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MeeVee Primetime Picks: May 21 – May 24

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2424 — "Day 6 – 4:00AM to 6:AM"

The sixth season concludes with a big two-hour episode. Cut off from Josh, Bauer fights to thwart a Russian attack on a U.S. base in central Asia. As long as the bomb doesn't go off in a commercial break, everything should be alright.

Heroes Heroes — "How To Stop An Exploding Man"

In the first season finale, the heroes all converge in New York for the big bang. Peter and Sylar face off; which of them will explode? Who will survive? Will the cheerleader save the world?

Thebachelor The Bachelor: Officer and A Gentleman — "Finale"

The season ends as Andy chooses his bride-to-be. But first he takes Bevin and Tessa to meet his family in Pennsylvania, and then it's off to a Hawaiian paradise for their finale dates.

American_idol American Idol — "Finalists Perform"

The two remaining finalists perform in the second to last episode of the season. Who will be crowned the next American Idol? Will it be not-Melinda #1 or not-Melinda #2? The suspense is killing me.

Veronica_mars Veronica Mars — "The Bitch Is Back"

The canceled-too-soon show concludes with the third season finale. Veronica is forced to investigate a sex tape of her with Piz that surfaces on the Internet. While she struggles to keep her dad from finding out about the tape, the investigation begins to point towards someone from her past.

Dancing_with_the_stars Dancing With The Stars — "Finale"

After the week 10 competition, it's time for the big finale! Which of our celeb-utainers will be crowned the most dexterous and delicate dancer of the season? I'm all on pins and needles.

American_idol_2 American Idol — "Finale"

It's a great big two hour finale for the Idol. All 12 contestants return for a special reunion, which will definitely be civilized and totally friendly. Then, on to the important business of actually selecting a winner.

Lost Lost — "Through The Looking Glass"

Two-hour finales aren't just for reality TV. The third season concludes with a two-hour special that promises to answer all… no wait, some… no wait a few… no, maybe none of your big questions. And there's some fighting, and sand, and a jungle.

The_real_world The Real World — "Reunion Episode"

On the original reality show, all the kids from the Denver house get together to dish dirt, sling mud and (presumably) make out, in a special reunion show.

So_you_think_you_can_dance So You Think You Can Dance — "Premiere"

A 90-minute episode kicks off the dancing reality show with everybody's favorite; auditions. Check out the popping-and-locking, cabbage-patching, waltzing, tangoing, breakdancing madness.

Pimp_my_ride Pimp My Ride — "Maxima"

It's what every kid dreamed of. The guys pimp out a car with a design that includes a cotton candy machine and a robotic arm. Seems like a robotic arm is just asking for a horrible road rage accident.

Entourage Entourage – "The Prince's Bride"

'Medellin' finds a financial backer, but it's not all wine and roses. Turtle finally finds a date, but it's definitely not wine and roses when her father comes along as chaperone. Meanwhile, Drama mulls over a role in Rush Hour 3.

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