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MeeVee Primetime Picks: Wednesday, May 2nd

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Lost Lost – The Brig
Locke ditches his Other buddies and hooks up with Sawyer for a little R & R & K.  Rest, relaxation and kidnapping.  Locke's got Ben and wants Sawyer to do him in.  Surely Sawyer is above such violence!  Wait, no.

Jericho Jericho – Coalition of the Willing

New Bern gets its panties in a bunch and starts shelling Jericho.  Gray has to decide whether to fight or surrender while the city blows up around him.  No pressure.


Medium_2 Medium – Head Games
Neve Campbell and Jason Priestley guest star in an all-90s episode of Medium.  Priestley is a man who Allison puts away for murdering his wife, but she's still plagued with dreams of the crime.  What's up with that?

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  • Grace

    CBS is saying that a major character and leader of JERICHO is going to be killed. That had better be Gray and not Johnston!!!!!!
    If Johnston (Gerald McRaney) gets killed off, I will never again watch the show.
    But CBS wouldn’t be that crazy would they?
    McRaney is a great actor and does a fabulous job as Johnston.
    Naw….it CAN’T be him that they kill.