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In a late verdict today Michael Jackson, the King of Pop has been found innocent of all charges in his case dealing with child molestation and providing alcohol to minors with the intention of molesting them. He has been found not guilty on all ten counts as well as their lesser crimes.

This marks the second time Jackson has been accused of child molestation but only the first time there has been a trial. The first case was settled out of court for an undisclosed sum of money.

The jury has stated that there was no one factor that swayed the case. It was an accumulation of everything that brought them to their decision. It was also noted that all of the jurors had come into the trial with their individual opinions as to guilt or innocence, but had come to look at the evidence and not their personal views of Jackson.

UPDATE: Remember to run by the Michael Jackson Master Post for all of your MJ shopping needs. There must be around 50 posts there!

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  • sandra smallson

    I told you so! I am extremely satisfied. I am also delighted. I can not abide wasting emotion but I have to say I was hyperventilating yesterday as I waited for the verdict. Having a panic attack almost and I haven’t had that in months. I was terrified because let’s face it.. America did everything to put MJ in jail.

    The jury was not sequestered in such a high profile case where even going in, it was almost impossible to believe that any of the jurors had no pre-conceived belief about MJ as a person. The jury was all white and conservative white to boot. The Judge as I stated numerous times was biased. He allowed in all sorts of things and I hear was visibly disappointed when he said to MJ, you are free, your bail is exonerated..apparently he said it as he was standing to leave. THAT is not common practice. The Judge often looks at the defendant to pass on the instructions. He never spared MJ even one glance. We had a Prosecution team who refused to look at the case before them but chose to use their own beliefs about weirdness of MJ to prosecute a case that no discerning Prosecutor would have brought to Trial. Not with the witnesses they had and especially not with THOSE witnesses when you have no physical evidence.

    I was certain from the start and the mind boggled that others seemed to think otherwise. MJ had this boy to himself for a while and did nothing. When was he supposed to do something? After he had sent them away and only called them back for the documentary because they had told him that he was a big part of Gavin’s cancer being in remission. MJ being as naïve as possible brought them back cos he thought it would be good publicity and show how he truly loved children. Little did he know that by this time, the family were bitter at having been discarded and plotted their revenge.

    It has come to nothing now. The media tried, the prosecution tried, the judge tried, BUT the TRUTH prevailed in the end. NOT GUILTY. GUILTLESS. Which means he is innocent. You can all argue about this does not mean he is innocent but if that is the case then nobody since the beginning of the criminal justice system who has ever been found not guilty is innocent. We can not make the difference in the verdict only for MJ. The opposite of guilt is innocence so if you are not guilty, then on the basis of the facts before 12 jurors, he has been found innocent.

    He is not a child molester, or kidnapper or whatever else. The Jurors have impressed me immensely. I worried if they would LISTEN and apply the facts of THIS case, but they showed me that they can.

    Jordan chandler’s case was never brought to trial. It would have been pretty daft to convict him of a case that never stood up to cross examination. Expect gavin to quarrel with his mother now just like Jordan hasn’t spoken to his mother for 11 years.

    MJ is weird, strange and does inappropriate things BUT he is not a pedophile and unless you can prove otherwise, let the man be. The one case that has come to court, MJ has won. Jordan clearly didn’t feel that violated to bring his own case to Court.

    I can not imagine if I was raped or indecently assaulted that there is any amount of money in this world that can prevent me from wanting to see the rapist punished. NO AMOUNT OF MONEY ON EARTH. Perhaps after the rapist is in jail, I might go for the civil case if I am destitute but to say I would take money as a settlement? NEVER! Which is why I have doubts about chandler as well. Especially about his mother too. Taking money from the man who has molested your young son. She could have got that money after a criminal trial too but they took the money and ran. MJ paid them off because he could..the so called victims have no excuse for taking the money.

    I am ecstatic with this verdict and I know it will not change the narrow minds of those of you who feel weird equals pedophile but make no mistake about it, Justice has been served.

  • salmoncatchingbear

    I dont think weird equals paedophile, i believe that the Jury came to the only verdict available to them, there was no way that they could prove beyond reasonable doubt that MJ was guilty. the prosecution did an appalling job, and the Arvizo family were cringeworthy to watch, like a sideshow act.

    you agree that he is weird and does inappropriate things. if by that you mean sharing his bed with vulnerable and impressionable young boys, then i agree whole heartedly with you.

    you apper to be a supporter (judging by the panic attack!), so i suggest that rather than leaving him alone, you write a long letter to MJ, telling him that it is NOT cool to share your bed with a kid. tell him that even though you support him you believe that he should stop it. maybe if you copy it, or post it online, many other fans can sign their own copy and send it to him, maybe that will finally make him see how bloody stupid his actions are, and he wont end up 3 stone wringing wet again in a courtroom.

    myself, i believe his future is very uncertain and time will tell what this courtcase and the outcome have to hold for MJ and society.

  • sandra smallson

    It may come as a shock to you but I am actually not going to write a letter to MJ. I am an avid fan of Mj’s music but I have never judged him on his personal choices. Of course I am only human and have paid attention to all his strange behaviour and as you say, a 46 year old man repeatedly sharing his bed with young boys is off colour.

    I think if I could, I would write a letter to Katherine Jackson because it was mostly her that brought on my hyperventilation:) I saw her there, the mother of this man who will always be a baby to her, she had been with him EVERY day to that court for FOUR months, sometimes she burst into tears during the course of the trial, and I thought to myself, what will this lady do if this man is found guilty? I just started to panic:) Don’t worry, a ciggi calmed me afterwards but if I were to write a letter which i won’t, it would be to Katherine to tell her that I am very happy for her especially.

    To sit there for 4 months and listen to your sons life being pickled apart for the world to know, and to walk in knowing this could be the end, because we all know MJ in jail=death…I just felt so much for the poor woman I started hyperventilating to my surprise because I hate to waste emotion.
    I think I am even happier for Katherine Jackson than I am for MJ if that makes any sense:)

  • salmoncatchingbear

    it does make sense, i cn imagine the pain an older lady would feel at seeing her son sentanced to prison, it could damn near kill her also.

    i do believe though that maybe she should this time try to keep him under control. if he has spent all his cash, then maybe it would be safer for him to do what normal people do and move back to mom and dad and re-assess his life and choices.

  • hah! I came by earlier and saw there were hardly any comments and thought if I came back 12 hours later it would be stuffed to the brim with comments by MJ haters saying “Oh he might be not guilty, but he’s still not innocent” or at least attacking the jurors themselves. But where is everybody? It seems all the loud mouthed haters including Captain EO himself doesn’t have much to say about the case, now.

    And speaking of EO,,, Michael’s music is basically disco with a soul influence? Is that what you said on BBC Live, Eric?

    You’ve got to be kidding. Do you even know what disco is? Michael’s music is SOOOO not disco! lmao!

    You guys should concentrate on being beautiful creatures of god instead of hateful, fear mongering souls that pick on other people for your own satisfaction. Now that MJ’s free, who will you attack now?

  • nick

    they will find other preys

  • nick

    That haas been my theory all along. The US needs to invent itself new enemies. It used to be the communists, then it was Saddam Hussein ( Who I would like to remind all of you was an imminent threat to the safety of all Americans), then they came up with MJ who was a threat to all American kids.

    I am sure the establishment will find other scape goats to distract the attention of the clueless American people from what really matters.

  • Joe

    Congratulations to Michael Jackson.

    I see pundits talking about a ‘comeback’, this is entirely absurd. Here we have a man who has contributed so much to the entertainment world for close to 40 years, a man who has just been in the toughest fight of his life and we want a ‘come back’?

    I think Michael should take time off, reflect and get some therapy. He needs to clean out his closet and move on. Everything else should fall in place after that.

    If Michael is still living in ‘la la land’, his music will never connect with people who are not of that psychological persuasion. On the whole, time out is the best option for him right now. Get his health back and focus on things that truly matter. He has just escaped up to 20 years in jail, after all.

  • Actually, most of Europe has supported him through this (from what I’ve heard) and would be looking forward to a tour. Of course, this is supposed to be where I make a dig about the psychological profile of the standard European, but that would be a cheap shot.

    Also, I thought the max MJ could have got was 12 years 3 months?

  • nick

    Now I’m just wondering why you think
    That you can get to me with anything
    Seems like you’d know by now, when and how I get down
    And with all that I’ve been through, I’m still around

    Don’t you ever make no mistake
    Baby I’ve got what it takes
    And there’s no way you’ll ever get to me
    Why can’t you see that you’ll never ever hurt me
    ‘Cause I won’t let it be, I’m too much for you baby

    Chorus [Michael Jackson]:
    You can’t believe it, you can’t concieve it
    And you can’t touch me, ’cause I’m untouchable
    And I know you hate it, and you can’t take it
    You’ll never break me, ’cause I’m unbreakable

    [Michael Jackson]
    Now you can’t stop me even though you think
    That if you block me, you’ve done your thing
    And when you bury me underneath all your pain
    I’m steady laughin’, while surfacing

    Don’t you ever make no mistake
    Baby I’ve got what it takes
    And there’s no way you’ll ever get to me
    Why can’t you see that you’ll never ever hurt me
    ‘Cause I won’t let it be, see I’m too much for you baby

    Chorus (2x)

    [Michael Jackson]
    You can try to stop me, but it won’t do a thing
    No matter what you do, I’m still gonna be here
    Through all your lies and silly games
    I’ma still remain the same, I’m unbreakable

    [Notorious B.I.G.]
    Uh, uh, what, uh
    I’m a lime to a lemon, my CeCe women
    Bringin in ten G minimums to condos with elevators in ’em
    Vehicles with televisions in ’em
    Watch they entourage turn yours to just mirages
    Disappearing acts, strictly nines and macs
    Killers be serial, Copperfield material
    My dreams is vivid, work hard to live it
    Any place I visit, I got land there
    How can players stand there and say I sound like them
    Push wigs back and push six Coupes that’s yellow
    Plus clips that expand from hand to elbow
    Spray up your Day’s Inn, any ‘telle you in
    Crack braggin sick of braggin how my mink be draggin
    Desert ease street sweeper inside the beamer wagon
    I rely on Bed-Stuy to shut it down if I die
    Put that on my diamond bezel, you’re messin with the devil

  • sandra, i’m going to try and address what you said about sharing beds with children being “off colour”. i wonder, if you shared a bed with a young girl, even if you were a lesbian, if you yourself would see that as morally wrong. not if the child was your daughter, but a niece perhaps. or a foster child. or a friend’s child?

    if you think so, then perhaps you cannot trust yourself? or would you simply be worried about what others would think? would you doubt yourself?

    i don’t know why people get so upset about sharing beds. i am a grown man and have slept with my 11 year old nephew in the same bed on occasion, when traveling, or when visiting his house. shocking! my sister, his mother, might sleep in a bed with her daughter. does anybody suspect her of pedo-lesbo-incest tendencies?

    when i was a scout, there were men of all ages sleeping in tents together. in our troop we did not have sex, we slept. now some gay men out there might think “damn, you missed out!” but in that situation sex just wasn’t viable. it wasn’t some sexual fantasy, it was sleep. when we did come into sexuality, we still slept in tents and cabins with men of all ages, but knew better to take the sex elsewhere, as i imagine most of us would, for fear of being caught if nothing else!

    sleeping with my nephew does not make me a pedophile. would people suspect wrong doing? certainly not from my sister or her children. my parents also see us in this situation and nothing is said. it’s not like they are turning their heads away, there’s simply nothing to suspect.

    perhaps it is a christian aspect of living in america that creates so much fear in the minds of its citizens. god knows that christians are easily portrayed as a most fearful and hateful people. think about it. burning in hell? sinners? judging people? the wrath of god?

    the fact that michael jackson chooses the friendship of children does not surprise me. in a society where so many adults subscribe to wearing puritanical “witch trial glasses” all the time, it’s easy to see why michael might want to prefer the company of children. i certainly have no qualms about having friendships with children. they are beautiful beings, and their innocence is a gift.

    you may say “but these boys are not his children!” and that is true, but to me it does not matter one bit. children are adopted. children are fostered. there is no reason why any child should be denied any expression of love. michael, it seems, loves children partly because he draws inspiration from their beauty and innocence. if children are really what drive his music and his art, then yes he’s guilty of that. still, i can imagine a world where more creations were inspired by children rather than money, by innocence rather then the lure of fame, and by youthful beauty rather than the lurid images of horror, crime and death.

    michael has undoubtedly wrested with those same tempting themes; perhaps he has yet to realize he can still be a star and not have to be famous, rich, popular, accomplished, talented, black, white, or young. but then again, he wouldn’t be michael jackson. and isn’t that what this is all about? so he sleeps with children. they don’t seem to mind. RIGHT?

    of course, through witch trial glasses, any time an adult spends with children has the ripe potential of being seen as “grooming” and other “evil” activities. i suggest that those people try clear their minds, and imagine the things that perhaps CANNOT happen.

    sadly, there are many children now that share the same venomous tendencies as their parents.

    it’s not really a big deal to sleep with kids and not have sex. it should happen more often, if you ask me. in a society where elders are packed away to live in “old folks homes” and forgotten about, it’s easy to realize that love has been misplaced and in a very big way. some people would rather have the comforts of a tidy home, absorbed in their narcissistic well being, than have to deal with a sick or ailing parent. it’s so sad, really.

    i felt michael was innocent based on what had been presented by the prosecution in the trial. i even think he’s innocent based on information from the bashir tape. it baffles me why michael would say such things about sleeping with children if he was a pedophile.

    certainly you can’t blame ignorance and indiscretion when there are cameras in your face. if he’s hiding the fact that he’s molesting children, i doubt he would admit to sleeping in the same bed with them. he spelled it out quite clearly. it’s not a big deal — it’s an act of love to share a bed.

    indeed. it’s just too bad that most people cannot see the logic in that, and instead flare up with their own sexual thoughts of bad deeds and perversion.

    if michael is a child molester, then it is beyond me why he wouldn’t go live in a european country where the legal age for sex is much lower. i mean hello. if michael is a child molester, then why in all his adult years have only a few kids come up to say something has happened? and that francia pair, telling the story AFTER they got millions from michael? why didn’t they go to the police when it happened?

    now, when a priest is suspected of molestation, it’s astounding how many additional children come forth and point the finger to ask for justice (and money). it just seems that there would be many more children accusing michael if he’s the serial child molester people make him out to be.

    and for those that question “why didn’t he STOP sleeping with kids after 1993?” it’s probably because he saw nothing wrong with that behavior.

    the people who think that an adult sleeping with a child automatically and positively means something sexual is going to happen seem to have dirty little minds themselves!

    it’s okay to sleep with other people, other children. it really is. but if you think you can’t do it for fear of your penis getting the better of you and worming its way into trouble, then perhaps it’s best you stay away from any loving situation. it’s people like you that give LOVE a bad name. love is not sex!

    on a side note, i have personally met michael and his son prince (and one of his bodyguards) and while it was certainly a singularly bizarre event, i cannot help but think that the man is quite normal, actually. twisted by genius yes. still a human being, albeit a superstar. i think it’s important to realize that while anybody can question the doings of this man, very few can even begin to fathom his reasons. it’s easy to point the finger at somebody about which you know nothing, really, at all. if you think that what you see on TV and in the tabloids and in this court case is really what michael is all about, then you’re very, very wrong. if you understand his music, you undoubtedly have felt his magic, but most will never, ever know the real michael jackson.

    of course, if he really is guilty and he loves children in a sexual sense, then he is living a lie — and that in itself is a sin.

    i hope that now that he’s cleared of the charges, that he does not back down, and he still has the balls to insist that being with children, playing with children, that sharing a home, a bed, and sharing and expressing love (not SEX), can be a beautiful, innocent thing.

    think about it, you know it to be true, in your heart: innocent love of children is a beautiful thing, and most people have no idea how to go about doing it.

    people think discipline is love. they think that an iron fist is love. they have forgotten what it’s like to be a child, with innocence in their heart. it’s just so sad that most adults cannot relate to children these days, let alone communicate with them. how many times have you heard a teenager scream at their parents, “I HATE YOU!!!”?

    it’s no wonder there is such imbalance in our communities: drug use, alcoholism, murder, child abuse, divorce, suicide… yes, all the things most everybody is familiar with today. isn’t it sad? children grow up in such environments where they learn to depend on fear and manipulation and all the other icky stuff just to get by. but love, like truth, runs marathons.

    think about it for once. love truly is the key. those who go after michael with such vehemence as you do are simply NOT practicing love. and you call yourselves upright citizens. hah!

    just think about it.

  • nick,

    in jest, i would love to see sneddon locked into a non-padded room, and play “unbreakable” really loud over and over again for about four months.

    if he’s a good boy, he’ll come out with some awesome dance moves, heh.

  • nick

    yeah well son’t you think that the nasty mayor in “Ghosts” is an impersonation of Sneddon ?

  • jeremy,

    oddly enough, in america you can get a life sentence for assault with a deadly weapon, 40 years for a narcotics offense, 12 years for rape and mutilation, and six years for murder.

    go figure.

    i’d rather be european and branded crazy for for liking MJ than a texan sentenced to 10 years in prison for a pot seed!!

  • haha, nick,

    yes i do, but that character was more loveable than sneddon.

    probably because i knew it was micheal inside. : )

    and that’s what’s so unique about micheal. he channeled his anger toward sneddon by writing songs and doing that video. if only it was that simple – enter another human and change them from the inside out…

    michael is one of a kind, for sure, and people pick on those that are different.

  • nick

    oh yes that is a fact. We live in a culture of uniformity. Different means strange and weird to many people’s ears. I feel sorry for those people.

  • Eric Olsen

    yes, Michael Jackson’s music from Off the Wall through Bad was basically disco with soul, pop and some rock elements. I am exceptionally aware of what “disco” is.

    And surely you know this is only one of about 50 posts on this site about MJ – comments are scattered over at least a dozen in response to the verdict.

    I’m really not sure why anyone — especially a lawyer, Sandra — would think this verdict means anything more than the jury didn’t feel the prosecution proved any of its charges beyond a reasonable doubt.

    That’s all it means. Jackson will determine his own future with his behavior from here on out.

  • td

    Well, if the jury wants to say that he’s not guilty fine.

    You know who is guilty though. The jury, of being complete and utter morons.

    Have you heard any of these primates explain their decision.

    JUROR 1:

    “I feel that Michael Jackson probably has molested boys.

    “I can’t believe that this man could sleep in the same bedroom for 365 straight days and not do something more than just watch television and eat popcorn,” he said. “I mean that doesn’t make sense to me, but that doesn’t make him guilty of the charges that were presented in this case and that’s where we had to make our decision.”

    (So you believe he’s a molester, and you know that he slept with the kid dozens of times. But the reasonable conclusion you come to is that nothing happened. Moron!)

    JUROR 3:

    “I disliked it intensely when she snapped her fingers at us. That’s when I thought don’t snap your fingers at me lady.”

    (Well, good to see you took all the evidence into account and didn’t just make a ‘snap’ decision based on the fact that you didn’t like someone’s personality. MORON!)

    JUROR 3:

    They also had trouble with the prosecution’s timeline of events. Prosecutors said Jackson molested the teenage boy while trying to deal with the fallout from a television documentary that prompted outrage over his sleepovers at Neverland.

    “The timeline was really a concern,” said juror No 3, a 50-year-old woman.

    (Hmmm. This seems to be one of the major problems the jury had with the case. That it seemed improbable that Jackson would molest the kid while under such scrutiny. Here’s a question for them….If it doesn’t make sense for Jackson to molest them while under scrutiny after the bashir video, THEN WHY WAS HE SLEEPING WITH THEM? He obviously doesn’t care about the scrutiny of the press because he kept sleeping with kids. So it obviously would have stopped him from molesting the kids. Double Moron!)

    JUROR 10:

    “you couldn’t help but wonder” whether the mother concocted the charges against Jackson and coached her children to lie, as the defense alleged.

    The juror said that as a mother she was also troubled by the fact the accuser’s mother allowed her son to sleep alone with Jackson.

    “What mother in her right mind would allow that to happen — just freely volunteer your child to sleep with someone?” she said.

    (Did I miss something here? Did she show up at neverland one day and say “hey jacko, wanna sleep with my kid”. No. Jackson picked the kid out of hundreds that visit neverland. Jackson asked the kids to sleep with him. While Mrs Arvizo may not have put a stop too it, aand certainly this is reprehensible. Jackson was the forty year old man inviting 13 year old boys to his bedroom to sleep in their underwear and watch porn. She had no control over that. F*ckin morons!)

    You know what I really think happened. The jury got in their and said to each other: “Hey, you see that MJ fan outside with the 2 buckets of rocks yelling ‘Die Bitch, Die’ at the reporters?” , “Yeah, I saw him. And on a totally unrelated, I think he might be innocent.”

    And on that note, I can’t blame them too much. Because there is no doubt in my mind that one of the MJ nutjobs would have killed a juror is he had been found guilty.

    But at least come up with a better explanation than ‘Well, uhh, we believe he’s a molester and uhh…probably did molest the kid…but err…they didn’t have a video tape of him doing it or anything…so…uhhh…not guilty.

  • Eric Olsen

    td, I understand what you’re saying and agree with some of your points, but the jurors specifically said they didn’t believe Jackson did these things to Gavin Arviso, Juror #1 was talking about another boy in his comment

  • td

    True. But he also didn’t say outright that he didn’t believe MJ did it. Only that there wasn’t enough evidence to prove it beyond reasonable doubt. In Scotland you can give a verdict of ‘Not Proven’. Which means that although the jury believes a crime was commited, there wasn’t enough direct evidence. I think that given the option, the jury would have given such a verdict over ‘Not Guilty’.

    Okay, do I really care if MJ is in or out of jail? No. What scares me is that my own fate could one day rest in the hands of people like this, and that I won’t be able to use logic and reason to defend myself.

    It’s like saying, “I know that guys a heroin addict, and I know he has been alone in a room dozens of times with a pile of heroin, but I don’t think he juiced up.”

  • MJShot,

    Hay, I ain’t knockin’ them for the support. If it sounded scynical that was not the intent. I was just saying he’s still got a good core audience in Europe.

    As for the numbers thing; I completely agree that the years of imprisonment are completely messed up here. When it costs more than twice as much money to put someone to death as it does to keep for life you know there’s some problems going on.

    Point blank my unadulterated opinion on MJ – MJ has now legally gone from being a weirdo that molests little boys to just a weirdo….I’ll get into the “unadulterated” part later. I didnt realize the pun until after I wrote it.

  • E.C. Thanks for getting the pics of the shirts to work. We really need a guide on how those stupid ASIN numbers will show one place and not others.

  • Eric Olsen

    no prob Jeremy, it isn’t how we do it, it’s that Amazon now doesn’t show anything for products that don’t have a picture associated with them, AND the pictures don’t transfer for products that they don’t carry themselves, ie many products not books, CDs or video/DVDs

  • nick

    Damn it td they should have caled you in the jury !

    You ,who knows better than those who have been in that courtroom 6 hours a day for 4 months,listening to piles of evidence.

    You, whose opinion is based only on what the media wants you to think. Damn it td ! You would have made justice wouldn’t you just!

    Now go back to bed and let us know when you are ready to land on planet Earth.

  • Bobby

    I believe he was innocent all along. Sure, he is different but he is no pedaphile. He has been through so much, i think he should just rest. God bless MJ.