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Meet Debut Author and Photographer Sarah E. Sauer

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Sarah E. Sauer is a childhood brain cancer survivor who hasn’t let the challenges that come with recovery slow her down or stop her dreams. Sauer is an animal lover, and it was through this love of animals that she drew strength throughout her illness. “When I was little, I dreamed of one day owning my own horse and being a vet at a zoo. I felt a special connection to animals. However, all that changed suddenly when I was diagnosed, at age seven, with brain cancer,” shared Sauer. “Even though I knew my dream of being a vet was over, I would not let go of my dream of working with animals.”

Even though Sarah E. Sauer wouldn’t fulfill her childhood dream of becoming a vet, she didn’t give up on her love of animals and working with them. Her high school digital photography teacher Ms. Iles informed Sauer she had a talent for telling stories through her pictures. “I wasn’t quite sure how I could do that until I received an assignment for my early childhood class. I had to create something to show how I saw my goals and myself for my career. I decided to share my love of animals, and promote and develop an appreciation of wildlife in young children by creating a children’s book using my photography,” said Sauer.

In her first children’s book, Sarah E. Sauer shares her love and respect for wildlife animals through her photos she took for her high school digital photography class. Sauer shared, “I wanted to combine my love of animals with my future career in early childhood education. I decided to put together a children’s book that would develop an appreciation in children to see the beauty and detail of all animals.”

Sauer is currently studying early childhood education and hopes to share her love and knowledge of animals to promote and develop an appreciation of wildlife in young children. What Do You See When You Look At Me, published by Halo Publishing Int. has bright and colorful photos with simple captions underneath to encourage young children (between ages of 3 to 7/8 years) to see more than just the animal. Sauer wants readers to see the beauty and detail of each animal such as the smile on the elephant’s face or the tear in the horse’s eye.

Becoming a published author has given Sauer more confidence in herself. “It has helped me be able to take all the bad things that cancer did to me and turn it into something good,” said Sauer. She hopes she can inspire other people to not let things that happen to them cause them to give up but to keep on fighting and know that no matter what happens, we all have the choice to take something bad and turn it into something good.

“The cancer and its treatment left me with limitations. Despite the fact cancer took many things from me, it did not take my love for life, especially my love for animals and wildlife. I hope I can tell stories through my pictures and words that will teach young children how precious life is and how we need to take care of the world we live in,” shared Sauer.

Bernita from Halo Publishing, Int. said, “Sarah’s view of the animal kingdom is delightful, artistic, and colorful, with a wonderful touch of whimsy. The expressions that she found in each of the images, matched by the text that fully exemplifies the expression on each of God’s creatures is truly a gift to the reader. I wish her lots of success.”

Sarah E. Sauer has started to write a simple chapter book for kids with cancer to help and inspire them. She plans to keep on writing and thanks the teachers and those in her life who encouraged her to write and share about her love and interests in animals.

Find out more about Sarah E. Sauer and her book at the World of Ink Author/Book Tour, visit http://tinyurl.com/carfswr
Author website http://www.halopublishing.com/bookstore/Sarah-Sauer
Publisher website http://halopublishing.com/


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