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Medium – I see dead people and murderers

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She works for the D.A. office as a consultant who with her psychic abilities and being somewhat of a mindreader, solves cases through visions and dreams which are difficult for the cops to solve. This might seem like another generic cop series with a twist of a third eye syndrome but what makes Medium unique is that despite her unusual powers, the heroine, Allison DuBois remains as unsure and powerless in face of the uncertainties of the future and at times even questions her own abilities. Yet through all the emotional turmoil and ambiguities she is able to solve the cases and at times even ensure some happy endings because of her persistent spirit.

Being a mother of three kids and a wife to a successful mathematician Allison finds her abilities being the cause of minor tiffs with her husband who at times wishes for a regular wife and the kids having to deal with a mother riding an unexplainable rollercoaster, love her, yet remain ever watchful for what they yet do not know but feel.

That being said, she still enjoys a good family life as her husband most of the times acts as the linch-pin that holds the family together while she single-mindedly devotes herself to the images or cases that obsesses her till the end.

The last episode of Medium was quite intriguing as it dealt with necrophilia and death penalty. While Allison remained firm in her belief in death penalty yet near the end of the episode there was a twist when she felt that the legal system had convicted a wrong individual only to find that the person’s face she had been dreaming of as he committed the crime was on the cover of her favorite Italian restaurant’s menu. However, luckily for her it all works out in the end at there is ample DNA and forensic proof that proved that the right person had been convicted.

This show is quite entertaining especially on a drab Monday evening and is featured on prime time on NBC. Though I enjoy the show I feel that it should not be watched by children under ten because of the graphic issues that are brought to the forefront. At the same time I understand that around the same time far more violent or brainless sexist shows are shown. Guess that’s when it is wise to invest in a DVR or a TiVo and if nothing else have a parental lock.

The next episode of Medium seems to be rather interesting as Allison has to deal with the moral dilemma of letting a wife killer pilot loose as he may save passengers from a plane crash.

Again, the vision of a plane crash comes to her in a dream and the ghost of the dead wife haunts her. She is inevitably caught between the devil and the deep blue sea and I in turn will be habitually indecisive as to whether to watch it with a bag full of popcorns or let delayed gratification sooth my hungry stomach as dinner simmers on the stove.

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