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Mesa vs Vizquel?

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Mesa’s mad and Vizquel made him mad. According to this article Jose Mesa, the Philadelphia Phillies’ closing pitcher hates his old Cleveland Indians teamate and would kill him.

Vizquel isn’t taking him seriously, although MLB is looking into it.

So what made Mesa livid with anger? Vizquel blamed Mesa for the Indian’s world series loss a few years ago.

“If I face him, I’ll hit him,” Mesa said. “If I face him 10 more times, I’ll hit him 10 times.”

Thankfully, unless both teams make the world series, the sparks shouldn’t fly this season.


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About The Theory

  • dan

    no truth to that rumor. The feud relates to what Vizquel said in his book about going to the mound in the ninth inning of Game Seven of the 1997 World Series. He said something to the effect that he looked into Mesa’s eyes, and “there was nobody home”, or words to that effect. Ever since, Mesa has said he wants to kill Vizquel

  • Jack Watson

    I have heard that the fued between Vizquel and Mesa goes deeper. Namely an incident of marital infidelity between Vizquel and Mesa’s wife.

  • jacob

    If it is so easy for Jose Mesa to hit Omar Vizquel then why is it so hard for him to find the strike zone? Just a questio

  • The Theory

    yeah, my dad is a hardcore Indians fan…

    and I’m a hardcore Phillies fan…

    life is interesting in our house.


  • Dawn

    Mesa is totally responsible for the Indians not winning the series in ’95. That choking mother-effer did nothing but lay down in die when our beloved Indians were this *holds fingers together* close to FINALLY winning the world series.


    I hope Mesa drops dead of a stress induced heart attack while conjuring thoughts of hurting the world’s best shortstop – Omar Vizquel.

    Sorry for the rant – but this is a touchy subject with us Cleveland Indians fans.