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Metallica Debut New Song In Germany

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Metallica debuted a new song on June 6, 2006 in Germany, as part of their “Escape From The Studio ’06” tour. The untitled song, dubbed “The New Song” by front man James Hetfield, has been posted online at three known locations: #1, #2, #3 (password: www.metallica-world.de).

Two low-resolution video clips have also been posted on youtube.com: part 1, part 2.

Metallica have been writing new material for the follow up to 2003’s St. Anger. St. Anger, the first studio album in 6 years since Reload went to #1 in numerous countries but suffered back-lash from fans who felt as though the “Metallica sound” had disappeared. The new song clocks in at 9 minutes and 37 seconds, including Hetfield’s intro. Fans will be glad to know that there is a solo.

Blabbermouth.net reported that the band has played their entire Master of Puppets (1986) album on the first two dates of the tour. Also on the set list are rarely played songs such as "Disposable Heroes" and "Orion."

The band will resume work on the new album after the tour is over.

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  • So someone reminded James and Lars that Jason left, not Kirk. That’s promising.

    I would have died if they went into “Orion” at a show I attended. Wow.

  • pretty good songs. brings back memories of And Justice For All.

  • Damn New Tallica, live Disposable Hero… that’s great news. Any news on a release date?

  • Holy bejesus!

    It sounds alright, certainly promising, and great to see Kirk doing something again.

    And what I would do to see Puppets played by the band in its entirety. Ooooh.

  • I have been mostly very disappointed with these guys for the last 18-19 years. The promise of Puppets has not been realized, save for the decent tracks from the black album. I sincerely hope Rubin can save these guys from themselves.

  • Guppusmaximus

    They have left their roots for so long now that it just sounds really sloppy when they try to return to them. A studio recording of this song wouldn’t impress me nevermind this crappy live one.They will always have the oldschool nod but there are quite a few metal acts that out shine them now and even some veteran bands that still do it better. I remember when Metallica had talent and balls…What Happened?

  • I really love this song but the vocals are shocking. Hopefully it’ll be improved!

  • Hoov3r

    If anyone knew a thing or two about vocals… If you sing like james has… You are going to fuck up your voice sooner or later. James isn’t the only one.

    Pantera, Look at c.f.h or v.d.o.p compared to reinventing the steel. There is a giant downgrade.

    It happens to alot of people. Get over it.

  • D

    I was impressed with the song. I actually think it sounds rather good and think a studio version would be even better. Before anyone crits the vocals, give him a break…after singing in concert for a while, your voice isn’t going to be “perfect” or studio quality, your going to be worn a bit. I’m sure his voice will sound nicer in the studio when he has time to master all of the sounds.

  • Steve

    I think the new song sounds a shit load better than St Anger.

    A return to decent guitar, solos and thoughtful vocals.

    I am intently waiting the studio release

  • Dude

    Wow. Thats an awesome song! It has the drumming of Ride The Lightning, the guitar playing of …And Justice For All, and a new singing style

  • fixxxxxxxxxer

    where can i find this song?

  • zach

    Metallica is the best dam band out there i dont care what anyone says….and i need to hear this new song so somebody help a brother out here god!

  • Casey Stelken

    Amazing! The heaviness of St. Anger, with the lyrical and musical qualities of Load. Anyone who thinks that the singing is no good has obviously never heard live music before. This is good; the studio version should be great!

  • Peter North

    cool song. just dont get excited and expect too much on the whole album. god bless metallica!!!

    i hope bob rock is burning in hell right now

  • FUK BOB ROCK !!!

    Yea man i hope too.I’ve heard their new song and its really better than St-Anger i mean REALLY better !!!!!!


  • Nay Sayer

    This sucks… It sucks like every album since “Justice”. This band needs the likes of Burton or Newsted. They were the real riff writers. James’ voice sounds like a pre-pubecent boy and the drums still sound like a kit out of a 1980’s Sears catalog. Hang it up, Metallica is DEAD!