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Meteor Strike Injures More Than 900 in Russia. Asteroid 2012 DA14 Passes By Safely.

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February 15, 2013; Chelyabinsk (Russia);
More than 900 people were reported to be injured in a meteor strike in Russia. It was first claimed that a meteor shower took place but later ministry spokesman Elena Smirnikh confirmed that it was a single meteor.

russian Meteor Captured by Vehicle's dashboard cam.

The reason for the high number of injured in this incident is the breaking of  windows panes due to the shock wave generated by the meteor collision. Many of the injured are children.

The incident took place at Ural Mountains region in central Russia. The time of the strike was about 9:30 in Morning Local time. The meteor exploded as it entered the earth’s atmosphere and the shock wave generated caused thousand of tiny meteor fragments to spread and cause damage all over the city.

Some Russian leaders claimed that the incident was some sort of plot against Russia. Vladimir Zhirinovsky, Russian Politician and the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia, stated that the incident was caused due to Testing of a new weapon by United States of America.

According to Eye-witnesses a huge bright ball of fire entered from the Sky and exploded with the Sound which they would never like to hear again in their Lives. A huge trail of the meteor vapor was seen and was there was a good duration for some witnesses to Click the rare incident.

       Asteroid 2012 DA14 as Seen from Australia

The Meteor Strike took place hours before the passing by of Asteroid 2012 DA-14. The asteroid which is half the size of the football field passed by the earth in Moon’s distance at about 18:00 PM GMT. The distance between the asteroid and earth’s surface was about 27,700 km which is the shortest ever recorded distance for passing by of a heavily object of such size.

Scientist have stated that there is no connection whatsoever with the Meteor Collision in Russia and of Asteroid 2012 DA-14 close approach to earth.

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