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Methods of Spiritual Healing

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Spiritual healing is any type of healing that deals with our spiritual being. It encompasses healing the body, mind, and spirit so they are all in sync. It is about fixing the person as a whole, not just the pieces. This can include: connecting or reconnecting to a higher power, learning to move away from self to a greater common good, or coming to terms with the understanding that there are things in life we may never be able to know or comprehend. Spiritual healing can also be aligning our mind/body connection to experience life as a whole being, not as a person who is missing connectedness in any area of life.

There are several methods to begin healing and you can choose to do one or any combination of them to increase and hasten your spiritual healing. The belief behind spiritual healing is that we are all somehow connected to a higher power or God, and reconnecting will make us whole again.


meditationWhen people think of meditation, they usually think of someone sitting cross-legged on the floor doing deep breathing exercises while trying to keep their mind clear. While this can be true, it is possible to meditate with specific goals in mind. Spiritual healing can be done while meditating by focusing on a higher power and connectedness during the meditation session.

People who meditate and are of the Christian faith can begin by focusing on one passage or verse in the Bible. As they begin to meditate they think about the verse and how it pertains to them or how they feel God may want them to interpret it. Doing this can help to make the verse clear in their mind and help them to feel closer to living life as God would like them to.

One of the meditation techniques to heal spiritually while meditating can be to focus on connecting to a higher power. Focusing on connecting to a higher power can open the door for a greater feeling of connecting to the self, humanity as a whole, and the higher power as well.

Laying on of Hands

Laying on of hands is popular in some Christian faiths. One or more people will lay their hands on a person who is sick or ill in order to channel healing. The healing hands can target many different ailments from mental to physical to spiritual. Some issues that laying on of hands helps are depression and cancer.

healing touch

There are people who claim to be healers who can lay their hands on others to facilitate healing. These healers are not always tied to one specific religion and can work with anyone from any denomination. While there is no scientific proof to back up their claim of being able to heal, those who have been helped are usually more than willing to tell others about their experiences.

Laying on of hands can be used in conjunction with other sources of healing. Many healers who practice this form of healing may also try to educate the person they are healing. This education can be about diet, tobacco, alcohol, or abstaining from anything else that may be harming the body. It is thought that when we harm our bodies physically it also takes a toll mentally, which in turn affects us spiritually.

Balancing the Chakras

chakra healingA chakra is an energy center that is located in one of numerous places in the body. There are seven main chakras that a person can work with in order to facilitate healing. These chakras are numbered from one to seven and correspond to a place on the body from the base of the spine to the top of the head. The thought behind the healing or cleansing is that if a body part or area is damaged it will show in the chakra. There are energy medicine practitioners who work strictly with chakras and getting the energy to flow properly again. When the energy is flowing as it should, there is relief from physical pain, emotional pain, and even spiritual pain.

Getting the chakras to flow as they should can be done by use of gemstones or certain physical exercises. Wearing gemstones that correspond to a specific chakra is a popular way to help heal. A person can also rub or carry a certain gemstone to help them heal. Physical exercises that target specific chakras can help to fix the flow of energy as well.


reikiReiki is a form of holistic therapy which can also heal physical, emotional, or spiritual issues. It is much like laying on of hands except that there are different degrees to which a practitioner can help another. A beginner can help themselves, someone more advanced can help others, and a master can help others who are not in their presence, also called distance healing.

Reiki is used to work with the chakras as well as the meridian energy lines. A meridian energy line is one in which energy passes through the body. There are 20 meridians, although only 12 are used regularly. Each one of these lines is connected to a major organ. These lines come from traditional Chinese medicine and are also used in acupuncture.

A practitioner of Reiki can physically touch the area of the body they are trying to heal, or merely hold their hands over the spot only a inch or two away. There are about 12 common positions in which the practitioner will hold their hands to facilitate healing.

While these methods of spiritual healing are common, some may work better for some than others. Depending on a how a person would like to heal, they can choose to use one or more methods and do it by themselves or with the use of another person. There is no one right way to heal, but with time and energy, the healing process can begin in a rather short period of time. Understanding there are numerous ways to help yourself can help to ease any painful feelings you may be having.

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  • Good article. I think the secret is to find the tool or tools that work best for you then use it. As you gain more proficiency you can add to your tools and accomplish more with less effort.

  • spiritual healing

    I don’t have enough words to say anything here about this great article. This is exactly the definition of spiritual healing. Spiritual healing is the unique term comprises many practices. It’s one of the powerful practice is Meditation. Keep it up; I really enjoyed reading this article. Thanks for sharing it.

  • It is something that has been around for thousands of years. No healing ever comes just from the healer. It is the healing force and energies coming from “spirit” via the medium of the healer, which effect healing in a patient.