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Mets Mess: Trump Wants to Buy a Stake In Team

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Donald Trump – the man known for strange hair and the iconic line “You’re fired” – has made it known that he would like to buy a piece of the New York Mets. Why, you may ask? To help a friend? Well, yes he and Mets owner Fred Wilpon are chums. Could it be exposure? The Donald likes exposure as much as the south wall of your house. What other reason is motivating Trump to get in on this? My thoughts are that he probably thinks the Wilpons are going down, and who better to be there to pick up the pieces and take on the whole team once Fred and Jeff are gone.

One thing is very certain: if Trump comes on board things will get interesting very quickly. The Wilpons have never been interesting. They don’t even register a blip on New York sports pages – except if they are involved with the infamous Bernie Madoff. Living in this town we Mets fan have always had to endure the back page headlines about another sports owner – the late George Steinbrenner (and now his sons). He was always hiring and firing Billy Martin, warning Reggie Jackson (and everyone else from Horace Clarke to Joba Chamberlain), and basically creating for himself a colorful personality that increased the Yankee brand.

Even famed New York Daily News cartoonist Bill Gallo couldn’t resist creating a recurring cartoon character in Steinbrenner’s honor. Mets fans had one too – the oh so lovely Basement Bertha. This figures to be the Mets’ fate: the Yankees get a general and we get an overweight woman living in the cellar. That is our lot in this town.

But, oh how things would change with The Donald in charge of the show. Can you imagine the press generated by Trump as he came to games? He would be more exciting than Lady Gaga sitting in the stands in her pajamas. Never one to mince words, there are probably hundreds of different headlines just ready to burst out of his mouth over the course of the season. Trump’s presence in the owner’s box would be an event, would help ticket sales, and most certainly bolster sagging TV ratings.

Heck, I even propose if The Donald is in that the Mets TV channel (SNY) create a new series – Donald Trump’s NY Mets Apprentice. This would be a fabulous weekly series where players had to work for the Donald – on and off the field. Wouldn’t it be worth it just to see the Donald sitting across the table from Luis Castillo and Oliver Perez saying, “You’re fired!”

As a Mets fan, I am totally behind Trump buying into the Mets. I think lots of fans would agree with me. So come on, Fred Wilpon. Take the Donald’s call and lets get the ball rolling. It might not save this season, but it certainly will make for a hilarious time, and we Mets fans need a reason to laugh right now.


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Basement Bertha – NY Daily News

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  • The Donald wants a little of everything nowadays, doesn’t he? And yeah, that would be hilarious to see him “fire” a bunch of under-performing Mets players. 🙂

  • Yes, Charlie, he does want it all. I hope he gets a shot because it would make what looks like it will be a dull season a lot brighter for Mets fans.