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Michael Jackson Heads for the Gulf

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Where would you go in mid-summer if the sun of temperate Santa Barbara was too much for your delicate dermis to endure?

If you’re Michael Jackson, you’d head for the absolute monarchy of Bahrain (a group of islands in the Persian Gulf midway between the tip of the Qatar Peninsula and the Saudi Arabian mainland) of course, where Jackson’s parasol-handlers will have to work overtime under a blazing sun and daytime temperatures well over 100 degrees F.

Jackson and his three children are reportedly staying as guests of Sheik Abdullah bin Hamad Al Khalifa, the king’s son, in one of the royal palaces after arriving by private jet.

“He is here in Bahrain on a friendly visit, to relax and enjoy the hospitality of Bahrain. He is a long time friend of the (royal) family,” said an official who requested anonymity so he wouldn’t be beheaded or anything.

“(Jackson) wants to be away from the US press and he chose Bahrain to rest after what he went through in the past few months,” said another, similarly anonymous official.

Sheik Abdullah is a friend of Michael’s brother Jermaine, who converted to Islam in the late-’80s after a visit to Bahrain. Jermaine and the Sheikh announced plans to launch a peace song, called “He’s the One Who Makes the Sky Grey,” together in January.

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  • Michael makes the sky grey?

  • Eric Olsen

    maybe that’s why he can go to Bahrain in the middle of summer

  • Marlon

    As long as he doesn’t become a republican everything is ok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Eric Olsen

    I think he’s a monarchist

  • He’s the King of Pop by divine right, then?

  • And he employs the Divine Right of Kings, too, it seems

  • Eric Olsen

    “Let them eat cake (and drink Jesus juice)”

  • Juice

    Michael and The Jackson’s are LEGENDS.
    Please one more “Victory” tour.

  • tavon

    Michael is truly a pure child of God, as i have had the pleasure of being in his presence in Philly during the making of The Invincible CD laying down the tracks for “Butterflies” which in my view is an instant classic. The american so-called free press would have made Hitler proud of the way they have bashed Michael time and time again. I found that only BET gave him fair coverage free of media opinions and stated only facts.

  • Terrence

    Missy Elliot and her crew paid honor to Michael last nite on the BET Award show wearing his likeness on thier outfits and that was really cool, Michael you enjoy your self with your family and remember you belong to the world not just to the USA.

  • Bahrain Not

    Living in Bahrain, i’m very suprised that Michael Jackson would visit us here. For one thing, he can’t be here to sunbathe, it is far too hot. 45C in the shade right now. But he is very very popular here and of course the so-called ‘Royal Family’ here, would appreciate this famous man in their company.

  • nick

    I agree: He should go where he is appreciated. To go away from the cynism of the USA will only do him good.

    Live Michael, live…

  • Eric Olsen

    privilege, luxury, isolation, controlled press, lots of people with their heads covered: dude is in heaven

  • JR


  • nick

    why would that bother you Eric ? Can he actually do something without you being there bitching about it ? Get a life mate !

  • Tristan

    plus isn’t it kind of accepted practice to have little boys for sex there in Bahrain.???

  • Mihos

    Glad to see Eric is still using his energy to demonize Michael Jackson. Ever hear of Gibrain or Rumi? If you really followed the Jackson trial as an objective analyist you would have read the evidence list of book titles. Jackson’s library is filled with publications of both these timeless poets.
    What has this to do with his tar and featherdness going to a Moslem country after narrowly avoiding being lynched by the American machine of smear tactic?

    It has more to do with the rest of the people of the world that actually matter even though they don’t matter to most Americans. The fans of Michael Jackson in western countries are largely ignorant of the history or tradition of poet philosophers. But in those cultures where centuries of appreciation for a single poet’s words continues unfalteringly. They appreciate Jackson for reasons that you or I may not.
    Ive stated clearly that Im not a Jackson fan. Nothing has changed. But I am acutely aware of the gnawing reality of America’s baseline prejudice against people that are considered worthy of contempt. I have also become more aware of how opinions are honed and maintained .
    For the people of the world that still believe in humanity, Michael Jackson is this generation’s Gibrain.
    He’s taken it into a wholly unique place- physically and vocally- aesthetically. And yet he hasn’t even begun yet. We should be greatful that Jackson survived his ordeal and that the generous souls of Bahrain urged him to their embrace. We should be honored that
    Jackson moved from his self styled carnival into the front lines of this centuries greatest man mad catastrophe.
    And we can all hope that this great iconic poet’s humanity has not been so thoroughly wounded that he suddenly stop caring about his fellow humans.
    I just hope that Michael Jackson discovers and expereinces something akin to what his idol Gibrain lived and wrote . WOuldnt you hope that the worlds most famous identity contributed something positive? Who is better equipped than Michael Jackson to speak his mind about peace in days like these?
    I thank the God ( consciousness) that Jackson is in an Arabic country to repair his psyche and physical health.
    Tristan if you had ever visited an Arab country you would realize how off target and intentionally vicious that comment is. Jackson was equitted of child molestation and on all charges.
    After reading the most minute details of the case, studying the evidence and basically doing what anyone that publishes has the responsibility to do- I came to the conclusion that Jackson was incapable of what he had been charged. Tristan insinuates that Arabs are taken with buggering young boys.
    Funny how an opinion can be made and groomed and spun until that is fact isnt it? At this point these sorts of smear attacks say alot more about their creators than those smeared.

  • Eric Olsen

    Michael Jackson and the Arabian Nights, MJ and the 40 Thieves, Jacko the Sailor – this post was written almost a month ago, by the way

  • Mihos

    Eric lay off the miracle whip. Your wonder bread diet is starting to spill out into your myopic spewage. It seems you know about as much about Arabian culture as you do Michael Jackson. Can’t you stick to a topic that you actually care about?
    It seems like you just dangle Michael Jackson out like a carrot for hits. Your low estimation of Jackson’s worth has always been obvious and you certainly have convicted him in your own blog realm.
    But now you have him living in the Arabian realm. Be careful what you say about him and Arabs in general. Rather than start picking the scabs off of your own personally inflicted rugburns on the subject, it would be more beneficial and
    objective for you to help people understand why Arabs find Americans so insensitive and emotionally disabled.
    Don’t you find it ironic?

  • Eric Olsen

    I do not underestimate Jackson’s artistic worth or contributions to the culture – it is his life that I hold in contempt

    Obviously, Jackson’s sense of aristocratic exceptionalism and infallibility are right at home in the satrapy of Bahrain

    By the way, it’s real hard to take admonitions on the subtleties of the Arab world very seriously from someone who doesn’t believe in the existence of al Qaeda.

  • How long have I been gone, my dears?

    Mihos — what are you smoking?

  • Can we get him to stay out of the US?

  • Mihos

    That’s my point Eric. You don’t know anything about the lifestyle of either Jackson or the royal family of Bahrein.
    What you insinuate through your mental doodling is more than offensive. It breeds contempt where none is necessary.
    The blog writer throws shit at the fan knowing some will stick. This is hardly a responsible way to bring information about an increasinly confusing world to an honestly concerned cyber collective.
    And it reads as more negativity from the west by those that are actually from the region.

    As for el Quaida, Eric do you speak Arabic? Have you ever lived in an Arabic speaking country? Have any of your relatives been in a position of leadership in an Arab speaking country?
    Has anyone in your family ever been targeted by radical Islamists?

    I’ll assume that the answer to most of these questions is no.

    I can answer all these questions with a yes. Don’t bother educating me about “the foundation” unless you care to actually document the origins of this armed warfare. Who armed and educated the pioneers of this apostasy?
    It wasn’t Khalil Gibran.

  • Eric Olsen

    ah, I see, because the CIA, etc, helped elements of the anti-Soviet organization which eventually morphed into al Qaeda, the organization’s subsequent metasitacized actions don’t count

  • Wonder bread and Miracle Whip cause myopia? Where’s a lawyer when you need one, I need to file a suit!!

  • Eric Olsen

    I prefer my bread, beer and condiments dark

  • Olsen: say hi to me already 🙂 Don’t be shy. Where’s the lovefest?

  • It seems to me that Michael Jackson wasn’t a pedofile until he became a white guy. He is still a guy… right?. Maybe there is something to that wonder bread and miracle whip thing.

  • Eric Olsen

    dude, I’m making sure you are really back before I expose my heart

  • Haha 🙂 I’m a love-em-and-leave-em kinda guy, I know. But can’t we have our moments, fleeting as they may be? 🙂

    I’ve visited occasionally but you all got me hooked back on commenting with the Rockstar: INXS stuff. Cheesy, fruity singing shows are my Kryptonite. That’ll keep me around with occasional nonsense for the summer, I’d imagine 🙂

    That goes for the rest of you like Sharky poo and RJ and Natalie and all the rest that have apparently stuck around.

    You don’t have a Lollapalooza thread! You gettin old on me, Olsen? If someone starts one, I’ll offer a review since I went on Saturday.

    EL Frederick: you are a scholar and a gentleman.

  • Eric Olsen

    I was on vacation the last week – did we have any reviews? And it was only one show, no tour. A BAB review would be great

  • Mihos

    Eric do us all a favor and start a new topic. “Uh, I see, because the CIA, etc, helped elements of the anti-Soviet organization which eventually morphed into al Qaeda, the organization’s subsequent metasitacized actions don’t count.”

    That’s a leap. I never said that the actions of apostasy don’t count. I lost my mother and father to it. I’ve lost most of my family to it. But let’s not clog up this thread with discussions on
    something that really needs its own viewer base.

    Going back to Jackson,
    once again can you guys stop belittling him? Just try like a 12 step program.
    It makes you appear to be borish and small minded.. Eric Im glad you prefer your beer and bread dark as do I.
    I’ll blame your myopia on moldy rhye.
    It certainly has been known to make me hallucinate. Just yesterday I could swear CNN was going to cover the Sharm el Sheik travesties. Instead I learned about Tammy Faye Bakker’s latest cancer and and some dismal sputtle about some blonde girl gone missing in Aruba.
    And don’t pretend colour doesn’t play a huge role in news sling. It only matters that Natalie is blonde and American never mind all the non blondes gone missing they dont deserve international news coverage. Michael Jackson’s abandondoment of his born ethnic identity was logically more interesting news fodder than Snoop Dog’s abandonment. Snoop Dog knows his place.
    He perpetuates all that we already know about the propensity of the American black man.
    But blogs are written and read by the establishment of middle class white men.
    So I am not so delusional as to believe that anything that challenges that subliminal position written by myself or anyone else is going to be accepted or even read carefully until that burden is shifted onto all of our shoulders.
    What burden?
    The burden of your propensity to suggest that anyone that disagrees with you as being crazy, drugged out or smoking something. When I counter that your insensitivy stems from your entitled class status as the richest freest white people in the whole white universe, the burden is shifted soley onto my shoulders. You get it?
    CArry your own burdens. Many perspectives make the task of carrying huge burdens all the easier.

  • Lets see yep, “Michael Jackson Heads for the Gulf”, looks at the previous post… hmm… “Going back to Jackson,” then more flatulance about your own problems…

    You know, he’s been accused twice now of child molestation, I wonder what the laws are in Bahrain about child molestation.

    Maybe we can watch him get his hands chopped of.

  • Eric Olsen

    EL, those rules only apply to the rabble

  • Eric Olsen

    Mihos, I’ve said all along, I get your point about media perspective and priorities and agree that they are often skewed, but I don’t see that applying to Michael Jackson. That, and your very peculiar denial of the existence of al Qaeda, are our main differences.

  • Mihos

    Let me see where I can help both of you.
    As Ive mentioned before Im a father of three children, a professor and a former professional musician. Frederick, Michael Jackson was convicted in the court of public opinion for child molestation.
    I believed like many people on this board that the charges were likely based on facts and that Jackson was guilty as charged.

    As a professor teaching a course on Topics in Human Understanding, that is taught in cooperation with fifteen colleges and universities all working on the same topics, I came to a very different conclusion.
    When I was hastily typing back and forth with Jackofiles and Jackocampers, Jackohaters and Jackosychophants
    I was also working off a diet of caffein and cigerattes while correcting papers and absorbing shocking data points.

    What were the data points?
    News feeds, blogs and major media outlets were screened for any articles or editorials, cartoons or photographs of Martha Stewart, Kobe Bryant and Michael Jackson. The previous class studied Presidential election antics.
    Data comprised of presuppositional bias asserted as fact, misleading headlines, ucorroberated ( I cant spell so phuq me)
    reports, and salacious rumours passed off as fact.

    Let me reitterate that I actually believed Jackson was guilty having never
    really thought about it and only knowing what I learned like most of you from the

    After two months of fifteen different schools and hundreds of student professor groups data I became alarmed.
    Jackson was being railroaded. It started in 1993 with the first allegations.

    A team comprised of two prosecuting attorneys, a social worker specializing in child abuse and a psychologist working with child molest cases for the state worked together with professors analysing what was being reported by “journalists”.
    I took the additional step of suggesting
    that each collaborative school dilineate separate teams to study previous news media and entertainment media covering Jackson and his family. I interviewed
    members of the Jackson family camp and learned about the history of the family preceding their ill fortune in the entertainment industry and was fascinated to learn about the deep history of their family lines in the upper south.
    The entire data sets will be published in the winter of 2006.

    But from what our final seminars and teleconferences discussed we were in agreement almost unanimously that the dearth of published data focused on
    Jackson’s appearance, then his presupposed failures as an artist. The next data sets of most frequently tagged
    topics focused on Jackson’s mental health and finally (!) child molestation.
    When the prosecution leaked confidential testimony from people that were not under oath and not cross examined the press was quick to pick it up and report it as fact.
    Bloggers and editorials pundits and self styled experts started weighing in with an intensity that would have broken any ordinary person guilty or not.

    When Jackson’s health began to fall apart the Newcriminologist site made some ugly armchair assertions that were echoed by court tv anchors who were just really unprofessional, unethical and straight out prejudiced.
    Meanwhile terrible tragic stories of missing white children were broadcast as
    major news pieces that almost without exception either lead into or imm followed Jackson molest trial reports.

    I attempted to introduce bloggers here on this site to a few ideas that Eric correctly classified as coming from a polemicist versus an apologist or jackosycophant. Others were not so charitable.
    One issue worth repeating again now and into the future is the history of Jackson’s family as it relates to their appearance and ethnic identity.
    We were able to corroborate that both Joseph Jackson and Katherine Scruse Jackson are very recent descendants of
    Black Indians. Black Indians as you know
    coming from Alabama where Katherine’s family hails were the mixed progeny of American Indians and either their African slaves ( Cherokee and Chocktaw) or runaway slaves that were adopted by native peoples ( Seminole, Cree, Chickasaw).
    THe Jackson lineage are derived of Seminole and Cherokee whilst the Scruse lineage is derived of Chickasaw, Choctaw and Cree.
    There is African ancestry in their families but the percentage of African genes to Native American genes is substantially lower in percentage.

    The Jackson’s accrued their cheekbones, colour, hair texture and physical features from both African and Indian ancestry.

    It is necessary to digress to this to make two points.
    The first is that the largest amount of published information on Jackson deals with physical appearance and ethnic identiy. The writers of this material are almost without exception white, middle class Americans.
    Please don’t mistake that comment with
    a generalization about white people.
    What I would respectfully like to highlight to you anyone reading this is from the first, everything you ever read about Jackson came from a body of people
    that had neither any deep identification or sensitivity to this American dynasty’s history or their real significance in the whos who of global identities.
    The average person that “saw” a photo of
    a Jackson ( pick one) never appreciated the American Indian ancestry of this family so it would be impossible for them to fully comprhend how incredibly insenstive and brutish it is to project
    the level of their “blackness” based on
    what “African” features should be.

    This issue ended up being a major issue for the Jacksons. The topic went from Were they trying to be white? To they hate their ethnic origins. And all this coming from people who for whatever reason don’t recall what happened to the Black Indians of the Upper South.
    They were repatriated forciably to the Indian Lands of Oklahoma where those individuals and families of obvious mixed ancestry were denied shelter and home bases. These people ended up in Indiana where they eventually were assimilated into the American Black communities.
    One issue frequently discussed was Jackson’s lack of pigment. It went writers wondering If he was bleaching his skin to stating that he was removing his pigment because he hated his ethnic identiy.
    We that is a huge group of objective academics researched albinism and partial albinism which Jackson claims he suffers from the condition of. Low and behold this brought us right back around to the Trail Of Tears and stories in the Daws report and other documents describing the phenomenon of partial albinism or vitiligo as it is also termed. THis condition tends to appear n dark skinned ethnicities on or around the genitalia during puberty and spreads
    rapidly in ann alarmaing fashion.
    It is also symptomatic of a failing immune system.
    A person under stress marching through winter and heat along the trail of tears without proper clothes or food with a heriditary history of the condition was almost sure to develop the previously unknown or hidden condition .
    Dark skinned peoples with vitiligo or born albino suffered a special form of discrimination in slave plantations but were revered in Indian cultures.
    We can understand why partial albinism continues to be fairly common in American Indian and Black Indian families.

    I believe that Jackson developed vitiligo and met that startling challenge as any true genius would.
    He transformed himself to fit his skin.

    But in the USA and Western Europe , Australia etc. inadvertantly bigoted people refused to acknowledge Jackson’s intellectual capacity to perceive the world or accept his capacity to absorb and reflect it as he saw fit rejected Jackson on the unsupportable premise that he hated his ethnic roots.
    He argued unconvingly that White people spend plenty of money on perms and tans, lip injections and nose jobs without the same vilification.
    Before you make a gut reaction to that please think on it. Why does it bother you that Jackson changed his appearance?

    This was all going on before the first child molest charges. and this is why I am asking you to visit each topic our collaborative did in that chronology.

    We had to understand who Jackson really was not the persona that we believed he was projecting through the smoke and mirrors of an apathetically opportunistic entertainment media.

    Then we heard from academics that wrote their phds on race relations in the USA and learned about the rich history of
    the minstrel and the pickaninny.
    Michael Jackson was originally type cast
    the first full colour Buckwheat.
    He and his brothers were advertised to a new market unknown to non Caucasians before the seventies. They were being processed and marketed to an adoring white youth market.
    Jackson noted his white peers like Kurt Russell and Donnie Osmand climbing in the ranks. They were afforded contracts and opportunities still denied blacks.
    And Jackson was an ungainly teen.

    If indeed he was suffering from the first signs of vitiligo it may have been disheartening for the young sensitive visionary. His appearance didn;t match his imagination and Hollywood was no place to try and fit in the wrong peg.
    Rodney Allen Rippey, Gary Coleman and Emmanual Lewis were discovered and perpetated as new cute little pickaninnies while Jackson leapt over the ceiling and crossed over.
    He did what no had before and did so by
    transforming his sound, his look his attitude. He read lots of Og Mandino self help books and lots of Khalil Gibrain.

    Now to molestation charges.
    Everything you or I read came from the self interest of those publishing the news. The scandal fed itself but it was not built on irrefutable facts.
    And as I struggled to come to grips with my own unknown prejudice I realized that
    most of America was going along with this tar and feathering.
    The level of vitrol and blatant prejudice against Jackson’s right to a fair trial by leaking salacious accusations and having double standards for truth- these were all glossed over in the end.
    The saddest point was when we saw Jackson’s health deteriorate dangerously.
    The public was encouraged to deny Jackson any empathy because he was a child molester and a freak. He deserved to die in prison and you saw some of the same special programs I did in that flavor. Nancy Graceless and Diane Cubic Zarconian were priceless persecutors.
    But even as we watched a man standing nearly six feet tall wither and waste away, coming to court in pajama bottoms
    we continued to accept the witch hunt.
    As the prosecution’s case got stranger and stranger Jackson detractors just got meaner and more prejudical until we were reduced to name calling and bad late night jokes.
    The accusors were not to be believed and not one of the witnesses was free of corruption. In the end Jackson was spared more humiliation but his legacy is under scrutiny and most Americans that participated in the with hunt are uncomfortable. They will go to great lengths to continue to lambaste and demonize Jackson or worse just marginalize his real contributions to avoid any personal accountability whatsoever.
    There hasn’t been a single retraction or
    I wasnt a Jackson fan before but the more I learned from real facts, for example studying the books in his library, the lyrics of some of his better songs, the stories of his relationships with Ryan White
    paint a very different picture.

    Eric I never said that the aforementioned terrorist group doesnt exist. I said that they didn’t exist until Wolfowitz made up the term.
    Study up Aaman’s take on that end.
    Either way, Jackson staying in Bahrein disturbed people and I wanted to point out that like Jackson the people of Bahrein are very fond of the writings of Rumi and Gibran. Jackson is this generations Gibran. And this is why he is so important to the middle east.
    The fact that he was so persecuted by the Team America doesnt bode well for America but in the end two go things may come of it.
    1. Our justice System has all the right pieces and sometimes even when missused to the advantage of overzealous and bigotted prosecutors working in collusion with tabloid journalists it does work if you can afford it.

    2. I think that America got to hear plenty about the first case and may have
    learned more about why Jackson settled the first case. They learned about the pressure put on Jackson to settle and the nature of those attempting to black mail him.

    3. we are all much more aware of the vapidity of celebrity and the value of genius

    4. Jackson will forever be remembered as
    the spector of the child neglected
    some will think him a criminal that got away with a crime. Others will think of him as a misunderstood entity ill suited for the burden of his own trappings.

  • Eric Olsen

    and now he has a house there, I have seen reported

  • i hate michael jackson

  • Tanot

    Milan: At least you know who Michael Jackson is. He, on the other hand, doesn’t know you exist.

    Hope your hate infests every pore of your body.

  • azeb

    whoever wrote the long article is a genius i love michael jackson to death by the way i am one of the luckiest/fortunate ones in the planet to meet him in dc in 04 i also consider my self to introduce my self brifely and shook his hand.i was speechless.who is above michael jackson tell me?the man is gods chosen.

  • Rick

    i dont understand where Michael can do things others cant like naked in pools and naked on trees and naked pajamaless parties…. and not expect to get accused. Hundreds are accused and lose, where does he get to win because of money or fame or singing talent. Is it not common knowledge that others who are not wealthy, not famous, not singers must behave with children. So it is not an issue of not guilty, it is an issue of proper behavior that others get punished for but NOT him because he is worshipped. Oh wow. isnt that a wonderful thing for americans to be proud of. I think the worship of him is as sick as the crowds chasing him to hang him.