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Mexico May Actually Have Its President-Elect

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Today the Mexican Election Tribunal made clear it was not accepting Manuel Lopez Obrador's claims of massive election fraud. Reuters reported from the capital that the Tribunal of the Federal Election Institute (I.F.E.) had decided to ignore the allegations by the "leftist" candidate of fraud. This action will probably signify the election of the National Action Party (P.A.N.) conservative candidate, Felipe Calderon.

The seven-judge election board (I.F.E.) tribunal was unanimous in its decision to reject the claims by Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador who has been leading protests based on the claim that "… he was robbed of victory…" during the election of 2 July. The tribunal's decision is final and there is no appeal. They must, according to the Constitution, declare a president-elect by 6 September. That date is coming quickly and it would appear that Felipe Calderon of P.A.N. will be the President-elect.

For U.S. interests and international stability he is thought to be the candidate of choice who will continue Mexico's financial and diplomatic strategies, which sought closer economic ties and investment from a number of countries. Education of the workforce and defusing of internal strife characterized the Fox tenure. He will probably provide a stable counter-point to Hugo Chavez' bid to rival Castro as a thorn in the U.S. side.

Even though the Obrador protests, which have paralyzed part of Mexico City, are said to be "losing steam," Obrador vows to continue massive protests or to form a "parallel government" if he does not get his full recount and is not elected President.

President Elect Calderon's website presents the results of the election. It was a close one.

His official website also presents his Pasiòn Por Mexico with the statement,

Soy un mexicano que está profundamente orgulloso de su país. El México en el que yo creo

"I am a Mexican that is profoundly proud of my country. It is Mexico in which I believe."

Esa enorme pasión, que despierta en todos nosotros cuando vemos sus paisajes, cuando vemos su bandera, cuando cantamos su himno, cuando juega nuestro equipo, esa pasión que tenemos en sus fiestas, en sus tradiciones, en sus creencias; esa pasión que nos hace gritar por México…

"This enormous passion that wakes in all of us when we see our landscapes, when we see our flag, when we sing the anthem, when our team plays, this passion that we have in our fiestas, in our traditions, in our beliefs, this pasion makes us scream for Mexico…"

(On their independence day the President cries out "Viva Mexico" very loudly from the Presidential Palace in Mexico City — a stirring cry).

The Amazon Book below is by Jeffrey Davidow who was the previous ambassador to Mexico from the US. I have not read it yet but he would know whereof he speaks and was said by mutual friends to be rather gentle and academic in person.

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