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Medspas (medical spas) are medical businesses that provide non-surgical cosmetic treatments and include laser clinics, skin clinics and other medical centers that are operated with some form of physician oversight. 

Medspas (or med spas) differ from day spas in that offer medical treatments.

The use of nonsurgical technology also differentiates medspas and laser clinics from traditional plastic surgery. Laser hair removal, IPL and laser treatments, Fraxel, Thermage, Botox, Restylane and other popular cosmetic treatments are usually offered. 

With the addition of nonsurgical technology solutions that don't require surgery, cosmetic medicine is now being offered in a growing number of general medical practices.

Medspas, skin clinics and laser centers usually have blogs as part of their web sites and use it as a means of communication with existing patients and patient marketing. 

Unfortunately, splogs (spam blogs) are common in this area of the blogosphere due to the high PPC fees.

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