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MewithoutYou / T&N Tour Review

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The Theatre of the Living Arts on South Street, in the city of Philadelpia, was sold out on this night of the Tooth and Nail Tour. Teens in black t-shirts and parents with their kids packed the place and I’m sure most left quite happy.

By the time we got there Emery was finishing up. The few seconds I heard them I was impressed, so I’ve decided I need to hear more of them. Next paycheck perhaps. Watashi Wa performed their CD perfectly, including a cover of Message in a Bottle by The Police. Those guys have a great sound. Up next was Anberlin who got the crowd excited with their brand of rock, attitude, and guitar solo’s.

While Anberlin was doing their thing I got some fresh air and ran into Aaron, singer of MewithoutYou. He showed me his new sweater (“I picked this up for $2 at the Salvation Army”, he said), and then showed me the inside of their tour van which, for a group of boys, was quite clean. Aaron was due to go on in a few minutes but he needed to find a certain shirt for that nights performace. Turned out he was looking for a Smiths shirt. He’s weird like that.

So finally the band is setting up and there’s a nervous energy in the room – heck – Aaron’s grandmother is in attendance (“She’s really not into this kind of music,” he told me earlier). With the first few notes of Bullet to Binary the crowd erputed, clapping and cheering for what was about to happen next.

The entire set was a loud art and tasteful awe. Each of the older songs sounded as if written yesterday, and the newer material left you smiling and thinking, “Man, that will sound great on the new CD.” The sound was excellent, carrying everything just right and might I add Rick Mazzotta is an amazing drummer? Yea? Good, because he is.

Their set ended way too soon, but good times await – Aaron invited everyone at the sold out TLA to dinner at his parents house on wednesday nights. Plan on going.

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