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Memo to the Democrats: Welcome to the NFL

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There is a great video clip from NFL Films (you can view it below) that shows Jerry Glanville of the Houston Oilers in 1989, questioning a call from the back judge. When he finds out from the referee that the back judge is a first-year, former college official, he calls him over and says, “This isn’t college… this is the N-F-L, which means ‘not for long’ when you make those [expletive] calls…”

The Democrats would do well to listen to the sage wisdom of Mr. Glanville. With a majority in the House, a bulletproof Senate, and the White House, the Democrats had an opportunity to make some real changes. Unfortunately, the party let their ideology get in the way of their Magical Misery Tour, and it has caught up with them in Massachusetts. Massachusetts?

Arrogant? Absolutely.

Elections have consequences, and the Obama administration has set a course on a far-left agenda, despite the warnings of the people. In one year, this administration has succeeded in doing the unthinkable — it has ticked off the left, the right, and the middle. How did they do it? Ideological myopathy is the key, and Chicago-style politics that don't play well on the national stage.

Inexperienced? Yes.

Inept? You make the call.

President Obama has little experience running anything, much less a really big country, and it shows. Reading terrorists their rights, arresting military because they allegedly punched a terrorist in the stomach. The president makes nice with the folks who want to kill us, and what happens? They try to kill us. Ft. Hood and the underwear bomber are stark reminders that another attack may well be hatching as we speak.

He’s zero for two in Copenhagen. The failed Olympic bid is one thing, but who goes to a global summit to get an agreement, and does not have the details worked out in advance. Politics 101.

When Martha Coakley conceded to Scott Brown this week, she thanked Bill Clinton and Vicki Kennedy for their support. No mention of the president, who flew in on the eve of the special election to campaign for the Democratic candidate. Ouch! Brown won the Commonwealth by 26% of the vote. The Dems are gonna need Teflon to try and explain this away.

Now health care is dead, and it is at the hands of the voters who put Ted Kennedy in the seat for 47 years. Having grown up in New England, I was mildly amused at the platitudes when he died. Teddy was an embarrassment. Chappaquiddick and his nephew’s rape trial showed the true character of the man. These two incidents were 21 years apart. Like Robert Byrd, he became a force in American politics because he outlived all of his colleagues.

Joe Biden? Second string. This is the best gig he will ever have.

Harry Reid? Sorry, I didn’t mean what I said, Mr. President.

That’s okay, Harry. It’s your job not to mean what you say. Just don't mean what you say to not advance the cause and we're cool…

Someone asked Nancy Pelosi about the weather the other day. Her response: “Yellow”. She then retracted her statement, indicating that she actually meant to say "bird seed".

Look, we know these guys are smart. Unfortunately, they have never done much of anything. They did not lose their way because of ideology. They lost their way because they have treated the American people like they are idiots. When Grandma rose up out of her wheelchair on the farm, we called it a miracle. When she rose up at a town hall meeting, they called her a misguided ass.

It looks like Grandma, and a lot of other people (including 22% of Democrats), got up off their asses, went to the polls in Massachusetts, and sent a message to the country. Coakley’s percentage of the popular vote is right where the president’s approval rating is now. Go figure.

My advice comes from Jerry Glanville, in the same clip: “Is he a college guy? …I hate college guys… Is he a boolah-boolah official?”

Throw out the theoreticians, Mr. President. Let the people who have done this before do it again, without having to answer to a czar or some other political crony who doesn’t have a clue how it’s all put together. Once you get that under control, go back to Congress and talk… to everyone.

Then go to step two… listen.

Listen to the “tea-baggers” and the far left. If you do, you may find that middle ground. And it’s that middle ground where you could find your base.

Mr. Obama, you are my president, and I am rooting for you. I don’t agree with most of your views, but I respect the office. I also respect the political process. In the United States, the people will be heard, and they have articulated wisely in Massachusetts. So heed the warning of this special election. Our safety, security and economy depend on it.

Welcome to the NFL. See you in November.

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  • Baronius

    Good call on Kennedy. “Health care was his life’s work.” No, booze and tail and power were his life’s work.

  • Don’t be too harsh, Baronius. A man has got to have his diversions if he’s to persist in his life’s work.