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Meevee Primetime Picks: Thursday, May 3rd

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Greys_anatomy Grey's Anatomy — The Other Side Of This Life (Part 1)
Addison takes a road trip to LA and considers a new job. Mark treats a patient who doesn't just want his scalpel. Burke has reservations about marrying Christina and asks the wrong person what to do. All this, next time on As The Stethoscope Turns.

Er ERI Don't
Luka plans a formal dinner for the ER staff, and then springs a surprise wedding on Abby. She's not exactly pleased with this turn of events. Will love prevail? Will they? Won't they? Oh my God, just do it already.

The_office The OfficeWomen's Appreciation
When Phyllis gets flashed by a perv, Michael tries to comfort the ladies by taking them out for a special luncheon. Meanwhile, Dwight and Andy go vigilante and try to hunt down the flasher. 

Tyra_banks Tyra BanksThursday
Hilary Duff reveals all! Of something. Tyra interviews the pudgy celebrities from Celebrity Fit Camp, and nearly breaks her chair trying to get away from Tom Cruise.  No, wait — a fuzzy rodent, not Tom Cruise.

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