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Recently, I wrote an article on celebrity opinions (“Opinions: Everybody’s Got One”, Hot Psychology. March 2005). I explored how, though we get fed up with hearing what a rock idol, sports star or movie celebrity has to say about politics or world events, it’s not necessarily what they say, but when and where they say it. It seems that venues like award shows are becoming the airing ground for pet political agendas.

Here, I’m giving you the reverse situation. A space for opinions, perhaps even rants, but no celebrity. I’m just an ordinary person, a writer, a mom, a wife – a student of life. I was in a Sears fashion show when I was a child, and I did have a piece of artwork chosen to “Go to New York” in elementary school. (I’m still trying to figure out what exactly that meant – I’m hoping it’s not a version of ‘Old Yeller went to live on a farm’) but I remain a non-Diva.

I want to share the trivial as well as earth shaking, the silly and the heart wrenching.

Wish me luck and Godspeed.


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  • Good luck — God speed. 🙂

  • Mary K. Williams

    Nicolette –
    Thanks for your comment – I stopped by your Fur in the Wind blog and enjoyed. Loved the Margarita set!


  • Did you read *On Writing*? I’ve read it 2 or 3 times, and quite enjoyed it.

  • I’ve read On Writing and quite enjoyed it.

  • Mary Kay, I’ve saved this post., if needed later. If you are still having problems signing in to BC – are you paying attention to all capitalization and punctuation?

    Mary K. Williams

  • The media is just as much to blame if not more for celebrity-pundit hour. They’re asked the questions on the red carpet, and they answer. The media and all of us are at fault for paying attention.

    On Writing is almost always in my car, available for audio CD listens. I love every part it.

  • sydney

    The sad truth is, for some people this is themedium through which the politics of the world become relevent.

    Sometimes celebrities raise awarness about key issues, though they may mislead people in the process. I think it’s probably best though that they show a concern while staying impartial. If at all possible. It’s a tough call.

  • Why should they remain impartial? They’re citizens just like everybody else. We’re the ones who are willing to listen.

    Personally, I dig when a celebrity says something to the effect of, “I’m a just a celebrity, so what the hell do I know? But if you want my opinion, here it is…”

  • sydney

    Ya I really don’t know what’s best. I’ve heard people like Micheal stipe say that its “really dangerous” for celebrities to be voicing thier opinions on political issues given the influence they have over people. Be interesting to see whether he becomes more vocal about his homosexuality as his carreer comes to a close (not for some time yet, hopefully).

    On the other hand we have Bono…who obviously doesn’t share Stipes view. Come to think of it, Stipe is still pretty active..and I think was a big bush hater wasnt he?

    Anwyay…it would just suck if they did have this powerfull influence and were really just misinformed on the issue. Could ruin the good work of the people who are actually ‘in the know’.

  • Bennett

    Mary Kay’s choice of book caught my eye the first day. It’s on my kitchen table.

    My boy’s on his way through it now, then I’ll be back for a third take.

    It’s what inspired my “breastlessly” swifty.

  • dee

    There is nothing wrong with celebrities taking a stand. Do people really think I am dumb enough to vote for someone just cause Sean Penn or some other hollywood type says they are okay? I do not like bush but it is not because of anything Sean Penn or Michael Moore said or did. I don’t like him because of a little thing called Iraq.

    People asked me if I would vote for Hilary and I say I might and they look at me in askance and say, “Really?” Really. All she has to do is let me know where she stands on issues and I might vote for her. But I am not going to do it because Babs S. Or Alex Baldwin gives me the thumbs up sign when her name is mentioned.

  • Mary K. Williams

    Syndey said:
    “The sad truth is, for some people this is themedium through which the politics of the world become relevent”

    Yes, it’s true. (Sounds like you read my article!)