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Memo: Need Hits

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The pitching fell back to Earth, and the hitting hit rock bottom, dug a trough and went even lower. There's a lot of games to rehash, so get your recap caps tightened, here we go.

Game 46 vs. Mil., W 8-1:  This is the last time the team accumulated a bunch of runs. It was off Jeff Suppan, so you have to do some finesse pitcher exchange rate stuff. Even Wainwright hit a homer.

Game 47 vs. Mil., W 3-2: Colonel Wellemeyer pitched well even if it was only 5.1 innings. The bullpen finished the job like good middle managment. Nick Stab-a Hole-In-Ya was involved in all the run production with 2 RBIs and a run.

Game 48 vs. S.F., L 2-4: Here's where the offense started being something around terrible. Lord Pujols was the only player that got two hits and the only player with a home on the third moon of Jupiter. Pineiro only allowed four runs but that was too much for the Cards offense to overcome.

Game 49 vs. S.F., W 6-2: After trailing 1-2 going into the sixth inning, the offense had a flail before heading toward the light. Pujols and a grab bag of various middle infielders provided the offense against a middling, therefore improved, Barry Zito. Carpenter continued his amazing season no one notices.

Game 50 vs. S.F., L 3-5: Wainwright pitched decently, but when the offense sleeps in, it's isn't going to matter. Nick Stabby hit a 2-run double, but that was all they could hit. Ludwick fell back asleep at the plate and a run was walked in. Everyone was disappointed when the LaRussa didn't allow a Fog City Coffee run after the game.

Game 51 vs. Cin., L 5-3: The Cards came home. Colonel Wellemeyer answered Reveille. He allowed three earned runs in five innings but he did show up, so that's something. Rasmus hit a Colby Jack (it's goning to stick) and Pujols produced a run and an RBI, but not much else was done offensively against the goofy Edinson Volquez.

Game 52 vs. Cin., W 2-5: Brad Thomspon got the start because Jo-el Pineiro had back spasms. That was unfortunate because the Cards offense also had a spasm and scored more than three runs. Pujols did his thing and Nick Sharpened Plastic Spoon each knocked in some runs. As you can see, not too many new names in the run scoring department, except where I give them new names.

Game 53 vs. Cin., L 9-3: Lohse came back after missing a start due to a sore arm from getting hit in an at bat. He only lasted two innings. Blaine Boyer pitched five innings allowing only one run. He was rewarded by being demoted to triple A and has since been picked up by the Diamondbacks. The best thing about this game is that it is now over.

Game 54 vs. Cin., W 3-1: When the team needs an uplifting pitching performance, it can always look toward (a healthy) Chris Carpenter. Pitching a complete game and allowing only one run, even a tee ball team could win that game. Our tee-ball team managed three runs which was enough for splitting the series with the Reds.

Game 55 vs. Col., L 11-4: As bad as this score is, the team was only trailing by a single run in the 7th inning when Wainwright left. Typically reliable relievers allowed a bunch of runs. It was ugly. Let's move on.

Game 56 vs. Col., L 10-1: Aw, geez. 10-1? That's freaking terrible. Welly actually went seven innings and allowed "only" six of those runs. Aaron Cook must have been channeling  Darryl Kile, which is unfair, because he pitched for the Cards, too. Well, it's the Rockies, so they gotta get back on track.

Game 57 vs. Col., L 7-2: Oh, come on. The only two runs you can score are from a Pujols pop up fly ball? Pineiro goes another fantastic five innings allowing three runs. This time only one reliever let up four runs. Whoop de doo! Okay, let's not get swept.

Game 58 vs. Col., L 5-2: Seriously? Swept by a start by Jason Marquis? That just can't happen. Brendan Ryan provided all the offense for the Cards and the rest of the team brought the shame. What a terrible potluck. Let's go to Chipotle.

So not an entirely fun couple of weeks. To get serious for a second: Khalil Greene was put on the DL for the last couple weeks due to "anxiety issues." Because it's something than can't be physically healed, it's hard to know when or if the long-sleeved one will be back. I'm glad Khalil is brave enough to acknowledge is mental issues and to seek help. Here's hoping he can get right and we can continue to playfully make fun of the entire team equally.

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