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Memorial Day, by Vince Flynn, is a straight ahead military thriller. More or less a story about Al-Qaeda terrorists attempting to detonate a nuclear weapon in the United States (by the way, this isn’t a spoiler; it says this directly on the dust jacket), the book unfolds with some of the standard problems of a character driven mil-fic book. There’s a single character who knows everything, can do anything, walks on water, sees through walls; you know, the usual kind of thing. Someone’s about to kill lots of people? Anyone want to bet that he stops them?

A side note on this book. If I were planning on keeping it (it’s on sale at Amazon, read only once!), I could use it as a bookend. The author (and this text) leans so far to the right, I think it would hold back quite a bit of weight. I don’t particularly mind politics in my fiction, but this was a bit much. The Patriot Act didn’t go far enough, torture for terrorists is a good thing (which is just a bit in the wrong, not to mention very poorly timed) and women in power are shrews and sluts. Not the most enlightened of works, I would dare say.

— Update —
Nevermind, it’s already sold. God, I love selling off all the useless crap in my house on Amazon!

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  • Brian

    This crtitic sounds like a left wing pansy who thinks terrorists need hugs instead of bullets to the brain. Damn, I pity you leftards.