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Many women have medium hairstyles which are hairstyles that fall right to shoulder length. This is because a mid-length hairstyle is safer than very long or short and can be very flattering combined with unique styling methods. Medium hairstyles are very versatile because the length can be adjusted slightly and it takes less time for the hair to grow back to desired lengths. The versatility is also shown through the many hairstyles that can be achieved.

Medium hairstyles can be cut, styled, and worn in many ways. For example the hair can be cut as an asymmetrical bob that frames the face on both sides. The hair can be left down with curls and waves added. The hair can even be tied back in a mini-chignon for a more formal look. Different styling and cutting techniques also work well with medium length hair. Razoring and feathering are two examples that work much better for medium length hairstyles than shorter lengths.

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