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Messiahs Kissing?

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s Kiss
Prayer for the Dying


Germans with a Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, and Accept fixation is not exactly a shock. It is rare, however, that anyone does it as well as this lot. They have in fact managed to produce a metal album that is certainly better than the most recent output from either Rob Halford or Judas Priest. Twin guitars, fast drumming, and powerful vocals aren’t enough; a band needs the tunes as well to pull it off. This lot have it in spades on tracks like ‘Reign of Fire,’ ‘Blood Sweat & Tears,’ and ‘When Night Comes Down.’ Riffing aplenty, solos, and playing that just makes you want to headbang, fist in the air. If there is any fault, it is that at times the playing is a bit mechanical and the lyrics a bit predictable. This isn’t the most original stuff in the world, to be sure, but what MK do, they do very well. It will be interesting to see what they can pull off with their next release. This is classic heavy metal, no more, no less; enjoy.

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  • Dawn

    Having read this, I feel pretty confident that I don’t want to buy it.