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Mel Brooks ain’t right

It wouldn’t do to let the day pass without noting Mel Brooks‘ birthday. Born June 28, 1926, Mel turns 77 today. Woo-hoo!

It’s tough to pick ONE funniest movie from his catalog. In the last couple of years his first movie, The Producers has been in the ascendency because of the Broadway version. Zero Mostel romancing the old women does rate pretty high. Most importantly, for pure comic wrongness, you really can’t beat Springtime for Hitler.

On the other hand, for a farmboy raised on maybe one too damned many cheesy Westerns, I may have to pick Blazing Saddles. The de-construction at the end as they find themselves fighting their way out of the old West onto a Hollywood movie set was just brilliant.

Then, of course, there is Young Frankenstein. Thank god for “Abbie Normal” providing the brain. Mr. Brooks obviously is most Abbie Normal.

One thing we should all be able to agree on, however: Mel Brooks is the funniest sumbitch to ever make a movie. As Mel said, “It’s good to be the king.”

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  • visualsimplicity

    I’ll have to chime in with Spaceballs. That was a pretty hilarious movie too. “Comb the Desert!”

  • Ed Driscoll


    I’d also highly recommend Rhino’s Complete 2000 Year Old Man box set of CDs, which Brooks recorded with Carl Reiner as his straight man. Very, very funny stuff–I don’t know how much was improvised and how much was scripted, but these are two masters of comedy at the height of their game.


  • P. Richmond

    Lets get one thing straight right off the bat. I love the humour of Mr. Mel Brooks !!!! So, in saying that, I offer my “song”, Blintzkrieg Berry Belly Bomb Combo, to anyone that loves satire in the spirit of the best movie ever made, The producers !!!! Click on the link below. (or copy and paste into address bar of your browser) Then click on the play button og the MP3 player and enjoy some good times and good eats !!!!

    Respectfuly yours,

    P. Richmond
    Toronto, Canada

  • Martin Lav

    What about Robin Hood Men in Tights?