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The term meme – a story, idea, or concept that gets picked up by a community and passed along and added to along the way – has taken on new resonance in the online age, and particularly over the last few years within the social media world and blogosphere. Memes are now thought of as the hot topic of a moment, the thing that everyone is talking about or responding to within a short space of time.

Examples include the 25 things about me meme, which was so popular as to fuel an explosion of activity on social networking site Facebook.

News aggregator Memeorandum plays off the word meme in its name, and in fact has been dubbed a meme tracker. A playful take on memes is the bitchmeme, which is thought to be a meme manufactured by link baiting bloggers, usually during a slow news day or the weekend, in which a controversial opinion is announced in the hope of picking up attention.

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