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MeeVee TV Interviews The Office‘s Brian Baumgartner, Part 2

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In Part 2 of our exclusive interview with The Office’s Brian Baumgartner, we find out what it was like to win an Emmy, and what it means to him to be a part of Must See TV. Will our favorite Dunder Mifflin employees head to Scranton anytime soon?  Brian fills us in on that and much more.

Can you tell us what to expect on The Office this season?
No! (laughter)

Damn. Not even a few juicy hints?
I haven't plotted out my answers, but we do have a "Do Not Talk About" list. Some press releases were leaked. I'm going to let you find them on your own. There will be some Brianbaumshakeups… [Beyond that] I really can't say much of anything.

Anything not protected by the Cones of Silence? I hear you might be headed to the Electric City.
There are rumors, and I know the show really wants to go to Scranton this year to do an episode. I heard that it is going to happen, but it’s unconfirmed. Until it’s actually on the schedule and I have a plane ticket, I won’t believe it.

What was it like winning the Emmy for Best Comedy Series this year?
It was something spectacular. To me, the thing that makes it cool — and what has made it cool about our show the whole time – is that it was [everyone's] first Emmys. So to go all together, and then actually win, was pretty incredible.

Did the Emmy justify the show's survival with the network executives?
Our second season — which we won the Emmy for — we had a pickup of six episodes. Then we got seven more, and then three more, and then a couple more. They (NBC execs) finally said, “You can do all 22.” What’s funny was, two weeks after we got a full year, they announced that we were coming back for a full third year. We went from begging hand over mouth — whatever that phrase is — to working through 2007.

What are your favorite episodes aired so far?
I would say the Season Finale from last year, the casino episode. The Christmas episode from last year, and the "Diversity Day" episode, way, way early on. That made me know we had something special. It was bold… I felt that if people gave us a chance, we were doing something pretty cool.

How do you feel about the show's new Thursday night timeslot?
It's very cliché, but for me and my generation, it's all about…NBC Thursday nights, going back to The Cosby Show and Cheers. You look at television in the last 20 years, and you have 60 Minutes on Sunday, Must See TV on Thursday nights for comedy, and Monday Night Football. When we made that switch, it meant something.

(Part 1 of interview)

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