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Messi Scores Again, Barcelona Defeat Real Madrid 2-0

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It was a symphonic performance by Barcelona and a concert of celebrities by Real Madrid.

When up against the wall, when faced with adversity, the Blaugrana remained calm and confident, passing precisely and with purpose, from the goal line of Valdes through the defense line held by Pique and Puyol, to the genius Xavi who fed the ball to the deity of football joy, Lionel Messi. Los Blancos replied as individuals, such as when Cristiano Ronaldo passed to himself, lost the ball as Barcelona players shut down space, leaving Ronaldo to display his edginess as he committed a useless foul on his former teammate, Pique.

And while we’re talking about Ronaldo, let’s settle the most frivolous debate of the game: Messi completely outplayed Cristiano. Lionel constantly moved off the ball to create space, floating in behind the defense as he did to receive Xavi’s return pass en route to scoring the opening goal. Ronaldo has had a typical Ronaldo season: scoring multiple goals in blowouts against teams with annual expenditures less than what he spends on earrings, hair gel, and chest waxes during a night out with Paris Hilton (not including the cost of earrings, hair gel, and chest waxes for Miss Hilton).

But the genius of the game was Barcelona’s Xavi who had another magisterial display in midfield. Madrid held sturdy during the first 30 minutes of the game with Xabi Alonso and Gago putting down hard challenges on Pedro and Xavi. Undeterred, Xavi set up Messi’s goal with a sublime chip before threading a through ball to assist Pedro for the second goal.

As the final whistle sounded, the Real players were roundly jeered by their fans. The Barcelona players, eight of whom came up through their youth system, celebrated as if they’d just won a championship. Having just burned away Madrid’s chances of winning the title, they may as well have.

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  • Alan

    LIONEL ANDRES MESSI is by milles better than cristiano ronaldo i know MESSI is a beet selfish but his better than cristiano ronaldo MESSI is better than maradona

  • Earl Lundquist
  • wayne

    To be honest Ronaldo did have a bit of a shocker, but we should remember that it was only a year or so ago when he was playing for Man U and we were all thinking that he was probably the best player in the world!! The fact is that Messi is having the season that Ronaldo had two seasons ago and is probably the best player in the world at present. At the end of the day they are both unbelievable players. Lets also not forget about Iniesta & Xavi, Brilliant!!

  • Naser

    YOu guys who write these articles need to get a f****ng life because you sound like losers. Do not bring the personal life with the sport life. [Gratuitous vulgarity deleted by Comments Editor] Ronaldo is a great player and may even be better than messi by far, except messi has world best around him who supply him with amazing balls.. Get it right. [Gratuitous vulgarity deleted by Comments Editor]

  • Dsenior barca secretary Fedpol? Nasarawa Branch

    Let me 1st symphatate wth u guys 4 d loss 2 d best club nd i hp u guys hv seen d dsimilarity btw a genius and so cal c ronaldo d field rider u should rememba what xavi said dat R Madrid shld invest more money b4 they can beat barca so u hv advise ur president perez 2 invest more money 2 buy players againt next season