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mewithoutyou – I Never Said That I Was Brave

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The EP that introduced the world to mewithoutyou is an instant classic – despite its shortcomings. Poor recording/mixing draws from the power and passion that mewithoutyou displays in their performances. Even though it’s a somewhat dim view, and the vocal command never is fully developed, the key areas that draw people to mewithoutyou are still there. Blindingly powerful vocals mixed with trouncing guitars/drums leaves the listener beat senseless after listening to a couple songs.

The first thing you will notice about the EP is the original recording of I Never Said That I Was Brave and We Know Who Our Enemies Are, however one wonders why there was never a re-recorded version of Four Word Letter. Nonetheless this EP is a wonderful example for the up-and-coming bands of what to do if you want to get noticed.

No doubt that this EP will soon be out of print, so pick it up today before they are selling on ebay for $40.

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