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MeeVee Primetime Picks: May 7 – May 10

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Heroes Heroes — "The Hard Part"

Nathan's willing to do whatever it takes to win the election. D.L. and Niki learn more about what Linderman has in store for them, and we learn more about creepy, creepy Sylar. He's just an unfortunate product of his environment, Your Honor.

How_i_met_your_mother How I Met Your Mother — "Something Borrowed"

Absolutely everything goes wrong on Lily and Marshall's big day, and the least likely person jumps in to save the day. Also, check out the winning line from the "Barneyisms" contest, which airs in this episode.

Girlfriends Girlfriends — "A House Divided"

Eldon's parishioners aren't too happy with Lynn as his choice of girlfriend and he's forced to make a tough decision. Joan and Aaron have their first fight.

American_idol_2 American Idol — "Top 4 Perform Live!"

The Top 4 belt it out to win America's heart and the big prize. Will someone crack under the pressure? God, we can only hope so, nobody likes grace under pressure. The theme is BeeGees songs, so break out your platforms and your bellbottoms and get ready for a little disco fever!

Dancing_with_the_stars_2 Dancing with the Stars — "8th Round Results"

Results from the Latin and Ballroom competion on Monday. Also, Nelly Furtado performs "All Good Things" and "I'm Like a Bird", Maksim Chmerkovskiy has a dance-off with his with brother Val. As if this weren't enough, Jimmy Kimmel also teaches us all how to waltz. Will the fun never stop?

Gilmore_girls Gilmore Girls — "Unto the Breach"

Rory and Paris graduate! At the big graduation party, Lorelai and Chris figure out if they can stand each other anymore and Logan proposes to Rory. Will there be wedding bells for the junior Lorelai?

Jericho_2 Jericho — "Why We Fight"

It's first season finale time for Jericho! The citizens of Jericho face off against the entirely superior forces of New Bern, and Johnston tries desperately to scrape out a victory against a stronger foe. It doesn't exactly look promising for the Jericho crowd. We few, we happy few, we band of buggered.

Medium Medium — "Heads Will Roll"

Jason Priestley's character returns as the investigation into the murder of his wife continues. Meanwhile, Allison uses her mad skills to find and catch a serial killer. Then she has to decide whether to tell her BFF, Neve Campbell, about her disturbing dream.

One_tree_hill One Tree Hill — "It Gets The Worst At Night"

Mouth and Rachel's road trip goes horribly awry, and Mouth calls in the cavalry. The gang departs on a rescue mission and drama ensues. Nathan and Haley get a second chance to enjoy their prom, and Brooke finally reveals the truth about the stolen calculus exam.

Traveler Traveler — "Pilot Episode"

Three friends take a cross country trip after college. When a prank on a museum goes awry, two of them become suspected terrorists and are forced to go on the lam.  Check out MeeVee's exclusive interview with star Aaron Stanford.

Supernatural_7Supernatural — "All Hell Breaks Loose"

Part 1 of 2: Sam is kidnapped by the Yellow-Eyed Demon and taken to a ghost town where others with special abilities are staying. The Demon has a plan to start a war against the human race, and he wants Sam on his side when the battle lines are drawn.

The_office The Office — "Beach Games"

Michael's under consideration for a corporate position. To find his successor at Dunder-Mifflin, he takes the team to the beach and puts them through a series of grueling games. It's Survivor: Dunder-Mifflin — outwit, outplay, outlast. 

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  • Annie

    I hear that a major character and a leader of the town is killed in the season finale of JERICHO.
    IF Johnston Green (Gerald McRaney) is killed off I won’t care if there is a second season of JERICHO because I won’t be watching it.
    The one who dies should be Mayor Gray Anderson.
    He is such a jerk and has no business being the mayor. I hate when he even has air time.

    “You never know when you might need a tank”.
    Johnston Green – Semper Fidelis