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MeeVee TV Interviews Jason Ritter and Lizzy Caplan of The Class

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I talked with Jason Ritter and Lizzy Caplan of The Class, whose increasing screen sexual tension on the show may soon be coming to a forefront (fingers crossed). In this interview we got to chatting about onscreen make-out sessions, gossip blogs, and Jason's unique brush with death.

95403_d0301 How has the show — or your experience on the show — changed since we last spoke a couple of months ago?
Jason: Well, I think they've really started to consolidate the storylines. Instead of three or four storyline, you're only watching two or three. Different cast members have had a lot more scenes with some of the [ones] that [they] haven't had a chance to have a scene with. Kat had a scene with Yonk, which is unusual.

There seems to be a lot of making out in this episode. What’s your modus operandi when it comes to onscreen kissing  –  Tongue or no tongue?
Jason: One of the first things I ever did – this girl [and I] were about to do this kissing scene, and she vehemently told me, "No tongue," right before we were going to do it. It really made me nervous. I realized — even though I wasn't even planning on doing that – that's not something a lot of people like. Or you have to agree on it before. But it also kind of looks gross, like in movies when I see a tongue coming around. I would never slip the tongue.
Lizzy: He's such a gentleman. I always slip. Not really in this [show], because it seems weird, with the half-hour. Yeah, but normally, I go for it hardcore. I also rehearse a lot in the trailer, beforehand. Why not? Most of the time it's very good-looking people. You have to fake that you really love them.

The Brangelina effect?
Lizzy: Kind of. You spend so much time trying to convince yourself that you're in love with this person, and they're doing the same thing. It's never real, but you can fake it, and then sort of convince yourself for half a day. [To Jason] Not with you.

Are you a fan of blogs?
Lizzy: I do look at blogs sometimes. I think  The Superficial.com is so funny. I don't know who writes that, but that guy is really funny. And Perez Hilton is a bit of a guilty pleasure for me. I like to look at celebrity's boobies popping out of their dresses.
Jason: I go to Television Without Pity.
Lizzy: Jason checks his message boards every day.

Do you ever read about yourselves online?
Jason: I did read that I died a couple days ago.
Lizzy: I read that too. It was very sad.
94922_wb_0490Jason: It said Jason Ritter died yesterday. There was a moment there where I was scared I was going to reach down to click the mouse, and my hand would pass right through it.
Lizzy: I try not to [read about myself online]. Sometimes I do, though, and I always, always regret it. No matter what, ten people say that you looked pretty or something, and one person says that you look ugly. There's only so many times you can read how ugly you are and how much people hate you.
Jason: Yeah, the bad ones stick a lot longer than the good ones — someone who's like, "I'm so angry about this thing and I got to get it off my chest." I think that a lot of times people that have positive things to say won't necessarily go onto the forums. They'll just read it.
Lizzy: It's true. People feel the need to go on and smear your name, and talk shit about the show. It's very threatening.
Jason: But it's also very gratifying if someone goes to defend you.
Lizzy: Yeah, right. Jason goes and defends himself under a pseudonym.
Jason: Go, Unicorn219! Woo hoo!

Marjorie: Do you guys have any new favorite shows?
Lizzy: Extras is coming back. Fantastic.

Did you see the David Bowie clip on YouTube?
Lizzy: No
Jason: It's brilliant. He [Bowie] has an idea for a song [inspired by David].

Everyone gathers around the piano and starts singing, “Little fat man…”
Jason: “Pathetic little fat man with a pug nose…” It's so funny. I love him.

Any other favorites?
Lizzy: I'm really happy It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, that's coming back.
Jason: I've never seen that.

Anyone who likes Arrested Development will like that show. It's just about bad people. It's worse than Curb Your Enthusiasm. I think they're meaner.
Lizzy: Although it's funny. In the second season, they got so absurd; they took it so far that it's like cartoonish. It's so good.
Jason: I need to see it.
Lizzy: Jason, you'll die.

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    Great Show guys. The writing is great. Hope you will be around for along time to come.