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Men Controlling Women: From The Brains of Voles

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I subscribe to several men’s magazines for my husband. He usually ignores them, so I read them; largely to keep myself abreast of articles that pertain to men’s health. In addition, one of these magazines sends online material. I get a particular thrill out of reading these as if I am stepping behind a curtain, the shower curtain in the gym as it may be. The very sense of being on "other" territory is titillating. I feel rather like a spy.

So, what are they thinking? What are they plotting?

It was worse than I expected.

The lads at a certain magazine believe they have cracked the code on the brain – the female brain. Every generation of men thinks they have done this. Goddess must sit back and laugh. There were all kinds of interesting tidbits that sounded more like how to fine tune your computer’s clock speed or your Mustang’s carburetor, but this was to be applied to that ‘other thing’, a woman; maybe one just captured by sleight of hand at a bar, maybe a girlfriend or a wife.

Amused, but my curiosity piqued, I read on. There were tips on manipulating her dopamine levels. My nose wrinkled. It is not so simple to manipulate oneself in this way, let alone other people. The boy geniuses at the mag never considered that for all the millions of women on SSRIs or the new SNRIs in this country, these dopamine tricks would not work. These gals have been chemically altered.

Perhaps this explains the article on "the rise of fembots" I read recently with much awe and not a little consternation. Is this the neuro-chemical effect of a generation of teenagers put on Prozac? Still, SSRIs will make a woman’s dopamine flatline, causing emotionally flat affect, lack of sexual desire, difficulty with arousal, and difficulty with orgasm. I would say this is an evil plot to neutralize women’s sexuality, but it puts an end to the happy-hydraulics of men as well, which is not good either. Serotonin exists in opposite relationship with the neuro-transmitter dopamine. You need dopamine to experience the emotion of romantic love. Then, we came to the voles…

I believe that as long as there has been a patriarchy, generations of men have applied themselves to the task of building a better mousetrap – er – chastity belt. They of course cleverly tried to keep themselves on the outside of such bear-traps, and pocket the key as well if they could; which is where paradox, bitter irony, and unmitigated disaster reign until the next batch of lads say, “You old fogies had it all wrong! This is the way!” and it begins again.

Well, the brave new 21st century lads at this magazine are dying to tell you about the mating neuro-chemistry of voles. Now, a vole is a charming creature, vaguely related to a prairie dog or the average editor at a magazine who would promote such sociopathic advice as they gave, not to have a better sexual relationship with a woman, but how to attempt to manipulate her neuro-psychologically to be "addicted to you" while teaching you how to keep yourself far away from such an effect. Of course, you wouldn’t want that, they suggest with a wink. You’re a man, not a rodent, right? Right?

The neurotransmitter in question is oxytocin, the primary bonding chemical. It bonds women to men (and men to women, the dips) and women to their children. Kissing a woman’s breasts sends neurological signals to the brain and clitoris and releases oxytocin. Cuddling with your mate is good for your relationship, making you both feel bonded and safe and connected. But this is not what the voles writing the article had in mind.

They suggested that as a woman’s orgasm releases oxytocin in her brain, a man should craftily climb onto the back of her legs after this event and massage the muscles in her spine in little circles going up to her neck, making sure to stay clear of this himself, natch.

The cunning plan is not to relax her, give her pleasure, or show her love. The reason was to attempt to have the effect of manipulating her body into producing more bonding chemical to cause a neuro-psychological "addiction" in her brain beyond her conscious control (ah, the dream springs eternal) thereby ensuring not only her fidelity, but her slavish devotion, all the while steering clear of such deadly effects himself; the better to chase Fifi, Muffie and that hot new intern at the office.

The writers and editors assure a bloke that he can actually do this (practically and ethically), control the woman like a Stepford Wife with a control manual and then be non-monogamous himself, feeling tipsy with methanated power that he has assured the woman’s sexual servitude with only a few handy tricks and tweaks worthy of Popular Mechanics. Zombified from his manipulations and tripping from an overdose of oxytocin, she will presumably stumble past even more handsome and eligible men, and he can sleep at night.

The reality is more like this. Yes, when women orgasm, oxytocin is released. If all other systems are go, she may be bonded to you, which means she will also become protective, possessive, and madly jealous. Jealous as in "hell hath no fury." I promise. This can turn what a guy thinks he has neatly compartmentalized as a casual booty call or fuck buddy into something entirely different (in her brain) and can become major drama if he happens to find "the one". Just try telling SuzyQ she was just a booty call then. I wouldn’t want to be there.

The situation recalls The Magician’s Apprentice. Things get very out of hand. There are just so many possibilities for this to explode. It is sad that men’s magazines would suggest to men that they could control women neuro-endocrinologically, while keeping emotionally removed and immune themselves. This is not about love or giving pleasure. It is about a pathetic attempt at the usurpation of sexual relations for dominance and control, feeding into men’s lowest, most fearful base cultural conditioning of controlling women’s sexuality while having theirs uninhibited.

Even if you could do that – which as I explained, would backfire spectacularly – it’s so crassly manipulative as to be sociopathic. It’s just totally gross, with major jerk factor. I expect such from my husband’s multiply divorced friends, who still don’t get it. The paradigm, idea and application are wrong. They end up losers in the end. Detached and manipulative in the bedroom, they are endlessly paranoid as to whether their woman is glassy-eyed under their sexual control, while they hope to furtively bang someone else in the supply closet.

It is never wise for men to play women. Play at your own risk. Once a woman learns you are not faithful, there will be hell to pay. I won’t even go there if she comes across a copy of that article and puts your ‘new moves’ in context.

Ultimately, if you betray her trust and are lucky, she may punish you and keep you on a short leash. If you are not and she thinks you are not worth her emotional investment, aggravation, and assaults on her self-esteem, she may head for other pastures with less  well-informed and crafty stallions, leaving you to figure out why that radical vole-trick-neuro-control panel-chastity belt tip not only did not work, but blew up in your face.

When are men going to learn that they have as much chance of controlling women as they have of controlling cats?

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  • UPDATE! This comment is to display features of the syndrome talked about above. Weird stuff happens.

    We have the girl on her own now to deal with her problems. I must be out of that loop. Pathologic Psychotica attacks me thru victim (x-wife) because she must make up some excuse why she didn’t answer his phone calls for a day (we were just ‘being’ together, she does not have to answer to anyone). She blames me, as usual, when he puts her into a tight spot. So he forces her to have the cops show up to pick up a bag of her stuff. DANGEROUS!

    I talk to the cops as the wife is putting on some manic display (directed by the Pathologic Psychotic). I simply let the cops know that she is a very angry woman with a very tough life story. Yes, the psych thing comes up and I simply stated that the label given her is ******** (I don’t label her…). I explain that she is merely using me (her true loved one)as a mirror to her problems. Pointing them at me when intended for someone else. Really messed up stuff.

    Then I plead with the officers to not arrest her for lying to the police. Using the law as a sword, not a shield. They realized she was under control of some sick power and let her go. I do praise the officers for being reasonalble since their time was being taken from them for idiot reasons.

    The point being, The perp kicks the victim who kicks me and I kick the perp in her defense and he kicks her harder. The perp always tries to pimp (as in contolling her aquaintences) her out to very low scummy people so he can feel ‘above’ and be the best thing in her life (sick, eh?). Then the perp runs into a guy like me who is a quality, evolved human and can see thru him like he is made out of glass. Things get worse as he visciously fights for his obsession to the victim.

    I’ll keep it so she can call me anytime she wants but I will not call her unless she gives me specific instructions to do so. That is the way it has been thru this whole crisis. I’ll keep it that way. I have to stay out of the way of obsessive sickness. It infects all those near…

    Thank you for the vision of understanding and giving this woman a tool of knowledge to keep in her backpack. I hope she has the strength to pull it out and use it. I, of course, have used it to protect her as I have done my political/social activism and enlightened certain people to the findings of Sandra’s studies.

    Hey, I’m a Scorpio, you know how we operate….

    That is the live updated news in dealing with Pathologic Psychotica. Film at 11.

    Thank you Ashtoreth! You are an angel!


  • Currently, hope she can hang on to that rope. The hydra head is viscious. The girl is so blown out she can’t even see straight. She may be consumed by this beast or not. Hope she can fight with her new found force. and not make bad decisions as her way to escape. I have sure seen and experienced enuf of that.

    With studies made on the subject, hopefully law will absorb it quick in order to identify highly illegal, sick and dangerous activity.

    And you know, it is amazing how incredibly stupid these people are about themselves and things around them. Their response and reasoning abilities are criminal in themselves. But they don’t think so.

    I am curious about such findings in the mind of sorts like Ted Bundy (from the same town as the above mentioned hydra head, irony).

    The projection is amazing. EVERYTHING the guy tries to accuse me of is simply all him. It is laughable. The hydra will say to wifey about me, blah blah blah (charlie brown ‘adulrt’ voices), and he is describing his self hate and dumping it on me. Part of the sick psychology of these maggots…Addicted to their own personality. The denial and delusions of these minds is, really really sick and they should be noted and dealt with in society.


  • Yes, you present the social form of Hep C. It took so long to identify it. Now it has to go thru that phase of ‘accepted knowledge’.

    Since it is a social situation, it will take a social force of those who know the deal to bring awareness. The pathological social criminals will be exposed.

    Yes, those Aquarians can create a ruckus. My wifey/victim (shall we say, for now…) last night I told her that she could write a book entitled “The Art of Vengence”. She is pretty good at that. Who knows, she may just get out there and stampede for everyone. well, me too….I am one of those rabble-rouser types…

    She realized she must recognize and listen to those angels swooping around. they have been conjured up. We’ll keep you up to date…

    love and strength and truth,

  • Ashtoreth

    I’m glad your wife has grabbed the rope. Being an Aquarian, she has the nature to rebel and claim her individuality and freedom. I wish you both the very best.

  • Ashtoreth,

    WOW!! Thru research presented I am stunned how accurately this aspect of abuse and control has been labelled, finally!!!!

    The sickest, most dangerous form of domestic violence yet.

    The wife was stunned by your words. For once in her lifetime she has the awareness to fightback with confidence. reading passages of information was so overwhelming to her. It was like watching a flower bloom in fast motion!!!

    I have observed so much behaviour like this and was just frozen in the ability to even bring it up as a legit point. People in my observations would just point at me as the problem instead of the detective…

    draw that line in the sand, stand behind the boundry, stand in the past as the tides of change wash that boundry away….The tides of change have finally found the reality of a serious, domestically dangerous situation…

  • Ah, I love it! You do have evolved Scorpio in your system. Yes, hope can be very powerful.

    Your positive words of guidance provide validation to our logic. They say Scorpio has the ability to make sense of chaos, you know…

    peace, love and ART!

  • Ashtoreth

    Douglas, thank you for taking the time to visit my site and your beautiful words. They mean a lot. I left up the page for a while, to go back to it and let the words affect me again. The lyric was powerful, by the way.

    Hope is not for suckers. It is for heroes of all stripes and sizes, but fueled by WILL and the defiance of spitting in the devil’s face, to rise in spite of all; even if you have to cut off a limb, so to speak, in order to be free to transform into what you can be.

  • AV:

    I just went to your website. Damn! You are brilliant! Besides fine artistic skill, your statement of purpose is fabulous.

    Art will spread the word and maybe change some people’s consciousness. And enhance other’s.

    Very nice to have people like you on this orb we live on. Yes, I am an arthead and boneheaded male who speaks for justice and a human’s free will.

    I guess the lyrics of my partner in the music world might explain my dilemma in my attempt to hang on to myself and battle the features of what has been dicussed:

    “So there I stood
    frightened to death
    afraid I’m going to drown
    but I’d rather go to hell
    than give another inch
    especially when I’m rrrrrriiiiggghhhhhttt!!!!

    this is who I am
    a self respecting man”

    Anyway, the whole song is quite empowering. I just have to distance myself from the situation I have been trapped into (the ogre trying to trap the female x is also trapping a guy like me). I hope the x can make it by and I can give her the outlook you give.

    Send positive vibes and things will be alright one can hope. They say hope is for suckers, but hope is very powerful also. All I hope for is her best welfare. Me, I am taking care of myself.

    Also, wow! I have just been turned on to an artist I was not familiar with. I like that. Love your work.


  • Ashtoreth, you are so right on!

    Yes, I am just trying to claim my own life back. Wife and I joined years ago (7) when she battled and got rid of this person. He barges his way back in, problems start. We spoked closely, deeply for months and months of her reality. The daily constant cry for help. Some people ask why I am with her. We found true love and I could have just let go and let her suffer a horrible life. My conscious would sure eat at me about that…

    I have done enuf as a self respecting man. At worst, at least she had 7 years of life of true respect and all. I am trying to get off this wicked merry go round. She calls wanting protection and help, but….I just pray that she can do it. I have given her enuf education, vision, etc. I must just keep my distance for now. If she can escape her captivity and come talk to me (which she does when she feels brave)you have provided information which could help.

    Oh, I am a Scorp and do love myself plenty fine….It is a process of putting my soul back together and cleaning the yuck of damage off of me.

    positive vibrations,

  • Ashtoreth

    I feel your soul Douglas. I too have Scorpio strongly aspected in my chart (Soul Sign).

    If you go to my website http://www.deviarts.com and check out my paintings, you will see that all aspects of my art, (including the novel I wrote) deal with these Plutonian themes: sex, death, power; love life and death; the journey into the underworld; death, rebirth, and transformation.

    As someone with strong Scorpio (Sun), you understand innately the need for ‘ruthlessness’ in such situations as you described. There is no half way. It is all or nothing, life or death.

    Blessings and visit soon. I respect your privacy, so will leave your love’s story at that. There are other ways to die than to do so literally and physically. One can do so metaphorically, and taking control, mark a death and the beginning of a rebirth. This time to claim her life as something precious and HERS for herself.

    I know what it is to look over the edge into death. I found that the best thing was not to ‘fight’, to sink and ‘die for a moment in your mind’. And then, begin the mental process of reclaiming life, first by feeling ‘what parts of your body don’t hurt’, ‘that you have your senses, can see, hear, smell, feel’. You sense and give gratitude.

    Then, you take a brief accounting of abundance, for five or ten things you are grateful for in your life, and celebrate them. Celebrate that you are alive and safe now. Think of one thing you can do today; one thing you want to do.

    Then, get up, wrap yourself in a robe you like, and make yourself a cup of tea.

    If she has to do this every day for who knows how long, this is what she needs to do to move through, one day at a time, making death her friend to freshen her to new life.

    As a Scorpio, I think you’ll get this. I posted here, so that it might help others as well.

  • Ashtoreth, yes, she has to fight the battle. She has been beaten down by this ‘friend’ (oh god, the full story is brutal-let me just say when they first met 20 years ago and introduced her to crack and used her to supply his habit…OK? Heavy elements of Stockholn Syndrome involved. Fear and sympathy for the captor) who is now ‘clean’ but his obsession remains. Sociopath is a recognized feature of this so called ‘friend’. Her family is no help, they are totally conned and are guilty of neglect in her upbringing.

    She must fight her battle, but I get dragged in because I am personally attacked by him using her as the conduit.

    I will always love her, she for me also. I am crafty and from a distance have recognized and acted on some dangerous situations she has been put up against by this sociopath thinking he is ‘helping’ this woman who he destroyed years ago.

    the entire story is gruesome. I will gladly share with you privately.

    As you can tell, I am just one of those guys (a Scorpio, mind you) that will fight injustice against anyone I care (and who care for me) for. And anyone who needs a voice or help who does not have the strength to fight.

    the main thing, I hope she has gained vision and the tools to know how to fight and slay the dragon from our time together. She attempted suicide directly due to his obsession within recent times and….OK, I’ll tell you the story…

    Thank you for the recognition of a serious human issue. Much peace and love and strength and guidance to you. Your suggestions might be the thing that sets her free.


  • Ashtoreth

    What hero’s voice rings through these halls?

    Greetings Douglas.

    I was very disturbed about the story of your ex-wife being entranced and ensnared by the machinations of a sociopathic narcissist. I assure you, she is reliving patterns she knows only too well. He feels ‘familiar’ to her.

    Unconsciously, a person with unresolved family-of-origin issues will be drawn like a sleep-walker to others who are like ‘hydra heads’, that resonate to original abusers.

    The logic of the psyche is to try to ‘get it right’, but working from the unconscious one only gets further disassociation and on-going cycles of abuse and traumatization.

    What you described as environmental, I would add sounds like ‘psychiatric injury’ rather than necessarily organic illness.

    I will recommend some books from my library for you and her to explore, you more intellectually, and she personally. She has to face the hydra and cut its head off herself. You cannot do this for her. You can read these books to educate yourself though.

    ‘The Betrayal Bond’ – by Patrick J. Carnes

    ‘The Narcissistic Family’ – by Stephanie Donaldson-Pressman and Robert M. Pressman

    ‘Surviving A Borderline Parent – How to Heal Your Childhood Wounds and Build Trust, Boundaries, and Self-esteem’ – by Kimberlee Roth and Freda B. Friedman

    The only way to deal with a malignant narcissist, is to abandon them. This friend needs to go like cutting out a tumor. Such people are pathological.

    It sounds like the man you describe is, and her family are too. Otherwise, she would have no fear of an outsider going to them and labeling her. Who made him a commissar of mental health anyway?

    The first monster she has to face and slay is her paralyzing life draining fear – of this man’s threats, of this man, of her family, of the label of mental illness.

    Ask her what she would do for a small child in her care or someone she loved in this situation. She’d be like a lioness, I’ll bet, but for herself, she can’t. She has been conditioned to doubt and not love herself, to disown her power. It sounds like she has been ‘trained’ to be a victim by her family.

    She needs to befriend the dark, the shadow – her disowned anger and power, stuffed down, split off and disassociated and strive to free herself and become whole. It takes time and courage. There is grief and mourning involved, often a death of the old self, old life, old relationships.

    Heroic soul that you are, you can only inspire her and encourage her. You cannot do this for her. This is her quest and her battle. Those books can be like battle axes to clear the vines that bind her, but only she can wield them.

    I hope this helps. It is a process. Sounds like you still love her very much. Be sure you love yourself as well. You are enough without fighting battles that are not yours to fight.

    She alone has the key to the underworld of her unconscious if she will claim it. By showing her these books you can help her get in touch with her truth and her anger. It will burn through the bonds and send that maggot ‘friend’ flying.

    Support the emerging warrioress in her since she has obviously been conditioned that being a ‘weak submissive controlled victim’ is being ‘a woman’ and ‘feminine’. The strong warrioress is an aspect of her potential wholeness and healing. Help her connect with this archetype and celebrate it’s emergence.

    I salute your brave and noble heart.

  • I only glanced thru the article because I do have opinions on this.

    MEN WHO USE THE METHODS OF CONTROL TO FORCE THE IDEA OF LOVE BETTER STAY AWAY FROM ME. types like that will then learn what control is about very painfully. I might see you in the street controlling a woman, I will kick your fucking ass.

    Let me just say that control in the form of, say monitoring cell phone calls, scaring off her friends, using money and purchase of crappy gifts to buy their love (like a jon and whore) with the real reason being attaching a string to the gift, etc.

    actually if a woman would have the guts to study the issue, control is one of many forms of domestic violence. Jail time is what I say.

    My x-wife has a life invaded by an old friend who is friends of her family who basically pulls the ‘love me or I’ll say you are mentally ill’. she is somewhat bi-polar. Not so much congenitally, but more environmentally. This guy and her family just wack that bi-polar pendulum back and forth. A sick sociopath demanding her friendship (it is non-sexual) to fullfill what ever emptyness his life is about.


    So, I do HATE to an extreme degree males controlling females to force love. then there is the issue of non-violent but social domestic abuse of women against men. That sux too.

    Sorry, my statement is scattered. But the issue enrages me.

    Love is real if does not need control.


  • Ashtoreth

    Hi everyone,

    Sk, I get your pun,’going to ground’ as a Scottish friend of mine likes to say; but his is more in the context of ‘dropping out for a while’ regardless of the temperature. Enjoy your rest and a cool drink. But know that as a woman, and as a woman who has survived and been marked by abuse, gender issues are very keen to me as it is to many women.

    You take for granted so much being raised male in a society that makes the male not only best and most human, noble, brave, intelligent and every desirable quality while in turn treating women like things, and whose same qualities are either called masculine or denigrated and discounted.

    Do you know how many times when I read about a couple in the arts the woman is described as less like what she did was not so important, an also-ran, even a hobby while the man is described in arching hyperbole: an art star, a literary lion, a genius, etc. etc.?

    In contrast with this article I satirized, you have women’s magazines like this August’s Elle – if you’d like to play spy and check it out – exploring how women with high degrees and accomplishments feel they have to ‘play small and dumb’ not to ignite the insecurities of men who insist on having their egos buttressed by the woman at the woman’s expense or seek to punish her through a myriad of ways.

    I’ve even experienced this from male friends, who relied on me for endless emotional muse-like nurturance for them and their work, but did not give same to me. If anything, too often, they had the nerve to belittle my work, to trivialize me. It is like a knee-jerk reaction. Such ‘friends’ I’d finally disengage from, or they would disengage from me, just as something good was happening for me.

    There is a lot to talk about, and you’re sure to read more of it from me, because as I told Curiepoint a while back, I write in stream of consciousness about what strikes me. The lovely thing here for a confirmed introvert like me, is that I have a stage and an audience, and I appreciate that.

    Nancy, thank you for your thoughtful comments. You hit the issue directly on the head about what causes terrible surprise and indignation in coming across such ‘advice’ directed at men to be used on – you.

    I chuckled at your broad-sword Amazonian solution to those writers/editors using their media position and power to encourage men to be jerks who hold ‘hu-man-ity’ as something that only applies to them. Thus spoke Xena. πŸ˜‰

    Between you, me, and Klondikekitty, perhaps I should let the editors at that mag see what women think about such ‘advice’. *diabolical chuckle*

    It makes me mad because they are in a position to shape and influence men in their college years and 20’s, and they are just doing the worst thing. Teaching these fellows to cynically handle a woman like a thing to be controlled, to seek to manipulate a woman’s mind via her body’s neuro-chemistry in her most vulnerable moments is terrible.

    It made me feel very angry and upset and betrayed. they should consider that they are not writing in a vacuum and that women do come across this. It does not reflect well on their magazine and its intentions.

    Thank you for the compliment on my name BTW. It is my real (as in legal) name, but I am my own creation.

    We are in the scorching days of Leo, originally named after the ancient Egyptian Lioness goddess Sekhmet, also known as ‘the eye of Ra’ because at her time the sun was like a ferocious lion.

    I am trying to stay cool too, and diligently cultivating my ‘writer’s pallor’. πŸ˜‰

    ’til later,


  • zingzing

    any man who thinks they have control over their woman is just deluded or has a silly woman. women are always in control, or at least the ones i like are. tell me what to do, and i will do it! please, please, please, let me do what you want.

    (of course, by doing this, i generally get what i want.)

    (or at least, she feels the need/desire[?] to give me what i want, and she knows exactly what that is.)

    (so who is manipulating who?)

    (and is it manipulation at all, or is it just a relationship?)

  • JC Mosquito

    Sometimes over the net it’s hard to define that fine line between satire and serious. As a piece of satire, I can accept this article and your response to it. I just get tired of the so called battle between the genders – there must be other things worth worrying about that involve all of us, like the extinction of the human race or the destruction of the Earth’s resources. I always figure that people who are smart enough to write, read, or respond to essays on the ‘Net are people who I would take the time to respond to in the real world. Perhaps only time and the printed word will set it all straight – in the meantime, enjoy the rest of your week – due to the extreme heat, I’ll be going underground for a while – not satire, but simply a pun of sorts.


  • Nancy

    Ashtoreth (what a cool name, is it your real name?) –

    This was one of the best articles I’ve read recently. I work with mostly men, so I get to read all their male mags, too, & I usually am torn between laughing & fury at some of the incredibly offensive pap & Bright Ideas they publish – all involving women as object instead of human beings. And these things are geared to men who are (generally) in the upper range of income or lifestyle, which makes it even more enraging/depressing. If this is how the upper 50% thinks – what must the lower 50% be like? No wonder abuse of women by men is so prevalent, at a time when one would think it would have been eradicated. Articles like this should be banned. Or maybe the writers/editors thereof should be lobotomized. That would be fair, it seems to me.

  • Ashtoreth

    Hi, everyone and thanks for visiting.

    JC, this is a satirical essay based on an article directed to men which made my hair stand on end. Period.

    No, I have never in all the years I have been reading magazines come across sexual advice directed towards women which sought to teach and encourage them to ‘do things to men’ to create a neuro-pscyhe effect on them – whilst making sure to avoid such effects themselves.

    In other words, making the man monogamous and sexually controlled – but not us.

    Trying to devalue my statements does not work because I am commenting on an already published piece which had the most crass and manipulative intent.

    The Voles are monogamous and very sensitive to oxytocin. The tip was in using this information to better control your woman’s sexuality (make HER monogamous) but not HIM.

    That is uncool.

    I don’t see your argument here, unless you are a Vole. πŸ˜‰

    My husband said if the reverse case had been true – if Cosmo had been telling women to ‘do thus and such’ to emotionally vulnerable and immobilize him while I felt I could then exploit this run after other studs and be non-monogamous, he would not like it one bit.

    As for Klondikekitty… Thank you so much. Your comments made me giggle. I printed them out and they cheer me on from my bulletin board. Cat kisses to you, fellow feline. πŸ˜‰

  • JC Mosquito

    Somewhat one sided – do women never try to control men? You should at least give women equal credit in the manipulation department. πŸ™‚

    Once again, I remind you that the profile of each individual, male or female, doesn’t fit a stereotype – no matter how hard you may wish it would fit.

  • klondikekitty

    Oh, my god, this is sooo good it should be made into required reading for all men 18 and older!!!

    Girl, I don’t know where you are from, but you are a very astute woman, and I applaud you!!!

    Men controlling women, indeed! They have a better chance of putting a leash on a tiger and parading around with it!!!!