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Meditation: Getting Started Is Easy

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Though its origins are not well recorded, meditation is an ancient practice and I have always been fascinated by the concept. The benefits are numerous. It is more relaxing than a muscle relaxer, lowers blood pressure, and can take your mind places that it otherwise would not be able to go.

A year ago, when I began to learn Reiki, I panicked when I realized that meditation would be important to Reiki and therefore to learning that relaxation technique. My sensai offered comfort by saying that I would not have a problem. Really?  Hmmm…okay, I thought.

With trepidation, I entered the Meditation Room. It smelled of lilac and was very inviting. We were told to begin the cleansing ritual as soon as the music started and to have no expectations. And I was able to comply.

We also performed other Reiki rituals and overall I had a good session. I felt very relaxed. Loved even. I know, this sounds corny. But I realized pretty soon that I was able to meditate and I did not have to listen to a sitar or repeat a mantra. I can meditate and so can you.

Meditation can mean many things. You can simply exist in nature and meditate. You can sit alone and meditate. You can listen to something that you find soothing and relaxing. Or, you are free to acquire a guided meditation CD.

I really like the music that my sensai uses. She uses a CD by Paul Hubbert and Jodi Roberts entitled Sacred Sounds of the Heart. If you listen to it, you too will be hooked from the very first bell chime. It is the most enchanting music that I have ever heard in my life. There are chimes, singing bowls and even a gong.

If you want something to make you feel more comfortable about meditating, there are some excellent guided meditation CD’s out there. Some of them are entirely too slow for me, but you might like them. Find one in alignment with your personal tempo and just do it!

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