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MEGADETH vocalist/guitarist Dave Mustaine has posted the following update in the forum at www.megadeth.com: “What’s done is done. Droogies! Today I officially finished the last song of Megadeth and am on to the MD.45 record. The news is that excluding Risk which will only have two, every other record is going to have four bonus tracks. I enjoyed watching all of the ring pieces say that I was holding onto songs for later release for the money. Boy don’t you look stoopid now. Yes, you do. There are Randy Burns mixes, Paul Lani mixes, RIP demos with Chris Poland, with Marty Friedman, and just with me as guitarist before I started interviewing anyone. There are Countdown and Youth demos, Cryptic demos, alternate mixes of Cryptic and Risk and then there are unreleased tracks. And I know none of you have these suckas! One track that I know none of you have or have ever even heard was the track that Megadeth did for the KISS – Kiss my Ass record. Well, you will. I am honored to have performed for all of you, and I am very proud of what has been accomplished here in the last couple of months. I hope you know, this has never been done before where a person re-mixed his enitre catalogue for re-release in this short amount of time, AND it not sounding like ca-ca! And let me close by sayng that the MD.45 record is hella kewl! I was worried about not being able to do justice to the vocal parts that Lee did, but I just remembered that I sang some of them to him when we were in the studio anyways, and I got over it. I know Lee would rather I re-sang this record AND have our music get out to the masses, then it just remain in a vault somewhere, unheard of. BTW – The surprise that I said I was working on hasn’t been mentioned in this or any post made by me yet. Now go get a tissue; you’re dribblin’! MSGD!” Mustaine also posted the following in the forum at www.megadeth.com: “Droogies! I am putting together some killer, killer artwork for a future release (poster or better; maybe even an album cover) and I need to get a copy of every one of your Megadeth tattoos. If you do not have one, but know someone who does, please contact them. This is vital and I need this now. Please send clear, clean, large pictures of you, your face, and your tattoo for inclusion in my project. I need this IMMEDIATELY!! If the tattoo is in a sensitive area that you want seen, but not connected to your face or name, just indicate that. No tattoo will be overlooked and no body part will be censored. Thanks in advance and you can send all of your pix to vic.rattlehead@earthlink.net and to our beloved webmaster@megadeth.com MSGD!”

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