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Meet American Idol‘s Top 12 Men

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This week, Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson narrowed it down to just twenty-four contestants. Next week, the real fun starts as viewers start making the cuts. Let’s take a few minutes to get to know the final twelve men in ldol contention.

Ace Young is 25 and hails from Denver, Colorado. He has a smooth, sultry voice and the fact that he oozes sex appeal only helps to make him a very complete package. Also from Denver is 19-year-old Bobby Bennett, who cites Barry Manilow and Barbra Streisand amongst his favorite artists. He wasn’t a unanimous choice but certainly hopes to become one.

Bucky Covington has been singing and performing for the last decade. At the age of 28, experience may make this North Carolina native a bit more comfortable on stage. Fellow North Carolinian, Chris Daughtry, is an all around artistic guy. This married father dabbles in music, art and martial arts. His lucky charm? Why, his wife of course!

David Radford is only 17 but already has a unique sound that seems to come naturally. This Crystal Lake, Illinois local loves Frank Sinatra and you can hear that in his voice. A rather boyish looking Elliott Yamin (he’s 27) cruised through the Boston auditions and now finds himself in a great position. One thing you’d never guess about this Virginia native is that he wears an insulin pump to help manage his diabetes.[ADBLOCKHERE]

Most 17-year-olds don’t have a third of the self confidence that Gedeon McKinney displays. This Memphis boy seems to have a bit of an ego, but thus far his talent backs it pretty well. Jose “Sway” Penala’s best birthday gift in 28 years likely came the day he learned he had made the top twenty-four. This San Francisco native cites Luther Vandross amongst his favorites and that influence shows when he performs.

At 16, Levittown, New York’s Kevin Covais is one of the youngest competitors. Simon Cowell wasn’t sure about letting him through because of his age, but in the end his voice really deserves the space he has been given. Patrick Hall of Gravette, Arkansas cites his wedding day as the proudest moment of his life so far. I’m guessing that making it this far on AI would have to rank pretty high as well for this 27-year-old.

Taylor Hicks. If you’ve seen the 29-year-old from Birmingham, you undoubtedly took note. His hair is gray and the harmonica player’s personality is golden. Sharing the title of youngest competitor is 16-year-old Will Makar. This Woodlands, Texas boy wisely knows that he has been handed the opportunity of a lifetime.

There they are, the top twelve men left standing. Make sure to tune in on Tuesday at 8 p.m. to see them face each other and the twelve ladies for the first time!

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  • Of the lot, I’m with Taylor. Simon doesn’t think much of him in the looks and age department, but he clearly has the talent and the personality. I don’t doubt he’ll win a recording contract somewhere along the line, win or lose.

  • RJ

    Ace gets my vote. He has the looks and the voice to back it up.

  • I’m leaning towards Ace as well, for now.

  • Sent to Advance!

  • Thanks Joanie!

  • I love Chris and Taylor. 🙂

  • Didn’t either of the big twins make it through? I am from the UK and tend to cover X Factor on my blog, but I have to admit I am hooked on American Idol already!

  • -E

    I love Taylor. He and Patrick are my two fave guys. Though those young crooners are mighty fun to watch too.

  • chantal stone

    i love Ace and the bald guy…both can sing their asses off and have the hot-factor.

  • Chantal I’m with you. Ace & Chris (the bald guy).

  • Taylor. Chris. Ace. My dialing finger will be busy.

  • lindsay g

    U suck Simon! I f*** u!

  • i think that chris is going to make it to the next round on american ldol cause he can sing and he is very cute to me and that’s why i think that he should win on my vote and that who i think should win for the men

  • tayor well my is ashley mixon and you are a good look and man and i stay and evergreen al it all abouyi us to help you get thou. and i will keep you and my, heart and can not get your number when you no tv so that i can vote for you , and i love you …..

  • David Radford…I like your perfomance!!!!
    I need your picture!!!
    Anyone who can help me get that..please contact me

  • ace wan,t you to win

  • ace you are cut

  • katrie you cool