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MeeVee Interviews The Bachelor: Rome’s Erica Rose

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Imagine you’re a socialite: the daughter of a famous plastic surgeon, all kinds of cute, and privileged. You sign up to be on a reality TV show — namely The Bachelor: Rome — because a bona fide prince is the grand prize. At long last, you have the chance meet an equal. Instead, the royal pain dumps you on national television. And you cry. A lot. This is not a pretty fantasy.

Erica Rose, the 23-year-old who lived the dream, is not a bitter bachelorette. While the prince chose a woman who barely speaks English over the tiara-wearing belle, she didn’t get mad, she got even


On Monday, Erica returns to The Bachelor to choose which of the six remaining girls will have the edge in a one-on-one date. She reduces some of the girls to tears with her hard-hitting questions. Not the least bit shy, Erica recently answered a barrage of questions herself — about life as a rich girl, why tattoos are horrible, Paris Hilton, and how to recover from reality rejection.

What’s your honest opinion on why the Prince chose Agnese over you?
Honestly, I think that part of it was because he’s Italian, and he thought it would be good of him to pick an Italian girl because that’s his ancestry. All of their [the prince and Agnese's] conversations were about the fact that she could barely speak, but her English was getting better. And they had that kiss before the date. It wasn’t that easy for me to go into the date with her being the only girl he’d kissed at that point. Also, she is that Cinderella type of story. She’s a nanny, and he has that little Prince Charming complex that a lot of guys have. She would fulfill his fantasy that way. Maybe he wanted to brush up on his Italian — who knows? I think he would feel worse sending her home. You don’t really feel sorry for a girl like me ever, you know what I mean?

How has this experience changed your life?

At the mall, random people will come up to me now. These little girls came up to me and they were wearing little tiaras and they were, like, really happy and excited to see me. That was nice; it was nice to have a pleasant encounter like that. But I was at a bar, a lot of people wanted to come up and say mean things. I found the situation really amusing, because these people I don’t know had such a strong opinion of me, almost like hatred. They must not have much going on in their lives. That’s why I’m happy I’m moving to L.A., because everyone here has other things to worry about.

Were you a fan of The Bachelor before you were on the show?
I was fan of the show — some seasons more than others. I liked the Andrew Firestone one because he was cool. I liked the Bachelor Bob one because he was so sleazy and hooked up with every girl. I thought that was funny. I didn’t really watch last season, because I thought the Bachelor was really boring and the girls were really boring. 

What do you think of this season?
I think this season is better than it’s been in a really long time for a lot of reasons. When it’s an actual prince — and not just an alleged Prince Charming — then that raises the stakes. I think I definitely made the show a lot more interesting because I was not afraid to be myself.

What other TV shows are you into?
I really like the show Girls Next Door. I can’t lie. I do watch The Simple Life when it’s on. And sadly enough, I’ve been watching the show Flavor of Love. I don’t really know why — I think it reminds me of The Bachelor.

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