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MeeVee Interview: Five Questions with Bachelor Prince Lorenzo Borghese

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He’s an Italian prince who doesn’t speak Italian, but he clearly knows the language of love.  Lorenzo Borghese, the dreamy-eyed megaprize on The Bachelor: Rome, is poised to make his monumental decision next week.  The field of 27 woo-worthy women has been narrowed to just two gems: Sadie, the marketing manager/virgin from San Diego, and Jen, the quiet but magnetic teacher from Miami.  Lorenzo recently revealed a little backstage rivalry from this cult show, and while he wouldn’t hint at who has won his love, he did have dirt to dish.

Did your experience on The Bachelor meet your expectations?
I can say that it did meet my expectations.  The only negative thing was that a lot of peoples’ emotions get involved, and it was harder than I thought to say goodbye to some of these girls.  How much they invested in me emotionally – that was what I was really 106725_9063_presurprised about.

What else surprised you?
I didn’t know about all of the backstabbing elements that were going on, and that the girls were fighting.  To me, that was a surprise.  I didn’t see it.  I didn’t hang out at the girls’ house, and when I was out on dates, I guess this stuff was happening.  I was surprised with how they were interacting with each other.

What about the situation with Lisa?  Were you at all aware of her timeline before the hometown date?
I had no idea she had a timeline until the hometown date.  I was sort of surprised, because I had such a great time with her, and she seemed so laid back.  I thought she was there just for me.  Then she pulled out the wedding dress and the wedding magazines, and she’s telling me she has a timeline. There were all these things that I learned about our hometown and our overnight dates, and I had no idea that Lisa had plans.  That’s why I got a little shocked. I felt like I didn’t know who she was.

What was the best part of The Bachelor for you?
The best part was meeting all of these women.  They all have unique and fun qualities, and we had a great time together.  I enjoyed traveling all over the place with each of these girls.  It was just an experience of a lifetime. I think I made genuinely the right decisions, especially with the two finalists.  If I could go back and do it again, I could say 99.99% I would have these same two girls as the finalists.

All right, Lorenzo, one last question – what TV shows are you addicted to?
I actually like Grey’s Anatomy, and I like Entourage, and that’s about it.  Although I am starting to get into Ugly Betty!

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  • TV with Meevee,
    thanks for the interview with the real Lorenzo. Interesting claim that he knew nothing about the “infighting”.

  • rustus

    Hope u and jen live happily ever after. Good luck!