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Even though a good deal of music out nowadays sucks, or sounds so much alike, there are a few artists I enjoy enough, where I am willing to plunk down the cash in order to purchase their work. Linkin Park is one of them.

Linkin Park is one of the many rap/rock bands out these days, but in my opinion, they are one of the best. Mixing hard rock with rap melodies, a DJ’s touch and smart lyrics, they are way ahead of their counterparts such as Limp Bizkit and Papa Roach as artists.

When I first heard Linkin Park, the song most often played was ‘Crawling’ off ‘Hybrid Theory’ and I must admit that lead singer Chester Bennington’s (yes that is his real name) voice was annoying (and he still sometimes overdoes it). It wasn’t until I heard ‘In The End’ that I realized how good these guys were.

Their latest effort, ‘Meteora’ was 8 months in the making. They started writing some of the tracks during their last tour in the summer of 02′ and finished up most of the recording by the end of the year.

The disc sports 12 songs rather than the usual 9-10 that have seem to become the norm for most new releases these days. The CD is ‘enhanced’ in that it offers some extras you normally do not get, including a video for the first single. ‘Somewhere I Belong’ as well as a 12 minute documentary called ‘The Art of Meteora’ where the band discusses the concept of the album cover art and how it was conceived. There is also access to special website content (made unavailable when copying the CD), and few other small extras. There is a special version of the CD that includes a DVD with a 35 minute behind the scenes documentary of the making of Meteora. This will cost an additional 5 bucks, and I think it’s worth it.

What’s interesting to see is how this band embraced technology to do their recording. Thanks to the digital age, the entire band was not required to all show up at the same time to experiment with songs and new sounds. Drummer Rob Bourdon didn’t have to drag his drum kit around to Mike Shinoda’s (Emcee, vocals) home studio. He would just record his tracks, have them saved to a portable hard drive and would just bring that over.

All in all the CD is a pretty decent sophomore effort. They have a rather simple formula and stick to it. I suspect as they get a little older (hell, they’re all under the age of 30), they will begin to experiment somewhat. The only complaint I have is with lead singer Chester Bennington. There are a few songs where he starts screaming simply for the sake of screaming, and it gets to the point where I am just clicking ahead to the next song so I don’t have to listen to it anymore. He does have a strong voice, but he needs to take it down a notch.

The CD/DVD is worth the price. If you like Linkin Park, go ahead and buy it.

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  • Stephanie Mendiola

    get well soon chester

  • Luke

    Another 5/5 for me. The songs are really good and the lyrics are magnificent. This is THE album that got me into Linkin Park. I’m hoping that LP will bring out another great album just like Hybrid Theory and Meteora.

    Note: Chester was sick while recording one of the songs for this record. As some say, you’ve gotta suffer for your art.

  • hi how are you

  • chester is so hot

    i would make him mine

  • Nobody’s listening?

    I’ve never really heard of anyone saying they thought Chester’s voice was too strong. not all the screaming is Chester though, some of it is their DJ Mr. Hahn

  • LPfan

    Okay, 1st of all Meteora rox! Its probably one of the best albums ever. 2nd of all Chaz’s voice is not annoying and he doesnt need to take it down a notch. Its sexy. People like that. Maybe some ppl dont, but I definitely like it. And he doesnt always scream, like in Grey Daze, he didnt really. LP Rox 4 Life!