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MeeVee Video Top 5: Golden Globes Edition

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Earlecard The 64th Annual Golden Globe Awards are just around the corner. Movie stars, film stars, and even some scattered rock stars will cascade down from the Hollywood Hills to attend the gala celebration. We’ll see tears of joy, tears of gratitude, and tears of pain – the latter caused by the verbose acceptance speeches. Fans stay glued to their sets, not necessarily to see who wins, but rather the reactions of those who don’t win. When an actor or actress is denied the coveted Golden Globe, and manages to hide his or her raging fury behind a forced grin, that’s true acting!

This week, our picks focus on video exclusives featuring nominated TV shows or actors.

  1. “I’m Sorry” Earl E-cards
    Cheaters, liars, sinners: It’s a new year, and there’s no better way to resolve old regrets than with the “I’m Sorry” e-cards from the cast of My Name Is Earl (Jason Lee is nominated for Best Actor, Comedy or Musical). You’re only a click away from total exoneration. Ahhh… thank you, Earl!
  2. In with the Weeds
    Get close and personal with Weeds, a four-time Golden Globe nominee. This behind-the-scenes look gives fans an in-depth perspective of the actors from Weeds.
  3. Exclusive Deleted Office Scenes It’s about a mundane paper company in Scranton, PA. Boring?… not exactly. If, like many others out there, if you can’t get enough of The Office, scope out these hilarious deleted scenes. Nominated for Best Actor, Comedy or Musical (Steve Carell) and Best Comedy or Musical Series, The Office remains a powerhouse.
  4. Unforgettable Monk Moments
    Catch classic clips of the OCD detective played by Tony Shalhoub (nominated for Best Actor, Comedy or Musical). Just don’t forget to wash your hands several times, before and after viewing.
  5. Behind the Scenes with Deputy Police Chief Brenda Johnson
    Kyra Sedgwick of The Closer is nominated for Best Actress, Drama. Sedgwick brings to life an empowered Southern belle who’s in constant battle with misogynist lunkheads within the Los Angeles Police Department. And you thought the LAPD had a tough time dealing with the Rodney King fiasco!
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