care about. However, MJ’s genius did show onstage and in his early music videos. This is where you could see his genius as work…his videos were groundbreaking and showed the way…But we are not talking about music videos.

    As it stands, MJ is the greatest entertainer of his era who has shown his genius in other outlets, but not his music.

  • DG

    And I find it hilarious how you say Thriller’s success is ALL because of Quincy Jones. As I recall, it was Michael who wrote Bille Jean and Beat It (the albums two biggest songs.) It was Michael’s idea to make the Thriller video. It was Michael himself, who moonwalked at Motown 25 changing dancing forever. It was Michael who sang the songs.

  • Charles Thomson

    I have to laugh at all the imbeciles who persist in their allegations that Jackson is a pervert, in an extremely childish and illiterate way, when I already wrote a long, educated and factual account above of exactly why he was so obviously innocent.

    Some people are just reactional and moronic. Especially bible belt Americans and deadhead media sponges.

    At the end of the day, the facts boil down to this:

    Anybody who genuinely believes that Michael Jackson was guilty simply does not know enough about the subject to offer an informed opinion. In other words, they’re talking out of their ass.

  • DG

    I agree with you, except for a couple of things:
    He’s the biggest selling artist of all time with the biggest selling album of all time. Everyone “hot” right now is imitating him. He’s the most famous (known to exist) human being. He’s won more awards than any other artist on the planet. His dancing and videos have changed the way people perform. His HIStory tour is still the biggest tour of all time, and he never even came to America. Yeah, he may not play an instrument (well as we know) but that does that make him less of a genius. Einstein is labeled as a genius, yet I doubt he got straight A’s in English class.

    All these comments and he’s overrated? If this article was about Elvis, Madonna, Springstien, Sinatra, Beatles, Prince Zeppelin there wouldn’t even be HALF the amount of comments.

    So actually, I don’t agree with you at all.

  • Mark

    All I can say about Michael Jackson — PERVERT!

    His fans are probably child molesters too that’s why they defend him.

    What’s wrong with you?!, why doesn’t you look to his music in staid of judge him by what he do??
    You must be a sick and f*cking stupid person to say this!!!
    Over the world there are maybe 15 million fans who are dieing to see him preform again! and will do a murder to have him on tour again….

    So stop fooling around, if you don’t like his music than stop waisting your time on a Michael Jackson blog!!!

  • Jeanocide

    I love all these comments by this has-been’s enthusiasts. It says more about them then it does about this article which is spot on for the most part.

  • AL Girl

    All I can say about Michael Jackson — PERVERT!

    His fans are probably child molesters too that’s why they defend him.

  • 70s MUSIC FAN



    lamarmaddox, you seem to have left out Michael Jackson out of the group of geniuses on the basis of songwriting. But why should you be called a genius because you can write songs over being able to sing, perform, produce etc. One of the objectives of all these skills is to inspire many people isnt it. There are great songwriters who can’t sing and dance to a particular level and there are great singers and dancers who can’t write songs to a particular level. But MJ can do it all, sing, write, perform, produce etc. You can call someone a genius who is very unique, is naturally talented, intelligent etc. To some people none of the mentioned would be called genius, it depends on who you set your standards on. But if you can call people like prince, armstrong, hendrix, ray charles etc. geniuses then Michael Jackson is a Genius. Be fair

  • 70s MUSIC FAN


  • angel zen

    I’m glad i read this though because i didn’t realize that Michael Jackson had sex with Janet when she was young. I always believed he molested her but now i know its true. sicko!~

  • angel zen

    Excellent article that says everything abt Jackson I always thought and the comments here show just how crazy Mr. Jackson’s fan base is.

    I always thought Mr. Jackson was overrated and could never stand his music. That’s one thing but the fact people here are standing up for a child molester is sick.

  • lamarmaddox

    As usual both sides of the debate (MJ’s supporters and the dismissive MJ critics) are full of shit…Making MJ out to be a one trick pony is a bit clueless and shows the blogger to be uninformed…But making him out to be an artist with instrumental prowess is a bit wacky as well….(One should not judge genius strictly on the ability to play an instrument…BUT MJ is not an instrumentalist…Hitting a keyboard sequencer does not make him a piano player…lol)

    As for his songwriting: The truth is Jackson wrote many of his greatest hits (from Don’t Stop Til U Get Enough to “Bille Jean”) BUT, MJ has also had a lof of his hits written and produced by others as well (Qunicy played a huge role by helping craft the Michael Jackson sound on those first two solo landmark albums: Off The Wall & Thriler…while Rod Temperton wrote “Rock With You” and the guys from Toto wrote “Human Nature)…So both sides have ammunition to fire…

    In terms of his impact in the ’80s and beyond, MJ was the biggest “star” on the block…Let me repeat this: MJ was the biggest act on the planet….However, the term “genius” needs not be thrown around like an after thought compliment…I always looked at MJ as a legendary entertainer and perhaps the best of his generation…To me Mike’s true genius was always on the concert stage NOT on his records or songwriting…Before the lipsynching the man could do no wrong on the concert stage…He danced better than Fred Astaire; could sing like an angel live, and gave some of the most landmark performances of all time..At times it seemed like another spirit seemed to be posessing the man…He was THAT GREAT LIVE….In this regard, the blogger is half correct (still he seems clueless about MJ’s recording career…)…

    YET, when I think of overall geniuses names like Louis Armstrong, Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, Ray Charles, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Prince, Stevie Wonder, and Sly Stone come to mind…(I like Kurt Cobain, but he was no genius…I do think he was a great force; but let’s not start smoking that crack…) …To me genius does not equal record-breaking album sales…MJ was great because of his immense talents, not because he has the biggest selling album of all time…MJ heads need to stop using that shit as a shield…For real

    These above talents could write, produce, sing, and and play their own instruments (extremely well I might add…And one of the above could also dance his ass off…) and at times created a new sound and artistic pocket that went beyond hit-making…I don’t think MJ is on their musical or instrumental level…But on the stage and vocally (he was always an underrated singer) he more than holds his own…He is arguably the greatest entertainer of all time…

    So for me MJ’s TRUE genius was not heard on his albums…When I think of great songs like “Billie Jean,” “Beat It,” “Working Day & Night” and “Butterflies” I don’t think of the genius of Stevie’s “Living For The City” or Dylan’s “Like A Rolling Stone” or Prince’s “The Ballad Of Dorthy Parker…”

    So while the blogger needs to do his homework on Michael Jackson, I agree that MJ is not a genius in terms as a songwriter…He was a genius however on the stage…

  • lamarmaddox

    As usual both sides of the debate (MJ’s supporters and the dismissive MJ critics) are full of shit…Making MJ out to be a one trick pony is a bit clueless and shows the blogger to be uninformed…But making him out to be an artist with instrumental prowess is a bit wacky as well….(One should not judge genius strictly on the ability to play an instrument…BUT MJ is not an instrumentalist…Hitting a keyboard sequencer does not make him a piano player…lol)

    As for his songwriting: The truth is Jackson wrote many of his greatest hits (from Don’t Stop Til U Get Enough to “Bille Jean”) BUT, MJ has also had a lof of his hits written and produced by others as well (Qunicy played a huge role by helping craft the Michael Jackson sound on those first two solo landmark albums: Off The Wall & Thriler…while Rod Temperton wrote “Rock With You” and the guys from Toto wrote “Human Nature)…So both sides have ammunition to fire…

    In terms of his impact in the ’80s and beyond, MJ was the biggest “star” on the block…Let me repeat this: MJ was the biggest act on the planet….However, the term “genius” needs not be thrown around like an after thought compliment…I always looked at MJ as a legendary entertainer and perhaps the best of his generation…To me Mike’s true genius was always on the concert stage NOT on his records or songwriting…Before the lipsynching the man could do no wrong on the concert stage…He danced better than Fred Astaire; could sing like an angel live, and gave some of the most landmark performances of all time..At times it seemed like another spirit seemed to be posessing the man…He was THAT GREAT LIVE….In this regard, the blogger is half correct (still he seems clueless about MJ’s recording career…)…

    YET, when I think of overall geniuses names like Louis Armstrong, Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, Ray Charles, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Prince, Stevie Wonder, and Sly Stone come to mind…(I like Kurt Cobain, but he was no genius…I do think he was a great force; but let’s not start smoking that crack…) …To me genius does not equal record-breaking album sales…MJ was great because of his immense talents, not because he has the biggest selling album of all time…MJ heads need to stop using that shit as a shield…For real

    These above talents could write, produce, sing, and and play their own instruments (extremely well I might add…And one of the above could also dance his ass off…) and at times created a new sound and artistic pocket that went beyond hit-making…I don’t think MJ is on the musical or instrumental…But on the stage and vocally (he was always an underrated singer) he more than holds his own…

    So for me MJ’s TRUE genius was not heard on his albums…When I think of great songs like “Billie Jean,” “Beat It,” “Working Day & Night” and “Butterflies” I don’t think of the genius of Stevie’s “Living For The City” or Dylan’s “Like A Rolling Stone” or Prince’s “The Ballad Of Dorthy Parker…”

    So while the blogger needs to do his homework on Michael Jackson, I agree that MJ is not a genius in terms as a songwriter…He was a genius however on the stage…

  • Ireland

    I do wish ‘writers’ would take a moment to do some proper research before committing junk like this to paper.

    If you’d actually bothered to speak directly to the those who’ve worked closely with Jackson on his albums, they would have informed you that he plays piano, guitar and drums.
    They would also have told you about the process Jackson uses when writing and producing his music, about how expertly prepared his demos are and how many of them mirror the finished songs used on his albums. They’d have told you about hundreds of songs he’s written and produced (not just for himself, but for other artists); and about the classical pieces he’s composed.

    In a way, Thriller has been a curse for Michael Jackson. So much of his real talent goes unnoticed by fools who refuse to look beyond the surface at the true nature of his talent.

  • Prince isn’t the issue here. Daryl’s rant is.

  • Gavin

    wow… Jackson is one of the few that I would never consider to be overrated. The man is taleneted, maybe too talented for his own good!


    OK, the truth is out daryl, so your a prince fan! LOL. Explains everything, ive noticed its the jealous prince fans who always have a dig at MJ because you know he is the biggest threat, which proves prince fans rate MJ higher than any other artist. By the way you should note Prince’s last 10 albums still havent sold more than the 10 million invincible sold! and that there is only one album (purple rain) that he has that has sold more than invincible.

  • Mark

    I totally agree!

    Michael Jackson has not for a joke the title ‘The King Of Pop’ believe me if we give Michael a change and not judge him about all those things, he will be the best musical genious ever.

    And Michael will write history again as never be done before…

    From: a true Michael fan.!

  • Laura

    How in the world can Michael Jackson be more overrated then say Elvis Presley or Madonna?

    Methinks something is off here. The article makes no sense whatsoever.

  • Tom

    Hey Daryl, how much did Prince’s last CD sell? Wasn’t he giving the cd away for FREE in newspapers in the UK? Omg, could u imagine if MJ did that? You’d be calling him every name in the book right now. Prince’s “Planet Earth” couldn’t even sell 100,000 copies. The album went wood. Haha. Dude is not relevant at all. Even with all of MJ’s drama he always has and always will sell more than Prince(ss) and be more relevant. HAHA, who’s bad? who’s bad?


  • Tom

    Daryl has now resorted to PERSONAL INSULTS which is the same thing he asked othres not to do (how hypocritical).

    Daryl basically can’t back s*it up.

    He’s been shutdown by Jackson’s fans (and some non fans as well) and feels stupid. He doesn’t have ANYTHING SUBSTANTIAL TO SAY. HE can’t debate with any pro-Jackson people on here because he doesn’t have any idea what he’s talking about and doesn’t even want to attempt to learn. Daryl is a bitter, crazed Prince fanatic.

    The truth is that Daryl is not interested in having a healthy debate about MJ’s career. He proved that in the article that he was biased against MJ and he is going to still feel how he feels about MJ regardless so whatever.

    Daryl did this to get attention because no matter if you love or hate Michael, his name still always sparks an interest among people.

    And for the hasbeen that Daryl tried to portray Michael is,I think it says a lot that people are still actively discussing him. I mean Daryl even took the time out of his busy schedule and active social life to write about someone he doesn’t like and thinks is overrated. That there says it all to me.


  • Mello1

    #214 — September 9, 2007 @ 17:32PM — daryl d
    LOL! I can’t believe how delisional Michael Jackson fans are. Guys (or the one person who is writing over and over) get a life, please! It’s just an article, an opinion. Anyway, I am so honored that this article has received so many comments, good or bad. Keep the comments up.
    Devoted perhaps, but clearly not delusional. Further, if you are going to front a blog, at least use some sort of spell check before you decide to reply to anyone. Lastly, I think that it is you who may need a life since clearly you are getting off on all of the attention.

    Which is precisely why you wrote this factless, bogus blog in the first place.

  • hess

    What a piece of S…!!

    Think of the man what you want, but his singing abilities can’t be questioned! He sings better than any other artist, he can sing both high and low and both perfect. Michael Jackson is a great great singer and I don’t think Invincible was dissapointing at all! I has sold nearly 10 million records, for most artist that would have been more than they could ever dream of, but when it’s Mike it’s bad?? How come? I think you are very very wrong and your article was only written to provoke I guess!

  • bono is shit

    “The most overrated musical acts ever are Madonna and Elvis Presley”.

    Totally agree TOM

  • Tom

    Hey sandra, did you know michael jackson holds the world record for the most world records?

    he did the 1st and 2nd biggest selling albums of all time

    and the press havnt said anything good about him for years….

    yeh.. totally overrated. 😛

  • kash

    and i forgot to add that michael jackson was the main man who made thriller the best album in the world. He wrote Billie Jean, Beat It, Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’, The Girl Is Mine and P.Y.T (original version – later to be released on the ultimate collection). He was the main man when it came to creating the billie jean and beat it videos and his talent in the thriller video was one of the main reasons why the album became the best selling in the world. He one 8 grammy’s for **** sake. The album was so successful it took 4/5 years to release his next album ‘bad’ and even now its selling more than some peoples new material. lol. By the way dylan and lennon are just song writers not great singers or great performers like MJ. MJ is the complete package only prince is the nearest to him.

  • daryl d

    LOL! I can’t believe how delisional Michael Jackson fans are. Guys (or the one person who is writing over and over) get a life, please! It’s just an article, an opinion. Anyway, I am so honored that this article has received so many comments, good or bad. Keep the comments up.

  • James

    wow… to the writer of this article i have one thing to say to you. have a listen to a michael jackson song such as “Billie Jean”, “Man in the Mirror” “Beat It” etc. Then have a listen to any song by a modern “artist” such as james blunt, scissor sisters, justin timberlake etc, and tell me which one has more talant. (btw im not dissing the other singers, they make good music, but in all fairness they cannot meet michaels abilities)

  • kash

    What a muppet u are daryl, your photo backs it up. Just saw your other blog stating that the culture club are the most underated band ever. You fool they have only ever had one decent song and that was there only chart topper in the UK and the USA, ha ha. Seems you dropped a big poo poo this time. Everyone on this blog has blasted you so do the decent thing and be a man, apologise and retract your stupid comments. You have no knowledge in these matters, so go easy on the crack numb nuts.

  • paul

    wow.. theres a lot of comments here.. anyway im basically gonna rephrase what everyone else has said. the reason michael jackson is regarded as a musical genius without playing an instrument on stage is because of one thing: his voice. love him or hate him, even the most biased of critics (such as this one) cannto deny that. for example, he mentions, on the thriller album: ” Michael Jackson did take part in writing and co-producing many of the songs (He wrote the cheesy “The Girl is Mine” all by himself)” he forgets to mention, that he also wrote the record breaking number one and one of the biggest selling and most famous songs of all time, Billie Jean. Also on INVINCIBLE (which was triple platinum, not double) he did alot of the instruments himself and probibly would have done so if sony had allowed him to do a world tour. point made.

  • joey

    its kind of obvious the guy who wrote this is out of touch with realty and most of thriller mike did on his own billy jean was done in his home before he called Quincy on to the project and thriller is number one because two guinesses worked together and did what they do best and mj did not proclaim himself king of pop his fans and friends did and Michael can work a studio and sound board as well as any producer.

  • Sara


    Haha, exactly! Prince was asked about Michael on a radio show back in 2003 or 2004 and said that Michael was a “genius”.

  • Charles Thomson

    Interesting that Daryl D puts so much stock in Prince.

    Prince has called Michael Jackson a genius in the past.

  • Sandra

    Michael Jackson sold more records than anyone in music history,so for a guy who’s “overrated he’s doing pretty well.

  • mark

    ok dude your article needs real help

  • Rick M.

    Clearly your goal was to push buttons and not actually write an intellectual article. It really takes a musician to give any logically critique of another musician. There is a reason why although he has lost a lot of fan (which is typically for any aging artist regardless of the strength of their work), the music industry still praises him. His both rhythmic and melodic phrasing, the vocal expression in his voice (in a genre plagued with expressionless singing), his writing ability, and it goes without saying his artistry on stage is unmatched. I think it’s a little funny that you actually imply that because Michael Jackson doesn’t play an instrument on stage, he doesn’t know how. Michael knows what his fans want to see and that’s what he gives them. Do you ever take into account the fact that many artist have instruments on stage because they lack the performance ability to stand on stage without one?

    I’m actually really glad you wrote this article because your comments are so easily dismissed, but the debate that follows is full of example of what makes Michael Jackson a musical genius. I think you helped prove exactly what you were trying to deny!

  • MAGO

    Michael Jackson´s musical skills can´t be questioned because he plays intruments live or not . He´s an orchestra himself , he´s got a 4 octaves range (amazing quality in a singer), he orchestrates his records form his mind, voice and body, he wrote most of his vocal and instrumental arragments during the thriller and bad albums(not Quincy). His chord progressions on ballads like I Just Can´t Stop Loving You and Will You Be There are simply amazing and effective. His production skills still sound innovative these days. He´s an incredible beatboxer….He´s got a different kind of musical genius , Did Jimi Hendrix or Kurt Cobain orchestrated something in their carrers ? no , They did not, beacuse they were in a different category of the musical geniuS.

  • Suzie

    Elvis Presley aka The White Man’s god is the most overrated arist in THE HISTORY OF ENTERTAINMENT. And don’t even get me started on The Beatles.

    Your article is bullshit. Plain and simple.

  • Tom


    Michael’s mouthpiece

    When the Jackson siblings were shooting the $7 million video of “Scream” last month in Los Angeles, Jam was about the only person familiar to both camps. While he was visiting Janet, Michael asked if he could borrow her producer.

    “We went in his trailer, and he’d gotten some new video game and he felt he could beat me,” Jam recalled. “I kicked his ass. I told him, ‘Michael, you’d better practice a little bit.’ Then Bob Jones, Michael’s publicist, said, ‘Michael would like you to speak to CNN, Michael would like you to speak to VH1, Michael would like you to speak to MTV.’ ”

    Jam didn’t receive any instructions on what to promote or which topics were taboo. He has since become the official spokesman for “HIStory,” having appeared on “PrimeTime” with Diane Sawyer and on “The Today Show” with Bryant Gumbel, and having been interviewed by Rolling Stone and Entertainment Weekly.

    Jam can talk about how Jackson went to the Mall of America nearly every day when he was in the Twin Cities. He loved to go in a disguise when the mall was crowded because he liked to check the social pulse. Jam can talk about how Jackson liked to play practical jokes, including setting off a stink bomb in a Los Angeles recording studio.

    Jam can talk about how cuddly Jackson is with his wife, Lisa Marie Presley. Jam can talk about how Jackson wore essentially the same outfit to the studio every time – whether in New York, L.A. or Edina: an oversized cotton shirt over a T-shirt (usually white), black jeans, penny loafers (sometimes white socks) and makeup.

    “I’m a bigger Michael fan than I was,” Jam said. “I was always a Michael fan. I’m a big Michael fan not only as a musician, but also now as a human being.”

    “I found him very normal,” Jam continued. “He was a guy who loved being in the studio. He would work all hours; he didn’t care. I’ve never seen anybody work any harder than he does. And that’s coming from somebody who’s worked with Prince; Prince is a hard-working guy.”

    “Michael is the nicest guy in the world. I remember reading a quote from Lisa Marie when they got married. And someone asked what she liked most about him, and she said, ‘He’s the nicest guy in the world.’ I laughed when I read that. But he really is. It sounds corny, but he’s definitely the nicest guy I’ve ever met.”

  • Tom

    Found the article on Michael where Jimmy Jam talks about besides Prince, Michael is the most PROLIFIC artist he’s ever worked. Here is an excerpt:

    Working overtime

    The Grammy-winning team of Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis was invited to New York last October to record “Scream” with the two Jacksons. The Minnesotans were told it would take three days. Jam and Lewis ended up spending six months on the Jackson project, writing and producing 3 1/2 of the 15 new songs on Michael’s album.

    “It ruined our year,” the 36-year-old Jam said the other day. Not that he is complaining about wrinkles in his schedule. Michael Jackson’s people met Jam and Lewis’ fee, which is among the highest in the business.

    Although Jam had met Michael Jackson a couple of times before ( including over dinner in 1988 ), he went into the project with no expectations. “The thing that was the most surprising was how spontaneous he was and also how prolific he was,” Jam said.

    “Because of not knowing him and having worked with Prince in the past, I always thought of Prince as the most prolific person because he would come up with songs a mile a minute. I always thought Michael was very meticulous, and he’d come up with one song a month. It’s really not true. Michael’s kind of a weird blend of spontaneous and meticulous. He came up with so many song ideas as we would just sit and talk.”

    The difference, Jam said, is that Prince can play several instruments so he can record his ideas right away, whereas Jackson is a collaborator who bounces his ideas off others. “And then he goes over the idea with a fine-tooth comb to make sure it’s absolutely the best idea it can be.”

  • Sally

    Excellent points Jerome! I know that this is the first and LAST time I will be reading this blog because the blogger doesn’t use substantial facts to back up his claims and it’s obvious that he is going to think whatever he wants to think about MJ at the end of the day. Doesn’t make a difference to me though because his opinion is just one out of how many? More people think MJ’s a genius than not so oh well. Too bad for this guy and the rest of the haters. They are outnumbered (as always). And no none of us are on any “MJ street team” *rolls eyes*. It’s called common sense. Some of you need to try and use it sometime.

  • Cathy

    BTW Michael did not proclaim himself THE KING OF POP, Elizabeth Taylor did and MJ’s millions of fans totally agree! No other pop artist has ever accomplished as much as MJ!

  • Jerome

    I love how the haters think all of us MJ fans each know each other personally and that we’re members of some elusive “street-team” … like we’re some crazed, organized street-gang who lurks in the shadows and strikes at night.

    In any event, I think we’ve made our case guys. The author of this article, after a few of us backed him into a corner about his errors and total lack of credible reasoning, simply spit out typical and offensive MJ comments in response — that were also completely off-topic from his article. (such comments were subsequently removed by the moderators lol)

    Hence, not only did he lose his own argument, but he also revealed his personal bias against MJ the person, not simply MJ the artist, rendering this article even MORE irrelevant than it already is…

    He’s just another guy with a chip on his shoulder who probably dug up some wikipedia numbers on MJ and then tried to pass them off as some … intellectual commentary on musical and artistic integrity.

    I’m sure he’s quite pleased with the number of responses, yet all he’s done here is convince a large group of MJ fans that any future articles from him, irregardless of topic, should not be given the time of day.

  • Cathy

    If anything Michael Jackson is underrated! The other artists you mentioned have never and will never have even half of the talent or success that MJ has had! The most overrated artists are Elvis and The Beatles! You must be really jealous of Michael Jackson to write such a stupid article!

  • Sally

    How can Michael Jackson be the most overrated musical act ever when he is CONSTANTLY being criticized by the media and public at large?

    He is the most ridiculed entertainer in the history of showbusiness so tell me, who exactly is overrating Michael Jackson these days? His fans? Yeah well most people tend to do that with their favorite artists.

    For the record I am not a big Jackson fan, but overrated he is not. If anything he is UNDERRATED these days because of how his personal life has overshadowed his amazing music abilities. Michael Jackson is a lot of things, but overrated he isn’t. The man is one of the most talented people to ever live.

  • Tom

    Oh and yes it’s true that Michael helps to choreograph most of his dance numbers. He helped to choreography “Thriller” and “Smooth Criminal” (and his name is listed at the ending credits as co-choreographer if some of u don’t believe me) so Michael has an imput in ALL ASPECTS of his career.

    He’s not some pupppet or studio creation like a Timberlake or someone. He is the one running the show. Anyone who has worked with Michael Jackson will tell you that he’s in fact a genius and that they have never worked with someone as talented. Jimmy Jam for example who used to play with Prince said a few years ago in an interview with MTV that he thought Prince was the most prolific artist he had worked with until he had a chance to work with MJ.

    Many people have spoken about MJ’s genius as an artist. He’s a lot more than just a “song and dance” man. He is a great composer, arranger and producer. Michael is the one who comes up with the melodies for his songs also. He can imitate any instrument. Michael Jackson in my humble opinion is the greatest entertainer that ever lived. I have never seen someone with as much as natural musical talent as him.

  • MJ_Supporter

    Wow this article has really taken off. I was googling info on MJ and the Jacksons statement and stumbled upon this article. This was not researched at all and only wtitten to incite or mock and legend in the intertainment Biz – You need to have facts not your own opinions when wrtiting about someones musical talent and wheter they are over-rated – You dont seem to know anything about Michael Jackson – ?????? (duh) So it is clear your purpose for writting this story is just to be another parasite that lives vicariously off his fame .. nothing of value and no truth – you just dont like MJ so your story is biased and not factual at all –

    Did you know that all articles like this do is strenthen the fan base and help it grow becuase people can finally see though all this crap and realise Michael indeed is being innapropriatly attacked and mocked. Then when you cant prove your asertions you and other haters turn away from the topic to his allegations – They have nothing to with his muscial genious or talent. Michael Jackson was found NOT guilty. Get Over IT and except it. He will make a huge comeback and there is nothing anyone can do to stop it – Except for Michael himself – He is still King of POP and
    will be the ONLY King of POP .. That title will retire with Michael. No one has reached the bar he has set and all his peirs still acknowledge He is KING .. He will rise from the ashes like the phoenix –

    Your lies and your attacks are not going to stop him – he is use to this – he has delt with it ALL his life. The negativity and attacks becuase he is different and sooooo talented and loved – Haters just cant stand that -Its all about about the love baby .. thats what Michael represent in this world – that is why he is so loved and admired even BEYOND is awesome artistic talent ..
    One spot light is all that is needed for Michael Jackson- Plus he stands for something good in this world _ faith hope and Love _ Its to big to take on – you will looose – and eat crow .. when you see what happens .. You aint seen nothing yet. I hope you do more research come to your senses and have a change of heart. I really do ..

  • Tom

    Madonna is not a dancer. She does acrobatics and yoga on stage, that is not dancing to me. Madonna indeed has a very weak voice. Once again the only thing Madonna is good at doing is generating publicity and i’ll admit that she has been much smarter about her career and personal life than Michael has, but at the end of the day no one will remember Madonna for her “great” talent. She’ll be remembered as someone who pushed the envelope and made a lasting impact on pop culture but no one ever talks about her great musical ability (except for her deluded fans)because she doesn’t have any to speak of.

    With Michael on the other hand, people-whether they like him or not-at least admit that he is or used to be very talented, so I know he’s not overrated. When haters and all can admit that Micahel is talented, I know he’s not overrated.I mean look at Britney Spears for example, people are always saying that they think she sucks and has no talent but that’s hardly the case with MJ. People say they don’t like him as a person, but most will agree that he is very talented. You just cannot deny that man’s musical abilities and talent.

  • Charles Thomson

    I concur. I previously outlined in one of my above posts exactly why Elvis is overrated, but Madonna also.

    Madonna, again, has never written, composed or produced any of her own hits. She has a poor vocal range and no instrumental ability. She’s not even a good dancer, she’s just good at doing as she’s told, unlike Jackson, who at least co-choerographs everything he’s in, if not choreographing it completely.

  • Tom


    The most overrated musical acts ever are Madonna and Elvis Presley.

  • Jamie

    In reference to your comments w/regards to Michael not playing a musical instrument. If you were able to use the investigative skills required to create a convincing article then you would have acknowledged by referring to Michael Jackson’s albums that he has multiple credits for playing a variety on instruments during the production of his masterpieces.

  • Jamie

    This is the most ridiculous pesudo-analitical article I have ever read.,

    Michael is the most talented individual who has ever graced this planet. He has brought so much joy and inspiration to many. His achievements speak volumes. The media have already raped Michael of his pride and tried to defame his character. One thing that you can’t do is overlook his immense talents and ability to capture a persons attention through his talents alone.

    Enough said.

  • SOK

    I was going to ask if you were totally off it, however after reading your blog, I think it’s clear to see that you are. I don’t know why you would say Michael is the most overrated artist of all time, that isn’t even close to being true. The most overrated artists of all time IMO are Elvis and Madonna, definitly not Michael though. You are clearly bonkers and I love how you talked about how MJ wrote some “cheesy little song” (The Girl Is Mine) and just happened to leave out the fact that MJ wrote some really great classics like “Billie Jean”, “Stranger In Moscow” and “Don’t Stop ‘Till You Get Enough”.

    Michael has revolutionzed pop culture. I know record sales aren’t always important, but you DON’T have the BIGGEST SELLING ALBUM of all time if there is not something special about you. Michael as a child could outsing and outperform most artists out today. Who the hell are you kidding? You obviously doesn’t know too much about MJ’s career.

    Also when are people like you gonna understand that there is no one thing that fits the critera for genius? You don’t have to play instruments to be considered a genius. I mean you are the same guy who states that Kurt Cobain was a genius but not Michael the whole thing is just laughable. Sounds like another jealous, bitter hater to me.

    Mr. T once said “I pity the fool.” After reading this, that’s exactly what I feel for you…..PITY!


  • Daryl, you are a genius. All you had to do was to write one of the most heinous articles on jackson, and bang you get hundreds of hits. very clever move, dude. Even Roger Friedman, Nancy Grace, Gloria Alred, Diana Diamond and other members of the anti-jackson gang could have pull this one.

  • Tell me Daryl? Did pavarotti play any guitar, piono, drums? Did Elvis Presley(the king of the white man race) write his own songs? Did he play piano or drums or saxophone? Can Elton John Dance? Can he Play any flute, saxophone, drums or guitar? Can Madonna play any instrumnent? . I am talking about composing a song with a guitar rather than regurgating musical notes. what about mozart, did he actually play any instrument? yes he composed songs, but could he actually play them through instrument? Answer these questions and we’ll talk?

    By the way, I play guitar and piano very often in my leisure time. I also play in Cabarrets and clubs. Hence judging by your standards, i must be a musical genius. I did not know that until i read your rubbish! For your info, i am no MJ fan.

  • Mitch

    I wonder if this “writer” has seen Jackson in concert…? I went to a Dangerous show in 92 and HIStory show in 97, both at Wembley- I lifted 3 people above my head with the aid of other fans, because they had fainted…to me if someone can have that kind of affect on poeple because their act/performance/voice etc etc is so insanely talented, then they surely must be a Musical Genius.

    This writer’s got it in his head that cause he’s not belting out chords on guitars or playing the sax (you get my point) then he can’t be classed as a genius. Bull mate! I’m a fan of Prince, but to rate him as highly as Michael Jackson just doesen’t add up…


  • Charles Thomson

    The thing that most people fail to comprehend is that their media is not there to inform them. Their media is there to make money. They cannot understand that their media might lie in order to boost their profits.

    As a result of the media’s attempts to cash in on both of the high profile cases against Jackson, the information presented to the piblic was, by and large, completely inaccurate. Everyone was guilty, from TV companies to newspapers to magazines to bloggers. Because the bloggers get their info from everyone else, and everyone else is only telling half the story.

    What a lot of people simply do not understand is that there was never, ever a single iota of information which connected Jackson to the 1993 allegations, and yet there was an absolute wealth of information which suggested he was innocent.

    What people also don’t realise is that when Jackson paid his settlement, he was settling a civil case not a criminal case; he was not being prosecuted, he was being sued. There is a clause in the settlement which states that Jackson in no way acnkowledges any wrongdoing by signing the settlement.

    There is another clause which specifically states that a settlement in the civil case in no way affects the recipients’ right to testify in a criminal case.

    The reason no criminal case was brought in 1993 was that the allegations were ludicrous and they couldn’t find any information to back them up. Tom Sneddon presented the case to two grand juries and both of them laughed him out of court. He wasn’t even allowed to bring charges because his case was so pathetic.

    The lies that Jackson ‘bought his way out of jail’ has been perpetuated by the media for too long now. There was never a case against Jackson in 1993 and that was evident over a year prior to the settlement. With the criminal case in limbo because it was so moronic and the allegations hanging over his head until the media got some resolution, a settlement was the only way Jackson could make everything disappear.

    If you actually take the time to research each case for yourself rather than reading biased reports by journalists with dollars signs in their eyes, you soon realise that what they’ve been telling you all these years is utterly incorrect.

    And so you see… if you look at the evidence in the 1993 case rather than succumbing to the mindless hysteria and the wealth of misinformation, the allegations fall apart. They barely made any sense, they were supported by no evidence, and yet there was a wealth of contradictory evidence.

    Every subsequent allegation was made off the back of that one… so if the first allegation was proven to be fraudulent to as great an extent as is possible, then it would be a bit of a coincidence if it turned he actually was a child molestor, but that particular instance was just made up. That makes no sense whatsoever.

    If the allegation which opened the floodgates was fraudulent, it stands to reason that all subsequent allegations were fraudulent too – a notion upheld by the fact that every accuser besides Arvizzo accepted a paycheck and never went to the police… if you had been molested and somebody tried to buy you off, would you tell them to shove it and report them to the police? I would.

    It’s worth remembering, too, that the Arvizzo’s did approach several civil suit lawyers about suing Jackson and only went to the police after they all rejected them. It is worth remembering also that the Arvizzo’s approached a civilsuit attorney about suing Jackson for child molestation before they’d even met him. The only reason they bucked the trend was because nobody would take them on, not because they didn’t try.

    With regard to the media, history repeated itself in 2005; the trial the public read about in papers and watched on TV did not even resemble the trial that was going on inside the court room. Once more, not one single piece of information was ever presented which connected Jackson to the charges levelled against him.

    The prosecution produced host of witnesses all of whom either didn’t say what the prosecution thought they would and sided with Jackson, or were proven beyond all doubt to have an axe to grind or a chip on their shoulder. One guy alleged he’d seen Jackson molesting Macauley Culkin through his bedroom window, until Jackson’s defense team pointed out during cross examination that said window was actually on the second floor.

    That man was one of several disgruntled ex-employees who had been sacked in the early ninties. They tried to sue Jackson for unfair dismissal until he produced evidence that they’d been stealing from him and they were all forced to pay his legal fees, which bankrupted them.

    They all had an axe to grind, and several of them tried to sell their stories in the early ninties to tabloid newspapers rather than going to the police – if a child had been molested and you could help then AND the guy who did it fired you, would you go to the police and stick the boot in? I would. But they didn’t, and the prosecution only know of them as a result of their media reputations; they didn’t come forward themselves, they were subpoenaed.

    With these witnesses, as with many others, the newspapers printed and the TV companies reported on their initial allegations; they repeated their assertions that Jackson had molested small children. However, when Jackson’s defense team ripped them apart and proved them liars, the column inches and the second in air time faded away; the publishers and the networks somehow didn’t have as much time for those stories.

    The same occured with every witness who said something nasty about Jackson but was later discredited; they told you about the allegations but they never told you that they’d been disproven.

    The court transcripts from every single day of the Jackson trial were actually put online, free of charge, for anybody in the world to download and read. As far as I am concerned, anybody who read about the trial in the papers or saw it on TV – but did not bother to download those transcripts and read them – I don’t feel they even deserve an opinion on the trial because they are uneducated on the subject.

    If somebody asked me what I think of Orwell’s philosophies on eighteenth century politics… I wouldn’t give an opinion because I know nothing about it. But everybody thinks they deserve an opinion about Michael Jackson’s trial, despite the fact that they have absolutely no idea what they’re talking about. Every word they utter is like a turd falling in my drink; I am repulsed by their arrogance and their stupidity, and their willingness to condemn without first studying all the facts.

    What I find most laughable of all is that twelve jurors sat through every single day of that trial; watching, listening and taking careful notes. They spent days deliberating the case. They came to a unanimous verdict of Not Guilty on every single charge…

    The idea that some faceless nobody behind a computer screen, who never even sat through a single minute of direct testimony, would have the unbelievable arrogance and utter stupidity to claim that their opinion is better formed and more valid than the twelve experts who personally sat through every second of trial… It’s shocking, but it’s also extremely representative of the society we live in.

  • *M*

    Ok, to the poster called V: why do we give this article the time of day? Why? Because it’s not just any random blog entry that you’d only find by being a regular visitor of an unknown blog. This entry is listed as Michael Jackson news at Yahoo & Google, so obviously lots of people are going to read it (that’s how I found it too). So before Daryl D’s comments start spinning people’s heads, they need to be reminded what they’re dealing with exactly, they need to know that what he said about Jackson’s musical achievements (or lack thereof, according to him) is unsubstantiated. I know that he’s just expressing his opinion, but he’s still deliberately misrepresenting things to lead people who don’t know much about Jackson to agree with him. It would have been more honest for him to say this: “Michael Jackson is overrated, well because I don’t like him, basically.”

    People express their dislike for Michael Jackson frequently, on blogs or elsewhere, but they don’t get this kind of exposure, that’s why I’m not bothered about them. After all, people are entitled to their opinion, that’s true. But in this case the record had to be set straight, because this one will attract lots of hits.

    I will agree on one thing Daryl D said, that U2 is overrated. Definitely. Bruce Springsteen however, hell no, he’s amazing.

    To whomever said that just because you write a good piece of pop music doesn’t make you a musical genius: so what, you’re only allowed to be called a genius if you write classical music, but not contemporary music? So because the times have changed, because the way music is produced has changed and is probably not as sophisticated as it was back when Verdi or Puccini did it, anyone who came after them to make a different type of music can’t be called a genius, even if that piece of music is absolutely wonderful, innovative, clever timeless, just like theirs was/is? I strongly disagree. As much as I adore many classical composers, I won’t refrain myself from admiring a great piece of pop music just as much when I hear one, aswell as admiring the author of this piece.

  • Lukidda

    Lmao this is just laughable.

    Obviously you got bored and just decided to write a blog without knowing any solid facts.

    Michael’s best songs are the ones he writes himself as people have listed above.

    Also Michael is famous for his dancing and singing, so thats what people go to see him for…not play an instrument…..it would be ridiculous off him to do it and would lose millions most likely. Doing that would make him much less of a musical genius.

    The people above me have said it much better than I ever could. Well done guys 😉

  • Jay

    Considering that Michael Jackson’s talent alone has been approved and praised by the big people Leonard Bernstein, Smokey Robinson, Seth Riggs, Michael Peters, Sammy Davis Jr., James Brown, Fred Astaire, Quincy Jones to name a few, that speaks volume.

  • Bubbles

    LMAO ok prince fan. Atelast MJ never stole music and passed it off as his own. Prince albums are all from inputs of other artists but he never gives them credit. MJ does. so is he a bad guy;)

  • jojo

    Wow, Michael’s fans are so intelligent and informative. HEads up for all the good work guys. Yes, and I agree. Michael is most definately a musical genius, and no stupid little article will change that. He is a masterful composer, lyristist, and singer.

  • mjfanforever

    Darryl, If Michael Jackson is so overrated, why do a whole blog dedicated to him? I think you come across as a extremely bitter former fan who wishes they could confront Michael and rant at him your anger on a variety of issues. Surely there are plenty of current stars on the music scene who are far more worthy of a blog about being overrated than Mr. Jackson. Here is a man who has been on famous since the age of 11, has sold more records than any artist alive today, owns one of the biggest music publishing companies ever with nearly every major artist compositions attached to it and gets the worst press yet has one of the biggest selling catalogues of any artist. Michael Jackson outsells his peers who are media darlings and scandal free and when his new album comes out he’ll probably continue selling out your favorite artist Prince without the support of the mainstream media that Prince has. Darryl seriously life is too short and how about venting your frustrations on why the music industry would rather promote talentless souls like Justin Timberlake and every other MJ clone and not look for true artistry than doing an entire blog on not only one of the most underrated musical genius ever but a man who is the ultimate survivor in a industry that hasn’t fully appreciated the groundbreaking talents he has presented and will continue to present for many years to come.

  • V.

    “This idiot of a person who wrote this article, attacks Michael all through out it.”

    Uh, no, he does not.

    Daryl was simply expressing his opinion. Jackson’s supporters, on the other hand, are expressing aggression, abhorrence, and deep-seated irascibility.

    If Jackson’s supporters believe that this article is full of moonshine, then why are they giving it the time of day? Why are they commenting on it? By replying, they are the ones contributing to the apparent “negativity.” Where does their impetuous desire to prove a fellow human being wrong come from?

    Michael Jackson used to be a dynamic entertainer. USED TO BE. [R.I.P. Charismatic Talent. 1969 – 1987.]

    His singing voice is so weak and annoying. On “Who Is It”, he makes gulping/hiccup-y sounds. On “D.S.” and “Tabloid Junkie”, his “singing” sounds more like “expectorating.” On “Is It Scary”, he tries to sound like a seagull! “Is it scary for you, baby?! *insert seagull imitation here* Am I scary for you, baby? Am I scary for you?!” Yes, Michael, YOU ARE! YOU ARE SCARY FOR ME, BABY! WHOO!


    In my opinion, Michael Jackson is not a musical genius. I used to be a hard-core enthusiast [a “fan”] of Jackson’s. Thank God those days are over.

  • Oscar

    Oh, Daryl, you didn´t get the point. I don´t like Jacko and I don´t care if his fans are insane like him and try to kill you. He was a innovator in the eighties but now is history, sad history.That is a fact and even the monkey who lives with him can say that. What annoy me is that you need use U2, Springsteen and others artist to capture the atention to your poor articles. I mean, you don´t like them but you need them? You are simply pathetic…and boring, of course

  • Luna~C

    Prince came AFTER MJ, so if he’s a genius, MJ must be Einstein. Elvis, never wrote a single song. The Beatles couldn’t sing, the Rolling stones, ditto. I agree that MJ has lost his way, but how can he find it with people turning out the lights? Leave him be to get his head together, spend some time with his kids and get back where he started. Then the “self proclaimed” (incorrect, it was Elizabeth Taylor who said it) King Of Pop can show JT, Prince and ALL the others how its done!

  • Laura

    Great old article from the 80’s about the impact of MJ. NOT ONE of those artists you mentioned in your article have been able to bring together people of all ages, races, ethnicities, etc. together on such an epic scale like Michael Jackson has and that in itself says a lot about his genius as a performer.

    Newsweek Review of the Opening Night of The Victory Tour July 16, 1984

    [Read what NEWSWEEK – July 16, 1984 – had to say about the legendary Victory Tour’s opening night in Kansas City and more. NEWSWEEK is one of the most important US magazines]:

    After months of anticipation, Michael Jackson’s troubled and controversial tour has finally kicked off in Kansas City and the enigmatic star is living up to his reputation as the reluctant Pied Piper of pop.

    It was Michael Jackson’s kind of crowd – mothers with toddlers, teenagers with parents, blacks and whites together, low-key, sober and friendly. They had paid dearly for tickets and now here they were, filing quietly into Kansas City’s Arrowhead Stadium last Friday night for the debut of the most widely touted and hotly debated tour of the recent year – Michael Jackson’s “Victory” tour, his last with his brothers, the Jacksons.

    As the sun set and the lights dimmed, excitement mounted. When the Jacksons finally appeared, rising on a waffle grid of blinding lights, Michael bestowed a benediction with a job of his trademark sequined glove, and the crowd of 45’000 roared its appreciation. Racing at full throttle, the band launched into “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’?” – and Michael leaped into nearly two hours of the griddy showmanship that has made him perhaps the most popular musician in the world today.

    After months of confusion, controversy and sporadic outbursts of popular histeria, often fanned by frenzied media coverage, the Jackson’s tour – billed as the most lucrative rock and roll roadshow ever mounted – was officially under way. The tour is currently scheduled to visit some 13 cities, with a few more sites yet to be announced. Most of the dates – perhaps nearly 50 in all – will be in large outdoor arenas like Arrowhead. The tour is expected to gross around $ 50 million – though estimates vary wildly – perhaps edging records set by the Beatles, Rolling Stones and Who.

    “Even my mom talks about the concert,” laughs Bob Case of Seattle radio station KUBE. “This is going to be THE event of the next 10 years. It’s like the Super Bowl – you don’t care about who’s playing, you just want to see it.”

    In many cities, the Jacksons concert will climax months of feverish anticipation – and, in some cases, increasingly vocal complaints. Everyone had assumed that the tour would present complicated logistical and security problems – particularly since most preparations had been marred by byzantine, behind-the-scenes tourmoil. Before last Thursday, when Michael announced new ticketing plans and the donation of his profits to charity, reports of greed and incompetence had outraged some fans and perhaps contributed to sluggish ticket sales in Dallas. But other fans loyally demonstrated their enthusiasm.

    In Kansas City, the hoopla began in June. When newspapers containing the first official ticket order forms rolled off the presses in early hours of June 19, fans were lined up to buy them.

    “It’s rediculous!” said disc jockey Roy Leonard, who has been following the Jackson craze for the Chicago radio station WGN: “People were stealing papers off other people’s front lawns.”

    As every newspaper thief soon learned, Michael’s show was no easy market. Anxious fans were instructed to mail a money order [four tickets for $ 120.–], with no guarantee of a specific date, a good seat – or even any tickets at all. Despite the stiff price and chancey prospects [tickets were to be randomly distributed], customers in Kansas City jammed into post offices to buy money orders – 15’000 in one day.

    Elsewhere in the country, civic leaders and local media petitioned Michael to make their city one of his stops. In staid Boston, the local tabloid sponsored a coupon drive that garnered over 30’000 signatures, and a radio station organized a rally of 5’000 fans, who milled about on Boston Common beneath an outsize billboard of Michael – a 25-year-old Wizard of Funk looking uncomfortably like Big Brother.

    In Jackson’s native Gary, Ind., some 30’000 citizens petitioned Michael, at the behest of Mayor Richard Hatcher, to come home – at least for a ceremony. Even the president got into the act: when Jackson visited the White House last May, Ronald Reagan personally urged him to perform in Washington. Not to be outdone, presidential candidate Jesse Jackson made a point of meeting him last Saturday in Kansas City.

    Such is the magic of America’s newest Pied Piper of pop. The most explosive phenomenon since the Beatles, he defies easy categorization. Like James Brown, he’s the pre-eminent black pop musician of his era, a master of soulful singing and impassioned stagecraft, able to dance with a furious precision that is innovative yet steeped in black tradition. Like the early Beatles, he’s a master of upbeat musical confections, sometimes created in collaboration with the most popular ex-Beatle of all, Paul McCartney. Like Pat Boone, the prototype of rock teen idols, he’s cute, wholesome and pious. He’s a virtuoso of the modern recording studio; but like Fred Astaire and Frank Sinatra, he aspires to be an old-fashioned entertainer.

    He’s a stunning live perfomer, but also a notorious recluse with an otherworldly mystique – imagine Howard Hughes and E.T. rolled into one. Like Judy Garland or Johnny Ray, his appeal is freakish – he’s utterly unlike you and me, with a streak of wildfire that unpredictably lights his eyes.

    In Kansas City, first stop on the tour that goes to Texas Stadium outside Dallas [July 13-15], the Gator Bowl in Jacksonville, Fla. [Aug. 2-5], and Madison Square Garden in New York [Aug. 2-5], Michael presided over one of the gaudiest, most grandiose spectacles in the history of pop music.

    The show opened with a curious costume pageant involving large, lumbering pastel-colored Muppet-like monsters, a magically glowing sword, and a visored knight in shining armor – King Arthur meets Luke Skywalker. [The knight was Michael, of course]. There were lasers, strobe lights and smoke bombs. There was a spidery mechanical gizmo that nearly ate Michael. [He escaped]. There was magic, illusion, and fireworks – flares and explosives onstage during the show and in the sky overhead to end it.

    But is was the music, after all, that had brought the crowd here – and the smartly paced set included a little bit of everything. There was something old: the classic popcorn funk of “I Want You Back”, the Jackson 5’s first Motown hit 15 years ago. There was something new: four songs from “Thriller”, Michael’s blockbuster solo album. Amid all the razzle-dazzle, there was even someting blue: an earthy, extended gospel coda to “I’ll Be There” sung by Michael a cappella – a touching reminder of his roots in the soul stylings of Jackie Wilson. Michael moved effortlessly from ballads [a luminous “Human Nature”] and rock [a ferocious “Beat It”] to skittish funk [the salsa-spiced “Lovely One”]. On “Working Day And Night” the group flashed some whirling dervish choreograhpy, while by the show’s finale, “Shake Your Body”, Michael had become a freelance blur of spins, stops and body-popping turns.

    There was no material from the new Jacksons album, “Victory”, – perhaps because, disappointingly, it is such a spotty effort. Jermaine Jackson, a solo recording artist in his own right, did perform three of his songs; but he was in poor voice, and often seemed off pitch.

    From start to close, there is only one real star of this show; it may be billed as a Jackson’s tour, but it’s Michael’s all the way. When he sings a lachrymose ballad like “She’s Out Of My Life”, he makes sentimental tripe seem like honest passion. And when he performs “Billie Jean”, he seems to glide weightlessly. He dances with the breathtaking verve of his predecessor James Brown, the beguiling wispiness of Diana Ross, the ungainly pathos of Charlie Chaplin, the edgy joy of a man startled to be alive. The crowd gasps and screams, savoring not a fussy high-tech stage but the grace and beauty of a brilliant entertainer.

    No wonder the crowd in Kansas City screams in gratitude simply to behold him, watch him move, bask in his bodily presence: people want proof that he’s not simply a conjurer’s trick – all pixie dust and phosphor traces. Yes, Virginia, there is a Michael Jackson. He’s a wonderful singer, a geat dancer, a mesmerizing performer!

    He’s there on stage now, gliding across his Star Wars stage set, going through his moves. As Michael would say, “It’s magic.” In a few minutes, he will be whisked back to safety and the cocoon he feels comfortable in, waiting to be airlifted to the next stop on his most peculiar of rock and roll odysseys. Maybe your town will be next.

    [Jim Miller in Kansas City for NEWSWEEK]

  • biG D.

    personal attacks not allowed? you guys are f**king crazy. This idiot of a person who wrote this article, attacks Michael all through out it.

  • beautifulstranger

    wow. what a uselss article. you should try to get this printed in newspapers and see how well that works out…

    your “opinions” don’t mean anything. one little pathetic man cannot wash away 30+ years of musical legacy. so stop trying.

  • Laura

    I think Itunes said it best:

    “Michael Jackson is an artist whose fame and musical output are so closely intertwined that it is hard to separate the two. But if you are able to process “The Gloved One” as simply a musical force, you’re looking at a spectacular array of pop and soul-a mind-blowing feast of faultless, energetic, enigmatic music. Is there ever going to be a top 40 worldwide success as beautiful, bizarre, infectious and practically impeccable as Thriller? Probably not.

    Is there a dance floor in existence that wont be reduced to rubble after someone spins “Don’t Stop ‘Till You Get Enough”? It’s Doubtful. Listening to his catalog is a reminder that Michael Jackson is THE SUPREME dance-pop CRAFTSMAN”.

  • I enjoy reading the comments. Thank you all for the discussion. It is great to talk about Michael Jackson’s art for a change.
    Thank you to Daryl – of course I disagree with you entirely, but you started the stir.

  • kash

    What a complete idiot you are daryl d. Did u know that Michael Jackson is a great vocalist, dancer, producer, song writer, composer, beat boxer etc. He is the biggest selling solo artist, has won the most awards, broke tour records, album records, chart records etc. He has influenced many of todays artists, made groundbreaking videos, put on the best shows that todays artists can not compete with. Did you also know he has the most fans from any living music artist. Why do you see thousands of MJ videos on youtube and thousands of people impersonating him on talent shows and videos. Just go and listen to ‘stranger in moscow’ and ‘little susie’ very carfully and it’ll teach you all about Michael Jackons writing, composing and producing capabilities. Even these two not so popular songs will stick a rocket up your arse.

  • Tony

    #163=Raymond Chandler, lol. That lying pathetic scum is a piece of s*it just like his son. If that loser really believed MJ did that to his son why did he accept money and also sign an agreement in which Michael admitted to NO WRONG DOING.

    As for 2003 case, if anyone believes that case I have a bridge to sell them. Only a total idiot would believe that welfare fraud and her son. This is the same woman who accused her own ex-husband of molesting their 8 year old daughter and trying to hold her hostage and then she accuses Michael of doing the same thing to her son years later? haha! Whatever. I even have pics of that lying little scum Gavin on the day of the verdict and they were eating and having a good time at a candy store.

    The common theme in both of these cases=Greedy, lying money hungry families. Only a moron would belive MJ did what he was accused of doing.

    And for the record Michael is not overrated. I can think of a lot of other artists like the HIGHLY overrated Prince, Madonna, Elvis and other who are wayyyyyyy more deserving of this title but MJ is in a category all his own. He is not overrated in any way, shape or form.

  • Luna


    Very mature. The usual insults without anything to back it up. How cool you must feel.

  • $20 million Jory Chandler – Molestation.

    $2 million Jason Fancia – Molestation.

    $1 million plus Jimmy Safechuck – Molestation.

    Forced to shutdown his “charities” by various State and Federal authorities because he failed to maintain records. He was just using them for personal piggy banks anyway.

    He’s a scumbag and I hope his liver explodes before Christmas.

  • your dad

    what a fool u are. this blog is shit
    michael jackson is a genius so stop the jelousy idiot.

  • jocking

    The author wrote this for one reason only: To feel self-important. “I pissed off a whole bunch of people. I’m a powerful little man.” It’s like, there’s not good or bad publicity, just publicity. He doesn’t care if the comments are positive or negative, he craves the attention.

    He wrote an earlier attack on someone, and posted a follow-up comment, “a good music critic will generate lots of responses.” Apparently out here in cyber land, where hundreds of million of people surf around, even a mean-spritied guy (“or is he a girl”) who can’t write an essay tha would receive a grade higher than C- in a high school English class, can scribble some drivel and make .0000001% of the surfers, about a hundred, angry enough to provide the attention he so desparately craves.

    His “essay” took about ten minutes to write. He provides no definition of “overrated.” He did not feel the need to burden himself with either logic or evidence. He takes gratuitous shots at his target that are unrelated to music. He is, or should be, an embarrassment to BC because he’s an embassment to the human race.

    The only thing I can think of that would motivate someone to barf up this nonsense is: 1. In real life no one will pay any attention to him; 2. He has accomplished nothing; 3. He has no friends, at least none that aren’t put off by someone with no knowledge, no wit, no kindness, and no shame. Only someone with a sad pathetic life writes shameless crap like this.

    The irony in my writing at all is, he’ll think, “I’m important. A smart guy who knows all about me, posted comments about my ‘essay.’ And they’re about me, ME. Little ol’ me, teeny-tiny dick and all. ME, me, me, me. Ouuuu. It feels so good to be important.

  • mistermaxxx

    you gotta be kidding dude?? Michael Jackson changed the culture of Pop Music twice. John Lennon did it once and had a hit and Miss SOlo Career. Prince: talented cat but he was a 80’s thing. just ok in the 70’s, lame from the 90’s through now and the only thing that carrys Prince for the most part is his live show. also Prince got alot of his thing off of MJ. matter of fact every artist especially in the R&B/Pop landsacpe and Rappers as well are in huge debt to Michael Jackson. Kurt Cobain was a huge MJ fan and the only reason why Nirvana got any real love is because there nevermind album knocked Michael’s dangerous out of number 1 back in 1991. at that time Michael Jackson was over 20 years deep in the business. how many acts with two plus decades can still count in a era of a whole new sound and faces?? Off the wall,thriller and Bad were a effort with Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones,but they were from two different worlds musically and while they both learned from one another, the colab together helped Quincy out more so because Michael Jackson’s Instrument of a voice could work with anybody. He has a rare Genius quality and ability that trandscends time and Sound. MJ wrote the main tracks and he also put on a Incredible show from 78-88. MJ is a Musical Treasure and a Mount Rushmore Artist period. anybody who ain’t biased will tell you that Michael Jackson’s musical Genius and Impact is vastly Underrated. the Man hasn’t gotten his full artistic due at all IMO. you don’t last as he has and create such a versatile style of music making just on being lucky. the man is a top tier Genius and playing a instrument on stage don’t make you a Genius at all.

  • V.

    “Jordan Chandler, the first accuser, was a proven scammer and has even admitted several times in recent years that the entire situation was a fraud.”

    Where’s your proof?

  • Charles Thomson

    Furthermore, the final proof that the poster, RF, is not the real Roger Friedman.

    Having re-read his posts, I have just noticed that RF offered to pass on all his knowledge to one of the posters here if he had his email address.

    I am a working journalist and can state without hesitation that no journalist would ever offer to pass on unreleased information for free; their information is their livlihood – especially if they’re actually planning to release a book containing that same information and gain from it commercially.

    How would they do that if all their information had already been passed around the internet as a result of their own stupidity?

  • Charles Thomson

    The poster claiming to be Roger Friedman is clearly not, unless he has become by his own web of deceit… because he is contradicting himself.

    During the trial Friedman was emphatic in his belief that Jackson was innocent of the charges brought against him and even attempted to write a book on the subject.

    So why would Friedman pop up on an obscure blog and start labelling Jackson a pervert?

    ‘Friedman’ claims he is harrassed by Jackson’s publicist every time he prints an article about Jackson. In actuality, the real Roger Friedman prints consistently incorrect information about Michael Jackson; information which has been proven incorrect on countless occasions. Most recently he wrote about five hundred words regarding Jackson’s friendship with a politician it turned out he’d never even met.

    Friedman’s articles have contained some of the most ridiculous allegations ever committed to print; one moment he claims Jackson’s nanny is drugging him and leeching off his fortune.. a week later he is alleging that Jackson is voluntarily doping himself up on painkillers. His stories are not only beyond ridiculous, but they are also consistently contradictory.

    Whenever Jackson’s publicist pulls him up on the barrage of misinformation he’s been disseminating, he prints some contradictory story. Recently he alleged that Jackson had been incapacitated in bed for weeks on end, then just days later he reported that Jackson had been up and about in Virginia, househunting.

    Friedman is a laughing stock. He spends his entire life talking about how washed up Michael Jackson is and nobody cares about him anymore – and yet for years now has written more column inches on the man than any other journalist in the world.

    The only time Friedman’s stories are ever correct are when they’re based on legal documents he’s obtained. Even then he dressed the stories up as though they’re exclusive and he’s the man with the insider knowledge, when the truth is that those documents, by law, are freely available to any member of the public who wishes to read them.

    RF, what is the significance of ‘two more boys’ when it has already been proven beyond reasonable doubt that all other accusers were in it purely for the money. Jordan Chandler, the first accuser, was a proven scammer and has even admitted several times in recent years that the entire situation was a fraud. Any subsequent allegations have only been made off the back of that one – a fraudulent one – so all subsequent allegations are more than likely fraudulent as well. Gonna include that little nougat in your book? Gonna include Chandler’s repeated admissions that he lied in 93? Gonna include all the documented evidence of Jackson’s innocence with regard to every allegation that’s ever been brought against him, and lack of evidence to the contrary?

    And if nobody if, in your own words, nobody cares about Jackson anymore – why’re you writing a book about him?

    If anybody is a pervert then it’s surely the person who sits at home dreaming up sexual scenarios between popstars and young children; not the beleagured popstar who merely falls victim to his own accusers’ depravities?

  • V.

    “Greatest Audience – Guiness Book Of World Records
    The highest-ever viewership was 133.4 million viewers watching the NBC transmission of Super Bowl XXVII on June 31, 1993. Michael was spotlighted during the half-time peformance.”

    June 31?! That’s a world record alright! LMAO!

  • Charles Thomson

    Jackson wrote all his own biggest hits, as well as composing and co-producing them. He is also credited in several of his album sleeves as playing numerous instruments.

    Quincy Jones may have been the main producer on Off The Wall and Thriller, but the biggest songs from those albums; Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough, Workin’ Day and Night, Billie Jean, Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’, Beat It.. all were written and composed by Jackson himself.

    Jackson’s initial homemade demos to several of those songs were made available on the special editions of the albums and his genius was clear. No interference from Quincy, or anyone else for that matter, and the songs already sounded incredible.

    As time went by Jackson became more and more hands on. The pinnacle of his artistic development, thus far, was HIStory. Almost every new song on HIStory was written, composed and co-produced by Jackson himself. Whilst it was not his most popular album, it was easily his most legitimate; a masterpiece.

    If you want overrated… try Elvis Presley; a man who never wrote a single hit in his entire career. He is lauded as the king of a genre in which he never wrote any music. Many of his most famous hits were stolen from black artists too poor to copyright their own music.

    He was a puppet employed by white music bosses to hijack rock’n’roll, a black genre, and bring it to a white audience. He was the fifties equivalent to Gareth Gates; a nice face to put on the front of other people’s records.

    And yet, he is frequently referred to as an influencial artist. In order to be an artist, don’t you have to first create something? If I sing a Madonna song in the shower am I an artist? If Elvis Presley spends his entire career ripping off black musicians and putting his own name on their songs… is he an artist?

    The idea that Elvis Presley was even an artist at all, let alone an influencial one, is one of the greatest lies of the 20th century. The truely influencial artists were Chuck Berry, BB King, and the host of other black artists who pioneered the genre of rock’n’roll before cretins like Elvis Presley and his bosses stole it from them.

    As has been true throughout musical history; the black artists who created the trend often died penniless or at best in modest surroundings. Meanwhile, the white men who hijacked the trend and miked it for all it was worth not only lived in plush surroundings, but also deluded the world that they deserved every penny; a myth that will probably outlive us all.

  • Mello1

    “I need to also add the fact that many of these people here commenting are street team members from Michael Jackson’s camp. They hire people to call radio stations and request his songs as well as others to harass writers who may not happen to like Jacko. You’d be surprised at the other things I found out – wish I had your email address.”

    Roger, now you are lying. Michael has very strong fan club support and this is what you see, along with the number of individuals who have clearly stated that they aren’t fans but also aren’t buying his argument. Your hatred for Michael Jackson is really beyond the pale here buddy.

  • Bubbs

    I can’t believe this article either. Don’t you realize that greed, hate, and jealousy have made MJ into what he is now? He prefers to stay away from media attention totally and dedicates more time to his music and his kids. In my opinion, his physical appearance is definitely connected to his self-esteem…what hateful people have done to him! When I think back at all the child molestation allegations and every negative thing the media had to say about him, I notice that they all happened right when he was ready to launch something big…eg: The Dangerous Tour he had to cut short…and his Invincible album, supposedly his comeback album after many years. Now that he’s trying to get a new album ready, more greedy people have sprung up saying he owes them money and blah, blah, blah. Why is it that people want to see him on the street so badly? Why do they also attack his parenting practices? They’re HIS kids and many people have stated that he’s a wonderful father. This, of course, is something the media doesn’t like to broadcast because it’s something positive about Michael and God forbid there be anything positive about this man these days. The man is a true genius and will always be. Are people just jealous that NO ONE will ever top him?? To me he’s someone I admire b/c even though I’m not an artist, I would surely love to have a true heart like his. He still has a drive to help humanity even though the world is filled with so much evil. In whatever I do, I hope to one day be at least half of what he is. After all the money, time, and effort he put into helping others, let’s see how many people will eventually lend him a hand one day when he needs it the most. For his own good, I hope he never finds himself in that situation.

  • Mello1


    I am a famous journalist who is very “popular” among Jackson fanatics. I say your article is, perhaps, the most accurate article ever on Jackson. Whenever I write about the pervert, I get lawsuit threats from his fans and publicist. Isn’t it so sad that some people live their lives through a criminal sex pervert? Keep up the good work!”

    Infamous wannabe is more like it. I find it interesting that you want to call him a pervert when you used your gossip blogs to proclaim his innocence. Now that the trial is long over and you didn’t get your proverbial ‘crumb’, it’s 24/7 of MJ is dying, MJ is broke, MJ is a drug addict. Face it. You live your life to breath in Jackson’s space. You are rather pathethic.

  • Mello1

    “LOL! I see the Michael Jackson fanatics, you know, the few in the world that are left, have emailed each other about this article.[Deleted]

    Michael Jackson was a great entertainer at one point. For me, that’s as far as it gets. [Deleted]”

    No. Michael Jackson is STILL a great entertainer. And Jackson has way more than a few fans left. You best better believe that.

    Because if the man ever announce that he will tour in the U.S., it will be people like YOU who will knock me over trying to get a ticket.

  • Mello1

    Well, for someone who thinks that both the GOP and the Democrats are to blame for the ills of the U.S., your opinion isn’t saying much given the fact that Americans elected all of these idiots. But that’s a discussion for another day.

    Regarding Michael Jackson. Let’s be clear here. Is Michael Jackson overrated because he is not a genius, overrated because he doesn’t play an instrument or is he overrated because you don’t like him or his music from the get? Either reason will draw disagreement from me.

    The good news here is that one’s view about music is an individual one. Prince and Michael Jackson are without a doubt my favorite male artists, yet I can appreciate the vast differences in their artistic vision which makes them so good. Artistic vision. Going beyond the mundane and the ordinary. Being originals, not copies — that is what makes an artist great.

    Michael Jackson is (and I emphasize IS) a great entertainer who has that artistic vision that touches the world. He still (and I emphasize STILL) has that ‘IT’ factor that draws many to his name. Even those who love to criticize and mis-represent the truth about him.

    Justin Timberlake is a performer who plays instruments. Does that qualify him to be a genius or less overrated? Uh-huh.

    As for the four individuals you crown as geniuses, only one was gifted with being able to play a number of instruments, but as much as I love Prince, his music since the ’90s has been hit or miss — mainly miss. Kurt Corbain a genius? Yeah, okay, whatever you say. Bob Dylan is a master, I agree, but was hated on because of his political stance against the Vietnam War. Oh and his music was hated on back then too. John Lennon while he was alive and with the Beatles was never thought of as being all that talented, let alone a ‘genius’. I recall the adults in the ’60s hating the Beatles’ music. Today it’s considered a masterpiece.

    Now I personally loved Lennon and Dylan back in the day, but I recall the adults of that time not thinking that much of their music. Funny how time changes things when you become an adult.

    Lastly, Michael Jackson can’t be all that dumb either, since he partially owns the rights to a lot of Lennon’s music…

  • dangerous

    ha what a joke. The person who wrote this article mustn’t have anything better in life to do than sit in front of a computer rotting away, achieving nothing. I mean – how can someone say Michael Jackson is not a musical genius? Ok, so you’ve conveniently forgotten his amazing dance skills? You’ve called LOSERS such as Kurt Cobain legends? I mean, even he realized he was crap, so he killed himself so that the world wouldn’t need to endure the horrors of his so-called ‘music’ ever again. Shame on you Daryl “d!ckhead” D, you are a loser and you are a low-life. to all those haters who think that the fans are a minority, I’m sorry to say this, but you couldn’t be more far from the truth. Haters – YOU ARE THE MINORITY. fans on here, I love the way we band together to attack haters. never let the haters rise! the haters are disgusting things that should be killed.

  • Brent

    What an absolute piece of crap this article is. That’s the problem with blogging.. any piece of shit can write any kind of screwed up opinionated rubbish and publish it. Well done on getting responses anyway! Think this article points more to your warped sense of reality than whether Michael is a genius or not … who cares, I love his music

  • daryl d

    Richard-you are 100 percent correct. But people call Michael Jackson a genius and I hardly think he is one, musically at least. That’s why I put up my argument.

  • richard haase

    but on the other hand; why does a pop star have to be a genius? really good pop stuff is about entertainment. The entire construct is false.

  • daryl d

    Brian, I agree with you on this. Perhaps Michael Jackson is a genius entertainer because of this. My whole POINT of the article is that he is NOT a MUSICAL genius. As mentioned by the previous poster, no pop star can be a musical genius, which is what some people use to describe Michael as. The only one who I would say has genius talent is Prince, but despite the genius, he has put out some of the most crappy music lately.

  • richard haase

    John Lennon or Curt Cobain or Prince were not geniuses either. Puccini and Verdi and Bizet and Leonard Bernstein and Ricard Strauss and Alban Berg were musical geniuses. Writing really good pop music is not an act of genius.

  • daryl d

    Christopher, I don’t mind negative comments to my articles (I’m used to them by now). But it’s obvious the same person is disguising to be 30 other people. Why don’t you delete the posts from that ip address since their comments mislead the readers? I’m not telling you how to do your job, just making a good recommendation.

  • kenneth fulton

    attn whom………..



  • RF

    You people may want to read this. It gives a detailed account of Michael’s sexcapades.

    I’m currently working on a book about Michael Jackson and getting a lot of good details from reliable sources. It appears that when Janet was only 7 years old, Michael was accused of molesting her. Details will be revealed in my next book.

    While we are at it, it’s important to note that there were two other boys Michael Jackson paid off that weren’t publicized. He’s a pervert of the highest nature and should be in prison.

  • Andrew

    I dont understand what you mean that he doesnt play the instruments, I watched a T.V show saying that he played most of the instruments in his last album.

    Gotta do a lil more research mate!!

  • Jon

    MJ is an absolute genius always was & always will be, long live the King Of Pop!

  • V.

    To Michael:

    If Jackson’s supporters believe that this article is full of moonshine, then why are they giving it the time of day? Why are they commenting on it? By replying, they are the ones contributing to the apparent “negativity.” Where does their impetuous desire to prove a fellow human being wrong come from?

    Daryl was simply expressing his opinion. Jackson’s supporters, on the other hand, are expressing aggression, abhorrence, and deep-seated irascibility.

    Michael Jackson used to be a dynamic entertainer. USED TO BE.

  • James.T

    In fact Daryl, here you go. Obviously, Michael needed others to create a spark at the 30th show, no way could he POSSIBLY have done the performence below.

    Nope, cant feel the spark at all.

  • Michael

    Well just goes to show you ignorance is bliss?
    This person most likely doesn’t even know Mr. Jackson personally let alone anything else. Also, did you ever notice that the ones who knock him are the ones who know the most about him and his music?
    I find that utterly interesting. God bless you anyways Daryl I guess you don’t know any better since you have to use someones name of this magnitude to even get someone to look at it?

  • Vanesa

    God please have some mercy on me, MJ is the Greatest male artist ever, MJ is a living legend have some respect!!!!!!!!

  • Vanesa

    I would say anything else, MJ is a MUSICAL GENIUS, and if somebody says to me that MJ is not a genius, that can only be God
    MJ the real king of pop

  • Craig

    On a neutral point of view, (and leaving out his personal life) because of reading this, I’m in two minds about whether he was actually a musical genius after all.

    I agree with you Daryl on many points, most of all that he was great entertainer, perhaps the greatest ever – and that that popularity defiantly gone forever.

    On a personal thought I think that it is a real shame that he has gone, despite how fascinating it has been watching him self-destruct and bit-by-bit destroy his career, he did in his own way add something special to the industry.

    But it depends on how you’d define a “genius.” In a way, for many, creating the four great epics (Off The Wall, Thriller, Bad, Dangerous) could be genius enough.

    And Daryl, you do seem to be going out of your way to try and describe everything after Dangerous as a failure. History (1995) can be described as a failure in the United States perhaps, but Daryl there is land and life outside of the US you know, and sales of 18-million is nothing to ignore.

    Invincible was the final make or break album, it flopped worldwide.

    He still can do the odd good song or two, but nothing will ever be good enough to get him back the career. “The rise and fall of Michael Jackson” is a good way to describe his career.

    As for a musical genius, maybe. He is better described a once upon a time musical legend. I think this pretty accurate.

  • Luna

    GO M! That was excellent.

  • *M*

    Goodness, how the Hell can this poor excuse for an article actually end up being listed at Yahoo! News for Michael Jackson? Oh yes that’s right: it’s a negative one. What next? Will your next article claim that Stevie Wonder’s rubbish and that Justin Timberlake’s a genius? You clearly don’t even know anything about Jackson as an artist. Well unless you’re misrepresenting things on purpose…

    For instance, given the way you’re talking about “Invincible” or the Madison Square Garden concert, where he allegedly relied on other artists such as Eminem to create sparks, well it’s quite obvious that you probably have never even heard the full album, and have definitely not even seen that show. For starters, Eminem was not there, nor had he been invited. Secondly, the audience was pretty much yawning their heads off throughout both shows, and didn’t start going crazy until Michael Jackson came out on stage. Had you been there during the entire MJ bit, and especially when he performed “Billie Jean”, this blog entry would have never seen the light of day. On both nights, Michael Jackson had the whole Garden at his feet and in a trance, something not even the strongest hater in the world could deny. So much for him apparently not being capable of “creating sparks” without the help of other artists… As for “Invincible”, had you heard the album (at best you might have read the booklet credits, you know, to sound credible), you’d know that Brandy is completely unaudible on the track she was featured on (no, no, no clues, I won’t tell you wich one it is, you’ll have to do your own research for a change). So I don’t quite think she can qualify as someone Jackson “relied” on. Carlos Santana played the guitar on one track out of 16, big deal. As for JERKins and Riley, I don’t see what’s wrong with him collaborating with producers on a few tracks, that’s what they’re there for. It’s not like they did all the work.
    That said, I will admit that I wasn’t that crazy about “Invincible” after so much anticipation, although it was still 1000x better than any of the crap played on the radio at the time.

    Then saying that Quincy Jones was the only real talent behind “Thriller”… Oh my… That took guts, buddy. I’ll give you credit for being über-adventurous by saying that. I also heard some young French female DJ say the same thing a while back… Man did I tear her words to shreds. She was just like you: no clue what she was talking about. While she loved Michael Jackson’s music, she’d constantly deny him any talent whatsoever, giving credit to everyone and their dog but not to him. She did that because it was supposedly cooler to be anti-Jackson, but wasn’t too sure why. She didn’t know that, in addition to “The Girl Is Mine” and “PYT”, Michael Jackson wrote and composed 3 of the most successful singles on the album himself, namely “Billie Jean”, “Beat It” and “Wanna be starting something”. The home demos he made for these songs – without any Super Q intervention yet – are just as powerful and cutting-edge as the final versions that were released. I mean, you are indeed entitled to your own opinion, but to me your just showing your blatant bad faith here, which is quite amusing, actually. I think that you were hardly convinced by your own assessments as you were typing them, lol.

    And what’s this “MJ doesn’t play instruments live, so he ain’t no musical genius” drivel about? How restrictive is that? As stated above, he can play several instruments (especially the piano, which he mainly uses for creative purposes, he doesn’t usually play it to entertain people). So what if he doesn’t feel like performing with them live? When he’s on stage I’ll bet you anything he prefers the dancing to anything else. He has nothing left to prove, he’s wonderful at everything else, so why should he force himself to do something he probably doesn’t even enjoy all that much? Besides, you don’t have to play instruments to be a musical genius! His voice is amazing, and his beat-boxing is unreal! The little we know about the creative process Jackson uses for his songs is fascinating. He imitates every single sound and instrument with his voice, layer after layer, then records them separately, adds the melody, dictates all the arrangements, and that’s when he gets musicians together if he can’t materialize the music himself, but he’ll tell them exactly what sound he’s looking for and have them start over and over again until they get it to match his own imagination.

    Whoever had the indecency to compare Michael Jackson with Madonna has serious issues. The woman is intelligent, ambitious and desperately hard-working, granted, but talented? She’s the biggest joke the music industry has ever known. She is only successful thanks to the people who work for her, she is nothing more than the product of excellent marketing. But talented? No. Never has been, never will be. That’s the reason why she just keeps on trying so hard these days. She’s getting old and she knows full well that if she loses her physical fitness, then she’s lost everything, because she hasn’t got what matters in order to last after 50 without a great body: artistic substance.

    So I am sorry, Daryl D, no matter what you say, Michael Jackson is all but overrated, he deserves every ounce of success he’s had and he is (stress the word) indeed a Musical Genius. Unlike many, many currently successful maintsream artists, Jackson’s genius will go down in history and will live on forever. His King Of The World stardom years may be over, but that won’t stop him from making magnificent and inspiring tunes in the future.

    @ the poster named RF: Deluded much? You wish Jackson had a street-team to harrass everyone who doesn’t like him, that could comfort you into hating him so much. Too bad that he actually hasn’t. These posters are all real people who lead real lives (and who also have a bit of common sense, unlike you). They are separate individuals who respect Michael Jackson as the incredibly gifted musician that he is, which you just can’t stomach.
    So what are those things that you found about his camp? Huh? Why don’t you share your secret findings with all of us here? Oh and by the way, stop pretending to be Roger Friedman, everyone knows that despite his ridiculous obsession with Jackson, he doesn’t believe Michael Jackson was guilty. Nice try, though.

  • Sabrina

    Richard and James T., your posts were spot on!

  • James.T

    Funny isnt it?

    Funny how people like Kera and R.F dont have the intelligence nor the brain capacity to actually come up with any decent points, or arguments. Instead, the only thing they have to say is that Jackson is a ‘pervert’ or a ‘child molester’ who ‘touches’ little boys.

    pathetic, and incredibly ignorent. Michael Jackson is no child molester, he is a guy who given his life to help children around the world.

    This article is a joke, as most of the comments have shown. Michael Jackson will go down in history as a musical icon and legend, not a child molester or pervert.

    Im no huge Jackson fan, but please.

    Daryl – Get a job and an understanding of music

    R.F – Stop pretending to be Roger Friedman(sp), you are not him, get a grip.

    Kera – Get out of your backside and think before you speak/type, you are talking some very silly things.

  • Richard

    Absolutely not. Michael has had endless strings of hits, all written by him and with meaning. Earth Song – environmentalism, Black or White – anti-racism, Beat It – anti gang violence etc. He plays countless instruments and basically changed the face of music – the first black artist on MTV, the first music video with a storyline.

    Without Michael, Beyoncé, Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, Ne-Yo, Rihanna, Mariah Carey… wouldn’t be here.

    If you want to talk overrated, then make a post about Madonna or Elvis!

  • Sandra

    He is not a musical genius? Well, someone show you the guinness world records book:

    Most Successful Concert Series – Guiness Book Of World Records
    Michael Jackson sold out for seven nights at Wembley Stadium, London, England in the summer of 1988. A total of 504,000 people saw Michael perform July 14-16, 22-23, and August 26-27, 1988.

    Biggest Selling Album Of All Time – Guiness Book Of World Records
    Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” Album is the biggest selling album of all time, with over 50 million copies sold worldwide. Thriller is also the biggest selling U.S album with sales of 25 million copies.

    80’s Most #1 Hits
    By The End of the 1980’s MIchael Jackson had more #1 hits than any other artist for the decade.

    Michael has more awards than any other artist.

    Entertainer Of The Decade
    With the #1 (Thriller)and #2 (Bad) ranked albums in the world Michael was the 1980’s Entertainer Of The Decade.

    Most Grammy Awards – Guiness Book Of World Records
    Michael won a record breaking 8 Grammy Awards in 1984, more than any other artist in one year.

    Largest Contracts – Guiness Book Of World Records
    $890 million (Sony Music) Contract, with prospective earnings of $1 billion.

    Greatest Audience – Guiness Book Of World Records
    The highest-ever viewership was 133.4 million viewers watching the NBC transmission of Super Bowl XXVII on June 31, 1993. Michael was spotlighted during the half-time peformance.

    Highest-Paid Commercial Spokesperson – Guiness Book Of World Records
    Pepsi Cola paid Michael Jackson $12 million to do 4 TV commercials.

    Bad Tour – Guiness Book Of World Records
    Michael Jackson’s world tour brought in a record gross revenue of over $124 million during September 1987-December 1988.

    100 Million Records
    Michael has sold over 100 million singles and albums outside of the U.S.

    Billboard Charts
    Michael Jackson is the first person in the 37 year history of the chart to enter at # 1, with his single “You Are Not Alone”. Michael broke his previous redord held by his single “Earth Song” which debuted at #5.

    Biggest Selling Video
    Michael Jackson’s “The Making Of Thriller” is the biggest selling video to be released by an artist.

    Billboard “Hot 100” Singles Chart
    Most #1 Hits by Male Artist (13)

    #1 Debuts
    Michael’s “Bad”, “Dangerous”, and “HIStory” albums all debuted at #1.

    Consecutive #1 Singles
    Jackson 5 were the first group to ever have four consecutive #1 singles.

    #1 On Charts
    In 1983 Michael became the first artist to simultaneously hold the number one spots on Billboard’s rock albums and rock singles charts, as well as the R&B albums and singles charts.

    First Video
    Michael Jackson was the first black artist to have a video aired on MTV.

  • Sabrina

    That’s right Sabine! Some of these haters are just MAD because despite what they say Michael Jackson still has millions of fans all over the world (his Number one’s cd has already sold 7 million copies worldwide and it was released DURING the trial) and NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING they can say about him is going to change our minds about him. Michael is a genius and there WILL NEVER EVER be another artist like him again. EVER. He is one of a kind. An artist like Michael Jackson who is possibly the biggest star that ever lived only comes around once in a lifetime.

    Michael will be remembered forever while you haters wont even be given a second though. Michael is the s**t, so too bad bitches! MJ FOREVER!

  • duane

    Daryl, if you enjoy getting a lot of responses to intentionally outrageous claims, if that floats your boat, then you will have much happiness in your future. You can simply write a series of articles on supposedely overrated musical acts that will generate hostility from their respective fanbases.

    If, on the other hand, you are trying to make a defensible point, you would do well to define your terms.

    What constitutes “genius”? For example, Beethoven was a genius, Voltaire was a genius, Archimedes was a genius. Are you convinced that pop musicians deserve the label? What are the criteria that elevate one to genius status?

    I hope you’re not suggesting that MJ would cross the genius line if he could strum a Les Paul on stage while singing “Bad.”

  • rob wilson

    there has never been or ever will be anyone like michael jackson..he is a musical genius,he writes the music for the instruments and tells the musicians to play it..it is a joke that you think he is over-rated.The fact that nearly every musician out there,e.g beyonce,usher,justin timberlake all refer to michael as their influence proves it!..the album invincible was still a good album,it just wasnt ‘AMAZING’!!..He is the best entertainer in the world,when ppl watch him they are mesmorized by his music,dancing and stage shows.

  • Ashley

    Wow!!! I play the guitar and piano, pretty well, and have performed the guitar a few times at shows, so does that mean Im a musical genius? I hope it does, cos I cant sing or dance to save my life, or entertain at all in general, or have hit songs, or break racial barries in music, or have the biggest selling album etc etc but cos I played an instrument live a few times- IM OFFICIALLY A MUSICAL GENIUS!!? YAY!! bingo.

    God this one of the shittest articles Ive ever read. Im no big jacko fan, but saying he is overrated? Now that, my friend is pure shit. He has achived so much in his life time, things people dream of all their lives, hes changed music videos forever (Thriller) and has impacted pop music that will go down in history. Love it or hate it? Its true. There may be artists out there who have better songs than him, perform live instruments amazingly, and are musical geniuses themselves, i agree- but you cannot say Michael Jackson is not a genius. He IS a genius and deserves that recognition.
    However this is your blog, so its your opinon. Im just saying its shit, like most other people- but you know, what ever floats your boat
    If posting a fuckload of shit is your thing, then… cool.

  • Sabine

    yes – dear editor. The same IP – the same fan community here. I, along with millions of others in his Fan Family, of every age group, from all over the globe, anticipate even more greatness from the new era of his career.

    I have a whole lot more to say on! Hell yes and we fans all around the world and we couldn’t be happier.

    I’m so glad we fans didn’t let the sick people break him, as hard as they tried.

    This is why we feel so passionate about the legend and the image of Michael Jackson. We as an army of fans are the only force that can stop the destruction of the legend of Michael Jackson.

    We stand up for MJ, back him up and let the ignorance be your muse! He deserves defending!

  • MJ lover

    well, most of you guys said it all for me, so no need to say it again. I agree with everyone who thinks that this article is crap. The furthest thing from the truth that I ever heard. Michael Jackson IS a musical genius, and he is my favorite musical genius ever….Do me a favor and do your research before you write another crappy article……Michael should sue- cause this is unbelieveable…..laughable, even…

  • Jeevn

    I can’t believe what you’ve wrote. Have you actually heard his albums. for your infomation MJ does play instruments so you’ve got that wrong for a start. in fact i’m not even going to bother explain to you want you’ve just said because i feel sorry for you, you really don’t have clue.

  • kera the great

    You want a TRUE musician, lets talk about Bob Dylan. Hell, even Prince puts Michael Jackson to shame. Frank Sinatra is another example. Michael Jackson is on the level of a fallen Mel Gibson.

  • kera the great

    Excellent article. You are a good writer because you get under people’s skin. I still can’t believe this whacko has fans or is it the same person commenting over and over. Michael has always been a semi talented goon who waves his hands all over the place and sings the same song OVER and OVER. He began the downfall of popular music. Worse of all, he uses young kids for his sexual pleasure.

  • I don’t agree with the sentiments of this article at all but unless there’s a huge party going on at somebody’s house, I’d like to know why so many comments are coming from the same IP address? Do you know what I mean Sandra
    Michael Berrin
    Mark Swarn

    Do you?

    Now knock it off before I ban the lot of you.


    The Comments Editor

  • robert

    dear Daryl D,
    you have perfectly right:
    Michael Jackson is not a musical genius,
    he is THE BIGGEST MUSICAL GENIUS of all time!!!

  • Sandra

    Michael Jackson is still the greatest ever. Like a lot of people, I grew up listening to his music. I watched all of his videos and to this day I own every single one of his albums from Off The Wall to Invincible. To this day, no other recording artist has even come close to Michael’s status. He is a LEGEND.

  • Sabine

    With all the negative news about Michael, all in all, i have always enjoyed watching Michael perform and listen to his music. He is an amazing entertainer and always will be. He knows how the entertaining business is, and will succeed. I look forward to seeing him back.

  • Mandy

    Whether you like him or not, disagree with his lifestyle, or just plain don’t like him at all….Michael Jackson is still one of the greatest if not the greatest performer/singer of all time.

  • Sabine

    Michael Jackson was, is, and will always be my favorite artist, he’s the one who inspired me to start singing, i love that even after those horrible lies were said about him that he’s still willing to give everyone another chance and perform for us, he’s honestly my HERO!

  • Justin

    Michael Jackson is certainly one of the most gifted performers of our time. I find myself with sympathy for him. I would go see him in concert and I would give his new album a listen.

  • Sarah

    Michael is loved by many people. I think he will make a great come back. I am looking forward to his music.

    I glad that he is not letting his pass stop him from growing. Come on Michael, knock em dead!

  • David

    Why so many positive MJ posts?!? Simple! MJ is loved for the generous person he is, and only hated by rednecks who don’t/can’t read past he first page of the newspaper or figure out how to get their live in to use the remote to get the Media.

  • Sabine

    what, MJ is over-rated? I have a good laugh, thanks to the writer(is he on drugs?).

    I firmly believe that his music will rule the charts again. I think thats exactly what is needed to revive pop music, once again, coz it has drifted a long way from what I would call art.

    Most of whats out there now is here today and literally gone next week. I agree he is a’LEGEND’ always will be.

  • Shannon

    Michael Jackson – he is a no doubt – a musical LEGEND. Daryl, better live with it…. will bring him right back up to the top of the music world.

    Right were he belongs. Ain’t nothing you can do to stop him!

  • Sabine

    People ignore the haters including media, if you can’t reason with a haters so don’t even bother, let them languish in their hate.

    I love my country and my country believes that everyone is innocent until proven guilty. He was proven innocent by a court of law. All the hate – esspecially in the media against Michael Jackson – in the world won’t change that. Ain’t nothing you can do to stop him!

  • Sandra

    Michael Jackson really is the greatest entertainer ever, inspite of of excentric lifestyle. Don’t believe what Media says. Michael will climb to the top again and Bravo for him.

  • Michael Berrin

    Daryl I’d like to thank you for creating this discussion. I`m a journalist too, and let me notice:

    The generation that grew up listening to Michael Jackson are still his fanbase and The fans who discovered Michael. The other artists are still learning what kind of amazing entertainer he is. All the fans in the middle respect his talents – and you/we are to respect that.

  • Samantha

    Michael Jackson is a musical genius and his music plays on for the new generations. He is the greatest entertainer to ever walk the earth.

  • Mark Swarn

    He is the best entertainer anywhere and people who say different are just fooling themselfs. Admit or not – the man is a LEGEND.

  • Sabine

    This tabloid writer and “journalist” is the best proof! I mean honestly that people are ignorant.

    Haters dont deserve to be in his presence, he is the most gifted talented person to ever hit this erra and made a huge mark in this world. It’s the sick people and society and the higher ups who ruined his glory. Just listen to the music and open your eyes.

    The good people and the good Presidents strike out and the evil ones wins. But Michael is back and didnt let them win.

  • zingzing

    guppy: “My point exactly! She [madonna] has had to re-vamp her identity & style several million times to follow the trend in order to keep the hits-a-rollin.”

    ok… madonna was a POP STAR. the constant media/image manipulation was what made her great. she toyed with everything. and she made some great music. she also was all over the headlines, she created and destroyed fashions based on personal whims, became a hollywood star just by trying it, a book publisher just by trying it… hell, she even started the whole celeb save africa by adoption trend. before madonna, only elvis and the beatles had such total media control. music was only one facet of what made madonna great.

    as for daryl’s article… a bunch of pish, as usual. michael was a great performer on stage and in the studio, a fine songwriter, a gifted musician and a highly original… individual. he had his time where he was the greatest living pop star (79-87). but pop stars don’t last. the beatles fell off (after breaking up), bob dylan fell off… pop moves very fast and leaves strange lives in its wake.

  • Sabine

    This bullshit article is unbelievable!

    The level of talent of this man has been gifted with is immeasurable. No question he was and still is a musical legend.

  • Stevie G

    Hey RF, Interesting sunopsis on The commenters. Let me guess, your theroy of the street team members from Michael Jackson’s camp commenting and phoning radio stations is yet another lie plucket out of the michael jackson haters guide. You really have an inventive imagination, shame you can’t use it for something more useful than slagging of a pop legend.

    Daryl I’d like to thank you for creating this debate, even though it wasn’t intesional. Everyone has the right to there opinion. You just dont have much to back your argument up except with half truths and lies, which probably came from RF’s catalogue of far fetched nonsence.

  • Sabine

    After being falsly accused of the most heinous of crimes, his career ruined by the jealous money-grabbing people and their pointy hatted friends. I hope, that Micheal can continue to share his genius with the public without crosses burning on his lawn or lynching in the press like yours.

  • Laura

    Is this the same blogger who once said that THE CULTURE CLUB were the most underrated band ever! LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
    Then in this article he goes on to say that Kurt Cobain is a musical genius but Michael Jackson is not! lol. The whole thing is a joke. I can’t take this guy seriously.

  • Thorbird

    Michael Jackson is one of the greatest singer/dancer’s in the world. The world welcomes him with open arms. Good things do happen to good people!

    Michael is a natural and regardless of his personal life no one , ever, can take that away from him!

  • Thorbird

    Michael is the biggest and best entertainer in the world. The world is hungry for his return to the spotlight where he belongs.

  • Tanya

    Well said Bluemeli.

  • Adela

    I am not even going to bother to elaborate an answer for this article. I am just going to state that I strongly disagree with it !

    Michael Jackson IS a musical genius. This is a fact recognized by people more prominent than the writer of this article.

    This article is not worthy of being taken seriously !

  • Bluemeli

    It seems the only person who is over-rated is the writer behind this weird article.

    An outstanding talent never to be compared to anyone else. He’s in a class of his own. Many wish they had the kind of talent that he has, those whom have lived the Ghost of Jelousy.

    Theres alot of good music out there, but still it’s not Michael Jackson. He’s on a whole nother level so far above everyone else that you can’t even make comparisons to his musical genious.

    He’s been at the top for at least three decades almost four. And theres such a huge gap between MJ and all other performers, he has nothing to worry about, no one else will every get close to the level hes on.


    How embarassing you must feel to have wrote this artical. What a load of rubbish. You clearly just dont know anything about any one of michael jackson’s amazing talent’s, AND THAT IS THAT!!!

  • Jan

    Obviously you wanted some attention, & you got it. Good job. If you were to write an article on any of those people you consider “musical geniuses”, it would’ve went unnoticed.

  • Vlad

    The entire article is bullshit.

  • Otis B. Driftwood

    “but dont back it up with anything substansial.”

    Look at his other articles. He never does.

    “Don’t quit your day job.”

    I don’t think he has one. I believe he’s unemployed.

  • Dr Dreadful

    #82 — September 8, 2007 @ 13:51PM — Me

    The screen name “Me”. How original.

    You dumb little bitch.

    A bitch called Daryl? Boy, what a hard time she must have had growing up.

    You just wrote this article to gain attention.

    Why else would one write anything?

    Now go back to your toys and stop bothering the grown-ups.

  • T

    Talk about being way off the mark. I am not a Jackson Fanatic by any means whatsoever but you are wrong here. I don’t really care for MJ as a person but as a musical artist, few compare. He is in a league all by himself. He’s definitly not overrated.

  • Sabrina.

    LOl. I can’t even believe he used MADONNA as a reference. I don’t care how many records she has sold because she DOES NOT have any talent and is most CERTAINLY NOT in same category as Michael Jackson as far as talent goes and guess what no one ever says Madonna is very talented except for her DELUSIONAL fans. At least with Michael people admit that he’s very talented (well most people anyway who haven’t let the media brainwash them or don’t let their dislike for him as person get in the way of being rational).

    Madonna is a no talent gawd awful hack. I don’t even know how you can bring her into this. Btw, Michael has been in the business longer than ALL THOSE ARTISTS YOU MENTIONED including PRINCE, MADONNA, AND OTHERS.

    Michael’s been a recording artist since the 1960’s and has sold MORE RECORDS than Madonna and other with HALF THE ALBUMS. I think that’s pretty incredible. He’s only had 5 albums compared with Madonna and Prince’s 10+ and still managed to outsell them both and still has the biggest selling album of all time.

    It really doesn’t matter if you think he’s overrated though because anyone with good sense or who has good taste in music or anyone who know’s about MJ’s ENTIRE career (not just from OTW and on like you seem to only have knowledge of) will tell you differently. You are misinformed. Michael is a musical genius to a lot of people including myself so who cares what you think buddy?

    A lot of people disagree with you and to most of the world MJ is a musical genius so continue to live in denial Daryl. It’s all good.

  • Me

    You dumb little bitch. You just wrote this article to gain attention. Michael has the best selling album, huge concerts, a league of fans and a lot more, 40-year staying power and still moving; and a nobody like you have the guts to say he is overrated. Your momma!

  • Brian aka Guppusmaximus

    “…she[Madonna] is still a hitmaker which is why her latest hit “Hung Up” tied her with Elvis for the most top ten singles ever.”

    My point exactly! She has had to re-vamp her identity & style several million times to follow the trend in order to keep the hits-a-rollin. I never said she didn’t write her own music,I mean, I hope she did.

    Daryl, I guess we need to put this in perspective. Michael Jackson was doing more at the age of 9 then all of the “Artists” you mentioned in your article. When he finally broke free of the Jackson 5, he astounded the world with his trend-setting style. His genius lies in the fact that he didn’t follow anyone. He, in my opinion, took over where Elvis left off. In the “Pop Realm” he is a pioneer. I would think that you would understand that the best.

  • Tony

    You have it all wrong, the most overrated artist ever is without a doubt Madonna or Hagdonna as I like to call her.

    I’m not even much of a Jackson fan, but he does deserve all the success he’s had. The man is a musical legend.

  • Sabrina

    One of the worse “articles” I have ever read in my life.

    If you are going to call Michael Jackson overrated at least come up with something better than this. I have noticed too many inaccuracies in this article and the fact that you consider KURT COBAIN-KURT FRICKIN COBAIN A MUSICAL GENIUS says it all.

    You lost all cerdibility with that one.

  • Landis

    Rubbish article. The author doesn’t even support his claims with substantial facts. I love how you made it seem like the only song Michael ever wrote was “The Girl Is Mine” when he has written some of the most memorable songs in pop history (Beat It, Billie Jean, Don’t Stop ‘Till You Get Enough, etc.).

    I just don’t understand that why ALL OF THE ARTISTS in the entire world you choose to single out Michael Jackson. Elvis Presley, Madonna and others are what you called TRULY OVERRATED. You may not like Michael Jackson as a person but he’s not overrated, come on man. You are full of it.

  • abz

    Seriously, are you twelve years old? It appeared so from the standard of the writing and arguments present in your article.

  • MJforever

    Michael Jackson is the best
    This article is pure bull***t and everyone here knows it!

  • V.

    “LOL! I see the Michael Jackson fanatics, you know, the few in the world that are left, have emailed each other about this article.

    Michael Jackson was a great entertainer at one point. For me, that’s as far as it gets.”

    I wholeheartedly agree with you, Daryl.

    Don’t worry about his supporters – they enjoy shoving their opinions down people’s throats. They believe Jackson is the target of a “conspiracy” to destroy him, and, in their minds, you [and RF] are now part of it! LOL


    Yes, there was a time after the MJ trial that the over active fans sounded very stupid with MJ because everyone was so sure he was guilty despite a not guilty verdict. These days, it is those who think that he is a sexual predator that seem very stupid. The facts of his trial are out there to look at, like as mentioned above the book Michael Jackson Conspiracy by Aphrodite Jones, and another book I enjoyed called The Trials of Michael Jackson by Lynton Guest. Both examined his trial from different perspectives, and both drew the conclusion that MJ simply did not commit any crime. For journalists to come out stating that he is a pervert, they shouldnt be journalists at all if they lack the ability to examine ALL facts.
    So I say to those reporters that they are so certain that MJ is a pervert, get over yourselves, and learn to report all facts truthfully if you want any credibilty. If you can’t do that, just stop reporting. We are not interested in what you have to say.

    As for the claim of this article, what a waste of time writing. To understand MJ and his musical talent you must listen to ALL his music. You must stop juding MJ’s private life, and learn to really listen to the music. The lyrics, the tune, and for MJ, the dance. Clearly the author here does not know anything if he can claim that MJ does not play a musical instrument, when it is a fact he can play the Piano, which he does beautifully, the guitar, and drums. Has anyone studied MJ as he listens to the music of other artists? It is like he is studying very note of the music and vocals. If you listen to what MJ has to say about writing music in interviews, he is clearly excels where most acts today can not. MJ can take a topic and can make meaningful music to the topic, that entertains you and gets the message accross at the same time, like Heal The World. Personally in this day in age we need more people telling us to Heal the World than we need some of the degrading music out there today.

    Michael Jackson is not only a musical genious, he is artist. I don’t mean an artist in musical terms, I mean artistically. Singing, dancing, acting, playing instruments, he can do it all.

    I would like to point out, that look at Pavorotti this week who died. He did not play any musical instrument, he had his amazing voice, and the world respected him for it. So according to this article he also cannot compare to most acts today because he did not play a musical instrument on stage?

    Imagine MJ on stage as the author would have him called a musical genious. MJ starts with a dance, sings a bit, runs over to the instruments and takes over from the band, plays a bit of music on the instruments, runs back out to the front of the stage, sings and dances more and runs back to the insruments again all night long during over 100 concerts on his BAD Tour, 60 on the Dangerous Tour and 80 on the HIStory Tour? That would be quite a show wouldnt it? He would be so tired it probably wouldnt sound good.

    Well done Michael Jackson for all your achievements, and best of luck for the future.

  • daryl d

    Brian, I usually like your feedback a lot. But nowhere did I state that MJ wasn’t musically talented. This article is about him being overrated. And yes, I agree, I have to get out of the “pop” music realm more.

  • Niko

    I love Michael!