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Michael Jackson a Pedophile?

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From Launch: More experts are speaking out about last week’s (November 20) arrest of pop star Michael Jackson on child molestation charges. Michael Borack, a forensic psychiatrist at the University Of Cincinnati Medical School, has evaluated many pedophiles, and says Jackson does not fit the usual profile. Borack told ABC News, “(His eccentric behavior) is not typical of most offenders. Most offenders are ‘normal’ people who could be your neighbors, not freaky or weird.”

Richard Lawlord, a child psychiatrist at the Indiana School Of Medicine, said Jackson may be suffering from some form of arrested development that causes him to focus his attention on young children over other adults. Lawlord said, “They become ‘fixated’ during development. We don’t know why.” However. Lawlord says Jackson’s childlike behavior would be rare among pedophiles. He said, “I don’t think that kind of behavior is very common.”

Pedophilia has been linked to a kind of Peter Pan syndrome, in which adults use children to hang onto their youth. However, John Hopkins University psychiatrist Dr. Fred Berlin said that explanation is too hasty. He said, “That’s getting into a theory of cause, which I think is difficult.” Berlin added there is no, quote, “typical” pedophile. He said, “That’s like saying, ‘What is the typical heterosexual?'”

Regardless of what may or may not have happened with Jackson, experts agreed that children should not be sleeping in the bed with unrelated adults, as the pop star has admitted he’s often done, saying there was nothing sexual about it. Borack said, “It just opens the door for misunderstandings at best.”

The psychiatrist added that Jackson’s alleged abuse at the hands of his father may explain his odd behavior as an adult. Borack said, “From what I’ve observed in TV interviews, Jackson had a violent, dictatorial father and an isolated upbringing. He never really had a childhood.”

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  • Eric Olsen

    Thanks Michelle, did you want this all in itals? Is it quoted from somewhere?

  • yes, i put it in italics to make clearer it’s quoted, though unfortunately i got this article without the source. :/

  • Eric Olsen

    It’s from Launch, I added the link and indented for easier reading.

  • william king

    (Pedophile) Micheal Jackson is the number one pedophile, he is not invincible!

  • Man, I’m glad you won’t be on his jury.

  • Yeah, though God knows who else is gonna be on it. :/

  • I loathe jury duty, but if I were a resident of California, I would love to serve on this one. I’d be assured that he had one person truly willing to listen to all the evidence before passing judgment.

  • Michael Jackson vs. Cardinal Bernard Law. Whether justice served equal? If not why?

    Justice is a circus and a Judge the clown, when the interest of operation resides in the hands of monsters behind politics, religion and economy.

    An ugly scene equal to ancient Roman Arenas, while the audience enjoys and left focused on the entertainment aspects. That’s the exact policy used today. In order to confuse the truth, make it professionally more entertaining. Like CNN the arena, victims the gladiators and finally Dollar sign the Cesar.

    Compare is the answer if truth not found.

    We take it from current headline news, and you continue with every other issue of interest “black vs. White”, “rich vs. poor”, “war vs. war”, “Kobe Bryant vs. President Clinton”, …. and finally “you vs. yourself”

    L.C.S.W. is unfortunately my way to ease the pain. (Look. Compare. Smile. Walk away.)

    Compare Method is the most powerful argument to shake the foundation of injustice. However, can’t change the system as long as it is a part of a major game. The answer to that comes at the end of this movie.

    Lets LCSW with me on this case “Michael Jackson vs. Cardinal Bernard Law” then watch closely how the justice change colors on similar cases and why? That “why” is the purpose of my flash movie.

    Thanks for attentions,


  • Eric Olsen

    If your point is that Cardinal Law got away with scandalous mismanagement and probably criminal cover-ups, I agree; if your point is that Jackson is being somehow unfairly persecuted, I disagree.

  • He is if it turns out that he is innocent of the crime (if one indeed occurred, which I am beginning to doubt).

  • Eric Olsen

    Innocent until proven guilty and we know very few facts at this point, but eventual innocence still doesn’t mean it was inappropriate to prosecute in the first place unless the prosecutor knows he’s innocent.

  • With the seriousness that this country takes crimes against children, I am happy that they are doing something about this.

    I would also suggest that a lot of the criticism isn’t without merit because a lot of us feel that even if he didn’t sexually abuse the children, his relationships and admitted closeness with children is inappropriate. I for one don’t think any adult should be sleeping with anyone else’s kids even if they keep their hands off of them.

  • So PUNISH HIM AND TAKE HIS MONEY! Even if he did nothing illegal. Lovely.

    Heavy sigh.

  • well, if it was indeed inappropriate i’d think the parents themselves should had quit the sleepovers. though to make a thing clear again – michael jackson does not share beds with the children. he shares rooms. he has NEVER said he had shared a bed with a child. find me that quote in which MJ ever said he slept in the same bed like the kids. rewatch the Martin Bashir interview. michael did not say they slept in the same bed. MJ even slept on the floor and offered the boy his bed.

    i think if what MJ did was inappropriate, then what the parents did was so, too, and they should also be investigated for not taking care of their children.

    if it’s right to investigate an innocent and probably take him his three children away, which they sure will never forget for the rest of their lives, then i wonder how much this is truly about the well-being of children. MJ’s children will have a shock for their lives. they love their father truly.

  • Eric Olsen

    michelle, how do you know Michael’s feelings and how do you know he “never” slept with children? I agree with you that the parents share culpability.

  • eric, i know you’re writing a lot about michael just to provoke people, but i ask you what – where did i say i knew these things?

    is that answer enough to your questions?

    i just want to make clear that michael’s been misquoted intentionally to make him look worse. he NEVER said he had slept in the same bed with a child. again – show me the quote in which you prove otherwise.

  • Do you look to spend time with other people’s kids? Do you want to love them and have “sleepovers” with them? Other people’s kids? Come on people, even if he didn’t do anything inappropriate, this isn’t normal. In fact I say it is so strange that it is WELL WORTH the investigation.

    And Natalie, I didn’t totally understand your comment. Are you saying that the legal process is punishing him and taking his money?

  • shahin

    I want to know about michael jackson and his pop life and concert picture

  • charanjeet

    michael jackson didnt share his bed with kids, he shared the room,HE OFFERED HIS BED TO THEM AND HIMSELF SLEPT ON FLOOR [ HE IS A TRUE SOUL ] and i don’t see any thing wrong in it, the people who take it sexually are pedo’s according to me, not michael, which bible or holy book says not to love children, don’t misinterpret love or give it a bad name. it is a few foolish people like Bashir who are guiding the world in a wrong way and taking stupid people in the wrong direction, people like bashir can play with the minds of stupid people but not all, and according to us Michael Jackson is not guilty at all, he is innocent and like an angle, i know a lot of you wont agree, but i don’t care for them coz they are foolish, evil minded. before pointing on others look in your self and talk- Bashir and followers i think you get it.MICHAEL IS INNOCENT.

  • Pamela A Hairston

    If MJ goes to jail, so should Cardinal Law and all the other KNOWN pedophile priest who have violated thousands, perhaps millions of young, innocent males for years, perhaps centuries. And if the Pope is guilty, he should be put UNDER the jail. Double standards, how I loathe double standards.

  • very true, pamela. but those with high profiles mostly never go to jail. :/

  • The Pope would be beyond the bounds of US law enforcement, but UNDER the jail would be JUST the spot for Cardinal Law.

  • Anastasia

    You can whine and cry, just like Michael himself, but it just cannot change the facts. Michael is a well-known liar. Without getting into name calling, let’s not call him a freak just because he is very eccentric – there are many people out there who do strange things with their money, or just live their lives their own way, and that is fine. The reason the plastic surgery issue bugs me has nothing to do with how he looks or how many times he’s done it – it’s how often he has lied about it. Strike one against truth-telling. The lie about Vitiligo – my uncle has Vitiligo, and Michael’s story just makes him cringe. As my uncle says: “If he really has Vitiligo, why won’t he use his great kindness and wealth to help shed some light on this little-known disease? He doesn’t even have to spend money on it, just be a spokesperson and help people understand what it really is”. Vitiligo is usually just patches of paler skin, not whole body bleached! So, if Michael has Vitiligo, he may have bleached himself to make it appear more even. Either way, that makes another lie.
    So these may be simply cosmetic lies, but it DOES prove he can and does lie, sometimes very vehemently, to his adoring public. Whenever a very valid question is brought up, he bursts into tears and becomes the victim. This is a classic guilty response. His fans devoutly support him, saying he’s very sensitive – that is fine, he is sensitive – no one has any doubts about that. He is still human, just like the rest of us. Sure he is special – just like the rest of us – no one is any more special than another. Despite what many fans seem to believe, Michael is not Jesus. (Jesus would have been confident enough in Himself about how He looked without getting a nose-job – I think He was only concerned with how God saw Him, not how God created the imperfect nose He had to pay to get fixed. Correct me if I’m wrong, since I’m not very religious – just what I heard about the guy).
    Michael whines and sobs that whenever he gets a little surgery people come at him, when it’s okay for everybody else – sorry to say, Mike, but other celebrities come under fire when they get nose/boob/butt jobs, too. Every single day. Despite what old Mikey believes, he is NOT the only one under fire in that respect.
    The evidence against him in the previous molestation charges were ridiculous – just because the man was not convicted does not mean he is innocent. The pictures the child drew of markings on or near Michael’s genitalia matched the photographs that (eventually) were taken by the police. This is TRUE. Not just because I say so, you can look this up anywhere. Another FACT is that Michael also hired a man who is known to harrass and frighten the witness into settling (someone help me out here with the name of the guy, he is well known). What about the maid who had caught Michael in a compromising situation with a young boy? She’s living VERY well now. Several families with young children who stayed at Neverland were paid off, not just that one – only one had gone so far as to press charges before they were “paid off”.
    Now Michael is saying the police “manhandled” him recently when he was taken in. He was handcuffed, like normal people are when brought in, and he says they dislocated his shoulder? Oh wow. I have suffered a dislocated shoulder, so I can really feel for him there. IF he were only telling the truth, I would have more sympathy. One who suffers a dislocated shoulder would not have been able to walk out of the station that day and WAVE WITH BOTH ARMS to his fans. The bruises on his arm? What kind of new-fangled handcuffs were these cops using to cause bruises THERE? Bruises or chafing from handcuffs usually occur on the wrists. He also claims to have been locked in a restroom for 45 minutes. Interesting. I know there’s this little place, called a holding area, that usually has a toilet and a sink, for sanitary purposes – when you gotta go you gotta go, even while being held. You go to the holding area and you wait – I think the stench Michael was so appalled about was the simple unlovely smell of a public restroom. With the money he’s got, I doubt he’s been in a genuine, unpleasant public (or government building) restroom – like the rest of us common people deal with every day.
    To make these ridiculous accusations, I really think… he must be trying some angle, because he has to know these accusations against the police are ludicrous and untrue. I think his angle is a very immature one, and what is Michael if not the world’s oldest child? I think he is making these false accusations against the police so that when they prove they are innocent he will say “Just like the family is making false accusations about me, I am innocent, how does it feel to be in my position?” He might even add a little “nya, nya” for good measure.
    None of it adds up to innocence. I will not outright say he is guilty, either – that would not be fair. But the odds are heavily, heavily stacked against him. Being eccentric and sensitive does not make one any better than anyone else. Having a horrible, abusive childhood does not justify the wrongs you commit today or tomorrow. You have to take responsibility for your own behaviour – stop blaming the world, sulking and whining that people owe you something. What burns me the most, is the fact that there could be children out there, being abused by men like Michael, or even BY Michael, but many fans pretend that’s okay, since Michael is so great and can do what he wants. Michael says he would slit his wrists before he ever harmed a child. In a pedophile’s mind, what they do to children is not harmful at all. Nope, what they do isn’t even necessarily called “sex”. They call it “love”.
    What do lovers do when they respect and love each other? They “make love”. Like some very sensitive people say: “Sex just sounds so dirty. I don’t have sex with my partner – we make love”.
    And Michael loves the little children. He sees the Face of God in them. I get that, when my husband and I are loving each other I see the face of God too – I see it when I look at him fondly every morning and every night when he comes home. When we have babies, I will see it in them, too. You see it in everything you love. This does not prove Michael is guilty, since it is a common feeling or notion to “see the face of God” in those we love, or some form of the same statement. But be wary, for it certainly does not prove his innocence.
    I would never allow my children to stay at Neverland Ranch. Remember Neverland, from the Peter Pan books? Ahh, yes. The land where little boys never grow up.
    Sounds like Michael’s dream come true.

  • Nas, vitiligo will eventually strip the entire epidermis of color. Doctors usually hurry along the process medically so the person does not have to go around polka-dotted. I don’t know whether it is true M.J. has the disease or not. Michael’s seeming obsession with fair skin makes me wonder. I would be more willing to believe he has vitiligo if he had not used Aryan women as brood mares to bare his children, apparently in hope the kids would be light-skinned. A lot of mixed-race families like the Jacksons (West African, Indian and probably some European) have colorism issues. I suspect that is what is going on.

  • HW Saxton Jr

    I personally have to disagree that MJ is
    afflicted with “Vitiligo” as he claims.
    I had the opportunity to see Michael up
    close once.I was in the backstage area of the Mirage Hotel’s showroom in Las
    Vegas,NV. while working one night (I am
    stagehand by trade, just in case you’re wondering why I was there)on Siegfried & Roys show,when Michael & his entourage
    came by to visit. Although his face was partially covered, what I could see of
    MJ’s skin was just disgusting. It looked
    the skin of of a baby rodent.Pink,ruddy,
    translucent and veiny.I’ve known people with Vitigo and it was unevenly spotty
    and strange looking but looked NOTHING
    like what I saw of MJ’s skin.Bleccchh!!!
    Everybody who saw him agreed it was just
    as disgusting as could be. I’m guessing
    Mike was not wearing any makeup on that
    particular evening. I truly do feel for
    those people suffering with “Vitligo”.
    As for whether M.Jackson has it, I have some serious reservations.

  • Being a father of three children, I’d have to be stricken from the jury on Jackson’s comments about it being “ok” to sleep with other folk’s children under any situation.

    Natalie (comment #7), if you could manage to stay objective based upon that Jackson comment/way of thinking than you have more tolerance and objectivity than I do on this particular issue.

  • Eric Olsen

    Anastasia, your words are articulate and your vision clear. I agree with all you have to say on the matter, including the fact that we do not know whether he is guilty of these crimes or not. But there is much we know he IS guilty of, including, most cogently, being a pathological liar and a narcissistic egomaniac.

  • Jacob

    I think hes a stupid pervert, hes a homosexual necrophiliac pedophile, he tried to rape my friend John but he got away and then he tried to rape his dog now everytime he hears a michael jackson song he pees everywhere. even in his videogame he captures kids to take home and ass-fuck.I think all the kids should surround him and take bloody dildoes and shove them up his ass

  • Eric Olsen

    Jacob, do you really know someone who has encountered Michael Jackson? Is it John or the dog who pees at exposure to Jacksonia? And, other than the “Thriller” video, I had not heard about the necrophilia. Please advise.

  • Jacob

    I don’t give a shit bring me a beer! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH1

  • duane

    Good advising there, Jacob. Ya know, you probably don’t want to go through life being drunk and stupid. And turn off that TV! Sheesh.

  • duane

    Oh darn it. I was trying to keep that a secret. That’s the last time I confide in you, Jacob.

  • ???

  • Bobby

    ???….. Ok Jacob, I think you’ve had a little too much to drink

  • lol.


    I read these comments and let me tell you something, if you think that MJ is a pedo, then so is EVERYONE ELSE WHO EVER HELPED CHILDREN.

    Some of you people are very stupid and closed minded. THis DA has been trying to get Jackson for TEN YEARS. I mean, if you do not see that, then some is wrong with you.

    Also, this boy and his family are liars, EACH AND EVERY last one of them. The mother is INSANE, literally, the boy is a CRIMINAL, and so are the siblings, Jamie Massada is a scam artist, even Geraldo Rivera from Fox News can tell you that. There are TOO MANY holes in this case and the fact that you guys do not see that makes me think that you guys ARE STUPID.

    Also, there is a thing called INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY and I think that some of you people need to actually know what that means before you call some Michael Jackson a pedo.

    And for the people who think that he is a pedo, YOU ARE THE REAL PEDOS. You sit there and judge on this man because of how different he is, but you guys are not seeing that he is different and being different does not mean that you are capable of whatever this man is charged with.

    Who cares if you guys have children? So does Michael and his children saw those freeloaders all in their home like it was their’s and shit of that nature. If those kids or the adults saw nothing wrong with those kids being in his room, then what is the BIG DEAL? And another thing: where did MJ say that he slept in the same bed with children ALL THE TIME? He says that he NEVER invites those children in his home or room. They run to that place like it was their home. The ONLY thing that MJ can be guilty of is letting those bastards be in home in the first place.

    Finally, know what the HELL you are talking about before you guys start the bitching.

  • Sam

    Does anyone who claims Michael Jackson is innocent stop to think of just the simple facts? No grown man should be allowed to have sleepovers with young boys. Would any of you men defending Michael Jackson do the same? Probably not. We just allow the strange behaviour because he’s a celebrity, and we’re used to strange behaviour from celebrities! We need to get real and realize that something is seriously wrong with this man. Eventually when he is proven guilty he will probably claim to be “sick.” I hope that the jury realizes how much meticulous planning has obviously gone into covering up his crimes. Just the fact that he paid people off should be a HUGE red flag! And to the person who said that if MJ is a pedaphile, so is anyone else who has helped children = are you KIDDING? Just the fact that there is a question of whether or not he slept in the same bed with children is ridiculous!!! Just the fact that he didn’t stop with the sleepovers after the first accusation is ridiculous. MANY people help children in a million other ways, that don’t include unsupervised overnight visits to the “Neverland” ranch that mysteriously end with lots of people SET FOR LIFE and full of secrets.

  • Eric Olsen

    Sam, you are the voice of reason.

  • david

    it is not possible for micheal to be a pedophile if as has been stated he got the boy drunk (which i don,t belive)
    micheal dosen,t drink smoke or do drugs
    if he got a child drunk he woul;d be a child molester not a pedophile as a
    pedofile would only sleep with a child if the child was willing and never if the kids was under the influance as for that being child abuse
    the only people who do not abuse children are pedophiles as they protect and love children non pedo adults abuse kids all the time by treating them as property or ignoring there wishes and feelings even forcing them to go to church because the adults want them to no god wether they want to or not adults are only intrested in kids rights when its
    conviniate for them if you don,t belive
    me how many people do you no say kids should be seen but not heard
    micheal jackson loves and worships children and you lot call him wierd
    well so do i love and protect children
    i won,t drink or do drugs either inc
    cigs if that make me a pedophile
    then i,ll be proud to be one

  • Jack Kelso

    If even Satan lived in our society and possessed enough material wealth he could surely get himself a halo somehow.

  • Eric Olsen

    good point Jack – he’s sure doing his best to buy one, might not be for sale this time around

  • michael jackson is a pedaphile.


    face the facts your idol is an idiot.
    a child molesting freak.


  • Reasonable people are waiting for the results of the trial. That is the point of having a trial, you know, not to sell CDs or boost TV news-program ratings. Or increase traffic on Web sites…

  • michael is responsible for the death of an elderly woman at the hospital…

    special treatment for wacko to move a woman out of her room for this asshole resulted in several heart attacks which killed her…

    nice move michael jackson. hope the family sues the hospital and michael too.

    what an asshole.

  • Eric Olsen

    Edward, this is being discussed here. We haven’t heard anything yet that would indicate Jackson “caused” any of this

  • Jack

    No one has mentioned this – if MJ “loves” innocent children “so innocently”, why has he never offered his bed to a little GIRL?! So far, I’ve only heard about BOYS.

  • Anyone taking bets on suicide for Michael Jackson? I’ll be the first to admit I may be in denial but I can’t believe he’s guilty. I also haven’t been following this at all closely so don’t shoot me.

  • Susan

    anyone who still believes this man is guilty must have an IQ below room temperature. watch this trial, get the facts, and count till three. it’s really as easy as that to see that it’s all a scam. it’s SONY trying to destroy Michael Jackson, because he destroyed Tommy Mottola. ask Mariah Carey, she’ll tell you about the evilness about this man. she almost gave up on her life because this man tried to destroy her.

  • This man being Tommy, right?

  • Susan

    yes, it’s Tommy, her ex-husband. Michael Jackson and Mariah Carey are in contact.

  • Eric Olsen

    I don’t think Sony has anything to do with this: they fired Tommy, remember?

    As far as the case goes, it seems to me it may be a situation of BOTH the scummy family (mother specifically) trying to squeeze money out of Jackson, AND him being guilty of some form of molestation

  • Susan

    you should look at the facts WHY Mottola was fired. he wasn’t bearable anymore after the pressure on SONY because of Jackson. i was part of that movement at that time. just do some research on the issues between Mottola and Jackson. if you don’t, then just wait till it all comes out before you judge. there is a reason WHY they want to look at Jackson’s financial records in this process, and it has nothing to do with child abuse. to say Jackson’s motives to abuse the kid were financial are completely illogical. and guess why this family is not asking for money, but currently live a luxurious life. they do not need to ask for money, because they are getting already.

  • Eric Olsen

    as I understand it, they want to see is financial records because they claim Jackson reacted the way he did (the sequestering of the family and all of that) to the Bashir show because of his precarious financial position and fear that the bad PR from the show would kill his career and worsen his financial position

  • Susan

    that motive is absolutely ridiculous. don’t you see that? documentary on air, michael jackson all of the sudden stressed out, fears the Arvizos might destroy his career, grabs the boy and sexually molests him to stop them from destroying his financial situation. aight.

  • Eric Olsen

    no, the film and the public reaction is the motivation for the “forced sequestering” and all of that – the molestation just “happened” (if indeed it did)

  • Susan

    the molestation most probably did NOT happen. why would Jackson put himself into more jeopardy when all he wants is to get out of the jeopardy? apart from that, on the stand, all Arvizo kids, that have testified so far, said they never thought they were not allowed to leave if they had wanted to. actually only the mother wanted to leave, but even though she was in contact with a police officer at one point, she did not request any sort of help. Gavin said, he liked staying at Neverland, only towards the end when they left, he began to “dislike” Jackson. you can find all those transcripts from court online.

  • Eric Olsen

    to answer your first question: because he can’t help himself. I don’t think logic has anything to do with it. I have always thought the “forced sequestering” charges were dubious, although there does appear to have been some conspiracy on the matter. I have virtually no doubt at this point that he did provide alcohol to minors.

  • Susan

    so far none of the prosecution witness other than the Arizos could testify they’ve seen Michael giving them alcohol, even though they were around when it allegedly happened.
    i personally can’t tell myself whatever the truth may be. but without abuse the claims about alcohol will not lead to conviction. he’s charged with abuse in connection with alcohol. but he is not charged with giving alcohol to kids. the alcohol can only lead to conviction if the abuse actually happened.

  • michael jackson paid his way out… [Deleted in line with BlogCritics’ Official Comments Policy. Comments Editor.] he’s got money and he’ll pay off all concerned to walk… he’s invincible…
    money let oj go too… and fear of riots from the black in los angeles…

  • he’s still guilty.

  • i dont have any sympathy for mj mj in the booking tank. tan he was treated like anyone else
    being booked. us common drunks

    i dont have any sympathy for mj
    being in the booking tank. it is
    the same procedure that common
    criminals and us common drunks
    go through. larry

  • dealer

    I hope MJ gets to spend some time in jail so he can get molested by a 300 lb. inmate named BubBa
    pedophiles and rapists gets It the worst in jail. when they find out your in for something like that you defeinetly getting bent over, lol
    but maybe
    MJ would enjoy that! lol,
    so perhaps thats not punishment FOR HIM
    word to ya mutha

  • richelle silva

    i love you michael jackson

  • karen subang

    we love you michael and always be there for you no matter what till the end of time…we love you

  • peter

    As much as i love his music i do think he has some really big mental issues, from the lies ive seen him say and the way he acts nervous id say he is a pedo its so wierd that he thinks its ok to share a bed with a kid. i think the recent marrige whole thingo was fake so ppl like us would put the whole court incident behind us. the whole having alcohol in his room and allowing kids in his room i find really wierd. id love to know what goes on in his mind.

  • ndajem yudom

    fuck yall for wat ya saying(sorry for cursing.But yall can not put the blame on him for no reason.It is stupid for people to say he did that inapropiate act to that poor little kid.What the kid’s name is.Michael jackson spent nearly his entire life helping little kids and those in need or those who got no relatives his dedicated nearly his whole life in reaching out for these kids or poor orphans turn to be ungrateful.
    He might brought the child into his room just to show him some parental love which turn out to be a wrong thing.

  • someone

    You’re a bunch of fucking idiots. You just speak and speak and act like you like the man. The fact is that you just read newspapers and watch a lot of television.

  • Michael Jackson is a paedophile and if you defend him you are an accomplice to a paedophile. Worse than this, you have demonstrated you are willing to overlook acts of paedophilia if you like a person’s music. You may as well be a paedophile yourself. You need to be locked up, just like a paedophile you so vociferously support and defend.

  • truth

    Please read “Michael Jackson Conspiracy”.
    It has a detail of all the evidence brought into court. It is interesting to read the FACTS.
    I can’t understand why his first victim is sueing his own father and not coming out to sue Michael Jackson. I don’t know of any victim of pedophilia who wouldn’t take the opportunity to send his molester to jail. He is suing HIS own father, refusing to see HIS own mother, but is refusing his molester?

  • Danielle Holmes

    i think that it is terrible what has happened to micheal !

    before he had it all, fame, lots of money and evey one loved his music, not he had nothing !
    He has been named a pedophile and because of that he has been arrested and taken to court and now got no money left, its terrible !
    i dont know if he is a pedo, but i hope he is not and if not he should get back out there and startd doing his work again !!

  • Walnut Street

    RIP , Michael.
    …But I still think something was going on- and he never recovered since that kid he took to the Grammys…Las Vegas parties and Neverland parties were just to dull his ‘ache’ for that kid. I hope that Cody kid (or whatever the name was,the one paid 23 mil)writes a book about their ‘honeymoon’ in Europe.

  • Cat

    Personally, I never liked his music. However, I’m not a musical expert, therefore I’m not competent to judge as to whether or not he was a talented artist. Nonetheless, all I can say about his death is “good riddance”. I do not understand those who mourn him. He was a peadophile, and paedophiles deserve every possible misfortune. He did not deserve the life he had, he deserved to be locked up in prison (and by the way, that is NOT enough of a punishment for paedophiles. Nothing can ever compensate for the pain inflicted upon the victims of a paedophile).I hope hell exists, and I sincerely hope his soul (and that of all other paeodphiles) suffers eternally for committing such evil crimes on innocent, helpless, mentally and physically weaker children.I won’t miss you MJ.

  • jikhy

    you’d have to have your head stuck up your ass as a psychiatrist or psychologist to suggest this guy wasn’t a pedophile. my goodness, is common sense not a qualifaction for a degree anymore?

  • Judge lest ye be judged. Michael Jackson was thrust into adulthood at 5 years old. He was abused, clearly, by an ambitious father who wanted to capitalize on his talent. He never experienced a normal childhood. He never experienced the coming of age. He looked at the world through a child’s eyes. And, last of all, he was isolated in his loneliness. Only those who had experienced a similar life, i.e. Marlon Brando, Liz Taylor, Liza Minnelli — THEY knew.

    Leave the shrinks out of it. Let the guy finally rest. All of those who wanted to make money off of him did. He fed cable news, tabloids and paparazzi. And they were fed because of our insatiable need to know all things scandalous. In our propensity to eat all things sensational, we all, in our small way, took a piece of Michael Jackson’s soul It now belongs squarely to him and may he sleep well.

  • I don’t know why you even bother, Silas. Somebody like in #73 are so full of themselves that they’re beyond help. Nothing short of a major catastrophe, like being run over by a Mack truck or getting gang-banged when in prison by a bunch of good ole boys, would bring them around.

  • The gang banging part would probably put that person more in touch with his true self.

  • I just threw in a thing or two for “visual effects” – not logical efficacy. But you get my general meaning, I hope.

  • 4evrmahal

    he had a troubled childhood..his father wouldnt let him play..he was aonly allowed to work. his fondess for children is just his regression or compensation..he even wrote a song for it..”Have you seen my Childhood”

  • john jeffries

    micheal jackson is a pedophile , he said ON NATIONAL TV that is ok to sleep with young boys , its natural thing to do .
    and if he wasnt a pedofile why did he part with $20 million dollars in just ONE CASE ?
    hell, i wouldnt part with 20 mil if i was innocent.
    glad the weirdo s dead

  • lani

    I don’t believe he was a pedophile. Would you settle in court knowing someone molested your child?! Of course not! These people used him for money, and greed.

  • Lion_

    quote: [The psychiatrist added that Jackson’s alleged abuse at the hands of his father may explain his odd behavior as an adult. Borack said, “From what I’ve observed in TV interviews, Jackson had a violent, dictatorial father and an isolated upbringing. He never really had a childhood.”]

    Off course, eitherwise he would have never become that way. That is evident, and can be detected purely out of his behaviour, but watching TV interwievs can surely confirm that further. But this doesn`t absolve him from what he did to those children. And he didn`t express any regret, publicly he denyed that he had done anything.
    People writing here that he is innocent cannot really know that. I think more energy should be directed at protecting the victims of such molestors.

  • I guess mitigating circumstances don’t count in your book, Lion. I refer you to a comment I made, #34. I’m quite interested to see what your take is.

  • Juan Carlos

    yeah many priests are worst child rapers than him, I don’t know if he was or not, but I guess many people wanted to destroy him. I think the pedo argument wasn’t the main reason. RIP MJ.

  • Angelica

    MJ cannot be applied to conventional social notions, to the unsophisticated, he is a threat.

  • Angelica

    Unlike any other child starts, MJ at the age of 10 entertained adults and mimic and portrayed adult emotions. He was constantly surrounded by adults. He was NEVER a child. For those of you that are quick to judge based on word of mouth, I have nothing but pity in your lost souls. His actions are not generally accepted in the society, but it doesn’t warrant the fact that he MOLESTED those kids, but rather belonged himself as one of them.

    I am not a fan of Michael Jackson, but I do not believe in any of the accusations.

  • Angelica such simple, honest wisdom is lost upon narrow minded bigots. The unsophisticated in our nation are the greatest enemy this country will ever have.

  • The Doctors theory. Jackson could be nobody’s normal neighbor. He was in the spotlight for most of his life. How many famous ultra rich Pedophiles have been interviewed by this Doctor? Basing a psychological profile on the normal Pedophile could hardly be accurate in this case. I think Jackson’s 30 million dollar payoff speaks more to his sexual preference.

  • M

    I’m not a fan of his music, but all of the continued accusations of pedophilia/molestation are ridiculous.

    Even if he did share a bed with a child (though I believe he just said room), that doesn’t make him a pedophile. A pedophile is someone with SEXUAL attraction to a child. Just like someone who sleeps with a teddy bear isn’t a plushophile (someone sexually attracted to stuffed animals). So while it may be “odd” for a grown person to sleep with a teddy bear, it doesn’t mean they want to bone it.

    I also think it is a bit odd when people sleep with their dogs on their bed. Doesn’t mean they’re sexually attracted to their pets though.

    He clearly had a traumatizing upbringing that effected his behavior. He always seemed really child-like in the interviews I saw of him. Seems to me like he just enjoyed hanging out with children more than adults maybe?

    Then again I guess everyone just loves to sexualize things. The fact that someone can’t think about anything but sex when it comes to an older person sleeping in the same room as a child is creepy. Perhaps they are the ones who need to see a counselor?

    One time my uncle and I fell asleep in the living room, me on an armchair and him on the couch. I guess he must’ve been molesting me and is a pedophile, right? I’ve also gone to bed in the same room as my mother. Ut oh, she must be into incest, right?

    Face it, he had been to court and has been evaluated by psychiatrists. These people are more qualified to assess the situation and his mental health than the average self-righteous internet poster.

    I’m just glad none of the “OMG he iz molester!11” people are judges. Innocent until proven guilty.

  • destroyrocknroll

    You can make all the excuses for Jacko you want but if he was just some weird 50 year old man who lived in your street that had been twice arrested for child molestation I doubt you’d be going out your way to defend him against bricks being thrown at his house.

  • lou2k9xxx

    i cant believe that he is dead OMFG i cried at his memorial show especially wen his daughter spoke

  • sarah

    Jordan Chandler Admits He Lied About Michael Jackson

    RIP MICHAEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bobby Lake

    The vitriol with which Michael’s attackers spew their venom like a poisonou snake and always conceal their furtive and surreptitious racism is just horrible to endure. What is wrong with his detactors behaving like this at the man’s passing? Anyone who pretends to be a Christian would have to yield to a condition of humility and charity rather than judgemental hostility delivered with the subtlety of a Bronx cheer. Why can’t the consensus agree as to the validity of his artistic prowess and his gentle demeanor and warm up to a much more gracious way of interacting with each other by enjoying the artistry and delight of his music and dancing.

  • Bobby Lake

    Michael has contributed to bringing American culture to even lands where normally they hate America. So just think of what a wonderful ambassador of good will he and his music are. It’s undeniable. So it boils down to comparing his attackers’ successes to that of Michael Jackson where the hypocrisy sets in. His influence overseas is a GOOD one, not a bad one. The screaming Chinese or Arabic fans who love his music also show a more favorable light to the US. They’re not the fanatic radical edge. The Taliban does NOT like Michael Jackson. So give the man his props. He’s a great plus for spreading American goodwill around the world, even within enemy countries. R.I.P. Michael Much respect for your cultural contribution

  • Unknown

    For all the people who think Michael was a child molester/pedophile, why do you think that. He was deprived of his childhood and spent time with children like they were his friends. He didn’t want any child to experience the same things he did so he made then have fun. He didn’t bleach his skin because in some of his videos you would see his face white and his feet black. Why would the parents of the kids want money to get out of it? Why is it that when people found out they could get money for accusing Michael of being a child molester they did so? The psychologists said themselves that his behavior is nothing close to what a usual molesters actions would be like. Why would money make it better??? R.I.P Michael Jackson KING OF POP!!!

  • k

    Keep in mind that pedophiles have hundreds of victims. Out of the thousands of children who have stayed at Neverland, you expect me to believe? that Michael only molests children whose parents are dishonest and greedy? Surely he would have other victims besides Jordan Chandler and the new accuser. Why haven’t they come forward? Let me guess, he paid them all off? None of his victims have parents who are normal, honest people? None of them want justice for their poor molested children? Bullshit.

  • Hosana

    Although Evan Chandler only wanted money, isn’t it possible that Michael was still guilty?
    No. Remember, before carrying out his plan, Evan Chandler went to Michael Jackson first and asked for money. Chandler had the letter from Dr. Abrams saying sexual abuse might have occured and if the boy admitted to it, he would be forced to report it to child welfare services. Chandler? used this letter to try to blackmail Michael in the very beginning and was turned away. Assuming Michael Jackson had actually molested this boy, why didn’t he take that opportunity to avoid getting caught? He could have paid up right then and avoided the entire ordeal. Instead, he refused to pay the Chandlers. If he was guilty, please explain to me why he did that.

    some history lesson of the media and Diane Dimond:
    – In 1993, Diane did a segment with two of Michael’s former bodyguards. They claimed they were fired because they knew too much about Michael’s relationships with young boys. Diane swore that the bodyguards were not paid for their story. A contract later revealed that they were given $100,000 to appear on her show. When taken to court, both bodyguards admitted they made the whole thing up.

    – That same year, Michael’s former maid Blanca Francia appeared on Hard Copy claiming she’d seen Michael naked in a Jacuzzi with young boys. A copy of Francia’s testimony reveals that Hard Copy paid her $20,000 to make this story up. Again, under oath, the disgruntled ex-employee admitted she was full of shit.

    – A man named Victor Gutierrez appeared on Hard Copy claiming he’d seen a tape of Michael having sex with a young boy. Diane later repeated his comments on a Los Angeles TV station. When it was proven that Gutierrez made the entire thing up, Michael filed a lawsuit against him and Hard Copy. Although Diane was dismissed from the lawsuit because of some crap regarding journalistic integrity (which shouldn’t even be used in the same sentence with the name “Diane Dimond”), Gutierrez was forced to pay Michael $2.7 million.

    – In 1995, Diane found a random street kid from Toronto who told her that Michael Jackson had sexually abused him. Diane escorted the boy to the police where they questioned him for hours. Diane was ready to report the story on Hard Copy but the boy confessed that he made it all up. Since Diane had already signed on to the story, she was forced to report it. She tried to make it seem as if she was also a victim of the boy’s lie but it’s blatantly obvious that she was the one who sought him out. Why would a kid go to her of all people and make accusations against Michael Jackson? Wouldn’t the police be a more logical alternative?

    – Diane admitted that she knew about the new allegations in advance. She was also at Neverland when the police conducted their search of the grounds.

  • David McKellan

    Is it true that Jordan Chandler accurately described Michael’s genitalia?
    No. In January 1994, USA Today printed an article confirming that, “photos of Michael Jackson’s genitalia do not match descriptions given by the boy who accused the singer of sexual misconduct.” Some tabloid reports may indicate otherwise but keep in mind that the District Attorney brought his “evidence” in front of two grand juries and charges were not filed. If the photos matched the boy’s description, the case would have probably gone to trial.

  • Wendy Peng

    Anastasia, you make some good points. I agree with a lot of what you said. It seems you’ve done a lot of research on the subject. At first when I first started reading up on MJ I thought he was innocent, just misunderstood, on a higher level than most people, but now I have my doubts. After reading Taraborelli’s book and numerous articles on the internet, I think that he may indeed have been a pedaphile. I think he most likely was guilty as charged in the J Chandler case. Don’t know the details of the second case to comment. But just b/c he molested Jordie doesn’t mean he molested the other boy. In the Taraborelli book, Michael is obsessive and very possessive of the boy and insists on sleeping alone with him night after night. Now that’s just fishy. I mean, even if they’re just best friends, you don’t need to sleep together every night! If you just do a google search for pedaphile and read the general description, you can see that MJ fits the profile almost to a T!

  • Wendy Peng

    I wanted to add this link about pedaphiles. Read it and see the eerie similarities to how Michael behaved around June and Jordie Chandler. Almost everything in the article describes Michael.

  • tinka

    y is eveyone thinkin lots of bull crap for its got nout to do with eneyone has it… he went to court and tht so alll shut ya shit……. wankas

  • Claudia

    I first discovered Michael Jackson and the Jackson Five back in the late seventies (when I was 3!) and instantly fell in love with Michael’s beautiful, friendly face and the funky, soulful music of him and his brothers (and no, I am NOT black!). I loved his music and dancing right from the start, so when Thriller came along in 83, I was beside myself with joy. Michael had matured into a gorgeous, sexy man, and had refined his singing and dancing to a fine art. In fact, for people of my age group (mid thirties) it’s almost impossible not to have been touched by the Thriller phenomenon in some way, even if you weren’t particularly a fan. Michael Jackson was incredibly influential on our culture – this is something that simply cannot be denied. However, as much as it hurts, truly hurts, and as much as I have been in DENIAL about it all, I have finally concluded that the most likely explanation for Michael’s bizarre and controversial behaviour is that yes, he WAS a pedophile. True to the ways of a devoted fan, I have gone over it all in my head HUNDREDS of times and have tried to see the innocent explanation as plausible (i.e; that Michael was just a “man-child” that was misunderstood by society; that he just wanted to help/bond with sick or needy children), however, after years of this excuse-making and brushing aside of the evidence, I have finally been honest with myself and admitted that unfortunately, I DO believe Michael was a molester, even if he was ALSO the victim of an extortion attempt/s (one thing doesn’t necessarily cancel out the other!). The evidence is just too much to ignore now. Why DID he pay off so many people? Why DID he insist on taking so many little boys (he showed a huge preference for boys over girls) on tour with him? Why DID he spend so much time with Jordy Chandler, including in the same bed with him, and alienate the boy from his father? (whether the father would eventually accuse Michael of molestation out of spite or not)? Why WAS there no legitimate spouse/girlfriend in his life? Why WAS he obsessed with Peter Pan and boyhood and never growing up? Why DID he fill his home with theme-park rides and candy-bars and other paraphernalia that would easily attract children? In other words, if he wasn’t a pedophile, then what the Hell was he?? He MUST have been a pedophile, surely? It deeply disappoints me to say this, I can’t stress that enough, but seriously, can it be any other way? Just like anybody else, I want to cling to the happy days of my youth and you like to think the idols you worshiped were worth it, but sad to say, I have serious doubts about Michael Jackson. He was always enigmatic. His sexy, highly charged stage performances and videos contrasted intriguingly with his softly spoken, timid off-stage demeanor. He sang songs about loving girls and “sexy ladies” but never seemed to have a legitimate girlfriend. He dressed as a zombie and danced aggressively but seemed to prefer the company of children and animals on his off-days. As a young female fan, these things made you love him even more – the idea that someone so cute and gentle could also be so highly charged and sexual when he wanted to be, was a huge turn on. However, as time went on, Michael started to go from sweetly eccentric to annoyingly bizarre, and every time people questioned him about his behaviour, he would give vague, inconclusive responses. Still, his fans continued to make excuses for him, even as he got whiter and whiter and his nose smaller and smaller, we all made excuses because we loved him and didn’t want to admit how deeply he was beginning to alienate us. And certainly, when the first molestation accusations were made in the mid-nineties, I was among the many fans who came to Michael’s defense, insisting to friends and family there was “no way” Michael could be a child molester. However, one molestation charge is one thing, but when you’ve got people coming out of the woodwork, one story leading to another and then another, the evidence becomes very difficult to ignore, and just like Michael was OBVIOUSLY lying about his skin and his plastic surgery (and now we see, his drug use!), you wondered what ELSE he could be lying about! And so it was, after a long period of denial, the depressing reality dawned on me that more likely than not, the biggest idol of my youth, the person I looked up to in popular culture more than anybody else, was a child molester, and furthermore, had been molesting and covering it all up for quite some time! Not an easy thing to accept, especially since Michael had always had a squeaky clean, benevolent image (he was no Axl Rose or Tommy Lee!) but still, something I could no longer run from. Michael, I tried SO HARD not to believe this stuff, but you eventually got “caught”, even though you made it through the court case. I’m very sad that you’re gone, but I’m just as sad for the all the fans like me that you so wickedly manipulated and lied to, and of course, for the little boys whose innocence and dignity you stole. When you died, so did my youth – for so many reasons. I no longer believe in Peter Pan or fairy tales. If I’m wrong Michael, then I apologise, but I don’t see how I could be any more. The wizard has finally stepped out from behind the curtain, and the depressing reality is there for all to see!

  • Winnie P

    As much as I wish it wasn’t true, I think it’s very likely Michael was a pedaphile. There’s just so much evidence that points to it. Now the only sliver of innocence that MJ could possibly claim is that despite being attracted to young boys, maybe he never actually molested one. There are some pedaphiles who don’t act on their desires.

    I can’t help wishing that MJ’s life hadn’t turned out the way it did. For someone born so perfect (handsome, talented, kind, smart), why couldn’t he lead a happy life? It’s such a shame. I hate to lay blame, but most of it has to do with his upbringing and his dysfunctional family.

  • sc341

    There is no way to know for sure whether he is guilty or innocent of the allegations. He was ACQUITTED of the charges at a criminal trial. Why was there not a civil trial? 3 months ago I couldn’t stand Michael Jackson, I was done with him years ago after growing up with his music (and loving him back then). Then he dies on us. I start reading up on him and viewing his amazing videos and music, at least half of his work I had no idea existed and the other half I had forgotten. I watched his concerts on you tube and DVD. I then realize what we have lost with this amazing man who was a singer, dancer and entertainer like no other who has come before and will most likely ever come after. The man was unbelievable live in concert. He gave a lot of money to charities and had his own charities, “Heal the World”, “Heal the Kids” gave money to the United Negro College Fund, and many others. I think about his legacy and his life and I wonder if the U.S. can love him again now that he’s gone, he had a huge impact on our culture. I am so sad when I watch his videos and hear his music, but at the same time I feel joy, his voice was beautiful and he was magical. If he’s innocent of the allegations I hope that in death he will forgive the U.S. and our crummy media for trying and convicting him without looking at all of the evidence. His emotional issues obviously plagued him, despite that, the man was a genius when it came to creating music, video and concerts and he knew how to bring people together to love him and his creations. Maybe now that he’s gone the U.S. can say, Michael we love you, may you r.i.p.

  • Lola James

    I don’t think that Michael Jackson was a Pedophile.

  • jan

    Research people, he was no paedophile.
    He had universal vitiligo which is a strong form of vitiligo.
    He had discoid lupus.
    He was a kind and gentle man who treated everyone with utmost respect.
    Shame the tabloids,media and people didn’t do the same to him.
    He was the single highest donator to charity but no one mentions that do they??
    I look at some of these posts and say SHAME, SHAME, SHAME and lets hope you don’t have to be accused of something you didn’t do by two greedy lowlife families too bone idle to work for a living.

  • jan

    June Chandler loved herself to death and tried to lure michael for herself. He was a father figure to jordan and the daughter and that is what evan didn’t like. Also, evan hated being a dentist and wanted to be a script writer so extortion came into play.

  • jan

    I just had my comment blocked because I tried to give web sites that would prove without a doubt his innocence. So it is okay to say fowl things about MJ but when you provide proper research you are censored. Disgusing!

  • jan
  • jan

    see: this

  • jan

    see: this video and also this video

  • billy

    A pedophile is an adult who is sexually attracted to a minor. While the stereotypical pedophile is an adult who engages in sexual intercourse with a minor, a pedophile may also be an adult who has a personal attraction to a minor (one that may or may not be characterized by lust, but also by infatuation or romantic interest).
    Pedophilia is thus not only the manifestation of sexual acts of an adult perpetrated against a minor, but could also be manifested in the belief that an emotional relationship is fostered and experienced between both the adult and the minor.
    A minor in this case is anyone below a certain age based on local ordinance. A pedophile is s/he who engages in sexual acts with a minor, depending on the age of the perpetrator (be him/her 21 or less). Should the minor be age 14-17, pedophilia may not be charged but rather statutory rape.
    The meaning of pedophilia, as stated above, is a sexual interaction characterized by adult domination, with the minor being an unwilling party.
    After the age of 14 in most North American communities
    This age (14 years) is considered the age at which the minor would be aware of the sexual nature of the acts being perpetrated and thus could give consent. But it is still illegal for these acts to take place, the offense being statutory rape. Because pedophilia remains one of the only major sexual taboos in North America, and carries a particular stigma, the lesser offence is statutory rape.
    So an 18-year-old adult who engages in sexual intercourse with a 17-year-old minor would, in absolute terms, be a pedophile. But if the minor is aware (the key difference being consciousness of the sexual act) and consents, a lesser charge is applied.

  • billy

    pedophile like little boys and girls

  • bob

    Michael jackson is innocent.

  • bob

    Michael jackson is INNOCENT and always was. JAN i agree with you entirely! Jordan chandler admitted he lied & that it was all for money. The ’05 accuser was a scam artist out for michaels money as well. Think of this, he was the most popular celebrity ever known. Had loads of money so it’s pretty obvious it was a extortion attempt. Also Look at how much of an impact he made in the entertainment industry. So before you judge him really do your research on it!

  • kisha

    I’ve studied Michael and his behavior. He doesn’t seem to look or act like a pedophile. In fact, I’m 100% sure he wasn’t one. He just wanted to feel young again, I think that’s why he liked to be surrounded by children. why most of them were boys and not girls? well, I guess that’s because he somehow saw himself in those little boys. Regarding the sleepovers, I don’t understand why do people always have to sexualize everything… I truly think it was like Michael said: they would sit by a fire, talk, laugh, have fun, he would give the children milk & cookies etc. Nothing sexual happend between Mike & those children!!! He was probably the kindest & sweetest person on earth. 100% INNOCENT!!!

  • Shannon

    really why can’t people just accept he was innocent ‘NOT GUILTY ON ALL COUNTS’
    jordan chandler’s father made him say those things and they both wanted money
    and when gavin and his family started being rude to some of the neverland staff michael started to spend less time with them and eventually stopped talking to them all together thats why they did this its all
    ALL JUST LIES as usual!

  • gabe

    michelle jackson is a pedo

  • Canuck Man

    Even if I don’t believe that he’s a pedophile I still feel that MJ shouldn’t have invited kids for a sleepover all because it can cast suspicion. Also to say in his interview with Martin Bashir that when he sees children he sees the ‘ face of God’ to me that appears to be showing a strange interest or fascination with children.